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You don’t need me to do the talking here. We all know what’s at stake. Let’s get into the numbers.

Again, this week I’ll only be doing a top 10 and will be ignoring Tom Mitchell and Max Gawn letting me (and many others) down last week, so I fully expect all my top options to be terrible despite no evidence to the contrary.

Plays Saturday, 1.45PM
VC option

I told you. I told you Grundy would set the world on fire in these past three games while Gawn fell to the Cox Curse. Somewhere in a darkened room, Dean Cox is in the middle of a pentagram surrounded by incense, chanting away. Grundy is flying. Port won’t have Ryder. He’d be a lock for 130 and a chance at 150.

He doesn’t have a great record against the Power, but he’ll get past it.

Plays Sunday, 1.10PM
C option

He plays Carlton. He scored 150 last week. He bloody gun.

And before anyone asks, I’m not even remotely worried by an Ed Curnow run-with role. Curnow might even go to Hunter or the Bont. Macrae should be everyone’s captain this week with Grundy as VC.

Plays Saturday, 7.25pm
VC/C option

I’m going to look past last week’s disappointment from Tom. He had a poor game with a heavy tag and he knows it – he took one for his team to get the win over the Cats. Unfortunately, that cost our team. He plays St Kilda this week, which means he could score rather well. Jack Steele has been going to players, but has been running with them as opposed to stopping them, so I’m not too worried.

Also, Titch returns to Eithad for the first time since scoring 192 there a few weeks ago.

Plays Saturday, 2.10PM
VC option

Slapped me in the face for suggesting Tom Mitchell was a better selection than him last week and by the power of Murphy’s Law, I’ve put Tom Mitchell above him yet again to lock in another 160. Playing a Fyfe-less, Sandilands-less Freo at home, if there was ever a time for Danger to have a day out as Geelong hunt desperately for finals, this is it. His mate Gary Ablett averages 119 against the Dockers as well, but I’d probably be leaning Danger here.

Plays Sunday, 3.20PM
C option

Clayton’s only played the Weagles once and has yet to grace the hallowed turf at Optus Stadium, so we don’t have a huge amount of historical data for him – which in hindsight isn’t surprising for a bloke with so few games. What does intrigue me is five of his past six scores have been 120+, and this week Max Gawn comes up against Scott Lycett and could get quite a lot of hitouts. Most of those hitouts will find their way to our red-headed friend, where he will score oodles of points. Yes please.

Plays Sunday, 3.20PM
C option

He let us down last week and I’ve had words with big Max. He was apologetic on the blower, but I told him apologies wouldn’t cut it when blokes and sheilas are losing finals over his scores. He understands. He’ll be back to his best on Sunday and will score 130+. Won’t we, Max?

Plays Sunday, 4.40PM
C option

The Roos let four blokes get absolutely off the chain last week in Bont, Macrae and Lachie Hunter, and I see nothing that will stop Crouch waltzing on into Sunday’s game and doing the same. If Ben Jacobs is back, obviously give him a miss but Crouch is a ball magnet and has the potential to rack up big numbers. Has a 144 against the Roos in 2016.

Plays Friday, 7.25PM
VC option

Was actually the sensible choice last week when looking whether to take a VC option ahead of Titch or Gawn, but hindsight is 20/20. Is my only real pick from Friday night’s game – Richmond share it too much, Dusty has fizzled and none of the Dons are consistent enough. Merrett will get attention, but should still be able to knock out a 120. That said, if you’re able to use the VC on a Saturday, do that instead.

Plays Saturday, 4.45PM
VC option

Hear me out here. Whitfield’s hit a strong run of form, with 141 and 130 in his past two and has hit the gas. Will likely step up if Kelly misses this week and play a pivotal midfield role. Worth a hail mary VC option? Why the bloody hell not.

Plays Sunday, 1.10PM
C option

There we go, I got Whitfield above Cripps one last time for season 2018 and this pleases me. Now watch Cripps score 170 because I put him as number 10. Just you watch. That said, he has a career average of 60 against the Dogs and also, you know, plays for Carlton. Captain at your own risk.

Why not? He sucks us all in with his finishes to seasons, why not jump onboard? Has the struggling Crows and is at the feet of 2018 All-Australian ruckmen Lewis Pearce.

He could also score 60 though. So I mean there is that.

Who are you going with, community?

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Surely Titch in to marcae.

Also should I grab Hawkins or Menengola for Hogan


Menengola – Hawkins to relient on goals….


