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We’ve made it! SuperCoach Grand Finals across the land are just days away

Top 8, bottom 8, cash league, whatever it may be. Congrats for making it this far. It’s been another cracking year of SuperCoach full of many highs (Jackson Macrae) and frustrating lows (Michael “Never again” Hibberd). Patch is not even hanging around for it and has started his mad Monday already.

It’s never too early to start your preparations for SuperCoach 2019, take a screenshot or jot down some players that are fresh in your mind at the moment. It will save you some time when SuperCoach reopens in January. We’ve got one more week to get through and we finish not with a fizzle, but with a bang.

The podcast this week is Patch-less, I repeat, Patch-less. However Lek is joined by the absolute lad that is Teddy. Sitting 9th overall and a real shot at being 50k richer come Sunday night. Barron has delivered his regular goldmine that is Around the Grounds and has stepped in to cover Captain McCaptainface this week. Damo has had a brilliant debut year in the cheat sheet hot seat. This week it’s the People’s cheat sheet of your best and worst starting selections for SuperCoach 2018. Have a gander right here.


Rocky’s disappointing fantasy season has ended prematurely after stuffing his shoulder, he’s one of three changes for tonights game against the Bombers. SPP is back and Billy “Peter” Frampton (RUC/FWD – 123.9k) will debut. Tommy Bellchambers will miss, giving Leuy a chance to impress.

The Cats have dropped Jackson Thurlow and brought in Jed Bews in the only change as they host the Suns on Saturday arvo. The Tiges are going full dress rehearsal for what is essentially a dead rubber clash against the Dogs. Astbury, Cotchin, and Dion Prestia are all back at the expense of Garthwaite, Baker, and Sam Lloyd. At the Dogs, Bailey Williams adds some muscle down back. The Pies are unchanged for their trip out West to play Freo. Michael Walters is now number 1 with a bullet on my never again list, missing with injury again. Stefan Giro will also miss which might hurt a few that were relying on his bench cover. Buddy Franklin has made the cut at the Swans. Heath Grundy replaces Robbie Fox in their only change. Potential Buddy minder James Frawley is out injured, but Roughie will return along with Ricky Henderson and Dave Mirra. Adelaide are handing Elliott Himmelberg (FWD – 123.9k) his debut but will lose Tom Doedee to injury. The Blues have their own injury concern in Paddy Dow, replacing him with Sam Kerridge

Sunday is your usual “add a whole bunch of names but don’t omit anyone” situation. There’s potential debuts for Connor Ballenden (DEF/FWD – 117.3k), Corey Lyons (MID – 123.9k), and Matthew Allen (FWD – 123.9k) at Brisbane and West Coast, respectively. Big news and possible SuperCoach 2019 ramifications at the Giants with Zac Williams named on an extended bench. Josh Kelly and Sam Reid have been named on field. The Dees have added Tom Bugg (lol) and four new names to their squad. Will Walker is the only confirmed out as the Saints prepare to host Norf in the last game of the week. Jake Carlisle is among the ins and has been named on field.


The house is officially closed for 2018. It may return in 2019, it may not. It’s entirely dependant on any other terrible puns I can think up between now and nest year (suggestions welcome)


If you’ve been lucky enough enough to make it to the big dance with trades in the bank there’s no point keeping the powder dry. Trade, trade, trade! First point of call is obviously covering any on field donuts (Walters!) or questionable rookies that you’re being forced to field.

For the last game of the year you may as well target specific matchups to get the most out of your trade. Adelaide are playing Carlton so hello Matt Crouch. Geelong have Gold Coast at home so a target of any of their fwd/mids/anyone really (Ablett, Danger, TK, Menegola, Tomahawk). Also have a look at Barron’s captain suggestions to get an idea of who has a decent record against their opponent this week.


As a neutral I don’t mind a bit of the Swans v Hawks rivalry. With a win and a few other results going their way both teams can finish as high as second, but way more likely it is a battle for 4th and the double chance.

JR wouldn’t have been possible this without the lovely people at Fantasy Insider. For the last time this year I’ve fired up their famed number cruncher for the ideal lineup for this matchup.

My take:


Really not keen on picking a ruck this week. Cal Sinclair has had a solid fantasy year but hasn’t seen a Draftstars ton for 6 weeks. Big Boy should win the hitout battle but doesn’t offer much around the ground. The Swans are +11 against key forwards and Roughie has a serviceable record against the Swans but his record at the SCG is pretty atrocious. Take your pick!


