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SuperCoach 2019 – Player reviews: Jack Viney

Published by Damo on

The Demons’ co-captain had a year he’d probably rather forget for a multitude of reasons. The main reason though would be that he couldn’t stay on the park, an issue that hasn’t been much of a problem until last year. His foot was playing silly buggers and he had a few false starts as a result. Can he get past that to become a decent SuperCoach selection? Well, let’s take a look! *cue theme music*


He’ll play at almost every Melbourne stoppage and he’s good for a clearance or five. Averaging 5.1 per game across his career and 7.2 for 2018. Under the new 6-6-6 rule, if the intra-clubs are anything to go by, this number will likely increase.

Viney is also a tackling machine averaging a whopping 5.9 per game across his career, and as a result earns a lot of free kicks for his team. Clearances and tackles are rewarded in SuperCoach, giving Viney a safe floor. He doesn’t need to top 30+ possessions week in, week out.

He has the ceiling, he can go big. Not much to write home about in 2018 with his highest score being 116, but in 2017 he had a run of 7 games where he returned three scores above 120, and only two scores below 95.


Viney does not go unnoticed, and when he is tagged his scores suffer and that’s not good for SuperCoach. As evidenced in the 2018 Finals series, he was great against Geelong and Hawthorn, but as soon as Mark Hutchings came along and decided to wear Jack like a glove, he scored a 49 and was pretty ineffective on the day – much like the rest of the Melbourne team.

Consistency has only become an issue as times gone on, and it’s probably to do with the Melbourne side becoming a lot stronger and a lot more competitive. In 2017, the year Viney averaged his highest amount (97.0), he would usually have a score a stone’s throw from that. Since then Demons have grown as a team they have obviously relied on him less and less and as such he is no longer required to do a the bulk the grunt work with Nathan Jones. Most times he’s good for a score around the 70 mark but as SuperCoaches we need more than that.


Jack’s foot. Feet are ugly things anyway, but Jack’s is especially ugly because it’s been injured and causing him some grief. Foot injuries are ones that teams will be really cautious about because you need your feet to play the game and without them you’re pretty useless. Last year was the first time he’d had a long term injury. If you don’t do the right amount of rehab to get the foot ticking along again like it should, then Jack Trengove will tell you you’re pretty cactus until it’s fixed.


I know all the evidence I’ve shown you today probably point to a No, but I actually like this selection in 2019. If he can prove in the JLT that his foot is all good, and continues his good form from 2018 and the final series, then I see no issue in selecting him. Putting the money saved aside, he’ll be a good point of difference if nothing else. I do understand the reasoning as to why not as well, and the more I write this the less I want him in my team, but I don’t think he’s a terrible pick to start with.

What you reckon, community? In 8% of sides to date, have you been able to fit him in?

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different topic, but i just watched the collingwood melbourne practice match and preuss played forward literally 90% of the time and max gawn killed it in the ruck (although he was only rucking against max lynch as grundy wasnt playing).

Originally i was NOT even considering gawn after they recruited Preuss, but after today im seriously considering him instead of grundy due to his injury even though its only a toe and the cox curse.

Wondering what your thoughts are community? Are you starting Gawn? why or why not/

Rick Grimes

I'm more angling towards Brayshaw st the moment.


Would be a very good selection thinking the same thing

Grahame Lebroy

If he had a full injury free pre season at his price I would be very keen. But just think there is to much risk to start him this year. Hope I am wrong and he goes really well though


anyone interested in joining a draft keeper league, I have 2 spots available


Yeah I'm interested

Rick Grimes

Any interest in Jamie Elliott?

Rick Grimes

I know it's AFLX, but gee Paddy Cripps looks like he'll have a beast of a season. Lockiest of locks.


Hows the size of tbe modern midfielder these days?

Cripps, bont, fyfe all taller than the reigning coleman medalist who ns no short a$$.

As for Viney not sure I can trust him. Huge ceiling but if im not starting fyfe dont think I can stsrt Viney due to durability issues.


I want Cripps to hold me like a little baby in those guns, made me endure some AFL X just to see him and Fish


Suns out, guns out.

Lek reserved a spot for you in the Happy Place.
League code: 926691.
Jump in mate.
Same crew as last year should be epic.




Beauty 👍


Hope ya don't mind if jump on board Trigga


Sorry donc only limited spots

Will keep u in mind if a spot becomes available


I'm liking this option more and more every time I look at him. Will I select him? Probably not? Will I scoff at anyone who does pick him? No. No I will not. Love your work Damo.


Hey patch.
Reserved a spot for the potatoes in the happy place.
League code: 926691.
Jump in.
Same crew as last year should be epic!


Always happy to be in the Happy Place Trigga! I'm in mate.


Rippa patch 👌


Hoping to get some advice on this team!
DEF: Lloyd, Sicily, Witherden, Williams, Rozee, Collins, (Quaynor, Hore)
MID: Cripps, Fyfe, D. Martin, Merrett, Miles, Walsh, Bewley, Gibbons, (Duursma, Constable, Hind)
RUC: Grundy, Goldstein, (Sweet)
FWD: Dangerfield, Heeney, Dunkley, Rankine, Setterfield, Cavarra, (Drew, Wilkinson)

Thoughts community??



Loving that backline Dylan!

I reckon it's a very settled side pre-JLT. It's a very safe side – outside of Witherden I think most of those guys are sure bets be at the pointy end barring injury.

I'm not sold on Rankine and Walsh simply due to their prices, but it's hard to pick which rookies to replace them with at this stage. Apparently Butters at Port is tearing up their intra-club and his price of 150k I can justify.


Thanks Patch! I'll keep Butters in mind, at this stage I like having some of the expensive rookies in, so if they don't perform JLT I can downgrade. Easier to do than try to upgrade a 123k or 117k player to an expensive rookie. What are your thoughts on Z. Williams?? Heard some good things, but news out of the praccy match yesterday was that he was barely sighted. Alarm bells or nothing to see there?


No alarm bells just yet mate. Still firmly enconced* in my side

*may or may not be a word

Rick Grimes

Read Jesse Hogan might be used as a midfield option. Scored well for Dees when given opportunities. Sneaky pod perhaps.


Jeez that would be tasty if he's running around in the middle, but I'd need to see it in action during the JLT.

Rick Grimes

Fyfe in for minor surgery on his elbow. Should still be right for JLT 2 but makes you worry about durability. Looked good last night too.