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The Jock Reynolds team is gearing up for the off-season.

But, as a wise man (Lek) once told me, to look forward, first, you must look back. So, I assembled the crew to look back on our seasons for 2018 and go back through it, to learn from the mistakes, to once again place our minds in the throbbing, pulsating mass that is Supercoach season, and remember the year that was.

Also I wanted to do it because Damo and I had a good season and everyone else was garbage, so it was also part of me putting them in their places. Barron unfortunately couldn’t deal with it and ran off into the hills of Adelaide, but I mean two outta three ain’t bad.

So, without further ado, here is the look back at season 2018. Jump into the comments below and reflect on your season, and start talking shop for 2019.


This award recognises the long service Gary Ablett Junior has provided for Supercoaches over the past 10 seasons, by recognising the best performance on the Supercoach field for 2019.

Patch: Jackson Macrae a million times over. It was on his back I hit rank 35 during the season. Also a shout-out to the community’s champion Toby McLean for being a dead-set gun.
Lekdog: Clayton Oliver and Patrick Cripps. Both are young, both are contested bulls and both are men I’d like to cuddle. Cripps was in everyone’s side but Oliver was a bit of a P.O.D heading into the season, paid off in spades. Both in line for a 2019 selection too!
Kev: Uhh…. Of the on field 22 that started round 1, only 3 made it to round 23 – Titch, Gawn, Dev Smith. Sicily was super handy before injury though.
Damo: Devon Smith and James Sicily.


Patch: Look, maybe not starting with Cripps was an error. Maybe. Possibly. If I had my time over, hypothetically I would consider starting him. Maybe. Michael Walters was also a slightly less intelligent trade-in option.
Lekdog: Matthew Kreuzer, I should’ve listened to Patch. The Cox Curse lives on, no number one ruckman will ever back it up two years in a row again! Flicked him as soon as he got injured but boy did it start my year off on the wrong trajectory. What’s his price going to be in 2019? Asking for a friend.
Kev: Jack Billings, Michael Walters, Shane Savage.
Damo: Tom Liberatore


Patch: Having a good Supercoach side? How did that happen? It seems 2018 truly was the darkest timeline. Also – that gosh heckin darn Cox Curse coming back. Just as well jump on board it, it will break. Will 2019 be the year? (No. No it will not).
Lekdog: That my call on Menegola was right! He averaged over 100 for the year despite a stacked team around him. Too bad a traded him after Round 2 like an idiot.
Kev: Tim Kelly being an absolute jet.
Damo:  We saw a lot kids become men in the wake of some wonderful opportunities and also some unfortunate injuries, and yet people were still weary to pick them, even in the eleventh hour of the season.


Patch: It doesn’t matter how good your early squad is, all it takes is one dodgy trade or a sore hamstring to drop off the face of the earth. Pick durable players.
Lekdog: Don’t trade out premos too early, unless they play in defence, looking at you Hibberd and Hurley.
Kev: Actually bye planning is really helpful. Moved from 14k to 4k over the three weeks.
Damo: Picking someone on form can be the biggest trap, but so can reputation if the form was never there to begin with.


Patch: Jack Billings. Come at me.
Lekdog: Trent Dumont, was bloody good towards the end of 2018. Interested to see how he goes with all these new faces at North.
Kev: Hugh McCluggage and James Harmes.
Damo: Jacob Hopper.

How do you rate your 2018 season, community? What do you want to see from us next season? What off-season content do you want?

Peace out,



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Nice, thanks boys. A focus on rookies is always helpful pre season, Love the player profiles as well.

Doc first picked next year for me!

Bring on 2019.


I know you like Mclean Patch and I bloody hope he doesn't do a Billings next year.
But this year first 10 games 8 tons, last 12 games 2 tons avg 81


A big NO NO for me is not to have holidays come round one and NOT having internet at the arse end of Tassie and couldn't change my pre season side which cost me 4 trades to correct.. It put me behind the 8 ball right from the start….. Good planning during pre season and holding your nerve when it comes to trading players.. My best move for the year was not starting Billings when all were saying he'll have a breakout year.. I seemed to have had all the big guns that had LTI's but oh well there's always next season … Bring it on I say


Hey Gator, yeah next time mate, don't go getting involved in any Kettering incidents, or hunting Tasmanian Devils when you should be Supercoaching…Plus, you could always end up like Piggyboy from Deliverance if you're not careful lol.

