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It’s do or die now, folks,

If you’re playing this week, it’s elimination time. Now I’m writing this while it’s late. Too late. I’ve run out of time to run through game by game but instead will give you an in-depth look at my top TEN options for the week. That’s five more than my usual top list!

I’m just going to crack right on into it.

Plays Saturday, 1.45PM
VC option

Tom Mitchell has scored over 150 in his past four games in a row. That stretch has included a 192. His last game against Geelong was a 148 and I’d be pretty comfortable expecting some sort of captaincy score from him here. Will also be the most popular VC selection with nothing but garbage in terms of captaincy options on Friday night, so if you miss him and he goes big, bye bye finals chances.

Plays Saturday, 7.25PM
VC or C option

Dayne Zorko in number two? Has Patch gone mad? Well, yes, but I went mad many moons ago. Zorko is an excellent option, and to be honest I prefer people trade him in instead of Josh Kelly. Why? He’s got the Pies this week, with his past three scores against Collingwood being 130, 130 and 161 to play himself back into form earlier this year. Coming off a 142 and the Lions are hitting their straps.

Plays Sunday, 3.20PM
C option

We saw Brodie Grundy rack up YUGE points against Callum Sinclair last week and I see no reason why big Max can’t do the same. As much as Sinclair’s had a good year, Gawn is a dead-set jet and will dominate hitouts from stoppages, of which I expect there to be heaps. There’s not much more to it than that – if Gawn gets 20 hitouts to advantage he’s already at 100 points.

Plays Saturday, 7.25PM
VC/C option

He’s coming off a 205. Two hundred and five. I don’t know what else I need to say, really. Loves to bash up on the weaker sides, and while I don’t want to call Adelaide a weaker side, because they aren’t, but they’re certainly not a Richmond or a Geelong. He’ll score well, but I’d expect a 135 instead of a 205.

Plays Sunday, 4.40PM
C option

Has been solid without setting the world on fire, but he’s playing Carlton this week. He’s in line for 56 possessions and four goals. Last time he played them he scored 159. Again, I reiterate, he’s playing CARLTON. Remember how Josh Kelly scored 200 against them last week? And how like 15 other teammates scored 130 or more? Yeah. Barring injury, Neale scores 130 without breaking a sweat.

Plays Saturday, 7.25PM
VC/C option

I’m a bit hesitant to put Grundy this high considering how much Stefan Martin can take down big ruckmen – a la Todd Goldstein last week. That said, Brodie Grundy doesn’t give two shits how good any other ruckman is, he scores against him anyway. And he may well put Big Stef to the sword this week. Has 120 and 114 in his last two against the Lions, but more importantly two of his last three games on the G have been 150+. Projected to score 140.

Plays Sunday, 4.40PM
C option

Bloke is good at football. Doesn’t love the Dockers, never played at Optus, but he’s good despite playing for Carlton.

Plays Saturday, 1.40PM
VC option

The main reason Paddy is so low is because he’s playing against Tom Mitchell and I really want to convey that Titch is the option to go with. He just is. Dangerfield is an excellent VC option, don’t get me wrong, but not as excellent as Mitchell. If you do want to embrace the #yolo and taste the #yolo, you could do worse – Danger has two 140+ scores in his past four against the Hawks, with a 130 in round two this year. Is also averaging 127 over his past five.

Plays Sunday, 1.10PM
C option

The favourite player to bring in for Gaff, he’s not a terrible option at Etihad Stadium this week. Jack loves getting about in the mud, with a 177 against Adelaide and a 147 against Port both coming in the wet. There’ll be no wet under the roof, but without Ben Jacobs in the Roos’ side, they’ve been letting blokes frolic free. If Jacobs is back though, scratch him off the list. Does have a 141 and a 150-odd under the dome though.

Plays Friday night
VC option

If you’ve got to get your VC out of the way early, if you’ve only got one loop and he plays in the middle of Saturday, Zachy Merrett is your boy. Fresh off a 41-disposal game, he may get the Jack Steele attention but he’s still a gun and will relish the dry conditions under the roof, unlike our boy Macrae. Has a 120 and a 129 from his last two starts against the Saints.

Plays Friday night
VC option

Nah I’m kidding. Go with Tom Mitchell into like a Neale or Macrae or something. Don’t both with a smokie here.

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Just has to be VC Mitchell into Gawn for me. And if my opponent is looking at the same (and is winning) I'll take a flier on Kelly or Grundy.


Ditto Steeevee

Florence Maxwell

Cheers Damp


Just read that Gawn arrived late and was walking laps at training today, possible calf injury.
Got you in the SC Elites league knockout this week Patch, good luck mate 👍


Hedski, your stirring yes?? Everyone has him, but if you have to cover, trades will be exhausted..


My 2 main opponents have Olango Lazza, I have McInerney, wouldn't hurt me if he missed a week! As it is I'll probably cop a donut for Howe so could even up the stakes a bit.


MELBOURNE ruckman Max Gawn could only walk laps at training on Thursday, but coach Simon Goodwin has backed him to play in the Demons' crunch clash against Sydney on Sunday

Gawn arrived late to the session at Gosch's Paddock on Thursday morning with Sam Weideman and Mitch King handling the ruck drills in his absence.

It is believed Gawn may be suffering from a calf issue, although Goodwin refused to elaborate on a specific injury and instead described his ailments as various "bumps and bruises".

He added that the star ruckman was "just having a light week" and was really confident he would play on Sunday.


