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Community, today is the day.

Pre-season games kick off tonight, with the first bounce between Essendon and Carlton a chance to see Patrick Cripps and Zach Merrett go head to head.

Boy am I excited. Lek has to go lie down at the thought of seeing his boys in action.

But we want to see your pre-JLT sides. What are you tossing up? Who are you keeping a close eye on in tonight’s game, and across the board?

I’m looking very closely at Joey Daniher, Zach Merrett, Williamson, all the Carlton rookies and Aaron Francis. And all the rest of them, I guess. I’m too excited to think.

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Dice_real · 28/02/2019 at 09:47

righto i'll kick things off. someone tell me how to get grundy in….

B: R. Laird K. Simpson Z Williams A McGrath S Collins X Duursma…. C. Wilkie M. Hore
M: J. Macrae J.Kelly L. Neale M. Crouch D. Shiel S. Walsh B. Bewley T. Atkins…. L. Valente N. Hind M. Gibbons
R: T Goldstein D. Fort…. J. Sweet
F: P. Dangerfield I. Heeney R. Gray J. Dunkley T. Greene W. Setterfield…. C. Burgess B. Cavarra
$20K remaining

    TOPHAWK1 · 28/02/2019 at 10:10

    That is an interesting side! I will not comment on the rooks as these are likely to change subject to JLT form and round 1 selections. I think you have spent to cash in your forward line. IMO turn either Robbie Gray or Toby Greene into a rook and turn Goldy into Grundy. If you dump Gray, you should have enough cash to turn Sweet into a decent r2? Fort at r2 is just to risky for mine. Most of your premos are fine. Not sold on Shiel and Crippsy not there would keep me awake at night.

    All in all though, it is a decent team. Good luck mate!

      Dice_real · 28/02/2019 at 10:33

      Gday Hawk thanks mate.
      The plan is to pick Cripps up early in the year, I'm thinking (hoping) he starts slow and bring that price down.
      I reckon they will throw him forward a fair chunk, Carlton have a shitload of mids and most can't play forward.
      If Carlton improve this year or start the year well, i've stuffed the Cripps move up.
      Sorry but Robbie Gray will stay in my side, should get more mid time. And if not he is one of a few small fwds that can still avg 100 playing up fwd. Started last year brilliantly.
      Toby Greene is interesting. 1st final last year he dominated, 2nd final back to being shit.
      If the 4 fwd premiums don't let me down that should be a fair advantage midway through the year.
      I'm not sold on my rucks though they will change, gotta keep an eye on Archie Smith Darcy Cameron and Zac Clarke.
      I reckon one rookie ruck will avg 90 this year like Nank or Lobbe did early on in their careers.
      Happy to go with one rookie in the rucks to see how the season starts with the new rules.
      McGrath will be out after JLT if he goes back to the backline.
      Shiel i'm suss on, Cripps for him would be ideal.

    TommyC99 · 28/02/2019 at 10:19

    I like robbie gray this year but if he has similar role to previous years, he will throw in a dud score and you can get him for cheaper. So to start off the Grundy gofund me you could downgrade him. Also dont rate Shiel that highly. The post about him on this site hits the nail on the head. Hasn't proven he can produce the 105-110 needed to be a keeper, and can't see him being making enough money to justify the pick, you could downgrade him to Miles which should give you the money for Grundy.

    Jarryd · 28/02/2019 at 11:03

    Wow 4 deep in the fwd line, I like it.
    I'd look at downgrading McGrath and some of the higher priced rookies across the lines in order to afford Grundy

    Mick · 28/02/2019 at 11:10

    Get rid of T Greene, no news to indicate he needs to be in your side at the start of the season.

    Lazza · 28/02/2019 at 11:44

    Hey DR, First, I'd get rid of Shiel for any of Merrett, Steele, et el, … Shiel is not Top 20 let alone Top 10 MID. (He wasn't in the top 50 last year).
    Greene wont play R1, so need to look at Worpel et el..
    If looking for a R2 stepping stone – check out English.
    Otherwise, fairly solid.

      Dice_real · 28/02/2019 at 14:28

      Thanks Lazza. Has Greene been ruled out for round1?

        Stirlsy · 28/02/2019 at 22:03

        No his ready to go

          Russty_ · 28/02/2019 at 22:48

          I read the same Stirlsy, that he's fit and ready to go, they're just being a bit cautious with him so he's right for round 1.

Jack · 28/02/2019 at 10:11

I reasonably content with everything at he moment but would love to be picked apart and to be given some questions to ask myself.

J. Lloyd, R. Laird, L. Whitfield, S. Collins, I. Quaynor, C. Wilkie.
H. Jones, M. Hire

P. Cripps, C. Oliver, J. Kelly, N. Fyfe, M. Crouch, S. Walsh, T, Thomas, M. Gibbons
C. Constable, B. Bewley, T. Atkins

B. Grundy, T, Goldstein
D. Fort

P. Dangerfield, I, Heeney, T. Greene, I. Rankine, W. Setterfield, B. Cavarra
T. Stengle, T. Wilkinson

    Jarryd · 28/02/2019 at 11:00

    Nice balance overall, might want to weigh your options about Fyfe/Greene/crouch's durability as keepers 🙂

    Connor · 28/02/2019 at 12:10

    Maybe question where you could fit any POD's in? Seems a very cookie-cutter team (which can have its perks!)

