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Gday community, Patch here. We’ve had a few issues this week around recording, so a podcast will be coming out tomorrow. In the meantime, it’s time to dish out some praise and a few bakes of some blokes who may have won us or cost us finals in this tense part of the year.

We’re at the business end now, and blokes in the habit of burning us – I’m looking at you, Shaun Higgins – have come back to bit with a vengeance.


We’ll start with the positives, the blokes we’re cheering on to do well and bring us home. And we’ll start at the top – Patrick Dangerfield. After years of me being on his back about not pumping out 140+ scores consistently: he’s back, baby. Most would argue he never left but his 160 on the weekend was a mammoth display, which anyone who VC’d him will be leaping at. His mate, the Little Master Gary Ablett, also had 158.

Jack Macrae celebrated his return to plenty of teams with a 153, while Lachie Neale (134) and The Bont (134) were both excellent PODs for those who had them. Meanwhile, Brodie GrundyZach Merrett and Clayton Oliver all scored 121, which is an exceedingly excellent score. Isaac Heeney also celebrated a return to form in Sydney’s win over the Dees.


Bloody Dustin Martin. If you’d told us one player was due to score 200 points against the Suns (which we’ll get to in a minute), most people would have picked Dusty as the man to do it. Instead, he returned a paltry – by his standards – 91 against the fledgling Gold Coast. Dayne Zorko had a rubbish 66 after I talked him up as a captaincy option, which is 100 less than I was expecting from him.

And then there were the burn-men. While Michael Walters hasn’t burnt many in seasons past, he’s gone on many ‘never-again’ lists after an inconsistent year riddled with injury. While he scored an admirable 96 before doing his hamstring, the injury is the final straw for Walters.

And then we’ve got Shannon Hurn and Shaun Higgins. Both of these gentlemen are well-known burn-men. We know their history. We know their past. And they’d been playing really well this season. Really, genuinely well. But it was a con. IT WAS A GODDAM CON. They were playing the long game, waiting for when we were at our most vulnerable, waiting to kick us in the teeth. And they have.

There were a bunch of really disappointing scores from some players, which weren’t in and of themselves villain-making scores, but Rory Laird (84), Josh Kelly (injury-affected 82), Stephen Coniglio (82), Mitch Duncan (78) and Max Gawn (84) were all deflating to our side’s scores.


Jumping Jack Riewoldt can have my children after pulling out a 219 on the weekend. I didn’t know he had the double ton in him. I just didn’t pick it. A mammoth 10 goals and a lot of … well, everything… gave him a metric ton of points.

Josh P Kennedy pulled out a 107 after a few disappointing weeks, Alex Witherden racked up a 110 and Jack Billings still managed to score 107 despite the Saints being pummelled. He’s back in that high half-foward/wing role and I’m heavily considering a discounted Billings for 2019. Maybe.


After copping a heavy tag, old mate Tom Mitchell could only manage


Josh Dunkely. Can someone from the Dogs tell me if he’s someone we need to watch in 2019? Is he the Next Big Thing from the Doggies? Will he be a Thing? Aliir Aliir looks really good at footy, and I’m fascintated to see if he can turn that into 2019 Supercoach relevance. I’d suspect not, but maybe. One to watch.

Adelaide defender and burn-man Brodie Smith made his return to the Crows’ outfit this weekend, and tonned up. Price dependant, we may all be starting him in defence next season, assuming we don’t get rogered by the price calculation.

Also – Brayden Sier. I get annoyed at seeing all these rookies making their debuts late in the season, and Sier is a perfect example of why. A Wines-like machine whon cranked out 119 on the weekend – he’ll be 300k next year. No rookie prices for us, and we lose him as a starting option. Gosh hecking darn it.

RIGHTEO, that’s it for me, community – who stood out to you this weekend? How are you travelling in finals?

Remember as well, Damo is looking to source his final cheat-sheet of the season from YOU, the community – who were your best (and worst) starting picks for season 2018?

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Bloody Walters!
He just made my no buddy way list
Started him (went ok early)
Injured rd 7 traded out
Cheap rd 12 brought him back in to cover rd 13 and loop during SC finals as freo have late games
Gets suspended rd 12 misses 13 and 14
Injured rd 21. Useless plick. Cant loop.

