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They’re almost over people. The byes are almost over, we can take a deep breath, cry a little, and then remember the byes are almost over. Thursday night games aren’t almost over though. They continue for a few weeks yet. Damn those Thursday night games!

Last week, all of my greens scored well enough with Kreuzer’s 78 possibly the only blemish, and my orange squares all produced the scores I was worried about. Ollie Wines backed up his 142 with a 157, so that may not be a coincidence anymore (I’d still consider him an “orange option” though), and Stefan Giro came up with a 66 which his new owners should be very happy about.

This week, you may have noticed that the cheat sheet is very green. Funnily enough, this week has possibly the most SuperCoach relevent set of teams coming off their bye. I know Geelong, Richmond, Sydney and Fremantle are all having their bye this week, but Melbourne have Tom McDonald, Jesse Hogan, and featured in the cheat sheet is Clayton Oliver. Collingwood have Jack Crisp and Adam Treloar. Stefan Martin at the Lions, Devon Smith and Michael Hurley at the Bombers. I could go on. It’s a long list. A long green list.

Jack Macrae is out with a hamstring for 4 weeks, and like I said in the cheat sheet, unless you have amazing cover who can score 110+ for you each week reliably while he recovers, I recommend moving him on.
There are names that I miss out this week, like Josh Kelly. He’s a player who is good at football, but Melbourne and Collingwood are likely to win more games on the run home.

Anyway, have a squizz at the cheat sheet below.

What trades are you looking to do this week?

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So got a few options community, which one is better?
1. Bring in Oliver/treloar, means I lose DPP in mids
2. Bring in Hurley, but means keeffe and Sicily on same line


Like Hurley at under 500


Gunston or The Chad™?

Cobee Bear

I think Gunston is more likely to be 85-95 scorer on a consistent basis, whereas Wingard has a bigger ceiling, but potentially less consistent and reliable




It will be interesting where Gunston plays with Frawley back.

sc tragic

I think Frawley is a bit of a lost cause if he hasn't got a significant injury he manages to get a headache.


Wingard if he stays in the guts.

Forbidden Donut

Gunston has had a sneaky way of finishing in the top 10 forwards over the past few years here and there. He's reliable and durable. Chad in more risk it for the biscuit. Both Hawthorn and Port have a good run home. I reckon if you have already locked down most of the top forwards with low standard deviations, then go a POD like Wingard. Be prepared to ride the 40-140 wave and move him to F7/M10 if required. But if you already have a few volatile forwards go the 85-95 safe Gunston option.


With JJK out, do I still go

1. Doedee, Nank and Henry to Hurley, Stef and Ahern?


2. Doedee, Henry and JJK to Hurley, Ahern and Chad/Gunston?

Planned to trade Brayshaw and Fritsch next week to Cripps and Gray. 14 trades remaining with 272k in the bank. Cheers guys 🙂


oliver, kelly, Treloar, bont or Higgins?

which to trade in


Personally I would go Kelly

Cobee Bear

Oliver, Kelly and Treloar is like splitting hairs I think


Keep up the solid work boys!

Crazy carnage over these first two weeks but last week was a lot better than R11. Managed a respectable 1836 jumping back to a rank of 2015.

Current team looks like this:

B – Laird, Yeo, Ryan, Simmo, Savage, Richards (Austin, Keeffe)
M – Fyfe, Mitchell, Danger, Cripps, Parker, Cogs, Merrett, Dusty (Phillips, Ahern, Giro)
R – Gawn, Martin (Cameron)
F – Heeney, Sicily, Gray, McLean, Smith, Walters (Guelfi, T.Smith)

10 trades & $117k in the bank.

Planning on getting either Crisp or McDonald in as my last def upgrade but need a bit more cash. Is it too early to punt Austin for Mihocek this week? What are people's thoughts on his JS?

