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Published by Patch on

Lekdog has taken some loopy pills. This is a terrible episode with terrible advice, made by terrible people for terr… you wonderful, beautiful people. Who are not in any way terrible at all xoxo <3

Anyway, Lekdog has gone crazy and Patch has relented and indulged in his craziness.

Here is a short list of players discussed:

  • Daniel Rich
  • Jack Billings
  • Chad Wingard
  • Charlie Dixon
  • Daisy Thomas
  • Rory BLOODY Thompson (yes, the one from Gold Coast)

We’ve gone insane. Indulge us. Join us. Become on of us… one of us… ONE OF US.

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I bear no responsibility for anyone who takes any of Lek's suggestions in this week's pod.

Also: the Rory Thompson cheap 200k key defender idea – DISCUSS. Is he mad?


It’s madness but it might get the job done if you have no cash, limited trades and need a consistent warm body


Probably just better to hope your rookie bench option gets back in the team than to waste a trade on a player. Still well done for thinking outside the box Lek.


Had Dixon all year; finally coming good. Of course I could buy him now for a lot less. Had to bring in Lynch to cover Simmo, based on his 1st game. Happy to have gone early, looks a real find for the Doggies from rookie draft.


Dixon is playing very well for a man who died in 2015, very well!


Geez Lek, given that list you’ve put me off, I might pass, couldn’t you have just lied and listed
Angus Brayshaw
Luke Shuey
Chad Wingard
Scott Pendlebury
Luke Breust

Ok, ok you have Chad … I’ll have to listen now…


Sicily (B)
Brayshaw (M)
Heeney (F)

Can I switch Sicily (F), Brayshaw (B) and Heeney (M)
OR I am I only able to do this (substitute) during a trade?

Joe T

Can only do that during a trade chadly. On field substitutes can only swap directly with a player with the same DPP e.g. Sicily in def with Keefee in fwd


Try this.

Trade out any mid "X", switch your 3 players around then trade in any mid "Y".
Now trade out "Y" and trade back in "X". See if you get your 2 trades back.

Just reverse trades if it doesn't work, but I think it will.


I currently have $123,200 and 8 trades left.

Backs: J Lloyd, K Simpson, E Yeo, J Sicily, R Laird, S Savage (L Austin, B Mihocek)

Mids: T Mitchell, P Cripps, A Gaff, P Dangerfield, J Selwood, C Oliver, S Coniglio, J O'Meara (P Ahern, E Phillips, J Smith)

Rucks: M Gawn, T Goldstein (O McInerney)

Fwds: J Westoff, I Heeney, R Gray, D Smith, L Franklin, T McLean (M Guelfi, T Smith)

I'm trying to figure out what I should spend my cash and trades on. Any Recommendations on the following:

Upgrade J O'Meara to J Kelly OR M Duncan


Rage trade L Franklin to C Wingard


Upgrade S Savage to S Hurn OR J Crisp


Save the trades

I'm currently thinking the safest move is to trade J O'Meara to M Duncan. He's consistent, historically his body's been good, in only 2.1% of teams, and is playing for a team who's pushing for finals, possibly top 4. Thoughts?


M.Guelfi has to go (BE 83) Ahern to FWD bench
B.Lynch is a good bubble boy (DEF) so you may want to trade Savage.
Bring in Lynch and gun MID of your choice (733k) with money left over for next week to trade L.Austin to premo DEF.
Austin has money to make this week so trade him next week.

Gary Swine

8 trades are plenty so use them and yes Guelfi will be bleeding even more cash (I traded him last week) so its time for him to go.


I'm not too worried about Guelfi losing cash. I've done most of my upgrades at this point and am happy to have a cover player whose position seems safe. I guess I could bring in Wil Powell as a swing option but I'm not really sure what I'd do with the extra cash anyway. Maybe a midfield loophole option?

The Ranger

With 8 trades you can afford to do 2 Sam so I'd punt O'Meara and Guelfi.