Neil demons delight

Think he was looking for a Baldock Hart or a Lyon for the saints Still you got Kent cant complain eh

Neil Demons Delight

I think your top move my friend was getting Macrae early before most got him Brilliant move . I went for Shaw instead that round No Sainters for me 2019 NDD


The Saints make shocking recruitment decisions on the whole mate…I wouldn't trust any of them in the future will be any good. I mean..Hanneberry…really?


You were never going to win anyway.


Hey guys, nice work, all in all I had a pretty average year really, finished around 10,000 th, so went backwards from last year but injuries were a bugger in 2018.
Errors, do-overs I'd change would be… not starting Billings, Petracca, Ellis Yoelman (traded him out too late after he peaked in price), Liam Ryan (wasted 2 trades on him). Didn't start with Cripps or Coniglio and should've. Never got Macrae in..keeping Martin after paying top dollar for him.
Had to play 3 rooks onfield in the last round due to lack of trades so…will try to be more frugal next year.

For next year I'd like to see you guys keep a tighter leash on the nasty multiple personality trolls who sometimes come in here, and deal with them accordingly..either by banning them or making them start a registered intense debate account so they have to log in as their actual selves.

As far as content goes, you guys did really well this year and everyone appreciated you guys righting the ship, even after the late start with the whole Jock leaving thing this season.
Because you run so many articles concurrently during the season, maybe a little marker next to the latest article with the most recent comments could be a good thing? Keep up the good work fellas, cheers.

neil Demons Delight

You're right Russty it was great when the crap disappeared .I would like to see more of Old Ocker Ranger Derek Pieman and Trigg in preseason write ups. A lot of these disappeared when the two morons invaded the sight All offer top advice to all particularly to new coaches


Yeah agree Neil, those guys offer solid learned advice unlike the 2 morons you mentioned who offered nothing but lies and conjecture, not to mention the abuse and constant demeaning of well meaning posters.
The disappointing thing for me when I was trying to get rid of those 2 stains was that I was told, "you can't ban someone for being annoying"…when they were clearly being a pair of abusive egomaniacs.
Hopefully things will change next season as I'm sure those two, especially the one that was banned will try to slime their way back in. They thrive on attention and they got plenty of that here.


No they didn't finish that well actually, they both faded badly at the end because they ran out of trades after they told everyone to trade aggressively to get ahead, and one of them was banned permanently…don't really care if you think I should cop a ban or whatever, you're just another unregistered troll, and for all I know you are them…so, if you don't want to read certain words, go somewhere else, or harden up.


May have faded off but I remember they finished well ahead of you. Embarrassing


Actually, the one who got banned for trying to incite someone to suicide finished about the same rank as me…slipped down thousands of places in the last 4 weeks, embarrassing for you supporting someone of that character.
Then again, you probably are him cause you're too gutless to have a proper identity…good luck with your hatred, must be very satisfying for you.

Rick Grimes

I see Suns delisted Lyons and he's been linked with Brisbane. He's got a big ceiling and was averaging close to 100 in a very average team. Brisbane look on the up and could be a sneaky pod.


You have to love Yeo, Laird and Lloyd up back. They all scored very high and ultimately were the best defensive premiums for the year. I had two, but would give the one I didn't have, Lloyd, the GAJ award if I had him. It's Yeo for me.

Zac Dawson award can't go past Zorko, who averaged less than 80 when I had him and went down in price over 150,000.

The most unexpected thing to happen was coming rank 120,000 one week with a full playing team 🙁

Simply the year where mature-age rookies really stood out in every position through the entire season. Doedee, Kelly, Holman, Fritsch, Ryan.

Jack Billings, Josh Dunkley ready for the super season, but don't forget the bleeding obvious, Tom Lynch

Neil demons delight

Wouldn't get too carried away with either Billings or Lynch .I held both for long periods .Nothing but burnmen would rather have KIRBY.At least fatso could kick


TRADES TRADES TRADES as vice-president of the no-trades left committee I hereby declare weeks 3-5 no trades weeks (but for LTI's >4 weeks).

