Adelaide vs Port Adelaide: JLT review

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I really need to open a padlock business just before the JLT Series next year. People are locking in players left, right and centre and by gum there’s a market for it.

Anywho, I’m going to recommend some locks from today’s JLT Series game between Adelaide and Port Adelaide because we have a few very good rookies, and I implore you buy them from Patch’s Lock Emporium. Leave your credit card details in the comments below and I’ll loot your credit limit for everything it’s worth.

We had a very quick and high-scoring game for a half and (especially for Port) the rookies led the way, but many people had eyes only on two names today.

Matt and Brad Crouch.

I’ve traditionally been completely unable to tell these two people who are definitely exactly the same person apart, so I made myself a handy guide to remind myself which Crouch has which number.

It did not work.

It was very, very hot a Port Pirie – 42 degrees – meaning players rotated very frequently. Plenty of players were off the ground for a fair bit and spent more time forward than they may have otherwise, especially the kids.

Anyway, Adelaide proved too strong after blowing the Power away in the second half of the second quarter. Port kicked five goals in seven minutes in the last quarter to threaten a victory, but couldn’t quite get there.

Notable absentees: Adelaide – Hugh Greenwood, Bryce Gibbs, Daniel Talia

Notable absentees: Port Adelaide – Charlie Dixon, Ollie Wines, Matthew Broadbent, Hamish Hartlett

Best: Rory Sloane, Matt Crouch, Brad Crouch, Brodie Smith, Eddie Betts

Best: Sam Powell-Pepper, Zak Butters, Paddy Ryder, Dan Houston

Rule changes

6-6-6 rule

Having seen two games with the new rules now, I really like them. They’re not a massive tweak considering it’s only at centre bounces, but the forward lines are being opened up. I’m in no position to say what statistical impact it will have at this stage, but early stages we’re going to see better quality footy. Although we haven’t seen Gold Coast play yet…

Jason Dunstall said it might cut down intercept markers and those floating players, but having seen Francis just leave his man and float on Thursday I don’t see intercept players disappearing.

We also had both sides pick up lots of goals in a row, which was interesting, and repeat stoppages have also significantly dropped off. Make of that what you will.

Kickout rules:

More playing on out of the square, as expected. Nothing new to report on this front.

Adelaide Crows

Brodie Smith – DEF – $332,500

The only thing hotter than the South Australian sun on Saturday was Brodie Smith. He was blistering early and the Crows looked to give him the ball at every chance.

Brodie was channelling his inner Mardi Gras by prancing around Port Pirie with gay abandon doing whatever he pleased.

Got his hand on the ball 27 times but slowed down dramatically in the second half due to the heat. Had nine touches in the first quarter. Is he a lock? Maybe.

Rory Laird – DEF – $587,500

If you thought Brodie Smith having a lot of the footy was a bad thing for Rory Laird, think again. Where Smith had nine in the first, Laird had 11 and looks every bit a premium defender. I don’t see any reason not to select him, finished with 28 disposals and most of them (19) were kicks.

Mad Bratt Crouch – MID

I genuinely cannot tell the difference between these two so they’re getting the same writeup. The Cheap Crouch (Brad, at $418,000) had 29 touches with 11 contested possessions, five tackles and a whole bunch of other impressive stats.

Meanwhile, Matt ($551,300) had more of the ball and looks the better fantasy option, and with those numbers at 42 degrees, oh boy is he an option. oh BOY is he an option.

With 32 touches from 77 per cent time on ground and a massive 14 contested possessions, he’s right in contention to be a top eight midfielder for the year, and if he is you won’t get him cheaper than his starting price.

They both played the right in the guts and fed each other the ball on multiple occasions. Absolute fantasy pigs and both will be locked in to the Adelaide midfield if fit.

Rory Sloane – MID – $524,300

Has 22 touches in the first half an should absolutely be higher on people’s radar. He’s in seven per cent of teams and could well be much higher radar, especially with eight games at the Adelaide Oval before the bye.

He is cheaper than Matt Crouch too, and has been named a co-captain of the side this year. Has trouble with the tag, but when Sloane breaks the chain there are few who can match him in the AFL. Finished with 28 touches after putting the cue in the rack at half time when he had 22. Who’s interested?

