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Hey folks, welcome back to Supercoach 2019! We sat down and answered some of the most frequently asked Supercoach questions we’ve received over the break for your viewing pleasure. Let’s get into it!


Q: Does Dangerfield have to be at F1 or can he start in the midfield to assist with positional swinging early in the season?

Damo: I think he deserves that position just because he can go there. Be honest with yourselves too, how often did you use your positional swings before the bye rounds?

Kev: As they say, you never look a gift horse in the mouth. I don’t who ‘they’ are or what this means, but Danger is F1 until he does his hammy in a warm-up game

Lekdog: This question makes me angry, always load up the peripheral positions with an DPP’s before the midfield!

Patch: Just start him. I don’t care how you justify it, just start him.

Barron: There’s always fewer forward options than in the midfield, so any time you get a easy home run option you have to take it.

Q: Do you need a ruck loophole player, especially considering the amount of relevant ruck rookies and less prominent ruck/fwd swing options?

Damo: Loopholing is handy, but not essential. That’s all I’ll say about it.

Kev: If you’re going with a bit of midprice madness to start the year in your rucks  and it backfires then having a forward loophole is a good insurance policy.

Lekdog: Nope! Lock in as much cash generation as possible and select solid captaincy options to start with. People get caught trading in loopholes early to chase larger captaincy scores but it’ll hurt you in the long run. Not to mention we always see rookies being dropped in round 3 for which will create that loophole for you!

Patch: Not unless you score more points from the swing set than you would otherwise. None of the DPPs look appealing enough to justify start them.

Barron: Given we won’t have Mitchell this year, who was the most consistent Captain option we’ve had in some time, I will consider it. Don’t force it though, i’m not a fan of picking a non-player for the sake of it, but if you can’t find cover (especially in rucks) then it’s a nice use of a non-playing player.

Q: Justin Westhoff, Rory Lobb, any other dual position ruckmen worth considering?

Damo: Rory Lobb looks good value, but it’s hard to predict output when a player is starting at a new club.

Kev: Will come down to how you build your team and your player research. If a swing player happens to be on your radar then back your gut and go for it, but don’t go chasing a DPP swing if you feel it’s not worth it.

Lekdog: Considering Lycett as a swing if I go with a cheapie ruckline…watch this space.

Patch: Firm no until we can see a rookie ruck who looks like we may need to cover. I don’t like stuffing around in the rucks.

Barron: Westhoff as a maybe. If he gets squeezed out of the Port forward line for Scott Lycett and plays a wing/floating defender role then he could be worth selecting. Lobb I will stay away from.

Q: There are lots of players returning from injury like Zac Williams, Brodie Smith, Toby Greene, and Brad Crouch with most of them around the 300-400k price tag. How many is too many?

Damo: You probably don’t want very many. Liberatore in 2018 went down seconds into the season and forced people to make 2 trades straight off the bat because his price was so awkward, you don’t want that.

Kev: As they say, ‘too many cooks spoils the broth’. I get this one as meaning to many ‘good’ things can bugger up your end result. What I saying is these discounted premiums might look good and shiny on the surface but scratch a bit deeper and they are Joe Denly-esque stink.

Lekdog: I’m taking the risk on a few midpricers but none of them will be in the midfield. You can afford to stuff around in the forward and backline, don’t cook the midfield.

Patch: What Lek said, provided they’re not Chad Wingard or Daniel Rich. Although I’ll permit one in the midfield.

Barron: It depends on who you see being a potential season long keeper  in their position, the more you select the more you potentially have to upgrade. History tells us Brodie Smith isn’t a likely season long keeper, whereas Williams very well could be. To combine Smith and Brad Crouch maybe adds two future upgrades, Williams and Crouch might add one at most.

Q: Furthermore, how many midpricers (players not returning from injury) is too many?

Damo: What evidence do you have that your player will take the next step? If it’s a sound piece of evidence, then in the end it’s you taking the risk. However, I’d recommend only taking a punt on 1 or 2 despite how strong your evidence might be for more.

Kev: Pretty much what I said above. It’s super difficult to pick a breakout player. Don’t get sucked into the Herald Sun listicles. As always, gut instinct + your own research is the way to go.

Lekdog: Maybe one or two, very rarely do midpricers actually break out and have big years and most of the time you can jump on them just don’t let that FOMO (fear of missing out) get to you. If a bloke does look like he’s breaking out and you didn’t start with him, so what? You can still jump on if they have value to give.

Patch: I’d rather hedge your bets on a speculative premo than a mid-pricer. You can at least trade your way out of trouble if the premo goes balls up.

Barron: See above.

Q: How many, if any, premium priced rookies (e.g. Sam Walsh at 207k) do you start with?

Damo: You obviously want rookies on your field when round one comes along so it depends on rookie availability, but don’t start with very many at all if you can help it.

Kev: Zip. Zilch. Nada. Goose egg. A duck. Pop the kettle on and go read Barron’s reasoning as to why it’s a waste of precious cash.

Lekdog: None, read Barron’s article, he’s a genius.

Patch: Four.

Barron: As few as possible. If you’re looking for pure cash generation then a $207K rookie has to score 15-20 more points a game  than a $123K rookie to generate the same amount of cash, while taking more out of your bank. See our previous Supercoach Investment 101 article here ( for an example.

Q: Are there any Key Position Forwards worth looking at? If so, who and why?

Damo: Ben Brown will be the main man at North with Waite hanging up the boots, and North’s midfield acquisitions. Jack Gunston could be a safe option averaging at least 86 in the past five seasons, but his role might change with Mitchell now injured.

Kev: Last year we were kinda forced into the KPF route because there was stuff all else on the shelf. With plenty more MID/FWD options now I wouldn’t be starting with a KPF. See who benefits most from the new 6-6-6 stuff and go from there.

Lekdog: Maybe, but I’ll look at them during the season, not before it. Starting with a KPF is just asking for trouble.

Patch: None as of yet, although Tom Lynch intrigues me. They should all drop in price at some stage, so I’d start without them and pick cheapies up later.

Barron: Not unless his name is Buddy Franklin, and even then he has been questionable over the past couple of years.

