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Hi yes hello it’s me your friendly Patch mate who says words about captains and things. Intros are hard and I’m short on time so let’s just do the thing with the saying words about captains and things.

Adelaide Oval, Thursday, 7.20PM

Joel Selwood or Mitch Duncan will be your man in this match. Selwood is averaging 116 over his past five while Duncan is at 114. Both had 120s last week. Both are in the engine room while Ablett and Dangerfield float forward. Lock ’em in. If you’ve got Rory Sloane he might be worth a VC punt after re-signing but nah.

Etihad Stadium, Friday, 7.50PM

Hahahahahahahaha this is a Friday night game. Blockbuster. Kade Simpson is averaging 120 over his past five. Yes please. Averages 93 against them, which is a lot for Kade. He’d be a lock if it weren’t for a bloke by the name of Patrick Cripps. While this doesn’t strike me as a massively contested game, Corn Boy averages a lazy 135 against the Saints. Mhm. Yep. Yeah. One of them pls Paddy.

If you haven’t got one of them, I genuinely reckon Jack Billings or Jade Gresham are worthy of a smokie VC option. Not pulling your leg. Gresham has a three round average of 114 and… well, he’s playing Carlton. Billings’ last game against the Blues was a 136. Don’t you scoff at me.

University of Tasmania Stadium, Saturday, 1.50PM

Thomas Mitchell goes orright eh? Struggled against the Dogs, but I told you he would – he just doesn’t like them Doggies. Titch is more of a cat person, and whaddaya know, Lions are big old cats and he averages 115 against them. Nice little analogy, handy stat – KA-BLAMO, what more do ya want? Information about the ruck set-up might help, especially as Big Boy McEvoy is out for four weeks.

That means Stef Martin is an option – against a Sandi-less Freo he scored 142 on the road and is a chance to do it again. Really like him as a smokie VC option, but probably wouldn’t trust him with the C. Dayne Beams is also in blistering form and averages 110 against the Hawks, but I’m not feeling a 130 from him this week in Tassie.

Jack Gunston, Luke Bruest and James Siily are all as likely as each other to whack out a big score. Which one does? Who knows, I’m not game enough to go there.

MCG, Saturday, 4.35PM

Maxwell Gawn. No big Doggies ruck. Do I need say more?

Metricon Stadium, Saturday, 7.25PM

My boy Zachary Merrett is a really solid option here – 120 over his past three and a 106 average against the Suns. I reckon Devon Smith isn’t an option considering how many points he gets from tackles. Gold Coast will hardly have the ball and Dev can’t tackle that. There are no Gold Coast options. None.

Spotless Stadium, Saturday, 7.25PM

The Giants have so many fantasy options, and none of them have been delivering recently. Josh Kelly has the best short-term averages here, with 113 and 116 over three and five rounds respectively. Does he go big here? I dunno.

Does The Nank build on his three round average of 108? I dunno.

Can Dustin Martin bite back? Yeah nah… aw maybe? Like I can’t rule it out? His last two home and away scores against them are 150 and 144, so maybe. Maybe. Embrace a little #yolo. Do it.

MCG, Sunday, 1.10PM

Can Brodie Grundy stand up to the might of Nic Naitanui? His past two scores of 125 and 116 suggest that he can, but maybe not enough for a captain-worthy score? I dunno, it’s tough to say that considering the year he’s having, but Nic Nat and Scott Lycett, combined with the Eagles’ midfield liable to shark his hitouts, makes me second-guess him.

I prefer an Andrew Gaff (three round average of 127), a Scott Pendlebury (3RA of 135) or Elliot Yeo (3RA of 116). Of those three, Elliot tend to No more than he Yo’s against the Pies, while Gaff only averages 77 against Collingwood. Meanwhile, old mate Scotty averages a lazy 117 against his friends in the west. That’s a big number, sign me up.

Etihad Stadium, Sunday, 3.20PM

Remember that time Buddy  kicked 13 against the Roos? Wasn’t that a sight to behold? He scored 236 supercoach points that day, which is obviously his highest score against the Roos. However, he also has an 18 against Norf, which means his average against them is… well… average. With a three round average of 75 he can nope right outta this discussion.

