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So you guys remember me recommending Tom Hawkins last week? Did you take my advice and live the glory of his 122? Or Luke Breust and his 165? It feels good when you recommend players in time for them to produce performances like that.

Theme of this week’s cheat sheet is value for money. Most of the players I recommend will be under 500k. We’re all strapped for cash, not long until league finals now, and the faster you can complete your team the better, right?Marcus Bontempelli has been ruled out for a couple of weeks after getting his appendix removed, so you may need to trade him or a rookie to cover for him. A good option that I didn’t mention last week is Luke Shuey, while he was cheaper last week, he is still really cheap this week at 390k and the recommendation is better late than never.

Another cheap option in Bachar Houli, who would be close to returning (keep an eye on team news), at $384k could make for an awesome D6/7 player for you, if you’re strapped for cash.

I haven’t thanked Fantasy Insider in a while, so thank you to them for keeping this website alive.

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Tom · 11/07/2018 at 19:40

So trading out Dow this week. Do I bring in Gaff using 2 trades or De Goey using only one. Both would be my 9th premo in the guts, but I only have 3 trades left. Once I do my trades for the week, I’ll have ahern and Webster at D7 and F7

    Audrey Horne · 11/07/2018 at 19:46

    I’d hold the trades.

    Finnius · 11/07/2018 at 20:25

    I'd hold mate. No point.

      Tom · 12/07/2018 at 10:23

      But having rocky and Shuey M7 And M8 is a tad worrying, that’s why I thought get an M9 in to loop them

        Finnius · 12/07/2018 at 15:03

        I think people overrate the value of having loopholes in general. A lot of the time it can actually lose you points, as if you set your threshold and the other player outscores it you'd be devastated. It will probably make you about 150 points over the rest of the season.

        If you run out of trades with two weeks left, then 230 points go down the drain straight away. Look at how many shocking injuries there have already been on the run home. Maybe worth doing for in the league finals, but if you are going alright then I'd hold for at least the next two weeks.

          Tom · 12/07/2018 at 16:34

          Yeah good point, I’ll wait for a few more weeks and if I’m still good for trades, I’ll pull the trigger. Cheers mate!

    PJ 's · 11/07/2018 at 21:40

    De Goey's not a Premo

    Maverick_ · 11/07/2018 at 21:41

    Hold no point blowing trades on an M9 with 3 remaining.

      THE SALTSHAKER · 11/07/2018 at 23:19

      he can be if looped like buddy

Saundo · 11/07/2018 at 20:21

Who to get in for Stringer, already have Gray, Westy, Franklin, Gunston and De Goey? Money not an issue

    Finnius · 11/07/2018 at 20:26

    Mclean or Heeney. Both are must haves.

      Shake_n_Bake_ · 11/07/2018 at 21:05

      Heeney BE very high, wait.

    Russty_ · 11/07/2018 at 20:32

    Agree with Finn…I'd go Heeney.

      Saundo · 11/07/2018 at 20:35

      Hasn’t he had injury issues?

        Russty_ · 11/07/2018 at 20:40

        He got concussed 2 weeks ago but should be right this week.

      Derek · 11/07/2018 at 20:35

      Unless you wait a couple of weeks and get him $60k cheaper

        TBrab · 12/07/2018 at 18:06

        His break even is 197 at the moment so he will drop significantly over the next couple of weeks. But if money isn't an issue he could have a blinder against North and be worth the money.

Jono · 11/07/2018 at 20:42

I'm trading out Mitch Robinson and I can only afford he people I'm thinking of getting for my last midfield is Sloane,Heppell and Cotchin!! I can afford anyone from 475.3k down!! Also who should I captain and vice captain this week!!
I have 6 trades left!!

My current side is
My side atm is

Defenders: Lloyd,Yeo,Hurley,Laird,Witherden and Tuohy!! (Redman and Heron)

Higgins,Miller,Rockliff and M.Robinson

Gawn and Nic Nat (Cameron)

Gray,Gunston,Sicily,Franklin,McLean and D.Smith!! (Ahern and Garlett)

    Russty_ · 11/07/2018 at 21:22

    Probably Sloane out of that lot Jono, Shuey would save you some nice money, maybe Titch or Beams into Gawn for VC and C, games are close together though.

