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The Cheat Sheet…uh…Column – ROUND 22

Sometimes life gets in the way, and sometimes you just forget. This week’s cheat sheet, is more like a cheat column because life got in the way, and I forgot to get the graphic ready.

We must soldier on though, and get some recommendations under way!

DEF: Luke Ryan is in some doubt to play this week, Heath Shaw’s done a knee, and Jeremy Howe is still not back, so who are the options?

BRODIE SMITH – $452,100 – Scored a 46 against Port Adelaide, in what was his first game in about 12 months. I’ll forgive him for that, because he scored a 125 against GWS on the weekend, and has North Melbourne and then Carlton on the run home.

HARRISON HIMMELBERG – $426,000 – Has been in great form over the last few weeks, and only needs to keep it going for two more weeks. Can he do it? It will be hard against Sydney and Melbourne though. Scored a 46 against Sydney in round 3.

TOM LANGDON – $423,300 – Has been called upon to do some jobs on the bigger men, but against Port Adelaide who have nobody to kick to, and Fremantle who can get it down there but seem to also let the ball come out just as fast, he may notch up some huge scores in these final two games.

MID: Josh Kelly was knocked out in a tackle by Tex Walker, and is racing the clock to be fit to play this weekend. I’d understand trading him at this point in the season, but if it was any other time of the year, you would hold.

SEBASTIAN ROSS – $531,900 – Usually finishes a year well, and this is no different. Averaging 119.4 over this last 5 games puts him in some good company.

ZACH MERRETT – $563,700 – Has been averaging around 117 for a long time now, he’s a very safe option.

GARY ABLETT – $549,500 – Finishes the year against Fremantle and Gold Coast both at GMHBA. He could score consecutives 150s to finish the year. He only needs to stay in one piece for two more games.

RUCK: Toby Nankervis should be back this week after missing last week, Max Gawn is battling calf tightness and Rhys Stanley is now out for 2-3 weeks with a calf injury.

TODD GOLDSTEIN – $508,300 – Is averaging bang on 100 for the year. A great option if you need him for whatever reason.

FWD: Michael Walters has a sore butt and could be out this week. Kane Lambert has been ruled out for the final few games, and Jesse Hogan has been ruled out for the season with a foot injury.

JOSH DUNKLEY – $535,200 – 105, 147, 132, 106 in his past four weeks, and the opposition has not phased him at all, with his biggest score (147) up against Port Adelaide. Carlton this week, and Richmond to close out the year, his tackling and contested numbers hold up, and he should bang out some great scores to finish up.

SAM MENEGOLA – $514,500 – Same story as GAJ; Fremantle and Gold Coast in the final two games for the season at home. He will dominate, and he will score big.

ISAAC HEENEY – $435,600 – He’s cheap, and he found form on the weekend. A brick wall behind play for the Swans and came up with a 120. I imagine he’ll be used there again and again until the experiment fails.


Join me next week for the final cheat sheet of the year. You’ve all been great.

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Cheers Damo, stellar job all year.
Best starting pick Cripps.
Worst starters were Kreuzer, Kelly, Crouch and Greene (throw Billings into there too).
Worst trade was my last, Sicily to Howe, got a 93 out of him then donuts…..prick.


Thanks mate! Cripps was definitely a good starting pick. He was way too cheap ignore.


So will be Docherty next season!


Best starting picks I’d have a few. Laird, Lloyd, titch, Gawn
Worst starters , Tom bell( shoot me) , Hibberd, petracca.
Best trade, Cripps or nank to Grundy
Worst trade, JJK to score a 70 then donuts


Best Starting Pick Patrick Cripps!

To replace Savage in backline,
Angus Brayshaw? or Brode Smith?


Who we all should have started with:
Def: Laird, Yeo, Simpson
Mid: Titch, Macrae, Cripps, Oliver, Coniglio
Rucks: Gawn, Grundy
Fwd: Heeney, Dev Smith, McLean, Gray
(Would have had to wait on Gray but would have been worth it)

Off the top of my head that would have been affordable.


Actually would have been better off starting Lloyd over Laird, no. 1 defender and 80k cheaper

Also Sicily was great value, even though the eventual trade out


Cheers for all the insight and hours out into your Cheat Sheets all year Damo! They’ve been great!

Best starting picks were: Dev Smith, Cogs, T. Kelly, Doedee (sold him eventually for about 425k) and Sicily (until her got injured).