A bit of background. I traded hard with a view to maximising the cash generation of each position on the park and getting to full premo quicker. This was deliberate strategy. It worked I got to full premo quicker. However, positions lost in last 3-5 rounds for various issues undid all of this good work, and then some.

I don't think its unreasonable to have 1 trade per week left over after getting to full premo, this is a sharp turn-around from my previous thoughts… This would focus on generating the maximum value per trade, rather than maximum value per position, an interesting tweak to my thinking that the value of trade was to get it on field as fast as possible. It also allows for fixing things that are premo but not optimal (e.g. Martin (R2), Grundy in others teams).

Another take-out is my view on mid-pricers, I've normally been a fan, running 17 non-rookies (>$250k) in my starting squad – with a view to capturing the likes to Lloyds etc al (who did, but missed Yeo). I will trim this down. Most teams run 14-16, I'll be back in that range this season.

My best buy was Lloyd. My worst was not buying Grundy when when Kreuzer went down. Would I buy Nic Nat again? No.

All the best and I hope you have learnt from my failed foreay into building a full premo team fast.


PS. Anyone keen on Mummy? And what's his price going to when he finally gets on the park in round 3? As lek says 'asking for a friend'.


Hey RC2, I agree, conserving trades is paramount for next season as it was the last one…I had a strategy where I thought I'd try to save trades but at the same time, try to stay in it rankwise and be there in the top 8 come finals time.
I think thinking about rank too much early on is a mistake as one can always come back and make a good run at a decent rank and do well in Leagues if we are just a bit more patient and bide our time and save those trades.
Fixing things..seems to be all we were doing towards the end, I thought I'd have enough trades to see the season through but ended up playing 3 rookies onfield in my grand final lol…fail!
I think choosing reduced priced premos from the start is much more important than taking the gamble on genuine mid to lower priced players from the start..as well as having all the right rookies.
I also had some midpriced failures but I still think underpriced premos to start with is a good call, but not midpriced (returning from injury/ second chance older players).

The worst thing is when you've made your starting choices thinking they're gonna be good and they end up failing so we have to replace them, burning more trades..on the other hand, if you keep them, and they continue to fail, we end up going backwards compared to others and slip down the rankings..and the League Ladder..so you're damned if you do and if you don't, making starting choices really important.
My takeaway from last season is, not to worry about rank so much in the first half of the season and come back strong in the second half, when others are dropping away, the way to do this is to have trades ready to make moves with…cheers.


Thanks Rusty, I agree it's much more reliable to pick a fallen premo than a breakout contender and having Shane Savage and Christian Petracca was damned if you do and damned if you don't situation. You're on the money for all those playing along at home!

Neil demons delight

Most coaches recently would have opted for the same as you Random given many had around 12 prems and 4 mid pricers. Like you I think this will be a mistake 2019. I intend to go only to M4 G /G rucking and a max of 3 Fwds or defs giving me 9 prems that I hope will stay all year. The 3 saved spots will go to rookies. So even this early my plans are 9 PREMS 4 MIDPRICE and 17 ROOKS as opposed to 12 -4-14 . last year This will see me behind early and at the tail in leagues. I will wait for value prems to appear and swoop with a decent bank . Mummy appeals a lot especially given Gawn's possible role change or rested games Pruess is not there for nothing and that's a worry Gator Russty and myself lost 1000's of spots late thru lack of trades and both of them were near or inside 1000 at one stage.Trades are crucial late cheers


Despite all the innuendo think top 3 will go as predicted.
Walsh, Luko and Rankine.
Pick 4 that is the interesting one.
Whoever saints pick will have a flow on effect in top 10 with the crows looking like grabbing the "slider".

Or do the saints trade pick 4 to GC on the night (someone will do a live trade) for 6 and a sweeter?

They appear to be into king or smith (one of which will still be there at 6) so whats the harm in shaking things up?

GC with 4 could take rozee which would hit port right where it hurts. Birds aint gonna fly if they are a flock.

Port will be so pis$ed at saints will bid on blakey at 5 making swans pay for their man.

Go on saints make it interesting…..