It’s a tricky forward line too for this one. Jack Gunston is in play for the same reasons as Roughie and Buddy could be a sneaky choice after a week of will he/won’t he rumours, The Swans will be looking for him and many in the community have learnt the hard way not to write off Buddy.

George Hewett will be chasing Tom Mitchell all night so he’ll be seeing plenty of the ball. Kieran Jack delivered a 10x value game last week so you could try to chase his points and Ben Ronke famously kicked 7 against the Hawks earlier in the year (but hasn’t done much since) He’s always an option if he brings his tackle game to what will be a fairly hot contest of footy.


Jake Lloyd is an option but he’s priced too heavily for mine in a slate where there is little in the way of reliable value.

Shaun Burgoyne is just amazing isn’t he? He’s scored a ton in three of his past 4 against Sydney. His last 3 visits to the SCG has seen him average 113 and he’s only dropped below 80 once in his past 7 games. Lock. From here you could throw a dart at Nash, Mirra, Miles or even Rampe and hope for a random value breaking score but they have been few and far between this year.

Heath Grundy returns this week which will allow Aliir Aliir to play the third tall.


Other than the DPP’s I’ve mentioned above, once again I’m going back to the well that is James Worpel while he’s (still) under 10k. George Hewett will go straight to Tom Mitchell so he’s an easy fade for me. Liam Shiels has two 130’s to his name from his last three visits to the SCG. Nic Newman is having a nice end to the year, his 3 game average of 96.7 is a 21.8 point bump on his season average.

My lineup:

That’s all she wrote, folks. Been an absolute delight bringing the Panic Room to your eyeballs this year. Good luck this week and catch you next year! Xx


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  1. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Thanks Kev.
    Always an enjoyable read and good lead into the footy each week.
    How have u been going at draftstars? Any wins during the year?
    I usually have a crack at the Friday night game but find i miss on a rook or select the wrong proven performer but get all the rest generally right. Mind u dont study for or prepare much just slap a team together based on form and from what ive seen.

    Hope to see you in the "happy ending" AFL SC final series again. Should launch next week.

    Another chapter begins …..

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Cheers, Trig.

      Not too bad. Few little wins but nothing major. You're right about single game slates, they are a lot harder if you're only entering the one lineup. There's always one guy that will buck the stats or come from the clouds and go huge. No amount of research can predict that. Prefer to enter in full day or full round contests as there's a little more leeway.

      As the defending champ I'm definitely in. Flick us the rules on Twitter or PM the JR Facebook page and I'll put up a seperate post for you

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Thanks mate
        Got lek onto it so sorted. <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="👍" src=""&gt;
        For a bit if spice have added a variable capt pick this year

      • neil demons delight says:

        You killed it last year kev give us a break this year Congrats on a super year with you articles ,always a good read

      • Russty_ says:

        Thanks for all your contributions this year Kev, appreciate all the time and effort it takes, away from your regular life, and probably for no reward so thanks again..much appreciated.

  2. TheGreatBozza says:

    Thanks Kev. Been a ripper all year.

    Last minute trade options:

    B – Lloyd, Yeo, Simmo, Laird, Crisp, T Mac (Austin, O'Riordan)
    M – Titch, Danger, Cripps, Macrae, Beams, Pendles, Cogs, Dusty (Ahern, Giro, Dawson)
    R – Gawn, Grundy (Hayes)
    F – D.Smith, JDG, Hoff, Gray, Heeney, McLean (Walters, Smith)

    Option 1:
    Walters > Tommahawk
    Giro > 102K mid to fund the move

    Option 2:
    Walters > Parfitt / Lobb (cheap FWD)
    Ahern > Sidebottom / JPK as a loophole (hope for a big game)

    Option 3:
    Walters > Parfitt / Lobb
    Austin > Short / Aliir Aliir (big game loop)

    Any other options? I'm happy to keep my mids as is. I thought about going Cogs > Crouch but I think i'll hold. Cogs plays better with Kelly in the side

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Cheers, Boz. If the weekend is a clear slate then option 2 is appealing to me. Parfitt loves an easy matchup. You can tie your opponent in knots with all sorts of emergency loopholes. If not, keep it simple and get in Tomahawk. Reckon he'll do terrible, terrible things to the Suns this weekend

  3. TheGreatBozza says:

    Anyone play RDT?

    Got a last minute headache!

    Option 1:
    TMac / Kelly / McLean on field

    Option 2:
    Crisp / Adams / Hawkins on field

    Cheers community

  4. Ja191 says:

    Legend Kev, been a pleasure to read all year!