Q: Dan Hannebery, Yes or No?

Damo: No.

Kev: He’s cooked. Don’t care how early he’s returned to training or what a great role model he’ll be. When the real stuff starts he’ll get found out.

Lekdog: Hahahahahahaha

Patch: Absolutely not.

Barron: No for me.

Q: The JLT series can create an enigma when it comes to a players form, what advice do you have to not fall into any traps?

Damo: Don’t just look at the stats, look at the why they scored the stats they did. Assess all factors; position, teammates, opposition, etc.

Kev: If there’s one stat to look at over the preseason it’s PPM (points per minute), but there’s still plenty of other factors to take into account. No point locking Luke Partington into your midfield when West Coast have left half their side at home for a trip across the Nullarbor. He won’t get the same opportunities when the cattle returns.   

Lekdog: For me it’s time spent in any given position but also taking into account whose missing from the side. Also important to note is that if a positional change in the preseason doesn’t work for someone i.e. playing Kade Simpson on a wing, the club will generally revert back to what DOES work very quickly i.e. not playing Kade Simpson on a wing…I guess I’m saying ignore the preseason.

Patch: Use it to justify players you’ve already identified and try not to pick someone based on JLT form. If you want to see a Clayton Oliver in a role and he scores 60 in a half, that’s what you want to see. If Shaun Atley averages 130 out of nowhere, ignore it.

Barron: Look who is in/out of the team, time on ground, players playing out of position etc. Hey, some young kid averaged 25 touches in the midfield over the JLT games. That’s great! But Star Midfielder A only played 50% of the game and wasn’t seen in the second half and Star Midfielder B spent all game forward. It can be tough to try asses a trial match as a real one, but there’s there’s a few things like that you can take into account to help.

Q: How deep is your love (for Premium Midfielders)?

Damo: Five or six. Did I answer this correctly?

Kev: Did… did Damo just chuck a Bee Gees reference into this article?? (No he did not – Damo) What is this? The middle ages?! For us in the cheap seats we haven’t had access to the team planner yet so we’ll see how things shake out once I’ve had a play around with it. With Titch out for the year it’s gonna be a pizza cake to go balls 6 deep.

Lekdog: Four absolute jets plus one sneaky pick (Tim Taranto for me). Use the extra positions to generate cash!

Patch: I’m not sure yet, it’s very early to decide structure and will depend km where the rookies are. Probably five.

Barron: Depending on the strategy, a guns ‘n rookies would see you probably want 5-6. Less than 5 sees you probably taking a few risks on midpricers either recapturing form, or a younger player taking off in a big way.

Q: Slope theory suggests things fall apart much quicker than they build up. Which premium selection now has his best days behind him?

Damo: While I believe he had a down year in 2018 and will be better this season, Dustin Martin won’t have another 2017. Josh Kennedy of the Swans faces an uphill battle to return to his SuperCoach best too.

Kev: Nothing is jumping to mind but we love a ‘changing of the guard’ in SuperCoach. As they say, ‘out with old, in with the nucleus’. Pick the young bulls, but also… #FyfeIsLyfe

Lekdog: Scott Pendlebury…still capable of big scores but the team around him is just getting better…unlikely to average more than his 103 from 2018. You can fight me on this but he didn’t have a very good Finals run outside of his 11 tackle game in the Semi.

Patch: Lance Franklin. Will still have 160-point games, but far too many 40s and 50s. Sydney will struggle, too. He’d need to be 400k with a schmoozy run to tempt me again.

Barron: My favourite ruckman Sam Jacobs is now at the end and based on pre-season time trials may very well be taken over by Reilly O’Brien very soon. I’m not expecting a bounceback season for Sauce in 2019 (though I would love one).

Q: You can change the guernsey, but can you change the man? Will a change of scenery help players such as Chad Wingard get back to their previous best?

Damo: When a player goes to a new team, you really have to have faith that they have been recruited to play in their best position. Their best position isn’t always the most SuperCoach friendly position however. The JLT is a good, but loose, guide in this case.

Kev: It’s really a case-by-case basis. Don’t expect Gary Rohan to suddenly start scoring fantasy hundreds. He was a dud at Sydney and he’ll be a dud at Geelong. You can put more weight into a player that has been traded for to fill a need and will be a walk up start. As always, do your research, community! NOTE: If you’re a fan of annoying Patch (guilty) pick Wingard and be sure to tweet about it.

Lekdog: Mate you said it in the question. The great Chadley Wingardius has a prime opportunity to be his best self now that (devastatingly) Tom Mitchell is out of the picture. Community DON’T FALL INTO THE DYLAN SHIEL TRAP!

Patch: I TOLD YOU NOT TO MENTION CHADLEY. AAAARRGGGHHHHHHHH. No no no no NO. I’m looking very closely at Carlton’s recruits, plus Lachie Neale.

Barron: Yes it can, and yes it will. Now he’s outside of the football obsessed bubble of Adelaide, Wingard is going to thrive and put up some of the same sort of numbers that he did back when he made the All-Australian team.

Q: Midfield depth, when selecting a player, do you look for a lone standout (Patrick Cripps), or someone who has plenty of help around him to prevent shutdown tactics?

Damo: A bit of both. Different horses for different courses.

Kev: Don’t overthink it, just select players that are good at football.

Lekdog: I just look for good players. Good footy players will always score well regardless of what’s around them.

Patch: Depends. Cripps will score regardless. I do try and avoid players from the same teams for that reason, but someone’s gotta score points. Unless you’re from Gold Coast. No-one scores at Gold Coast.

Barron: If they’re good enough it shouldn’t matter, though a lone hand may be more prone to tagging tactics than a team who has an even spread of midfield contributors.

Q: With teams recruiting the likes Braydon Preuss, Scott Lycett and Rory Lobb, is the day of the lone ruckman coming to an end (again)?

Damo: Some ruckmen are comfortable playing in a two pronged set up, and some aren’t. Those who are usually can quite easily double up as a big bodied midfielder, such as Nankervis, Grundy, and even Kreuzer to some degree. So it could be coming to an end, but it just means we’ll have to go for ruckmen who are versatile.

