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Essendon vs Carlton: JLT Review

Published by Patch on

Here we go, the men’s competition is back, baby. Another year, another run of Essendon losing to Carlton. At least this game actually doesn’t matter, unlike that game which cost us a finals spot last year…

Carlton looked good, really good, but being the preseason we’ll give it a bit of time before we boost them up too high.

Oh hang on, Lekdog’s calling me.

“Hello? Mhm. Yes. Understood. See you later.”

I’d like to be the first congratulate Carlton on winning the 2019 premiership, Patrick Cripps on the Brownlow and Sam Walsh on his Norm Smith medal.

Let’s get into the game.

Carlton 15.10.100 defeated Essendon 14.7.91.

Best: Cripps, Walsh, Newman, Setterfield, Petrevski-Seton, Dow

Best: McGrath, Ridley, Saad, Clarke, Francis, Brown

Notable absentees

Carlton: Sam Docherty, Alex Fasolo, Matthew Kreuzer, Caleb Marchbank, Matthew Kennedy, Levi Casboult, Hugh Goddard, Darcy Lang, Jarrod Pickett, Tom Williamson, Liam Stocker

Essendon: Mary Gleeson, Cale Hooker, Tom Bellchambers, Orazio Fantasia, David Myers, Matt Dea

Rule change impacts

6-6-6: The big impact out of the 6-6-6 rule was the amount of space in the centre square. As pointed out by the Fox Footy commentators, there was a ridiculous amount of space for Cripps and Petrovski-Seton to run around in the square after picking up the hard-ball get.

On the key forward front, the impact was marginal. Daniher had a goal come out of a quick inside-50 one-on-one in the square but I don’t think we’ll see any major impacts for key forwards – not for Supercoach at least.

Kick-ins: The first kick-in by Michael Hurley saw him run some 10-15 metres down the field and booted it long to a contest.


Kade Simpson – DEF – $570,300

“Kade Simpson not in sleeves? I don’t care if it’s 50 degrees you put those sleeves on.”

Lekdog was not happy over text message but it simply means it’s a non-canon Simmo game. However non-canon it may have been, it was still worrying from the first half.

Finished with 14 touches but a discussion needs to be had about if Nic Newman eats his opportunities at the ball.

He didn’t register a single touch in the first quarter (despite me swearing I saw him take a kick-out) with Nic Newman racking up eight possessions. Do we get concerned? Do we panic? Not yet.

Patrick Cripps – MID – $648,200

Show me someone who can watch this and not pick him is a fool. He’s a must-have and spent no time forward whatsoever.

Sam Walsh – MID – $207,300

Jeez he’s a ball magnet this kid. Played pure midfield with rests in the forward line. He started in the middle and was busy right from the first bounce.

I have a feeling Lekdog’s magazine stash will be replaced with a Sam Walsh highlights reel very quickly.

He had 15 touches to half time to go with two tackles, three marks and two frees for and finished with 28 touches and there’s little to no argument you could mount against not picking him based on the two games we’ve seen from him so far.

Michael Gibbons – MID – $102,400

Kicked two early snags, worked up the ground a little bit and did everything right. Will play as a small forward meaning he’ll have games where he scores stuff-all, but he should play for the Blues.

Looked a very lively presence as a small forward and had good goal sense. Stick him at M11 and watch the cash roll in. Only had nine touches though.

Nic Newman – DEF – $394,100

Was an absolute ball magnet and brought back memories of his debut season when he tore the Swans a new one. He needed a chance and despite murmers he wasn’t best 22, he absolutely looks to be a big cog in the Blues’ backline.

Even if he was priced at $475k we’d need to be having a serious look at him. Do I dare suggest he looks a better pick than Kade Simpson…?

He had 17 kicks and three handballs and looked the very crucial cog in their back six.

Charlie Curnow – FWD – $420,200

Was playing up the ground for parts, playing deep forward for others. He was up against Hurley and towelled him early, but I won’t be picking him.