Tom Doedee – DEF – $446,200

Was intercepting absolutely everything and has filled Jake Lever’s spot arguably better than Lever himself did. I won’t be picking him but if keep an eye on him in a draft league as a slider down the order.

Eddie Betts – FWD – $363,400

He was ON. Kicked goals for fun, was marshalling the troops up forward and he’s just beyond words. Is he Supercoach relevant? Absolutely not, but good lord is he good at football.

The others: Sam Jacobs and Reilly O’Brien shared the ruckwork, I can’t see both of them playing with only four on the bench but neither of them looked much chop – they were fine, but I don’t want fine in my ruckline.

Tom Lynch looked really good but again won’t quite be fantasy relevant. Cam Ellis-Yolman had plenty of the ball and Wayne Milera were excellent at times but I don’t think either should be considered.

I’m not sure what’s happening with the Crows’ last forward spot, if Shane McAdam, Tyson Stengle, Ned McHenry (all missing on Saturday) and Myles Poholke duking it out? Chase Jones also did some nice things after sitting out the first half.


Changed their gameplan halfway through the second quarter and slowed the game down. It didn’t work for them in the slightest until they threw Robbie Gray in the middle, but it wasn’t enough.

Zak Butters – MID – $157,800

Lock him in and throw away the key. Was in everything early, and although he’s nowhere near big enough to run out a full season and pick up 30 possessions a week but for a rookie-priced player he’s locked in.

Picked up the hard ball, was on the outside but will take a step back when Wines returns to the side. Finished with 25 touches and was everywhere. He did also have his shoulder checked, and an 18-year-old with two taped shoulders isn’t an overly promising side (Chris Judd being the exception that proves the rule), but if he’s named round one I’m picking him.

Xavier Duursma – DEF/MID – $130,800

Boy oh boy we’ve got one to watch here. He had his named called off the half-back flank several times early but quietened down in big ways after half time. Will be interesting to see how Broadbent fits back into the side, but with Jared Polec and Jasper Pittard no longer at the club there’s certainly a spot for him and early signs are he’ll have a crack at it round one.

Only finished with the nine touches which is a mild concern. One to watch.

Connor Rozee – DEF/FWD – $189,300

Kicked a goal early after Westhoff gave it off to him and looks the goods for Port Adelaide fans, but will need a lot of goals to score enough to justify his higher starting price.

Six touches and two goals, I’ll pass on him.

Willem Drew – MID/FWD – $123,700

A big-bodied mifielder now in his third year on Port Adelaide’s list, he spent a lot of time in the midfield in the first half and saw a decent chunk of the footy. Had a decent amount of time on ground considering the conditions, finishing with 16 touches. Twelve of those were handballs, but 11 contested possessions has me very intrigued.

One for the watchlist but you’d think Kenny Hinkley would be happy with that game.

The Hoff – RUC/FWD – $549,500

Westhoff played at centre half-forward for much of the first quarter, and while the Power had plenty of ball forward, I’m not excited by the idea of selecting a Justin Westhoff who’ll be deep forward.

Seven touches, two goals and his stints in the ruck are all but gone with Lycett’s arrival. He’ll move around during the year but I won’t be starting him based on what I saw today.

Robbie Gray – MID/FWD – $525,500

Hardly sighted early, playing deep forward. He’ll be electric for the Power, but will have very, very quiet weeks. Was thrown into the midfield when things went wrong and did some nice things there, but unless he’ll consistently be there I’m not interested in picking him in my Supercoach side.

Every single one of his possessions was contested, mind you.

Dan Houston – DEF – $420,500

Ran off half-back and looked like a general for Port. Had a fair chunk of the ball but will need to back it up to convince me – still behind Williamson and Williams in the Supercoach mid-priced stakes.

He had 21 touches loping off the half-back line and I rated his game, but probably not enough to pick him.

Patrick Ryder – RUC – $490,300 and Scott Lycett – RUC/FWD – 411,200

Ryder rolled his ankle in the final minute of the game but early indication (i.e., less than 10 minutes after the game had finished) he looks fine.