  5. Richie Porte says:

    If Walters didn’t play last week this trade would put me in my grand final, lost by 10 and Davis getting hurt, opponent had buddy, anyway Walters to who
    Tomahawk, Menegola, Dunkley or Gunston
    Well done to the JR team on a good year, great work.

  6. Nervous says:

    After some late advice if possible community

    Only playing in league but against my boss so bragging rights will be huge

    I have Ahern to trade out for either:

    Westhoff T.Mcdonald or leave it for the last game of the year for a bloke in his last game J. Waite as a smokey


    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Westhoff would've been ideal! Waite is an ultimate POD, may as well go all in, Nervous!

  7. TBone_9 says:

    Last trade and need to trade out Walters. Have 440k to spend on any Def or Fwd. anyone have any suggestions? Cheers 🙂

    • SC_Kev7 says:

      Caddy finishing the year well. Caleb Daniel been racking them up on HB for a few weeks. Heeney if you don't have already, Parfitt loves a soft matchup.

  8. jackie says:

    Have to field one Keefe or Heron who do i pick

  9. Joe T says:

    Best forward to replace Walters under 436k?

    Looking at Boak v Dons at home, Caddy v Dogs at home or Harmes v GWS at home

  10. Defying_Madness says:

    Keefe as cover for Walters lmao. No trades club is not fun

    • Russty_ says:

      The Mummy should be good for 25 to 30 lol, I have O'Connor covering for Ahern, good for another 35 lol.

  11. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    Francis and Parish could be breakout candidates for next year, depends on price. I know this seems crazy but if BJ moves to another team like the Suns he could be an option?! Was good last year.

  12. kanga says:

    M.Hurley even at just below 400k next season is fantasy irrelevant. Francis is getting the cheap marks, sweeping up etc and is better at it, damn good mark tonight on Ryder.

    • kanga says:

      M.Hurley supercoach scores from round 18 onward – 76, 77, 88, 72, 83, 62

      • GeorgeS says:

        Traded him to Hawkins this week- bloody glad to get rid of him, and hawk kept up his end of the bargain.

  13. Nick says:

    What are the chances that Buddy will be a late out?

    I have one trade left but only 11k in the bank. Should I hold it in case of a surprise out or make a side ways trade. I was thinking Cogs to Hawkins (via DPU) / GAJ / T Kelly / Selwood Thoughts !!!!

  14. Trades says:

    Nank and Ahern(bench) to Grundy & Jack
    Heeney to Menegola & McLean to Hawkins

  15. jake says:

    cogs –> Ward??? last trade

  16. smart as s says:

    havnt been here for a while, where is wow and the other arrogant one, cant remember the name.

    • smart as s says:

      remember 66, how long has he been in hiding. I said earlier this season i want to see him fail miserably, mission accomplished lol

  17. 0JugHead0 says:

    Can anyone explain to me why Ahern has a green dot next to him on Supercoach (playing in the 22) and on the teams section of the AFL website he is listed as 1st emergency?

    • TBone_9 says:

      Yeah I got sucked into putting emergency on him Jughead instead of O’Connor. That mistake could cost some people a win!

    • Russty_ says:

      Bloody slack Herald Sun staff not changing his status is what I'm thinking Jughead..the same slackness that still has a website and so called live scores full of bugs.

      • Lazza says:

        They have done this a few times through the season … cost me a round win early days

  18. BrownlowBoy says:

    Go Danger you good thing!

    • The Ranger says:

      Nicely done BB, am I playing you in the JR Faithful GF? Best of luck if that’s you, gonna be tight.

      • Russty_ says:

        Think you've got it in the bag Dex…some big scores in your team this week.

  19. TheGreatBozza says:

    Cocked up my trades by grabbing Parfitt instead of Tommahawk. Leaves me with a trade I don’t need to use but will anyway

    What’s the best next trade?

    1. Pendles to Crouch/Kelly/Oliver
    2. T Mac to Brayshaw
    3. Cogs to Kelly/Oliver/Crouch
    4. Heeney to Buddy (if he plays)

    • Russty_ says:

      Ouch with the Tomahawk thing Bozza, Kev was right, he's doing terrible things to the Suns..I'd probably go Pendles to Kelly, 2nd choice would be Tmac to Brayshaw.

