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The AFL Player exchange window, or the AFL Trade Period as it is more widely known, is a wonderful time for SuperCoach, because when players find new homes their relevance on the SuperCoach stage has the chance to skyrocket or crash land.

Sometimes someone gets to a place where their talent can be further exaggerated, or someone gets to a club where their talent can be diluted by the players around them picking up the slack.

But rest assured, while the team at Jock Reynolds is hardly going to be the ones breaking the news, you bet your bottom dollar we’ll be providing the best* analysis in the business. Not that it stopped Patch from breaking the biggest news of the trade period.

*most Simpsons-heavy analysis

The writers here at Jock Reynolds have run the rule over some of the players who joined new clubs this off season, paving the way for Supercoach 2019 planning. Get stuck right in, folks.

Dylan Shiel (Essendon)

Potential price: $500,000
Potential position: Midfielder

Shiel would be a walk up start in most midfields, there are no questions on his work rate and his talent is unquestionable. His disposal efficiency and scoring consistency in the SuperCoach layout is what lets him down. Has always been one of those players we expect to one day breakout but at 25 years old, almost 26, time is running out. Has only ever averaged triple digits once in seven seasons.

The verdict –

Patch: Has made Zach Merrett very lock-ish, but as for Shiel – nah. Disposal efficiency a massive issue for mine and I don’t like speculating on 500k midfielders unless they’re called Lachie Whitfield.
Lek: No, not convinced he can provide consistent enough scoring with a weaker midfield around him.
Damo: Far from a lock, but far from ruled out as well.
Kev: Nah. Ceiling was an issue at GWS and it will be the same story at the Bombers. Not convinced he’ll do the inside grunt work.
Barron: Maybe if he has to do more inside work, but has only averaged triple digits once in 7 seasons. Likely skip for me.

Lachie Neale (Brisbane)

Potential price: $610,000
Potential position: Midfielder

Has averaged at least 109 in SuperCoach in the last 3 years, and averaged 104 in the 2015. One of the most consistent, and most durable midfielders in the SuperCoach layout and will be very reasonably priced given what he could produce at Brisbane in a role that will probably give him a lot more freedom in that workhorse midfield.

The verdict –

Patch: Very much in contention. Depends on how the midfield shakes up and who is cheap or expensive but I wouldn’t be surprised if he lines up in potato colours next year.
Lek: Will be a wonderful P.O.D, in contention for Lekdog’s Puppies in 2019.
Damo: As dead as he is to me, he’s also too good to ignore, too good to let my allegiances get in the way.
Kev: I never gave Lachie the love he deserved because his teammate was a certain Nat Fyfe and I froth on Nathaniel. Will come under strong consideration as a starter in 2019.
Barron: Will be in contention for a spot in my side.


Jesse Hogan (Fremantle)

Potential price: $500,000
Potential position: Forward

Played through the midfield in patches for Melbourne in 2018 while Jack Viney was out and produced some massive numbers, and with Lachie Neale out the door, does he assume the same role and play through the midfield in patches for Fremantle? Who knows. His ability to score consistently has been an issue, but Freo will be trying to get the ball in his hands as much as possible in that forward 50.

The verdict –

Patch: Hugely interested, but get him when his price drops. I hate paying 500k for key forwards and I’m not doing it here. Although if they have a brilliant draw to start with I’d rethink that.
Lek: We’re gonna struggle with forward options but it’s a no from me. Too inconsistent.
Damo: Love that he’s finally now a Docker, but nah.
Kev: Had 8 tons in 2018 and 7 of those were 120+, but also 8 scores under 80. Consistency obviously an issue for Jesse. Can he be the next Pav at Freo? On the edges of my radar.
Barron: Not for me.

Tim Kelly (Geelong)

Potential price: $520,000
Potential position: Midfielder

Was slated to return home after one season at the cattery for family reasons. Is still in Geelong’s uber-midfield, and now priced at top dollar.. Was possibly one of the best rookies we’ve had in a long time in 2018, but his possible price in 2019 means we have to judge whether he’s worth a starting position in our midfield and whether he deserves to stay there because he’s now priced at a premium.

The verdict –

Patch: If he was in a weaker midfield I’d consider him, but at 500k+ it’s a no from me.
Lek: Nope. Second year blues are looming.
Damo: Maybe, but I don’t think he’ll be worth the price tag.
Kev: Kelly needs to be judged now as a premo and not a 117k rookie. His scores from 2018 don’t scream worthy of a 500k+ starter/keeper this year. Pass.
Barron: The greatest rookie of all-time, but won’t pay full price for him.


