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Hello, community, it’s Patch again. What is crackalakin my home dogs?

I’m running short on time so I’m going to get straight into it.

8.10PM (AEST), Optus SBS Stadium

This will be Essendon’s one chance to take down the Eagles, with Josh J Kennedy and Jack Darling out of the side. Elliot Yeo is probably the best captaincy option in this game coming off a 144 last week, he’s in ominous form in the middle.Would be my choice out of this game if you had to make one.

Nic Naitanui will be coming up against Tom Bellchambers, I’m not confident he goes big so I’d pass. Shannon Hurn an option? Maybe? Otherwise you could take a punt on Zach Merrett?

Outside of Yeo I’m not really feeling a VC option tonight.

7.40PM (AEST), Adelaide Oval

Now we’re talking! A plethora of VC options are on the park tonight. If you’ve overlooked Ollie Wines two weeks in a row you’d be filthy with yourself after a 142 and a 157. On current form you’d back him for a 13o on Friday. If you don’t have Wines, Robbie Gray played a lot of midfield minutes last week for a 127 and absolutely loves playing the Dees, averaging 108 against the red and blue. My current VC.

You could also channel your inner Lekdog and #yolo your way to a Tom Rockliff VC, but do ya wanna? He kicked three snags last week to help bump his score to 127 – I wouldn’t be expecting them again.

There’s also a fella by the name of Max Gawn. I had some words to say but everywhere man Brice Mitchell tweeted some things so I’m going to leave them here.

I reckon he scores well but doesn’t pump out a big (130+) one, so I’ll pass on the VC and hand it to Robbie.

1.45PM, MCG

Tom Mitchell is a player I consistently forget but he could genuinely pick up 60 touches this week against a flaccid Suns side. Got to be the captaincy lock of the week with old mates Fyfe, Dangerfield, Dusty and co. all on the pine. Don’t even think about it. James Sicily could go 140 but Titch is your main man here.

As for Gold Coast captaincy optiohahahahaha I can’t even say it.

4.35PM, The Gabba

Main man and super trade in target Josh Kelly is the big one in this game? Is he back? That’s the $50,000 question to bring him in, and as to if you captain him. My money’s on yes. Yes you do, even though I said I prefer Treloar in this week’s pod – I may be backflipping again. Would avoid Coniglio until we know more about the concussion factor.

Dayne Beams has 37 – yes, 37 – against the Dons before the bye, so no. Dayne Zorko, however, has a five round average of 110, which coincidentally is what he scored against Essendon last start. I’m a fan of this one, but there are plenty of options I’d take ahead of him this week.

7.25PM, Etihad Stadium

And we’re looking at Jack Macra… oh wait, no we’re not. What about Toby McLean? He’s only 50/50 for the game? Who’s even going to score for the Dogs now? Anyone? No. Nope. I do not like these blue eggs and ham, I do not like them Sam I am.

As for the other blue eggs – Norf – there are two options. One is Todd Goldstein coming off 112, 102, 123 and 112 could eat whoever the Dogs have rucking for them these days alive. The other option is (please forgive me Lekdog) Shaun Higgins. But I’m not contractually allowed to recommend him in any format for any purpose so this is expressly not me endorsing Higgins.

Ben Brown could kick 12, but I wouldn’t risk a captaincy or vice captaincy on doing so, unless your side is so far gone only a hail mary can save you.

3.20PM, MCG

Ah yes, the old derby. Loves a good derby, especially with so many captaincy options onboard. Adam Treloar was my main pick for the rest of the year from here on out, and remains an excellent selection for the captaincy this week. Probably won’t but a 130 but if your VC fails he’s good for a 115-120 (2017 Patch could never have typed that sentence).

Brodie Grundy is also good at football. Does he get negated by Matthew Kreuzer? Magic 8 ball says: yeah nah he’ll be right. The big gangly bastard dropped his second sub-100 score on the Queen’s Birthday last start, but aside from the 95 and 98, his next lowest is 108. He’s unstoppable, lock him in (ahead of Treloar, might I add).

Patrick Cripps is another bloke who’s good at football. I rate him behind Grundy as an option but will also be #phresh off his bye after carrying niggles and should be raring to go as a goddam midfield bull. Magnificent.