Also will Tim Smith get back in the Melb side? Any suggestions always welcome thanks guys 🙂


Mihocek will get dropped for ried, and because you already have keefe not playing you cant afford 2 non playing emergencies. Best to wait a week and pick the better of redman or smith.


Cheers Dukes good advice

neil demons delight

Tim will get back for Pederson


Fingers crossed!


Still stuck. Looking at the draw I am
Now thinking trealor
Over j Kelly? Anyone disagree? Or agree???

Also Lloyd or Westhoff?


Both teams have reasonable games, don’t think it is enough to separate them.

Collingwood have their top 4 or 5 do well every week, been like that for years. Trelor will do well most weeks. He looks fit and no injury concerns, where Kelly has had plenty of injury concerns this year.

Grundy tapping it down will be better than Simpson/Patton

I’d go Kelly based on his best is better than Trelor, higher ceiling, but his injuries this year make me worried. However 66 does say that he is all well and 100% fixed.


Hey Beard, I think Kelly is a top notch gun in the upper echelon of SC Scorers, as long as he's fully fit…last 6 games from last year were 103, 106, 127, 132, 144 , 106.
Treloar's last 6 were…
95, 86, 116, 105, 92, 95.


Interesting stuff russty. Difference with treloar this year is that he has:
1. Cleaned up his disposal efficiency
2. Playing in a better side, the last 6 games for the pies last year didn’t mean much, so motivation probably wasn’t there


Cheers Tommy, just offering a comparison from last year which might not mean much in relation to this year because every year in AFL is a new year, Treloar's really coming along but I guess the main question is …who would you pick?.
Probably Kelly for me.


Who's a better pick out of Simpson or Hurley


both would be nice but simpson this week hurley can wait a few


What to do with Nankervis?
Is it worth trading him to Stef Martin or hold off until Grundy drops in price??
(Already have Gawn)


Have the same problem, I can get grundy but it leaves with much less $$ to upgrade my last 2 players.


Yep I'm same boat….🤷‍♂️


Im going to Goldy.


No Lobb this week, Stef could go huge.

The Ranger

Love ya work Damo, thanks mate.
Just Macrae – Kelly for me this week.


Is Ridley – Taylor worth it? Only 7 trades left but would give me 20 on field


It's time to go……. DANGERFIELD! 3 round avg of 101. No thanks mate you've been disappointing alllllll year. Sick of you playing FF while other premium mids continue to outscore you.


How do you have trades to spare!?! HAHAHA

neil demons delight

Wouldn't do unless you have plenty of trades


Hey NDD, how is everyone’s final upgrades going? I see a few running low on cash. Same who traded expensive early.

neil demons delight

I know I wont get there I am going for better cover on the lines otherwise I will run out of trades Been a bad year mate but still in some leagues cheers NDD

The Ranger

I've been trading in value options all year Derek but I'm still having to settle for Wingard, Witherden and Taranto for the forseeable future. The rookies were good early but the mid season batch have not delivered.


Unless you don’t have Fyfe or TMitch, there isn’t anyone else obvious to go to. Danger will be as good as any of the next 10. He isn’t injured, cant see any urgency to get rid of him


Take into account when Menzel and Taylor are back and got danger might wriggle back into the guts


Nice if you can afford to do it, who you bringing in and how many trades left after this week?
Are you keeping or ditching JJK?

neil demons delight

I am 400 short of GUNSTON


Maybe consider De Goey Neil, could be a surprise packet this year if he keeps getting midfield time.

neil demons delight

never thought of him but he plays for Collingwood —this year NDD


U can do it Neil!! & he’ll be in black n white next yr!

neil demons delight

yeah and thanks for Labumba Shake


Wasn’t bad for his 1st year Neil! But definitely was time to move him on when we did!! Only knew him at the pies as Harry.


Yeo, Gray or Andrews for last premo spot? Ahern (mid/fwd swing with Spargo) or Smith (higher scoring capacity)?


yeo all the way


Yeo is a gun


What are peoples thoughts on trading Austin to Taylor to field 17?

