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SuperCoach 2019 – Player reviews: Dayne Zorko

Published by Damo on

The Lions captain provides an interesting conundrum: his ability to find the football vs his inability to break a tag. There is no doubt that Zorko can go big, but there are a few other things that means he doesn’t do it as consistently as we SuperCoaches would like.


He has no issue getting his hands on the ball and driving it forward. Zorko was in the top 5 at the Lions for average metres gained and averaged five Inside 50s per game – which is ranked elite. Champion Data released a stat late last season that showed he was the only midfielder to average 20+ disposals and a goal per game. That’s good, that’s really good.

He’s a tackling machine averaging 7.2 for the year, only dropping below five tackles four times in 2018. When he doesn’t have the ball, he’ll go and get it.


His disposal efficiency ain’t that great. His career average sits 68% which is what it was last season. We need our midfielders distributing the pill as cleanly as possible and he doesn’t always do that. Teams figured out last year that the key to shutting down Brisbane was shutting down Zorko. With less time to dispose of the pill, his already shaky disposal efficiency is taking a further hit.


He’s got a bit of white line fever does Dayne. He lets those taggers get under his skin. Showcased by a light post-match wrestling display with Touk Miller. The MRO will be watching closely here. I’d hate for you to pick him and he goes and punches somebody in the gob. If he doesn’t find a way to deal with opposition taggers then he will be a no go proposition. He doesn’t have the big bustling height like Fyfe or Cripps which makes it so easy to shut him down if the tagger is bigger than him. Standing at 175cm, there’s not many in the competition that are shorter than him.

With Dayne Beams buggering off back to the Pies, Brisbane don’t have many other midfielders that can be truly damaging yet. Only the arrival of Lachie Neale takes the heat off but sides may possibly stick to what has worked before and target Zorko.


We all know Dayne Zorko is better than what he produced last season, evidenced by his average of 110 (2017) and 109 (2016). To make a recommendation here, I’d say if you’re interested in him, put him on your watchlist and make him an upgrade target. Monitor how he goes with being tagged and then assess if he’s worth a place in your team. You’ll know pretty quickly because he faces arguably one of the competitions best taggers, Ben Jacobs, in round two at Marvel Stadium.

What do we reckon, community? A genuine fallen premium or a mid priced trap?

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Rick Grimes

I think he'll cop the tag most weeks and for that reason, it's a no for me. Lyons might be the guy that gets loose. Was good at GC when clearly their best, he won't get the same attention you'd think.


I mean, he averaged 107 since round 7 last year. He's struggled with tags but not exactly issues with disposal like a treloar previously where his stats are good but his scoring is bad. With Neale arriving there's some doubt over how good he'll be but he certainly seems like 100-110 material.


Treloar's disposal is also at 68% FYI


Like you said The issue is definitely the tag and he hasn't really learned to shake it. Because Neale is more difficult to tag they will probably continue to go to Zorko.

I don't think you should worry too much about the 68% efficiency because he's actually not a very accurate handballer, his kicking is at 65% which is actually pretty good, especially for a guy who spends decent time on the inside of the contest. That's better than Kelly, Dusty, Titch, Danger, Pendles, Neale, Sidebottom, Sloane, Merrett, Bont, Fyfe, Cogs, Cripps and Crouch. It's because his kicking is that good and aggressive and he elects to kick so much that he is able to put up big numbers without getting many disposals. He's ranked equal 20th amongst midfielders for effective kicks per game despite being ranked 83rd for disposals per game. If you want those numbers head to afl stats pro.


Zorko is an outside mid


Among midfielders
55th for contested possessions
58th Ground ball gets
79th for center clearances

He needs someone to get the ball to him and any increase in his SC output is entirely dependent on that


Still gets decent cp% he doesn’t find much ball, so the disposal efficiency comes from relatively decent cp numbers. My point was he’s not a winger or defender kicking without a great deal of pressure, he’s averaged 5 and a half clearances before so he’s not simply an outside mid, no players who regularly line up in the square really are. He may have been 55th for contested possessions but he was 209th for uncontested possessions. Zorko is no inside beast or anything but he’s a small and relatively balanced mid. And no worries Damo


I have no doubt he will get better at handling the tag each week. He is a very classy unit, nice pod, and maybe worth a punt because of ability to go big. Yep on the watchlist at this point.


Neale YES Zorko NO


Will he be a top 15 Mid?