However, Port set up to have Ryder running out of the goal square and Lycett as the number one ruck. The two of them look like they’ll be switching fairly regularly, which means neither of them looks overly likely to score well. Pass on both unless one or the other is injured or dropped.

Paddy did look like an absolute beast in the middle during the final quarter, so for Port’s sake I reckon they should play Ryder as #1, but from my point of view it looked like he was forward far more often.

The others: Stevie Motlop looked to be running off a back flank and a wing at times, but I didn’t see anything to interest me Supercoach-wise. Sam Powell-Pepper was bullocking and strong in the last quarter, but won’t be worth selecting. Tom Rockliff was… fine, I guess? Didn’t do much to be noticed for mine.

That’s it from me, community – who’s stood out to you from either side?

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Lloyd Laird Williams Smith Roberton… suddenly my defense looks stacked. Hate having two players from the same team on the same line but I think this might be the year to change!


I'm really finding it difficult to pick the backline now. i want all of them. If I could piss the forward line off and pick another six defenders that would be SWELL


I'm with you on that sentiment, I could happily select 12 DEF and skip the forwards this year!


My defence has been stacked from day dot with Smith & Roberton my d5-6 and this weekend hasn't changed that.


Can you start both the crouch brothers?


I mean you CAN, I'm not a cop. I don't see any reason why not – if you think they're both worth starting I'll struggle to talk you out of it assuming you've seen their injury records

magic mullet

what are the sc scores patch?


Sorry mate, they normally take an hour or so to come out after the game finishes. I've popped in a comment below


SCORES: Maybe Doedee is more valid an option that I gave him credit for? Plays a very SC-friendly role. Duursma scored far less than I wanted to see, need to watch him next week but an average of 40 or 50 isn't worth picking him for.

Brad Crouch 118
Matt Crouch 110
Brodie Smith 103
Tom Doedee 95
Rory Laird 94
Jake Kelly 94
Rory Atkins 89
Rory Sloane 88
Paul Seedsman 79
Eddie Betts 78
Wayne Milera 76
Tom Lynch 71
Cameron Ellis-Yolmen 71
Taylor Walker 68
Josh Jenkins 59
Darcy Fogarty 57
Richard Douglas 54
Sam Jacobs 54
Andy Otten 53
Riley Knight 45
Kyle Hartigan 44
Alex Keath 44
Lachlan Murphy 42
Chayce Jones 36
Reilly O’Brien 34
Myles Poholke 28


Zak Butters 91
Travis Boak 81
Steven Motlop 81
Dan Houston 79
Paddy Ryder 78
Willem Drew 77
Jarrod Lienert 77
Ryan Burton 75
Brad Ebert 74
Sam Powell-Pepper 71
Jack Watts 63
Scott Lycett 58
Sam Mayes 57
Robbie Gray 55
Justin Westhoff 54
Karl Amon 52
Tom Rockliff 49
Riley Bonner 46
Todd Marshall 43
Tom Clurey 42
Connor Rozee 41
Xavier Duursma 40
Sam Gray 39
Tom Jonas 38
Darcy Byrne-Jones 35
Dougal Howard 22


Some of those rooks that i was looking at dont look like ill be looking at anymore, looks like a tough year ahead


Any decent fwd rooks? shocking atm

Great fact hunt

Battling to find so far might be the year of a stacked forward line early


Reckon the mids and forwards might be the big beneficiaries of the new rules this year GFH….with more open space, and time for guys to get it and deliver it to the FWDS.

magic mullet

obviously Setterfield, Matthew Parker looked good, burgess should play well but yeah looking to have more starter premos than usual but my locks os far are Heeney, danger and Dunkley so who else do you guys trust


William Drew 123k


Dew looked really good, I'm hoping he's given games. Concerned if he holds his spot when Ollie's back


Yeah Drew looked decent


Wish you hadn't posted the hasselhoff pic, now I'm gonna have nightmares lol


Become one with the Hoff.

I didn't realise it would be so big but I'm starting to think it's not big enough, because The Hoff consumes all


There is no one from Port I want in my team


Me either until Butters showed up. Maybe Drew. JLT2 to watch and round 1 team selection.