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After two relatively injury-free finals, the Supercoach gods have cast us down with a wrath unlike which we’ve seen since the bye rounds.

There are a whole host of players missing, and for those of us who still have a trade or to, it’s time to pull the trigger. There is no holding back on this front. It’s do or die.

So, Patch and Lek enlist the help of Damo from out west, who Knows Things, to talk us through how to survive this week.

Also – we want to hear your best and worst starting selections for the season! Damo will be popping them into the final cheat sheet for the season, so lend him your ears good community!

Thanks as always to Fantasy Insider for quite literally keeping this site running, and thanks to YOU community, for still being here ex oh ex oh

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  1. Gary Swine says:

    Struggling now Hogan done – last trade left for a 430k forward or defender
    already have:
    DEF R.Laird, J.Lloyd, K.Simpson, E.Yeo, M.Hurley, TMcDonald (lynch,duman)
    FWD R.Gray, J.Westoff, I.Heeney, T.McLean, S.Menegola, J.Hogan (battle,smith)

  2. Rivo says:

    Best starting selection – Cripps.
    Worst staring selection – Garlett

    Ranked 1390, in 4 league prelims. 3 trades and $27k. Have Ahern and J.Higgins as mid/fwd bench cover.

    Want Macrae but have to deal with Walters & Lambert outs. Four

    1. Walters & Lambert to Menegola & Caddy
    2. JPK & Walters to Macrae & Stephenson (Ahern cover for Lambert);
    3. Walters & Lambert to McLean & Buddy?
    4. Swing McDonald fwd, Walters to J. Walker (Bris), Lambert to De Goey?

    Help please???

    • Marcos says:

      Hmm that injury hurts you as none of these trades get me particularly excited. Maybe option 1…?

      • Rivo says:

        Yes it does Marcos. Options are not great but I do have cover on all lines. Think Caddy might get more mid time with Lambert missing. Menegola seems to have found his mojo again.

    • Redpill5 says:

      Walters may not be out, apparently a glute issue not a hammie. If you do trade…. Least risky is option 1, highest potential is option 3.

      • Rivo says:

        Thanks Redpill. Would be great if Walters did play but not holding my breath.

    • Chris says:

      Whispers that Walters may play this week. Hope so. Fingers crossed.

  3. Marcos says:

    Which option please:

    Jimmy Webster (who has spudded up since I bought a premium price and held through injuries) > Brayshaw


    Martin > Macrae


  4. Redpill5 says:

    Is there any way to see your trade history?

    • Jay says:

      Yep, when viewing on a browser, go to the lobby or team page. Under “My team tracker” which should be above the fixtures on the right, you should find “History” under “More”

      • Redpill5 says:

        Thanks jay. I will try that

        • Redpill5 says:

          Jay, that doesn’t tell you the players you traded each week only the number of trades…

          • Russty_ says:

            Hey Pill, under "more"..and history, shows you every player you traded in and out and when.

            • Redpill5 says:

              Finally found it. Cheers lads. My worst / most unfortunate trades would have to be

              1. Starting with liberatore, did his knee in first 5 mins of season.
              2. Rage trading Mengelola out in round 3.
              3. Starting with Brayshaw only to find he wasn’t named so wasting a trade to get him out, then bringing him back in for $160k more.
              4. Starting with billings
              5. Bringing in Webster
              6. Bringing in hogan and jpk

              Best decisions
              7. Starting with doedee
              8. Bringing in t Kelly and Simpson in round 2
              9. Bringing in Mitchell cheaply in round 8
              10. Switching Grundy for nank in round 6

              • Lekdog says:

                1. Unlucky
                2. Did the same bloody thing
                3. Ouch
                4. Dodged that one luckily
                5. Ouch again
                6. Worthy risks I reckon
                7. Nice
                8. Nooooice
                9. Wish I did
                10. Clever

                • Redpill5 says:

                  Cheers Lek. I reckon a round by round blog/note feature would be great on the SuperCoach site, so you could look back at your decision making process over season and reminisce. Hopefully I won’t forget the lessons I learnt this year but it sure is hard to keep track. Prob finish up around the 2k ranking.

                  • Swoopster says:

                    There is a Notepad feature under "more" where history is. I've never used it though.

  5. Derek says:

    Look for a vacuum.