One bloke who can stay in is Jake Lloyd.  The guy I said would score badly last week before knocking out a 133. If you’ve got him (and I hope you do), he has a 3RA of 133 and has tonned up in his past three starts against the Roos. Hop on. Todd Goldstein and Josh P Kennedy are another two men in form and I advise you hop on. Shaun Higgins will have a tough one against the contested-heavy Swans. I’m not saying he’ll score badly, I just don’t trust him to whack it out of the park, despite his 115 3RA.

Optus Stadium, Sunday, 4.40PM

Lachie Neale and Justin Westhoff are the only two I’d look at here. Tom Rockliff hasn’t proven himself trustworthy enough for the C, Ollie Wines has been average over the past three and… I’m not even going to say his name. I refuse to. It starts with ‘C’ and ends in ‘had Wingard’. No. I refuse.

So, The Hoff only average 78 against the Dockers but without Sandilands he’ll rack up the points while number one ruck when Paddy Ryder is off the field and will accumulate regardless. Neale has a five round average of 108 and averages about the same against Port. He’ll be right without Sandi and Fyfe. I hope.

1. Max Gawn
2. Tom Mitchell
3. Patrick Cripps
4. Joel Selwood
5. Jake Lloyd

Smokie: Luke Bruest… is he a smokie? If he’s not allowed, then Todd ‘Goldmember’ Goldstein.

Who are you going with, community?

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Cheers for this content Patch!

Thinking Cripps VC and Gawn C currently.


Patch have u thought that Cripps might get tagged by Steele?
Bit hesitant to put it on Cripps
On the other hand, with Buzza and Menzel playing, could see Danger get less time up forward.. who knows.
What does the community think..
VC Danger or Cripps


Why not Danger VC into Cripps C?


Taylor is out so Danger fwd. no thanks and especially no thanks coming from a cats supporter.


Buzza and Menzel???


buzza will play forward


Ok Spud


Danger VC and Gawn C. I know Danger hasn't pumped out big scores so far this season but he loves playing his old team so willing to give him another go.

Carna CATS


I'll be going the same way Pod.


I'm confident the boys will get the job done tonight, we have a good record vs the Crows.


Cats will lose by 6 goals.

Demons 5th 4 2018

Carlton will win tonight – take that to the TAB!

Demons 5th 4 2018

Carlton will win Friday night – take that to the TAB!


good point


Another point to be made, is Menzel back in provides another target up forward.

Harry out replaced by Buzza is like for like (sort of).

Hopefully Menzel allows Danger to have more mid time.

Ahmad rubas

is titch going to suffer without mcevoy or wont it make much of difference

The King

Titch doesn't go hugely off direct tap outs. wouldn't be concerned there old mate.


Ceglar is a better tap ruck than McEvoy (he is about 8cm taller)


How do you think the Hawks will go this week Derek, have you got the sofa in position? The Lions are up and about and playing up there has to be a worry, oh and the 10 goal loss last time in round 9 : )


this one is down in tassie. hope that antarctic wind blows.


Aaah of course, the Lions will not like that.


The concern is the Berry tag.


That's why VC for Titch is fine to do.


Downgrade Cole to Brad Lynch?




Not sure whether I want Selwood or Cripps into Gawn. Ended up taking the 125 from Selwood last week, wasn't quite enough…can he beat that this week?


I'm thinking Crippa will tear the saints a proverbial new one Lekdog.

Not quite as sure about Selwood's ceiling this year – would be a good POD though.


Riley Knight will go to Selwood and tag him


Jelwood has his bro to chop him out so should get a lot of the pill. He likes playing the Crows.


I own Selwood too lek and don't feel like he has the super high ceiling this year to VC but I could be wrong. Gawn should give the dogs a pretty rough time so I want a player who can score 130-135 as VC. Cripps is probably going to cop the Steele tag and Steele just kept Oliver to 59 and Wines to 62 and both are similarish players to Cripps (although neither are as great or probably as difficult to tag) so I'll probably look to VC Stef Martin. Against Port without Ryder he scored 154 and against Freo without Sandy he scored 142, this week he faces the Hawks without McEvoy. He also scored 112 against the dogs who are essentially without a ruckman. I reckon Titch cops the Berry tag too so I'll avoid him.

