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SuperCoach 2019 – Player reviews: Jarryd Lyons

Published by Barron Von Crow on

SuperCoach 2019 – Player reviews: Jarryd Lyons

The AFL can be a surprising place sometimes and that surprise struck again when Jarryd Lyons, easily the Suns best midfielder over the last two years, was sent on his way, with the new Lion Lyons seeing his contract with the Suns cut short. His bags didn’t have a long trip though, moving over to Brisbane where his brother Corey is also playing.


Lyons has one part of his game that will always make him Supercoach friendly, and that is he can win the ball. Last year he ranked 9th in contested possessions per game, as well as ranking 1st in stoppage clearances per game, 7th in total stoppage clearances, and 3rd in clearances per game. He’s also shown in the past that he can be a capable forward when given minutes there, which happened more at the Crows than at the Suns, booting 15.13 over 20 games in 2015. Obviously in a weakened Suns midfield they needed him at every stoppage, but in a stronger Lions outfit, that ability to move forwards could be helpful in keeping him involved.


That strength above can also be a weakness, because his game and Supercoach scoring is so heavily focused on winning the hard ball, if he gets tagged, or has extra attention thrown on him, or even if it’s just the opposition getting on top of the midfield as a whole, he doesn’t possess a great deal of many other ways to score. He’s not the quickest bloke around, it’s been speculated his lack of two way running was what cost him at the Suns (and also a bit at Adelaide), and a free flowing game doesn’t suit him the best. He’s also not deadly with the ball by foot, so can occasionally have disposal issues as well.


It’s a tough one, he’s joining a midfield that has gained Lachie Neale, who is a tier above Lyons in terms of being a contested beast, so you’d think that would put a dent in his ability to score, however he still averaged 90.2 SCPoints in 2016 with Adelaide, which had Rory Sloane, Matt and Brad Crouch and Scott Thompson in the side, which isn’t exactly a weak midfield.

It’s likely he’ll go from being the main target at the Suns to being behind Zorko and Neale, which may allow him to fly under the radar a bit in terms of attention. I don’t think he’ll completely tank at the Lions, as his last year at the Crows showed, he can play as a smaller part of the midfielder and still average OK, so the question will be if the attention being off him in 2019 allows him to take his game to another level or not. A very risky pick at this point however.

So what say you, Community? Anyone thinking of picking Jarryd Lyons like I did last year?

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Ty vickery

Would be better off picking me


i don't think he is worth the punt.
Taranto, steele & shiel i feel can really lift there averages more and are around that same price.
would love an article on taranto in the future BVC 🙂


I jumped on Lyons after his 152/138 in rounds 2/3 and that didn’t turn out so great… Not for me this year but I’ll fire him up in Draftstars. He has an upside in playing third fiddle behind Zorko and Neale. Can find the pill


Absolutely, if I didn’t love Steele he’d get a real sniff from me as a Brisbane supporter. Think he’s benefitted by the fact that he’s clearly strongest as an inside mid, where other players have more versatility. I don’t buy Jarryd Lyons as an outside player anymore and I don’t think he does either.

On Brisbane’s “The Roar Deal” podcast with Lachie Neale as the guest they said that their optimal midfield is Zorko, Neale, Lyons, and I’d assume Zorko would be the first to switch forward out of the 3.


WTF Suns?

That was the biggest head scratcher of the draft closely followed by Pruess.

Will add to the mix for the lions but not for me.

Got him in my draft team – he goes alright.