GWS vs Sydney: JLT Review

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Patch has flicked me the keys to the company chopper and I’ve made the 4,000km journey from Leederville Oval over to Blacktown to have a gander at GWS v Sydney this evening. Few big names out for both sides means we probably shouldn’t get too excited over this game, nonetheless, Patch pays my wages in gummy bears and I want to eat tonight.

GWS 12.9.81 def Sydney 8.11.59

If you throw enough ideas out there, eventually one will stick. The 6-6-6 rule is working wonders and I guess we’ll just wait for a team to find a way to exploit it. Cal Sinclair is a decent tap ruckman and gave good service to his midfielders tonight.

Kick ins were a different story to what we’ve seen already. Neither team looked to play on. Zac Williams launched a few in the first but there wasn’t a noticeable plan for either team.

Notable absentees

GWS – Josh Kelly, Jacob Hopper, Toby Greene, Jonathon Patton, Adam Tomlinson, Nick Haynes

Sydney – Nick Smith, Lance Franklin, Jarrad McVeigh, Kieren Jack, Zak Jones, Tom McCartin, Heath Grundy (late out)

The rookies – GWS

Jackson Hately – MID – $148,800

Didn’t get a stack of it but has a bit of spark about him does Jackson. Wasn’t awful but you will have no problems finding a 123k mid that can match his output. That said, see how he goes JLT2

EDIT: Cracked three figures… somehow. Perfect D.E% does wonders apparently. Definite JLT2 watch

Jye Caldwell – MID – $162,300

Read the above but change “Jackson” to “Jye”. Kicked 2 goals and had 5 tackles which will boost his SuperCoach numbers a bit.

Matthew Flynn – RUC – $123,900

There was a moment in the third where he got outmarked by Luke Parker, which just about sums up his effectiveness as a footballer. Played mostly forward while Dawson Simpson took a majority of the time in the ruck. Might get a gig early but will go straight back to the NEAFL once Mumford returns.

Isaac Cumming – DEF – $173,700

Had 14 touches and 6 marks after coming on at half time. Elevated price sucks, but wouldn’t mind another look if he gets a shot in JLT2.

The rest – GWS

Heath Shaw – DEF – $492,400

28 possessions (23 kicks) at 100% to go along 12 marks. Seven of which were intercepts. Put his hand up as an option I reckon, but many have been burnt by Heath before. Wait another week to see how the Giants line up with Haynes back in the team.

Callan Ward – MID – $568,000

I’ll be having a strict ‘no headband’ policy this year. Sorry Cal. You can blame Darcy Moore. Hatred of questionable headgear aside, he was the usual Mr. Dependable tonight. Had 18 touches to half time and then sat out of most of the second half. I like Cal as a footballer, bu he rarely hurts you in SuperCoach.

Stephen Coniglio – MID – $588,600

Gun. Beats Taranto by a nose for BOG honours. Had 21 touches to half time and finished with 34, 16 of which were contested, 7 clearances and 9 tackles. There was no Kelly tonight but I reckon you need to strongly consider this guy for your starting team.

Lachie Whitfield – DEF – $542,100

Was very clean by foot tonight. His 23 touches came at 83%. Started well but shifted down a few years after half time. Nothing to worry about if you have him. 

Zac Williams – DEF – $407,800

Majestic. Utterly majestic. In a different era and I could see him seriously challenging a certain Jock Reynolds in his prime. Took a bit of knock to his ankle towards the end of the second which saw him managed (or maybe it was already the plan)

Tim Taranto – MID – $481,600

Intra club: Tick. JLT1: Tick. It’s getting hard to ignore Taranto as he’s about to bash down the door of my team. Backed up his 33 possessions with 10 marks and 7 tackles. Put him at the pointy end of your watch list. If he does this JLT2 I’m all in.  

Jeremy Cameron – FWD – $441,100

For whatever reason the Swans sent Dane Rampe to him, and, predictably, Jezza fair towelled him. Pushed up the ground a bit for his 23 possessions and 10 marks. Alas, key forwards. Ugh.

The rookies – Sydney

James Rowbottom – MID – $117,300

Came on late in the 4th quarter…. that’s about it. 

Nick Blakey – FWD – $166,800

Bit conflicted here, folks. Big wraps on Nick and those footy smarts we’ve heard about were on display, but physically, he doesn’t look ready for the big time. If he’s there round 1 I don’t reckon I’ll pick him, mid season downgrade however I’d consider.  

Toby Pink – FWD – $123,900

Only here because he’s a rookie. That’s about all he has going for him. Played a decent chunk of the game and had 6 possessions to show for it.

Justin McInerney – DEF – $117,300

Came on towards the end of the second a hit the scoreboard not long after. Looks to be player but wasn’t given much of a run tonight which may be an indication he’s not in Horse’s round 1 plans.  

James Rose – FWD – $165,000

Was a late in for Heath Grundy (back) and had to wait until late in 4th quarter to get an opportunity. 