Had a knock in the second quarter and didn’t return. Not this year.

Sam Petrevski-Seton – FWD – $364,900

Oooooh boy. OOOOOOH BOY. Is anyone on the SPS train? He played pure midfield and good lord did he play it well. He was on fire early, getting hard ball and outside run and looked exceedingly good at football.

Had 12 touches in the first half and looked like an absolute jet. Not a lock but at his price I’m very, very keen to have another look at the young gun. Would be an incredibly brave pick to go with him but he’s just cheap enough to justify as a cash generating option.

Finished with 18 touches.

Will Setterfield – FWD/MID – $144,900

I didn’t see a huge amount of Setterfield in this game but what little I did see was him playing very well.

He hardly handballed it and looked to be a link-up high half-forward player and ending up on a wing at times, and worked his way in to the second half very nicely. Had 19 touches of which only two were kicks. Approaching lockish levels at 144k.

Mitch McGovern – FWD – $368,200

Looks like he’ll be really, really good for Carlton and will allow Curnow to push up the field, but don’t go selecting him. He and his moustache will play deep forward and get up close and personal with the number one defenders each week. No for Supercoach, yes for Carlton.

Paddy Dow – MID – $323,500

Played really, really well for the Blues and ran through the guts and took the game on. Hugely promising player for the Blues, but as his price point as a mid-only selection I’m not having a bar of him.

The others: Zac Fisher looked very good running through the middle and half-forward, but he’s about 400k as a mid/fwd option – he played well and had 26 touches, but I wouldn’t go there.

Daily Thomas had a lot of the ball but don’t @ me about him and Harry McKay will be a very good player, just not for Supercoach.


Andrew McGrath – DEF/MID – $384,300

Was playing pure midfield but he looked a bit sloppy and a bit rusty. He turned the ball over at times and gave it up too easily at others.

He looked lost forward of centre and was moving to some of the wrong spaces at the wrong times in the first half but stormed home in the second half an had two goals in the last quarter to surge towards a win.

Had 25 touches, two goals and four tackles. Give him another chance to stake his claim on his spot. Popular consensus is that I’m wrong on McGrath and on review I’m being far too harsh.

He was a bit shakey in the first half but his second half was absolutely excellent and as a pure midfielder at 400k in defense has to be considered. I’d be interested to see his Supercoach score (should they ever come out).

Zac Clarke – RUC – $142,600

Played as the number one ruck all night and did a decent job at it, but with Bellchambers out it was a moot point. The question we need answered is if he’ll play with Bellchambers in the side, and we’re no closer to unravelling that mystery.

He took a strong pack mark up forward during the third quarter and slotted the goal, but I’m really not sure how it all comes together. I wouldn’t be planning on starting him as R2, I still think Shaun McKernan will be used as the backup ruckman.

He had 34 hitouts, 15 touches and a goal.

Aaron Francis – DEF – $350,900

If you’re open to selecting him you would have been very, very encouraged by the young redhead’s game tonight. He looks to be floating across half back as an intercept player, which means big, big points.

He picked up a lot of free kicks, was always composed and from a football perspective I was absolutely stoked with what I saw.

However, the danger of picking him was evident in the second quarter when he dropped off the face of the earth. He doesn’t need a lot of possessions to score well, but won’t get a lot of possessions often – if at all.

Had 15 touches, three marks and two frees for.

From a Supercoach perspective? I need another look, especially at 350k, but he’s put in a ripping first audition.

Dylan Shiel – MID – $487,700

Oozes class, bursts of speed and excellent disposal – he’s going to be an excellent addition for the Bombers. Only had the 15 touches.

I’m still not convinced he’ll be a top-shelf premium selection – he could finish as a top-15 midfielder if things go well, but I doubt he’ll crack the top 10 even under the best circumstances.

