PODCAST: It’s Rookie Time

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The team picker has been released! Supercoach season has begun!

The gang have assembled together to have an early discussion about how rookies are shaping up, so that we know who we can and cant’ look for when throwing early team structures about.

We go through all four lines, including floating the possibility of running a rookie ruck at R2.

As discussed at the top of the podcast, in light of recent news around a North Melbourne player, we want to make sure we’ll all loving and caring for each other. If you need help, please reach out – Lifeline is on 11 13 14.

How are your first drafts shaping up, community?

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  1. Ralph says:

    Thanks for the pod boys, have been missing my SuperCoach hit lately. Much love❀️

  2. JohnDJ59 says:

    At the moment I have decided to have a bit of faith in the rookies and am running three on each def, mid, fwd line. If they don't turn up I can always change it. Also going with the two Gs in ruck for now, until there is a reason not to.So my team is, Def:Lloyd, Laird, Williams, Williamson, Collins, Scimshaw,(2 Rookies). Mid: Titch, Oliver, Fyfe, Coniglio, Hanners, Walsh, Constable, Bewley,(3 Rookies). Rucks: Grundy, Gawn, (Fort). Fwd: Danger, Smith, Heeney, Rankine, Settlefield, Corbert, (Parker, Cavarra). Thinking if a good rookie gets a go in the Ruck, I can always trade down to him to free up some cash.

    • Patch says:

      Brave man going for Rankine, Johnny! Not worried by the higher price?

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Hi Patch, I usually start with the higher priced rookies if I can afford them, with the hope that the $117,300/$123,900 rookies will turn up before the start of round one, since they are the ones we need to make the most cash. I just reckon that Walsh, Rankine and some of the higher priced rookies should line up in round one, so it's mainly about trying to get enough rookies on the park, since I'm trying to stay away from too many mid priced players, just putting Hanners in the team was like pulling teeth.

        • DavidC says:

          Hanners has hamstring issues which is a bit of a worry. I'm going a bit deeper in the backline because I can't see where the defensive rookies are going to come from. I don't think Scrimshaw is going to play early if at all and Collins wasn't named in the AFL website predicted round 1 starting team for GC. Maybe Rozee? Quaynor?

          • JohnDJ59 says:

            Thanks for the update, I have replaced Collins and Scrmshaw for Rozee and Quaynor, both similar in price, so easily done, the rookies are going to be in and out of the team, up until the round one teams are selected anyhow, but it is better to keep up to date.

            • DOVAAS says:

              COLLINS looks like he may do all right over time as will QUAYNOR. Whether the teams they play for adds to the points they accumulate , time with tell. Remember the top five draftee's each your tend to average above the rest of the draft.

              Rozee and Quaynor is a better option right note

    • neil demonsdelight says:

      Hi John I put forward the same plan a month back but 17 rooks will be tough My plan was for G G and 6 obvious uber prems and the remaining 14 onfield players like you 9 rooks and 5 fallen prems such as Hanna Viney Green Williams The onfield rooks need to be predominantly mature age many that you have named. This would eliminate Smith and Heeney or at least one.. All this to get Maxy but its worth it NDD

      • JohnDJ59 says:

        Hi Neil, I remember your post and at the time thought 9 rookies on field was going to be a bridge too far, but I don't have a lot of faith in the mid priced players like I have the last two years, so I'm just hoping the rookies turn up in round one. I'm still not sold on Hanners at the moment even though he is in my team. If it turns out that Maxy ends up sharing the ruck duties I will be trading down to Nank and Hanners will turn into Bont or M.Crouch.I am also open to having Green in my team in place of Heeney if he can show he is over his injury.

        • NEIL demons delight says:

          Looks like we think similar I had gawn and Nank all year and was fairly happy Crouch or Neale for Hanners

    • Godd_Toldstein says:

      Wack me in your team and free up cash. Team looks a little weak atm. Past seasons have shown that picking expensive rookies limits your cash gain. Just something to think about

  3. Rivo says:

    Geez I’ve missed Footy and SC Podcasts.
    Will give this a listen tomorrow – an early Xmas present.

    My rooks below, no doubt will change.
    Those in brackets are current bench. Some are fillers until pre season shows up a few…

    D: Collins, Scrimshaw, (Burgess, Hore);
    M: Walsh, Constable, Mosquito, (Bewley, Valente, Hind);
    R: (Bines)
    F: McCadam, Corbett (Sclensog, Roache).

    • Lazza says:

      Interesting mix… our mids are similar..

      Mine as follows:
      D: Rozee (DPP) Duursma (Wigg, Answorth)
      M: Walsh, Constable, Collier-Dawkins (Stocker, Valente, Hind)
      R: Schlonger πŸ™‚
      F: Blakey, Setterfield (DPP), Schultz (McHenry, Nutting).

      Also going with two midpricers at this stage – McGrath (DPP) in DEF and Viney in the middle (10% under-value)

  4. Bowser says:

    Please stop with the mosquito my stomach is hurting from Laughling 1000000-1 to play

    • Russty_ says:

      You never know…if he flies around the track and buzzes around the right people at training he might get a bite at the cherry. πŸ™‚

      • Sabsy says:

        One lump or two? This analogy really bites. Just remember, you catch more mozzies with blood than honey. πŸ˜‰

  5. Nathan says:

    You know how you guys released the Team Picker, do ya reckon that ya could catch it again and make a copy for me?