      • TheGreatBozza says:

        I really stuffed this one up. Got too fancy will loopholes then realised I can’t loophole this week! Given that Parfitt ain’t toning up, I’ll keep De Goey at F6 and look at Pendles to Crouch.

        Pendles might run with Fyfe to nullify him. Relying on Crouch to tear the blues a new one

        • Russty_ says:

          Good luck mate..hope you get over the line!

          • TheGreatBozza says:

            Cheers Russty. Thanks for the tips this year

            • Russty_ says:

              Hey no worries mate…you too, make sure you enter Trigga's Finals comp coming up in 2 weeks, it'll be posted on here what the rules are etc..should be fun.

  20. Russty_ says:

    I'd say whoever VC'd Danger this week is gonna win their GF..going nutso!

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Needed that to cover Heron's putrid score.

      • Russty_ says:

        Well done BB good call, and Barlow top scores for the Suns..and can't get a game..what's wrong with that picture?

    • neil demonsdelight says:

      I did Russty but so did bl88dy DEREK He gets me all the time CU in the happy ending

      • Russty_ says:

        You can say bloody on here Neil lol, bloody Derek!…good bloke though, could lose to a real tosser but at least he is the opposite of that 🙂 You could get beaten by a worse bugger than that Bundeena bastard…lol

        • Derek says:

          Know one knows what AFL is in Bundeena. A few people have heard of Buddy.

          I was feeling good about VC danger. Up against Pieman in a GF, he has bloody Grundy as VC

          Parker late out. I’m in trouble. Shaw, Witherden, Rocky and Parker all out and just one trade.

          • Russty_ says:

            Tough break Derek, similar here, 4 outs in the last 2 weeks…no trades…done!

        • neil demonsdelight says:

          I couldn't call the two jerks wamker though

      • Russty_ says:

        Parker late out too Neil..I think Derek has him.

  21. Steve says:

    Had Macrae as VC 163 , need Mictchell to have less than that for a win

  22. Russty_ says:

    Bloody Buddy Franklin is out!…not playing…sorry to break the news.

  23. TBone_9 says:

    Luke Parker late out. Thanks for having a green light on Ahern Supercoach, now I’ll be copping a donut instead of O’Connor’s score

  24. Trades says:

    Now this is panic mode!
    Franklin late out
    Who the hell do I trade him to?!

  25. Defying_Madness says:

    Umpires in fine form tonight…

  26. Lazza says:

    Buddy out and I went OF… then had to concentrate on the cash leagues … all of us have Buddy … appears none of us have trades for a late out … then it looks like all of us have no cover (Buddy and Walters out has screwed me).. net result… in all 3cash leagues it’s 21v 21… happy days…
    cept I’m up against The Pieman one man down and 21 v 21 in Jock Straps…

  27. Rivo says:

    A belated thanks Kev for your excellent articles and posts this season. Panic room is a long time favourite.

    Managed to somehow make 2 GFs and have taken the Danger VC score. Traded Walters to Hawkins also. Might be enough to get home in a couple of tight finals. Good luck to all! It’s Tiger Time!

  28. Derek says:

    Slippery. Hawks not dealing with conditions at allI

  29. Tiger says:

    Help!! Thoughts appreciated. 16 points down and we both vc grundy. He has the c on Gawn atm. I have Mcgovern (wc) and T McDonald (melb) up against S Hurn (wc). Have 2 decisions to make. 1/ stick with Grundy or match him with Gawn. 2/ Move J. McGovern (wc) , who hasn't been scoring that well to the bench for L. Austin (saints). Thoughts appreciated in advance, cheers .

  30. neil demonsdelight says:

    Cats are looking good.My beloved Dees are going to find it tough. Cats vs WC for mine

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      I'd still rather play Sydney than the Dees NDD.

      • neil demonsdelight says:

        Hi BB Depends which dee team turns up. In the past they have thrown it in too easily.Maybe that has changed this year 14 wins ,if they beat GWS and 2 cat games saints 2pts and port game 9 pts were all winnable ,that's 19 out of 23 so this year opponents haven't got them Still like cats though good luck mate NDD

    • Derek says:

      Dees looking good

  31. Trades says:

    Need some kind of advantage
    Thinking Ross or Beams in for Coniglio?

  32. Lazza says:

    It’s come down to this …. two of my cash league opponents vc’d Macrae and locked it in … I had Grundy. If I take Grundy’s 150 that will leave me with a 14 point lead, with 1 unique each to play… I have A Kennedy (GWS) they have Billings.. do I lock it down or put the C on Gawn?