You could downgrade Guelfi to the cheapest fwd/def rookie. Puts another 175k in the bank and allows you to swing Sicily into the forward line for premo fwd cover if required. Im not 100% on TMcdonald but he has pumped out some quality scores so you could upgrade TSmith to him next week as he will drop to 470k after this week. That leaves you with about 50k in the bank and 6 trades. Also gives you a backup premo that can be swung between fwd and def. Next task is to get in MacRae once he is fit and played his two games and should be just under 600k. Downgrade Mihocek to Lynch and of Lynch can hold a spot and score half decent he’s an extra cover in Def and allows you to downgrade Austin which will in turn give you enough money to upgrade either Philips or ESmith to MacRae. That hurt my brain but good luck with it

Gary Swine


R.Laird, J.Lloyd, K.Simpson, J.Sicily, E.Yeo, M.Hurley. (B.Lynch & T.Duman)
R.Gray, J.Westoff, I.Heeney, L.Franklin, S.Menegola, J.Hogan. (T.Smith & J.Battle)
M.Gawn, N.Naitanui. (T.Olango)
T.Mitchell, P.Dangerfield, S.Coniglio, E.Curnow, P.Cripps, Z.Merrett, M.Bontempelli, T.McLean. (P.Ahern & C.Spargo & E.Phillips)

Should I trade T.Smith (224k) BE of 43 this week? It would give me 463k for an upgrade or hold? Smith and Battle leave my forward line a bit stuck. The under 463k guys available aren't real premos, who is the best available?
Will T.Smith get a game anytime soon?


If you want forward cover then I'd recommend moving P Ahern forward when you trade out T Smith, then instead of bringing in a 463K forward bring in Dusty Martin as a loophole option in the midfield. Such a move would also allow you to move T McLean forward if one of your main 6 forwards looks like missing a week.


Set the chads alight


Mmm Heath Shaw u must go
Who to replace him with
Stewart. Crisp. Yeo
Do I go Yeo or a POD


Yeo. I think a POD is only relevant if you think they can outscore or at least keep pace. Unless Yeo has a role change or a injury, he should score more by seasons end
Are you going for rank or league? And how many trades u have left?
I ask as i have Shaw and will either offload him come finals or keep him as a D7.


League Win, thatl leave me 6 trades
And about 20k


Nice that you still have thise trades up your sleeves. You may even try getting a bubble boy as well if you have someone who has appreciated in value enough. Having 5 trades left and money in the bank would be very handy with how this season has gone.
Assume you are full premo if you are making this trade?


Yeah mate I’m full, I traded in Sier to my kids too so still leaves with 6


All my plans fell apart post byes. Left with these options. Don’t really wanna burn two trades downgrading an Austin or Ahern, plus I like the coverage. Only have $10k in the bank and 4 trades left

Option 1 – Keep Fritsch at F6
Option 2 – Fritsch to Hogan
Option 3 – Fritsch to Dixon
Option 4 – Fritsch to Webster (moving Sicily forward)

Open to other options but only have $430k to play with. Rest in f team is full premo (and Dusty)


Id hold mate with only 4 trades left. Fritsch has a 5 round average of 91 which is very good. If he maintains that average, he may well outscore the 3 you have mentioned. Id be holding thise trades for injuries or when finals come


I'd hold mate. Long way to go yet and Fritsch is doing well.


Hey community,
Need a bit of help with my team this week
Currently have 4 trades and 140k in the bank. Team consists of:
DEF: Laird, Sicily, Simpson, Howe, Savage, J. Smith (Redman, Langlands)
MID: Mitchell, Cripps, Gaff, Bont, Danger, E. Curnow, Coniglio, Duncan (Ahern, Giro, Brown)
RCK: Gawn, Martin
FWD: Westhoff, Gray, M.Robinson, D.Smith, Franklin, McLean (T.Smith, Battle)
Thinking of going Ahern and T.Smith, via DPP to Brayshaw and Brad Lynch – tossing up between T.Mac and Brayshaw
Would absolutely love the community's advice. Feel free to disect the team
Disclaimer – I know ive already posted this but just want some external advice


Keep your trades

The Ranger

Unless you're going for rank you gotta hold I think Jim.
Save those trades for finals


Great work fellas!! Whose the must have B.lynch or sier??
Holman -> sier


Sier's job security is stronger than Lynch's I reckon, so I'd be picking him up first.

The Ranger

Not sure about Siers JS, the Pies have Varcoe, Moore and J.Thomas available this week and Elliot, Fasolo, Aish and Blair all due back soon. He might play a couple more weeks but I don't think he'll play out the season.