    The FranklinShow · 01/03/2019 at 13:07

    I like the team the only thing is your fwds are weak if Greene doesn't get back to 2017 form early in the year.

    Starting Fyfe & Kelly with their history of injuries is dangerous. No reason why you couldn't move one or even both to a Yeo & Dusty. This could free up enough cash to potentially look at moving Greene to a $500k fwd.

    Backline strong – I personally think Lloyd is to expensive and a defender at the $500k level maybe a better option – Hurn/Z Williams/Ryan etc.

    Great structure with no real midpricers bar Greene who is a fallen premium.

TommyC99 · 28/02/2019 at 10:16

Hey guys, any thoughts on my team appreciated. 100k left over

Def: Laird, Whitfield, Witherden, Williams, Collins, Wilkie (Hore, Wigg)
Mid: Macrae, Neale, Martin, Crouch, Zerrett, Duursma, Constable, Gibbons (Hind, Valente, Bewley)
Ruc: Grundy, Goldy (fort)
Fwd: Danger, Heeney, Mundy, Setterfield, Corbett, Cavarra (Burgess, Mozzie)

Obviously rookies are placeholders. Warming to Walsh and can slot him in but only leaves 21k. Also debating on taking out a defense premo (most likely whitfield) to put another fwd premo in. Any thoughts appreciated guys!

    fatboyfat7 · 28/02/2019 at 10:35

    Robertson might be worth considering down back, the extra 240k over Whitfield and 100k left over cash would get you that extra premo up front…?

    Wigg is out for the season too FYI

      Locked and Loaded · 28/02/2019 at 10:38

      Why would he need another premo up forward?

        fatboyfat7 · 28/02/2019 at 10:47

        He's the one who mentioned it replacing Whitfield with another premo forward….

        TommyC99 · 28/02/2019 at 10:55

        My logic is that fwd rookies seem scarce (ata this stage) and defense rookies have been quite good in past seasons.So getting Dev Smith or even a mid price such as toby Greene would mean 1 less fwd rookie i need to rely on.

          Locked and Loaded · 28/02/2019 at 11:06

          Scarce? I think theres a few quality rookies up forward…

            TommyC99 · 28/02/2019 at 11:21

            Im sure there will be quite a few pop up, but in my opinion the defense is showing more promise in terms of playing rookies

      TommyC99 · 28/02/2019 at 10:56

      Yeah mate Robbo is on my radar after his performance in practice match. Would like to see his role when Webster is back though to justify his selection

    Derek · 28/02/2019 at 13:32

    Far too many players starting with W in your defence

    The Ranger · 28/02/2019 at 16:34

    Looks good Tommy.
    A lot of people running with a similar base structure of 3-5-2-3 keepers and then putting in a midpricer in def, fwd or mids.

fatboyfat7 · 28/02/2019 at 10:32

Def: Lloyd, Witherden, Williams, Robertson, Quaynor, Duursma (Hore, Wilkie)
Mid: Macrae, Cripps, Yeo, Martin, Merret, Walsh, Caldwell, Butters, (Bewley, Hind, Gibbons)
Rucks: Grundy, Pierce (Fort)
Fwd: Danger, Henney, Menegola, Dunkley, Setterfield, Cavarra (Parker, Young)

Risking it in the R2 spot. Walsh could drop to a $123 rookie which would give me enough cash in bank that I could go Pierce to Mumford at Round 3 if Pierce wasn't working out.
Caved and picked Lloyd despite the high price.
I've got a few higher priced rookies too but I'm ok with it. Merrett may become Taylor Adams after JLT.


    Locked and Loaded · 28/02/2019 at 10:41

    What if Walsh is going well and R2 rookie busts? Id go Menegola or Dunkley to Rankine and upgrade R2

      fatboyfat7 · 28/02/2019 at 11:00

      I'm rolling the dice on R2. Confident on Pierce getting the early games and will be first upgrade target.

      What do you expect Rankine to score/average? At 200k I'd be wanting to see a minimum of 75 average, just don't know if he'll get to that at the Suns.

      fatboyfat7 · 28/02/2019 at 11:39

      I'm rolling the dice on R2. Confident on Pierce getting the early games and will be first upgrade target.

      Havcen't seen any of Rankine tbh, what do you see him scoring? At 200k I'd be wanting a 75 point average, hard to do it that team.

        Locked and Loaded · 01/03/2019 at 07:40

        Fair enough I’d be struggling to sleep when others have two solid rucks but I like the confidence all the best

    The Ranger · 28/02/2019 at 16:48

    14 possible keepers is nice Fatboy but that ruck division would give me sleepless nights.
    You seem to have a plan in place for it tho.
    Adams is gonski apprently.
    Good luck mate.

Jarryd · 28/02/2019 at 10:57

DEF: Laird, Whitfield, Crisp, Z. Williams, Duursma, Mclennan (Hore, McKenzie)

MID: Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Cogs, Yeo, Hately, Constable, Gibbons (RCD, Bewely, Hind)

RUC: Grundy, Goldstein (Fort)

FWD: Danger, Heeney, T. Kelly, Burgess, Petruccelle, Cavarra (Drew, Parker)

Overall, is it worth it to skimp a bit elsewhere to have Zac Williams as D4?
Rookies subject to change of course, let me know how low I'm going to finish 🙂

ByronSchammertime · 28/02/2019 at 11:21

DEF: Lloyd, Laird, Hurn, Rozee, Collins, Quaynor (Wilkie, McLennan)

MID: Cripps, J. Kelly, Bont, Dusty, Taranto, Walsh, Setterfield, Bewley (Valente, Hind, Gibbons)

RUC: Grundy, Goldstein (Fort)

FWD: Danger, D. Smith, Heeney, Rankine, Blakey, Cavarra (Burgess, Hill)
6.5k remaining

Rookies depend on JLT of course, I'm a bit bullish on keeping Rozee/Walsh/Rankine, obviously know they're a bit on the pricey side, but interested to see where I could do better, thanks team!

