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It’s right there in the title community, the season is over but this isn’t the end.

We have a bunch of content on the way including a breakdown of all the contributors seasons, a special article written by one of you and of course more podcasts…at least until Patch’s body is recovered…from party mode…because he’s ok…he’s at a party.

It has been a bloody pleasure doing the podcast this year guys and we can’t thank you enough for being involved! Like I said, it’s not the end but it’s a nice time to reflect.

Make sure you check out Damo’s new podcast on Wednesday here and hit him up on Twitter here.

Now a couple of questions for you community, what were your best and worst trades for the year? Which strating pick did you nail and which was a fail?


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Thanks Community for all your help this season and Cheers to the JockReynolds Crew for posting valuable content every week through another busy season!


Onya Corey…make sure you get yourself into some of the regular top leagues next year mate,maybe make yourself an Intense debate account so no flog can impersonate or steal your identity.
It's free and doesn't take much time.


Cheers Rusty I might take you up on that idea! Sounds like a rewarding job


Done Russty look forward to tackling 2019 season!


Nice one Corey, now you're not hijackable, see you in the new season mate.


You're the only flog who hijacks accounts Russty


Am I?…I wasn't aware of that, funny story though.


Thanks to Lek, Patch, Damo & the crew for running this site and the podcasts in 2018. I’ve really enjoyed this roller- coaster season, the usual banter and great community help.
Hope it all continues into next season.


Pod on fellas.
It aint over till its over….

As I stare into the mirror the reflection shows:
Best starting picks;
Titch, cogs, cripps, gawn, smith, ryan, heeney, danger and all the relevant rookies.

Worst starting picks;
Kruezer, billings, walters – he was good, bad, bad

Best trades
Billings – Mclean (rd 4)
Finalyson – Lloyd (rd 9)
Murray – beams (rd 11)

If i had my time again
1. Wouldnt have traded Kelly out so early. Rookie of 2018. Would have been handy through byes.
2. Would have brought in Macrae instead of Crouch for J kelly when they were the same price.
3. Would have traded Ryan to Brayshaw after the bye.
4. Traded Fyfe to Neale instead of JPK
5. Found a way to bring in Grundy or started him instead of Kruez!
6. Biggest disappointment esp in back end of year = hurley.

And that's all she wrote.
10 trades on injuries
And didn't have macrae, brayshaw or grundy which was pretty much the ball game. <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="🙄" src=""&gt;


Not too bad mate compared to my failure list haha, can't wait for the happy Ending Finals Series coming soon to a theatre near you!…:)


Great Podcast again fellas, great to already be looking forward. Joey Daniher will actually be priced at 280k according to this years prices because he averaged 56.9 and gets the 10% discount that Coniglio did for only playing 7 games. Someone I've got locked in my side if fit because the upside and potential as a mid pricer is massive given he can simply be a stepping stone. He will be more than 280k of course because prices are continually inflated. Greene is a great pick I agree but I think there's practically zero chance Yeo gets dpp, he'll be mid only and I have him pencilled as an early pod capable of taking that next step. You need to start over 35% of centre bounces in the backline and he's probably only spent about 15% there. I don't think this has ever changed and CD don't have any genuine reason to give us less forwards, maybe teams just don't start the likes of Zorko and Dusty in the forward line at CB's like they used to. Parker, Bont, Menegola and probably danger all look likely to get DPP.

Also starting prices are not based on finishing prices Lek but are based on averages from the year before. And if you play under a certain amount of games that's another discount.


What is the magic number. Season average x $5559?


Hey Derek, does that equation remain constant every year?…seems to work out.


I just figured out Danier's price by finding players who averaged about the same as him last year and looking at their starting prices. I then subtracted 10% because Coniglio got a 10% discount from playing 7 games in 2017, there's this number that keeps increasing year after year, I don't know why. Players prices are being inflated by over 10%


Cheers Pizza, seems like they're trying to keep it like the scoring system during the year…a bit of a mystery!


The price per point for the past 3 years has been ~ $5,497.