Blair wont be back in


Hey Lek is there any reasons for why I was banned mate?


Hey Wow, I actually shot you through an email the other day, check it out



Rick Grimes

Probably for being a bit of a jerk.


Any chance bailey rice earns another game? Might upgrade him to Webster next week after eating the Simmo donut last weekend.


Thinking of bringing in Luke Shuey for Giro as an M9 loophole option. Would leave me with 3 trades left for the year for injuries with decent cover (Ahern, Sier, Mihocek & J. Smith) on other lines. Thoughts community?


8 trades left, 50k in the kitty. I need your help!!

Lloyd, Simpson, Yeo, Laird, Hurn, Shaw [Smith, Ridley]

Mitchell, Cripps, Kelly, Dangerfield, Oliver, Coniglio, Martin, Walters [Ahern, Giro, Barry]

Gawn, Martin [Olango]

Sicily, Westhoff, Heeney, Smith, Mclean, Guelfi [Ryan, Smith]

I need to get Guelfi off the field, hes absolutely bleeding points for me right now. What can I do?


I'd consider trading Ryan to a non playing DPP that you can swing with Ahern for cover. Then trade Guelfi, sub Walters to your forward line & grab Rocky. He's still cheap


Nice suggestion mate, the plan was always to sub walters forward!

The only problem I expected rookies to be performing a bit more so I could do my final upgrade in midfield. What about playing ahern as m8 for a few weeks?


Could do worse than playing Ahern. But I'd prefer someone with a high ceiling. Can't see Ahern going much better than an 80


I like piemans suggestion. You might even want Shuey instead of Rocky. Both still cheap

Neil demons delight

Crazy man .The place is much better now without the ranting .


have 5 trades and 170k in the bank
Lloyd, Simpson, Laird, Yeo, Crisp, Savage (Austin, Murphy)
Titch, Cripps, Kelly, Danger, Higgins, Parker, Martin, Rocky (ahern, giro, mutch)
Sicily, Mclean, Heeney, Walters, Smith, De goey (Fritsch, Dixon)
Few questions 1.) do i keep austin as bench cover or bring in a looping premo with savage such as luke ryan at a discounted price
2.) who should i look at as my final premo in the midfield and how long should i wait to make this trade (macrae coming back possibly this week with a 230be)
3.) should i keep fritsch as my looping fwd with de goey or look to bring in a proven scorer


I presume your going for overall rank.
1) I'd be getting rid of Savage, he is going to finish somewhere between 10 – 20 th ranked defender, Ryan same boat. You are costing yourself 5-10 points a week by not upgrading. Take your pick of any higher ranked defenders you don't have, or wait a week for Websters price to drop more (would be averaging 100 if you take out the 13 when he got injured) or Swing Sicily and look at forwards.
2) upgrade asap, maybe Shuey for loophole reasons.
3) meh


Parker or Martin to Oliver?

Worth going Ridley to Lynch (Mihocek is other def rookie)?

Shaw to Sicily or McDonald


Depends – how many trades do you have left?

Parker is averaging the same as Martin for what it's worth, so I wouldn't be sideways trading.


Any like Johannisen???


Would only bring him in if he was going to be your D7 loophole. Hasn't scored well enough to be on field. Only two tons so far this year.


Yes. Started him. Has had his unforseen forward experiment and is back scoring well. Strongly consider.


Great pod. Any Pod that mentions Zac Dawson’s name is gold.


Will B. Lynch keep his spot for rest of the year for DEF cover?
Thinking of going early on downgrading L. Austin to get L. Shuey in, who will become a luxury upgrade to an Uber premium in the finals (Macrae if back and firing / Gaff)


I have $116k and 8 trades left. I’m thinking Bonner to Lynch to build to build up more cash and play Austin for now as my 6th defender. Or Bonner to Webster next week? First option I’ll have to use more trades as Austin will have to be upgraded but I can get the likes of Yeo or Lloyd. Second option, I get Webster as my 6th defender, dirt cheap price and have 7 trades. Community what do you think is best option?


Bonner to Lynch – tick
Next week Austin out – tick

No use messing around with FAKE PREMO's at this stage!

Idiots here will be stuck frustrated with mid priced trash that wont be able to be fixed later.


Kind of stuck on 6 trades and $32k. Seeking help please Community?