Goat2323 · 28/02/2019 at 11:31

DEF: Sicily, Whitfield, Z. Williams, Brodie Smith, Roberton, Quaynor/Logue/Williamson (Schumacher, Burgess)

MID: Cripps, Oliver, Kelly, Martin, M. Crouch, Hately, Constable, Hind (Bewley, Valente, Gibbons)

RUC: Grundy, Preuss (Fort)

FWD: Danger, Heeney, Tim Kelly, Greene, Setterfield, Corbett (Parker, Cavarra)

99k leftover

My theory is that mid pricers are possible keepers as fwds or backs but very rarely/never work out as mids. Any thoughts or help appreciated

FLag_Pies · 28/02/2019 at 11:37

35k left over

Lloyd Laird Williams (McKay)
Duursma Burgess Hore (Wigg)

Macrae Cripps (Constable)
Fyfe Neale Martin (Hind)
Miles Stocker Bewley (Gibbons)

Grundy Goldstein (Fort)

Danger Heeney Dunkley (McAdam)
Setterfield Petruccelle Cavarra (Parker)

    FLag_pies · 28/02/2019 at 11:39

    Could possibly downgarde macrae to oliver, and martin to a rookie or dunkley to wingard to make duursma/burgess into roberton/witherden, thoughts?

Lazza · 28/02/2019 at 11:46

I'm watching Jok, Setterfield and Gibbons very closely tonight.

KeenButClueless · 28/02/2019 at 11:55

Def. Williams McGrath Smith Roberton duursma Wilkie (mcKay, hore)
Mid. MacRae Cripps Martin Crouch Adams Libba Walsh constable (hind bewley sparrow)
Ruck. Grundy Gawn (Fort)
Fwd. Danger Heeney Mundy Walker Setterfield Parker (petrucelle cavarra)

Smith/McGrath has been Whitfield/Collins many times. Still tossing up on that.

Feels one Uber premium short in the mids, but the doubts on Kelly, Fyfe and Oliver have been well documented here. Probably is Neale. Overall mids are ok, but not fully satisfied

Walker is a stepping stone. Adelaide draw for 4-7 might see him explode. If Scott is right about the new rules creating bigger thrashings, then this could be a Bruyn Manoeuvre

Welcome your feedback

    TheBenchmark25 · 28/02/2019 at 13:30

    Adams out for minimum 8 weeks
    The dramas of supercowch have already started

    The Ranger · 28/02/2019 at 16:43

    Looks a bit light in def to me Keen, not sure all 4 of them will be top 10 defenders.
    Don't mind the Walker pick as POD.

      KeenButClueless · 28/02/2019 at 16:49

      Thanks Ranger. I think you are right. Whitfield and Collins in. McGrath and Smith out.

      Zerrett for Adams.

Adam · 28/02/2019 at 12:15

Laird. Ryan. Witho. Williams.
Collins. Duursma. Hore. McKay

Fyfe. Cripps. Coniglio. Bontempelli
M. Crouch ? . Bewley. Hind. Gibbons
Constable. Drew. Cottrell

Martin. Goldy. Fort

Danger. Heeney. Mundy. Elliott
Setterfield. Parker. Burgess. Petruccelle

Unsure on whether to drop a def for a cheaper option and unsure on Crouch, 100k in bank
Cheers guys

    FrankTheTank · 28/02/2019 at 13:04

    I'd keep the defenders, I think there'll be a lot of high scoring defenders this year. Stef Martin isn't guaranteed the #1 ruck role at Brisbane, I'd be using your extra cash to upgrade him to Gawn or Grundy if you can

      Adam · 28/02/2019 at 14:07

      Was thinking of downgrading Goldy then upgrading Martin

    The Ranger · 28/02/2019 at 16:05

    Elliot's a bloody risky pick Adam.
    If it comes off you'll be laughing but it's too big an IF for me.

      Adam · 28/02/2019 at 18:01

      Yeah I know I’ll watch JLT and if he’s good he stays otherwise maybe rankine

BadgerHoney7 · 28/02/2019 at 12:23

Leave your thoughts guys –

DEF: Lloyd, Sicily, Whitfield, Roberton, Duursma, Hore (Answerth, Watson (Loophole))
MID: Cripps, Fyfe, Kelly, Neale, JOM (POD) , Walsh, Constable, Drew (Bewley, Hind, Gibbons)
RUCK: Grundy, Goldy (Fort)
FWD: Danger, Smith, Heeney, Setterfield, McAdam, Parker (Cavarra, Wilkinson)

30k in bank

    The Ranger · 28/02/2019 at 16:45

    First team I've seen with JOM Badger, you'll look like a genius if it comes off.