    Who has been recently injured?

    Last few weeks, injured players need to be replaced.

    With so many injuries, think about Who will benefit?

    Hogan, Ryder, Walters, Shaw all going down….. who fills the void?

    There are a few cheaper players who might be great trade in because they have a chance to take an injured players role.

    Shaw to TMac for me this week with news of Hogan to miss.

    • dontblushbaby says:

      I thought you were going Simmo ? I have the same issue with choosing between Simmo and Tmac and only 1 trade left.

      Hope Kelly comes up and plays

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Ryder out has the potential to help/hinder Hoff.
      McDonald is the obvious one who could benefit from Hogan, potentially even Pederson or Tim Smith
      Walters maybe Langdon? (Not sure about Freo)
      Shaw out potentially increases Whitfield, Finlayson or even Kennedy.

      Just my ideas, none of which could be accurate!

  6. Jumny says:

    trading Shaw got 450k which defender has the most chance to score a 150? Love some help

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      McDonald maybe?

    • pigjumpprusik says:

      Johannisen just over 450k if you can afford him, in form and good matchup vs Carlton. Maybe Howe if he plays. Both huge ceilings but could also have a stinker at the same time.

      Definitely wouldn't trade McDonald in this week. Tough game in Perth and more likely to score an 80 against a quality team compared to a big score.

  7. TheGreatBozza says:

    Sitting at 1267 with 3 trades left. Really want to push towards top 1000

    B – Yeo, Lloyd, Simpson, Laird, Crisp, McDonald (Austin, O'Riordan)
    M – Titch, Cripps, Danger, Kelly, Beams, Cogs, Pendles, Dusty (Ahern, Giro, Dawson)
    R – Grundy, Gawn (Hayes)
    F – D.Smith, Heeney, Hoff, Gray, McLean, Walters (De Goey, T.Smith)

    Trades i'm looking at if Kelly & Walters both miss, which option do we like community:

    1. Kelly > Macrae, Walters > B.Smith or Andrews (T Mac DPP)
    2. Kelly > Macrae, Walters > Franklin
    3. Kelly > Macrae, Walters > Selwood or Sidebottom (De Goey moves to F6, run 9 premo mids with a loop)
    4. Kelly > Bont, Walters > Hawkins
    5. Kelly > Ross, Walters > Brayshaw (T Mac DPP)

    Leaning towards option 1 or 3 to get Macrae, but Bont represents good value and would leave me a decent kitty for my last trade

  8. Sam says:

    I don’t have Cripps going into my prelim and I can’t get him..
    Who can match him best? Macrae, Ablett or Fyfe(if named)

  9. PizzaSafety says:

    Anyone want to mention a few players they're tentatively starting in 2019 at this stage? For me its

    Defence: Laird/Whitfield, Docherty, Williams

    Midfield: Titch, Cripps, Oliver, Kelly, Yeo, Merrett

    Ruck: Grundy, Ryder (if he gets his body right he could be a very solid stepping stone to Gawn)

    Forward: Danger (if DPP), Heeney (if DPP), Dunkley (if DPP), Joe Daniher (if fit a mid priced cash cow)

    Bont is also a good option if forward. Don't see any young blokes apart from Dunkley who have truly broken out in the second half of the season. You could say Milera has, but he's only averaging 88 in his past 7 so will need a couple of big ones for me to consider him. Witherden could certainly break out and become an elite defender but with Docherty set to be priced at about the same as him and Williams about 100k cheaper I doubt anyone will choose him. Gresham is one to consider but he has that inconsistent Billings feel about him that puts me off. Wingard will be at a good price but his year-to-year inconsistency is a concern.

    This is all depends on $$, anyone else's thoughts?

    • Smoocha says:

      Dusty should theoretically be forward DPP too

      • PizzaSafety says:

        Dusty won't be, there was an article published after R13 saying that he was 74/26 mid/fwd at that point in time and he's been playing less there since then. You need at least 35% to get DPP. Heat maps have nothing to do with positions, what's most important is starting positions at centre bounces and I'm 95% sure that's all that really matters. Luke Parker will get DPP though.

        Edit: I also like Lachie Neale as a pod (over either Cripps or Oliver) heading into next year, has averaged 115 post R5 this year after an interrupted preseason and I still reckon he can average 120+ in a season. I'll consider Dusty but I find him hard to trust after he burned me badly this season.