1. Tom Mitchell
2. Daylight
3. Brodie Grundy
4. Elliot Yeo
5. Josh Kelly
6. Patrick Cripps

Wild smokie: Zach Merrett. #yolo

Who are you looking at, community? And what really obvious player have I missed again?

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looking for a smokey to finish off my mids. Thoughts on higgins? sidebottom? other suggestions?


What's your budget, adam?


around 560k


I like wines as a Smokey and pod


Wines has re-signed watch his numbers drop now 😉


higgins is a smooth mover hit him up


SBS Stadium this week. Gold Jerry!


I loved that, nice work Patchy boy


Think I'll just take Gawn into Mitchell.

Thanks to those in the community who have helped with my dilemma this week, especially Derek. I had a complicated and tricky plan which would have meant I could cover one premo per week from my bench — using a premo m9/f7 plus the Sicily McDonald swingset — or run a bench premo loophole if I had no injuries. It would have left me with five trades.

Instead I will have eight trades left for the run home plus playing rookies on the bench for short-term cover. I am finally convinced that this option is less clever but .. more… smarter? It will require less tricky juggling and looping, and if I have injuries I can just trade, trade trade. Hopefully my league opponents are almost out of trades and I'll have a big advantage.


Trades remaining going into finals very important. Had a GF last year against 20 players onfeld.


Yeo into Mitchell. Mitchell might go very large but so might a dozen Hawks. So don't be too greedy – if Yeo (or whoever your VC is) gets 130, take it.


Who do we think will be the top 8 backs and forwards come the end of the year? For me (in no order):

Backs: Sicily, McDonald, Yeo, Simpson, Laird, LLoyd, Ryan, Andrews

Forward: Sicily, McDonald, Westhoff, Gray, Mclean, Heeney, Buddy and Menegola


Rance needs to be considered. Has averaged better in second half of season for last 3 seasons.

Last 3 105, 104, 106.

Scores much better against the better teams, two lowest scores this year have been against Saints and Brisbane.

Tigers have a pretty tough run home which will suite Rance.

Can see him averaging 101+ for rest of year


My smoky for the bargain hunters is McGrath. Can see him pure mid for rest of season with Zaha out.

I’ll have him at D7 at least to loophole as Essendon have a lot of Friday games. $334k is not a lot of money.


He is one I would look at along with Witherden if I had enough trades left to go for cover


Walters has to be in there, a two week break so should be ready to go


G'day community, finally trading the stain on my side that is Tobias Greene. With Sicily in my backline, do you think its best to have him end up in my forward or backline? Do we think there are better scorers in the backline this year v forward line?

Also, have Simpson, Laird, Yeo, Lloyd and Sicily in the backline, Hoff, Mclean, Heeney and Smith in the forwards. Who to get in for Greene? Cheers


I'll be keeping Sic in the backline just feel like there are enough options in the fwd line, such as Gray, Gunston, McDonald are pretty good options


How could you have held Greene for so long!?


Thinking the same thing.


Trade Austin to taylor?


VC Yeo
C Titch


Having held Kelly all year I'm furious you guys keep pumping him now. POD is all he was going to get me this year. #dudpick #handsoff


He began at around 25% so was never a real POD, just people jumping off during his injury


You are a Rockstar Patch. Do you believe De Goey will average 120 from here?


120 is pretty extreme, but im bringing him in predicting 105


TMitch into Kelly for mine

With only one downgrade needed in defence for hopefully the rest of the year is it worth going early on Redman or get Taylor?
Can't wait the week on Redman

Mihocek also an option but don't like his JS


I just cannot find it in myself to grab Treloar this year no matter what… Held him throughout all 23 rounds last year and the scars have not even scabbed over 🙁
Saying that he was in my a couple of my initial drafts prior to Round 1, that is how highly I rate the man – anyone want to try convince me he won't burn me alive this time???


Trading Brayshaw to Ahern and Holman to Oliver which leaves me with 10 trades and $98k. Just not sure if I should do a third trade and get Sam Taylor in, please help me make up my mind!

DEF: Laird Yeo Hurley Simpson
Doedee Cole (Keefe Austin)

MID: Fyfe Cripps Titch Danger Martin Cogs Zorko Holman (Giro Brayshaw Phillips)

RUCK: Gawn Martin (Cameron)

FWD: McLean Heeney Gray Menegola Fritsch Sicily (Smith Guelfi)


Oliver VC Thoughts?