TelescopicCox · 28/02/2019 at 12:46

Good to be back. I've tried to avoid too much tinkering pre JLT.
Would love some feedback

2k bank

DEF: Lloyd, Crisp, Williams, D.Moore, Collins, Duursma (Wilkie, Hore)
MID: Macrae, Cripps, Neale, Kelly, Dusty, Stocker, Constable, Gibbons (Collier-Dawkins, Bewley, Hind)
R: Grundy, Gawn (Fort)
FWD: Danger, Heeney, Darling, Setterfield, Parker, Cavarra (Burgess, Pettruccelle)


The Ranger · 28/02/2019 at 12:56

This weeks team…92K in the bank.

Whitfield, Witherden, Williams + rookies
Macrae, Cripps, Kelly, Treloar, Dusty, Libba + rookies
Grundy, Goldie + Fort
Danger, Heeney, Mundy + rookies

13 keepers, 1 stepping stone and the rest cash cows.

    FrankTheTank · 28/02/2019 at 13:01

    Love the Mundy selection, could be a great POD.
    Dunno about Treloar, will Beams impact his scoring??

      Derek · 28/02/2019 at 13:57

      Mundy said in interview yesterday, he is preparing as if he will be 100% midfield this year

      The Ranger · 28/02/2019 at 15:14

      I'm hoping Treloar will be the beneficiary of Beams arrival Frank.
      I'll be watching JLT keenly to see how that Pies midfield lines up but you would think that Beams gets used inside allowing Treloar to be more outside where he can use his pace.

    Derek · 28/02/2019 at 13:58

    I’ve changed Whitfield back to Lloyd. I’m not sure where he will play this year

      The Ranger · 28/02/2019 at 15:16

      Can't bring myself to pay that much for Lloyd and I think Whitfield will get more mid time this season.
      I'm hoping that wherever he plays he'll be a top 10 defender.

      Sharkmove_King · 28/02/2019 at 17:46

      Hi Derek, I was thinking the same thing but now I've come to the realization that it doesn't matter where Whitfield plays….I think he will average 100 anywhere, even with a fairly average season (for his standard)

      Williams did play the 2 finals, which saw Lachie play more wing and he scored 2 130's

      Having said that, I do have Lloyd too

FrankTheTank · 28/02/2019 at 13:00

I'm pretty settled on this team, however I may change some rookies depending on JLT form and Rd 1 selection:

DEF: J Lloyd, R Laird, L Whitfield, Z Williams, S Collins, M Hore (C Wilkie, T Watson)

MID: P Cripps, L Neale, S Coniglio, D Martin, B Crouch, S Walsh, B Bewley, N Hind (R West, W Drew, M Gibbons)

RUC: B Grundy, T Goldstein (D Fort)

FWD: P Dangerfield, D Smith, I Heeney, W Setterfield, M Parker, B Cavarra (L Schultz, B Woodcock)

Only got $800 left in the bank

    Derek · 28/02/2019 at 13:55

    I don’t mind the BCrouch pick. is he the Coniglio of 2018?

      FrankTheTank · 28/02/2019 at 14:46

      If, and it's a big if, B Crouch can remain injury free he'll be a must have player who'll average 100+

        The Ranger · 28/02/2019 at 16:01

        Nice team Frank, good luck mate

        Derek · 28/02/2019 at 18:34

        If he was $50k cheaper I’d be tempted

T-mitch · 28/02/2019 at 13:04

Laird Hurley Ryan Collins quaynor young joyce Watson

Macrae Cripps Fyfe kelly Higgins Smith constable West bewley hind gibbons

Grundy Gawn sweet

Danger McDonald heeney setterfield Burgess Parker Schultz cavarra

Max · 28/02/2019 at 13:25

Been sitting on this team for a while.

DEF: Lloyd, Whitfield, Williams, Roberton, Quaynor, Duursma (Wilkie, Burgess)

MID: Crippa, Fyfe, Neale, Yeo, Miles, Bewley, Hind, Gibbons (Drew, Valente, Atkins)

RUC: Grundy, Goldy (Sweet)

FWD: Danger, Menegola, Heeney, Mundy, Setterfield, Cavarra (McAdam, Parker)

4k left over

Thoughts appreciated.

    Don’t · 28/02/2019 at 21:05

    Menegola is a query with all the new players the Cats have bought in similar positions , I’m tempted also just dunno , very good player though

Danno · 28/02/2019 at 13:27

My first go at my team, however I may change some rookies depending on JLT form and Rd 1 selection:

DEF: J Sicily, L Whitfield, L Ryan, A Witherden, X Duurrsma, C Burgess (M Hore, H Jones)

MID: J Macrae, P Cripps, C Oliver, J Kelly, E Yeo, T Thomas, L Stocker, B Bewley (C Constable, L Valente, M Gibbons)

RUC: M Gawn, T English (D Fort)

FWD: P Dangerfield, D Smith, I Heeney, W Setterfield, M Parker, B Cavarra (N Blakey, J Petruccelle)

$8700 left in the bank.

Welcome your feedback.

Mick · 28/02/2019 at 13:33

I’ll only post my premos and mid-pricers as rookies are too subject to change. Be keen to hear thoughts.

Laird, Sicily, Whitfield, Roberton.

Cripps, Crouch, Duncan, Dusty, Miles

Grundy, Goldy

Danger, Henry, Worpel.

Cheers lads

    The Ranger · 28/02/2019 at 16:06

    Bit light in the mids for me Mick.
    I think you need one more premo in there.