The rest – Sydney

Jake Lloyd – DEF – $608,200

Reckon if I threw a chippie at Jake Lloyd tonight he’d be all over it. Played mostly half back and I spied him at a few centre bounces. The addition of Thurlow hasn’t changed much for him, Swans still look to feed him at every opportunity. Real question now is with the overwhelming backline value on offer, do you want to pay 608k for him?

Colin O’Riordan – DEF – $250,800

Had a superb first half but faded after that. Reeled in 7 intercept marks and 9 of his 17 disposals were contested. Would’ve talked him up if he continued his aerial dominance but don’t go getting excited at his stats.

Cal Sinclair – RUC – $528,000

Liked his game tonight. Becoming a real solid tap ruckman and can go forward and be a threat. Not the worst option but he’s only 20k shy of Goldy. 

Luke Parker – MID – $561,700

Is Parker really an options these days? Was okay in parts but his disposal let him down. There’s a good dozen or so ahead of him I reckon. You don’t need to go there. 

Isaac Heeney – FWD/MID – $529,200

Spent a lot of his time in the guts which is what we want. Is a popular F2 behind Dangerfield and there was nothing tonight that showed me that you should be looking elsewhere.  

Callum Mills – DEF – $428,900

Didn’t have a huge game possession wise but he was part of midfield rotations. To my eye he played more half back in the first half before switching into the guts. Would’ve liked a bit more midfield time personally, watch him again JLT2. Nailing the backline value picks is shaping up to be very important this year

Ryan Clarke – DEF – $355,400

Can find the footy but it’s the whole kicking thing that Ryan struggles with. Don’t do it. 

Ollie Florent – MID – $359,300

Petition to make Ollie a forward please? God I love him but that price is a disaster and I don’t see him being a 500k midfielder. If you play Fantasy or DFS, absolutely get some shares in him. 

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  1. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Kev key missing piece of the puzzle is Kelly.

    Need to see how timmy time and cogs score with Kelly in the side. Hopefully JLT2.

    Swannies nothing changed – lloyd and heeney locked.

    Wonder more arent talking about Sinclair. Tonned up in at least half his games last year

    Shaw is the king of play on from a kick in. Is he suddenly relevant again?

    • Patch says:

      Heath Shaw… there's a burn man I haven't thought about this pre-season. Can you imagine his 39-kick, 200-point game if it included kick-ins? The backline has too many options this year and I don't know who to pick.

      Not sure about Sinclair and how he stacks up with the G-Force of Gawn, Goldy and Grundy – although he's never been the #1 ruck so WE'RE A CHANCE

      • magic mullet says:

        yeah I'm interested in Sinclair because he should play lone ruck and has and easy-ish midfield to tap it down to and can go forward an be a lead-up forward while resting so he might be a good ruck POD or at least player to score well before upgrading to grundy or gawn

        • Bells says:

          Naismith due back round 6. We need someone to give us first use. Sinclair will go fwd.

    • Hawk131415 says:

      Watch jlt 2 mate for Shaw, took a lot of kick ins, does that in jlt2 and very interesting, back to what he and we like

    • Russty_ says:

      You could start with Sinclair Trig, but you'd have to bring in the big Gee's eventually.

  2. magic mullet says:


    Stephen Coniglio 140
    Heath Shaw 128
    Tim Taranto 120
    Jackson Hately 101
    Daniel Lloyd 94
    Jeremy Cameron 94
    Lachie Whitfield 93
    Zac Williams 82
    Jye Caldwell 78
    Adam Kennedy 76
    Harry Perryman 74
    Callan Ward 67
    Brent Daniels 65
    Phil Davis 61
    Sam J. Reid 57
    Sam Taylor 55
    Dawson Simpson 53
    Brett Deledio 49
    Isaac Cumming 49
    Matt Buntine 48
    Matthew Flynn 44
    Matt de Boer 43
    Jeremy Finlayson 34
    Harry Himmelberg 31
    Aiden Bonar 24
    Lachlan Keeffe 23

    Callum Mills 106
    Isaac Heeney 104
    Callum Sinclair 99
    Harry Cunningham 86
    Luke Parker 84
    Colin O’Riordan 80
    Jake Lloyd 75
    Jackson Thurlow 73
    Lewis Melican 70
    Ryan Clarke 69
    Robbie Fox 67
    Josh P. Kennedy 65
    Aliir Aliir 60
    Jordan Dawson 60
    Oliver Florent 57
    George Hewett 56
    Tom Papley 50
    Dane Rampe 50
    Ben Ronke 43
    Justin McInerney 35
    Sam Reid 34
    Nick Blakey 31
    Will Hayward 29
    Toby Pink 20
    James Rose 12
    James Rowbottom 3

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Good lord didn’t think Hately would ton up!

      • magic mullet says:

        he had 16 touches, a goal, 4 marks and 4 tackles and his DE was 100%
        so he did nothing to take away from his score and was incredibly efficient

    • Patch says:

      Doing god's work there mullet

  3. Hawk131415 says:

    HATLEY didnt have much of it?? 101 says he did!!

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      16 touches and a goal, Hawk. 8 in each half. Reckon that's not having much of it.