  6. Ralph says:

    AFL app says Hanners has been sent for scans on his hamstring.

    • Randomcliche2 says:

      yeah, saints also released a statement saying he's fine… precautionary after a bit of tightness. Saints need all the support they can get, even it's just supercoach selections.

      • Sabsy says:

        He needed a flawless preseason which is now off the table. For mine, the risk outweighs the potential reward. Has temporarily become Brad Crouch in my current team, but by no means is that even remotely a possibility of being the case by the time Round 1 kicks off, however, the alternatives for a cheap M6 are still at this time scarcer than hen's teeth.

  7. Nathan says:

    "It came amid a brutal session at Ikon Park, with Mitch McGovern leaving play for a short period after colliding with Dale Thomas in a strong marking contest, before fellow new recruit Nic Newman was also helped from the field with blood pouring from his face." afl.com
    The Blues might struggle to get 22 on the field for round 1 at this rate

  8. skindog says:

    No Birchall, cleaned out some floating cartilage,,,

  9. Nathan says:

    The following should be sung/sang/singed?To the tune of the popular Christmas carol about the 12-days of Christmas
    In the first week of preseason the blue club gave to me Sam docherty's ruptured AC
    In the second week of preseason the blue club gave to me
    Pickett's ruptured patella tendon, Newmans cracked head, Daisy's smashed nose and sam docherty's ruptured AC
    In the third week of preseason the blue club gave to me
    McGovern's Broken back, Picketts patella tendon, Newmans craked head, daisy's smashed nose and Sam Docherty's ruptured AC
    In the fourth week of preseason the blue club to me
    FFS Carlton just play games and forget about preseason otherwise the little league will be your senior team

  10. Nathan says:

    No requirement to kick-to-self when playing on from a kick-in. that tweak to the rules makes Simmo look very good for 2019 despite his age

    • Derek says:

      Why does it help Simmo?

      • Nathan says:

        Umm Maybe because he plays on from the kick in more than any other player

        • Nathan says:

          Ahh yes the perennial 'Simmo is too old' argument. I've been hearing people make that uneducated claim since 2012. Last year all of the 'experts' here wrote him off before a ball was bounced yet he increased his SC by 11 points over the previous year with ten-tons and seven times 120+
          Writing off a proven SC champion simply because he's 1-year older is the hallmark of a SC numpty.

          • Russty_ says:

            Go ahead and pick him then Natey boy, hope his 35 year old hamstrings hold up for ya…just cause someone doesn't agree with you doesn't mean you have to attack them…or maybe it does with you…if you're a flog.
            Let's compare ranks at the end of next season.

        • T.Revor says:

          Don't be daft
          2009 Played every game averaged 94SC
          2010 Played every game averaged 100SC
          2011 Played every game averaged 95SC
          2012 Missed 3 games averaged 94SC
          2013 Played every game averaged 95SC
          2014 Played every game averaged 96SC
          2015 Missed 2 games (scored 149 in comeback) Averaged 93SC
          2016 Played every game averaged 106SC
          2017 Played every game averaged 93SC
          2018 Played every game averaged 105 SC
          In 2019 if Simmo plays the same style of game/role that he's played since 2009 and DOESN'T increase his output in any area he will add a minimum of 12 SC points to his average due to the points that will now be awarded for kicks when playing on from a kick-in. Basically, if he decreases his output by 10% he will still increase his SC average

          • Randomcliche2 says:

            Interesting. I'm not sure we've seen anything from CD on how they will change the scoring post rule changes. This is certainly one for the pre-season to confirm. I think if all kick-out champs who play on were going up it'd be stupid not to load up on defence…I'm just not sure that is going to be the case.

          • Russty_ says:

            Past stats don't mean crap when a guy has reached his used by date, kudos to him if he can maintain but I can't see it happening…just my opinion but it's just yours that he can…so, whatever.
            Many a champ has fallen away badly at a certain age, hope he doesn't but more chance of it happening than not…so don't be daft and assume it won't happen.

    • Lazza says:

      Will a play-on from the goal square be awarded SC points? It has been the 2nd kick that scored SC points in the past!
      Could be a negative for those backs who traditionally score a lot of points thru kicking to self. Anyone know?

      • AuroraBorealis?! says:

        I imagine that it will be awarded supercoach points in the normal manner as the player will be "in play" after playing on from the goal square.

  11. Lekdog says:

    BTW everyone, there's been some spam in the comments. I've upgraded our anti-spam software and I've set some new restrictions but if you see anything dodgy just report it and I'll fiddle with the backend again.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Lek, wonder if that's got anything to do with Neil NDD not being able to post, he emailed me earlier his posts aren't appearing.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Lek, Neil is still unable to post, I'm guessing there's several others too who can't post…anything you could do for them ?..cheers.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi again Lek, Neil is still locked out, and I bet there are plenty of others too who can't post, any chance of reverting the settings back to what they were before all those red letter spammers showed up?,,and any chance of making the site secure?…my chrome browser line says.."not secure" before the http://www.jockreynolds.com.au part, …is it possible to secure the site so it's safe for people? maybe that would keep the spammers out….and allow long time loyal posters to not Be LOCKED OUT of the site.