Kev: Even if teams to opt to run with two rucks I think we’ll see the resting ruck being up forward a lot more rather than resting on the bench. A resting ruck with some forward 50 nous is going to be gold. Something to watch for in the practice games.

Lekdog: Nah mate, big KREUUUUUZZZZ is going to be solo this year AND average over 105. Lock it in.

Patch: It’s simply the continuation of the Cox Curse. Someone – maybe Witts – will come from nowhere and be the Top Dawg, just you watch  

Barron: I think it depends on the ruckman. Grundy may be the exception to the rule since he plays almost like a tall midfielder. He averaged 5.23 clearances last year, which was 23rd in the league and more than Joel Selwood,  Trent Cotchin, Bryce Gibbs, Dyson Heppell, Marcus Bontempelli and Dylan Shiel. The next ruckman was Stefan Martin at 4.95 clearances a game, then you’re all the way down to 3.95 where you find Jarrod Witts and 3.92 where Matthew Kreuzer sits. Someone like Max Gawn averages 2.6 clearances a game. So that may tell us a player more dependent on hitouts to advantage to score may be one to avoid if a dual ruck situation occurs, where a player like Grundy still has enough tricks around the ground to score well, despite having ruck opportunities taken away from him.

Any Hawks players worth extra consideration now that Tom Mitchell is out for the year?

Damo: James Worpel is a tantalising option, however awkwardly priced. They traded in a Chad Wingard from the Power who will add in nicely. A rookie in Dylan Moore also worth putting on your radar, probably one of the beneficiaries if someone moves from the forward line into the midfield. Luke Breust is a smokey.

Kev: There will be greater opportunity for Hawks mids but you can’t replace Titch. The bloke has averaged 20 handballs a game for two years. You can’t teach that sort of gut running and footy awareness. I’ll avoid starting any Hawks in 2019 until a clearer picture is formed (except for Wingard)

Lekdog: Chadley Wingardius the third presents a unique opportunity to tantalise Supercoaches in 2019. Plus if he plays well Kane Cornes will be bitterly disappointed every week.

Patch: Yes, but I don’t know who. Worpel? Jaeger? Rookies? Wait and see on them.

Barron: Worpel is a maybe, but I don’t know if he has oomph in him yet to be worth a pick. I’ve always been a fan of Liam Shiels, he averaged almost 92 SCPoints last year so he is one I won’t ignore on being able to step up.. He’s been been on the cusp of Supercoach selection before, it’s just a question of if he can push into that triple digit territory. A risky pick for sure, but could be a nice POD if it pays off.

Now it’s over to you, community. Any questions you want to put forward that you think will be relevant for SuperCoach this year?

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Hey guys, noice write up..some snappy answers to pertinent questions there…here's one for ya…
Anthony Miles, averaged..
99.9 from 12 games in 2014
97.5 from 22 games in 2015
89.8 from 19 games in 2016
2017 and 18…starved of opportunities at the Tiges
Question is, now that he's at the Gold Coast, assuming he'll get the opportunity to play, with a new lease on his AFL life, can he get back to those 4-5 year ago figures?
He'll be 27 by the time the season starts, could be a decent stepping stone to a bona fide premo?
Question 1 part B…better to play Miles, someone like Walsh..(high priced Rookie if he gets a definite start)…or just your plain low priced rookie and save a da moneyzz?
Any answers from anyone alive appreciated…lol


Admittedly I haven't run the number properly on Miles but I think he's a great stepping stone. I think he can get back to that 90+ average pretty easily and that would be better for your team than a Walsh priced rookie in my opinion.

I guess if you're picking him it's not in place of a rookie but rather that speculative $500k midfielder you were looking at…you probably need his output to be close to a $500k guy to justify using a starting spot on him. If he can do this, the saving of $150k might just see you improve in two other positions around the ground.

Conclusion: think of him as a speculative premo (stepping stone) rather than a rookie. Historically these picks generally burn us but I'm an admitted Miles fan.


Cheers Lek, always thought he was a busy player who got a bit of the pill and he must've been peeved to have been left by the wayside at the Tiges.


Geez rust lay it all bare.

Here i was hoping for the sounds of silence on Miles.

Now he has been outted let me say this.

You would have to be bat shite crazy to pick hannas, libba or Crouch over Miles.

Hannas – an older player who has lost some zip and struggled with injuries. Saints midfield? Will get caught with the ball alot!

Libba – injuries. Has the pace of the game passed him by? Lots of other fit, younger mids developing at doggies.

Crouch – look up potential and injury prone and u will see his photo. Never played more than 16 games a season. Can count on one hand games played last 2 years.

Miles. Starved of opportunity due to midfield depth and young talent at tiges. When on park avg 90. Completely Owned VFL.
Will be #1 mid at suns with young players around him.

I forsee Miles puttung up Tim Kelly numbers in 2019.

No wonder he is currently locked at M6 in my team. 👍


Sorry bud but I'm sure a lot were already considering, he could be the least risky 300 and something midpriced midfielder this year, hoping he is anyway…who can score decently and not fall apart at the seams.


He scored well back in 2014 with a good midfield group around him, he's not the type to carry a team. Gold Coast midfeilders have never put out premo numbers in the past.
No from me


Hey Russty,
Nice .
At this stage I can only fit Miles in if I don't select Walsh.
I'm currently sitting with a 13 Premo* / 17 Rookie structure. But, with 5 premium rookies ($140k to $207K), so there will likely be room to shuffle a bit before R1 to get him in.
I could also swap Neale to Cripps – which I will strive to do.

I'm counting ZWilliams as a premo, even though he is at Mid-price.

My other concern is how much cash to retain …. 13/17 will drain the bank.


Hi Laz, I just reckon most high priced Rooks from the last few years have failed to deliver, the only reason they're in there is to score better than normal priced rooks cause they're apparently more talented and high draft picks but how often does that actually happen?.. Tim Kelly was the best last year and he started out as a low pricer, it's a bit of a crapshoot, I'd rather spend the cash elsewhere.
That being said, I'll start Setterfield if he's fit by round 1.


He's not going to be a top 10 mid so that's a big fat no from me


They can't all be top 10 mids from the word go though Rick, he could be a means to an end though.