Zach Merrett – MID – $544,800

Hard to judge as no-one tags in JLT games anyway, but he didn’t do a whole lot tonight. Looks a bit slow and a bit off the pace, which might be due to his three weeks off with an ankle injury?

Just needs more time on the park – he improved as the game went on and will be far better for the run. Don’t dump him just yet.

Only played the first half as well, racking up seven possessions.

Devon Smith – MID/FWD – $531,300

Sat out the first half but had a tackle within a minute of the second half. Played mostly through the midfield and set up at a lot of centre bounces. As a clearance player I wouldn’t be surprised if he bumps his average up again this season.

For a forward-eligible player he’s looking dangeously close to a must-have option alongside Dangerfield. Had 12 touches in a half and two tackles.

Jordan Ridley – DEF – $233,100

Played off half back and was the leading possession winner for the Dons for much of the first half. He had eight touches in the first two quarters and looked to use it well and put himself in the right spots. Looks to have been given a Brendan Goddard-style role.

Finished with 23 touches.

From a Supercoach perspective, he’s a really annoying price prospect. I’d need to see if Gleeson will play in the same side, and I’m not huge on mucking round in an Essendon backline which could well see McKenna, Saad, Francis and Ridley all playing interchanging roles.

Tom Jok – MID – $117,400

Jok wasn’t someone I was expecting anything from tonight but he made himself really busy at both ends of the ground.

He looks strong and agile and used to footy pretty well. I don’t see him breaking into Essendon’s round one lineup, however.

Jake Stringer – FWD – irrelevant

Looked good, was up the ground, but for the love of god DON’T. DO. IT. Do not select him.

Joe Daniher – FWD – $277,800

Kicked the first goal of the game but it was his first hit-out in nearly 10 months and it showed. I don’t think he’s overly relevant and tonight did nothing to allay those thoughts.

He’ll be better for the run, but cross him off the list.

The others: Adam Saad was very good for 21 touches but I wouldn’t go near him. Michael Hurley looked scratchy and slow and probably worth scratching off your list if you had him on it. Essendon rotated the kick-outs so he doesn’t have a monopoly on that either. Mitch Brown looks to have locked his position down as a high centre half forward, leaving Clarke and McKernan to battle it out for the last spot.

What did you take out of the game community? Who caught your eye? Will you be starting Walsh?

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Jeremy McGovern – FWD – $368,20

I wish my Blue Boys had Jeremy McGovern in addition to Mitch.




Between the Crouch Brothers and the McGovern Brothers I'm a bit hopeless. Remember that time I suggested people pick Brad Hodge? I'm not good at names.


A brudda from another mother or the same mother seems to cause you bother


A lot of those Nic Newman kicks go to Simmo in the real thing. I'm Lekdog and that's my take.


The power of SLEEVES


Great write up! I thing you were a bit tough of McGrath though. I thought he looked great, attending a lot of centre bounces and chimed in with 2 goals.


Cheers Matt!

There's something about McGrath I just don't get onboard with. He's a good player, yep, but I'm just not seeing what most others are and I'm not sure why.

Admittedly a lot of his write-up was done at half time and I should have altered a bit more on the final siren.


If you don’t see that he will be a superstar then you should probably stop giving advice on the sport #childsplay


He hasn't shown anything yet to suggest he'll be a superstar….last 2 years average of 70?…no thanks.


McGrath doesn’t like getting tackled. As soon as someone gets their hands on him he loses the ball. As a result he will handball early instead of taking it on.


Heppell and Zerrett played less than half the game. Shiel played just over half of it. Not convinced on McGrath, kicked two in the final term which boosted his SC numbers a bit.


Walshy locked & loaded.


I second the motion!


Walsh @ M5?


M5 is a YUUUUGE call Hefdawg, but if it lets you run deep elsewhere it could pay off. I don't think I'm brave enough.


M6 for me Hef


Watching Sam Walsh attempt to force his way into my team is so disheartening because I know I will most likely cave in then end and pick him despite the price tag


Cripes what more does he have to do? The kid's gonna be a star of the highest order.