Too early and just roll with 16 or do the trade?

10 trades left and ranked 2015


Just above you in ranks right now 1970 something
I’ve gone
Austin to Taylor
Phillips to jkelly
Thinking of punting dusty but got minimal cash and trades baha


Sidebottom vs Higgins
Bum 3 rnd av: 106 , 5 rnd av 103
Higgins 3 rnd av 114 , 5 rnd av 104
Both with a soft draw pies don’t have to travel, north vsing trash
Just looking for an excuse to trade dusty at the moment haha


sidebum does score well against poorer teams. Bit expensive though

Sean's Mob

Trading out Doedee and JJK. Would you bring in:

A – Yeo and Gunston ; or
B – Hurley and Gray.



Yeo and gunston


Hurley and Gray

Cobee Bear

Can you do Yeo and Gray?


Which is better for the run home? Playing for leagues.

1. Eight trades, not much money, no premos on the bench.
2. Five trades, premo cover on every line except ruck, a F7 premo to loophole every week (barring injury), a decent warchest.

Essentially, will five trades be enough for the rest of the year if I can cover one injury per week?


Hey Steeeve, it's impossible to say mate, this season seems to following in the vein of 'Murphy's Law'…if it can go wrong, it will, so the more trades left the better I think, cause stuff will happen.
P.S you don't need premo cover on the bench, just playing rookies.


To win leagues, you must have trades left when you get to finals.

Just make sure you finish in the top 8.


That shouldn't be a problem, am top at the moment. The allure of the premo f7/m9 is the loophole ability


Never works out well. If you have players who are out of finals contention, they get rested, early operations, don’t care etc. you will need traded to ditch them.


Thanks mate I will reassess


When making your trades (if possible) consider players in teams that are middle of the table as a priority is my golden rule – they'll be pushing harder to win games in order to make finals (supercoach finals time) .. for this reason only i'm taking Treloar this week.


Option 2 if you want to win. But take your time getting there to avoid unplanned trades along the way.

Stupid Coach

Great Cheat Sheet Damp. Appreciate all the effort u put in each week. My options this week are:
Option A – Doedee to Milocek and Henry to R Gray
Option B – Option A plus Nank to Nicknat.
Option C- Option A plus Phillips or ZGL to Ahern

Option A leaves me with 10 trades we the other two options leaves me with 9.

Appreciate any advice.


Im not sold on Mihocek, for around $10k more I would go early on Redman (he was very impressive in his 1 game).

Option A or C for mine, Gray is almost a must have.


I reckon Joel Smith could be a better choice than Mihocek.

Stupid Coach

Thanks Hawks and Russty. I'm worried that Redman has only played one game and might get dropped if the Bombers get done tonight. Thoughts on Murphy for NM.

Florence Maxwell

Yeah cheers Damp


Nice work there admin…good to see you boys are on top of things, keep up the good work fellas 🙂


Glad your false comment was removed too! Cheers to the admin


Even better, your alter ego's bullying comment was removed trying to tell someone what they can or can't post, speaking of false comments, I thought you were "done with this place" because everyone here was so stupid…we're all no less stupid or sheeplike than we were 3 days ago.
What happened to your Adolf Hitler pic?…I kinda liked that one, it suited you.


Hitler? That wouldn’t be another false comment would it? Look up Mike Bassett mate.
Yeah and I’m pretty sure you’ve said the same thing a dozen times


Thoughts on these moves with 200k in bank
1. McCrae to kelly – mids already are titch, dust, Oliver, danger,cogs, Fyfe, Cripps
2. Henry up to wingard
3. Logan Austin to Hurley.
This will leave doedee as M7, and 5k in banks with 7trades


Trades look good, but hopefully it leaves Doedee at D7, not M7

Cobee Bear

Trades 1 & 3 definitely. Not convinced about Wingard.


