North Melbourne vs St Kilda: JLT Review

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North Melbourne up against the St Kilda Jacks in Werribee. The Saints took control in the second quarter after struggling early, and gee some of the Jack’s looked good. Let’s dive in.

I like stats so here’s an interesting one: The Saints (sorry, the Jacks) had almost 100 less disposals than North Melbourne, so they clearly used it more effectively.

Sure thing, Patch. 😉

BEST – North: Polec, Goldstein, Macmillan, Tyson, Scott

Saints: Steele, McCartin, Gresham, Billings, Savage

Rule change impacts


A bit more space to clear the ball which meant it was sent forward quickly. No secondary stoppages needed. Probably more noticeable because I was looking for it though.


Both teams looked to run out of the square to clear it. For North it looked like the closest person to the ball brought it back in, Macmillan mostly in the second half. Shane Savage did the honours most of the time for the Saints.


Todd Goldstein – RUC – $548,000

Shared the load pretty equally in Q1 with Campbell, and it seemed to work. Did most of the rucking for the rest of the game after that. Had stints supporting the undermanned North defence and took a few intercept marks.

Tom Campbell – RUC – $264,400

Finished Q1 probably the better ruckmen out of the two, but rarely sighted in Q2. Rested forward and hit the scoreboard. Did his job for the day, and looked to work well. Didn’t look to hinder Goldy’s influence too much either.

Aaron Hall – MID – $389,200

Injured his knee early in the game and was in some doubt to return but came back on late in the first quarter. Started inside mid in Q2. Didn’t play in the second half.

Shaun Higgins – MID – $560,200

Spent long stints off the ground. Flashed in and out of play as a result. Not a lot to talk about here after today’s game. Keep eyes on him in JLT2 if you’re still keen.

Jared Polec – MID – $513,500

Had no issue getting his hands on the ball, tried his best to drive the ball forward and was on the end of a few switches and outlet kicks. Was best on ground and will probably get 20-25 disposals most games. Is he worth a spot in your team? Not a gamble I’m willing to take. Better for the Draft format.

Trent Dumont – MID – $452,800

He just went about his business as usual. Nothing to suggest he’ll be any better or any worse that he already is. Probably didn’t show what the punters wanted to see.

Dom Tyson – MID – $411,000

Racked up the possessions, tackled hard and cleared the ball from the centre with ease. Looks like he will fit in well in this North Melbourne system. Don’t think he’s a good SuperCoach option though.

Jamie Macmillan – DEF – $440,200

A JLT trap. Don’t do it. He won’t score like this consistently when the real stuff begins.

The Rookies

Bailey Scott – MID – $117,300

Never stopped trying and was in amongst it. Was used in a lot of situations to create a bit of extra space and was among the top possession winners. Keep an eye on him.

Luke Davies-Uniacke – MID – $197,500

Appeared much the same as last year, not sure he’s made the next step we’ve all hoped for yet. Not doubting the natural improvement and got better as the game went on.

Ben McKay – DEF – $123,900

Played key defence manned up on McCartin. Not a lot to talk about here.

Nick Larkey – FWD – $123,900

Encouraging signs early in the piece but rarely sighted in Q2. Appeared to reset for the second half and boy oh boy he knows how to mark the thing. Wouldn’t be the worst rookie option if we get skint, but being key position means he will score us his jumper number (20) some weeks. Got elbowed in the face late in the game.

Tarryn Thomas – MID – $175,800

Flew under the radar but did some nice things. Appeared comfortable enough, lively around the contest. Probably not going to be worth his high price tag.


Jack Steele – MID – $512,600

Kicked the Saints first goal against one way traffic. Played inside mid for most of the game, didn’t look to be accountable for anyone in a tagging role. Hit the scoreboard a few more times too and led the ranking points at half time.

Jack Gresham – FWD – $429,600

Was impressive playing mostly up the corridor. Started forward at most centre bounces. Was entrusted a few times to bring the ball down the wing. Encouraging signs, but you’ll get a better idea on him in JLT2.

Jack Billings – FWD – $437,600

Started on a wing and stayed there. Played effectively and was able to move himself forward to kick a goal in Q2. Was verrry quiet in Q3. Started forward in Q4, and kicked the first goal of the quarter.