No doubt the kid has talent! Just consider all the stats and evidence that points towards expensive rookies being no better than cheap ($117k) rookies in terms of cash generation…


He could be the last traded out and produce good points


Gibbons is a Mid only


He is too, I'm mixing him up with Cottrell. Will fix that up now Haych


Would be so much better if he was a forward!



P. Cripps 124
W. Setterfield 113
S. Walsh 102
D. Cuningham 100
N. Newman 97
J. Weitering 92
D. Thomas 88
S. Petrevski 86
A. Phillips 81
E. Curnow 75
Z. Fisher 72
H. McKay 71
M. Gibbons 68
P. Dow 65
K. Simpson 62
C. Curnow 62
M. Murphy 61
J. Garlett 54
J. Silvagni 50
M. Lobbe 43
L. Jones 42
L. Plowman 38
M. McGovern 27
C. Polson 22
A. Schumacher 4

J. Ridley 97
M. Brown 97
J. Stringer 93
Z. Clarke 89
A. Francis 85
A. McGrath 85
A. McDonald-Tipungwuti 82
M. Hartley 82
C. McKenna 80
A. Saad 79
D. Zaharakis 79
P. Ambrose 72
M. Guelfi 64
M. Hurley 61
J. Long 56
D. Heppell 56
D. Smith 54
D. Shiel 50
D. Parish 44
J. Laverde 41
K. Langford 35
J. Daniher 35
Z. Merrett 27
M. Baguley 25
T. Jok 22
S. McKernan 10


Francis scoring the same as McGrath is interesting from Champion Data.

Also Setterfield with 113!!


patchy didn't you say Curnow got a knock and went off in the second and didn't return/?

62 for under a half of footy!. if he scores like that Charlie may be an angel.

Shake n bake

Trigga Curnow hardly played any of the 2nd qtr basically 62 for a qtr!


Setterfield is a lock for me, will only improve too.

Champion Data

LOL you made those up


Check fanfooty champ


Walsh 102 @ 80% game time !! …. I’m still resisting…but my resistance is fading…
if he averages 100 then his price will be $540k’ish… profit of ~$333k… to make the same profit Gibbons has to average 80.
But I can have two Gibbons for the price of one Walsh… so only have to average 40 each, but cost an extra trade .. nominal value of $150k. So, they’d both have to average 58 to cover it…
But, it is still the first practice match and the Bombers were unimpressive … and their Mids played limited time…. keen to see Walsh against the top mid-field teams..
Quite a few clubs only playing 1 or 2 rookies this weekend … might not have much choice come R1 .. so I have options that include Walsh..

McGrath only an 85 with two goals included is a worry.


Agree Bells, with 25 disposals, 4 marks and 4 tackles, the efficiency must be is a worry.


He went at 68% efficiency which honestly isnt awful, don't think he's coming in for me at this stage


Well done Patch, you must've WYAO to get this piece in , in time.
(written your ass off) lol.
Where did you procure those Supercoach scores from?


They r on the herald sun website mate


Hi Lek, Patch, I noticed the Mitch Duncan review thread has disappeared and the Tom Stewart one has duplicated.
Can you still bring the Duncan one back?…cheers.


Fisher DPP mid/fwd – 15 kicks, 11 hballs, 4marks, 4 tackles, 7 contested, 3 clearances, 3 clangers, 77% game time. Patch finds him irrelevant and says "about 400k, I wouldn't go there"
McGrath DPP mid/def – 16 kicks, 9 hballs, 4 marks , 4 tackles, 6 contested, 6 clearances, 4 clangers, 77% game time time. Although patch has deleted the post of anybody who suggested he's a better option than spud merrett prior to this game Patch now says "at 400k he has to be considered"
FFS whatever happened to reliable advice at this site? You guys are crap


Yeah Fisher scored 72 and McGrath 85, obviously means their disposal efficiency is utter crap, are you gonna bring guys into your team who get that many stats and that few points?
Buyer beware on both those guys I think.
If you look at both their averages, they are both far..anything else is just a breakout hope.