Trading Brayshaw to Ahern and Holman to Oliver which leaves me with 10 trades and $98k. Just not sure if I should do a third trade and get Sam Taylor in, please help me make up my mind!

DEF: Laird Yeo Hurley Simpson
Doedee Cole (Keefe Austin)

MID: Fyfe Cripps Titch Danger Martin Cogs Zorko Holman (Giro Brayshaw Phillips)

RUCK: Gawn Martin (Cameron)

FWD: McLean Heeney Gray Menegola Fritsch Sicily (Smith Guelfi)


What are people’s thought on Rhys Stanley as a M7/R3 swing.
High ceiling and early games in the rounds??

Rick Grimes

At least the JJK debate is over. Massive fail.


Yep Rocky won that one.


Nice work Damo!
Need help deciding community.

$85k and 10 trades left. Only 2 premos to go. Leaning towards option 2 or 3. Selections pending….

1. Henry, Austin & Higgins;
In: Rocky, Wingard & J.Smith

2. Henry, Duman & Ridley to
Rocky, Mihocek & J.Smith

3. Henry, Duman & E.Phillips to
Oliver, Mihocek & J.Smith

4. Henry, Austin & Higgins to
Rocky, Witherden & Ballard.

Which option is best?


Oh well, I guess it’s option 3 then?

The Ranger

At this stage of the season I think JS has to be at the forefront of decision making Rivo so probably 1 or 4.
Not sure Mihocek is in the Pies best 22 and both Reid and Moore are due back soon.
He is bloody cheap tho eh?


Many Thanks Ranger. Pleased to finally get a response. Mihocek is a risk with JS. Ridley injured hurts a bit too. With option 1, Wingard would be a floating M9/F7 for loop after the byes. With option 1, Ballard has poor JS but would be bench cover after byes. So it comes to Witherden v Wingard. Maybe with Ridley down, Option 4 looks better.

The Ranger

I've got the same problems down back with Ridley and Duman both spudding it up.
If it comes down to Witherden v Wingard then I'd go Wingard.
He makes a good M9/F7.


Yes he does, though he is a roller coaster POD. I think going early on Joel Smith is worth it. Will wait on team selections to make a final call. Good luck with your team also.


What about Zorko? I think he knows how to break the tag now and has scored 95+ every game since round 7 and is 30k cheaper then treloar or Kelly. And since he has had his bye he will be definetly on my trade options


Zorko has the potential to go huge but can drop nasty turds. If you're looking for a POD then he's your man. Safest of the three is Treloar imo, Kelly injury prone.


I haven’t been paying attention this week, has there been any comments about whether McLean will play?

Cobee Bear

He'll be a test. Fingers crossed he's named tonight, but might be playing sore (like everyone really)


bloody hope so, id take a 50 pointer from him considering ill only have 14 players fielded this week


chances Laird will be right for round 15?


Sounds like he will be ok


thats a lovely sound 🙂

Cobee Bear

Massive game against West Coast, I can't see them leaving him out

No Ragrets

I’ve got 11 trades left after bringing in gray and ahern this week. I made the mistake of JJK last week so thinking of trying again with JJK our to either The Chad or Rocky – which one?




Lads do I burn an extra trade leaving me low on only 3 to get Lloyd in as my final premium (swing Sicily down the forward line)

Will have cover everywhere with Austin, Redman in D & Giro, Joel Smith, Ahern in the mids & Battle, T Smith in the forwards….


Do I save a trade not get either Joel Smith/Redman and take Westhoff as my final premium?

I kinda really wanna go Lloyd and feel i got good cover for a week/week injury though 3 for serious injuries is low. Not going for ranks just purely for league!


Line up for premiums is :

McDonald, Laird, Yeo, Simpson, Savage (Lloyd would complete here)

Titch, Fyfe, Danger, Oliver, Kelly, Cripps, Coniglio, Dusty

Grundy, Gawn

Sicily, Gray, McLean, D Smith, Heeney, Buddy (if I took Westhoff Sicily goes back to D)

Advise please.