Jack Roberton – DEF – $297,500

Didn’t dispose of the ball very well, but was in amongst it early. Rarely sighted in the 2nd quarter as the Saints took control up the other end. Moved up the ground more in the second half to become more influential, and was a bit cleaner with it too. Good to see him back out there.

Jack Ross (formerly known as Seb or Sebastian) – MID – $558,400

Had a fair bit of the ball, disposed mostly by hand. He just did his thang.

Jack Clark – MID – $293,500

Did some nice things around the ground and won a few clearances too. Not sure we saw what we wanted to with him.

Jack Webster – DEF – $472,300

Looked to be back to a defensive role with Roberton back. Moved up onto the wing a few times but didn’t look like the same player he was last year. Took a couple of kick ins.

The Rookies

Jack Pierce – RUC – $235,600

Came off the ground in the hands of trainers after a head knock in Q1.

Jack Battle – FWD – $232,600

Rarely sighted. He did kick a goal though and then was almost knocked out in Q3. Was solid in the final quarter.

Jack Hind – MID – $117,300

Not afraid to get in amongst it with about half of his possessions contested. Looked comfortable. The commentators had no idea what his name was for a minute there.

Jack Parker – FWD – $117,300

Lively throughout, not a lot of disposals early. Kicked a few goals. Got more comfortable as the game went on. Put a lot of tackles on the board and forced a few turnovers.

Jack Wilkie – DEF – $124,900

Was required to play ruck with Josh Bruce after Lewis Pierce went down.

Jack Joyce (AKA Darragh) – DEF – $123,900

Who? Definitely didn’t make a name for himself in this game.

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Jack Steele 117
Dylan Roberton 103
Jack Billings 100
Shane Savage 93
Jack Lonie 88
Sebastian Ross 86
Josh Bruce 73
Jimmy Webster 69
Tim Membrey 66
Paddy McCartin 65
Hunter Clark 65
Dean Kent 61
Matthew Parker 61
Jack Newnes 60
Jade Gresham 60
Jarryn Geary 57
Jack Sinclair 56
Nick Hind 52
Luke Dunstan 50
Nathan Brown 46
Ed Phillips 43
Darragh Joyce 43
Josh Battle 26
Callum Wilkie 26
Lewis Pierce 14
Ben Paton 13


Jamie Macmillan 136
Todd Goldstein 117
Paul Ahern 92
Marley Williams 88
Trent Dumont 83
Dom Tyson 82
Luke McDonald 79
Jasper Pittard 79
Jared Polec 79
Luke Davies-Uniacke 73
Tom Campbell 72
Shaun Higgins 67
Tom Murphy 66
Ben McKay 62
Ed Vickers-Willis 59
Bailey Scott 59
Shaun Atley 59
Jack Ziebell 53
Kayne Turner 51
Jy Simpkin 51
Nick Larkey 43
Cameron Zurhaar 42
Ben Brown 37
Mason Wood 36
Tarryn Thomas 31
Aaron Hall 16

Not sure why all these St Kilda players have these weird first names…


I like the Roberton and Goldy part of that John 🙂


Can't go wrong with the big 2…but Goldy could get back to his near best this year, he knows the end is near and wants to go out with a bang.


Billings VERY MUCH in my side.


He's becoming very tempting Patch, even moreso if you're given him the thumbs up, as it was 'a not quite premium Jackson Macrae' this time 12 months ago you were locking in against most people's logic


I'm nowhere near as bullish on him as I was on Macrae, but I'm feeling the good vibes from him.


He's in mine


And is Sloane AND crouch are IN


F6 is a revolving door for me atm as I'm discovering more and more rookies not upto the task. Petrucelle was there last night, swapped to Parker…where to now? Might have to find the extra $$ for Moore!


To be fair Parker played okay. It's more his role. Playing exclusively as a small forward in a bottom team will struggle to get an average over 60. He's mature aged and obviously talented so I'll keep him f7 for now.


Reckon we'll give it another week to look at locking those spots down. Not panicking yet, not with only four games down so far

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