SuperCoach 2019 – Player reviews: Ryan Burton

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SuperCoach 2019 – Player reviews: Ryan Burton

Burton’s first “real” year was in 2017 where he played 20 games of AFL football after a cup of coffee of 3 games in 2016 and he really did look the goods, averaging 83.7 SCPoints. Unfortunately Burton couldn’t continue that form into 2018, with his average falling to 65.7 SCPoints, which has dropped his price firmly into that “mid-price” category.


Opportunity is knocking on the door for Burton in Port Adelaide after the loss of Jasper Pittard and Jared Polec to North Melbourne. Both were important firm members of the Power’s 22 and their loss opens up not only a spot for Burton (which was probably a given even if they stayed) but also the opportunity for Burton to take a really important role in the back-half for the Power. Tom Clurey and Tom Jonas will be there to take the big bodies, which could allow Burton to go back to that intercepting defender role he had in 2017 before taking a more lock-down role in 2018 (which allowed James Sicily to take that intercepting role instead).

Burton spent his first 3 years at Hawthorn after being picked in the 2015 AFL Draft, but Burton now finds himself back in Adelaide, now in the black and teal of Port Adelaide instead of the tri-colours of Adelaide like so many expected back on the evening of the 24th of November in 2015.


Other than that he plays for Port Adelaide it’s that inconsistency in 2018 that may be an issue, as well as what role he plays for the Power. The big points for him may be there in an intercepting defender role, but a wingman role may limit him a bit since he won’t be getting those intercept marks/possessions that are very Supercoach friendly.


I’m on the fence with Burton. He’s firmly in that midpricer category we occasionally have to take a risk with, but then you’ve got options like Dylan Roberton who is $90K cheaper, Brodie Smith on slightly less, or a more solid option in Zac Williams who is only $30K more.  He’s definitely one we need to see in the pre-season games first to get a more accurate read on what his role is going to be going forward. Even if he does look the goods I think he’d still be a POD by the time all is said and done for Round 1.

So what say you Community? Will Ryan Burton be a player you look at for your side? Or will you be looking elsewhere for 2018?

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  1. Terry says:

    I'm on board with Ryan. I think he will at least get back to 85 without that lockdown job that Clarko had him do for most games.

  2. The Ranger says:

    Def on the watchlist Barron but Williams is too good to pass up IMO and I can't fit them both in.

    • Barron Von Crow says:

      This is the exact problem I have, Ranger. Same reason Brodie Smith isn't in my side.

      • Shannan says:

        Only reason I haven't selected Smith or Milera is because of Laird haha. What's everyone's opinion on Hibberd (Melb) and Saad ( Essendon)

  3. Dan says:

    Burton was apparently carrying an injury most of last year.

  4. Robert J H Mill says:


  5. Xman says:

    Love your work Barron but a lot of other player reviews I would’ve liked to see before burton!
    -wingard -h.andrews -j.steele -b.longer 🤞🏽

  6. Westy says:

    Burton, Smith and Roberton equal just under $1M.
    If they are all considered unders and they all have a good year, you could end up with 270 points a week. Solid. Potentially a set and forget arrangement if it worked, however, this would result in not being able to cash in on any price rises.
    Alternatively you could go a premo, a mid and a rookie for the same price. The rookie would need to make good points to equal the output, but would be a cash cow.

  7. The mighty wokkas says:

    Anyone considering not starting danger this year? He’s got a hard first few weeks and then possibly upgrade someone for him and get him around the 600k mark. Thoughts?

    • paul says:

      if you want to be up there early points are important as you don't want to be toooooo far behind at the start.I have found in the last two years i have been at the top 10,000 and only can improve to the top 1000 in both years.Trades are so important too as last year there was so many injuries.I do feel with the speed of the game this trend will continue for years to come.By not starting Danger you will use trades and he will get 115 plus with a big one in between. I am starting with the top guys in each field this year Lloyd, Macrae ,Grundy,Danger if you don't you are going to use trades to bring them in at some stage and there price will not drop much as they are the best in each field.One area which really let me down in the last two years was my selection of captain i do really need to look at this and research this area more.I also will spend a little more on rookies in the back line i think as there is some very good players at around the 170 mark but as we all know and can't wait for is the pre season this will determine these factors.

