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Who had a HAPPY Ending??

Weekend Wrap.

The grand final!

Well how about that? The grand final pretty much had everything you could possibly want. For the neutral supporter it proved to be one of the better grand finals we have seen for quite a while.

There was as some put it, the cover band for the black eyed peas, stars on every line, drama a plenty for the pies, with their banner torn to shreds before the players could run through it, a runner who didn’t live up to his name and put the perfect block on for Yeo, but we won’t go any further on blocks as the pies amongst us may get upset.

The pies flew out of the blocks. I mean could you have scripted it any better? Varcoe to kick the first goal after his sister was tragically taken playing the sport and then the rising star rising on the biggest day and booting two in succession. West Coast looked like a deer in the headlights and were spooked making a number of mistakes before settling late in the quarter. But once they settled and got the game back on their terms the tide started to turn to set up an Eagles victory.

The taggers did a fantastic job of quelling the influence of the two most damaging players in sidebum and yeo but with the tag going to Yeo Shuey on your boot played one of the most compete games in finals history. He was everywhere, having the ball on a string, but also getting the ball back when he didn’t have it. He was outstanding and despite Taylor’s best effort was most deserving of the Norm Smith. Well done Luke, pleasure to watch mate.

The last 10 minutes of the game was frantic with tackle after tackle laid, neither side giving an inch but this game always has room for a hero or two and cometh the moment cometh the man. Enter McGovern with the ball kicked into the pies forward line he rose above his component to take another contested mark. With cat like reflexes as soon as he hit the ground he kicked the ball with precision to Vardy in the middle. Vardy kicked the ball wide where Ryan rose like an eagle and took a screamer on the wing. He kicked the ball into the forward line where Sheed took a mark deep in the pocket. The importance of this kick cannot be under estimated. With only minutes to go, deep in the pocket with the pie supporters hurling abuse at him, Sheed does what footballers these days don’t. Instead of kicking a banana he kicks the ball straight and it sails through the goal. The iceman ices the game as it turns out that’s the ball game. It will be remembered as one those moments that was heard around the country. Elation in the west, devastation in the borough of Collingwood.

Congrats Eagles, 2018 Premiers.


This week was the final week for the Happy Ending. Defying Deafness blew the opposition away with a massive score of 1,316 which was over 200 ahead the next bum. This massive score was due to the move of the entire series by not only placing the captain vest on Shuey who scored 168 but also nominating him as the Norm Smith. That is a total of 436 from one player.

Outrageously good deafness in fact damn right Brilliant!!

The table for the top 5 scorers for the grand final can be found below:

  1. Was this move enough for Deafness to win the Happy Ending Series?

Ans: No – Just.

The winner of this year’s Happy Ending is:


The final leader board can be found below:

Congrats Shake on a hard fought victory.

Let’s have a look at how he achieved this success:


4th highest score round 1 – 1,664

5th highest score round 2 – 1,290

2nd highest score round 3 – 1,317

14th highest score Grand final – 1,042

So it looks like Shake N Bake set his win up early featuring in the top 5 in the first 3 weeks of the finals series and then clung on to win from a fast finishing teamdeafness.

I have attached the table below so you can see where you finished overall.

Shake n Bake 5313
Deafness (Defying) 5287
Borealis 5258
Chartomben 5255
dontblushbaby 5244
WT Foxtrot 5234
Hedskis Burnmen 5143
Kiwisrule 5139
Capt Obvious 5109
Ahmad Rubas 5109
The Kelly Gang 5000
Clovelly Sharks 4985
Demons Delight 4969
Benny O 4904
Brownlow Boy 4885
Bundeena Bunnies 4861
magic mullet 4844
Great Fact Hunt 4838
Gator59 4788
Russty_ 4709
Randomcliche 4709
James 4706
Damo 3901
Finnius 2959
Raging Yeti 2868
Arazyzz 2808
Lekdog’s Puppies 2716
Tyruddanaut 2612
Josh Kelly 1553
D-Train Gunners 1499


So kudos Shake –you are the man and the one to beat next year.

Thanks everyone

Hope you all had and enjoyed your happy ending.

Gone to my happy place see you next season.


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Thanks again Trigga, will be back when BBL SC opens with some league codes for those who are keen.
Enjoy the off season all. 👍


Yeah count me in Hedski with the BBL… A great finals campaign to all and a BIG THANKS TO TRIGGA AGAIN


Me too


thanks fellas, see ya fellas.


Take care Derek, see you in a few months 🙂


Thanks Trigga and everyone else , 2019 will come around quickly ,catch you all then


Still hard to stomach Saturday. Took my little fella to his 1st gf and poor kid took it hard! I told him you dont play for them so all you can do is support them so thats all you can do. Thx for putting this finals thing on Trigga ill were the win with a badge of honour!


Hey Shake, terribly bad luck for the Pies, they deserved to be there and were in with a real shot for the most part…nothing to be ashamed of and hopefully your boy knows that…Pies will do well next season…cheers.


Well done Shake!…great run in the last week and bad luck to DM…thanks again Trigga for making this all possible, was all a bit of fun mate 🙂

Great fact hunt

Hi rusty, just wondering if we can look at each other’s side in the pga just to compare how I am going


Hi GFH, yeah mate easy, I had a busy week and forgot about the cutoff date which is usually Wednesday and forgot to enter for the first week, but just go to Leagues and you can view other's teams, hopefully I'll be able to catch up..still 42 weeks to go lol
I'm also in these Leagues if you want to join up…cheers.
PGA TOUR Experts
Aussie Selection

Anyone else who likes Golf join the Jock Reynolds League on

Great fact hunt

Not much catching will be required butchered the first round. Good luck and thanks


Thanks fellas 👍

Next stop BBL


ESPN NBA Fantasy anyone?