Hi guys
Notice every year my team value hovers around 12 to 13 million at end of season. The leaders of the comp seem to have 15 million plus. Can you ask one of last years leaders how they did it.
Keep up the great work guys
Regards Trevor
Pattaya Thailand.


I'll get in touch with the great Dimmawitts.

It's just about not culling rookies too early and jumping on blokes who are about to go up in price but not necessarily holding them the whole year after that. Simple in theory but difficult in execution.


Hi Trev,
No one cracked $15M… in fact only 1 of the Top 10 and 2 of the Top 20 cracked $14M, with the winner clocking up $13.67M, which was $1M+ less than the bloke who finished 9th, with a point difference of 454 points – and obviously value trades.. He only had more $ than 8 of the Top 20.
The guy who finished 3rd was $1.4M less than that bloke, but accrued 200 more points.
So, to Lekdog's point … Whilst $$ are a good measure, it's not the $$ made from trades that win, it's the points garnered via trades and getting to full premo asap.. The winner finished the year with 24 scoring players … loop holes on every line..


go back a few seasons when we had the Suns, GWS, Port rebuild, Essendon drug ban, we had many many cheap rookie priced players all getting a game. in those years the team values were well over $15mil. It became normal and expected. last couple of years $14mil is at the top end.

there is another side to getting team value besides rookie appreciation, and that is premium depreciation. I had a number of premiums who i paid top dollar for last year and didn't get the Return on investment. I've always said 'pay the price' but does it return the investment?


IMHO, it is not the careful trading of the top teams that helps them most with high valuations, it is the non-selection of premos that spud it up. Every year I will get a handful of players that lose anywhere between $100-200k and most coaches in my leagues seem to suffer from similar problems. Watch for it this year and see if I ain't speaking the truth


Hey Roger, Dusty was a prime example last year, losing 140k…still ended up averaging 103.9 though but he was priced at the start as a super premo after a huge year in 17.
I reckon points are far more important than value at the pointy end…and having trades left at finals time!


Gr8 work lads.

Might see if I can update the injury matrix then we will know how many returning players and injury plagued players is too much. 😁

A KPP who may be worth a look as he is cheap is daniher.


I'm looking at Josh Kennedy tbh. There's an obvious risk but in 2017 he scored well enough and was injury affected in 2018. I'd be hoping for a quick start and upgrade.


I'm just a bit worried about his self esteem, he looks likes he lets his Mum cut his hair and his beard while she might be a bit tipsy..he looks like Tom Hanks in Castaway. Great Key position forward when fit and firing but are his best days behind him?…not sure.

neil demons delight

How Deep Is Your Love well I think LEK has looked over my shoulder .I said from dot 4 MIDS 1 def GAWN GRUNDY DANGER 8 Possibly 9, The def looks like a mid price paradise and plenty of rookies worth looking at. For me 9 prems 4 midpricers all def 17 rookies .There appear to be quite a few mature rookies that will take up most of the 9 onfielder rooks .Saints have 2 and gold coast 2 so it may work out Great stuff too LEK the Tich injury has altered my views NDD


If we use over $500k as premo
1 – 3 – 2
5 – 1 – 2
1 – 1
3 – 1 – 2


Hey Neil, Can you translate that into English? Must be the weather . 🙂 🙂


Laird vs Sicily please struggling on this one as Laird is obviously an extremely reliable SC defender but Sis is up an coming and has potential to go huge plus is POD material.


or who is going to drop in price quicker as both of them will be in my team eventually.


Laird is super consistent so I’d be starting with him and trying to get Sicily in cheaper.


What was your number 1 idea from last year to apply this year (i wish i wrote mine down, i forgot already, and i know it was really good)


Pick the young fellas, not the old ones – got burnt by JPK.


Trust ya gut.
Back yourself.


make sure you plan the byes for me lol


Start the people who you think will be top scorers


If you are going to pick a mid-price RUK, make sure its one who is likely to play 21 games in case you get stuck with him..(I only got Grundy in just in time for the finals in 2018.. the original plan was to get him after his BYE) … shite happens..


Don't pick players who are especially vulnerable to a role change, (looking at you Ross and Bevo)


Don't run out of trades…it'll bite you hard.


why was my comment on why ROI is a slightly flawed theory for supercoach deleted?

In summary it works in theory but in practice all you're deciding to do if you avoid picking one or two expensive rookies is redistribute that cash across your team. You have to ask is that worth it if you get a rookie who might score less points and has poor JS and will make you 130k less when you trade him (difference between Garlett and Stephenson). If you think you can find value with that extra money maybe because you think Neale will score as well as Cripps and Whitfield as well as Laird for example, then you are better off picking the expensive rookie with better security.

It would be different if you're absolutely loading up on expensive rookies.


I give up .. why? 🙂


Thoughts on Dusty? $563k is really tempting. He's easily good enough to add at least another $100k to that price, but will he get back to 2017 form, or at least improve on last season?

neil demons delight

Nearly a lock with more mid time now Lynch is there


Maybe not 2017 but I definitely think he will be at least 6 to 7 points better this year. Struggled with motivation last year by the sounds of it after his faultless year but should have no similar issues this year.

neil demons delight

Tossing up between MCrouch and Neale for my last spot if I go to M5, Brisbane are a fantasy friendly team and Martin just might make the difference with Neale. He can score huge for long periods averaging 119 between rounds 6-13 then again 123 between17-23..and he rarely misses games Nearly in for mine or what about Zorko saving 100k Tough times ahead


Neale, you'd just be waiting for Matt Crouch to get his kick efficiency back together.


Blakely or Mills? Both looking set for more mid time but who is more likely to take the next step to giving us premo type numbers?


Blakely IMO


Agree with NL Ralph, Mills never averaged over 80 in 3 seasons, could be wrong but Blakely looks more likely this year I reckon.

Tim Smith

Hey Guys wondering what are your thoughts on Billy Longer as the sole ruckman at the Saints with the departure of hickey???