It was in fact 5497 this year but was less than that the year before, about 5442 and 5395 the year before that


Hey guys, I'll post my starting and finishing squads for comparison's sake to analyse which trades were passes and fails…

Starting Squad round 1
Laird, Ryan, Bonner, Doedee, Murray, Naughton —O'Connor, Keefe
Fyfe (vc) Mitchell (C), Oliver, Whitfield, Heeney, Armitage, Andrew Brayshaw, Holman—Danger, Finlayson, T.Kelly
Gawn, Nank—-Olango
D.Smith, Siciflog, Petracca, Billings, Christensen, Fogarty—Garlett, Fritsch
1st round score 2308.

Finishing Squad round 23

Lloyd, Yeo, Simpson, Laird, McDonald, Mihocek—-Ryan, Lynch
Danger, Martin, Mitchell, Pendles, Cripps, Heeney, Oliver, Ahern—-Rockliff, O'Connor, J.Smith
Gawn, Grundy—Olango
Smith, Westhoff, Gray, McLean, Higgins, Keefe—Buddy, Hogan
Round 23 score 2385.

Ran out of trades on the second last week, the same week Hogan, Ryan, Rockliff were out, last week was Buddy, had to rely on bench players.

Bonner was ok to start but in the end was a fail, Armitage had a few good scores but then got dropped…fail,
Murray, Naughton and Doedee were good stepping stones to better players.
Whitfield to Martin at top dollar was a fail trade, should've kept Whitfield. Went Armitage to Ellis Yoelman, was good for a few weeks but didn't trade him out at top dollar before he faded…fail. Brayshaw and Holman were upgraded and provided some good scores, pass.
Nank to Grundy was a pass.
Billings started out ok but was a fail…bigtime.
Rockliff was a big fail also..he's in the never again list even though this was my first time ever having him.
Billings to Hogan was a pass but ended up a fail, Petracca a fail, Christensen started ok but was a fail, Fogarty big fail.
P.S probably could've held T.Kelly all year but he did get me Kade Simmo in whilst Naughton out for J.Smith, also a fail.
Worst fail was running out of trades in the second last week, due to decimating injuries.
Bottom line is I think, make sure you have 8 trades before finals start..or you're screwed, and it will only get worse.

Not starting Cripps and Cogs was probably my biggest blunder this year, I knew I should've..but didn't, opting for Whitfield and Armitage instead, bad move lol


Geez some lineball calls there rust.
Some worked some didnt.
No cookie cutter for you bud.

Problem with holding trades is like me you are in some fiercely competitive leagues where only % separates the top 8 so to hold trades /rooks too long means you head south down the ladder and become a spectactor come finals time with trades in hand.

It really is a balancing act …🤹‍♂️


Yeah mate, the second last week really shafted me with Hogan, Ryan and Rocky all going down…all good though, I still enjoyed the ride and will look forward to it all again next year.
Yeah holding trades is hard, but hurts more when you're down to the last 2 weeks and have no ammo left…then you're just fodder…haha.
Still, was in with 5 chances at grand Finals with 2 weeks to go, but only ended up in one…and got


Yeah not the best call in the world, had him in previous seasons and he always seemed to fail to reach uber premo status, guess this year was the year. Got him in round 15 at least for Holman.




That just says it all about StKilda this year, he plays 2 pretty good games, then gets dropped for some unknown reason, and now this…It's like they're being paid to fail.
Richo's days are shortly numbered me thinks.


If not picked up by a club they will re rookie him


Literally every club should be looking at him


Be good to see him go back to the Pies and succeed. Freeman and Scharenberg must be about the unluckiest draft haul in history for two kids of that kind of talent.


Adam Kingsley to Richmond and Brendon Lade to Saints along with Ratten from Hawks to Saints .. Freeman will get re rookied , I hope


Trades – Instead of working on 30 , I'm going to try and be diligent and work 26 until WK 1 of the Finals in 19, easy to say now isn't it.


So easy


The way this year's gone, I think we'd need 8 trades going into finals.


Well after a shocker first half of the year i came out of the byes and went BANG! Averaged over 2500 from then till years end bringing me to a respectable final rank of 2965. To top of a solid year I was lucky enough to win the big dance in Trigs happy place league. Knocking off the legend himself moustachio. Cheers boys for a great year and hopefully il have a chance next year to defend my title against some of the big fish from here again


My one major regret was swapping out grundy for kreuzer last minute because i had some extra cash. Had grundy all preseason but made the switch. Took me 6 weeks to be able to bring him in and get rid of kreuzer. Cost me a few trdes because i had to trade olango early to cover the kreuzer injury then later drop the bloke after hed bled about 100k, meanwhile grundy had made 100 himself.