It will be a hard contested game in the midfield, both teams very keen on winning this one. I think Port will get up so I'm steering clear of Oliver or Gawn as VC or C this week.

I'm on Titch for VC and I'll decide on a Captain if needed, hoping Olango.


Thanks Patch, will roll with something like Gawn into Titch or Titch into Treloar this week for captain/vc.

Need a bit of help guys, I thought that Yeo was a couple of grand out of reach this week as my final upgrade but I forgot that Mihocek was still on the bubble (thought he'd played 3 games already).
I'm trading ZGL to Ahearn then punting Murphy and Mirra.

Option 1 – Murphy/Mirra to Mihocek and Yeo.
Option 2 – Murphy/Mirra to Redman and Crisp.
Option 3 – Murphy/Mirra to J.Smith and Hurley.

I have Austin at d7 so whichever rook I get will sit at d8.
Any thoughts welcome, cheers Peoples.👍


Hey hedski, I’d personally do number 2/3 because I like the look of Redman (only 1 game played though) and I like Hurley at that price. Save yourself a little bit of extra coin for an emergency mate 🙂


Thanks TBone, options 1 and 2 leave me with $4k, option 3 with $15k.
Not to stressed on the bank tho, last upgrade so only injury trades from now on.
I have a bit of FOMO coming up against teams with Yeo so feel like I need him.
A bit wary of Hurley/J. Smith injury wise but I like Redman after his first game and Crisp would be a nice pod.
Now Mihocek is named on field not extended bench I'm gonna roll with option 1, I rate Reid like tissue paper so not to worried about the Check as d8.
Cheers bud.


From those three defenders I would get Yeo, so option 1. Can you get Redman and Yeo?


Was a couple of grand short of the Redman/Yeo trade Pod, that would have been my preference. Going with option 1 now, go Cats.


Jeez I wish I had that extra coulple thousand Pod, Redman looks real good!


Hurley or McDonald to finish off defence?


I’ve had the same question, but I knew my answer. McDonald is preferred, but saving 100k means I’ve gone Hurley.

If I need a forward or back injury trade later hopefully McDonald has dropped a few $$.


Thanks for your input

Cobee Bear

Hi all,

Need some advice, please:

DEF: McDonald, Yeo, Sicily, Laird*, Hurley, Doedee* (Ridley*, Austin*)
CEN: Titch, Fyfe*, Bont, Cripps, Cogs, Crouch*, Kelly*, Holman (Ahern, Spargo, Giro*)
RCK: Gawn, Goldy (Crossley)
FWD: Franklin*, Heeney*, Caddy*, Ronke*, D Smith, Guelfi, Spargo, (T. Smith, Brander)

I have $599K and 10 trades. Should have 15/16 players depending on how teams drop.

Wondering whether to bring in three premos across all three rounds, or stretch my trades out over a greater number of rounds to preserve them.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Cobee Bear

All three lines*


Upgrade your heart away.

Only hold off if you want a player who has their bye this week.

I’d go Ronke to Westhoff or Gray as a first trade. Then one of your backs to Simpson. Finally Spargo to Oliver, although you have him named twice.

Cobee Bear

Cheers reherringfc


Community is great atm. Had a look at trevs page and it’s just full of salty ex members. Im glad they’ve found a place to complain together.

Let’s keep the positivity going on here guys


I think David was the only one blocked


Probably for the best

neil demons delight

Saltly ex members .really wow. Trev's site is full of great advice and happiness . It's a pleasure to be able to comment without abuse. NDD


Head back on over then mate


Positives only please mate


only thing lacking from this forum is an ignore list


Ward or Higgins for final midfield spot?


How long have you been playing SC for? You may not remember the best burnman that ever existed, but his name was Shaun Bloody Higgins.

Maybe you do remember but you’re a forgiving type.

he’s on my never, never, never ever again list, but his numbers look good this year.

Anyway, I really like Ward as a selection.

Good luck with your selection.