Edit: Selwood actually has 3 +130 scores this year so could go pretty big.


I'm think I'll back my initial gut on go Selwood but my concern is the bias towards a Thursday VC. He does average 125 against the Crows and 101 at Adelaide Oval so he meets my VC criteria…will be cheering on the ducks tonight


It hasn't gone well


No biggy Lek, who you whacking the C on now?


By the way copmmunity, if something awful is in the comments just shoot a report. If you want to ehar back from me, include an email address in the report comment details and I can hit you up. Otherwise it's anonymous.


The other captains combo I may have is Titch VC then Gawn C. Maybe around 130 is a good target to lock in, as that's been my benchmark all season with captain scores. Sometimes I'm happy with around 125.


Cripps into Gawn this week. Though I have stuffed it up 3 weeks running.

Last premo trade?

Austin & T.Smith to Mundy & N.Murphy? Swing T-Mac to D6, Mundy at F6. Any feedback appreciated????


Gee, must be a shark move if nobody is commenting 😆


A sound choice to me Rivo. I presume you are using Murphy as a DPP for Sicily and TMac and/or to loophole a D7.


Spot on Lanza. Murphy becomes the DPP loop on fwd bench with T-Mac & Sicily in defence.




Bont to who? Currently have Danger, Titch, Oliver, Kelly, Cripps, Dusty & Parker and can afford any premo mid. Doesn't necessarily have to be a captaincy option for this week, as I am likely going Gawn > Kelly. Thanks.


Mr Consistent Mitch Duncan is a nice pod. 114 ave last 5 weeks. Gun!


everyone is getting excited about the opportunity to 'loop' players at m9 and F7 etc

this is luxury stuff. only think about strong bench cover if you are 100% happy about your onfield players first. don't get shuey at M9 if you have Wines at M8, two ok players don't make a gun. just get kelly/Cripps.

there is also confusion on how to do the 'loop'

there are two ways, and it might come down to when your loop player is playing.

1. If your M9 plays late in the round. this allows you to put one of your premium players on the bench with the E. if they have a shocker, you still have your M9 who will stay onfield and hopefully score better than your premium on the bench. if the premium on the bench does good, you move the M9 onto the bench and move your donut player onto the field.

this only works if the games of the 3 players involved line up in the right order. you can usually find one premium with a Friday night game. however, if your premium scores well, your M9 sits on your bench for the rest of the week and is wasted. the secret of this way is to have your M9 as a DPP. once you have used them with your midfield premium on friday night and he isn't needed onfield in the guts, via the magic of DPP he can swing into the forward line, important to have a player who also DPP (garlett, spargo, ahern – ideally same club as your M9 player). When in forward line, you can use him as same loop, put a premium forward on the bench with the E and do the same loop if he fails.

2. the other way of looping is when your M9 plays early.

if you put him on your midfield bench with the E and he does well, what do you do then? you have to bench a midfield premium? no easy choice and a waste of a premium.

best method of looping an early player is in the forward line. Put him on your forward bench with the E, if he does well you are only taking off your F6 player, easier decision than a midfield premium. If you have a Sicily in your forward line and a DPP in your defence (keeffe) you can then swing Sicily to defence and bench your D6.

the only way looping works is to have plenty of DPP players and a few donut players as well and the sequence of games lines up for you.

the late playing players seem better value, look for carlton and Port players. IE Daisy, Motlop, boak, wingard and avoid the saints and essendon players who have alot of early games. Look for players who have a high ceiling and can go big. Motlop anyone?


I 100% agree Derek. I am happy not having an M9/F7 at the moment simply because its too much stress. If you loop scores 105 and you bench someone who scores 140, you lose 35 points! it only works well on very small occasions where a premo spuds it completely, or is a late out/injured.

Definitely isn't a bad thing to have, but people are getting very carried away.

Ahmad rubas

Yeah I'm not bringing in a m9 or f7 either but that's more because I have 5 absolute spuds for premos still in my 22


I dozed off by the 5th para … Hahaa.. good stuff Dekka..


