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Published by Barron Von Crow on

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in…. Or Patch is off taking care of business elsewhere and I’m just filling in for the week. Anyway, it’s the last week of home and away football and the last Captain you’ll be picking for 2018. Tom Mitchell and Max Gawn have made it very easy for us this year, but since it’s the league Grand Final and your last chance to make a jump in the overall rankings, maybe you’re looking a bit left field this week. Hopefully we can help you with your picks.

Tom Mitchell has been our #1 Captain pick all year, but his averages against his former side has not been the greatest, with scores of 98 and 105 last year against the Swans. He plays on Saturday night, which puts him as a VC option only this week.

Grundy’s scores versus Fremantle haven’t been the greatest, even when taking on someone like Jonathan Griffin he only scored 103 SCPoints, but the Pies are on fire at the moment and we’re coming off a week where Ryan Abbott scored 109 SCPoints against Sean Darcy. Grundy having a mid-afternoon game on Saturday puts him as a VC candidate, especially when you consider his 3-round average.

Gawn had a bit of a quiet period towards the end of the year but got back to his best last week with a score of 156 SCPoints. His last game against GWS? He scored 160 SCPoints. Lock him in as your C this week.

Macrae has a few quality scores over the last month with 147 SCPoints against Port Adelaide in Round 19 and 153 against North Melbourne in Round 21. That’s bookmarked with scores of 121 versus the Saints in Round 20 and 110 against Carlton last week. The Bullies are against the Tigers this week though, which prevents their most difficult matchup in a while. A Saturday afternoon game makes him a VC choice only, though one I may put lower down on the list.

Cripps hasn’t had a useable VC/C score over the last 3 weeks, with his last big game coming against the Suns in Round 19 where he scored 173 SCPoints. In fact, over his last 7 games, he’s only had two scores that break my 125 SCPoint threshold. The Crows midfield can be hit and miss, but I’d still probably give Cripps a miss this week.

Dangerfield would have to come under consideration just because the Cats are playing the Suns this week. Danger only scored 100 SCPoints earlier in the year against the Suns however, and I imagine the Cats may use this game as an opportunity to “rest” Danger up forward more than usual. Still, if he kicks a bag of goals, that will lead to a quality score.

Kelly’s 3 round average was lowered slightly after being concussed by a Taylor Walker tackle, which sent him off early with a score of 82 SCPoints to his name. Taking the Crows game out of the equation, his 3 full-game average sits at 155 SCPoints, which is slightly inflated by a HUGE score of 205 SCPoints against the Blues. His last score against the Demons was 127 SCPoints, but with this game being scheduled on Sunday afternoon I would skip Kelly this week.

Over the last 4 weeks the Demons have played the Suns, Crows, Swans and Eagles and the only C worthy score he put up was 147 SCPoints against the Suns. A 3-round average of 120.3 SCPoints certainly isn’t bad at all, but since the Demons are scheduled on Sunday afternoon, I don’t think Oliver has enough potential to risk the big C on.

Franklin has been on fire over the last 3 weeks, with scores of 178 and 161 to his name. His recent record against the Hawks isn’t super flash, but maybe Jeff Kennett’s recent comments about Buddy might fire him up a bit more. A Saturday night matchup makes him your boom or bust VC choice this week.

And that will be it from me for the first and last Captain McCaptainFace I present this year. I will be going for a Dangerfield/Gawn combo this week, but I want to here from you below what your VC/C setup is looking like this week. Good luck and I hope you choose wisely.

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Hey Barron, Danger into Gawn is solid, I'll be going Danger into Grundy this week I reckon..cheers.


I think I will be going Grundy into Gawn this week and hoping for the best


Not a bad call there DM, pretty solid mate.


My selections as well. Cheers 🍻

Demons 5th for 2018

Grundy into Cripps for me. Careful on Gawn being rested late in the game (after we are a few goals).

B: Neville Jetta, Oscar McDonald, Jake Lever
HB: Jayden Hunt, Joel Smith, Michael Hibberd
C: Dom Tyson, Nathan Jones, Christian Salem
HF: Alex Neal-Bullen, Tom McDonald, Christian Petracca
F: Jeff Garlett, Jesse Hogan, Mitch Hannan
R: Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver, Jack Viney
INT: Angus Brayshaw, Jake Melksham, Jordan Lewis, Cameron Pedersen


General defenders: Pat McKenna, Bernie Vince, Josh Wagner
Key defenders: Sam Frost, Declan Keilty, Harrison Petty
Midfielders: Oskar Baker, Corey Maynard, Billy Stretch, Aaron vandenBerg
General forwards: Harley Balic, Tomas Bugg, Bayley Fritsch, James Harmes, Dion Johnstone, Jay Kennedy-Harris, Dean Kent, Charlie Spargo
Key forwards: Tim Smith, Sam Weideman
Ruckmen: Lachlan Filipovic, Mitch King