  33. neil demons delight says:

    I would lock it in Laz. The reason is Gawn will probably have big chunks missing as they trial Weeds also if they are winning by plenty expect both Oli and Max to rest. best of luck

  34. Bingo bango says:

    Is Ahern playing guys? Need to use him for my loopholoe if he isn't

  35. Derek says:

    A few weeks ago someone asked the question, going for league wins; what is the best strategies and advice?

    Someone said; save your trades, even if going to finish outside top 4 don’t worry, whoever has the most trades at the start of the finals will go close. Seems like that advice was spot on.

    • dognino says:

      I got to full premium round 15 with 5 trades left. All 5 used for LTI (2 left for finals, which I used last week) No luxury of upgrading underperforming, and even tho full premium had to rely on rookies a lot of weeks. Still, have managed to Make GF in both of my leagues, and at this stage a chance to win both, along with my highest ever ranking. In a happy place at the moment.

  36. Trades says:

    Gawn or Ross C?

  37. BrownlowBoy says:

    Ahern is in incase anyone is using him to loophole!

  38. JugHead says:

    Luke Shuey you bloody champion. Brought you in for under 400k when I was in a tight spot. 90 Scores every week since which were very useful. Couldnt upgrade due to bigger problems. Then knocks out 111 in GF week.

  39. BrownlowBoy says:

    I hope you're better next year

  40. Corey says:

    If you have two emergencies on the bench and one doesn’t play do you get the emergency that plays score or the zero of the non scoring emergency

  41. Derek says:

    Good work.

    Give us something that you will change for next year, if anything?

    Any thoughts on starting structures?

    • Sc_Wow says:

      Hold more trades

      • Derek says:

        Debate about; what is a trade worth? Will be worth RE-thinking for next year

      • Danners says:

        Definitely helped me this year having more trades late on in the year, something that never normally happens to me. Too bad I had a crap start

  42. BrownlowBoy says:

    Jeez Melbourne are a scary team when they get going.

    • neil demons delight says:

      You keep saying that BB and I am starting to believe you . how did you go

      • BrownlowBoy says:

        No good mate. Would of liked to know Ahern was gonna play prior to the round starting so I could play him and trade Witho instead of trading Walters and holding Witho and being forced to play Heron onfield but oh well.

        You gotta start believing Neil. To be quite honest your Dees remind me a lot of the Geelong from our premiership era.

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        play like that mate be hard to beat
        great pressure on the ball carrier, good spread and quick by hand or foot and pick the best target in fwd 50.
        sound familiar?
        ohh and there is a big lad by the name of gawn who has racked up over 1000 hitouts for the year with over 1/3rd of those to advantage usually to the other all australin in clarrey.
        yep ALOT to like about the dees.

        • neil demons delight says:

          Thanks fellas whoever wins could well win the G F Bye the way that pi55es me off about Ahearn not good enough NDD

  43. GeorgeS says:

    How's everyone tracking score wise? My last 5 players are scoring great in Dees VS GWS so I'm on track for 2700+ and my GF league victory- never cracked 2700 before, so suspect plenty of others getting really high scores.

    • dognino says:

      Live score has me just over 2630 at the moment , with Gawn, Brayshaw and Oliver with half a qtr left of scoring. Should nudge 2650 plus

    • Frankston Phil says:

      Well done good effort I might just nudge 2700 if Ahern goes well which I'm happy with considering I was looking at a donut.

    • dognino says:

      Finished with 2675. My top score for the season , won both my league finals , one of which was a cash league.

  44. Keenbutcluess says:

    You set up better than most going in. Hope to hear your views going in on starting players and structure.

  45. neil demons delight says:

    Gawn and Grundy are both A A's now surely

    • Derek says:

      Next year will be all about trying to fit both Grundy $725k and Gawn $710k into our starting teams

      • Russty_ says:

        Reckon Darcy or maybe Abbott could be worth starting with next year ..hopefully, to save a da money.

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Boy that is some serious cash on 2 players!

        Would have to cut a few corners else where to start both. ✂️📐

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Both in my AA Team Neil. 😃

  46. Defying_Madness says:

    Good work Wow.

    Hoping I can hold onto my spot in the top 1% as well, looking at a 2420 this week and am sitting at 1400. Hopefully that is enough

    I will be looking to improve my starting selections next year and hopefully save some more trades as a result.

  47. redherringfc says:

    I guess you’ll start studying up straight away.

    Try this. It’s not too tough, but there will be a test on it next season.