Nice work Derek, very comprehensive mate.


I like the cut of you jib. I aim to get 24 premos so I can loop de loop and cover injuries. But, I would be best to take some more of your advice for next season as I haven't got the best 22 players (no Grundy and Rocky at M8).

Regarding how many FD's, I'm very happy with 4. I don't think people consider how important this and focus too much on warm bodies for cover. This week I had two of FD's play on Thursday night! One more listed as an E (keefe). Thankfully Brander (WC F/D) on Sunday. Often I don't like the look of the Thursday/Friday night match for VC purposes. Having lots of FDs gives you more options to make better combinations.

I try to avoid FDs with same team as players I like to stick the E on, I tend to find it works more consistently because it just doesn't work in early games.

Stupid Coach

Great work Patch. Greetings community. Down to my last 6 trades with 250K in the bank courtesy of a decision to get rid of Simpson last week. It will be interesting to see whether this was a wise decision or not depending on whether he is back this week. My team is:
B: Yeo, Laird, Savage, Ryan, Hurley, Lynch, Keefe, Redman
M: Danger, Dusty, Titch, Cripps, Kelly, Parker, Cogs, Petracca, Phillips, Giro, Barry
R: Gawn, Nank, Olongo
F: Siciliy, D Smith, McLean, Heeney, Gray, Franklin, Guelfi, Battle

Not really too much to play for so wondering if I should just hold or if there is a particular trade I should make this week.

Appreciate any advice as always community.


one trade Guelfi to Menagola/T-Mac (swing Sicily to Defence via keeffe)


Option 1 . Hibberd too wingard (460k) via dpp

Option 2 . Hibberd too j.crisp (510k)

& sier, narkle Or Trengove for JS?

Sicily into Gawn for me. Gawn will go 150+ anyway so go risky for VC who has a decent ceiling


Option 2 because I can't see who you'd run at D6 and I like Trengove


Any news on Kade Simpson?


Yep confirmed to play this week, over his calf strain thingy.


Cheers Pod!


Am I the only one who prefers to have Gawn as my VC instead of C? I hate it when my VC gets 125-130 and im still not confident taking it cause Gawn will probably go 150+


last 3 have been 140, 145, 151 and he has been my C every time.

i'm thinking i don't even worry about the VC this week. Just go C on Gawn. Maybe the VC can go on TMitch


So would like to do Titch VC into Gawn C, but I’m busy Saturday and would have to make a decision by 3:50 whether to take his score or not. Do I take the risk or just pick one as VC and C Pendles?


VC Gawn and find another C. Pendles would be okay. Gawn will probably monster boyd in the ruck anyway so u will take his score in the end


8 trades left, 18.8k in the bank. Other than Fritsch > Walters/Webster is there anything else i should be looking to do? Any help greatly appreciated!

Lloyd, Simpson, Yeo, Laird, Sicily, Crisp [Austin, Heron]

Mitchell, Cripps, Kelly, Dangerfield, Oliver, Coniglio, Martin, Neale [Ahern, Giro, Phillips]

Gawn, Grundy [Cameron]

Gray, Westhoff, Heeney, Smith, Mclean, Fritsch [Guelfi, Smith]


With Austin injured maybe trade him to Lynch for cover, should leave you $180-190k, then upgrade Guelfi to a Menagola/Chad/Walters type (not sure on their prices) and keep Fritsch at F7, would provide an extra swing with Ahern for mid/fwd cover?
Great looking team you've got there Skinna.


Agree with Hedski, Austin to Lynch would be a good move, keep Fritsch and upgrade Guelfi, or if you happy playing the best Fritsch or Guelfi each week up forward, I would look to upgrade one of Ahern, Giro or Phillips to a Rocky or Shuey type, to set-up a similar loop in the mids.