Based on Hawk's last 2 games and Menegola's last 4 I'd say Menegola for sure.

Florence Maxwell

Back in big Maxy, doesn't have 2 quiet games back-to-back too often


Danger into Macrae for me


Tempted by the little master. ๐Ÿ™Š


Could be a great call Trig..handy for you with Walters likely playing.


Grundy into Gawn for mine


Ryan gone for the season, please get a game heron


Makes a good argument for ditching a guy when his form drops, wish I had when I still had the trades…was gonna but had to deal with Howe, and others..hopefully Mihocek can score decently for me.

P.S, Heron's in mate.




Dangerfield or McRae for Kelly?
Please help


Flip a coin really…Danger and Macrae's last 5 games have been awesome, except for Macrae's 74, 4 weeks ago, I'd go Danger…more to play for.


Thanks rusty, leaning that way tbh


What took you so long with Danger Pete?…good luck for this week ๐Ÿ™‚


Can't go wrong with either


Michael Barlow gets a game…it's a miracle! ๐Ÿ™‚

Rick Grimes

It's a disgrace it's taken so long.


Hey Rick, I think he had some weird illness, also Gold coast is a hard team to break into apparently, so full of talent.

Rick Grimes

Hey Rust. I think he might have given it to the coaches missus. Been ready to go for weeks but strangely absent. They even dropped Lyons the other week. Bizarre.


Barlow has played 1 game this year and featured in the best players.
Omitted the following week. Joke of a club


Nathan Freeman omitted after 2 games, no wonder the Saints are a trainwreck…it's not like they need new talent coming through, good one Richo.


Good for SuperCoach if he doesn’t play next week too. Will keep his rookie price for next year


Hmmmm do I use my last trade on Ryan out or bank the trade and play Logan Austin the next 2 weeks


Hmm I reckon I would play Austin and keep the trade as I reckon the difference between Logan Austin and a non top 6 defender isnt enough to warrant using a last trade on. Assuming you already have Lloyd, Yeo, Simmo and Laird though ๐Ÿ™‚


Hey Ja, reckon it depends on how close you think your finals this week will be, and if you think your opponent's teams might be stronger than yours, no second chances this week…also who would you be bringing in?..if it's only someone average, then maybe hold off.


Similar dilemma. Play Mihocek on field and save my 1 trade, or bring in Brayshaw who has a 5 round average over 100?

My opponent has Ryan, Kelly and Hogan to deal with and poor bench cover.

Not sure if I want to risk not trading though…


With Howe out again, and 2 trades with 65k in the kitty. Should I bring in Gus Brayshaw and have 23k with 1 trade left? Or bring in Crisp and have 60k left in the bank? Cheers guys ๐Ÿ™‚


Both tonned up in their last 2 games and both didn't the 2 weeks before, but Brayshaw scored higher, reckon go for the higher scorer mate.


Yeah I love Brayshaw too. Guess money ITB doesn’t matter as long as you have points on the field too. We have A LOT to play for these last two games as well so Brayshaw will be full time midfield I think


I have one trade left. Do i use it on trading Ryan to Hurn or Kelly to Macrae? I can cover Ryan with Duman and i can cover Kelly with Spargo. I'm leaning towards getting macrae in at this point but im worried that it'll be a wasted trade as Kelly is likely to come back next week. That being said though, having spargo take up one of my premo mid spots will probably make me lose. Any thoughts?


Macrae may score 2 weeks worth of hurns points this week. A lot more value in the macrae trade especially if you need to win a final, can’t get to next week if you don’t win this week


Cheers Ja, im going with Macrae


No trades left, who do l field for Ryan , B. Lynch or Heron




Oh wow what a choice to have to, both guns but….Heron might see more of the pill than Lynch with Suns playing Brisbane, Dogs playing Blues.


Lynch has played 7 games, Heron 6… Lynch has 4 scores over 50, Heron only 2. Lynch averages 10 more per game . … Lynch playing against Carlton… Heron against Brissy…… Lynch easily..


So this is it … I’m not risking the biscuit on loop-holing O’Connor and Giro for Kelly.
So I’m using two trades to cover Kelly (who goes to the bench) and bringing in 2 DPPs to cover him this week, and then they will be a floating MID/FWD loop-hole next week. (I’ve got 5 league games this week, so hope to at least win 1).