    Maverick_ · 11/07/2018 at 21:40

    I think shuey can match there outputs Jono and a lot cheaper… not sold on Sloane hepps or Cotchin.

    I am VCing beams into Gawn

      THE SALTSHAKER · 11/07/2018 at 23:21

      yup shuey ftw 👍

Steeeve · 11/07/2018 at 20:45

Leaning toward holding my trades and keep an f5-7 rotation of Fritsch, Curnow and JJK.
However I still have 7 trades. Playing for leagues.
I could bring in a Wingard/Walters/Menegola/Buddy for one of those blokes and still have money to execute my planned trade for next week, Bailey Rice up to Jimmy Webster. Thoughts?

    Finnius · 11/07/2018 at 21:04

    With that many trades I would probably be letting go of JJK for Wingard who has shown a lot more consistency. Then you can loop the other two at F6.

Maverick_ · 11/07/2018 at 20:49

Holman —> Shuey is mighty tempting for M9 considering at some point my 8 mids will get an injury or rested between now and end of season.
But the cash from Holman —> sier/Narkle and using it to upgrade a hibberd is also tempting.
Love ya cheat sheets damo & carn north!

    TBone_9 · 11/07/2018 at 21:12

    Hey Maverick, Shuey is too tempting for that price as a M9! Think I’ll be bringing him in this week because as you said, someone will get injured or rested before the end of the year and that’ll save you any hassles or needless trades over that time. Also, if you have Dusty at M8 (like I do), then you can use him to loop scores with Dusty as an insurance policy! Cheers

PizzaSafety · 11/07/2018 at 21:24

Not having Lloyd is killing me this year, he should be on here weekly as the ultimate CD love child. Here's Hurley and Howe compared to Lloyd last week.


4 1%’s = 4
8 Effective kicks = 32
8 effective handballs = 12
7 cp’s = 28
9 marks = 18
5 intercept marks = 10
2 tackles = 8
4 clangers = -16

=96 raw score but given 82


7 1%’S = 7
13 effective kicks =52
5 effective handballs = 7.5
6 cp’s = 24
8 marks = 16
3 intercept marks = 6
0 clangers
0 tackles

=112.5 raw score but given 100


4 1%’s = 4
18 effective kicks = 64
8 effective handballs = 12
9 cp’s = 36
4 Marks = 8
0 intercept marks
3 Tackles = 12
2 Clangers = -8

= 128 point raw score but given 141

As another example adding up all the stats as they are meant to be scored, Lloyd is averaging exactly the 109 he is averaging in raw score, whilst Simpson is averaging 112-113 in raw score and being underscored by 3-4 points, Howe is averaging 101 in raw score and is being underscored by 6 points.

stats from AFL pro.

    AuroraBorealis?! · 11/07/2018 at 22:27

    Champion data allocate more points for certain plays depending on the influence it has on the game, hence the discrepancies in raw score and actual score

      THE SALTSHAKER · 11/07/2018 at 23:22

      they make it up basically

        Russty_ · 12/07/2018 at 00:48

        Yeah!…I don't think we'll ever know exactly how they do it…just gotta pick the players that seem to be 'favoured'…otherwise you're behind the 8-Ball.

    Ja191 · 11/07/2018 at 23:24

    The thing that separates lloyd from the other defenders you’ve named is his disposal efficiency. His efficiency by foot is elite and is the main playmaker out of Sydney’s backline and subruquently has big influences on games. I’ve seen a lot of his games and his scores are mostly deserved

      PizzaSafety · 12/07/2018 at 00:26

      I know his kicking efficiency is elite and among the best in the league but he's still being over-scored compared to other defenders. If you head over to afl pro you can see how many effective kicks he averages (13.6, which is the exact same as Simpson, whilst Howe averages 10.1). If you add up all the other things that are accounted for and compare him to others for average you will see that he is still over-scored.
      I also know points get awarded based on the time of the game/influence, but I don't see how he was awarded extra points on Thursday for being influential compared to Jeremy Howe who took vital intercept marks on Sunday.