Will Setterfield (Carlton)

Potential price: $171,000
Potential position: Midfielder/Forward

Will has found a way and has gone to Carlton. He’ll play midfield alongside man mountain Cripps, new kid on the block Paddy Dow, and the former captain Marc Murphy. Watch his progress over the pre-season as he recovers from an ACL, but he should be all but locked into your 2019 SuperCoach side already.

The verdict –

Patch: He bloody lock.
Lek: If he’s named Round 1 he’s in.
Damo: Yes, a thousand times
Kev: Me likey. Only needs to show his fitness in the preseason. Huge lock if he gets DPP status.
Barron: That’s a bingo!

Ryan Clarke (Sydney)

Potential price: $360,000
Potential position: Defender

Not many people may know who Ryan Clarke is, but the now ex North Melbourne half back flanker had a knack for finding the footy as a junior, and his move to the Swans has the chance to reignite that. He said he wanted to get the Swans because of their history of making good players great. Teased us a bit this year at the Kangaroos with four scores above 85 including a 102 and a 106.
The verdict –

Patch: I like him. A lot. Does he fit into a defence line with Docherty and Williams? Maybe. High on the watchlist.
Lek: Was on my shortlist of breakout players at the start of 2018, might be replacing Nic Newman. I’ll consider…a bunch of cheap defenders coming off injury ahead of him though.
Damo: Probably not
Kev: A guns and rookies defence will be the way to go in 2019. Plenty of returning guns to target from long term injuries. One to consider for DFS/Draft leagues if he gets a friendly half back role. No.
Barron: Maybe, but leaning towards a “no” on my immediate gut instinct.

Dan Hannebery (St Kilda)

Potential price: $330,000
Potential position: Midfielder

Dan has been SuperCoach relevant before finishing in the top 10 midfielders a few years ago. Has been hampered by injury which has affected his pre-seasons and then his actual seasons, but a fully fit Hannebery is a sight for sore eyes, and his move to the Saints may just be what he needs to get back to his best. A potential bargain.

The verdict –

Patch: Playing coach. No thank you.
Lek: No. Keep your filthy, old, injury ridden midfielders away from me, plus he can’t bloody kick!
Damo: Pretty close to a yes, I will be monitoring his pre-season.
Kev: I’m in the “Hanners is cooked” camp. Though at that price an end of round 2 correctional trade is a possibility if he comes out and goes bang. No/wait and see
Barron: I don’t think a “fully fit” Hannebery exists anymore, but we’ll have to see how he’s moving through the pre-season first.

Jared Polec (North Melbourne)

Potential price: $525,000
Potential position: Midfielder

Polec has the ability to rack up a lot of good numbers, but it’s his ability to do it consistently which has let him down in the past. Was on a few watchlists early this year due to his great start recording four tons in the first six games, but didn’t reach those heights again with only seven notable scores for the rest of the year. His role at North Melbourne will play a major part in whether or not you should be considering him in 2019, but his price may be the biggest hurdle in the end.

The verdict –

Patch: You couldn’t pay me to pick him. Will only play 15 games.
Lek: Nah, good for Supercoach Draft though.
Damo: No.
Kev: I think at that price you’re picking him as a keeper. Don’t see a 105-110 season from Jared. Pass.
Barron: No, had a very good 2018 season and averaged 94. Won’t be better than that, but as Lek said, one for the draft format.

Aaron Hall (North Melbourne)

Potential price: $430,000
Potential position: Midfielder

Another big tease. Has the ability to return a huge SuperCoach score, but also has the inability to break a tag. 2016 is probably the biggest example of what Hall can do with 10 of the 17 games he played returning scores of 90 or better. Hall’s injury history should be of note as well only playing a full season in 2013, and he didn’t play a lot this year due to a pectoral injury. There are questions over whether he is in North Melbourne’s best 22 in 2019 as well.

The verdict –

Patch: Hot dang he’ll tempt me. He’ll really tempt me, but I can’t see him fitting.
Lek: He’s in the 22 let me tell you that! I love this kid but he’s a no from me.
Damo: On my watchlist.
Kev: If Hall didn’t miss  round 1 2018 I would’ve gone in with him. In games Gaz missed in 2017 he really stood up. More midfield depth at North though, he’ll tempt me but I’ll probably pass.
Barron: He’s teased a lot, but my guts tell me guys with questionable work ethic defensively don’t always have the best job security nowadays.

