Brisbane vs Hawthorn: JLT Review

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A nearly full strength Brisbane side up against a very young Hawthorn side that provided us some rookies to think about.

The weather was doing all sorts of things, the heat policy was enacted and then it started pouring with rain, and then it was fine when the broadcast commenced and the heat policy still stood … *shrugs* … Aaaannyway.

Not here to talk about the weather, so join me as I take you through all the noteworthy SuperCoach performances.

It was difficult to determine how good a player was considering who wasn’t playing for the Hawks, and as a result it also meant Brisbane may have appeared stronger.

BEST – Brisbane: Lachie Neale, Alex Witherden, Rhys Mathieson, Cam Rayner, Lincoln McCarthy

Hawthorn: James Cousins, Harry Jones, Jon Ceglar, James Sicily

Notable absentees – Brisbane: Allen Christensen, Stefan Martin, Marcus Adams

Hawthorn: Literally everyone; Grant Birchall, Tom Scully, Tom Mitchell, Chad Wingard, Jack Gunston, Isaac Smith, Ben Stratton, Ben McEvoy, Luke Breust, Jaeger O’Meara, Shaun Burgoyne, Liam Shiels, Daniel Howe, Ricky Henderson

Rule change impacts

6-6-6: I honestly don’t think it changed much in this game. I saw a couple of secondary stoppages and players still found a way to encroach up into the centre pretty quickly after the centre bounce. Probably the first time I’ve seen this sort of flooding in a live game so far.

Kick-ins: It was about a half-half split for both sides between playing on and not.


Harris Andrews – DEF – $480,100

Manned up on Mitch Lewis playing a key defensive role. Intercepting everything that came his way though, no sign of the forward experiment in the first half. Moved up the ground a little bit. Appeared to be swinging forward and back once Ballenden came on in the final quarter.

Alex Witherden – DEF – $455,000

Played on from his only kick in in the first half, and provided lots of rebound out of defence. Looked really good doing it too. He’s in my side. Benched for most of the second half.

Dayne Zorko – MID – $520,200

Playing pure midfield, just doing what he does best. View my write up on him here.

Lachie Neale – MID – $607,300

Had the ball on a string, doing as usual. He’s locked into my side, and you should seriously consider him if he’s not in yours if you’re still looking to lock someone into a midfield spot. Never seemed to get out of second gear, but was everywhere the ball was. Ball magnet. A massive 94% disposal efficiency.

Jarrod Berry – MID – $434,300

Awkward price, you’d have to be pretty confident he’s going to take the next step if you were to take a punt on him. Looked okay in stages and then had some nothing disposals as well, probably needs to prove himself in JLT2 to be considered for mine.

Jarryd Lyons – MID – $502,000

He’s did alright, didn’t he? Probably a bit too expensive, but still a solid pick in the Draft format.

Mitch Robinson – FWD/MID – $496,600

Didn’t play a tagging role, probably because there was nobody to really tag…and it’s JLT. Played really well though rotating through the midfield and forward line as usual. Much of the same for Robbo. A good POD but you’d have bigger plums than me starting him.

Daniel Rich – DEF – $428,200

He actually played okay. Wouldn’t be the worst option but I think there are better options, both within the Brisbane team and otherwise. Probably better suited to the Draft format.

Hugh McCluggage – MID – $416,800

A lot of people were really interested in him hoping he could take the next step. He looked silky smooth and was eye catching when he had it. Whether he took the next step though? I’m not quite sure.

The Rookies

Archie Smith – RUC – $172,300

Tried hard in the ruck. Would be giving both Big Stef and Big O a run for their money.  Would be in the mix to play alongside one of them.

Excuse me.

*starts crying* I HATE THIS NEW RUCK RULE.

Ely Smith – MID – $117,300
Didn’t play in the first three quarters. Came on for the last quarter and had a goal assist inside the first 60 seconds.

Connor Ballenden – FWD – $123,900

Didn’t play in the first three quarters. Came on for the last quarter, appeared to be swinging forward and back swapping with Andrews.


Jon Ceglar – RUC/FWD – $396,800

Was used mostly in the ruck and rested deep forward when he wasn’t. That’s one thing that probably won’t change very much once Hawks get their missing players back. Moved up and down the ground while in the centre and disposed of the ball decently.

James Sicily – DEF – $570,400

Started forward and opened the scoring. Given the players missing who knows if he’s there for the team structure in this game, or there for the season proper. He provided a key target up there though, and played quite well.

James Worpel – FWD/MID – $395,700

A solid showing from the Worpedo. The people are keen on him would’ve liked this performance, I was hoping for a bit more impact myself. Worryingly, he led the game for clangers but the windy conditions wouldn’t have helped his cause.

The Rookies

Conor Glass – DEF – $210,100

Started really strongly, and then tapered off. If he could play a full game like he played Q1 then he may be worth the high rookie price, but he didn’t keep the same intensity for this game so it’s a NO from me for now.