Neil demons delight

The reality is ,Trig, you're talking about the Saints here and they have very little logic when recruiting.They need a King badly and one will be there at 6. Bet they pick the joker


Port or Crows would have to give up 2 early picks to the Saints if they want pick 4.. King standing at 204 cm forward don't really appeal to me.. They need a big bodied mid fielder like The Bont / Fyfe / Cripps type but they wont go that way I bet… They'll go for another midget to with the other garden Gnomes that they've already got…. Don't ask me why I've already paid for my membership, But they might surprise me and win 6 games next season

neil demons delight

Hi Gat They didn't get Hanna and Kent .for no reason .Maybe not quite Bont Fyfe or Cripps but the next rung down. With the poor efforts of your tall forwards King is a must. and as Trigg suggests a deal must be done Maybe with Port to include Watts At least he would feel at home with surrounded by duds Hunter is a chance to move into the mids and Coffield is a big body so all is not that bad


I actually think the Saints need a medium sized mid who has very good foot skills. Your team has a lot of similar inside types as well as Steven who can't really kick and Ross who is an outside player but isn't incredibly damaging. Billings will probably never be a guy who can line up in the centre square (only the wing), but I believe Gresham could be a guy to play that role.


Hi Neil, tend to agree about King, reckon it was a good pickup and if he can get early games, could improve our fwd line and hopefully help our other big forwards to be better too. He does need to put some muscle on though but he does look a very good mark and quite mobile player already.
Trying to be optimistic here cause otherwise it's just all doom and gloom haha


Trust the swans to be two steps ahead!
Found a loophole with Heeney so the AFL changed the rules and tonight have done it again.
kudos they are at the top of their game.

Everyone was scratching their head at their first live trade of pick 26 for a future 3rd rounder.
then bring in blakey for nicks (excuse the pun) – a couple of 3rd round picks

then once that goes through trade with WC again getting pick 24 and back in tthe second round!

shrewd, shrewd head shaking stuff. hats off to you swans.

blues wow!
must love stocker traded 2019 rd 1 pick for him.

midfield starting to grow -cripps, dow, walsh, stocker, setterfield, fisher, SPS

Crows be hoping 2018 is repeated.

Big kahonas SOS.

neil demons delight

Is that the Hedski household .Cat tights The dees picked up peter hore from Collingwood vfl not sure if that's good


I hope we see Irving Mosquito play next year, it'd be cool to have a player in my team called I.Mosquito lol
Just gotta hope he never bites anyone by accident, especially if he's from the Ross River area.

Malcolm Buchanan

Hi all, i am getting excited with the thought of participating once again in a new season (2019) of Supercoach.
Does anyone know when the Heraldsun website opens up for SC Gold members to allow them to start picking their side.


Settle down cobbas or I'll jab ya!

December the team opens up for gold members.

Danger is fwd/mid
Yeo mid only
Whitfield Def/mid
Hoff ruck/fwd


Like the look of that JS…. I wonder who'll be ballsy enough to pick Yeo as mid only


I will have him in my mids! He AVG 107 with that terrible 12 when he tagged danger. With Danger being up FWD I like Yeo as a pod. Will look at Neale too!


How so Pam…care to elaborate?


Some interesting new DPP'S for 19, especially in Mid / Fwd and Ruck / Fwd , some serious thoughts have begun !


Hi John, nice to see you mate, I've only just sparked a tad of interest from myself in the coming year's season, picked a team in the team picker and boy does it look average…hahah, gonna have to do a bunch more research and as usual, listen to alot of the wise heads here before I decide on a final team, it's gonna be a tough one this year I predict, to get a team that has balance with not too many speculative midpricers.
I don't think I can select the 2 best rucks to start…maybe even Danger may have to miss out…It's gonna be challenging for sure!


Hey mate, I'd suggest don't be so concerned about last year's results, I think rookies are a big part of success for this year.
No point having rookies unless they're gonna play and make you money, except for the one you designate as the non scorer.
Also, we may all have to pick several midpricers this year, and the ones who pick the successful ones will prosper, the ones who pick the failures will fall behind badly, really hard to know who either will be yet.
Frankly, I'd be happy with ending up top 5 % like last year…it will be a challenge for sure.