Anthony Miles (Gold Coast)

Potential price: $400,000?
Potential position: Midfielder

Hard to pinpoint a potential starting price for Anthony Miles given how little he has played for Richmond over the last two years, but regardless he should prove a bargain in 2019. Scored a 90 in his only game for Richmond this year, and scored 102 and 107 in two of the five games he’s played for the Tigers in 2017. He has stated he’s willing to lead the Suns midfield by example, and also plans on taking the heat off the younger brigade in there as well. Put him on your JLT watch list at the very least, because he could be a good cheaper option, which we’ll all need in 2019 when there will likely be 4 or 5 players starting above 700k.

The verdict –

Patch: He’s a mid-priced midfielder, so he’ll have to do something special in the preseason. Probably not cheap enough.
Lek: Might make his way in as an exception to my ‘no mid-priced midfielders’ rule…watching long and hard throughout the JLT.
Damo: Unlikely, but not ruled out.
Kev: I love Snipper but won’t be priced cheap enough to be a worthwhile stepping stone. Another one for DFS/Draft leagues but not for long term SuperCoach.
Barron: Did you consider picking Jarryd Lyons for 2018? If your answer was “no” then it should be the same for Miles. Might get close to 100, but not a keeper.

Sam Lloyd (Western Bulldogs)

Potential price: $400,000?
Potential position: Forward

Like Miles, it’s hard to pinpoint a starting price for Sam Lloyd for similar reasons. He just hasn’t played very much in the last 2 years. Played seven games in 2018, with three scores of 90 or better, and has the ability to produce big VFL numbers. Sam Lloyd is more than likely going to be a direct replacement for Luke Dahlhaus so who knows what kind of score he produces, and the amount of midfield minutes he gets. One for the JLT watchlist.

The verdict –

Patch: A medium-sized forward who can pinch hit in the middle? At this time of year? In this football side? LOCALISED ENTIRELY ON THE HALF FORWARD FLANK? Yes, yes he is. May you pick him? No.
Lek: Forwardline will be a nightmare again in 2019 but Lloyd just won’t produce enough to be in my side.
Damo: Nah.
Kev: He played 22 games in 2016 and averaged 70 playing a high half forward role. Expect a similar role/returns. Pass.
Barron: I would think not.

Rory Lobb (Fremantle)

Potential price: $410,000
Potential position: Ruck/Forward

It’s clear Lobb plays his best footy up forward, where he’ll likely play most of his footy at the Dockers, but he’s a good chance to have his ruck eligibility back next year after mainly playing that role for the Giants this season. The possibility of dual position makes him a lot more attractive for next season, regardless of how up and down his scoring can be.

The verdict –

Patch: If he has DPP I’ll have a long hard think about him. But I doubt it. Could be stellar cover later in the year.
Lek: Pending where he plays at Freo he’s a chance to make my forwardline…there will be some cheap rucks next year so we might need cover.
Damo: On the watchlist
Kev: I love a RUC/FWD swing, so it will be entirely dependent on the footy gods (Champion data) slinging him that sweet, sweet candy/DPP status. Needs to sort out his sleeve situation first. Do you want a sleeve or not, Rory?
Barron: Maybe as a forward he could have potential, but there are obvious risks there.

Chad Wingard (Hawthorn)

Potential price: $480,000
Potential position: Forward

In the second half of 2018, “The Chad” averaged 102.7 over 12 games as a hybrid midfielder/forward. There is a chance he’ll gain midfield eligibility too on the back of that, and if he resumes that same role at Hawthorn, he should be high on your list for 2019.

The verdict –

Patch: Lek’s going to say something picking him to annoy me, I can tell it.
Lek: Even if it’s just to piss Patch off, yes.
Damo: When a player goes to Hawthorn, you can’t rule them out.
Kev: Regular readers will know I’m a yuggggge avocado of pissing Patch off (ILY ❤️). If there’s signs of midfield time at the Hawks that’s a nice price for a forward.
arron: I will consider for sure.
Patch: I hate you all.

Luke Dahlhaus (Geelong)

Potential price: $425,000
Potential position: Forward

Headed to Geelong as a free agent. Once upon a time this man was one of the top scoring most reliable forwards, but recently he’s been very underwhelming, and if he is going to continue to play that pressure forward role then his scoring won’t be up to SuperCoach scratch.

