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Woe is us. Nathaniel Fyfe is gone, injured, KAPUT. We’ve got to trade him, and the number of captaincy options in front of us decreases yet again.

One thing I finally remembered to say on the podcast before it was stolen from us was to get behind Doctor Supercoach’s ‘dollars for donuts’ campaign, which is raising money for the Cancer Council. Basically, every time you end up with a donut, tip a few dollarydoos into the kitty. Awesome idea and Lek, myself and the rest of the crew are keen to get behind it. Have a squizz here.

Thursday, 7.20PM, SCG

More Thursday night football. Ugh. Lots of VC options though, which is nice.

From Geelong, Patrick Dangerfield is alright at football. He had 118 last week, but hasn’t topped 120 since round 10 against Carlton. I’m not bullish on Danger as a captaincy option: the Swans are the team he has the lowest average against, with just 91. His next lowest opponent is Brisbane at 101. Pass. Joel Selwood is in the same boat, he only averages 103 against them, and has two 80s and a 102 in his last three against the Bloods. The little master Gary Ablett however, averages over 130 against them. Can the Gary of old line up this week?

My pick here though is Josh P Kennedy. I waxed lyrically about this man on the pod, and is averaging over 120 in his last three and last two scores against the Cats are 117 and 122, despite his career average against them of 90-odd. If you really want to get on the Lance Franklin train, go for it, I guess. His highest score at the SCG this season is 112, and my days of trusting him with the VC are over. My heart can’t do it. I’d give Jake Lloyd a miss, too. His past three results against Geelong have been two 50s and a 90. Nah.

Friday, 7.50PM, MCG

Both Toby Nankervis and Sam Jacobs has massive scores last week after disappointing seasons, but don’t expect them to back up. Nank does not enjoy Adelaide and while Jacobs averages 102 vs Richmond, he hasn’t had a brilliant stint on the road this year. Although if his last two scores give you confidence, go for it.

What has happened to Dustin Martin this season? What’s gone wrong? His Supercoach numbers are shocking, to the point where people are considering trading him out. Don’t do that, but don’t VC him. Matt Crouch is a better option in the middle for mine. The numbers aren’t there for him but he’s building into form. Rory Laird‘s last outing against the Tigers in round six last year (not the Grand Final) yielded a 122, too.

Saturday, 1.45PM, The Gabba

Zorko. Cripps. Beams. Murphy. The midfield heavyweights of the competition (in the eyes of Lekdog) go head to head this weekend and there are plenty of Supercoach points to be had considering how badly the peripheral scorers in these sides have been. Patrick Cripps has played the Lions four times for a low score of 95, but only a high of 118. Dayne Beams doesn’t like playing the Blues, with an average of just 91 against them – including his Collingwood heydays – but his stablemate does.

Dayne Zorko‘s last two starts against Carlton have yielded a 142 and a 151. Hello, yes please. More of those numbers please. Daniel Rich is not only a terrible captaincy option but should be traded out of your side ASAP, is not sooner. On the other end of the spectrum, #SLEEVEWATCH Kade Simpson is a dead-set legend and is averaging 120 over his past five. Probably the best option from this game for mine.

Also Stefan Martin likes to smash teams without ruckmen. If Kreuzer doesn’t head to Queensland, heavily consider big Stef.

Saturday, 4.35PM, Adelaide Oval

Do not VC any St Kilda players. No thank you. Not even Jack Billings.

On the flipside of the pillow, where it’s far cooler and far more teal, The Hoff is hot and cold against the Saints. He had 42 from his last start, but also has a 132 against them. At the Adelaide Oval this season he’s looked good, and has a three round average of 113. Chadley F*&#ing Wingard is probably an option considering the Saints leak goals like a sieve and he has a thing for kicking them, but surely you’ve better options that Chad?

Such as Tom Rockliff, who averages 113 against them. Or Ollie Wines, who has gone 140+ two of his past three games in Adelaide? Anyone but the Chad, please.

Saturday, 7.25PM, Etihad (aka the Shrine of Cyril)

I always forget Tom Mitchell in these things but not tonight. Not after a 180-odd last week that I decided against VCing for on Friday night. I WILL CAPTAIN YOU, TITCH, AND YOU WILL SCORE WELL FOR ME. Some may say he only averages 80 against the Dogs and isn’t huge on playing at Etihad, but I do not care your facts and numbers and logic. SCORE FOR ME, TOM, or I’ll have you flogged.