So my choices are:
1. Heeney and Bonar
2. Heeney and Dawson
3. Menegola and Bonar
4. Wingard and Bonar
5. Mundy and Bonar
6. Mundy and Dawson
7. De Goey and Bonar
8. De Goey and Dawson

Which option? Or,

Option 9, just bring in Macrae and Heeney for Kelly and Ahern, which gives me a premo loop hole up FWD only (not able to float between MID/FWD) but also the ability to switch players between DEF/MID/FWD if another premo goes down.

And I’ll probably have Grundy into TMitch.. for VC/C.


I'd do option 9.
Kelly no guarentee to be back next week


Good point..


You said Bonar…5 times :)..I reckon option 9 too Lazza, leave the Bonar alone and go for the proven guys. Go for gold son!


Yeh, funny I’d actually made that plan thinking I would have to replace Walters… thinking Kelly would get up.. then realised (doh) his price allowed me to do option 9.. I think that’s the go .. ta Russty & Trades


Grundy for Nank leaves me with just 46.5k to upgrade Ryan. Who out of Hurley, Aliir, Langdon or Andrews? Or just save the trade and rely on Mihocek?




Lock in Kelly to Macrae trade? Or is there better value elsewhere? Whitfield, Ablett, Bont and Crouch are some other options


I have Wingard to cover Kelly. Means Curnow is my f6.
Happy to leave it like that and save my last two trades for next week. Or is there a chance Kelly misses two? Because I could trade him to Macrae and still have one trade for the GF.


Used my last trade just before Saturday night's game and brought in Grundy for Martin. Was thinking he might get Port without Ryder this week but still think he can put up big numbers against an injured Ryder as VC.


Yeah Pizza reckon Ryder's still playing sore and or injured, Grundy should still go big.


Wow no Howe, Shaw and Roughy. Could be in a bit of trouble this week in my Prelims.

Ahmad rubas

laird lloyd yeo simmo hurley witherden (cole rice)
danger dusty titch kelly macrae cripps cogs rocky (giro narkle johnstone)
gawn goldy (olango)
heeney smith petracca billings mclean westhoff (ahern ryan)
4 trades 128k
out of my 22 premos (yes im counting rocky as a premo lol) only kelly is out this week so he is a must trade imo. i can use another trade and i think the obvious trade out option is rocky lowest average and cheapest price out of all players on field and takes a valuable midfield spot. im pretty set on trading those 2 out problem is i dont know who to bring. im thinking oliver very expensive but melbourne season on the line and is the standout midfielder i dont own other than fyfe who is coming back from injury and doesnt have finals to play for. the other player im looking at is joel selwood geelong have the easiest run home still in the hunt for finals and out of the geelong options im considering (ablett selwood duncan hawkins menegola) selwood is by far the cheapest and leaves me with 68k to use my final 2 trades on. thoughts on my moves and what would you do if you were in my position?


Hey Ahmad, I'd go Oliver and Ross or Ablett and Ross, Selwood also an option, got a 159 recently..but a 52 and an 80 before that.
Menegola's hit some nice form lately too.

Ahmad rubas

Ross is interesting apparently know to finish off a season strong. Menegola DPP could be useful. I keep changing my mind I’m not able to settle now I’m looking at beams and crouch so I have beams against Gold Coast this week crouch against blues next week and I already have macrae for blues this week and danger for suns next week. Thanks for the advice tho I’ll keep ross in mind


No worries mate…just thought he might be a good pod factor if you wanted to go there..good luck and well done still having 4 trades!

Ahmad rubas

the 4 trades have come at a cost of a poor rank of 21k but if I can reach my first grand final after reaching a prelim last year I’ll be more than happy. Just had a look and ross is the highest points scorer over the past 2 rounds closely followed by danger Kelly and whitfield. I might chase the points of whitfield and ross and have 60k spare in the bank. Good luck for the rest of the season mate


Absolutely smashed by injuries this week, and only 2 trades left. Kelly and Shaw to Macrae and Brayshaw for me I think.


best total point combo
Parker, Hurley
Crouch, Mihocek


Parker hurket


Which trades?
1. Giro to rookie and Parker/dusty/Sloane/pendles to macrae
2. Holman and ahern to loophole player and Ablett (I will have 9 mids and will be able to loophole Parker with Sloane.



Hurley or Jonas?
Will Hurley stick on Riewoldt?


Community, I have 3 trades left and want to get Macrae into my mids.
Who do I trade out? Pendles, Crouch, Beams and Coniglio are my weakest mids.





Spoilt with a host of vc & c options this weekend. Danger into Macrae for me.

Robbie T

Will Walters be a late out?


Yep, I captained danger and didn't take dustys 138