The verdict –

Patch: Inconsistency an issue and will be starved of midfield opportunities. Was serviceable at the Dogs, will be average at the Cats. Pass.
Lek: Nah, doesn’t hit his ceiling enough.
Damo: Pressure forwards don’t always score well, so if reports on his role are true then no.
Kev: Dahl was always at his best as an inside mid, don’t see him getting that role at the Cats. Nope.
Barron: I think his best is behind him, so I won’t pick him.

Reece Conca (Fremantle)

Potential price: $400,000
Potential position: Defender/Midfielder

Will be great for Fremantle, but has never been on the SuperCoach radar except as a rookie. I don’t think this move will put him back on the map, also quite injury prone, and who don’t you select in your defence to bring him in?

The verdict –

Patch: Would be on the watchlist at 200k, but 400k is too much. Not in classic.
Lek: Should be alright for the Dockers but he ain’t gonna score enough. Has to beat out blokes like Docherty, Wilson etc.
Damo: Nope.
Kev: Will keep firing him up in Draftstars where he gets criminally underpriced. Showed some consistency towards the latter half of 2018, but doesn’t score high enough though. Pass.
Barron: Decent player, but don’t think he’ll ever be Supercoach Elite no matter who he plays for.

Jack Scrimshaw (Hawthorn)

Potential price: $175,000
Potential position: Defender

The former top 10 pick is still quite raw and it’s unclear if he’ll play at all for Hawthorn next season, or if his recruitment is part of a long term plan. Has been compared to Scott Pendlebury in the past.

The verdict –

Patch: Depends on his job security. With Scully and Wingard coming in I doubt there’ll be lucrative scoring positions for him. Unlikely.
Lek: If Hawthorn promise to play him he’s in but I reckon we’ll only see him a couple of times in 2019.
Damo: Yes, but I question how often he plays.
Kev: Was a massive fan in his draft year. If he’s there in round 1 I’ll consider but prefer Setters at a similar price.
Barron: Will consider, but job security could be iffy.

Mitch McGovern (Carlton)

Potential price: $380,000
Potential position: Forward

Has McGovern ever been SuperCoach relevant? No, and whether that changes at Carlton all relies on how much supply he gets at Carlton. Has only ever tonned up once in his career, and has never averaged more than 70 in a season. Can he take that next step? Some will rightly doubt it, but a few will be tempted to find out.

The verdict –

Patch: Absolutely not. A forward? Playing for Carlton? Pull the other one, would ya?
Lek: No, might average 80 for the year and that’s not enough.
Damo: No.
Kev: Our SuperCoach forward options will have to be terrible to make me consider Mini Gov/a Carlton forward. No.
Barron: He’s dead to me! Quality player, but inconsistent in his career so far. DFS option only.

Gary Rohan (Geelong)

Potential price: $265,000.
Potential position: Forward

This screams value but It will be interesting to see where Geelong see him playing his best footy for them. Distributing the ball off of half back could provide better scoring opportunities than playing that small forward/winger role like he did at the Swans. Keep an eye on him over the pre-season, if you’re interested.

The verdict –

Patch: I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like Gary Rohan. Ripping bloke I have to say, but I’ll be looking the other way.
Lek: Could be a potential value pick and he’ll tempt a few but more often than not these sorts of selections fail. I’ll pass.
Damo: There might be value here, but I’m saying no at this stage.
Kev: If you pick him you’d want 150k out of him. Gary Rohan as a 400k player? Nah.
Barron: Pick a rookie price player instead.

Tyson Stengle (Adelaide)

Potential price: $160,000
Potential position: Forward

Seen as the heir to Eddie’s pocket, but it looks like Adelaide may be investing in the future. Who knows if he plays at all for Adelaide in 2019, and keeps his place in the team, especially with Shane McAdam on his way through the doors at West Lakes.

The verdict –

Patch: Tyson who? Shane McWhatzisname? Huh? It’s too early to be speculating on rookies. We haven’t even had the draft yet. 
Lek: If he can get a game at the Crows you pick him but I’m not sure he can. Potentially a good downgrade option later in the year.
Damo: On the watchlist, but not sure he gets a game.
Kev: I’ll take the advice of the People’s Mayor of South Australia here. If Barron says avoid, then you avoid.
Barron: Will have competition with McAdam and Murphy for a spot in the 22. Not guaranteed game time at this stage.