    • KeenButClueless says:

      Interesting that on the AFL website the Giants are talking up Caldwell more than Hately. If Caldwell is ahead of Hately and Kelly & Hopper to come back, we might be looking at a mid season downgrade instead of a Round 1 starter. Seems bizarre to be saying that about someone who tonned up in his first game, even if it is JLT

  4. Derek says:

    Williams 82 from 55% TOG has really stretched the trousers

    • Sharkmove_King says:

      Hot dang!

    • says:

      While impressive he'll never face a team that insipid going forward EVER again. Swannies constantly just banged it weak and long to an often outnumbered contest. Coaching cleanout needed badly.

  5. Maverick_ says:

    TOG % for players:

    Stephen Coniglio 82
    Tim Taranto 82
    Heath Shaw 78
    Jeremy Cameron 73
    Lachie Whitfield 86
    Jye Caldwell 62
    Zac Williams 53
    Harry Perryman 84
    Daniel Lloyd 71
    Jackson Hately 66
    Brett Deledio 41
    Adam Kennedy 67
    Sam J. Reid 77
    Callan Ward 47
    Brent Daniels 75
    Sam Taylor 72
    Isaac Cumming 39
    Dawson Simpson 71
    Jeremy Finlayson 72
    Matt Buntine 59
    Phil Davis 73
    Matt de Boer 82
    Matthew Flynn 65
    Aiden Bonar 65
    Lachlan Keeffe 75
    Harry Himmelberg 83

    Isaac Heeney 72
    Jake Lloyd 65
    Callum Sinclair 80
    Harry Cunningham 85
    Callum Mills 73
    Luke Parker 73
    Josh P. Kennedy 79
    Jordan Dawson 82
    Jackson Thurlow 82
    George Hewett 76
    Oliver Florent 83
    Ryan Clarke 69
    Lewis Melican 76
    Dane Rampe 78
    Colin O’Riordan 88
    Will Hayward 83
    Robbie Fox 65
    Tom Papley 80
    Ben Ronke 84
    Aliir Aliir 76
    Sam Reid 59
    Nick Blakey 68
    Justin McInerney 25
    Toby Pink 70
    James Rose 12
    James Rowbottom 13

  6. Lekdog says:

    Cogs hasn’t left my side this preseason and from the sounds of it, he won’t.

  7. Derek says:

    My biggest question is how will Lloyd go when McVeigh plays

    • Maverick_ says:

      Unsure Derek but Not a chance I’m paying $608k for a defender no matter how good his JLT 1&2 is… too expensive

      • Derek says:

        94SC from 65% TOG at half rat power with promise of points from kick ins. He is still in my team

        • Nice_Person says:

          He only scored 75 in SC Derek

          • Maverick_ says:

            yeah only scored 75 in SC . add another 20% TOG he may break the ton just..
            bettery value out there for similar outputs. I'll grab lloyd when he drops to 500-550k

  8. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Jeez this rd 14 bye is gonna kill me, i've already got Dusty, Cripps, and M.Crouch in the mids and i want Coniglio as well

  9. Rick Grimes says:

    Derek, thoughts on Mills? Didn't seem to be having his best game but still tonned up. Does that mid time continue?

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Hate taking Horse’s word on anything, but I reckon it might Rick. He has flagged Mills for extra midfield time. McVeigh and Grundy will come back into that back 6. Watch for his role in JLT2

    • Derek says:

      As I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, Mills will be rotating between midfield and forward. Heeny will be 100% midfield.

      Mills looked a bit rusty and not up with the pace of the game, he missed a lot of 2018 so that will come back to him the more he plays.

      His roll is to add some defensive pressure in the guts, let JPK get his hands in ball and feed it off to Heeney. Mills should also get plenty of the footy as well.

      The signs are good that he will play a lot in the midfield, that is usually good for SC points.

      He’s not in my team yet

  10. Seeker says:

    Lloyd has been in my team for so long but there’s just so much value in showing up in defence…what to do, what to do

    • Derek says:

      Have a look at him in next game with McVeigh in team.

    • Maverick_ says:

      strong pass for me seeker. 608k is to expensive.
      Sicily, Laird, Simpson, Whitfield, Hurn will all be solid options as D1&2s.
      Then you have witherden, salem, mills, newman, roberton and Smith all watches through JLT 1&2.

      • Hawk131415 says:

        Wanting Smith in my side but having trouble with coin, and worried he'll go down again,

        • JEL says:

          History has him as pretty durable, he missed 11 games in 6 seasons before the injury.

      • Gen says:

        He averaged 112 last season and is extremely consistent. Not a bad buy really mate.

  11. KevWho says:

    Does anybody else know who all of the 123k mid rookies capable of scoring a SC Ton from 66% game time are? Kev says we shouldn't have any problem finding them but I'm struggling to find a single one.

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Honestly didn’t think he did enough to ton up mate, reckon his Fantasy score (76) was a fairer reflection on the influence he had on the game. The beauty of SuperCoach, ey

      • Derek says:

        The SC scores still need to total 3200. In a shorter game they are stretched a fair bit