  48. KSinny says:

    Lost my Granny by 20 points with 1 less player 😥, how'd everyone else fair? Btw scored 2513.

    • Ahmad rubas says:

      Wow that’s unlucky who cost you the donut? I won both grand finals I was in by 8 points and 15 points but most importantly overcame a 337 point deficit to beat my mate in overall ranking scored 2638 highest score in 2 years of playing supercoach and only 2nd time over 2500

      • KSinny says:

        Used my last trade the week before Gaff got suspended so have been forced to play either Giro, Narkle or Dawson all of whom weren't playing this week which cost me my final. Oh well still happy with a top 2k finish.

    • GeorgeS says:

      Finished on 2722, which is probably 100+ more than I've ever scored. Nice to do it in a GF

    • dognino says:

      2675 to win 2 finals. Had De Goey and McLean on field, could’ve have been huge if I’d had any trades left haha

  49. Steeeve says:

    Fitting end to my season with Ahern as captain. Again. Luckily I never made any grand finals I cared about. Working sundays and supercoach dont mix. Bring on the preseason articles!

    • Derek says:

      Oh man. That is a shocker.

      • Steeeve says:

        Knew I wouldn't be able to check if Ahern was a late in. Took the punt for Grundy's VC score. Last week was for naught anyway. Dropped 700 spots outside the top 2000 but oh well. A lot learned for next year.

    • dontblushbaby says:

      Have a big drink mate, Cheers

  50. Teddy85 says:

    Ended up with 2720 for the round and 6th overall! Thanks to the JR community for all the tips and help along the way. A lot of luck involved along the way haha.

    Looking forward to next season!

    • Russty_ says:

      That's awesome Teddy, well done mate and a huge score this week, peaking at the right time…enjoy the prizemoney 🙂

      • dontblushbaby says:

        Excellent Teddy, we need to here more from you in 19 ,Cheers mate

    • IPMan says:

      Top work Ted. Did you have any luck during the season?

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Well done Teddy!

      Enjoy that 1k mate!

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Bang up job Teddy
      Bloody fantastic effort
      Smashed it mate
      Enjoy the green. 💰

    • Mark Fawcett says:

      Brilliant score mate and congrats. 6th overall for all SC or 6th for the round? Either way amazing job:)

      • Mark Fawcett says:

        lol, actually, just looked at rankings, 6th overall!! That's brilliant mate, again, congrats:)

    • neil demons delight says:

      massive score ted Congrats don't forget trigs happy ending

    • Lekdog says:

      Congrats brother!

    • Derek says:

      Very nice

    • Lazza says:

      That is freakin awesome Teddy.. well done .. make sure you post your starting team for us before R1 next year 👌Yes? 🤔No? 😜

      • Teddy85 says:

        I'll try be more of a presence if time permits!

        • Derek says:

          You definitely had an early breakout year. Very much similar to Oliver and Kelly last year. Good luck backing it up.

          Look around here in February when we are putting our leagues together. Would love you to join the JR Faithful League.

  51. TBone_9 says:

    Ended up with 2544 with Ahern coming in for Parker (thankgod). Saw I was gonna get a donut so threw the captain on Titch as a hit and hope that he could make up for the donut with a monster score. Lost both grand finals by less than 20 points, shocking decision not to take Grundy’s VC score and hope for the best! Live and you learn I guess!


    • Russty_ says:

      Bad luck with that one Tbone, had to do a similar thing myself as it looked like I was gonna lose my granny from the start..hail Mary'd it on Cripps but that didn't work out…go Dees mate!

    • neil demons delight says:

      Agree GO DEES

  52. Russty_ says:

    Must've been hard on the ego losing almost 1000 spots in the last week, but I guess it had been a steady decline since the week you used up all your trades 6 weeks ago, anyways, hopefully you learned something from it, that ridiculing and bagging people for not trading aggressively enough earlier in the season wasn't the right call after all..and that hanging onto trades was… because that is the most important thing towards the end of the season, more important than any earlier season ranks or scores.

    I've no doubt you and your 5200th ranked mate would've done a lot better this year if you'd both valued trades a bit more, but I'm sure you're both novices to the game, so lessons learned are valuable and help you to improve next time around.
    Good luck for next time around.

  53. Mark Fawcett says:

    Well, couldn't hold my spot in the top 100. Been slipping the past few weeks and ended up 110 overall. Not too bad I guess:) Lost my GF by only 9 points with a score of 2,595.