D: Lloyd, Simpson, Yeo, Sicily, Laird, Austin (Mihocek,
M; Titch, Cripps, JPK, Danger, Zerrett, Oliver, Cogs, Dusty, (Ahern, Giro, J.Smith);
R: Gawn, Grundy, (Olango)
F: Heeney, T-Mac, Gray, D.Smith, Walters, Lambert, (Higgins, T.Smith).

1. Hold – wait for more cash to get the final D6?
2. Austin & T.Smith to Powell & Doedee
3. Austin & T.Smith to Powell & Webster
4. Austin & Ridley to Witherden & B.Lynch?


Maybe hold and wait a week for Webster and get another price rise from Austin


Thanks pigjump. Webster’s high BE will make him cheaper next week too.


8 trades left, 18.8k in the bank. Other than Fritsch > Walters/Webster is there anything else i should be looking to do? Any help greatly appreciated!

Lloyd, Simpson, Yeo, Laird, Sicily, Crisp [Austin, Heron]

Mitchell, Cripps, Kelly, Dangerfield, Oliver, Coniglio, Martin, Neale [Ahern, Giro, Phillips]

Gawn, Grundy [Cameron]

Gray, Westhoff, Heeney, Smith, Mclean, Fritsch [Guelfi, Smith]


I like Webster but bring him in next week. BE of 170

The Ranger

Your second name doesn't begin with W and end in ebster does it Jimmy?


Lol if you take out the game where he scored 13 because of injury his average is over 100 and will cost you 400k.


Have rocky at m8 should I bring in a sub 500k midfield such as crouch for ronke and move ahern to bench on forward line or bring in McDonald making wingard my f7 / m9




Thoughts on De Goey as an M9/F7 loop? Gives me DPP in the guts. Only issue is that I’ve got rocky, Shuey and De Goey at M7,8 and 9. I’m strapped for cash atm, I’ve got 4 trades and 400k, but saving a trade for Ridley – Webster in 2-3 weeks.


He's my M9/F7 loop. Has the ability to go large


All sorted cheers Lek 👍🏼


Lekdog you’ve lost the plot buddy


Oliver of Gaff for run home?


Oliver for mine


he is my preferred option. Ronke goes for Oliver not a bad trade but leaves me no cover at forward line and given injuries this yr could be a riskarooni



Garbage Podcast, 1-2 mid pricers will help for the 15-20 that will kill your team and then STUCK FRUSTRATED with them because you are out of trades!



How many trades is everyone saving for injuries? I have 6 trades left, thinking about using one or two trades this week to set up a loop option, and save the rest for injury cover?

Ahmad rubas

I'm saving 3 trades for injuries in the rest of the year


At least 4 id say as long as you have some solid cover and some money in the kitty. Having that money helps covering a injured premo if they go down in the 1st quarter as they will lose a good sum of money and you then may need to use 2 trades to get in who you want




1 trade. JJ and Petracca are D7 and F7M9 respectively.


Good to have you back mate


I know the feeling Lek has when picking Rich, he looks sexy and unique in a supercoach side, he is aesthetically pleasing to watch with his penetrative kick, champion data gave him big props in the prospectus for his work shifting the ball from the backline right down the field into the forward 50 and rated him elite in 2017 and had him in their team of the year. It's obvious that Lek has a fetish for the aesthetics of Daniel Rich, I had the same feeling when I almost picked up Duncan before R12 but I went for J Selwood instead for value. Howe is in my team purely for aesthetic value as well and if I had a plethora of trades I would bring in Seedsman at D7 just to watch him run.


He couldn't get a hard ball get at Auskick. I can't stand watching the soft prick. Never ever again


Realistically he's not a historically good enough scorer to pick up as a premo, I reckon Witherden is still a better pick at this stage based on potential (wouldn't pick him either). I don't reckon Rich is that soft at all for a rebounding defender, his problem is he's not enough of an accumulator. He's not hard enough to be an inside mid but he's also overcriticised by the supercoach community due to him being a past burn man.