Not gonna do any good but if you’re looking for a ruckman to start of the season who is cheap he’s pretty safe JS is safe, Pierce or Albaskis aren’t going to take his spot

neil demons delight

Any idea of his price? Max Gawn really rates him so given he has no competitors for his role , just a maybe,, if cheap enough


260ish I believe Neil

neil demons delight

THX fellas cheap enough but probably not on


Hey Neil..$260900, couldn't expect more than 60 or 70 points a game out of him I reckon, has a bit of a mediocre history.

Tim Smith

thinking i might go him cause i dont see another good cheap ruck option and starting Gawn Grundy round 1 is way too expensive


No. He might play 20+ games but he just doesn't score well


Thanks for the write up lads, great to have you back!

Three players I'm seriously looking at are Roberton, Hall and Miles. Miles is a no brainer for mine and Roberton is severely underpriced if he has a full pre season. My theory with Hall is the mids at North run pretty deep now and if he can get back to his injury free best at a new club could easily score like a premo – thoughts?

Also tempted by Libba but more worried about his body than the others


Any love for GHS now he’s gone to GCS? Good ball accumulation but just couldn’t break into Geelong’s top 22.


I was thinking he could be a cut price Miles equivalent.


Miles is tempting but mainly because of what Holman was able to do with the Suns rather than Miles' VFL form.
Be wary, Miles didn't get games at Tigers because his disposable efficiency was amongst the worst in the VFL, sure he was equal 1st in the Liston Trophy but he's way overpriced when you consider that the guy that he drew with will only be 102k when the Hawks or Blues supplementary list him.
Miles inclusion in your team shouldn't be at the expense of a rookie you should only start him if you can't afford a reliable 100+pts mid

2018 Stats from 14 VFL games
Effective Kicks p/game 8.5
Ineffective Kicks p/game 6.5
Effective HB p/game 10.8
ineffective HB p/game 2.4
HB Receive P/game 9.6
Contested Marks p/game 0.14
Uncontested marks p/game 3.5
Tackles p/game 4
Free For 2.0
Free against 1.0

These stats obviously don't include loose OR hardball get which score 4.5 pts each

neil demons delight

He is going to play though This will help me make a call . Great info


Looks like kick in are going to be counted as a normal disposal. Load up on those play on kick in types. Anyone know where to get stats on who the kick in players were for teams last year?


Simmo(50.0), Hurn(41.7), Witherden(41.3). The top 3 for % of kick-ins where they played on after kicking to self in 2018.
In 2019 as soon as a player leaves the goalsquare for a kick-in a disposal will be recorded for a kick. Jake Lloyd (157 kick-ins) kicked in 59 more times than Simmo(98 Kick-ins) in 2018 but Lloyd only played on 28% of the time so Lloyd would have had 44 scoring kick-ins to Simmos 49.
This new scoring change combined with the defender having to stand 10-metres back instead of 5 will have a major impact on SC defender scoring.
I'm going 4 deep with Prems on that line this year and you should all consider the same if you want to be competitive.


Do you think Williams will take kick outs off Shaw. Pretty sure he was starting to take over back in 2016.


Since we are repeating ourselves … I'd suggest every kick-in will be a SC score …. all kickers will be able to take one step, or just a boot, over the line and it will count. So history counts for zilch. Those who kick out the most this season will score most.

Rick Grimes

I'm considering Witts as a bit of a speccie. He was a bit up and down last year. I think he's good enough to average 100-105. Is at that age when rucks can dominate.


Is it better starting your team as a bye orientated team (10-9-11) or working your way into a format like that through trades during the start to middle of season?


Stuff the byes
Last year meticulously planned the byes from the start only for premos to be rested or injured when they should be playing

Killed my season.

Im just puttung in the team i want.

Stuff the byes.


I think I might just plan the byes when they come around last year I was shot in the foot throughout the byes going from a ranking of top 3,000 to 15,000 at the end of them


Hi Badger, not having too many payers from the same team always helps and also making sure you have the playing rookies on your bench and no dead weight.
And also knowing exactly who is on the bye and who isn't, player-wise for that week, and saving your trades before round 12 so you can do 3 each week if you need to, and remember you only need 18 onfield in the byes..except for the Saints/ Port game in Shanghai which happens the week before the byes.


I was similar to Trigga last year. Planned for them but got boned with resting/injured premiums. Planning did feel like I had a bit of control though, so I recommend it. Hopefully you’ll have more luck than I did!


Cheers for that Kev, I'll defintely have caution over how many I have playing in the byes each week so I'm prepared.

neil demons delight

I think it's important to plan for the byes. Did so the last few years .with success . Had a minimum amount of trades during the byes but traded 22 up to them Killed me but not this year


Simmo(50.0), Hurn(41.7), Witherden(41.3). The top 3 for % of kick-ins where they played on after kicking to self in 2018.
In 2019 as soon as a player leaves the goalsquare for a kick-in a disposal will be recorded for a kick. Jake Lloyd (157 kick-ins) kicked in 59 more times than Simmo(98 Kick-ins) in 2018 but Lloyd only played on 28% of the time so Lloyd would have had 44 scoring kick-ins to Simmos 49.
This new scoring change combined with the defender having to stand 10-metres back instead of 5 will have a major impact on SC defender scoring.
I'm going 4 deep with Prems on that line this year and you should all consider the same if you want to be competitive.

neil demons delight

4 might be a bit deep T.but Simmo and Lloyd were always well in the mix cheers NDD


Yeah Neil I'm sure everyone will end up with them, even if not starting with them, personally I'd rather stack my midfield before the backline anyday, regardless of rule changes, will have to see how those potential extra points pan out though from the fullbacks this season.


So what you've just told me about Lloyd who averages the most kick ins, will only gather an extra 2 kicks a game and this therefore makes it an absolutely certainty that if you don't go deep in the backline you will not be competitive and should quit your team now. Ok.