    Sharkmove_King · 28/02/2019 at 17:53

    Ive gone 4 deep + Miles in the midfield so I don't mind that.

    But, for me it seems a bit light on for premos. I've counted 12 + Miles & Roberton. I'm gonna assume Henry is Heeney. Do you have $$ left over? Because it seems you've left out some of the more expensive premiums so you should be able to afford 13 of them plus the 2 mid pricers.

      Mick · 28/02/2019 at 20:47

      Yep Henry is Heeney, auto correct. I’ve got $170k at the moment to play with.

        Sharkmove_King · 28/02/2019 at 20:56

        Fair enough. $170k is alot of coin to have spare, but having said that we're a long way from Round 1 so plenty will change.

        Overall, I like the team. Duncan & Worpel are 2 well thought out pods who should increase their 2018 average (so underpriced)

Kevin · 28/02/2019 at 14:45

DEF: Lloyd, Whitfield, Witherden, Roberton, Collins, Hore (Burgess, McKay)

MID: Cripps, Kelly, Duncan, Dusty, Crouch, Walsh, Bewley, Constable (Hind, Valente, Gibbons)

RUC: Grundy, Goldstein (Fort)

FWD: Danger, Heeney, Smith, Setterfield, Parker, Petrucelle (Cavarra, Drew)

78k left in the bank. Thoughts?

    The Ranger · 28/02/2019 at 16:02

    I like the Duncan pick Kev, a very reliable keeper.

    Mick · 28/02/2019 at 17:20

    I like it a lot. Good balance over all lines

KeenButClueless · 28/02/2019 at 16:45

Really surprised by the lack of love for Libba in the team’s posted so far. Similar price to Roberton. If you think that Libba will outscore Roberton, then essentially better value? And more def rookies than midfield right now. Plus a few articles about how Libba is burning up the track.

Maybe the switch to Walsh has seen Libba drop from a few teams, but maybe worth relooking at Libba as a value selection in his own right.

    Sharkmove_King · 28/02/2019 at 18:00

    Fair call Keen but I wouldn't compare a defenders scoring potential to a midfielders. The midfield has better premiums and rookies every year. If Libba was a def or fwd he would be in every team.

    Having said that I'm not completely sold on Libba. Yes, he was once a midfield beast, but when was that? 2014? Alot has changed since then, he has done 2 acl's and the games gotten quicker. Whilst I see him rotating through the midfield, I do see him playing alot forward this year.

      Max · 01/03/2019 at 11:43

      Nah mate, no way in hell Libba plays forward this year. Bloke is a pure inside mid, can't play anywhere else. Will probably be the one mainstay in the Dogs engine room along with Macrae.

Jack · 28/02/2019 at 16:46

Sicily, Whitfield, Williams, logue, duursma, wilkie, (burgess, hore)
Cripps, Neale, Treloar, Martin, Merrett, setterfield, Stocker, constable, (Bewley, Valente, hind)
Gawn, Nank (Sweet)
Danger, Menegola, heeney, Wingard, Blakey, Parker, (Mcadam, Cavarra

46k in the bank, thanks for the help

Fyfeee · 28/02/2019 at 16:51

First of all, Danger will be switched to FWD during season. Wanting a cheap R2 to upgrade to Grundy as first upgrade around $600k. Aaaand, few gun PODS who I think are cheap and still gonna end top 10.
Simpson, Whitfield, Short, Williams, Roberton, Collins (Quaynor, Wilke)

Danger, Cripps, Duncan, Martin, Crouch, Taranto, Walsh, Gibbons (Smith, Bewley, Hind)

Goldy, Preuss (Fort)

Heeney, Gray, Mundy, McAdam, Burges, Parker (Petreculle, Cavarra)

Thoughts/constructive criticsim?

    Realist · 28/02/2019 at 17:47

    Not sold on short as a keeper, and if you have quaynor I think he needs to be on field. Can’t really see preuss making much money unless Gawn gets injured, can understand why you want a cheap R2 though, R2 and F3 the hardest positions to pick

BlueBaggerJosh · 28/02/2019 at 17:04

DEF: Lloyd, Z.Williams, Roberton, Hanley, Duursma, harry Jones (Burgess, Hore)

I see lloyd retaining the number 1 spot in defense, hoping williams will be the premo that he has shown he can be in the past and that roberton and hanley can reach previous heights.

MID: Macrae, Cripps, Bont, Dusty, Merrett, Walsh, Stocker, Hind (Bewley, Atkins, Gibbons)

Two uber premos, 3 undervalued Guns

RUC: Grundy, Gawn (Fort)

Set and Forget

Dangerfield, Heeney, Dunkley, Fisher, Setterfield, parker (cavarra, Wilkinson)

F1-F3 pretty cookie cutter so i thought i'd have a bit of fun and have a go at predicting a breakout candidate who i love to watch. Fisher is named on the wing tonight and i will be watching in person, hopefully he can consolidate my pick.

    rosy · 04/03/2019 at 10:18

    I like Zac Fisher. Classy and slick. I think he'll move into the $500k+ category at some point.
    Keeping me up at night is Gawn vs Goldy….

Mikkkky · 28/02/2019 at 17:31

HI all

What’s everyone’s opinion on Roary Sloane ??