Really? No comment?


Also lads curious if you had Coniglio would you lean towards JKelly still over Trealor?



Florence Maxwell

Why not have both?

Cobee Bear

Yes, but only because Treloar burnt me last year


Fritsch to Wingard?

Who scores more from here?


Wingard easy if he continues his current role. Hinkley has to be impressed with his form.


May also just be playing him into form and then stuff him forward who knows


That's just speculation.


Not really speculation as he has played most of his career as a forward, id like to believe he will stay in the mid with current form but it’s so risky haha




when you bring in Kennedy and he scores a 40 and fractures his knee


I know that frustration & now left with the choice of wingard or gunston to trade too


yep that hurts

The Ranger



Ahern, Yeo & T Macdonald in for Henry, Doedee & Macrae OR….

Ahern, Yeo & Sidebottom in for Henry, L Murphy & Macrae

Prefer Macdonald over Sidebottom but prefer id allso prefer to keep Doedee as a D6


prefer id prefer also preferigng a preference reference inference difference preferred. Ignore my grammar above :,D

The Ranger

Is Murphy at D6 if you do option 1?
If so you have to do option 2 surely?


Sorry on a different gadget atm…. still rabbits here. With option 1 i will have Austin at D6 not trashdog murphy.


Team sheets pending, am looking at:

Macrae -> Oliver
Kelly -> Hoff
Ridley -> Crisp

Which will be 100% upgrades complete.

The Ranger

Nice trades Bock


Would love any thoughts…
Austin to Hurley or McDonald
T Kelly to Oliver or J Kelly
Thanks heaps


TMac & JKel for rme

Cobee Bear

And either Kelly or Oliver, both are guns


Who has the better JS out of Redman (Esse) and Taylor (GWS)?



I’d say redman but going off what happened with Ridley one poor game and both of them are out



B Hurley Yeo Laird Sicily Coffield Murphy Austin Duman
C Fyfe Danger Martin Treloar Mitchell MaCrae M Crouch Cripps Phillips Spargo Petracca
R Gawn Goldstein Orango
F Dalihaus Heeney D Smith Henry Christensen T Smith Fritsch Guelfi

I am just outside the top 4 in my league and going for league. 17 trades left and 229,600 in the bank.

I was thinking of trading out this week:

Henry Austin and MaCrae for Gunston Crisp and Pendlebury
B . Murphy MaCrae Phillips for Ahern Oliver and Simpson 170 k left

Or C. Murphy MaCrae Henry for Ahern Gray and McDonald 190k left

Any thoughts most appreciated!

Cobee Bear

I like option C, as it strengthens your FWD and DEF line in one go. Sicily-McDonald swing is also handy.


Number two for mine (B) dunno why I just can’t get around big tmac as a sc option haha
Option B simmo and Oliver are both great value at the moment that’s why I’d go B both guaranteed to be top options in the run home, not sold on tmac haha


I’m surprised that Steele Sidebottom didn’t get a mention. At 492k, he’s a literally a ‘steal’.


Hes under consideration however alot of low scores for the sidebottom front boťtom backbottom whatever works


MaCrae to Treloar

Holman to Hurley


S Higgins or Sidebttom


I posted this on the other thread
Toss of the coin sidebum has a proven history seems to be playing a lot more midfield time aswell
I’ve brought him in for dusty was tossing up Higgins aswell very tough one both have similar 5 round average Higgins has a ten point higher 3 round average tho


At the risk of doubting the cheat sheet that has alsways served me well. Can some of you more experienced SCers offer some reason why I shouldn’ t select Smith over Taylor as a rookie downgrade for Doedee. I realize smith has only played the one game against Taylor’s 2 but are their other considerations.

Thanks for any help you can offer.




Hey guys need your help!

westhoff ot gunston