I don't think it says that mate. What it says is that witherden, Hurn and simpson are statistically the most likely to have significant (10+) points increases in 2019 due to the rule changes.
The 2-kicks a game thing is your line and makes zero sense.
I can't believe that you toads vote down the only new info on the site in 5 months. I certainly wont be sharing any knowledge with you


No the two plus kicks a game is statistically correct on Lloyd mate. If he averages 44 kick ins throughout the season, divide that by 23 he will average 1.9 extra kicks a game which can then lead to who ever knows extra points due to the fact they could be a Clanger, inefficient or efficient.

neil demons delight

why be so arrogant .but it's good you won't be sharing your knowledge with us toads .we had enough of that last year


Plus saying what I did say I do rate this comment, it’s good knowledge but it won’t be the difference in being competitive or non competitive in my opinion.


I'd suggest every kick-in will be a SC score …. all kickers will be able to take one step, or just a boot, over the line and it will count. So history counts for zilch. Those who kick out the most this season will score most.


how many kick ins did shaw take last year or was the batton passed?

he used to be the king of the kick to yourself /play on out of the goal square.

neil demons delight

Wake up JEFF? we neither need nor want comments like that .Plenty of knowledge here.

Jeff #66 @Wow

Well go away Jeff and post elsewhere. But I got I feeling you will be back and wanting admiration/applause for your comments.
Kind of like 66 and Wow from last year


I know it's early but anyway, have at it…

Def: Lloyd, Simpson, Witherton, Williams, rookies

Mid: Cripps, Oliver, Neale, Kelly/Fyfe, Merrett/Crouch

Ruck: Grundy, Naismith

Fwd: Danger, Smith, Heaney, Daniher

Have allowed for a 160k rookie in each line.

Thanks for any advice or comments.


I've seen a few teams with Naismith, is Sinclair injured?


No, theory is Sinclair will play more forward but it's only a theory at the moment. Wait and see about that one.


Not gonna lie the player I will be looking at the most over the pre season is Harley Bennell. Someone tell me not too, I know he got in trouble but he didn't get punished by club or authorities.


He only has to be good for 6 or 7 games, fingers crossed.


If he's fighting fit and well behaved through the pre-season badger he'd have to be considered, only rookie priced after all but the guy does like to party, hopefully he knows once and for all he is on his last possible chance with the club.


The mid only puts me off.

Rick Grimes

He's gotta be worth the risk if named round 1. Would like to see him beat his demons.

Rick Grimes

Big Maxy is Gaaaawn.

Rick Grimes

Max Klinger that is…


Hey guys
Excited for the new season! This is my second season of SuperCoach and I’ve decided to do a “SuperCoach pre season.” How should I go about this? Ive started to come up with potential players but not sure what else to do. Any help much appreciatee Guys!


Giday Tom, pretty quiet around here lately but if you hang in there there'll be plenty of good info coming in soon, also check out the afl website to read up about how all the potential rookies and returning from injury players are going.
Footywire is a good site for stats on players so you can see how they've gone in past seasons.
Supercoach opens in a few days so then you can field a team and see how it looks, cheers mate.


G’day Tom. As Russty said we’re just spinning our wheels a bit until the REAL SuperCoach opens. Not that BBL rubbish. Plenty of stuff to come


Where’s everyone gone? Seriously missing footy and it seems very few are gearing up for the season… cricket is crap, tennis boring… maybe the launch of SC2019 will get the community engaged… right now it seems like someone dropped the bomb and we’re searching for survivors …


I reckon once SC opens for the public we’ll get a bit more action


Hey Lazza, yeah it's weird, very quiet lately..think quite a few of the regulars are doing the BBL Fantasy, I guess it's school holidays as well and season's still 2 months away so many are probably still on their breaks.
It'd be good if there were a few more articles showing up though I reckon.


Agreed Lazza, just want the talk and articles to come back


It's a shame Lazza but a few of the 'regulars' like to attack any 'Non-regular' who offers up an opinion or doesn't offer to smooch their butts. This site will die if those resident trolls aren't evicted. I've already found a few alternative sites with great SC info but without the JR flogs and I noticed that at two of them former JR regulars whom are now sharing their wisdom regularly without being abused or belittled


Which sites are you using? This has pretty much died.


This site won't die, you're dreaming mate..last year it had a late start too but then it was pumping off it's chops all year with great info and heaps of people posting.
You sound like one of those bitter guys from the other day, using multiple names…the only 'resident trolls' that you refer to that were here are now gone, you know / sorry, they know who they are.
That's great that you've found an alternative site, then you won't have to hang out with all us "JR Flogs"…the only abuse or belittling that was ever being done here was from the two from last year with no filters on their brains.
Both of them crashed and burned badly last season with their philosophy of trading aggressively..they ran out of trades with 6 rounds to go I think, and slumped badly in their all important rankings.
Most of those other sites only have a dozen or less regular people posting, unlike here where there's hundreds posting, once it's in full swing, this is the best format of all of them too, the least confusing and the best laid out.

neil demons delight

What's your views on Chad I like him but he does burn you


Hey community, What’s the ideal bye structure to start the season? Every year the byes stuff me so I’m aiming to plan in advance so I’m not absolutely killed by them like previous years!


Probably nothing over 13 bye players for one bye then trade to have an even structure such as 11,9,10


I’ve found that trying for an even spread of premium keepers to start with is a good way to go. Keep it simple. We’ve got 3 months before byes kick in this season so your team make up will change a lot


Try to win 2/3 bye games


As a perennial loser my advice is strictly cum grano salo. That said I try front end loading so I have plenty going into bye 1 and trade into strength for byes 2 and 3. Hopefully some sensible picks will put their hands up for a game after bye 1. You do not want to be trading to get players on the ground for bye 1


Hi Community, first post for the year. I think a serious, full on debate, needs to happen around the kick in from a behind rule. As per AFL website, "Kick-Ins:
For Kick-Ins from a Behind, a Player will no longer need to kick to himself to Play On out of the Goal Square.
Following a Behind, the man on The Mark will be positioned 10 metres from the top of the Goal Square (currently 5 metres)."
My interpretation is, the player kicking in can just grab the ball after a behind and immediately play on. Is the designated kicker now obsolete? Is the fastest player in the backline the man with the job? 10m gap is huge, forwards won't know what to do. Attack the player as soon as he gets the ball, knowing full well he is going to scarper and risk being penalised 50m for going inside the 10m gap? How will the umpires manage the rule, stop the player from playing on until the forward has been positioned at the 10m gap? JLT will be very interesting. Remember, coaches will exploit it to the fullest extent of the rule. I think it will be unmanageable and cause more problems than it is trying to fix.