Benching greene week 2 and forgetting i still had him till r10 was also a minor issue but it was my own bloody fault. Flicked him off for the hoff after his bye who worked great for me.

Under performing premos like zerrett and zorko hurt me early. Zerrett turned it around. Not so aure about zorko tho. In hind sight i probably should have moved him on but held him for the year in the end.

A few honourable mentions from the starting squad: sicily titch laird danger neale heeney gawn d smith and cripps

Was also lucky enough to nail all the starting rooks. T kelly doedee murray and finlayson which certainly helped


The problem was he showed glimpses of magnificense giving hope that he could turn it around. His ceiling was still huge however the low scores are what really hurt. If he knocked out more 80s and 90s rather than 140s and 50s i would have moved him on but that damn ceiling is what kept him in the team


No one would've expected him to have his worse season since 2013 Kyle..the tagging didn't help your cause much either, so no bad on your part there, he'll be 30 by the time next season rolls around so maybe past his best now.


Thats quite possible rusty. On the flip side at a massively discounted starting price in 2019 he could potentially be a massive bargain and after this year i cant see many people starting him. Will be very interesting to see how he pans out over the pre season and next year


Got a feeling he'll still be over 500K to start next year mate…he actually had a really great midseason he's definitely still capable of it, reckon there'll be a lot of choices in the mids around that price though, and younger up and comers.


Thanks for the year fellas.

Considering many thought this year there may not have even been a JR community, Lek, Patch, Barron, Kev, Damo, Post MaSloane, and Big Carl, thanks for everything.

What you've been able to put together for the community despite the holy trinity taking a break has been unbelievable, and you should all be congratulated.

Long Live Jock Reynolds.


My season review FWIW.
Had my most successful season finishing with a rank of 860. Started off slow around the 20k mark , but started to pull it back from around rounds 8-9 and then jumped up inside top 3k during the byes although not having planned for them.
Made some rookie errors in my starting lineup , petracca , T bell , Hibberd . Although what really hurt was the lack of cash gen in a lot of rookies. I had all the must haves at the start, but also had the likes of ZGL, Ryan, LDU, Garlett, Barry and Duman who were all traded out for less than $100k price rise.

Starting line up
Laird, Lloyd , hibberd, Sicily, Doedee , finlayson, ( Murray, naughton)

Dusty, titch, Oliver, Fyfe, A.brayshaw, LDU, banfield , T kelly ( Danger, Holman, Barry)

Gawn, nank ( de koning)

Heeney, Smith, petracca, bell, English, fritsch ( ZGL, garlett)

Final team
Laird, Lloyd, Simpson, hurn, Yeo, brayshaw (Ridley, Lynch)

Dusty, danger, titch, Oliver, Macrae , jPK, Pendlebury, cripps ( Higgins, spar go, Ahern)

Gawn, Grundy ( de koning)

Heeney, Smith, Gunston, De Goey, McLean, Westhoff ( t Smith, battle)


Hey Dognino, considering the lack of cash generation from your rookies, that's a great finish to be in the top 1000 and with a really strong finishing team…well done.


Had to compromise and pick up some bargains along the way. JPK and Pendlebury in the miss for under 450k each, Gunston and De Goey in the forwards for about the same. It was a rollercoaster with those guys, but they all did their part to get me wins. A couple of trades up my sleeve and I could’ve gone out with a Big Bang as I would’ve traded De Goey and McLean if I’d had the trades, I had 140k in the bank as my last 4 trades were all LTI players at their peak. Got my highest score for the season in the GF anyways tho haha


Always good to finish on a high..and that's the best high you could finish on. 🙂
How many Grand Finals did you win?