If you’re like Lekdog and don’t have Titch, maybe a Bontempelli is more your style? Yes? You like the Bont? Well you shouldn’t, he averages 60 against the Hawks in home and away games. No Bont for you. On Saturday night, it’s Titch or it’s no-one.

Saturday, 7.40PM, TIO Stadium (which according to google is Darwin)

For those of you who haven’t backed away slowly, I regret to remind you Nat Fyfe is not a thing this week, or for the coming weeks. My condolances. In the purple, Lachie Neale is the man. He’ll either do well or not well depending on if he’s tagged, but by definition he can either be good or not good so I’m really throwing some enlightenment around here. My bet is he is less good than we’d like from a captain. That said, he averages 127 against Melbourne.

It really comes down to how much Max Gawn literally eats the other human beings around Neale. He is literally the best player in Supercoach to date and will eat Freo’s midfield, small children near the fence any lingering hopes and dreams you have. Three of his last four games have been 139 or higher, and Freo are missing Aaron Sandilands. I don’t care about the numbers, I don’t care about Clayton Oliver, LOCK IN BIG MAX. Or don’t, if you prefer Titch. Because they play at the same time. Which is crap.

Sunday, 1.10PM, Etihad Stadium

Shaun Higgins or bust. Literally. Maybe Ben Brown if you’ve got him. But Higgins is a certainty for lots of points here.

Ruckmen Todd Goldstein and Jarrod Witts negate each other here for mine, and from a Supercoach perspective all 40 other players are garbage in terms of Supercoach captaincy.

Sunday, 3.20PM, MCG

This could be a game of football. Unfortunately, it’s going to be an awful blow-out where the Pies take every opportunity to remind the Dons they’re top two despite not being allowed to because rules and such and I don’t want to think about it.

Brodie Grundy probably doesn’t go massive against Essendon as he only averages 70 against the red and black, and Tom Bellchambers has done brilliantly against a lot of good ruckmen this year. Zach Merrett is a big chance to get a lot of attention after his blistering past month of football, and Jeremy Howe won’t have it down his end often enough – although when it does head down there he’ll intercept it every second time.

Veteran Scott Pendlebury has been quiet, Treloar is injured and Essendon aren’t a great fantasy side at present. I’m going to pass on this game.

Sunday, 4.40PM, Optus Stadium

HERE WE GO. Here’s some Supercoach meat to tear off the bones. Josh Kelly, Elliot Yeo, Andrew Gaff, Stephen Coniglio, Callan Ward, Shannon Hurn and Supercoach 2018’s best starting option in the midfield Lachie Whitfield are all on the park.

Kelly is yet to tear a top eight side apart so we’ll give him a miss on his trip to Perth, but Ward’s five-round average of 118 excites me. He’s my pick in orange and charcoal, considering Cogs has struggled for form and Whitfield… well shush.

For the Weagles, Yeo and Gaff are the main men, with Yeo’s average of 100 against GWS significantly higher than Gaff’s and the rest of his averages against other opponents. Gaff also hasn’t had the ceiling Yeo has this year, so I’m going Yeo for old time’s sake.

1. Maxwell Gawn
2. Josh P Kennedy
3. Patrick Cripps
4. Elliot Yeo
5. Tom Mitchell

Smokie: Kade Simpson (or Stefan Martin, depending on if Kruzer is named).

Patch, out. What moves are you looking at, community?




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  1. Corey says:

    Who is the best forward buy in option (trading Fritsch)
    I have Heeney, R.Gray, Walters, McLean, D.Smith and Fritsch

  2. SC_Sixty6 says:

    Stef Martin has had the luxury of rucking against absolute spuds this year. #1 ruckman for opposing side haven't played when he's come up against them…..except for gawn in rd 2.

    • PizzaSafety says:

      That's a massive exaggeration to say the least. Got lucky against Port, Freo and GWS the first time round, not with anyone else. He faced Grundy, he faced Witts, he faced Goldstein, he faced McEvoy, he faced Bellchambers, etc etc. Grundy also got lucky and didn't get Sandy and neither will Gawn this week and Bellchambers didn't face Gawn either.

    • neil demons delight says:

      research needs work mate

    • Russty_ says:

      How come you're ragging on your other half's Ruckman?…did you two lovebirds have a fight?

      • SC_Sixty6 says:

        I find it hilarious you know both our teams. Another little dig in this post again. I'd put you down to a teenage school girl with your grudges. Jog on flog.