Mark Fawcett

Thinking of holding again this week. Rank of 103. 5 trades and $12,600 in the kitty. Heaps of DPP links as long as I keep on top of any late outs, but bloody moving house this week so hopefully I find time to stay afloat:)

Def: Lloyd, Simpson, Yeo, Sicily, Laird, McDonald (Webster, Austin)
Mid: Mitchell, Cripps, Kelly, Dangerfield, Merrett, Oliver, Coniglio, Rockliff (Ahern, Giro, J.Smith)
Ruck: Gawn, Martin (McInerney)
Fwd: Heeney, Gray, Smith, Wingard, McLean, Hogan (T.Smith, Keefe)


This team is deeply sexual


Webster at D7, geeeeet outta here

Mark Fawcett

lol, I've got no idea who to play in my backline between the 7? Or I can swing Sicily or McDonald forward if needed and play Hogan or someone on the bench via Keefe. Or swing Heeney, McLean or Gray to midfield if required via Ahern. Quite a few options.

Mark Fawcett



I would almost favour loopholing Hogan with McDonald and playing Webster, but maybe you should wait to see how Webster goes coming back from injury first? I'm ranked 4895 so favour your own opinions over mine.


Hey Mark, congrats on your rank, you're a better coach than me so don't listen if you don't want to lol.
I'd probably swing Sicily forward and bench Hogan, has been up and down and his down scores are bad, won't be able to loophole but you'll have cover in case something bad happens while you're moving house, then Webster onfield, or Austin if you think he'll beat Webster, Austin averaging 82 so great backup.

Mark Fawcett

yeah, have been doing that on and off the past few weeks with Heeney out and alternating between who to play on the field. Hogan is a rollercoaster though, definitely agree with you there:) Was sort of leaning towards benching Hogan this week. Cheers for advice mate:)


Hey guys, have Ahern and Higgins on the mid bench, and T-Smith And Keefe on the forward bench.
Was thinking of maybe trading Smith to Sier and bringing Ahern or Higgins fwd for backup and banking some cash for the future.
Would only leave me with 4 trades though.
Could also get Powell but Sier looks the better player of the two I think..big bodied midfielder, can't be too bad if he's wearing the number 36.
Worth doing or better off holding with no fwd cover?

Mark Fawcett

what's your full team if you don't mind posting it? I'm thinking of bringing Powell in myself this week for the cash grab but will only leave me with 4 trades but about 112k in the bank in case I need it.


Higgins looking like great cover, 25 possies last week is pretty good. I still have T Kelly at M8 and Higgins on the mid bench swinging with Ahern and cant decide who should be my m9.. One has to be upgraded. I like the swing but could see Kelly saving me from the bench in a GF…


Nice to have that luxury Nuggety. Im guessing you have played it smart this year and have trades up your sleeves? Will this be your last upgrade


I've had to be tight as a fish's arse with trades after having to move on Greene, Kelly, Crouch and urgh Armitage by Round 4…..
7 left with enough cash to upgrade last mid will leave me 6 for injuries. Rank about 3k so going for leagues only now.
How many u have left Holty?


Only 5 mate. Far less then i was hoping but full premo and have Billings as cover. Do have Fyfe on my bench but as im going for leagues and sitting nicely in all of them, ill wait for finals now.


Best of luck mate!


Agree you need the cover Russty. Rhis will obviously allow u to hold trades for finals. Bought in Billings as my F7 last week which also can act as a swing when using Mclean or Heeney to the midfield with Ahern. Im holding now until finals


would like peoples feedback on my team and trade suggestions..

DEF: Yeo, Laird, Simpson, Hurley, Webster, Hibberd (Naughton Taylor)

MID: Danger, Mitchell, Oliver, Beams, Cognilio, Rocky, E.Curnow, Martin (holman Ahearn E.Phillips)

RUCK: Gawn NicNat (Olango)

FWD: Heeney, westhoff, gray, D.Smith, Sicily, McLean (T.Smith Battle)

7 trades remain & 78k.


You could look to consolidate your side and move Hibberd to D7.

Maybe something like Holman to Sier and Naughton to a premo defender – Lloyd (not sure if you'll have enough $$), Howe, Crisp.


I reckon Holman down to sier/Powell
And if you can swing Sicily to ya defense and grab wingard for naughton if he interests you.
Wingard keeps his midfield role he will avg 100+ from here on.
That’ll shift hibberd to D7


bye bye dusty i reckon

Mark Fawcett

Also, small to good chance Simpson is out as well, might have to hold Hibberd for another week. I'd be looking to get Lloyd in as other than that your team looks pretty good. Or play Hibberd at D7. Can you get McDonald in your backline maybe and use his and Sicily with their DPP link. Works great for me. Otherwise maybe upgrade Dusty to Zorko at 512k. Minus Ahern who you want to keep, you don't have many rookies worth anything.