NOTES: This was an incredibly tough side to pick. Veteran Bernie Vince is a notable absentee and there is every likelihood that he will be in the team in round one. However, with Jordan Lewis set to move to the backline the decision was made that there is only a spot for one of them. Sam Frost can also count himself extremely unlucky, but the Demons are trying to set up a backline that is versatile and nimble in their 'zone' dominated scheme and a combination of Joel Smith, Jake Lever and Oscar McDonald gives them the best chance to prevent opposition scores. There was plenty of debate over the high half-forward spot, with James Harmes, Tom Bugg and even draftees Charlie Spargo and Bayley Fritsch in the mix. However, Alex Neal-Bullen is one of the most improved players on Melbourne's list and ultimately deserves his spot. Corey Maynard was also close to making this team and don't be surprised if you see him in the side in round one. Melbourne's coaching staff are big admirers of his contested work. – Ben Guthrie


Harley Balic has retired from Footy…other than that, why are you posting all this?

Neil demons delight

Happens quite often this time of year Russty. people like to see the premiership squads NDD


Go Dees Neil!…I'd love to see them get there this year mate.


man teams are going to feast on melbournes fringe players, they better trade a few (package) for a couple of upgrades – too much depth.
looks like it was cut from dec 2017.


what about Hawkins???


Definitely! Chuck the VC on him him, Hoon.


Rocky is gone.


Don't mind Macrae VC actually. Tigers don't tag and Macrae has only played the Tigers once while being considered to be a SuperCoach premium (2017 – 117SC). Gawn C or maybe Yeo if I need to do something left of field

Cheers, Barron!


Not that it matters really but im backing in the little master to put on a masterclass against his old team down at the Cattery. 😁


Hey mate, I think I'm screwed this week, not enough trades in a season to cover all the injuries, I still have Rocky, Buddy, Ryan and Hogan, all in the last 2 weeks lol.
Next year I might try having 8 trades left at the start of the finals, but if I do, I'll probably be ranked 30000 if I even make the finals.
It's hard to know how to go about it after this year's carnage.

Neil demons delight

You're on the right track Russty 8 IS NEEDED. Less in the byes maybe more rookies up to 16 and more midpricers toss up


I think with too many rookies earlier in the season too many of them won't get a game, so it'll have to be more value/ lower priced / midpriced players…this game's getting too stressful lol


What would be handy is the same rules apply from season to season. If a rookie doesnt play 3 games in the prior year their starting price should be. That would be a start instead of playing one game scoring 60 and being $260k the next year. I.e bonner in 2018.


Yeah it's ridiculous, he plays one game in 2016 and 2 in 2017 and he gets priced at 257k.

Neil demons delight

Players like Witherden Greenwood Doodee must be selected as should set and forget G G rucks


Thinking either Grundy into Gawn or gaz into Gawn OR Grundy. Second option a bit riskier but thinking Grundy is in stronger form.

Ahmad rubas

In the grand final for 2 leagues unfortunately didnt make the grand final for the 4 leagues I care about but last year only made prelims so can’t complain. Anyways main goal is to beat one of my mates who is 337 points ahead of me but he has no trades. What would you do with this team? Lloyd laird simmo yeo Hurley witherden (cole rice)
Danger dusty titch Cripps Oliver macrae cogs jelwood (ahern giro narkle)
Gawn goldy (olango)
Heeeny smith petracca billings McLean westhoff (ryan Johnstone)
2 trades 69k


Witherdem is out so he must go.
Brayshaw be a good replacement.

Tracca or mclean not setting the world on fire so trade one of them – hawkins. menegola.

Ahmad rubas

Witherden is a must trade only premo that is out for me. Brayshaw is the dream replacement but I would need a downgrade to fund it.


Hi Ahmad, you could trade Giro out for O'connor, Witherden to Brayshaw…good luck this week mate.

Ahmad rubas

This was exactly the same move I was thinking of making. The only better thing I could think of is perhaps hold the trades hope for a late out on Saturday so I can use one trade on a late out and another on a witherden replacement


Gary Ablett will get his highest ever supercoach score this week. It's a safer bet than Lek/Josh/WoW winning bull$hit artist of the year.


Nank to Grundy, Ahern to Jack
McLean to Hawkins and save the 1 trade in case of a late out


No point saving trades, Nank to Grundy a must


McGovern to Brayshaw or
McLean to Buddy/Hawk/Riewoldt

Last trade.


Brayshaw a pure mid lately, he’ll score close to Oliver I reckon.
Go for Brayshaw, if you can get a mid-fielder in the backline, why not.


Oh dear. Last trade has to deal with Ricky, will sit Witherden on bench and have either O’Connor or Heron to replace him. Can’t loop because cats play suns, sheesh.

I guess O’Connor will be better pick?


thoughts on Fyfe into Mitchel?

Neil demons delight

Hey Shake David King give you a mention on p 78 of the sun . Good luck in Cazaly to late though for a SHAKE and FAKE—-NDD


Walters out for Robbie gray?
Or westhoff?


Westhoff more solid I reckon Pete…Gray coming off a 84…Westy 126


Danger into Grundy for me. Hoping Tomahawk & Dusty go big today too. Good luck everyone & thanks for the sage advice this season.