        • Russty_ says:

          Awww you'll be ok, maybe send him some nice flowers and a box of Cadbury Favourites..was just curious as to why you're slagging off your best mate's Ruckman, any reason?

          • SC_Sixty6 says:

            You must be bored? Go devise a plan to dig yourself out of the bottom 8 in your leagues.

            • Russty_ says:

              The heart wants what the heart wants 66, if you love Wow..set him free 😉

        • Russty_ says:

          I find it hilarious that you must be monitoring my comment stream to have noticed what I posted a few minutes after I posted a thread that's been dead for a few days..don't you have any better things to do?

  3. Doc says:

    Who do we think will score more from now to seasons end out of Crouch and JPK?

  4. Ja191 says:

    patton done a suspected ACL at training. Giants are cooked

    • PizzaSafety says:

      they are so injury prone and have been for years, it's ridiculous. Given they are known for their running abilities I wonder whether they train too hard. But that's bad news I hope for his sake it's something other than an ACL.

    • Russty_ says:

      Jeez that's rough for them, pretty much on par with Eagles at the moment with no effective forward lines, Patton's done a knee before too hasn't he?

      • Willymack1234 says:

        Be his 3rd acl if he’s done it, poor fella

        • DavidC says:

          Sam Skinner is just returning from his 3rd acl. Should get a game or two late for the lions.

          • Pman says:

            Played really well on his debut last year against WC at Subiaco with two goals and a pulverising tackle on Will Schofield and will be great to see him get another crack.

    • Corey says:

      Low scoring slugfest between Giants and Eagles much like Cats v Swans tonight I reckon

  5. BlueBaggerJosh says:

    JPK, Neale or Kelly?

  6. DanMil9 says:

    Hey guys need some help

    looking for a rookie in the mid, would love to hear some suggestions


  7. The Ranger says:

    Thanks Patch, good luck this week mate.
    With 6 trades left and only Ridley and Duman on the DEF bench what do we think of Duman – Mihocek?
    Assuming neither get named of course.
    Very sideways but Mihocek would seem to have pretty good job security now.

    • Russty_ says:

      I'd do it mate, you need some backup on each line, Brodie's looking good too and will rise in price by 37K next week.

      • The Ranger says:

        I'm very tempted Russty. Watch as I bring in Mihocek this week only to see both Duman and Ridley named next week!

    • theRealPod says:

      Bucks mentioned Mihocek, Moore who's a few weeks away, and Reid as possible full back options to replace the Dunnie.

      • The Ranger says:

        Reid is out for another 3 or 4 and Moore another 2 I'd guess so Mihocek seems pretty safe.
        Its whether I can afford to spend the trade that worries me…

    • DavidC says:

      Duman and Ridley are close to coming back. I'd hold and only trade if your going to get a donut.

  8. Oliver says:

    7 trades left and mainly playing for leagues. I'm considering going Brayshaw into Shuey to cover for Fyfe. Considering Fyfe could be out for 4-5 weeks is this crazy? I was thinking that it still might not be a bad idea, as I can always trade Fyfe in a week or two if Shuey's output is below par.

    • Russty_ says:

      With 7 left Oliver you could afford to do it, I think a lot of coaches will be doing similar, Shuey has had some dodgy scores this year but if he can get back into some form, he could be a great backup or on fielder for you.

    • Hazey says:

      Yeah I'm tempted by the cash provided by Fyufe to Shuey, which could allow me Nank to Grundy just before finals and either Maccrae or Clarify for last Mid Spot.

      So I guess it's; Shuey, Grundy, Clarey/Maccrae
      Nank, Gaff, Clarey/Maccrae?

  9. dontblushbaby says:

    With Fyfe out does Neale get the hard tag now ?

    • Mystic_Mac says:

      If that does happen, then Walters really is a must have! Plenty more time in the middle and we all know what that means.

  10. SC_Kev7 says:

    Love your work, Patch. Even if the meme inspiring it is 3 years old (???)

    The Coll v Ess writeup is especially exciting, “This could be a game of football”. I hope so, Patchy. I hope so. If I tune in and get lawn bowls on a Sunday arvo I’ll be pretty angry.

    Cripps into Titch or Gawn. Gotta flip my lucky coin

  11. Maverick_ says:

    The speculation of crouch injured crosses him off the list. I may hold off on trading Fyfe now & use holman for cover or could go beams…
    also is it worth going a week early on a sier or Barkley’s to get both in?

    I’m Going gray into Gawn.

