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SuperCoach 2019 – Player reviews: Josh Dunkley

Published by Kev on

Coach Luke Beveridge shuffled a few magnets in 2018 that resulted in Josh Dunkley having a good ol’ fashioned third year breakout in 2018. He increased his average by 35 to 95.1SC on the back of 22 disposals (8 contested), 5 marks, and 6 tackles per game. It was a season of two halves for Josh, which, depending on how he’s used at the Dogs this year, will have ramifications for his SuperCoach output.


From a SuperCoach perspective, a move to the midfield in round 14 saved Josh Dunkley’s season. Before this point he was averaging 77.1 as a forward marking target with brief stints in the ruck (He’s 190cm). He was dropped in round 9 after laying a turd against the Crows and spent three weeks in the reserves. In round 14 he was given a run with job on Shaun Higgins which he was horrible at (Higgo had 123SC). Dunkley was given similar roles on Jelwood the following week and then Titch the week after. By round 17 he shifted out to the wing vs the Dees and his next 7 weeks reads thusly: 88, 105, 147, 132, 106, 157, 116 for an average of 121.6 over that period. 

That’s what has me excited folks. To put that into context, Patrick Dangerfield averaged 121.7 last year and enters this season priced at 660k.


The bad side to Josh Dunkley was identified in ‘the good’. Like so many before him, those high numbers are reliant on him continuing with a midfield role. Despite his late year heroics, that role isn’t a lock. The Doggies run quite deep in the middle and will be adding the returning Libba and draftees Rhylee West and Bailey Smith. 

A 77 average as a forward is your classic mid price trap. Even though he did score two hundreds in those first 9 weeks as a forward, he also had scores of 40, 42, and 60. 

Looking at his SuperCoach scores in relation to his AFL Fantasy output, they seem to match up most weeks. This suggests to me his scores are coming via sheer weight of numbers and his disposal is not as damaging as it could be. Although his love of a cuddle and goal sense (he kicked an inaccurate 11.15 last year) give him another scoring outlet if some attention comes his way (unlikely, but you never know)


To suggest Dunkley will average 121 is head in the clouds type stuff, but I reckon he’s being severely overlooked at this stage. Owned by only 11% of coaches, he stacks up well against the more popular Devon Smith and Isaac Heeney. That said, watch JLT for his role. If he’s in the middle I reckon you can go ahead and lock him in. 

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Sitting in my team at present.. his bye works with Danger … otherwise he would be Heeney …

Nice person

Surely you aim to have heeney in before byes anyways


That is true… but who knows, Heeney might not meet expectations, or have a recurrence of glandular fever… just risk management… and Menegola also comes into the frame …. same bye again…

Thats Gold Jerry

Great write up Kev, I have had my eye on him since late last year…


Cheers, Jerry. Was one of my first picked. Picked him up after his 140-odd against Port and had him the final 4 weeks of the season. Loved watching him go about it


I like him Kev but concerned over Bevo and position changes. With a tight starting salary cap he competes with Devon Smith and Heeney for F2. Sticking with Smith for now but Dunkley is a definite watch list.


Absolutely, Rivo. It’s all in Bevo’s hands here. Reckon with the 6-6-6 stuff if Dunks is starting up forward he gets crossed off the list. Currently F3 in my side… for now


Hi again Kev. Not sure if your will see this, but JLT aside, I have De Goey at F3 & considering either Dunkley or Tim Kelly to replace him (given recent foot injury). It means trading down a rook or 2 but…Who would you take from those 3 right now?


Awesome write up Kev! On my radar for sure, just need to see how that midfield and forward line looks with Liberatore back, and Dahlhaus gone.


Its a pass from me at this stage. Gut says no and i just have to follow it. Im going heeney over dunkley at this stage. Reckon theres a big chance he plays more forward this year with dahl leaving


1.5 picked for me Kev, close behind danger.

One of the 7.

After seeing what he can do in the midfield which coincided with the dog's improved form Bevo's got play him in the guts.


Dunkley's low scores were all wet games.


Sorry but I'm out! Hefty price and lots of question marks. Better options up fwd I think.


What at a 121 average when switched to the midfield not to sure what options you are looking at when 516K. If he is playing in the guts you have to take a good look at him.


Just hope it's not raining lol home games are under the roof so i have a eye on him. with Smith Injured and Heeney dropping off at the end of last year. Dunkley may be the F2.


Fair call Paul, I just think with Libba back it might be less midfield time for Josh. I'll be keeping an eye on him though.


As I said earlier Paul, I'm out. After 3 rounds he has ave of 84. Poor call by you!


What now to do with Dunkley?


Off him matey, he was always going to struggle with Liba back. Not a hard call at all I think.