    TommyC99 · 28/02/2019 at 18:36

    Not sure he can be picked until he proves he can break a tag

    The Ranger · 02/03/2019 at 11:49

    I've been eyeing him off throughout the preseason Mikkkky but like Tommy says, the tag is still a big concern.
    No doubt he'll put up some big scores but he'll throw in the odd spud too.
    In '17 when he averaged 110 he also put up scores of 77, 70, 66, 50 and even a 36.
    He has a high ceiling but also a bloody low floor.

Timothy · 28/02/2019 at 18:07

What does everyone think about jack viney

    Realist · 28/02/2019 at 18:27

    I think there are better options. Could be a good pod if you are really confident on him

skindog · 28/02/2019 at 18:28

Wingard to miss rd 1, reaggravated his calf, not looking good atm,

Rivo · 28/02/2019 at 19:52

Hi JR Community, Im a bit late with my team but here goes…

D: Lloyd, Laird, Witherden, B.Smith, Collins, Duursma (Hore, Watson);
M: Macrae, Cripps, Fyfe, Dusty, Miles, Walsh, Drew, Bewley (Hind, McKenzie, Gibbons);
R: Grundy, Gawn (Fort);
F: Danger, Heeney, Dunkley, Setterfield, Burgess, Parker (Cavara, Wilkinson).

    The Ranger · 02/03/2019 at 11:42

    Looks a bit light in the mids to me Rivo.
    If you spent a bit less in the backline maybe you can get Miles to M6 and pick up another mid premo.

Don’t · 28/02/2019 at 20:16

Anyone know why Fanfooty isn’t doing SC scores and only DT ?

    Stirlsy · 28/02/2019 at 23:04

    They will be up in the morning.

Finnius · 28/02/2019 at 20:21

I need to find a way to get Sam Walsh in my side right about now

    Don’t · 28/02/2019 at 21:01

    Yep, take out Miles or Libba if you have them

    hedski · 01/03/2019 at 17:19

    He looks good Fin.
    Draft night is tomorrow night yeah?

      JohnDJ59 · 01/03/2019 at 18:12

      Sunday night 7.00 pm

Dan · 28/02/2019 at 20:36

Laird Sicily Whitfield Williams B.Smith Scrimshaw (Duursma H.Jones)
Macrae Cripps Oliver Hall Miles Cousins Bewley Gibbons (Valente Hind Atkins)
Grundy Goldy (Z.Clarke)
Dangerfield Heeney Dahlhaus Setterfield Burgess Petruccelle (Hill Cottrell)
57,100k left.

    Mick · 28/02/2019 at 20:51

    A lot of risk in this team Dan. Hall, Miles, B Smith, Dalhaus, Cousins. At least 50% of these guys will burn you and will cost trades at some point. Only 3 pure mid premos is too light on in my opinion. If it goes well for you you’ll win the $50k tho I guess.

Joey · 28/02/2019 at 21:00

I really wish gibbons was a FWD

JEL · 28/02/2019 at 21:15

Ok, version 34194….

R. Laird, A. Witherden, Z. Williams, D. Roberton, C. Rozee, I. Quaynor, J. Scrimshaw, J. McLennan

J. Macrae, P. Cripps, J. Kelly, L. Neale, T. Rockliff, S. Walsh, L. Stocker, B. Bewley, E. Smith, N. Hind, M. Gibbons

T. Goldstein, T. Nankervis, D. Fort

P. Dangerfield, I. Heeney, T. McLean, I. Rankine, N. Blakey, W. Setterfield, C. Burgess, I. Hill
200k in the bank to uplift some mid-pricers depending on how JLT goes.

I like the idea of taking a punt on Rocky.
I don't think Grundy will break the Cox hoodoo, but maybe Nank -> Gawn depending on how it plays out.

    Don’t · 28/02/2019 at 21:44

    A trade is valued at approx 100k, IMO you have too many mid pricers / risks, good luck Jel

dontblushbaby · 28/02/2019 at 22:18

Z.Williams @ 408k or N.Newman @ 394k ? who is more SC relevant ?

    Sam_01 · 02/03/2019 at 14:26

    Flip a coin I think most are going Williams

Johnny · 01/03/2019 at 00:41

Hey community, taking a bit of a gamble on a few here. Any feedback would be appreciated!
Whitfield, Ryan, Williams, roberton, duursma, Burgess (McKay, hore)
Cripps, kelly, Martin, m crouch, Zorko, Walsh, setterfield, bewley (Atkins, hind, gibbons)
Grundy, Goldstein (fort)
Dangerfield, heeney, Mundy, Dunkley, petruccele, parker (cavarra, Wilkinson)
Cheers in advance!

    ToughBretts · 01/03/2019 at 19:33

    I like it a lot – Zorko is massively underpriced and under-represented. I think he'll have a career year now that his team may win 8+ games

kyle · 01/03/2019 at 09:05

Hey guys, not too sure on this team just made it from scratch… I'd love to get your guys advice and help me improve it
FWD: Dangerfield, Smith, Heeney, Green, Rankine, Setterfield, (Corbett, Cavarra)
MID: Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Merrett, Hall, Walsh, Constable, Bewley, (Valente, Hind, Watson)
DEF: Sicily, Whitfield, Witherden, May, Collins, Scrimshaw, (Burgess, Hore)
RUCK: Gawn, Longer (Sweet)

    Russty_ · 01/03/2019 at 14:01

    Longer's injured mate, might want to redo that one..and May's only just got back to full training.