George Horlin-Smith (Gold Coast)

Potential price: $335,000
Potential position: Midfielder

Not going to say a lot about George, he’s been in the system for a very long time and hasn’t been on the SuperCoach radar in the past. He can come out and score a massive score well, but it’s his ability to do it consistently that raises the question, and you either need him to raise enough money for you to move him eventually, or score well enough for you to keep him. No history to be confident in him doing either.

The verdict –

Patch: If he’s DPP he’ll suck people in. Don’t get sucked in.
Lek: Even if he plays 22 games in 2019 he isn’t going to produce to a standard we need him to. No.
Damo: Nope.
Kev: Similar boat to Rohan. You’d want a 150k rise out of him to make him a worthwhile pick. I  can’t see George cracking the 500k ceiling. Pass.
Barron: Played enough footy now to know he’s not good enough to pick for Supercoach.


Corey Ellis (Gold Coast)

Potential price: $260,000
Potential position: Defender/Midfielder

The verdict –

Patch: We’d have to be very thin on the ground for rookies to be considering Ellis. Nah.
Lek: I broke the news he’d be debuting.
Damo: At that price, and not a proven performer, you’re better going for a rookie.
Kev: He’s got the tools to be a good player, Corey. Won’t consider until he shows me he can put it all together. Pass.
Barron: Don’t like him at that price, a rookie may average slightly less, but will also cost less and generate more cash.

Ryan Burton (Port Adelaide)

Potential price: $380,000
Potential position: Defender

Was on the cusp of breaking out in 2018 but went backwards, probably with the emergence of James Sicily in that Hawks defence. With no Jared Polec and Jasper Pittard at Port Adelaide, it opens the door for Burton to become a SuperCoach relevant player, playing combined role filling the holes those guys have left behind.

The verdict –

Patch: Awkward price, awkward role, awkward question. Ask me again after I’ve seen him on the park for Port, but I won’t be leaving a spot for him.
Lek: Has the potential to be really good this year. If you’re building a really cheap defence you could certainly slot him in at D4.
Damo: He’s such a tease. Watchlist.
Kev: Defence will be loaded this year so I just can’t fit him in. His second year was very encouraging though and Port like their running backs. A strong JLT might make my resolve to not pick mid pricers crumble. Watch.
Barron: Will consider, but will depend on where he plays. Talk of converting him to a winger, but good he’s versatile enough to fill in down back or forward, which could see him putting up some inconsistent scores.

Kade Kolodjashnij (Melbourne)

Potential price: $370,000
Potential position: Defender

Pretty much exactly what we wrote for Ryan Burton, except we don’t know where he fits into the Melbourne system.

The verdict –

Patch: I’m more interested in seeing how he impacts an underpriced – wait for it – Michael Hibberd. Will they steal points off each other? Will one of them lock down and one run off? What does it do to Salem. Who am I kidding, no.
Lek: No defenders from Melbourne ever again.
Damo: Nope.
Kev: He’s a good get for the Dees but will Kade be a depth player? I can’t see who he will push out of Melbourne’s back 6. I’ll pass.
Barron: I don’t think he’ll be in Melbourne’s best 22 to start the year.

Steven May (Melbourne)

Potential price: $450,000
Potential position: Defender

Steven May scores like a rollercoaster. He’s no Alex Rance, and in that Melbourne system who knows which role he assumes. Does he become Jake Lever while Lever is out with his ACL? Who does he push out, what role does he play. I think he’ll be more of a lockdown defender than the SuperCoach friendly rebounding/intercept type.

The verdict –

Patch: Again, the back line has so many cheap options jostling in front of him. Would have to do a lot to get in front of them. Did someone say sneaky POD?
Damo: And no.
Kev: Will the Dees relieve him of key position duties? Not much gets past him when his marking game is allowed to flourish. Put him on your preseason watch-list as he could be a nice POD.
Barron: Not a fan of big defenders in Supercoach.


A few other trades dropped towards the end of trade period. Dayne Beams has burnt the Lions and headed back to the Pies, will you pay top dollar for an injured premium in a midfield chock-full of stars? Had 13 tons from 21 games, with four of those 140 or more.

Nic Newman will join the Blues’ midfield brigade in 2019. He played 10 rounds in 2018 for an average of 72, so god knows where that leaves his price for next season. Was midfield only, but can he regain that defence eligibility and drop 100k from his finishing price of 300k? –Lekdog hacking the article here, will likely play off halfback and allow Docherty to go through the midfield, strongly considering in my midprice defensive build.