Poor starting picks – Zorko, Greene, Hibberd,
Good starting picks, well up to the GF that is – Franklin, Gawn, Titch, Oliver, Doedee, Richards, Naughton, Murray, Stephenson, Kelly, Laird, Danger, McKean.
Best trades – Fyfe to Cripps, Holman to J Kelly, Hibberd to Merret, Greene to Sicily, Banfield to Westhoff, Richards to Lloyd, Nank to Grundy, Stephenson to Bont, Naughton to Yeo, J Kelly to Macrae, Sicily to Brayshaw


Are they kidding?
How could Macrae not make the AA team??
And no Lloyd or Simpson.
Shane Edwards over Dusty?

Must have been watching a different season to me.
At least they got Gawn/Grundy in team.


Lloyd and Simmo should've been first picked in the backline, and Macrae should've been automatic..not that the All Australian team really means anything, at least in American Baseball, when players get picked as allstars, they actually play a game against eachother.
How do McGovern and Rancey pants get in there before Lloyd and Simmo?


Because of the way they defend I guess. Its not all about possessions. McGovern recorded the most intercept marks in a season this year. I'd like to know why Franklin was made captain.


Dusty made the team.

Franklin over Hawkins is a joke, and the biggest joke was making him captain.


Ben Brown makes it before Hawkings imo.


Yeah I think Franklin makes it before both, wouldn't put him captain though.


Whoops missed him. Looked late on phone last night.
My bad. 🙈

neil demons delight

good to see they got Gawn /Grundy right but LLOYD what a joke..Macrae had a lot of time out so he was always touch and go Good to see Oliver rewarded


Oh and smith
Most tackles in Afl #1 pressure fwd.

All he got was chirping crickets


3 way trade:
Carlton get D.Shiel and M.McGovern.
Adelaide get Pick 1.
GWS get pick 8 and pick swaps later in the draft.


I think GWS get pick 1 in that scenario. You must be an Adelaide supporter.


pretty solid trade.
shiel is 25 and a half and worth about a pick 5-6 imo, throw gws another pick in the mid/late 20s.
adelaide would get pick 1 for – pick 8 and mcgovern.
2 established players like that carlton could not pass on even for pick 1.


I hear the Hawks want both of them. I know which club I would be picking if I was them


Hawks always get labelled because it sells papers. Going to North…not so much. North have $. As a Hawks supported though I'd be happy with both!


Hawthorn don't have anything good enough (draft picks) to satisfy Adel or GWS as both players are under contract.
Carlton will pay the players more $$$ as well.
A.Hall is possibly going to Carlton – if they can land all 3 it would be good for the competition. 2 wins and 59% was brutal! Melbourne's 23-28 ranked players on the list are in Carlton's best 18 so they should look to make a deal there too.

North offering huuuuge money for Kelly last time and Gaff this season – i hope they get their man.

Hawks will pony up the cash for a free agent though i have no doubt. Their list manager said they are not in a position to trade away early picks short of being blown away in a deal.


Hey guys, anyone gonna be doing the Supercoach BBL series this year?..starts in December, I've never done it before but would be interested in joining some Leagues if anyone is running them…cheers.


Yeah I'll be doin it Russty, will post leagues before it starts, had a few guys off here last few years.
Bring on the happy ending first!


Hey Hed, yeah cool mate, happy ending first and then BBL, and then Golf, Beach and supercoach haha


Like it


I’m down for that, love the BBL always gives me another excuse to watch cricket everyday over the summer!

neil demons delight

Tough gig Russty but fun.Take in all the advice you can


Yeah time to do some research Neil, I know nothing about BBL…lol


I played BBL last year, but the planning for double game and No game weeks did my head in


Reflecting on my 2018 SC year

1. Bad premo/mid starters:
•Started Ryder, injured in Rd2 traded him for NicNat, who does his knee and traded out Rd20

2. Bad rookies:
•Garlett & D Barry (still on my bench).
•D Fogarty traded out Rd2
•Davies-Uniacke traded out Rd4

3. Bad trades:
•Trading in L Ryan in Round 10 and not Brayshaw
•Trading in Hurley in Round 18 and not Brayshaw
•Walters in

4. Best decisions:
•Starting J Lloyd
•Not starting Dusty
•Starting Gray despite not playing first week
•Trading in M Crouch at 480k

5. Other:
•Dodged bullets: Gaff, Treloar
•Generally, I found going a bit early on cashing in rookies was better than squeezing last dollar out as I have done in previous

Funny Jokes

Really so funny.. Keep it up !
Funny Status Lines


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