      • Lekdog says:

        Hey brother,

        1. Neil is the only person getting caught by spam filters, I've gone through and checked, he is the only user who isn't banned getting pinged. Each time he has a different ip address so maybe if he's using a VPN that's effecting it?

        2. Can't change the settings back, new system is stopping 1,000 spam links a day and I ain't risking that.

        3. Google changed their security certificate settings so the site is still as safe as it was previously it just doesn't meet their standards. As I don't own the site I can't pay to update the security certificate (which is reasonably expensive and I'm poor) but as we don't collect data on the site it shouldn't be an issue.

        Neil is welcome to contact me, if he doesn't have my details let me know.

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Lek, fair enough, sounds like you've made a reasonable effort, I agree with keeping those spam links out, they're bloody annoying, wasn't aware whether Neil was using a VPN or not…was just trying to help him out as he can't seem to post in here in the last few weeks.
          I don't know if he has your contact details Lek, feel free to email me if you like and I'll pass it onto him.

    • markbruty says:

      Sorry – still laughing at "fiddle with the back end"….

  12. Nathan says:

    Gibbo isn't in any team pickers or officially on Carltons list yet but it's a pretty safe bet to lock the 23 years old and 2-time (2016/18) VFL B&F into your mid bench. He would have been drafted years ago if he wasn't only 173cm. He should be mid/fwd at about 102k

    • Russty_ says:

      He'd be pretty hard done by if he doesn't get a chance at some point soon, certainly has a good record.

    • Phil says:

      A nice bench option for sure. But do you think him being drafted will hurt Walsh and/or Stocker a little

      • Nathan says:

        Without him Walsh and Stocker would have a better chance but carlton have enough LTI's already to ensure that all the new guys get a go.

  13. AuroraBorealis?! says:

    Does anyone know how C.Mills coming back into the side will affect Lloyd's scoring? When he got injured last year i made the call that Mills being out would hinder lloyds scoring potential (obviously i was wrong lol) and didn't trade him in. This was obviously a bad call but do we think that if the swans side goes back to how it was mid-way through last year that Lloyd will return to that 80-90 average? One of the big questions of the season for mine. Also Goldstein is really tempting me at R2, anyone got any news on how he's trucking through pre-season? If he's looking good it'll be hard to turn him away. Cheers

    • Rick says:

      IMO a player's return effecting another player's scoring is a bit of a myth and to to even consider it is overthinking matters.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi AB, I think Lloyd has reached elite defender status now and will maintain his scoring for at least the next 3 years..but that's just my opinion, also I've read Goldy is tracking very well, has lost 5 kilos and is a very positive frame of mind to have a great season ahead of him. He's indicated he wants to get the most out of what's left of his AFL career and has fine tuned his diet and fitness and is ready to rock n roll.
      One thing to consider is though is that Tom Campbell is there now too, not sure how that will pan out.

    • Godd_Toldstein says:

      I'm a jet get me in

    • Nathan says:

      Mills will be discounted so you could start him to makie the cash and then cash him out (round6) to Lloyd if Lloyd continues his 2018 form. You might miss 100-130 points over the first 6-rounds but you'll make at least 100k out of the Mills increase and the Lloyd decrease.

    • markbruty says:

      I'm backing Mills to play a lot in the middle to cover the loss of Hanners etc. But they also have guys like Clarke to come in, Blakey will likely find a role too…. Not saying Lloyd won't be a premium defender, but I might not start with him and hope that Laird and others can hold it down.

  14. neil demons delight says:

    Grundy with Goldy or Nank both good choices

  15. neil demons delight says:

    Just posting to see if I am out of solitary.Lonely here and 66 snores. Talking to Aaron Davey a new coach at Melbourne and he hinted Oliver will play more forward 2019 Brayshaw is the main mid . Also Pruesse is winning the coaches over as a forward Grundy/ Goldy or Nank for mine cheers boys

  16. neil demons delight says:

    Newman set for a top year highly on my radar

  17. neil demons delight says:

    mummy done a hammy

  18. Lekdog says:

    Hey all, just updating different parts of the site. Old comment system wasn’t totally secure but will revert back if this one sucks…

  19. Nathan says:

    Some babies will whinge because it’s looking different to what they know but the layout doesn’t matter Lek. Would be good if you could control the regular who attacks everybody with a different opinion to him though

  20. Dave says:

    Had a bit of a look at the team picker today. Feedback welcome.

    DEF: J Lloyd, R Laird, C Blakely, Z Williams, D Roberton, T Williamson (S Collins, C Burgess)
    MID: T Mitchell, P Cripps, L Neale, B Crouch, A Miles, T Liberatore, S Walsh, B Smith (L Stoker, C Constable, M Gibbons)
    RUCK: B Grundy, Z Clarke (D Fort)
    FWD: P Dangerfield, D Smith, J Dunkley, C Rozee, W Setterfield, S McAdam (J Corbett, B Cavarra)

    My ruck line is weak, but if Clarke can play even 5 games in the first 6-7 rounds then he'll be upgraded ASAP.