Key defenders Marcus Adams and  Sam Mayes have moved to Brisbane and Port Adelaide respectively, but aren’t likely to be Supercoach relevant. Freo’s biggest pick-up of the trade period Travis Colyer will obviously slot straight into Lachie Neale’s position and you should all select him the second Supercoach opens.

Tom Scully and his ruined ankle moved to Hawthorn, but won’t be likely to play early if media reports are be to be believed, which at this time of year they probably aren’t. Brayden Pruess went from dead-set lock to stuck behind Max Gawn at Melbourne (WHYYYY, Brayden?) to ruin out mid-priced ruck set-up dreams, while Scott Lycett will now be a middling second-string ruckman at another club.

North Melbourne landed Port Adelaide defender Jasper Pittard alongside Polec, while Dean Kent, Tom Hickey, Jackson Thurlow and a whole host of other fantasy irrelevant players moved clubs.

Plus about 300 draft picks changed hands over nine tortuous days of scheming and mechanising.


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Andrew Paddle

Nothing of Tom Lynch?


I knew there was someone we forgot, possibly one of the biggest someones too.

I probably won't be picking him until I see how he fits into Richmond's forward line. One for the watchlist. Unlikely he'll be in my starting team though. I try to avoid key position players at least to begin with..


I knew we'd forget someone. I just can't but feel that it's somehow Patch's fault.

I like Tom but not to start with. I want to see how the 6-6-6 rule plays out (that goes for all big forwards). Richmond do bash it forward so if Tom is one out more often there's plenty of potential there for him to kick a few bags. Potential F7 down the track. Watch.

Rick Grimes

What sort of price you think he'll come in at. Like a long distance calling plan, i'm interested…..verrrrry interested.


He'll likely be around the $425,000 price tag.


Nice one fellas ripping back into it.
Pretty in depth stuff there.

But you all missed the classic with Aaron.
Think Ill take a "hall pass" <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="😁" src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/11/svg/1f601.svg"&gt;

The new rules could be good for the wingers.

So watch on hall, burton and kk. If they get a wing be lots of space to ply their trade..


Good call Trig, Tom Phillips springs to mind as an elite wingman this year


What about the most obvious as a Dangerfield/Gray type situation. Gaff


Great stuff here fellas and all I can say is Lock the Doc

Rick Grimes

Ownership prediction. 80%?


Yeah gotta allow for the tool factor


Cant understand why the pies coughed up pick 18 and a future first round pick for Beams, but barely even made a play for Lynch and May, players we actually NEED. I'm a fan of beams but where does he fit? Treloar, Adams, Pendlebury, Sidebottom and (to a lesser extent) De Goey can all be played as inside midfielders. I have no idea where Beams ends up, maybe Pendlebury drops back into a defensive distributor role that Buckley tried a couple of years back? Who knows


Because neither May or Lynch wanted to go there.


It's pretty strange AuroraBorealis as to why they got him, I really don't know what they can do with Beams, if Pendles declines a little more and they star playing off the wings and flanks more often then it might make some sense. I thought they did make a play for both of them but neither wanted to go there.


Sidebottom will be pushed outside and De Goey up forward as well as Adams in defense


Nice work fellas, I respect your collective love for Neale, he is an underrated gem who still hasn't reached his yearly ceiling in my opinion. At the moment I've got Lachie Neale locked in my side and barring any injuries he will stay there along with Yeo as pod-ish midfielders. I don't care that he's moved clubs, I think he'll score brilliantly regardless.

My tentative midfield is Titch, Fyfe, J Kelly, Neale, Yeo and Dusty. But Fyfe will turn into Danger if Danger has no dpp and Dusty could also become Merrett or Crouch (Dusty has the ceiling but he's always niggled).

Who does everyone else plan on starting in the Middle?


Love the Dusty call, Pizza. With Lynch's contested marking Dusty isn't really needed as much in the F50 now. Should spend more time on the ball. Haven't decided on a midfield yet, but Macrae/Hunter won't be far away


Thanks Kev, like you said it's only likely to help dusty's scoring through next year even though I reckon his main problem this year was niggling injuries, which he seems to have issues with fairly regularly. In the second half of the year Dusty spent a lot less time forward and started to play a bit better and I think he's highly unlikely to get DPP. He does have the ceiling as a scorer that I think most players around his price next year lack but I will still pay close attention to Crouch and Merrett. The problem with those two include Crouch's poor kicking (which he has reverted back to) and Merrett's potential to be tagged and lack of high scoring potential.


