NRL SuperCoach Podcast – Grand Final Edition

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Cowboy’s NRL SuperCoach Points Per Minute Podcast.

It’s the final countdown, no stuffing around. Listen to Cowboy now.

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Ignore the mistake when I said Kikau rather than Katoa :P. I was talking about the CTWS so I'm sure you'll figure it out haha


Hey Coach, Round 2 done. 1,127 scored. Moved up from 30K to 13K.
I know it's a cardinal sin but I dropped Gall and brought in J Trbojevic.
I know they both have -ve breakeven, but I've moved Havili out for Cook. Cook is playing like an all season keeper.


Hey Westy
I don't think it's a sin when Gal is producing the stats of a mid-ranger and Jurbo is tearing it up. Solid
Actually funny you mentioned that because I was going to mention the Havili > Cook trade in my podcast this week – reason being the cash gen is massively different and so is the output. You've made some solid trades in moving forward mate.


Gal to jakeT is a no brainer! No shame culling a premo like gal when he is play as bad as he is! I chopped him last week for Johnson as he looks like Father Time has caught up! I bashed out a 1233 last week which made up for my horrible rd1 score! Bringing in Mathison for Nikorima (my failed POD pick and Pangai Jr in for Latu! Keeping the captain on Teddy!


I fiddled some more.
Gallen & TKO out – Pangai and Matterson in. I figure if Matterson continues in this form, it's possible to move him to a CTW to deal with a cash cow rook in the CTWs and bring in a high scoring FWD.


Have over 500K in cash so will do Havili to Cook next week.


Not such a good week. 838 points – TPJ injured, Watson injured. Rapana, Cartwright, Scott pumping out rookie numbers. Poor numbers for keepers like Thurston, Johnson (capt for the week), Trbojevic and Tedesco.

Havili and Cook are effectively keeping pace with each other at the moment in terms of respective cash generation, so will hold that trade another week.

Proposed changes – Watson and Scott to Keary (replace injury with big points) and Faitala-Mariner (about double the points of Scott for little more money). Thurston to captain. 267K in cash.


i prefer C Murray to Faitala Mariner. reckon hes a keeper this season. 60 point guy purely base stats so uber consistent… disregard his first game as he was nursing an ankle injury. Keary looks good if u dont have money for Johnson or Widdop. (picked up WIDDOP last week! 173 bloody points… took the armband off him though which would have been HUGE)


kennar out tomorrows game with a hammy injury guys!


VC on thurston tonight? captain widdop for another big one?!


Tragic week. 873 points
Tanginoa, Nicholls, Thurston, Smith, Rapana, L Croker & Carty – what are you doing lads? Heal quickly, Tang.
Plus I missed Johnson's out.
Kennar and Pangai already on bench injured.
Had Smith and Thurston as VC & C.
(Sobs quietly in corner)

New week – bring it on!

changes – Cartwright out Arrow in


Late change – Ditched Rapana for Sami – Rapana then scored 15 points (so surely Sami can outscore that).


Jai Arrow for the win.




Hey Coach,

Hope you're doing well.

Current team The 17 are on the left side of the hyphen
HOK Smith – Havili
FRF Kikau, Rochow, Lodge (E) – Pangai
2RF J Trbojevic, Arrow, Matterson, Faitala-Mariner (E) – Tanginoa, Nicholls
HFB Thurston – L Croker
5/8 Johnson (v), Keary (E)
CTW J Croker, Hiku, Sami, Kennar – Isaako, Jennings, Lomax
FLB T Trbojevic (c), Tedesco (E)

Brought in J Trbojevic and Jennings this week for Brown and Douehi.

27 trades left & $264K in the bank. Projected 1191. Unless there are injuries, that's just about set and forget until the byes (once I put in a replacement for Tanginoa).

It's a bit weird when Smith and Thurston are 2 of the poorer performers in your 17, and are still both averaging about 55.
Equally weird when Tedesco and Keary are emergencies averaging over 60!


Hey Westy! Busy as hell and sorry I didn't see this in time. How are you going this season mate?

Your team always looks solid, it's hard to give you much feedback haha.

WOW late to the party with Jurbo although it looks like you spent the many saved in a good way. Oh mate it's been a weird season hasn't it. I have faith in JT mate. He scored above 50 PPG against the tough opponents in the opening rounds. Seen a few coaches throwing the C on him this week. Ballsy but at least people are keeping the faith.

good to hear from you mate!


Thanks Coach, think bringing in Matterson weeks ago did well.
In this week Sorensen Fifita
Out this week Lodge Sami

Hope the work takeover doesn’t muck you round.


Hey lads! Sorry I've been MIA due to a takeover at work. I hope you're all smashing it this season.


Think Moses Mmbye has Merritt Cowboy has 3 of the worst defensive teams in a row coming up and bye coverage with no international duties, playing 2 of the next 3 at Belmore is key to my thinking, already have SJ.Milford Munster .??
JT to him, 15 trades left ranked 950 .
Also are you nuffing out yet???



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