James Cousins – MID – $219,900

Looks like the man who the Hawks want playing the Tom Mitchell role. Flashed in and out of play…

*looks at stats*

…okay apparently he had quite a lot of the ball. What I SAW him do looked impressive.

Oliver Hanrahan – FWD – $123,900

Had no issue getting his fair share of the ball in the first half, not much impact in the second half. Still one for the rookie watchlist.

Jack Scrimshaw – DEF – $149,800

Not enough impact with the disposals he had, probably too expensive even if you think the job security is there.

Dylan Moore – FWD – $123,900

Lively up forward and on the wing but didn’t get a lot of the ball. Might not be the man who steps in early for Chad Wingard like was originally muted, didn’t have a lot of impact. Kicked a nice goal on half time from a set shot.

Mitch Lewis – FWD – $149,000

Key forward and still finding his feet at the level. The wind ruined both his set shots. Was good in the patches, but still pass.

Harry Jones – DEF – $123,900

Getting a lot of the ball. Sometimes his disposal was rushed with brought down his disposal efficiency, but due to weight of numbers still would’ve racked up the points. I think we have a live one.

Damon Greaves – MID/DEF – $109,900

Which one was he? Pass.

Will Golds – MID – $102,400

Slight of frame, but was in amongst it all throughout and almost kicked a goal in Q2 if it wasn’t for Sicily helping it through with his hands. The word is he’s impressed the Hawks coaching staff this pre-season, and was the second in the disposal tally for the Hawks. Bargain basement price, on the watchlist.

Mathew Walker – FWD/MID – $117,300

Didn’t play the first half. Came on after half time and was quite lively in the forward half, kicked a goal after a nice mark. Worth watching for in JLT2 if he gets a second chance.

Jackson Ross – FWD – $123,900

Little to no impact. Pass. Kicked a nice goal in the final quarter to remind us he was still playing.

Changkuoth Jiath – DEF – $123,900

Didn’t play the first half. Came on after half time for David Mirra, and immediately showcased his athletic ability. Probably a mid-season downgrade if he plays at all, but he was impressive.

Don’t have the final SuperCoach scores as yet. I’ll post them in the comments as soon as I have them. Who caught your eye, community?

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Loved Harry Jones, was in the guts a lot for the Hawks. I hope he keeps his spot for JLT 2. If so I’m taking him ahead of Scrimshaw


Wouldnt be looking at scrimshaw mate, i was interested in Moore but he didnt show a lot, jlt 2 should give us a better idea


Hard game to do a right up about Damo, but well done


Do you think jones gets a spot come round 1? Cousins looks ahead of him is there 2 spots there?

magic mullet

could be both cos clarko loves jones and i don't see cousins not getting game


both have to prove themselves, theres a spot there, who wants it??

magic mullet

what i saw from the postgame was that Neale got about 137, cousins 102, worpel about 85, Lyons 110 odd but forgot to write them all down

The Mighty Wokkas

Thoughts on jack Steele this year?

Although jack Steele has average over 90 for back to back seasons I believe that jack Steele is about to take his game to the next level and is primed to be a premium.

Post-bye last season Steele averaged 111.7, with just three scores below 100 in those 10 games. His form in the last 5 rounds was even better tho averaging 117.6 and putting up just one score under 110. With a fairly decent JLT 1 I will be watching him closely in JLT 2.

magic mullet

yeah wokkas i agree especially considering a lot of those 100+ games he was playing a run with which seems to get his tackle numbers up and get him more of the pill but will definitely consider him as a keeper now with jack steven out indefinitely

The mighty wokkas

yep, I just can’t seem to find him a place in my midfield tho as much as I want him in there


That's the problem, isn't it Wokkas. If it comes off you're a genius but there's always the risk you shoot yourself in the foot and you miss a Sloane or Zerrett going nuts


Witherden no contested possessions & clangered it up a few times


I'll still take 66 points from a half of footy.


He played 3/4 only sat out in the last quarter
And played alot of the first 3 quarters


Beauty Damo, cheers mate.

magic mullet

what let cousins score down was his lack of contested possessions which is a bit unlucky cos while watching the game he simply sidestepped and avoided most tackles rather than breaking them


L McCarthy stepping stone? Not many rookies in the fwd line could be an option if he can stay on the park


A good possibility Jack. Even for a stepping stone I think the idea is to generate 150k. So needs to average more than 80 to be full value. However if there are no fwd rookies you might consider a little less. What do you see him averaging?


Not sure about the 80 average, but if he can string 4/5 good games together can get 150k. I normally wouldn’t even consider it but with the lack of options I he’s a better choice than a rookie who won’t play


Ripping write-up, except for the big where you said nice things about Daniel Rich. Don't make me retroactively censor you, Damien!


Same question-Thoughts on Reynor anyone? Got a good wrap with the commentary.