    • Nathan says:

      What's your team called Dave? May I suggest 'Injury List' πŸ™‚
      A few risks is ok, multiple risks on every line is ………………

  21. BadgerHoney7 says:

    Have been tinkering around with the team picker for a while now and am quite comfortable to where it is at at the moment. Is everyone feeling one of the G's and a cheap ruckmen is too risky? Why I've gone for Grundy and Goldy. Rookies subject to change due to JLT form.

    DEF: Sicily, Witherden, Williams, Williamson, Collins, Scrimshaw (Rookies)
    MID: Cripps, Fyfe, Kelly, Neale, Beams, Walsh, B.Smith, Constable (Rookies)
    RUCK: Grundy, Goldy (Rookie)
    FWD: Dangerfield, Gray, Wingard, Greene, Setterfield, Stengle (Rookies)

    Feedback Appreciated.

    • neil demons delight says:

      you're right great team Maybe Dunkley for Gray

      • BadgerHoney7 says:

        hey ndd, cheers for that mate! i've actually had dunkley in my team the whole time but just put in gray – whats the upside you think on dunkley – i personally think he has ridiculous potential but i'm currently asking myself that robbie gray is also an absolute gun and is why it earnt him mvp honours a couple of years ago.

    • Nathan says:

      Nice structure but I doubt that you posted it to be told how wonderful it is you're probably looking for a bit of constructive criticism so, Bad Toby wont be fit for rounds 1,2,3, your backline is solid but could be spectacular for almost the same price, 3 onfield mid rookies is too many even if 1 is Constable Stengle is a horrible person and could find himself suspended by the tigers very soon. Goldy is finished

      • BadgerHoney7 says:

        cheers nathan, all constructive criticism welcome, if so greene don't fit (i'll watch that closely) that can be an easy downgrade to rookie and upgrade one of mid rookies to libba?? do agree with backline and can easy change that but i feel sicily could be huge this season. stengle easy change to mcadam, kreuger, gibbons, corbett.

      • Russty_ says:

        Why is "Goldy Finished" ?…seems like quite an early judgement with no elaboration.

        • neil demons delight says:

          yeah mate There's a mountain of data that suggests otherwise not to mention no Daws or Pruess

      • DavidC says:

        Adelaide aren't going to be very happy if Richmond suspend Stengle. They might retaliate and suspend Dusty.

      • Rick says:

        3 on field rookies in the MID is pretty standard. It's also where you make the most $$.

      • Russty_ says:

        You seem like a smart guy…who would you replace in his backline and who with… to make it spectacular for almost the same price?

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Badger, pretty solid side I reckon except for what, what's his name said, Greene might not be ready in time but I disagree with his summary dismissal of Goldy.
      Goldy was going through some serious issues the last few years but it's over it now, has been training harder than ever and has lost 5 kilos and is very motivated to maximise the rest of his career time. Could be a very good selection this year and get back to his best.
      Also wouldn't be too concerned with the 3 rookies comment in the midfield if you believe Smith can deliver.
      No one knows how it's going to play out yet, those that think they do are just arrogant…probably not worth listening to.

      • neil demons delight says:

        Those comments remind me of someone Russty do you think –nah couldn't be

        • Russty_ says:

          I'd lay money down on it mate, no one else is that abrasive right off the bat, he's been here before.

      • BadgerHoney7 says:

        Hey Rusty, nice to be back mate – can't wait until I change my team over 300 times during this period. Greene has been changed no worries, and have kept Goldy no worries. I am a fan of the 3 rookies in the midfield this year as mid pricers haven't really panned out well over the last couple of years but, Libba could be a shout. Hoping the Sainters perform this year for us Saints fans, excited about the King and big Paddy getting to full fitness, that would be a treat Round 1, we eating good.

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Badger, wish I could share your optimism with the Saints this year mate but it's looking a bit grim, hopefully some our 'ready to play' new guys get games and can make a difference, Robbo gets back safe and guys like Billings, Steven, Gresham, Newnes etc can step it up a bit this year.

  22. Lekdog says:

    Traveling past Melbourne training most days has given me two insights.

    1. Max Gawn is a magnificent specimen with a decent kick.
    2. Preuss is fit as hell and nothing but guns…reckon he has a lot of time to work in the gym and will continue to throughout the AFL season.

    • neil demons delight says:

      Hi Lek word at Melbourne is Preuss will fill Hogan's void as a Cox type . This will impact on Gawn who will probably be in rested more. Gawn a decent kick? I'd like to see that

      • Russty_ says:

        Doesn't need to be a decent kick Neil, he wins plenty of his own ball with hard ball gets etc…handballs, marks.

  23. BadgerHoney7 says:

    Anyone risking the Hoff in ruck?

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Badger, nice to see ya…I know Hoff is DPP but he might not get much Ruck work this year with Ryder and Lycett there, so it might just be his forward output for points.

  24. Russty_ says:

    Here's my Team…I've still got 2.017 million in the bank just in case I need to make a few changes.