      • The mighty wokkas says:

        Cheers, looks like I’m gonna hav to find a way to get him back in my side;)

      • fatboyfat7 says:

        While I agree with Paul in that I think you have to start with Danger or you will need to burn a trade, I don't necessary agree that the best guys on each line won't see a significant price drop at some point, more so in the backs.
        Lloyd for example, last year started circa 470k, dropped BELOW that leading into round 8 and then went on a solid run. Despite that, he never broke the 600k mark and was available around 560k mark most of the time.
        Laird and Simpson were both available sub 500k at some point last year.
        Sicily started cheap but still stayed around 510k most of the time.

        All I'm saying is defenders in particular can be fluctuate and there's nothing to say any of them won't have a dip allowing you to get them in.

        • paul says:

          Lloyd did start slow last year but finished strong and he is only 25.He will drop a little but he will be a top 3 defender.

          • fatboyfat7 says:

            Yes, most likely a T3 defender but Laird and Simpson both fell below 500k and they finished as top 3 defenders. New rule changes too I accept, who knows what difference that will make. Of all the premium backs, Lloyd is the one I would be most bullish on but I just can't at that price…

            • paul says:

              yes, but I liked his finish last year and if he continues on as it is tight at the top for points gained every little bit of an edge adds up.I will be starting with him as there are some very good rookies this year in defense.

  8. Cristiano Orlandi says:

    Would you roll with him from the start or trade him in?

    • paul says:

      I am rolling with the four top guys in each field this year as they are a cut above the rest really. You will have to trade them in at some stage.

      • Randomcliche2 says:

        The top 4 in each line, good luck with the rucks, loz. Anyways, just wondering who your M3-4, F3-4 are? Jotted down mine for reference Cheers

        Def: Lloyd, Laird, Whitfield, Simmo,
        Mid: Macrae, Cripps, Fyfe?, Dusty?
        Rucks: Gawn, Grundy, Gawn, Grundy
        Fwd: Danger, Heeney, Smith, Gray?

        • paul says:

          lol yes you could take it that way but there is only three spots for the ruck?

          • paul says:

            Anyway this is my start up team rookies are a wait and see of course but i have done some background work on these ones selected.
            Lloyd,whitfield,B smith,SCollins,G.logue,c.Wilkie (Hore,Wigg)

            J.Macrae,Cripps,kelly,Neale,M.Crouch,A.Miles,L.Stocker,B.Bewley, ( J Atley,R. Collier,N.Hind)

            Grundy, Goldy Ford

            Danger,Smith,Wingard,N.Blakey,Setterfield,Corbett, (Mosquito,Cavarra

            D3 Smith is a wait and see but if fit can really play potential 500k is a stepping stone only will not be top six.

            M6 Miles i agree with everyone here busting to get a go and will excel in the midfield at G/C may even be M8 until near the end of the season depending on output.One other i am looking at here George Horlin -smith he is in the same deal very good player and at G/C Mid ,little cheaper and a wait and see.

            Rucks word is Goldy has lost weight and is very fit so mad at that price not to have as R2 , Ford may play round 1

            F2 I have gone Smith over Dunkley he does not like the wet but his finish last year was amazing so one eye open on him. However Smith is a safer bet i feel.Heeney dropped off at the end of the year not too sure why so i am going with smith.
            Wingard is a great player and at the Hawks without Mitch will be the man i feel and At that price i just have to have him in at F3

            40.000 left to play around with rookies.
            Strong mid with good balance in the back line and forward lines for growth.

  9. Intel Design says:

    Great stuff!!!!!

    Looking for another cash league. Any recommendations, gentlemen?

  10. TMitch says:

    Too much risk/too many questions around this player at the moment. Maybe if he plays a single role during JLT that is points productive and nobody else at Power gets tried in the same role. Hartletts superboot places massive ? on the Port backline for me.
    On a more interesting note how is Chubs McAdam looking Barron? Is he still looking like a prospect for the Michelin Tyre Man modeling job or is he starting to look like a bloke who could play 70 minutes of AFL footy?

    • Barron Von Crow says:

      Could play some AFL football definitely, the thing I worry about is he hasn't been shown he's an accumilator. Only averaged 73 SCPoints at SANFL level with 11 touches and a couple of goals, he's gonna be one of those blokes like Mitch McGovern was I think, the odd game where he gets 3-4 goals and he scores well, but being the 4th forward he's gonna have more than a few where he scores 40-50 SCPoints I think.

  11. Thommo. says:

    Too many question marks over Ryan I'm afraid. I don't think he will finish top 8 def's so no point in getting him, as he will be traded out later. Safer to get a rookie I think and use the cash elsewhere.