Ok kids, multiple choice.
Finish this sentence.
I think a serious, full on debate, needs to happen around:
A. Climate change
B. The war in Syria
C. The spread of totalitarianism
D. The kick in from a behind rule.


This is a community for supercoach nuts who enjoy the debates involving the areas of the game which affect their team selections. Blueth, why bother?


Sorry, you're correct Kevin.
Just got a little tickled by the earnest language around a rule change in January.
For what its worth i'll be selecting Ryan atm based on his kick in score projections.
Carry on


Giday Kevan, I don't think the designated kicker will become obsolete, even though they'll have extra room and licence to play on, they still need to be a good accurate kick and handball from the square and on the run.
They've stated this rule change is to get more continuity and flow / space into the game.
The kicker still needs to hit his target, after he plays on, most kickouts go towards the boundaries but it won't benefit the player kicking in if he can't hit his target with an effective kick or handball.
If he ends up kicking to a pack with no mark it'll be an ineffective kick 0 points, if he hits his man it's 4 points, if he sprays it out on the full it's a clanger -4 points…effective handball 1.5 points, ineffective handball 0 points, handball clanger -4 points.
As soon as the player steps out of the square it's play on, so I'd assume as soon as he does, the Umpire will yell play on and then the opponent can charge at him. The full back can play on right after the Goal Umpire signals with his hands too, doesn't have to wait for the flag waving.
I'm not sure it'll really make much difference on the whole, but just get kickins deeper into the ground with the goal being getting the game flowing more…and giving the full back a bit more space and time to decide whether he'll kick or handball.
It'll sure be interesting to see how the new 10 metre protected zone plays out.

I don't think kickins from within the square were scored in Supercoach in the past, don't know if that's changed?..and handballing wasn't possible before from within the square…will Supercoach score kicks and handballs from within the square?…who knows with those guys.


Giday Kev, from what I've read about the new rule, the full back can now kick or handball from the square, don't know if that's scored by supercoach or not, don't think so…only after they play on.
There's a 10 metre protected zone for the full back from the square which the opponent can't enter until play on has been called, and the full back can play on immediately after the Goal Umpire has signalled with his hands.
The best man for the job will be the one who can hit his target with a kick or handball the best from inside the square or after he plays on, and is on the run, not necessarily the fastest guy.
Good point about this bit you mentioned, " How will the umpires manage the rule, stop the player from playing on until the forward has been positioned at the 10m gap?"
If the full back can play on as soon as the hand signal is given, what if the opponent can't get 10 metres away in time..and will they be penalised for that?…could be a grey area there.


Every time a rule changes players/coaches will work out how to take advantage of it. Players got better at adapting to the stupid ‘protected area’ rule.

I don’t think the designated kicker is obsolete as such, a missed set shot will result in set ups/zones etc. It’s risk v reward. Footy now is a lot of zones so a team might not be set up properly to quickly bomb it up field.

As you say, JLT will be interesting. Bring on footy already!


Hey Kevan, from what I've read, the new rule allows the full back to kick or handball from inside the square or he can play on as soon as the Goal Umpire has finished his hand signals.
Best man for the job I think is the guy who can hit targets from inside the square handballing or kicking, and from on the run after he's played on…not necessarily the fastest guy.
The 10 metre protection zone means the opposing player has to stay back until play on is called but as you said, what if he doesn't have time to get back before the full back plays on?…..does he get penalised?
I don't think Supercoach points were awarded for kick ins within the square before…now that they can kick and handball, don't know if that will change or not.
How it will affect our Supercoach scores will depend on the disposal efficiency with the extra time and options full backs will now have so you'd have to assume they'll be scoring more points than before the rule change.


I think it will be the man on the Mark which will make the greatest change.

Teams will put their fastest player on the mark as the team kicking in are sure to use the new rule to play on more often.

Teams kicking in may mix and match abit but will keep the ball in the hands of the guy with the most accurate kick so they can set up play out of defence.

Speed on the mark v precision kicking


So we look more for precision kickers than speed demons and booming kicks? My gut feel will have coaches make the nearest player to the goal square, at the time the behind is scored, the player responsible for getting the ball in quickly. We may end up with four or five 'designated kickers'. JLT can't come quickly enough.


Hey Kev, I don't think it will be all about how quick it will all be, more about the best kick in guy using his extra time and space to hit his target, whether it be from kick or handball from in or outside the square.
They'll still have to wait until the Goal umpire does his hand signal, they don't have to wait for the flag wave.
If the opposing team decide to try and corral the full back, he'll be able to hit the targets who are now free from men playing on them.
It'll be interesting for sure, to see how it affects games and supercoach scores…and will the guy on the 10 metre mark be penalised if he can't get back to mark on time.? you mentioned.


Hi Kev, I don't see it being all about the speed of it all, moreso the kicker being able to hit his target from inside or outside of the square once he's played on. ..with kick or handball.
He won't be able to kick or handball before the goal ump does his hand signal and the man on the mark might not get back to his mark before he plays on, so not sure how that will be adjudicated yet, It will be interesting though.
If the opposition try to corral the fullback on kickin, they'll leave themselves exposed to an easy target disposal from the fullback.

neil demons delight

Trouble is Trigg Bolt couldn't make that much ground up. All teams already have their few designated kickers ,the longest most accurate . Salem and Lewis in Melbournes case With a start like that coaches may opt for their quickest player to take the kick in The old fashioned pacey wingers are really going to be gold not only at centre bounces but receiving kick ins and running


Wouldn't be enough $ for bolt.

Horses for courses.

Each team may have a slightly different take on the new rules.

JLT will be interesting to see adoption.

Reckon tiges will form a ring with their nippy fwds

KK now at the dees may come into focus


I personally don't think it will make a huge change in terms of the AFL game itself but in Supercoach terms it has a chance too:


Smart coaches have been putting their quickest player on man on mark for years, and every team obviously chooses their best kicker to kick in. Its not gonna make a massive change for structures either, every team in the comp has a structure for kick ins anyways so they're not going to have to change their structure in terms of set up, they're just going to have to be quicker at it. Plus the best kick in players in the league will take their time to find an option and then will go, the longer distance between the man on mark and kicker is the only thing that will change as he will simply have ball in hand for longer.


