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SuperCoach 2019 – Player reviews: Anthony Miles

Published by Kev on

Despite playing 41 of a possible 44 games over the 2015/16 seasons (and averaging a handy 93.4), Anthony Miles just couldn’t break into a strong Richmond midfield over the past two years, only playing 6 games. In my research, I stumbled on this little factoid that sent blood rushing to the nether regions:

“According to Champion Data, of 508 players to play at least 10 games in the past two seasons in the VFL, Miles ranks inside the top-five for disposals, clearances, contested possessions and inside 50s per game.”

Priced at a juicy 342k, is he the mid price gamble that’s too good to be true?


Despite not being able to crack into the Tigers midfield for two years, it’s not as if Miles was sitting on his thumbs and having a sook about it. He was the joint winner with Michael Gibbons of the J.J Liston Trophy (VFL B&F) last year and is a consecutive winner of the Richmond reserves B&F. He’s a hard working, blue collar midfielder that will be a walk up starter at a Gold Coast side severely lacking on field leadership.

His breakeven for the first round of the year is a tick over 60 points that he should have no problem hitting against the Saints under the roof in round 1. 


Gold. Coast. Suns. They are rubbish and in the midst of another rebuild. The Bald Headed One aside, you have to go all the way back to 2015 for a Gold Coast player to average over 100 in a season (Bennell – 101.6 / 15 games). So while Miles might be a ball magnet and more than willing to stick his snout over the footy, the Suns are going to get blown off the park most weeks. With the 3300 rule and the 4 billion factors that go into calculating a SuperCoach score, I can guarantee you’ll be tweeting out Miles’ stats and asking why he only got 70SC.

How it feels watching the Gold Coast Suns

He’s also a bit of a one trick pony. At 5 foot nothing he can’t take his opponent to the goal square if he cops a bit of attention.


I’m on the fence here, community. If Miles stays injury free there’s little argument that his price will go anywhere but up. He’s priced to average around 62 and if previous seasons are any guide that’s way too low.

My problem is many teams on Twitter and in our Rate my Team thread, coaches are loading up sides to M5 with premiums like Dusty, Zerrett, or Matt Crouch. Miles doesn’t stack up against any of those guys and therefore becomes a negative POD. 

If you can slide him to M6, he brings greater consistency and a safer floor compared to a rookie. 

What you reckon, community? If you’re after a midfield mid pricer is Miles the way to go?

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Not for me but I am taking a risk with Viney at M5. JLT will determine but if he’s back to full fitness he’ll score well.


Nope, nope and god damn nope!




Tour miller and David swallow are better players and they hovered around the 90ave last year for Gold Coast, so I feel like that’s his absolute ceiling. His defiantly a worthy investment if you believe he can reach those heights.


Reckon both JJ liston trophy winners will be in my team rd 1.

Now bugg off funky is a monty.

If you start gawn and/or lloyd with Grundy you need to save somewhere – miles is probably the safest choice at that price with the likelihood to increase in price quickly to turn into a fallen premo.

He should be the cogs of 2019.


True not many going to be as good as cogs

Guess that's why its called a mid price risk. Take a gamble hope they work out do ok.

But miles is a ball hog and will get enough of it to be a "stepper"

Hopefully JLT will give us a better idea.
If he somehow? struggles well it is only Feb so plenty of time to rejig b4 rd 1.


Anthony Miles at $342k and playing for GCS, Tom Liberatore at $300k and playing for the Dogs, take a pick.


Miles by miles


Miles has very little competition for preferred position. Libba is in a stacked midfield and has injury history


True dat Kev!


Locked in at M6 with a Grawndy ruckline.

The mighty wokkas

I my team atm but only picking him if he can average around 100 in the JLT.


Miles on my watch list could be worth a punt, with O Wines out for a while for PTA, who in the mid will be the go to man, Rockliff at $405 could he be a good punt? Thoughts


nope far to awkwardly priced at that he has burnt people too often now.
If your after a port adelaide player look at R.Gray or keep an eye on J.Atley.
Alot of positive things coming out of port adelaides camp about this kid so wines going down may open up the door.

I am getting sucked into Libba though at 300k i started him last year and probably will again.


Thanks MaveRick, Rockliff was such a ball magnet a couple of years ago, didn't turn up last year, see how he goes in the JLT, been looking at Libba, sure to make a few bucks at that price and possible stepping stone.


I have sworn off mid pricers for years, bit it's hard to see Milesy not averaging near the ton each week. He will play in the guts all year, is durable, and he works his arse off. I think he's worth a punt and will get to 550k before the byes, then upgrade to a premo. A good plan in theory anyway.


Couldn't agree more Thommo, hope that's how it plays out 🙂


GC have a lot of players that can go through the midfield, may be a bit of resting from time to time. GHS and Ellis are there as well, can't see how they all can play.

T Bag.

The 150k rule applies here. Can he increase by a minimum 150? If u think the answer is yes, then lock him in. I'm with you Thommo, he's in!


As a tigers fan I think we should all put Miles into our teams. he is at least a 500K player and @ the gold coast he will surely soak up a lot of at 3300 score each each.

bona fide gun

I was so sad to see him go, and the only reason he is gone is we picked up Lynch


Good to see you back Wheels!

Miles is front and centre on my radar. Hope he gets a good crack at it as too good of player not to be playing AFL.

More than happy for you to join the HAPPY PLACE league.

Code is 926691.

Just let me know tean name as it is invite only. 😁


Nice write up Kev and for me he's in.
Re comment on M5 equivilants surely that has to be taken with who those teams have in M6 also, (given pretty much all teams will have 4 premo mods to start). Is is Sam Walsh, fallen premos like Libba etc or a bottom end rookie? I've currently got Miles at M5 and Walsh at M6 then rookies to round out which I feel would balance out any score differential from the likes of Dustu and a bottom ended rookie at M6, given the cash generation Miles and Walsh offer I think that combo has the overall points plus cash gained advantage, especially if you also load up on defensive kick-in takes

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