Ryan · 01/03/2019 at 13:03

Alright lads give us some honest opinions

DEF: Lloyd, Whitfield, Roberton, Quaynor, Schrimshaw, Hore (Wilkie, Watson)

MID: Macrae, cripps, Fyfe, Neale, treloar, Miles, Walsh, Hind (Constable, Bewley, Gibbons)

RUCK: Grundy, Goldy (Fort)

FWD: Danger, Heeney, Dunkley, Setterfield, Burgess, Cavarra (Mosquito, Parker)

36k remaining

Ian · 01/03/2019 at 14:11

Hi folks, I'm new here so be kind. Suggestions welcomed.

DEF: Lloyd Laird Ryan Williams Logue Quaynor (Burgess Hore)
MID: Macrae Cripps Merrett Liberatore Walsh Constable Bewley Hind (Sparrow Gibbons Stack)
RUCK: Grundy Witts (Fort)
FWD: Dangerfield Smith Heeney Dunkley Rankine Setterfield (Corbett Cavarra)
Injury Concerns: Corbett
Possible: Sean Darcy (No Sandilands?) Toby Greene (Watch in JLT)

    The Ranger · 02/03/2019 at 11:37

    I think you need another premo in the mids Ian.
    Libba should be at M5 or 6.

      Ian · 02/03/2019 at 12:12

      Yes, might have to slightly downgrade a couple of premiums.
      eg: Merrett to Martin. Any suggestions for the other one?

        The Ranger · 02/03/2019 at 13:01

        You've gone 4 deep in the fwds and def one of those prob has to go.
        Just my take tho mate, we all have our own preferred structure.

          Ian · 02/03/2019 at 13:44

          All good mate and very constructive. May consider Danger to Menegola.

            Sam_01 · 02/03/2019 at 14:24

            Do not trade danger to menagola lol, to be honest I quite like your team everyone else’s looks pretty much the same

              Ian · 02/03/2019 at 14:31

              Option – Better / Worse?

              DEF: Laird Whitfield Ryan Williams Clark Burgess (Hore Answerth)
              MID: Macrae Cripps Martin Merrett Liberatore Walsh Constable Bewley Hind (Sparrow Gibbons Hind)
              RUCK: Grundy Witts (Fort)
              FWD: Dangerfield Heeney Dunkley Gresham Setterfield Cavarra (Miers Aarts)

Adam · 01/03/2019 at 15:47

Ok ok here we are Crew
Laird. Ryan. Witho. Williams
Collins. Duursma. McKay. Hore
Cripps. Fyfe. Coniglio. Bont. M.Crouch
Walsh. Drew. Bewley. Constable. Hind. Gibbons
Grundy. Clarke. Fort
Danger. Heeney. Mundy
Rankine. Setterfield. Parker. Burgess
348k in Da 🏦 Thoughts please

    Russty_ · 01/03/2019 at 19:41

    Hi Adam, just a thought, maybe spend some of that money on a decent R2.

ToughBretts · 01/03/2019 at 18:32

Def: Lloyd, Laird, Williams, Mcgrath, Collins, Hore (Duursma, H. Jones)

Mid: Cripps, Fyfe, Kelly, M. Crouch, Zorko, Walsh, Setterfield, Hind (North, Bewley, Constable)

Ruck: Grundy, Gawn (Fort)

Fwd: Danger, Heeney, D. Moore, Petruccelle, Parker, Cavarra (Burgess, C. Taylor)

    Sam_01 · 02/03/2019 at 14:25

    Like the Smokey selections in there mate, team looks solid

Northernsoul74 · 01/03/2019 at 23:08

Cavarra didn’t make the cut for jlt 1. Forward rookies starting to look thin on the ground.

    The Ranger · 02/03/2019 at 11:27

    Always the worst bloody line isn't it?
    Might be hard to find 5 playing rookies for Rd1

Cateryman · 02/03/2019 at 09:16

Need a forward rookie
Anybody got some for me?

    Sam_01 · 02/03/2019 at 14:18

    Blakey setterfield schultz

Cateryman · 02/03/2019 at 09:17

And a def rookie

FLag_pies · 02/03/2019 at 11:51

J. Lloyd, R. Laird, Z. Williams, X. Duursma, J. Clark, M. Hore
C. Burgess, B. McKay

P. Cripps, C. Oliver, L. Neale, N. Fyfe, D. Martin, A. Miles, C. Constable, L. Stocker
N. Hind, B. Bewley, M. Gibbons

B. Grundy, T, Goldstein
D. Fort

P. Dangerfield, I, Heeney, J. Dunkley W. Setterfield, J. Petrucelle, B. Cavarra
S. McAdam, M. Parker

60k left over,

wondering if i have to many uber premiums?

Do i need Sam Collins/ Jack Macrae / Another Premo or Mid Price Def??

    Sam_01 · 02/03/2019 at 14:18

    Solid team, few injury question marks over it though through Oliver Fyfe, like the Dunkley selection but unsure where he will be played so I’ve been passed on him

Sam_01 · 02/03/2019 at 14:33

Been flicking through a few teams, why is there no love for Mr Walters? I mean I’m not complaining just think he is better value than the likes of Mundy and will hopefully up his mid minutes a touch and even if he is forward freo have some targets up there now which will hopefully help him in that area, anyhow
BACK: Whitfield, Witherden, Williams, Smith, Quaynor, Clark (McKay, Watson)
MID: Cripps, Neale, Treloar, Martin, Sloane, Miles, Walsh, Duursma (Bewley, Hind, Gubbons)
RUCK: Grundy, Goldy
FWD: Danger, Heeny, Walters, Blakey, Setterfield, Schultz (Parker cavarra)
60k in the bank so bit of wiggle room for the rookies to play around with

dees 4 flag · 03/03/2019 at 14:13

no brayshaw anyone?