        Shake_n_Bake_ · 12/07/2018 at 14:55

        Thats so true! No influence the last couple of weeks. Like Russty said sometimes just got to pick the favoured players.

    SamuraiPizzaCat · 12/07/2018 at 21:44

    Your scoring isn't right, go into supercoach click on help and look at point scoring. You are missing a lot of things..

Maverick_ · 11/07/2018 at 21:26

7 trades 85k. Got two options below but feel free to throw ideas my way.

Def: laird, yeo, simpson, Hurley, Webster, hibberd (naughton Taylor)

Mid: danger, TMitch, curnow, oliver, dusty, beams, Rockliff, cognilio (ahern Holman E.phillips)

Ruck: Gawn Nicnat (olango)

Fwd: heeney, westhoff, gray, McLean, d.smith, Sicily (T.smith battle)

Option 1: single trade. holman —> shuey (M9)

Option 2: two trades. Holman —> rookie
Naughton —> wingard via dpp

    Derek · 11/07/2018 at 22:06

    Hibberd to Wingard. Via Sicily.

      Maverick_ · 11/07/2018 at 22:26

      I like it Derek. Banks me 130k going hibberd to chad instead of naughton. Just less bench cover

        THE SALTSHAKER · 11/07/2018 at 23:23

        bank again on phillips to fark narkle

        THE SALTSHAKER · 11/07/2018 at 23:25

        or holman shuey and get a loop every week 💪

    Box · 11/07/2018 at 22:15

    Double trade, Curnow for a gun then hold the rest of your trades.

      Russty_ · 12/07/2018 at 01:10

      Curnow is a gun, just been a bit lean lately with the scoring, but nothing under 90 last 4 games, still a good average.
      He'd definitely have to look at booting him if the 90-ish trend continues though.

    Russty_ · 11/07/2018 at 22:15

    Hey Mav, Holman to Shuey is nice but he'd just be sitting on the bench right? would Wingard?
    I might go Holman to rookie and Hibberd to Lloyd, forget about the price!..hahaha Does leave your fwd line exposed though.

      Maverick_ · 11/07/2018 at 22:26

      Yeah if I went shuey he’d by my M9 waiting for one of my mids to get injured or managed before finals but the top 8 being so close teams may not have that luxury this season!
      Wingard will be my F6 mate. I’d trade hibberd swing Sicily back to D6 & slot chaddy into F6.

        Russty_ · 11/07/2018 at 22:44

        Oh yeah maybe Derek's suggestion then,. reckon I'd punt Hibberd for the extra cash.

        THE SALTSHAKER · 11/07/2018 at 23:26

        holman > shuey, hibberd > brayshaw

Stix · 11/07/2018 at 22:16

Johnny · 11/07/2018 at 22:17

Trengove on anyone’s radar? Only 160k & probably more solid than sier and narkle. How do people rate him and JS

    THE SALTSHAKER · 12/07/2018 at 00:05

    more solid than sier, narkle will keep spot

THE SALTSHAKER · 11/07/2018 at 22:24

DEF: Laird, Sicily, Brayshaw, Lloyd, Savage, Yeo (Mihocek, Austin)

MID: Titch, Conigs, Dusty, Rocky, Gaff, Zorko, Danger, Shuey (Macrae, Giro, Ahern)

RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (Olango)

FWD: Gray, McLean, Walters, Smith, Wingard, De Goey (Buddy, T. Smith)

$6k, 1 trade left,

2633 ranked 17th last week, moved up 845 places, 611th overall. Picked up 58sc with my loop last week, Buddys 59 became De Goeys 117


and strangely no loop if Macraes back im taking suggestions 👍

    shaahid abdul · 11/07/2018 at 23:27

    What's your plan b if grundy or gwan get injured. Keep the trade

      Derek · 12/07/2018 at 10:42

      i think the one trade left is his plan B

        THE SALTSHAKER · 13/07/2018 at 14:50

        ive played many seasons just having an aggressive year this year trying to catch the 3 in our league who were top 100 , now one is 22nd (he hit 9th 3 weeks ago) and two others fallen out to 1500 and 1200 ish so tough comp im either all in or not at all this year

Trades · 11/07/2018 at 22:25

$20k and 10 trades
Weak links: Def: Shaw, Ryan
Mid: Parker, Martin
Ruck: Nank
Have Mihocek, Ahern & Fritsch as cover
Should I bring in Lloyd for Shaw or Pendles for Parker?