    Daw, Otten, Mirra, Roberton, Hanley, Morris —–Watson ,Wigg
    Gaff, Deledio, Armitage, S.Selwood, Mayne, Hannebery, K.Jack, Liberatore——Mosquito, Murphy, Pudney
    Pierce, Brooksby—-Alabakis
    Billings, Patton, Menzel, Walker, Casboult, Fasolo——Pickett, Bosenavulagi

    Any feedback appreciated.

  25. Russty_ says:

    Here's my Team, still got 2.019 million in the bank in case I need to make a few changes.

    Daw, Otten, Mirra, Hanley, Morris, Keeffe —-Watson, Wigg
    Deledio, Armitage, Motlop, S.Selwood, Mayne, K.Jack, Liberatore, Bennell—-Mosquito, Pudney, Red og Murphy
    Brooksby, Pierce—-Alabakis
    Patton, Walker, Casboult, Fasolo, Polson, Menzel—-Pickett, Bosenavulagi

    Any feedback appreciated.

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Harley in trouble again!

      Any chance???

      Ohh wait he is on his last chance for the 5th time.

      • Russty_ says:

        Unfortunately, I think Harley might end up as an attendant at a full serve Service Station, if they even exist anymore.

    • Browncow says:

      Don’t mind this team Russty – plenty of talent in there. Suggest you spend your spare cash on some A grade Physio’s.

      • Russty_ says:

        Cheers Brown…was thinking if some of these anchors can lift their games a bit and Majak can play in a cast…(he's that talented)..maybe we could be in with a shot at a decent end of year holiday to Vegas including gambling money and hookers…Gotta think about the economics.

        Maybe the Hookers could double as team Physios? πŸ˜‰

  26. neil demons delight says:

    daw would be l would think

  27. bryan says:

    Have you blokes retired ????? Heard rumor about jock coming back. Tell me its true.

  28. BrownlowBoy says:

    Tommy Mitchell gone to hospital with what is thought to be a broken leg!

  29. Northernsoul74 says:

    Rumors Tom Mitchell has broken his leg in training this morning.

  30. gator59 says:

    That's not good news.. Hope all is ok with him

  31. derek says:

    Hi fellas. on holidays and couldn't help having my first crack at making a team for this year.

    I have some questions that will only be answered nearer to round 1.

    My first team is very much a guns and Rookie team (13-1-8). My only crazy pick is my R2, but i always seem to do that every year. I think Longer at $260k is excellent value for a number 1 ruckman.

    DEF: Laird, Whitfield, Blakely, Logue, Scrimshaw, Rookie

    Lloyd is over $600k and with McVeigh still there and Mills coming back i can see him being cheaper at some point during the year. Blakely's should get more mid-field time with Neale gone and could easy be top 6 defender this year.

    MIDS: TMitch, Cripps, Oliver, Kelly, ZMerrett, Walsh, Constable, Valente

    The first 5 are locks for being in the top 10 mids for the year. Fyfe may come in if Kelly or Oliver show any injury concerns. Macrae seems expensive with all the other bulldog midfielders. Walsh is a gun and will be worth the extra price. Had a think about BCrouch and Hall as my mid-price play, but not cheap enough.

    RUC: Grundy, Longer

    Gawn's role could change with Preuss in team. Will look at getting him cheaper. I will be looking closely at Kruzer and Goldy at R2, especially if Toby Green is ok to play round 1 (will free up cash at F4)

    FWD: Danger, Devon, Heeney, Dunkley, Setterfield, McHenry

    If Green is fit round 1 he will need to be considered at his price.

    As usual it will depend where the rookies are.

    thanks fellas

    • gator59 says:

      Here was I thinking that I could have a real pod in Blakely from Freo but it seems a few are going to play him now in there teams

      He's going to roll through the midfield just nicely ….. Points, points and more points

    • BadgerHoney7 says:

      Hey Derek, had a look at Longer as well – only Saint ruckman who’s gonna play this year other than maybe Pierce but don’t see that happening. Good choice – run with it trade him down the track.

      • Derek says:

        My last 4 season i’ve Had TBC, Lobbe, Sandi and Lycett as my R2. It makes SuperCoach a bit more exciting.

        Will look at Gawn for a cheaper price

    • Gawn says Longer a strong opponent

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Derek, now Titch is out, who would you slot into the mids and what will you do with the extra money?
      Longer and Pierce are only on one year contracts to see who wants it more basically, but there's talk about Rowan Marshall being the better Ruckman out of all three of them.
      If you could downgrade Titch to a 500-ish mid, maybe Kreuzer could come into the equation…I think he'll bounce back huge this year if he stays fit.

  32. bazzaboy says:

    You can scratch t Mitchell off that list broken leg apparently

  33. BrownlowBoy says:

    Won't see Mitchell until 2020 unfortunately.

    Just lock in Wingard now.

    There may be a shining light out of all this – time to fully unleash James Worpel.

    He was a star and carried the Geelong Falcons midfield group and was very strong for Vic Country.

    Break out year incoming.

    • Rick Grimes says:

      Definitely opens up possibilities. Huge loss for Hawks.

    • dontblushbaby says:

      Worpel -FWD / Mid @ 395k is appealing ,however I have Knob Head Green @ 355k at F4 , if he's fit I'll be going with him atm

    • MrsOmeara says:


      • BrownlowBoy says:

        Wouldn't trust JOM with playing a full season so he's not coming anywhere near my team.