    Johnny · 03/03/2019 at 19:44

    I think that might change after today

Brett · 03/03/2019 at 14:44

lloyd laird williams smith rozee quaynor (duursma hore)
cripps fyfe kelly martin crouch walsh caldwell bewley ( valente hind gibbons)
gawn martin(hunter)
danger heeney mundy rankine setterfield cavarra(burgess crocker)

WebSpyda8 · 05/03/2019 at 16:42

Here goes ….
Witherden, Mills, Williams, Newman, Smith, Robertson
Scrimshaw, Duursma

Cripps, Fyfe, Neale, Coniglio, McCluggage, Libber,
Cousins, Wash… Butters, Berry, Valente

Goldy, Lycett, Sweet

Danger, Heeny, McLean, Senterfield, Burgess, Cavarra.
McAdam, Parker.

Very interested in others analysis 😁

    WebSpyda8 · 05/03/2019 at 16:43

    Sorry mcCluggage is Shead

    Tony · 05/03/2019 at 17:26

    No Gawn or grundy? Mid price madness in the backline. Who knows could work, but I can see you running out of trades before getting to full premo

      WebSpyda8 · 07/03/2019 at 15:09

      Yes I have re jigged the side after more consideration.

      Laird, Witherden, Williams, Newman, Smith, Collins
      Jones, Hore

      McRae , Neale, Coniglio, Crouch, Libber, Cousins.
      Counstable, Bewley, Gibbons

      Grundy, Goldy, Clarke.

      Danger, Mundy, Wallis, Setterfield, Burgess, Balta.
      McAdam, Parker.

      Thoughts appreciated

Go Gaz · 05/03/2019 at 18:19

Hi all, resisted flooding the site with teams until at least the first JLT hit out. Thoughts on…..

DEF: Lloyd, Witherden, Smith, Williams, Clark, Hore INT: Jones, Wilkie
MID: Cripps, Coniglio, Sidey, Taranto, Crouch, Butters, Setterfield, Walsh INT: Bewley, Hind
RUCK: Grundy, Lycett INT: Sweet, Fort
FWD: Danger, Menegola, Heeney, Elliot, Drew, Parker INT: Petrucelle, Cottrell

Is it me or is it harder this year or do we say that every year LOL

Sammy_14 · 05/03/2019 at 20:00

DEF: Whitfield, Mills, Williams, Smith, Roberton, Scrimshaw INT: WILKIE, HORE.

MID: Cripps, Kelly, Neale, Martin, Brad Crouch, Walsh, Butters, Constable. INT: Valante, Hind, Gibbons.

RUCK: Grundy, Gawn, INT: Fort.

FWD: Danger, Heeney, Greene, Ainsworth, Setterfield, Drew. INT: Balta, Cavarra.

Thoughts & comments?

    WebSpyda8 · 07/03/2019 at 18:46

    I like it! Quite different to mine and many others methinks
    B Crouch is injury prone
    Greene is a talented d&@[email protected] that will miss games
    But….. nothing ventured nothing gained
    If you get lucky with those two …….

Travis · 06/03/2019 at 09:37

Luke ryan, zac williams, witherden, newman, smith, rookies

Macrae, cripps, oliver, neale, walsh, rookies

Gawn and grundy, rookie

Danger, heeney, kennedy, elliott, rookies

83k bank

Was looking for vale down back to free up cash for gawn and grundy (good captain options each week but do wonder abt them maintaining averages)

PapaPump · 14/03/2019 at 16:28

This is my final pre-season team which will be modified next week as teams come through.

B: Sicily, Z.Williams, B.Smith, Scrimshaw, S.Collins, J.Clark

M: Macrae, Oliver, Neale, Coniglio, B.Crouch, Liberatore, Miles, Setterfield

R: Grundy, English

F: Dangerfield, Heeney, Mclean, Rozee, Blakey, M.Parker

Apart from the midfield I've done every other line as half prems/ half rookies. Well, almost.

The important thing is this team still leaves me with $375K in the bank.

I'll either upgrade English to Goldstein or Westhoff, or upgrade Miles to Cripps or Fyfe and still have about 100K to tweak the backs/forwards.

Sean · 15/03/2019 at 20:38

Hi guys, supercoach rookie here so any help appreciated!

Backs: J.LLoyd, R.Laird, L.Whitfield, S.Hurn, J.Aish, J.Clark (L.Young, T.Watson)

Mids: J.Macrae, P.Dangerfield, P.Cripps, M.Crouch, S.Walsh, L.Davies-Uniacke, Z.Butters, B.Scott (W.Drew, T.Atkins, M.Gibbons)

Ruck: B.Grundy, J.Westhoff (P.Bines)

Fwds: S.Menegola, R.Gray, P.Puopolo, C.Burgess, M.Parker, S.Wicks (L.Mosquito, B.Schlensog)

$80k left in the kitty.

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