  54. Russty_ says:

    Thanks for the heads up Goanna, you're right, I have no life whatsoever besides Supercoach, I didn't play golf all day today and have a great time, I don't own 3 houses and a business, maybe we should get together and become friends..cause you already seem to know so much about me…all I am about as a person is Supercoach every year…LOL

  55. PizzaSafety says:

    Scored 2527 and lost 2/3 grand finals and dropped about 250 down in the ranks to finish the year 3099. Ahern and Spargo were covering buddy and walters so I guess it's not too bad of a result. I need to discover a better bye strategy though because I copped some serious carnage in R12 and dropped from 2000 to 6000 in the space of two weeks. This is my 3rd year playing and it was the first time I used a guns n rookies strategy so hopefully there's better seasons ahead.

    • Russty_ says:

      Hey Pizza..well done winning one GF mate, and you're right, need to think about byes more from earlier in the season, gotta plan to have a team that minimizes outs for all 3 weeks, whilst saving trades, injuries can't be planned for though and that's what fkd a lot of us this year…most important thing is though, is having trades for the death of the season, otherwise it's all doomed to fail, gotta have warm bodies to trade into vacant spots.

      • neil demons delight says:

        Thanks for your wisdom this season Russty Great fun . Also big thankyou to all the regulars many of whom beat me in the end See you in TRIGGS HAPPY ENDING NDD

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Neil, yeah mate big fun and also thanks to you bud for your insights, always invaluable having information from people in the know and with years of learned experience such as yourself..yeah mate can't wait for the finals series, should be mucho fun and games…second chance at glory for all of us who missed out on regular season finals wins. 🙂

          • neil demons delight says:

            Dees still keen on Gaff Plenty of talk after the game but two are now off talks. Wouldn't surprise me to see Freo make a bid for Hoges. They did last year

      • PizzaSafety says:

        Cheers Rusty you live and learn I guess. I had to burn my last two trades on getting Grundy and Lloyd because there was zero chance I would beat the best guy in my main league without them, and they were trades that were worth it in the end. Definitely made some very bad corrective trades at the start of the year that are very regrettable (trading out Zerrett and getting Bonner), I thought corrective trades were a necessity for some odd reason. But also made some good trade decisions and started the right mid-pricers and that saved my season. Was much more smashed by injuries this year than ever before even though I missed a few of them late in the season, I think the game is making players much more prone to injury. My worst starting players were Billings, Walters and Hurley but luckily I stayed away from the likes of Petracca and Hibberd. To next year I turn!

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey bud for a third year player you've done very well this year, better than me , 3099 is brilliant and you should be proud of yourself, hard part about this game is, all the variables that present themselves and it's it's getting more variable every season…I know many will disagree with me but I also think luck plays a significant part in our seasons …and no matter how well you think you're going ..into the finals, you can always get shafted in the last week and lose badly…if it's so ordained by the Supercoach gods…lol.
          I will be considering a slightly more mid-priced friendly attitude towards trading next season, because I think we will have to…to be more competitive.

          • PizzaSafety says:

            Luck is definitely worth about 50% and all people can do is somewhat consistently come around the top 1-2k or the top 10-20k year after year. I had Ryder, Ryan, Venables, ZGL and J Kelly all get injured for me within the first 4 weeks only for me to avoid Kelly, Gaff and Treloar later in the year, it swings in roundabouts and whilst you cop some bad injuries you'll miss some others. Definitely need to be a bit more patient next year but I don't think I'll be taking anywhere near the same amount of risks as we have some very underpriced players to help us out in the mid priced department.

  56. mac_time says:

    Congrats to Tradies R Us who took out the TITCH TO SCRATCH league.
    I scored 2625 and u got me by 54. Well done.
    I enjoyed this year with 8/10 of my leagues being in the top 500.
    Getting tougher every year.
    My score overall for the year was up 1500 but 2k lower in rankings.
    Quessing similair for most?

    Bring on 2019

  57. Lekdog says:

    Well done community! Another year done and dusted, keep an ear out for a short pod tonight and I’ll upload a couple more until Patch is fou…RETURNS FROM HOLIDAY. Stay subscribed or keep an eye on the site, a couple huge articles to come this week too!

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      And well done to you Lek, Patch and crew for keeping the site up and running

      Huge shoes to fill after the 3 giants of the caper hung up the boots.

      Nice first up effort, learnt as you went along and will be bigger and better next year. 👏

    • Trades says:

      Awesome mate, looking forward to the pre-season write ups as well! Terrific work by all.