    • fatboyfat7 says:

      Is Worpel eligible for the Rising Star this year?

      • Lazza says:

        Misses by 1 game.
        To be eligible to be nominated for the award, a player must be younger than 21 years of age on 1 January of the award year and have played 10 or fewer senior games before the beginning of the season.
        Worpel has played 11.

    • Rick says:

      Worpel…yeah nah. Second year players are a no-no in SC

  34. skindog says:

    Carnage already and the F&$#@ng season hasnt even started &$#@

  35. Rick Grimes says:

    Sheeeeeeet bro. He was the most lockiest player in my team. Will spice things up at least. Hope he can can come back strong in a years time.

  36. ZzZCalintZzZ says:

    Man what's everyone's 4 must have mids?
    And a reduced price smokey?

    M.Crouch, Macrae, Cripps, Fyfe & Scully as my smokey

    • skindog says:

      scully??? thats sketchy bro!

    • skindog says:

      Massivey sketchy

    • Bowser says:

      Cripps McRae zerret dusty

    • Russty_ says:

      Hi Z, good to see ya mate, at the moment I have Cripps, Oliver, Neale and Yeo with Miles as my cheapy.

    • JohnDJ59 says:

      I'm going with five, no smokey. Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe, Cogs and Bont. or M.Crouch.

      • Russty_ says:

        Hi John, I'm actually going with 5 too…add Danger in the mids to mine, don't see any reason why he has to stay forward.

        • JohnDJ59 says:

          Hi Russty, when I heard about Titch I replaced him with Cripps and I'm still deciding between Bont and M.Crouch. Happy with Danger fwd, at least that's one less fwd I will have to worry about.

        • Lazza says:

          Hi Rusty, I can only see 2 FWD DPP’s being in the Top 14, .. so if this is true, to maximise your points, Danger and Menegola need to end up in your FWD line.

          • Lazza says:

            Left out some key words between .. can only see 2 FWDs being Danger and Menegola in the Top 14.. both being DPPs they need to end up in your FWD line..

            • Russty_ says:

              Cheers Lazza, I'll keep that in mind mate, at the moment I have 3 keepers and 3 rookies in the forward line, I just like to have as many DPP's as possible but I'm sure Danger will end up in there.

    • Good to see you back Cripps Oliver Fyfe McRae and Dusty Same as gator Not going to miss McRae this year NDD

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Is Scully even going to play round 1? Isn't he still having injury issues.

    • Lazza says:

      My 4 locks are Oliver, Bont, Martin, Merret.. will start with 5 though, tossing up between Cripps, Neale and Macrae.

    • Rick says:

      MacRae, Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe. No price reduced smokey

  37. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    With the terrible news about Titch yesterday it does now present us with a conundrum one may even say an opportunity.

    Just had a look at my team (havent looked at it for over a month) and boy taking out Titch does that free up some cash!

    But who to replace with?

    Dusty is the one who stands out. With big Tommy.up fwd dusty likely to.spend more time in the guts?

    Neale – how will he go at brisbane.

    I also like Yeo and Brayshaw. PODS.

    Crouch always in the mix.

    Got Cripps and McCrae.

    Anyway if i go anyone from Dusty down hey presto Mummy/Naismith at R2 become Goldy
    I like that.

    If i go blakey (swans) to a cheap rook can then afford Neale or Gawn

    A nice problem to have.

    Opportunity awaits😁.

  38. Wonder if TICH will come back as good I remember when the DEES Whelan accidently broke NATHAN BROWN'S leg He was never the same NDD

    • Russty_ says:

      Hope so Neil, poor lad snapped both the bones in his lower leg, has already had the plates, screws and rods put in so fingers crossed he can get back to 100% by next season.

      • ZzZCalintZzZ says:

        Damn… yeah I don't think he will be same now that you brought it up.

  39. Winner2019 says:

    When does supercoach open?

  40. Dice_real says:

    anyone heard hawthorn looking at michael barlow for possible replacement?

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Yeah there is s rumour doing tbe rounds.

      Blues better hurry up and sign up gibbons if they want him else hawks may nab him

      • Russty_ says:

        Was thinking the same, is there even room for Gibbons in an up and coming blues line up?…hawks could use someone ready made like that.

  41. BadgerHoney7 says:

    please release some new articles/podcasts

  42. BadgerHoney7 says:

    Thought the site needed a bit of chatta around so I'm gonna let you guys leave some thoughts on my new team (I wouldn't usually do this but bit quiet at the moment so I'll release my 2nd team in 3 days !!). Feedback appreciated!! (rookies subject to JLT form and Round 1 selection)

    DEF: Sicily, Whitfield, Williams, Birchall, Williamson, Collins (Rookies)

    Notes: I'm feeling Sicily and Whitfield can produce around the same output as Lloyd and Laird so I've gone for both those two, another seasons experience from Sicily and Whitfield should do wonders. Obviously Birchall is a bit of wait and see at the moment and see if he gets up for JLT and Round 1, bit if he plays, he will be in my team, one of the best left footers in the game and with Titch out for the season could have a huge impact, they really value him down there. As well as Williamson and Collins, I've kinda got on board the hype for both of them but if they produce in JLT, they'll be a lock.