Burn. Burn, burn.
Banned for life. ❌❌❌


Yikes, I started him too. Left him on the bench when injurred and suspended and that is where he's gunna stay! #notradesclub


Walters has been the strangest burn man of all time. I started him knowing he had a massive ceiling and a pretty mediocre floor, with an injury history, and he has showcased all of those things this year. At times he's looked incredible and at other times he has either been non-present, played in the pocket, or out due to suspension/injury. He was one of four mid pricers I started this year along with Smith, McLean and Sicily and he is definitely the one that failed. Ahern will be covering Walters (I'm nervous) after I was greedy enough to go Martin to Grundy just before the bounce on Saturday night (could still be worth it) as I attempt to squeeze into the top 3k from 3786 at this current moment. Made all 3 prelims and have a guy who is carrying a lot of injuries in a public DRSC league so I'm likely to be in a GF there. No longer regretting trading in Neale over Kelly for Fyfe right now at least.


So a tough choice this week. Finished second in my league, my opponent had an unbelievable score first game so have had to do it the hard way. Won easily last week thanks to J Riewoldt. I'm now up against the celebrity in our league in Daniel Begala, who finished top and hasn't been beaten in our league since about round 5 (when I got lucky to beat him).

1 trade left, funds not an issue. I've narrowed it down to 3 options (I have a full team, this is cover or loopholes)
a) Ablett- Have a full midfield but worried about Dusty. In great form, 2 weak opponents in Freo and GC
b) Menegola- Liking Geelong's draw, great form, added advantage of flexibility
c) Lloyd- I have Tuohy D6 and Webster D7 so heaps of depth. But could upgrade one of them for more class

Last option is to sit tight, hope I win and use it for the GF.

If it helps, mids are: Mitchell, Danger, Cripps, Macrae, Oliver, Crouch, Cogs, Martin
Fwds: Heeney, Gray, D Smith, Billings, Riewoldt, Westhoff.

I’m a patriot

A or B I recon
I’d loop dusty and cogs and field A or B
Only coz of their opponents over the next 2 weeks.
Don’t take the trade to the GF that you ain’t in.
Good luck


Might want to hang five on Tuohy has a broken bone in his hand .. might miss a week .. Webster cover for Prelim might cost you..


Like Menegola over most forwards except Heeney, can't imagine D6 is close. But all are solid upgrades. Which ever give you the best loop now and next week. I've love owning Lloyd. Very solid second half and playing for a contract.


Kayne Lambert to miss 2 weeks, ankle


Love having Brayshaw in my team. Plays full time midfield.


Same for Dunkley


He is scoring huge as of late!


Just when I finally got Sicily in he got injured, so brought in Gus. He has been a star.

No DEF next year


who should I bring in as a defender or forward for under 395k

andrews, jonas, ben brown, Luke ryan, Hewett, Daniel, lobb, rance, darling, Webster, stewart, caddy, harbrow, lynch, Langdon, mckenna

which one of these guys?


I like Lobb. Lone ruckman.


This is Lobbe we are talking about

I’m a patriot

From the list Luke Ryan coz will see heaps of the pill
Missing from the list Charlie curnow coz it’s only a matter of time till he hits his staps. Big pod


Caleb Daniel.. cracked 2 tons playing permanent half back for the past 2 weeks and Beveridge says he will stay there..

I like the Lobb option too..


I like Daniel as well. Has been a revelation off halfback and has great D.E.




Look for a vacuum.

Who has been recently injured?

Who will benefit?

Hogan, Ryder, Walters, Shaw all going down….. who fills the void?

Shaw to TMac for me this week with news of Hogan to miss.


Agree with Lazza and Finn, Daniel's in good form of late.


Who to trade out for macrae?
Parker, pendles, sloane or dusty?




R u trading in macrae as your opponent has him or to bring in a pod for finals?


A pod


Bringing in Hawkins for Walters a good idea?


Playing 2 at home .. should be good this week.. .. then up against May.. could be huge..


Need a Shaw replacement, money not an issue. Have the obvious choices already (Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Brayshaw, Lloyd). Thinking Hurn, Crisp or Witherden?


I really like JJ. Have had him all year and is back playing the high defensive role that I picked him for. The 30odd score was a hard tag. I don't see that happening every week.


He can get shut down really easily though – especially after the coverage in the media last couple of weeks about him running free. I wouldn't feel super confident having him in a final.

Crisp for me.


cripsy creme


Thanks guys!


I have 3 trades left with 80 k. Team is full premo with e.curnow, and hogan. Should i trade thrm out?



get some premos on the midfield or forward bench


I'd be going hogan to hawkins if you can afford it – Hogan has a tough run home and goes missing against good teams. Hawkins has freo and the suns both at home…


And Hogan is OUT!!! for the season…. get Hawk or Menagola, home draw against lowly sides and playing to stay in touch for finals.


Who should I bring in for Walters, Gunston or TMac look the two best I can afford
Only have $60k in the bank




Walters may still play


Who to bring in for Walters can get anyone


Hawkins has a great run home.