Proven guns to M7 and maybe a fully recovered former gun at M8 if he's under 320k -smurfy


Looks like the Blues have already penciled in the #1 pick for next years draft. How stupid is that Silvagni bloke? Have a look at the muppets that he's drafted previously and then add the bunch of 'inconsistent and injured wannabe-but never will be's' he wasted picks on this year. Now he wants to sell this years #1 pick wtf! The dopey fool will probably accept two 3rd round picks for it if anybody wants to make an offer


Are you joking?
We got Mcgovern, a good, young key forward who is dominant as a third tall which fits our team well.
We got a 2nd year player, pick number 6. Goes well with our acquisition of Andrew Russel who will help get him back on his feet.
We got a premiership small forward in a one year deal
We got a fringe player for a future 4th rounder.
Oh and maybe we have 4 senior positions left, will use one on Walsh, one on Barlow and one on each of Hickmott and Silvagni (Father Sons predicted to go low in the draft)
Then we should have filled our list well


Haha Kudos on your optimism but that's not what really happened is it?
In reality you got Adelaides 5th best fwd who only averages 1 goal p/game and 12 games p/year he was pick 43 in 2014 draft and has gone backwards. for him you swapped PICK 13 and McAdam (a player Adelaide rates higher than McGovern) and a 5th round pick next year. No wonder the crows are laughing pick 13 will get an absolute gun in this draft.
Next is setterfield a bloke who was only average in the Neafl and couldn't break into the senior team despite them having so many injuries. He's looking like another Mathew Kennedy (pick 13) at best but more likely another Kristian Jaksch (pick 12) both relative spuds. for him you paid next years 2nd round pick (probably pick 19) and pick 43 for this year. Giants very happy
Then you gave pick 57 for Fasolo, an overweight and over-rated has-been who would have been de-listed. Pies can't believe their luck on that one.
Then you parted with a 4th round pick to get Newman another player that would have been de-listed.
Left yourselves with pick 1 but no 2nd or 3rd round picks your second pick is 69 that you'll probably use on a bloke who appears to be the worst Silvagni to ever play the game!
Even for a team that's as consistently bad as Carlton is that is not a good trade period.


Think you're being too harsh on Newman, he'll be a handy pickup for the blues


Troll Rating 2/10


You guys are too GWS focused and where a player is taken in a draft doesn't mean much, Pickett was a #4 and you got him and a future 2nd round pick in the Marchbank deal, you paid a future 1st round pick and two 3rd round picks. Then you gave up another pick to get Rhys Palmer also from the giants


I think Cripps, Dangerfield, Dusty, Neale and Neale should be a good combination of uninterrupted preseason


You guys are a bit dopey. Go ahead and 'Lock' Setterfield who was only named in the best in NEAFL on 3 occaisions!
$170K for another spud that wasn't even good enough for the giants to say "lets see how he goes" when they were considering playing with 21 due to injuries.
SoS is the worst list manager in the history of list managers here are a few other Giants 'Guns' he managed to poach. Kristian Jaksch, Rhys Palmer, Jarrod Pickett, Mathew Kennedy all of them 1st round draft picks except Palmer and all of them spuds that struggled in the VFL except Kennedy who struggles at AFL level.
Do some research guys


Why don't you keep the same username everytime you comment FootyGenius?


"Do some research guys" says the guy who thinks Stephen Silvagni traded the first round pick for Jaksch. Stephen Silvagni gave up Jaksch for the first round pick, he was working at GWS.


Is someone starting up a Big Bash league?


I'll get onto it in the next day or two BB.

Melbourne Cup 2018

"The ground is terrible and he didn't care for everything. He was beaten after about a furlong, I think." Wohler said.
"Jamie (Spencer) said he kept running on delicate ground a year ago, however delicate ground is altogether different to the terrible ground we had here today. Melbourne Cup 2018
"That (Melbourne Cup) is as yet the arrangement. He needs to go into isolate one week from now.
"I figure he will most likely go directly to the Melbourne Cup and Jamie will ride him. That is the reason he came to ride him today."


Was thinking of starting Big Mummy if he made the come back,, But that idea has now been sniffed out


The Chad might have point to prove next year after todays comments