    MID: Cripps, Fyfe, Kelly, Neale, Beams/Martin, Miles, Setterfield, Constable (Rookies)

    Notes: In the wake of the shocking news, I've gone with 4 locks IMO in Crippa, Fyfe, Kelly, Neale and then am undecided whether I go for Beams or Dusty at the similar price, with Tom Lynch at the Tiges this will free up Dusty to go more midfield and then will hopefully go back to his 2017 Brownlow form, where Beams is new at Collingwood and was truly dominant at some stages last year, Miles is recent to my team and I feel like at Gold Coast I can't see anyone stilling a midfield position off him and if he averages even just 90, I'll happily take that. Setterfield simply for the dual position, and Constable is a rookie I see that will get a go this year.

    RUCK: Grundy, Goldstein (Rookie)

    Notes: Pretty stock standard, I rate both of these lads.

    FWD: Danger, Dunkley, Wingard, Cockatoo, McAdam, Cavarra (Rookies)

    Notes: Danger, Dunkley pretty self explanatory, Wingard will almost be guaranteed a midfield role now that Titch is injured, and I very much like that, new side I reckon he will shine. Cockatoo has been ramping up his fitness over the last couple of weeks and if this kid gets on the field, he could do something half decent, as for McAdam and Cavarra only too rookies I see in FWD line that might be half decent at the moment.

    Scenario: If Birchall doesn't play Round 1, I'll downgrade him to a rookie and upgrade one of my midfield bench rookies to Walsh, Smith or Bennell.

    I'll release my Watchlist of my players not currently in my team who I like the look of tomorrow.

    Let us know what you think guys!

    • Oliver would have to be there surely Badge

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Badge, agree with Neil on Clarry, upon reviewing tons from last year Neale doesn't get the biggest tons scorewise, could maybe save yourself some money taking a few more punts in the backline by considering guys like Stewart, Andrews, Witherden, Smith, Francis, Blakely.
      I like Siciflog too but maybe not to start, I'll start with Whitfield and Williams though.
      I think I'm gonna start with Macrae this year too, mainly because Titch is out..he's super elite and scores big tons.
      Agree with you on the Miles call, could be a good stepping stone, possibly keeper with a decent opportunity which he will have..don't trust Hanner's hammys or Liberatore's brain.
      Not sure if Cockahoop will be ready in time, Rozee might be an option.

      Only my opinion though mate, all might change come March time…no one knows how it's gonna pan out yet…cheers.

      • And I agree with you son Neale is consistent but averages out at 105's ish. Plenty better even Brayshaw maybe Backline is where to save coin NDD

        • DavidC says:

          Neale finished last season with a 5 round average of 127 and a season average of 111.9. One could argue he is underpriced. If Oliver plays more forward as has been suggested, will his average decline? He might not be the lock everyone is suggesting.

        • Gav says:

          Neale averaged 112.6 in 2016, 109.0 in 2017, 111.9 in 2018 all while missing 1 game in that time. Saying Neale averages out at 105ish is just wrong.
          Consistency is what you want from starting picks (players that score 150s and 70s are easier to pick up during the year).

      • BadgerHoney7 says:

        Cheers Rusty, agree with you on Oliver now that I look at it – don’t have a Dees player either so easy swap for Neale. If Cockatoo is ready I’ll go on him – if not I’ll put Settersteal in the FWD line and chuck Walsh in. Cheers mate. How’s your team going?

        • Northernsoul74 says:

          Walsh is expensive. Personally I’m not a fan of the expensive rookies. They really have to have an incredible season to warrant the extra outlay.

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey mate, I've got a rough team in…have already changed it 50 times haha…probably change another 50 times before the JLT is finished.

          Whitfield, Andrews, Blakely, Williams, Logue, Hore—Burgess, Wigg
          Macrae, Danger, Cripps, Oliver, Taranto, Miles, Setterfield, Bewley—Constable, Hind, Wicks
          Grundy, Kreuzer–Fort
          Smith, Dunkley, Wingard, Rozee, Mcadam, Corbett—Parker, Cavarra

    • Derek says:

      Gee wiz, Sicily ahead of Laird. Similar price. I’m a hawks fan and can’t do it.

      Martin could be a good pick and a reasonable starting price. Merrett and MCrouch same price, I’ve got Merrett just ahead.

      Beams comes into a very crowded Pies midfield. Big no.

      Dunkley is a good choice, but I’d still consider either Devon or Heeney for a couple of bucks more, both are locks for top 6 forward

      • BadgerHoney7 says:

        Sis was huge at stages last year and 20 games under his belt is huge for him, get Birch into the side will also free him up more to jump and attack the ball which = intercept marks, have gone Dusty

      • Blueth says:

        Reckon Siss will take the kick in?
        Worth 3-5points a game IMO

  43. BrownlowBoy says:

    Supercoach scores from their first to second season:
    Cripps 39.3 -> 96.3
    Oliver 70.3 -> 111.5
    Bontempelli 78.6 -> 103.2
    J.Selwood 77.3 -> 98.2
    Fyfe 72.6 -> 108

    Just to name a few, so why not Worpel?