    Jace · 12/07/2018 at 13:59

    Lloyd for Shaw

THE SALTSHAKER · 11/07/2018 at 22:26

on who to field + bench

Gibbs · 11/07/2018 at 22:44

Have 6 Trades, full premo and Bont with only about 4 k in the bank so not much to spend, aleady owning Matt crouch.

Do I hold bont for 2-3 weeks while hes injured, trade him to someone like a shuey etc or use 2 trades by downgrading Tim smith to powell so I get the cash and can Upgrade Bont to someone like Cripps/ Kelly??

Cheers for your thoughts

    Derek · 12/07/2018 at 10:45

    if you need some wins in your league you will need to trade the Bont. If you are going to make finals, hold him and he will be fresh for the run home.

THE SALTSHAKER · 11/07/2018 at 23:27

trade away 3 games then finals i think?

    Russty_ · 12/07/2018 at 00:49

    Yeh man…round 20 is finals week.

Ben · 12/07/2018 at 00:21

Bring in crouch / shuey as m9 or McDonald making wingard and ahern m9 and f7

    Russty_ · 12/07/2018 at 01:03

    Hi Ben, depends on whether you have 10 trades left or not, how much money, what your team looks like, you need to give a reference if you're going to suggest something so luxuriously outrageous to us lol

Russty_ · 12/07/2018 at 00:57

Got 5 trades left with not a lot of moolah but will wait until I hear if Tim Smith is named first before I do anything, not holding my breath he will play, seems to be forgotten at Melb.
If he's not named, will go Tim Smith to Lynch via Higgins via J.Smith and have 2 covers back, 2 Mid and 1 fwd, not premos but decent rookies, I'd rather not have premos on the bench just for the 'Oh shit he scored 110 and my onfielder scored 70 factor, better to have some trades in reserve I think.
Just my point of view, shit happens and usually does when we least expect it haha.

    Derek · 12/07/2018 at 13:23

    Few people getting carried away with premium bench cover.

    Motlop and daisy are the types you want.

Russty_ · 12/07/2018 at 01:29

It's so peaceful in here lately, no braggadocious, abusive or self obsessed people have posted anything in here in the last 3 days, (Although they've tried through some kind of backdoor), it's like a restoration, to how the site used to be before, whilst 'they' were still here, you had to think about everything you posted for fear of being called a 'flog', or belittled for your lesser rank to someone else's…or being called an 'idiot' for the choice of trade you might have made.
I prefer the mutual support we can all offer each other, regardless of rank and level of skill, hell, we're all still learning and trying to do the best we can, that's what this site is all about.
Supercoach is a game and games are supposed to be fun…nothing else.

    Maverick_ · 12/07/2018 at 05:14

    It’s been nice but we r still missing a lot of the regulars and originals on here they only pop in occassionally.
    Always enjoyed an respected there input.
    But definitely enjoying the site more so now. Even I was barely on here and posting.

    Sc_Wow · 12/07/2018 at 09:06

    Stop trying to cause drama Russty. I am now unbanned as it was an accidental banning much like what happened to you. You do not need to create posts about it. If you enjoy talking about SuperCoach then show us that and post about SuperCoach <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="👍🏼" src=""&gt;

    Lekdog · 12/07/2018 at 13:08

    No need, pls let's enjoy our time together

    Boy oh Boy · 12/07/2018 at 13:15

    *rolls eyes*

    Kid, please just stop.