For me I see Steele going to Cripps and Berry going to Titch and danger just hasn't been putting up the scores. That means I'll vc Stef Martin, who has put up two massive scores against freo and port when rucking against personless rucks


A little unsure of who to bring in for my last upgrade
6 trades left. $68k in the bank

Laird, Yeo, Hurley, Webster, Savage, Richards (Taylor, Keeffe)
Titch, Cripps, Danger, Josh Kelly, Curnow, Merrett, Coniglio, Parker (Ahern, Giro, J. Smith)
Gawn, Nic Nat (olango)
Sicily, McDonald, Heeney, McLean, Franklin, Walters (Battle, T. Smith)

Probably need to get rid of Richards this week before he loses cash. Should I:
1. Hold on to Ahern until he rises a bit more? Could likely afford Lloyd next week if I do that.
2. Pull the trigger this week on any other fwd or def? If so, who?


Trade Richards to the hoff via Sicily DPP if you can afford it.


Well thats great.. Joel smith is out gotta reverse my trades for the 10000th time
Going Bont via dpp to Yeo instead of Pendles…
Any better defenders community?
Got Ahern as cover anyways


If you don't have Yeo, get him in.


Or Lloyd?


Either or I think Jimbob, hopefully you can end up with both.


Kade Simmo's back in YAY!


Welcome back Simpson & Heeney

Joe T

Looking at bringing in my last rookie for some cash going into finals. I just need the one with the best JS:

Sier from Pies, Narkle from Cats or Powell from Suns. Thoughts community?


Might have to wait until tomorrow with Sier Joe, quite a few ins at the Pies this week, Narkle and Powell are definitely playing , Brad Lynch could also be a good pickup? Not even sure Mihocek will play this week with all the ins.


I like trengove on the bubble with two 77s an 160k. But if u want to purely make cash with slight JS I think narkle maybe the go.


I have seen Lynch play the last 2 weeks and I have been impressed, and bought him in.

He takes the game on, and his team-mates seemed to try and get the ball to him.

Joe T

Yep I went early on Lynch which paid off so far. So hard to say who's got the best long term JS though. Narkle and Sier have both looked good on field but Powell isnt competing for finals so might get games for experience


any chance tom murphy plays? otherwise got a 0 ofc austin and joel smith are out at the same time


I think he's in isn't he?


Extended bench


Holman too Trengove on the bubble 77 avg and only 160k. 🔐 ✔️


Wait till the final sunday teams come out,Trengrove may get dropped with players coming back from injury!!!


Fyfe for Danger or Merret ?


J Selwood 🙁 now experiencing the downside of having him in my side after having him in for the past 4 weeks.


Happens sometimes, hurts always


He's just a fairly inconsistent scorer these days and he's always somewhat prone to the tag. Knight went to him at various stages during the night and seemingly tagged him out of tackling.


do I upgrade Austin? I have 4 trades and 400k but I was planning on keeping him as cover and upgrading Ridley – Webster in 2 weeks. If I don’t trade either I’ll cop a donut as D8 is redman


Downgrade Ridley to Lynch, upgrade Austin next week?


Sounds like a plan, but would leave me with 2 trades, reckon I should still pull the trigger?


He has a groin injury Bang, could possibly be longer than 2 weeks predicted.


Oops! You ruled out Lloyd last week and you dismissed Danger this week you're bleeding points Patch 🤔


Cripps or Mitchell into Gawn? Or Gawn into JPK?
Worried bout the Steele and Berry tags but at the same time either 2 could go off
My opponent has Mitchell VC and we have little uncommon players so this decision could be costly

Stupid Coach

Trading Guelfi to one of the following – The Hoff, T Mac, Mundy, Bruest or Gunston. Already have R Gray, Buddy, McLean, Sicily (currently in the back line), D Smith, Heeney and Petracca.

Leaning towards T Mac, however, his score of 39 (I know it was probably a one off) worries me. Gunston is also worth considering even though he doesn't have many scores over 100 he is averaging 90. Or should I just go with the Hoff who is the highest scoring forward even though it leaves me with almost nothing in the bank



The Hoff


Take Sloanes 127 or C Gawn or Mitchell?




Field Ed Phillips or Paul Ahern???


Ahern for sure.


I’ve got a feeling about Cripps, putting the C on him !


Maybe the VC?…just for extra insurance.


Nice get Andrew!


2699 with Robbie getting smashed! 😡


Nice work Andrew…huge mate!