  44. Peter says:

    Is Worpel in their class? Happy to be proven wrong, but doubt it

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      What is there class though? In Worpel's first year of under 18's, he was regarded as top 10 selection.

      Not that the number you go in the draft matters when you get a game.

      I'm not saying he will break out, but it is possibly and he does have the opportunity to do it, with no Titch in the midfield.

      From round 18-23, he averaged 87.8, so I believe he is more than capable of boosting that average up into the 90's.

  45. Thats Gold Jerry says:

    WTF ? is that garbage

  46. Westy says:

    Team draft 1
    D Laird, Sicily, Andrews, Birchall, Scrimshaw, Wilkie, McKay, Wigg
    M Macrae, Cripps, Kelly, Martin, Viney, Liberatore, Walsh, Constable, Valente, Bewley, Hind
    R Grundy, Mumford, Bines
    F Danger, Westhoff, Gray, Blakey, Brander, Stengle Cavarra, Parker
    $166k left over

    Team draft 2
    D Laird, Sicily, Williams, Birchall, Logue, Wilkie, McKay, Wigg
    M Cripps, Fyfe, Kelly, Martin, Viney, Bennell, Setterfield, Constable, Valente, Bewley, Hind
    R Grundy, Longer, Fort
    F Danger, Heeney, Gray, Wingard, Blakey, McAdam, Cavarra, Parker
    219k left over

    Preferring draft 2 at the moment.

    Comments / critiques etc all welcome.

  47. BadgerHoney7 says:

    Couple days short of a whole month since an article was released. Come on it’s pre season we need your thoughts!

  48. Whitey says:

    Anyone know about Oliver having shoulder surgery in the off season? Was it major?

    • derek says:

      i read that as well, both shoulders. That is the only small doubt i have, otherwise he is one of the first picked

      • Dukes says:

        He played a game with a broken hand last year and still cracked the ton

    • He did on both shoulders fine now back training with the premiers

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Whats the go with Brayshaw NDD?

        Why is he in the rehab group?
        No info why. Thought u may know?

        • Trained tonight in the rehabs with LEVER and Viney. Stretched out at the end and back in the main group Monday. Slight back niggle according to AARON Davey. No probs

          • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

            Cheers mate
            Knew you would have the intel.

            Love the red and blue connection

            Its either Brayshaw or crouch at M5.

            Thinking Brayshaw as putting in players i.missed on last year

            Mccrae, grundy. brayshaw

            • Talking to Aaron few weeks back and word is Brayshaw is the go to mid .Good to see Liam Jurrah around the club still looks good enough to play

              • Russty_ says:

                Such a shame he never realised his full potential at the Dees Neil, supremely talented player.

                • Yeah Russty not wrong I seen him playing at a local club last year. He had 8 goals to half time barefoot. Aaron Davey and Jesse Hogan were up here as well and Hogan lent him his boots ANOTHER 8 Thank god he didn't have Billings with him A wasted talent no doubt

    • Lazza says:

      The Club reported he had a double Latarjet surgery. It’s normally open surgery. Latarjet is required when there is significant damage and involves cutting bone and tendon from the shoulder blade and then joining it to the shoulder socket to prevent the shoulder popping out. Abblet, Fyfe and Ibbotson had this op. Ablett had issues that dragged on for months … Fyfe was 3 months, Ibbo about 14 weeks… Oliver had his ops in October I think, a few weeks apart .. so he will be eased into contact training through Feb… He could very well be ready by R1, but he plays very vigorous brand of footy… so I’ll be waiting until he has played a few games before bringing him in..

  49. Max says:

    Had a play around with my team and I'm pretty happy with my current version. It'll probably change a few hundred times between now and season start.

    DEF: Whitfield, Blakely, Williams, Roberton, Clark, More (McKay, Willie)

    MID: Cripps, Fyfe, Dusty, MCrouch, Zerrett, Libba, B Smith, Bewley (Constable, Valente, Hind)

    RUC: Grundy, Goldy (Sweet)

    FWD: Danger, Heeney, Wingard, Greene, Setterfield, Burgess (McAdam, Parker)

    Any thoughts appreciated.

    • Russty_ says:

      Giday Max, not a bad effort mate..not sure how much cash you have leftover but I'd be a bit concerned about Roberton, but could be a bargain if he's good to go, not sure which Clark you're naming there and is that Darcy Moore?
      Other cheapy backs to consider might be, Hore, Scrimshaw, Rozee (could swing with Burgess), Logue.
      Bit worried about Libba too but if he's 100% fit and plays well in the JLT, could be worth a shot….I prefer Miles in that kind of price bracket.
      Good luck mate, I'll be changing my team 300 times between now and then too. πŸ™‚

  50. Coniglio, Hanners, Walsh, Constable, Bewley,(3 Rookies). Rucks: Grundy, Gawn, (Fort). Fwd: Danger, Smith, Heeney, Rankine, Settlefield, Corbert, (Parker, Cavarra). Thinking if a good rookie gets a go in the Ruck, I can always trade down to him to free up some cash.

  51. GTA 5 says:

    great work