It’s JLT, small sample size. Do you think setterfield will be a premo by the end of the year because he played well tonight? Fisher and McGrath are awkwardly priced, you should only pick them if you think they are keepers. Instead of attacking patch, how about having a look at Merretts stats over the past few years, there’s a reason he’s premo


Great write up as always Patch!

One thing, you said paddy dow was a mid only. He is actually a mid-fwd dpp. At his price is he viable as a fwd?


Think he'll be too inconsistent


Hey Patch! I know these guys are not on the supercoach radars of many (any) people, but what did you think if weitering and cuningham? Cheap enough with enough scoring capacity to be viable?


Cuningham is bloody talented but I can't trust his body, Weitering we need a solid year of scoring from before we can consider


The loss last year didn’t cost Essendon a finals spot, they missed out by a win and 26%


Merrett missed 3 weeks but missed 6 weeks of proper training as he slowly built up his fitness, he’s missed 6 weeks of preseason in top condition.


Can't believe how many people are saying Merrett is a spud on here <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="πŸ˜‚" src=""&gt;
He has had 3 weeks off injured and did even get on the park last night.
Take a look at his scores after the bye last year and you will see why he is a premo worth considering, JLT is only good to get a look at rookies who might play, Mid pricess and the role they are getting and if any Premos may have a different role to last year.


He's not worth starting imo. Looked a long way off the pace


I’m not crossing him off yet. Will see after he plays a couple more games.


Only one more jlt, could be a good upgrade target when he's in the 400's. He will take a while to get fit imo


Agreed πŸ‘ worth a look later in the year


Don’t think anyone thinks Merrett isn’t good at footy or SuperCoach relevant. Just that he looks a month or more away from top form and best looked at as an upgrade target rather than a starter. It’s all personal opinion and our own assessment. If you like him, pick him and you’ll have yourself a POD.


Exactly Mick, he's a good player, probably still a bit underdone, but that's ok for now…people tend to over-react in the pre-season forgetting that SC is a marathon, (6 months of hard work)….and not a sprint.
Zac will probably be fine and average in the mid to high 100's I reckon. He's a very good player.


Merrett had the least time on ground for the bombers


Great upgrade target


Iv played footy against tom jok. Blokes a jet with a big tank on him


He lads and ladies has there ever been a better exponent of protecting the space over and around the pill than cripps , the way he maneuvers himself is surely up there with the best of them, reminds me so much of Voss around the ball also diesel and the great EJ, what a tremendous player.
That's coming from a magpie!


My trouser arousal!


I’ve got McGrath at D4 and I’m pretty happy with an 85 for a first preseason game for a D4.


With Heppell, Shiel, Smith and Merrett all having lower amounts of gametime and midfield than in the real thing, AND with Mark Harvey saying in the post-match press conference that they wanted to give guys like Parish and Mcgrath more of a run this JLT game, you have to remain weary and watch closely on his role in JLT 2, I have him in at the moment, but he will most likely be gone after JLT2 based off those comments.


I agree, if he can’t score 100SC with those guys all resting and bagging a couple of goals, he ain’t gonna score many during the real thing.


I want you to be wrong because I have him and my side gets screwed sideways if I have to replace him with a keeper. As a No 1 draft choice, third year, sub 400 defender now solely in the midfield, it should be the ideal SC formula! So I hate to say it, but you might be right


There were 17 behinds. Anyone have stats on the number of kick ins taken outside the goal square?


Should we read anything into Stocker not playing?
Is he injured or not quite ready?
I would have thought with the effort the Blues went to he would be starting if possible.


Hmm , just noticed he played in the VFL trial game.
May not be a Rnd1 starter.


Stocker won't play Rnd 1