Worst starting picks were: BILLINGS, Hibberd (traded him to Simmo after Rnd 2) and Dusty

Best Trade: Andy Brayshaw to Cripps, Doedee to Lloyd

Worst Trade: Spargo to JJK, Duman to Redmond (who got a season ending injury the very next game)

First player in my team next year: Docherty. Assuming he comes back well from his ACL, lock the Doc!




We only need to pick 29 players next year for SuperCoach.

Every team will have Docherty


Best starting picks: Devon Smith and Patrick Cripps
Worst: Michael Hibberd and Matthew Kreuzer

Best trade: Kreuzer to Grundy (round 5)
Worst trade: Guelfi to JJK (round 13), traded JJK back out round 15 injured

The Ranger

Cheers Damo, love ya work.
Best pick was Lloyd.
Worst move was swapping Grundy to Kreuzer just before the Rd1 lock out.


Isn’t Luke Ryan out for the season?


Yep confirmed to be gone for the season


Community – I want to make one trade this week. Opponent has Grundy and Walters.

Do I go Martin to Grundy? Or Walters to Menegola.

Worried about Walters pumping out a 50 this week with Fyfe back – might mean less mid time?


Fyfe isn’t changing his mid time, Ross is. Played his mostly mid role with Fyfe in the team. That’s a tough one but the Walters to menegola trade has the potential to net you a lot more points so I’d trade Walters


Fair enough – thanks. I figure a bad one for Walters is 50, whilst Martin is a lock for 90+. Grundy has a higher ceiling than Menegola, but not to the same extent?

For ryan

Langdon, Jonas, Vlas or Hurley?


Hurley for me.


start duman or mihocek


Mihocek, easier game


Best starting pick- Tom Pig MItchell, Clarry Oliver

Worst starting picks- Lobb, Kreuzer, Kelly, Billings

Best trade- Spargo to Wingard in round 13 after his first tonne which came from a move to the middle, Nic Nat to Grundy the week he got suspended

Worst trade- Langdon to Ryan in round 3 for Ryan to get injured the round I brought him in, Holman to Treloar to only have to trade him out the week after for doing his hammies.

I feel like every year I screw up my starting team and am constantly trying to make up rank all year. Happy with the way I currently trade but next year I will be looking at trying to improve my starting selections.

Cheers for all your work this year Damo it's been a fun and frustrating year. Love your cheat sheets, would love to see them around next year


13k in bank, 2 trades left and L Ryan and J Hogan to deal with.
Thinking Brodie Smith and Josh Caddy (given Richmonds outs)
Any options on anyone better given limited funds would be appreciated.


Started with Dunkley but traded once he was dropped. Litlle bit each way I feel.


Best pick was Coniglio ($4,235 p/p) followed by Cripps ($4,451 p/p).

I, like many, were suckered into the Petracca and Hibberd traps.

Vlastuin has had a fantastic year football wise but has been inconsistent as a SC scorer.

I was too quick in offloading Fritsch ($119.6k) given he's been consistent all year and is now $349k.

Deledio was a high risk pick that burned brightly, scored heavily and then was cashed out at a tidy profit.


Great stuff Damo! Solid work all year with the cheat sheet. Had a lot of slow starters like Goldy and Zerrett, but came back late in the year.

Best Starters: J.Lloyd, Coniglio, Cripps
Worst Starters: Hibberd, Greene, Naughton
Best Trade: Dahlhaus to McLean (Round 3)
Worst Trade: Take your pick, Mirra to Treloar (Round 14), Treloar to Fyfe (Round 15), Fyfe to Gaff (Round 16)

Thanks again


Help fam! Close predicted prelim of 3 points atm.

4 trades, 180k

Walters/parker for menengola/ablett

Walters/parker for gray/mcrae


Best starting pick definitely be Oliver.

I had plenty of terrible starters and a lot of bad luck, but don't have one trade that I regret this year!

Managed to trade my way up from 40,000 after round 3 to 897 now.

Bukkake Champion

Best Starters: Coniglio, Cripps, Devon Smith
Worst Starters: Hibberd, Billings
Best Trade: Round 10 – Lloyd for Murray
Worst Trade: After starting with Walters, bringing him back in Round 11

chris pepperall

Best starter Macrae
worst trade: in treloar rnd 14 out rnd 15, rnd 10 in martin rnd 12 out