    Crow94 · 12/07/2018 at 17:08

    Has been wonderful just reading good stuff and seeing some new and old people back

Rivo · 12/07/2018 at 08:11

Perhaps a crazy move but interested in the Communities thoughts after some feedback from an earlier thread…

6 trades & $32k

Current team-

D: Lloyd, Simpson, Yeo, Sicily, Laird, Austin (Mihocek,
M; Titch, Cripps, JPK, Danger, Zerrett, Oliver, Cogs, Dusty, (Ahern, Giro, J.Smith);
R: Gawn, Grundy, (Olango)
F: Heeney, T-Mac, Gray, D.Smith, Walters, Lambert, (Higgins, T.Smith).

Need one final D6 to hit full premium.

Instead of going for Webster or Hurley, what about…

Austin & T.Smith to N.Murphy (Def/Fwd bench rook) and Mundy (DPP also).

Can swing T-Mac to final D6 premo, Mundy F6 and have another swing set.

Leaves me with 4 trades for injuries. Thoughts???

prizza · 12/07/2018 at 08:17

The poms stole defeat from the jaws of victory.

    Sc_Wow · 12/07/2018 at 09:07

    Great effort from a young group, they will be exciting to watch in 4 years time. Proud of them

      neil demons delight · 12/07/2018 at 11:02

      Beaten by a better team on the day -still hurts though be proud England

Justin · 12/07/2018 at 08:18

Breust or Westhoff?

    Cobee Bear · 12/07/2018 at 08:49


Irish Ned · 12/07/2018 at 08:24

Wonderful. The Poms got beaten. You little ripper.

    Sc_Wow · 12/07/2018 at 09:07

    Ireland had a great tournament too lol

      Irish Ned · 12/07/2018 at 11:52

      Ha, you are a funny boy – sometimes.

Croatia Win · 12/07/2018 at 09:19

Hrvatska je udarila po engleskom

Moocha · 12/07/2018 at 09:36

Thinking about trading Dow for Narkle to raise cash for my last (Finally) upgrade. Anyone have any idea about his job security. He certainly has been ok in his two games.

John · 12/07/2018 at 10:15

$123k and 6 trades left, do I downgrade Thomas Cole to brad lynch this week so I can become full premo next week? Or wait until next week and wait for another rookie?

    Hawks · 12/07/2018 at 12:56

    Id do that trade

    Derek · 12/07/2018 at 13:17

    Do it now

BigAl_15 · 12/07/2018 at 10:16

So what are people thinking for my final premo upgrade. I already have T Mac, Gray, D Smith, McLean, Fritsch, Stephenson (L Ryan, J Battle). I'm keeping Fritsch as a sneaky premo and then trading out Stephenson. Should I get in Heeney, Wingard, Westhoff or Breust? Or someone else?

    Marcus · 12/07/2018 at 10:28

    I think Heeney is a must have, if you can hold off for 2 weeks you'll be able to get him for 450k

    Ricardo · 12/07/2018 at 12:51

    Guys coming back from concussion take a few weeks to recover (Merrett took a while, McLean struggling). I'd go Hoff over Heeney.

Cobee Bear · 12/07/2018 at 10:57

If Sloane can be loyal to me, I can be loyal to him. I'm bringing him back in…over pendles…

Lekdog · 12/07/2018 at 13:09

My family is Croatian so I will now pretend to care about soccer, come on you Croats!

Hazey · 12/07/2018 at 16:14

I'm tempted to hold a rookie in M8 this week so I can trade Bank for Grundy. Thoughts?

Should do the sensible thing and get mids to full premo first, right?

Banga · 12/07/2018 at 16:41

Who to VC and C? These are my options
Danger, Simmo, titch, Gawn, Pendles, Fyfe

    DavidC · 12/07/2018 at 18:25

    You do realize Fife is out?

    Russty_ · 12/07/2018 at 19:04

    Could go Gawn into Pendles if you have Olango.

Josh · 13/07/2018 at 17:39

will fyfe be back

    randolf brown · 14/07/2018 at 00:31

    should be back for supercoach finals

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