Sicily for Menegola or Wingard as F6 Ahern is F7

Current Fowardline
Heeney, D.Smith, R.Gray, McLean, Walters


heads ort tails!!


F**K me i hate having no trades!!


Yeah it sucks! Pretty sure Howe won't get a gig this week Dice, that's a donut for me with Savage and Austin on the def bench.


What the hell happened to Austin? Wasn’t he out for like a week for injury a month ago


Lingering groin I think Ja.


Same here Hedski, no Savage no J Smith no Redman down back


I did save a couple of trades for injury but had to use them for injuries!!!!
Feels like this season I was trading out a LTI every second week.


Josh Kelly, Macrae or Merrett and why?


Kelly because if he scores 205 again and you don't have him you'll lose. Plain and simple


Macrae. Kelly only goes huge against the poorer teams. Merrett doesn’t have the ceiling.


No Nank


Hey Russty WTF, how did you get 4 trades this week!!! After reading the garbage last week I was expecting to be able to carry the Nank donut and carry the win… I checked SC Gameday and not only do you have a full premo team on the pitch you’ve also got bench cover … WTF !!


Giday Lazza..haha I never had any injuries mate, last week had a crap week cause of underperformers and no Buddy on field, you'll probs still beat me lol, i'm away at the moment, gone on a golfing and real estate exploring holiday down to Denmark, Albany and Esperance, good luck with this week, and for your final after you beat me 🙂


Hey, nice part of the world… dont’t write yourself off .. the reverse can happen.. especially this year. Happy golfing… what are the courses like in that part of WA?


Denmark has all raised greens and can get boggy in winter, played Albany's Grove Links the other day, public course in average condition but great scenery and topography.
Albany Golf Club on the water is a great fun course..can be tough in the strong winds, heading to Esperance after here, haven't played there yet but there's a few courses there..cheers.

neil demons delight

Hey Russty Don't work too hard pace yourself a little bit /All work is no good try to relax cheers mate sorry bout last week too


No worries Neil mate..all good..league fun and games.


In the prelims of both leagues with 4 trades and $77k in the war chest. Weak points in my side are underperforming ‘keepers’ . I really need help to determine who are the priorities to trade out. Can definitely manage 2 paint the fences but may be able to figure out a way to replace theee of these.

Defence – Ryan (Meochek and Austin)
Mid – JPK (spargo, Phillips, Barry)
Fwd – Westhoff, McLean, Heeney (keefe, burrows)

Who can I afford to keep and who’s the top three that needs to go


In order to go: Ryan, Heeney, McLean, JPK then The Hoff.
Ryan to Kennedy (GWS) nets you $82k add that to your $77k gives you $159k+ then you can upgrade any of the others to whomever you want.


I would look to upgrade JPK, he just doesn't look right.

Westhoff & McLean are worth keeping as they could turn in on at any minute.


Help, need advice.
I have 1 trade left and have Nankervis and gaff. Not sure who to trade of the two.

I am in 2 cash leagues and in prelim final next week and elim final this week in the other. Want to win at least one premiership.

Do I trade gaff for McRae and cop donut fron Nankervis this week. OR

Trade Nankervis and bring in grundy which and avoid a donut.

Decision will depend on how long Nankervis will be out. Is it only a 1 week injury?. I will most likely lose this weeks elim final if I cop the donut but win if I get in grundy.

If I trade gaff I do have bench cover in Giro, spargo.

Have to consider next weeks prelim game also. Can’t afford a donut next week as next weeks game will be tougher

Feedback appreciated


I would trade Grundy in for Nank.

I think Nank will only be out the 1 week, but Grundy is a good upgrade, and you can loophole the best score out of Giro & Spargo.


Yes thanks hawk, that is the way I am starting to think. 4 good reasons:
Avoids the donut, ave's 30-40 points more than nank, can cover gaff with Giro, spargo, madden or Ahern, and prob assures me the win in this weeks elimination final. No real drawbacks except if grundy stops his scoring


Hi Community I'd like your thoughts on who has the best job security and is best trade in option out of Geelong's Mark O'Connor, Port Adelaide's Kane Farrell or Sydney's Alex Johnson. I need to take one of them in order to have $$ to convert Gaff to Kelly and are probably leaning towards Farrell but what's most important at this stage is job security so with that in min who is the best option?


Hey Pman, reckon Alex would be stiff to get dropped after what he's been through, played well too.


Get serious Patch. Zorko a better mid than Kelly? Maybe if you mean Ned Kelly cos he's dead


He never said he was a better player he just said that he was the better captaincy option this week. Which while you might not agree with it it's not a bad call at all.

Fiona Amudala

Hi all

What is Mitchell’s scoring history when tagged by Selwood?


Need your help community!

Who to Captain out of:

Gawn, Macrae or Cripps???


I’m in same boat. My opponent picked Grundy 120 and now I need pick Gawn Macrae Oliver and Cripps. My season is resting on this decision.


Scooter I have the save 4 to pick from too actually.

Community give us your final thoughts – 2018 depends on this


If Gawn had of trained properly last week I would lock him in for sure as Grundy scores massive against Sydney last week…..Gawn can’t be that sore if he’s still going to play, Demons wouldn’t risk their finals campaign.
We either bite the bullet with go with Macrae I think.


I’ve locked in Macrae mate.

Good luck


Hope you won too mate.

Macrae the saviour yesssss


No Ben Jacobs to tag him