  12. Magpie says:

    Gaff or Neale?

  13. hedski says:

    Cheers Patch, been scared off Crouch with his hand troubles so I'll bring in Kelly or JPK I think, if its JPK I might whack the vc on him tonight (and hope the swans lose, go cattas).
    Gawn for captain should monster freo.
    Playing your potatoes in SC Elites league this week, good luck.

  14. Mystic_Mac says:

    Danger into Gawn

  15. BrownlowBoy says:

    Jelwood, JPK, Bont or Neale as Fyfe replacement?

    Any suggestions?

    • Maverick_ says:

      I like JPK a lot
      I really want him but I’m being stingy and most likely going a beams to fix my issue down back with hibberd.
      I have 2 hours to change my mind though

  16. Brock says:

    Is it worth trading Fyfe if I only have 3 trades and Mundy on the bench for cover.

    • Ja191 says:

      I'd just bank the trade and use mundy if I were you. Should score well with fyfe out – more mid time and fyfe will be a pod for you when he comes back.

    • Cobee Bear says:

      Perhaps wait if you can cover him, as you can't risk any more injuries if you trade now despite your cover

  17. Sam says:

    Is Higgins a good option for Fyfe?

  18. chip says:

    whats the go with gunston ?

  19. Ja191 says:

    gawn into grundy or jpk/danger into gawn hmmmmmm

  20. Nick says:

    Community, which trade
    1- Fyfe for Gaff
    2. Fyfe for Shuey and he try for Westhoff

  21. Jack says:

    5 trades left.

    Need to trade Fyfe
    Already have Mitchell, Danger, Curnow, Crouch, Dusty, Coniglio, Merrett

    Who should I get from?
    Gaff, Cripps, Ward, Higgins or JPK???

  22. Pod says:

    Charlie Curnow may come home strong Blues have Lions Stkilda Hawks GC GWS Bulldogs in the next month and a half he will go HUGE thoughts? Community

    • theRealPod says:

      He's playing confident big chance he keeps going. Future star!

    • BlueBaggerJosh says:

      might trade him in for boak

      • Pod says:

        I just traded him in for tim smith to cover heeny I reckon his gonna go huge a few times over the next few weeks

        • Pod says:

          Can't go wrong trading him in for boak as boaks getting old and on the decline curnow is on the up and going into his prime also came home strong last season that's why lots of people jumped on him over the preseason

  23. Crow94 says:

    Please supercoach gods let Keefe or Heron be named on the bench this week! Will help me avoid Heeneys 0

    Please!!! 👌

  24. Josh says:

    Who should I trade Fyfe out for?
    Currently have Fyfe, Titch, Cripps, J kelly, Curnow, Merrett, Parker, Coniglio

  25. BigAl_15 says:

    Who do I get in for Fyfe?! Higgins, Neale, Beams, JPK, Kelly or Ward? Really need help here!

  26. r_calve says:

    I wanna trade in mitch Duncan as he has under 2% ownership so should it do it or are there better options

  27. Maverick_ says:

    Lloyd or Simpson?? Only 35 min to decide!!


  28. r_calve says:

    who will hewett tag

  29. Jonesy says:

    JPK or gaff??

  30. Jonesy says:

    Crouch wth the risk with a rumoured broken hand?? Sooooooo cheap!!

  31. Ahmad rubas says:

    I can loophole either Simpson or laird this week. Should I go with Simpson who is more likely to do worse than laird or go laird because it will be more valuable benching a poor score from such a highly owned player. Or don't bother and just leave the E on cole

  32. Ja191 says:

    Have to go gaff cuz of money plz dont go too big thanks jpk x

  33. Patch says:

    iD gIvE jAkE lLoYd A mIsS bEcAuSe He'S bAd AgAiNsT gEeLoNg

    Nice one, Patch.

  34. AstuteAndy says:

    Glad I put the vc on Lloyd

  35. r_calve says:

    bang!!! the Duncan call a was a good call

  36. Crow94 says:

    Imagine if Dangerfield has fwd/mid next year 😏

  37. Stupid Coach says:

    Awesome work Patch. I have the VC on Cripps and tossing up on whether to put the C on Big Max or Titch. Leaning towards Big Mac.

    Thinking of trading Phillips to Ainsworth and Guelfi to McLean or Guelfi to a forward rookie and Phillips to Gaff or Ward.

    Either option leaves me with 6 trades and not much cash.


  38. Actually I was looking for an article like this.