Haha I have never owned Higgins in any of my teams over the years…. I'm adding 3 premos this week to finish off my team so was basically trying to decide which 3 I will go… But I was leaning towards ward, always good to get a push in the right direction haha


Trades this week will be the following pending teams:

Fritsch- Hurley
Guelfi- Treloar
Holman- Ahern

As for captains I think I will go Titch into Cogs/Treloar/Grundy

Hopefully we can see some big scores in the community this week with most teams approaching full premium


Think I'm playing you again this round DM, I'll only field 16 so go easy on me.


Sure to be another close contest. We have been versing eachother a lot in the last few weeks aye


Yeah, hate the byes though, doesn't give you a good idea. Good luck mate.

Ahmad rubas

held onto smith and got rid of spargo last week. feeling pretty good


Tim Smith back thank god


Thoughts lads?
Treloar OR Kelly?
Redman, Taylor OR Mihochek?

neil demons delight

Thanks to all the ppl who asked my advice about TIM SMITH Yes he has been named for Pederson.


U reckon trading Fritsch to Gunston is a good move?


Would have been better last week. With a BE of 54 I would probably hold fritsch for a couple of weeks. You could literally trade him to whoever you want in two weeks time.


You think trading him to Hurley is a good idea?

Cobee Bear

Is there any rush? Fritsch is holding his own on current form.

neil demons delight

No I don't jb but Gunston is on I brought him in tonight so try to get him in some other way .good luck NDD


Can't wait to watch west coast and the bombers face off at SBS stadium tonight 😉


Gawn, Cripps or Ed Curnow for other captian option?

Any suggestions appreciated


trades change for me with Spargo out.


Glee!! Thought I had 18 on the field till I saw Smith had replaced Spargo … oh well ..☹️

Ahmad rubas

How many players are people looking at this week? I currently have 17 before trades

Cobee Bear

I'll have 18; 14 premo; 4 rookie


18 and 3 rookies


17 with Brander out fml


16, 12 premos 4 rooks.


18 onfield for me with 15 premos and 3 rooks.


Looks like you'll towel me up then Toppa!

neil demons delight



11 premos, 6 Rookies.


Hi guys,

The trades I'm thinking of doing this week includes;
Phillips and Crowden out
Rocky and Ahern in

I'm also unsure if I trade Touk Miller or hold him!! I'm leaning towards holding him and then trade out rd17 or rd18!!

Leaves me with $33,700k in the bank with 9 trades left!!

My team is; (this isn't how I'm lining up this week but you get the idea!!

Defenders; Laird,Yeo,Hurley,Tuohy, Witherden and Sicily. (Heron and Redman)

Mids: Dangerfield,Dusty,Mitchell,Fyfe,Higgins,T.Miller,Phillips(Rocky) and Rayner. (Spargo, Barry,England)

Rucks: Gawn and Nic Nat (Cameron)

Forwards; M.Robinson,Buddy,Gunston,D.Smith,R.Gray and McLean. (Crowden/Ahern and Garlett)


S Higgins or Sidebttom


Brayshaw -> rocky


Henry -> Gunston.

Have 14 trades left so I don’t mind the injury risk of rocky if I can make quick cash & 100+ avg.

Ahmad rubas

rocky absolute bargain if he can stay healthy


Gunston more likely to come home a top 8 fwd compared to Rocky top 8 mid??


Wingard F7/M9 or Witherden D6??

Ahmad rubas

witherden D6


Should I get in Yeo or McDonald?

Ahmad rubas

yeo i dont understand whats useful for mcdonald sicily swing could someone explain


Swing is important for cover if injuries.



Cobee Bear

Live scoring not working? In supercoach live.


Go to


Do something Hurley please


Gosh I hope Fritsch has a stinker tomorrow

Richie Porte

T Mac or Crisp for last defence spot.
Nank to Grundy or wait for Grundy to drop in price. BE 148
Hold Billings? 🤷‍♂️


I’m waiting 1 more week for Grundy .. via Nank.


Hey guys need your help!

westhoff ot gunston





take D Smiths vc score or put the c on Mitchell or Gawn




VC McDonald
C titch


Has to be Titch for vc or c but what about a sneaky POD captain in Martin about Simpson who could be his donkey?


Just double checking To get Gawns VC score I can just Captain someone with a bye or does it have to be a player who's team is playing but they are not.
Like Crossley from the Gold Coast??



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