Bont out for 3 weeks.


Doesnt affect me but gee this has been a horrendous season for injuries

neil demons delight

dees play bullies this week and he is a champ but macca is back


Easy win Neil!


Great news… Bont is out.. what absolute carnage….
4 trades left 139k in the bank..
Was thinking of only going J.Smith down to Brad Lynch but now im unsure.
Midfield currently consists of: Danger, Gaff, Mitchell, Cripps, Duncan, Curnow, Bont, Coniglio
2-3 is definitely trade able but who would be my best option?
Would go macrae but that breakeven is ghastly..
Clayton Oliver, Pendles or even Kelly..
Need the community's advice


Hi Jim. As you are running low on trades you may even try to bring in Shuey as cover until Bont returns. Otherwise all you have mentioned are good replacements.
I am slightly worried about Kelly however. Since he has returned he has failed to reach the ton 4 times (all 90s however) from his 6 games. Those were against solid sides. His 2 scores of 140+ have been against the Suns and Lions.
His run home seems tough as well playing 5 of 7 teams competing to play finals. And 4 of those teams have good taggers who will probably go straight to Kelly.


Breakevens are only relevant if you are looking to trade Macrae out, once he is in your team at this stage of the season, with so few trades who cares what price he is. What you need to consider is who brings the points.


Any trade advice for this week? I'm sitting at 1269 rank which is tracking towards my best finish.

7 trades, 0 cash in the bank

DEF: Simpson, Yeo, Sicily, Laird, Howe, Savage (Richards, Austin)
MID: Titch, Kelly, Cripps, Danger, Pendles, Beams, Cogs, Dusty (Ahern, Giro, Dawson)
R: Grundy, Gawn (Hayes)
FWD: Westhoff, Heeney, Gray, D.Smith, Walters, McLean (De Goey, T.Smith)

Ideally I want to move Savage to D7, which is hard given the lack of funds. I have JDG as my F7, M9 swing with Ahern.

I can go T.Smith to a non playing FWD/DEF like Ballenden to swing Sicily if required, then go Richards up to Brayshaw, Hurley or Webster.

Other option is hold to let someone like Webster bottom out


You have Howe Kelly Beams & Hoff. I have Crisp Oliver Rocky & the Chad. Apart from that our premos are the same. 7 trades & full premo with a spare is a great place to be in. Wait for Webster to bottom out for a def spare. You should have a strong finish. Congrats on your season Boz


what forward or back should I trade in, Westhoff, gray or Lloyd




depends if moneys an issue, i'd rate them lloyd/hoff/gray in that order


ill go westhoff and then trade in Lloyd when he drops off and make McGovern d7


Don't see Llyod dropping off. Llyod Gray Westoff 4 me.


One trade left. 3k in the bank, soon to be none as i pay homage to the SC gods with an extravagant Bunnings voucher, my team:
B- Sic, Lloyd, Hurley, Laird, Yeo, Savage (Smith, Cumming)
M- Danger, Dusty, JPK, Titch, Cripps, JKelly, Oliver, Parker (Ahern, Barry, Brown)
R- Max, Grundy
F-McLean,Smith, Hoff, Heeney, TMac, Walters (Battle, Keeffe)
Just doing some back exercises and stretches now so it’s not as sore when I enevitably get bent over and reamed by the guardians of Super Coach immortality


Ouch. 1 trade no premo cover. Hold that trade tight, play rookies as long as you can, consider eating a donut now and then, (they are good for your sanity) before the inevitable season ending injury.


I know. But i can can flip a few around and i reckon I’ve got enough high scorers to cover having to play one or two rooks. The trade is for the season ending ruck injury


Brayshaw, Cripps or McDonald?

Already have Hurley, Yeo, Lloyd, Simpson, Laird


I knew Daisy Thomas wasn’t a bad suggestion…


Daisy is experiencing a renaissance man revival of AFL Footytude!…he is truly enlightened and has returned from the quagmire of muddy shiteness…lol