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Supercoach 2019 – Player reviews: Tom Stewart

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Good evening, community! Yes it’s me, Post MaSloane, slinking out of the shadows and back into the light to *guiltily* face the music. First of all, I must apologise for retiring my weekly articles mid-season last year. Life got in the way, and SuperCoach unfortunately had to take a step back. But alas, I’m back, and ready to give you some shamelessly mediocre food for thought as we head into the 2019 season!

2019 was a reasonable season for me, but not as good as I was hoping. I maintained my ranking inside the top 10,000, but after peaking at 450th early in the year, just scraping into the 10k felt a little disappointing. Many of you know how bullish I was on Mitchy Duncan last year, and his output was definitely trouser-scintillating  – however his success has come at a price. It got me thinking (which is always dangerous), could the cats have any other SuperCoach monsters that can’t seem to escape Dangerfield’s shadow? After thinking for many days and many nights in solace, residing with the great Crouching One, an answer came to me. And that answer took the shape of a long-haired, tattooed, mature age student by the name of Thomas Stewart.

  • 2019 Price – $463,000
  • 2018 Average – 85.3
  • 2018 Games – 21
  • 2018 100+ Scores – 7
  • 2018 Sub-80 Scores – 7 (One 18 when he was injured in the first quarter)
  • 2018 Highs and Lows – High of 135, Low of 18

The Good

Many of you will remember Tom Stewart, the serviceable mature-age recruit that was a saving grace to our backlines in a year when rookie stocks were slimmer than Fremantle’s trophy cabinet (sorry Damo). But the peculiar looking cat turned it up a notch in 2018, boosting his average by 17.9 to post a very respectable 85.3. And it would have been higher if it wasn’t for big lion Rhys Mathieson putting Tom into a moon boot early in the game and robbing the star cat of a very healthy 88.7 average. Tom has become a key cog in Geelong’s defensive unit, and with 2 years of experience under his belt and at the ripe old age of 25, expect a big year from the crazy moustache man. And here’s a saucy little fact for you that might be useful at your local footy clubs trivia night: 42 of Stewart’s 73 kick ins this year were to himself, and with a low turnover rate of 15% from kick ins, who could be more suited to benefit from the new rules? Stewart will be given more and more responsibility as his experience increases, and the way he can take a big clunk in a pack and then break away like his opponents are standing still is a spectacle to behold.

The Bad

There’s a lot of value in the backline this year. GWS’ Williams is a touch over $400k, and many are greedily eyeing off Brisbane’s Witherden and Fremantle’s Blakely at the same price point as Stewart. Plus, he’s only played 2 seasons! He’s not exactly Dustin Fletcher in the experience department. While he has the potential to go whack this season, last season he finished the year 18th for Defenders in points scored. A similar ranking this year would severely hurt your chances of taking home the coveted bragging rights over your mate who reckons ‘Harley Bennell is going to break out this year!’

The Verdict

Maybe I’m going mad. Pre-seasons are the time for throwing caution to the wind, and filling your teams with a bunch of mid-priced ‘fallen premos’ and ‘breakout superstars’ who will never make your final team. But this is one Cheshire Cat who may just be the ‘hidden smile’ in the shadows of Patrick Dangerfield’s SuperCoach limelight. Okay, that was a terrible pun, but I’m liking the look of the kid. There’s something about the mop of hair and the way he streams across that backline like a gazelle that’s making me sit up straight in my chair and take notice. What say you, community? Have I sparked a naughty little curiosity in your minds, or am I delirious after being out of the JR community for so long?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments or on Twitter. Gee, it’s good to be back, community.

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Good to have ya back, Sloane! To be honest, TStew hasn’t crossed my radar at all this preseason. As you pointed out, plenty of sexier options around his price that appeal more. 7 sub 80 scores limits my curiosity, but I’d keep him in mind for draft leagues


Good to hear from you too, Kev! May we meet in many a league game this year, and May the dons and tigers meet in the final 😉


I’m thinking of taking Hurley what’s your thoughts


As a Bombers fan, I can’t get on board. His work ethic isn’t good enough to be a rebound defender, so his scores will likely be Rance-esque


Giday Post, Stewart's an interesting one…I was also thinking he could have a good year..average possibly near 100-ish, I like the way he goes about it, I have Witherden and Williams at the moment but Tom could be an option if either of those 2 don't look good early or don't work out at all.
If Tom's flying pre-season, I'll consider for sure.


Naah SC irrelevant


G'day Post, good to have you back mate!

I feel like you were apart of my SC Elites league last year, and I was hoping to recreate it. If you were, you should of received an email a week or two ago inviting you back!


Hey BB, yeah I sure was in SC Elites! I’ve changed my email address over the last 12 months though… there any spots left?


Yeah I'll hit you up on twitter mate!


Just don't think he's capable of scoring enough. Honest player, but not for me.