    • BrownlowBoy says:

      Sean Darcy as a ruck option potentially or even Lobb.

      Discounts on Libba, Crouch, Williams, Doch, Scully will all be hard to ignore.

      Throw Macrae and Fyfe into your midfield mix.

      Potentially Bennel and Barlow to be cheap as well.

      Toby Greene, Dylan Roberton also cheaper than this year.

      Will Setterfield could be a brilliant rookie, potential also for Charlie Constable.

      Birchall will be cheap, but father time catching up with him?

      Will Mills be cheap?

    • JR_Damo says:

      Matt Crouch will be priced at about a 101 average. Jordan De Goey will be priced at a 91 average, and looks like he'll finally have a pre-season this/next year.

      • PizzaSafety says:

        Certainly Lobb and Darcy are options and I would strongly consider Lobb if he looks rock solid in pre-season. I don't think we'll be able to start both Gawn and Grundy and we'll be forced to pick one or the other.

        Crouch is definitely there alongside Dusty, Zorko and Merrett as players priced under their potential. I like the fact that Merrett is now breaking tags and if you ignore the first 3 weeks is averaging 108 this season after averaging 109 and 111 the two years before. My worry with Crouch is that for much of this year his kicking reverted back to the inefficiency that plagued him til the 2nd half of last year. Could easily return back to form mind you.

        Scully could be a great point scoring cash cow that I had not thought of, as could Libba.

        I'll avoid Fyfe due to his tendency to get injured and suspended at his price and I feel Macrae will be hard to squeeze in at his price with cheaper options. Still very decent picks and time will tell.

        A lot of players will be overpriced heading in to next year based on their overall scoring history.

      • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

        Be handy

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Def: lloyd, laird, doc, sicily, williams
      Mid : titch, clarey, kelly, cripps, macrae
      Ruck: gawn. Darcy/kruez
      Mid: danger, dusty, heeney, dunkley

      If brayshaw keeps def will have to get a gig at the exp of one of the others.

      • PizzaSafety says:

        Hey Trig, unfortunately Dusty is highly unlikely to get forward eligibility next year. After R13 a HS article said he was playing 26% of time up forward and unless he's been playing about 45% of time up forward since then to get to the required 35%, he will not be getting DPP. Danger on the other hand was 39% at the time of the article and Jon Ralph wrote an article two weeks ago saying he'd spent 40% of time up forward this season, so he looks like a lock for dpp

        The article mentioned the following players:
        Player / Midfield Time / Forward Time / Defence Time
        Dustin Martin (Rich) 74% / 26%
        Elliot Yeo (WCE) 73% / 12% / 15%
        Luke Parker (Syd) 63% / 37%
        Christian Petracca (Melb) 48% / 52%
        Patrick Dangerfield (Geel) 61% / 39%
        Jordan de Goey (Coll) 37% / 63%
        Robbie Gray (PtA) 44% / 56%

        I'm 99% sure that all that they care about when choosing positions are the starting positions at centre bounces.


        • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

          In fantasy and draftstars they both got DPP. Might be a guide.
          But article above paints a different story.
          We see what the jolly man in the red suit brings…..

          • PizzaSafety says:

            Yeah it will be interesting, I just hope they don't jack up the prices too much again next year, it's getting tougher to pick a decent side to start the season. I think those comps judge it based on 6 week blocks and the changes stay permanent for the season. I think Dusty started the year with plenty of time up forward only for that to change quite a lot afterwards. Whatever the other comps do, SC prides itself on making it as difficult as possible to play their game. At least Danger, Bont and Parker should take some of this years forward pain away.

    • Russty_ says:

      Reckon I'll be starting De goey and Harris Andrews next season, Grundy and Gawn, set and forget, won't waste my picks with guys like Hogan, Petracca or Armitage again..also Christensen, Bonner or Ellis Yoelman, Billings types.
      Doch is a lock if he has a good pre-season, probably not Williams, Dunkley could be good next year, no beanpole fwds like Daniher or Brown for me, and no Buddy until later in the season if he is consistent, better off going for the higher ball winning / dpp fwds I think.