Good point Badger, I think also there'll be a lot more handballing from the goal square too which could actually reduce supercoach points from the full back. The best option could be the quickest easiest way out of the last line of defence and that could mean handballing it.


Handballs from within the goalsquare after a point will also score this year.
Witherdens average would have been 22 points higher if this new kick-in scoring was in for season 2018, think about it folks without getting a single extra disposal over last year Witherden could increase his ave by 22!
Anybody who dismisses the change as irrelevant wont rank in the top 10K


Where does the 22 points come from MrJones?


looks like an average of 5.5 kicks


Overthinking this new rule will send you to an early grave. Just pick the best defenders.


The best defenders who have kick-in duties.


Tried to respond to Kevan's post 3 times and it wouldn't let me for some reason…anyone else having an issue?


Hey Russty, hope you’re well mate. Lek has put up all sorts of plugins and stuff to stop some of the link spam that was happening. Seems to be catching some legit comments as well. I’ll see what I can do. Maybe try the good ol’ log out/log in method?


Cheers Kev thanks mate, I'm good thanks…I'll try that and see if I can respond again.
Just tried again and still wouldn't post, I give up lol


Yep, all my posts appear to be going through a vetting process for some reason..


Should be fixed Laz


Hey guys,
super excited for the new season. Been playing fantasy EPL to cure my fantasy addiction and while its good fun (ranked inside the top 5k) its nothing compared to supercoach as you can't brag to your mates about it since its not as widely played in Australia. So looking forward to getting stuck into the real stuff!
Unfortunately dont have team picker so havent really been able to do some early drafts, but wanted the communities thoughts on Goldy this year? Really liking him due to no Pruess this year, as well as him not sharing a bye with Grundy. Also obviously save a bit of coin in the process.
Thanks guys!

neil demons delight

Hi Tommy Yeah I am starting to come around to him also .With Tich out though it does give you the set and forget option of Gawn and Grundy. Pruess not being at Norf will no doubt help but he has been killing it at Melbourne beating Gawn constantly .Word is Prues H is set to be the dees answer to Cox playing forward NDD


Hi Neil, could Preuss get the nod over Weiderman as permanent forward and relieving ruckman for Gawny?..Preuss can take a pretty good mark from memory.
Can't wait to see how he goes in the JLT…could maybe even be an R2?

neil demons delight

They are trying that already but Tom MAC is having some foot issues so who knows the make up….. J L T will sort a lot out. Personally I would like weeds at C H F feeding Tom and rucking and Pruess at Casey


Hey Tommy, reckon Goldy could be a good choice this year, seems to be travelling well mentally and physically, I'm hoping big Kreuz can stay fit and get back to his best, could pay off if he does.
Think Supercoach proper opens on Tues mate so you can mess with your drafts then..cheers.


Kruez is my fallen if he can be called that , I'm not a Blues fan but my mates are and they believe that this has been his best pre season to date , hope so, excellent value if he hold his body together


Agree mate, hope he kicks butt this year as in 2017…could be a really good leg up for us for the year.


He's a starter for me again this year and just hope all the super glue that's holding him together has really bonded… Go the big Kruez


AFL SuperCoach opens at midnight tonight .. 🙂

Shake n back

Go Patriots


Wonder if Noah Answerth will get a gig now that Darcy Gardiner is injured for about 2 months, or will Josh Walker get the gig? Marcus Adams should play too.
Who would you pick and why out of……
Brodie Smith, Marcus Adams, Aaron Francis, Darcy Moore, Roberton

Hannebery, Miles, Liberatore, Horlin Smith ….
Longer, Vardy, Clarke, Naismith, Preuss…

Daniher, Fasolo, Picken, Elliott, Darcy Moore….

assuming they all start round one.


Smth, Miles, Naismith, daniher or elliot probably Rusty.

neil demons delight



Answerth is in my squad at the moment.
If I had to pick one from each line .. Smith, Miles, Vardy, Elliott..,but like NDD, I’d only take Miles from that whole list..


Im making some new rules for preseason 2019. They aren’t finished yet, so I will talk about them in further detail in the next article but I will say the overview of the one I have.
‘Don’t throw away the key for ANY of your locks. It is always annoying or difficult trying to find the bolt cutters’
‘Young blokes aren’t the best type of rookie, probably not the second best either’
‘Give the rookies a go. The best NBA teams only have super-dooper stars none of that middle quality nonsense’
‘Intentional loopholes are a bit like cheating, and cheaters rarely come on top’


Reckon the loophole thing is part of the game now, no way to avoid it, have to play it or get left behind, just the way it is now.
No one really hangs onto a lock if they're crashing, burning and losing money and points,
The N.B.A is full of players getting 50 million dollars a season, their rookies probably make more in one year than AFL players make in a lifetime.
Unfortunately Ty, our Super Dooper rookie prospects, can end up as spuds….sad but true…hopefully Walsh proves us wrong this year.
Mature age rooks look pretty good this year, Hind, Parker for St-Kilda…heaps of others….Bewley, Logue, Hore, Wigg, Constable, Fort, Cavarra, McAdam, Corbett.

neil demons delight

Add SWEET Russty the bulldog ruck Mature age or young players in a different role or club Miles is a good case Think I have you in BBL but said that 2 weeks ago with 338 in the bag and got done Not over yet.mate


Yes loopholes are part of the game, except I’m not going to go out of my way to have a loophole player. It failed me last year.
With the NBA analogy, I meant that the best teams only have superstars and lower players, no middle ranked players. This means I will be reducing midpricers.
You’re right about the mature age crop though


I aim for a loop hole on each line for the finals.. frees up cash for final premos whilst providing choice of scores on each line.(except) RUC.


Has anyone heard of some new kick in rule which will affect hurn and a few other backmen? Saw something of about it. Does it make hurn and others more relevant


YES, players who kick in will receive more points