    • Lazza says:

      Thanks Legdog for everything this year .. thinking of changing my handle to Lazdog in your honour..
      Cheers to Patch, as well… not changing to Latch though..

      • PizzaSafety says:

        Any chance of some retrospective accounts of the season gone by like has been done in the past for champion side of the whole comp and for Higgo? It would be interesting to see the starting team and trades made from the likes of Terry's drugsters, patch's potatoes and Zooper Dooper.

  58. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Well done to Kyle who took out both my comps.

    and knocked off Mo in the GF saving his best till last in
    TRIG's HAPPY PLACE with a score of 2679!

    Well done Kyle stong finish and timed your run perfectly.

    Thanks all for a fierce competition all year.

    • neil demons delight says:

      Mo was magnificent all year Trigg a standout so it makes Kyle's effort even more meritorious Well done both of you and to you Trigg for such a great league NDD

  59. finnigin says:

    Hey wow tell 66 wheres my 1000 bucks, he folded like a cheap suit, well done on your year anyways

  60. neil demons delight says:

    RESULTS OF MY LEAGUES Chatterboxes Really Cool Guys over Shake n Bake
    JR Faithfull Coolburg Rangers Cardinal Wor Pol
    The MAGNIFICENT 7 Long live Jock Bundeena Bunnies
    The RAT PACK Long Live Jock Raw Tigers
    S C ELITES Long Live Jock Clench and Pray
    A GRADERS Norms Rebels The Winning Choice
    Guns and Rookies Llloyd Popexxii Deafness
    JR Community Valens FC Texinator
    Triggs Happy Place Tradies r Us Moustachio
    Up There Cazaly Lloyd Popexx11 Shake n Bake
    I thank you all for allowing me in and congratulate all finalist Well done it takes a lot to get there. Some of the runners up were stiff NDD

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Good season Neil!

      So many good leagues around.

    • Lazza says:

      Well played Neil.. looking forward to the challenge next year .. I lost both my JR GFs… cheeky of me to think I could beat the Pieman and Dependlebles with 21 on field.. wouldn’t have mattered .. Buddy or Walters would have needed 120+ to get there..
      All good though – won all 3 of my cash leagues and 2 minor league wins confirmed I came 9th.. 😁
      Planning for next year begins….

    • gator59 says:

      Yeah all great leagues there neil and all good s coachers in them.. Hope all can participate again next season..__We are now waiting for triggs happy ending which will be huge

    • Derek says:

      Pieman was too good with his 2666. I had to call on Heron and O’Connor to fill the gaps, was always going to struggle.

      • gator59 says:

        Agree with you there Derek, Pieman has had a great year

        • Russty_ says:

          Hey Col how are ya mate?.. well done to Pieman…killed it this year, shame he hasn't posted much in here this year.

          • gator59 says:

            Yeah going well now Russty that she's all said and done now

            • Russty_ says:

              Always next year mate…it's all a bit of fun ay?…haha…I bloody finished 10000 or so so a bit of a write off for me too but the end is always a bit of an anticlimax compared to the 6 months leading up to it.
              Gotta save them trades a bit more next year.

              • gator59 says:

                all good fun mate but I was on the back foot right from round 1… Gotta plan the holidays better… My worst year ever

                • Russty_ says:

                  Your annual holidays will always be much more important than supercoach mate..if they happen to clash…so be it.
                  holiday memories are much more precious than SC memories.

    • The Ranger says:

      Onya Neil

  61. Lazza says:

    Ahead of 2019 planning.. does anyone know how to download the years stats from SC? Before they all disappear…

    • PizzaSafety says:

      they won't disappear from footywire and fanfooty or even the website I'm pretty sure.

  62. Doc says:

    Barlow at around $340k and (possibly) a new club next year tempting anyone else?

    • Derek says:

      He was in my pre season team right up to not getting picked round 1

      • Russty_ says:

        I wouldn't trust his dumbass Coach to play him when he should be…just like this year.

        • Doc says:

          I think Carlton should look at trying to get him in. Gives them an extra midfield boost as well as the experience to teach the kids some tricks.

    • neil demons delight says:

      The Dees had their eye on him 2 years back maybe not now but could come into a Gaff trade

  63. Lazza says:

    Pathetic Ticketek site blew up this morning and has shut down. Message from RFC to members that they will contact us when Ticketek is ready to go again … how the AFL/MCC allows these jokers to manage their ticketing is beyond me..