      With the news that Saints are chasing players like Menzel and Hanneberry for next year, I wouldn't have confidence in any Saints players or the Saints for probably the next 5 years.

      • PizzaSafety says:

        J Daniher is a lock for me rusty if fit because he will be just 280k according to this years starting prices and averaged 86 in 2017 and is a player with room for improvement. He played rounds 2-7 with a groin injury that developed into OP so I don't think you can honestly judge his performances this year at face value.

        • Russty_ says:

          Fair enough Pizza, he was looking good there for awhile, only thing that would worry me about him is, the games where he goes missing and scores you a 40, and cause he's so skinny and lanky he'd get injured more often than the brick outhouse types of forwards.

          • PizzaSafety says:

            haha that's fair but I'll only be using him to make money before trading him to Bont or someone on another level to him, and his consistency in 2017 was actually alright for a key forward (only 3 scores below 70). Slim chance he becomes a keeper like Hawkins was this year and JJK was in the past but I doubt it. We will see, if there's enough rookies I could potentially skip on him but from afar he looks like he could be what many hoped Christensen would be this year. De Goey could also potentially be in my side, but I'd currently put him behind Dunkley. If Heeney does not get DPP then I'll probably pick him ahead of Bont and Parker at that cheaper price. Guy has massive potential.

    • Lekdog says:

      Docherty pls come back I miss you

    • Derek says:

      Taranto, McGrath, burton

  10. r_calve says:

    lobb, andrews, jonas, daniel, mcluggage or other

    best forward or backmen under 395k. hit us up lads!!


    • PizzaSafety says:

      hmmm Andrews is the one I like the most even though he's not been at the same level since returning. I don't like Lobb's match up with Gawn at all.

    • Lekdog says:

      Andrews then Lobb then the others

      • r_calve says:

        cheers lekdog,

        goin lobb cos the forward option id better to have as te forward line is weaker for me and look at his games and his average as the lone ruckman looks to b around 85

  11. dontblushbaby says:

    Will Mark O'Connor hold his spot for the Cats ?

  12. Jeffrey says:

    Can you still trade out Josh a Kelly anytime before his game or only before first game bounce Friday night?

    This way can suds out opposition & save last trade for GF if make it!

    • Ja191 says:

      Yeah can trade him any time before Kelly’s game starts just remember that you can’t trade him to players who have played as they lock

  13. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Hey mate yep will probably be running the happy ending final series again.
    Do u know how to get onto lek or patch as would like to send them the series so they can put it up as a separate article at the end of the home and away series instead of just putting it in a thread.

    Give it a bit of pizzazz.

    • Russty_ says:

      Not directly but they are on Twitter so maybe JohnDJ59 could drop them a private message relay if he reads this…or you could report me for this comment and leave your name and message with it , they read reports.

  14. dontblushbaby says:

    Colin O'Riordan after a good game last week looks like being the front runner to replace Alex Johnson

  15. Swoopster says:

    Can bring in any mid and fwd for J Kelly & Walters. Thoughts on the below options?

    Best Mids I dont have: Ablett, Neale or Zerrett

    Best Fwds I dont have: TMac, Mundy or Menegola. Dunkley?
    Benefit of TMac is swinging him to backline next week for L Ryan and bringing in another fwd.

  16. Pete says:

    Hey guys, I have Kelly,
    Dunno if I should trade him to McCrae or Dangerfield???
    Please help

  17. Defying_Madness says:

    Ryan gone for the season, time to munch donuts

  18. Dermin8r says:

    My SC season is officially over now, my second year in SC, and having used my last trade in round 15 (oh yes, I have had EVERY injured premo in my team this year – epitomised by Jack MacRae going down only for me to replace him with Adam Treloar who tore Both of his hamstrings in that first game replacing MacRae, and that's how most of my trades got burned…I still don't know how someone can tear both of their hamstrings!).

    Anyway, I wanted to post to give my THANKS to the community for their support and answers to my questions. Also LEKDOG, PATCH, DAMO & CO. for their cheatsheets and podcasts. I have enjoyed the Lekdog & Patchy shooooooow, it has been informative and entertaining and I look forward to the 2019 version. Thank you all, and best of luck to those of you who are still in it!
    Go Hawks!

  19. Rivo says:

    Thanks for the first quarter 💩 Captain Titch. 🙄