Should I trade in Ablett as he has two home games and they are fighting for a finals spot. Or just go macrae, knowing he could cop a tag by curnow this weekend.

If I trade in Gazza then I will have 9 mid premos which means I can loophole Parker and pendles….

If I trade in macrae I have to trade out either Parker, pendles, dusty or Sloane



Nice work still having a trade left Sam, I'd go Gazza if it were up to me, in some great form and who knows, could be his last season if it ends well for the Cats.


Villain of the week is Tex Walker for taking out Josh Kelly. Hogan out as well following on from Gaff last week. My season is officially forked.


Hello community, first time long time…

My conundrum is I have savage and gaff who are currently being covered by mihocek and Sier. My projected score is higher than my 2 opponents this weekend. I have 2 trades remaining and enough cash to upgrade to anyone if required.

Pies play early this weekend so I’m tempted to wait it out to see how mihocek and Sier score (on the bench as emergencies) and if they spud it up I will still have time to trade gaff and or savage to a premo..

My issue is ideally I want Ablett or menegola to come in for gaff but if I wait to see how Sier scores it will be too late to trade them in.

Any other mid premos I could consider?

I can still bring in a Brayshaw or Hurn for savage if mihocek scores poorly but am I better to save a trade? Or go for the premo given it’s do or die this weekend?



With only one round left I'd definitely use one trade. Both are good loop options, and as the pies play early, you only miss on 6/18 teams. I'd need to see your team, but if you don't have Macrae then Gaff to him is a must I think. Fyfe could also be back this week.


Thanks Finnius

Mids are: Macrae Danger Mitchell Cripps Zorko Dusty Oliver and gaff/Sier – I like the idea of Fyfe too but same issue as with gaz and menegola.

Def are: Lloyd Laird Yeo Simpson T-Mac and Savage/Mihocek.

I think any other defender is hit and miss so I’m leaning towards saving one trade and upgrading gaff to gaj/menegola/Fyfe and taking a loophole punt on mihocek… nervous times! 🙂


Read on that walters is a chance to play this weekend! Huge if true.


Just read it as well. I will be praying he does play since I already have Kelly missing probably


exact same. Both will probably miss but as part of the no trades (and minimal cover) club I have my fingers crossed.


Oh crap Ryan is getting tested for hammy complaints. I have no backline cover and no trades. RIP
Really hoping Walters, Ryan and Kelly all manage to play this week somehow but I doubt it.


Looks like Luke Ryan has a hammy… TBC on the available list… not ‘Test’ but ‘TBC’ .. doesn’t seem to be a good omen.


Kinda hoping all of Ryan, Kelly and Walters are out. This is why I kept trades just incase!


injury report says kelly is unlikely so i doubt he's playing


Only used my trades on injuries and upgrades so not much I could do. Think I made 1 sideways actually by trading out Billings a few rounds in.


Hope it works out for you DM, you're having a strong finish to the season and that's when it matters.


Cheers mate, sitting in the top 1000 right now hopefully I can push towards 500 or at least maintain my position


Sucks that can't really loophole Mihocek and Ryan and Tuohy vs each other 20 mins after pies start


Nank to Grundy and either
Ryan/Tuohy to Hurley/ Parker to Menegola
Parker/Martin to Ablett
Ryan to Brayshaw


Left field trade….. Gawn to Grundy.
Gawn calf still stuffed?


He's feeling better but looks like it could be the day before the game before they decide whether he'll get up or not, I have Gawn and Hogan and no trades so…happy days lol


That’s unlike you to have no trades


The usual sob story Derek, too many injuries, or dropped players, or spudding players lol..not sure why we do this to ourselves really haha


have been in a decent position in my leagues and am now through to semis of all 3. Took a risk by having fyfe on the bench since he was injured, in hope that most people would trade him and he could become a POD in the finals. It looks like it may have paid off and even better, bringing shuey in for a rookie has served its purpose nicely.

Sitting 5K overall so nothing special, but what do we think Fyfe could score in his comeback if he returns?


Walters out he might stay forward


Should i use 2 trades as i have 3 left to trade hogan out for Hawkins or Menengola?



Yes. No point having 2 trades left and losing the Prelim


I'd use em both Noah, then you won't die wondering, if you lose, at least you did everything you could this week.


Hi Neil, yeah mate got about 3 and a half rounds in, last one was back in Grove Park in Albany, played the back 9 and shot a 39 so pretty happy with that :)….on a par 35, 3 x 3 putts so could've gone close to par if I could putt a bit better haha
Yeah I'd like to play Sanctuary Lakes one day, Port Kennedy over here in WA is a really good links golf test, google it and check it out mate.


Hawkins or Menegola?