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This season’s highest-scoring player – Jack Macrae – is expected to miss 3-4 weeks with a hamstring complaint.

Those who own Macrae now face a tough decision – keep or trade? Most will be trading with the likes of Clayton Oliver and Josh Kelly looming as attractive options.

The second round of bye presented yet another challenging round for many coaches, with those scoring around the 1800-1900 mark performing well.

The Heroes

Fremantle pair Lachie Neale (159 SC) and Nat Fyfe (154 SC) were both enormous for the Dockers on Saturday. The pair kicked five goals and shared 27 contested possessions between them.

Ollie Wines (157 SC) had a night out on Thursday finishing with 35 disposals, 13 contested possessions, seven tackles and six clearances. Teammate Robbie Grey (121 SC) also joined in on the action with 28 touches, three goals and 14 contested possessions. Marcus Bontempelli (129 SC) was the Bulldogs’ best player in the same match, finishing with two goals, 16 contested possessions and 10 clearances

Elliott Yeo (144 SC) was arguably best on ground on Friday night with 29 possessions -13 of them contested –and two goals , while opponent Jake Lloyd (122 SC) continued his rich run of form with 28 disposals at 92% efficiency.

Hawthorn’s midfield ace Tom Mitchell (136 SC) had another 40-possession game, while defender Kade Simpson (123 SC) impressed for the Blues with 32 disposals.  

Other significant scores:  Rhys Stanley (149 SC), Seb Ross (136 SC), Jade Gresham (131 SC), Jake Carlisle (130 SC), Heath Grundy (127 SC), Luke Bruest (124 SC), Jack Gunston (123 SC), Jake Kelly (121 SC).

The Villains

Port captain Travis Boak (64 SC) has been a popular inclusion in many forward lines but a disposal efficiency rate of just 47% hurt his score.  The erratic season of Luke Parker (79 SC) continues, dishing out a poor score after registering two tons in his previous two matches.  

Andrew Gaff (74 SC) was tagged by Dan Hannebery of all people and had his output limited, while Geelong defender Zach Tuohy (68 SC) was quiet against the Tigers.

The Redeemers

Port Adelaide pair Tom Rockliff (127 SC) and Paddy Ryder (125 SC) have been underdone in their return from injuries but both showed they may have turned the corner this week. Rockliff had 25 disposals, six tackles and kicked three goals while Ryder finished with 41 hit outs and a goal.  

Those who kept the faith and held Jack Billings (99 SC) were rewarded with his best performance since Round 1. Sam Jacobs (126 SC) has endured a substandard season but hit some nice form on Saturday night.

The Prodigies

Ed Richards (99 SC), Hunter Clark (98 SC), Nick Holman (84 SC) and Ben Ronke (80 SC) were the best scoring rookies of the round.

On the bubble: Josh Battle (64 SC).

First gamers: Ryan Garthwaite (71 SC), Patrick Wilson (34 SC), Jarrad Brander (25 SC).

The Damned  

Jackson McRae (51 SC) will miss three to four weeks with a hamstring issue. Unless you think there’s a chance he may return earlier, it’s probably worth giving him the flick. Teammate Toby McLean (52 SC) is also under a cloud but should only miss one week at the most.

Popular defensive option Jimmy Webster (13 SC) succumbed to a groin injury and looks set for a stint on the sidelines, while the time has come to trade one of the year’s best rookies, Tom Doedee (59 SC), who has the bye this week.

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Thoughts community?
Kelly OR Treloar




SAME QUESTION , although adding Rocky & Bont as ???


Bont might cop the Jacobs tag this week so I'm still a bit iffy to start on the wrong foot with him.


I did treloar




Carl it is spelt "Macrae" not McRae

Brissy bombers

Kelly for mine.


Is it time to say goodbye to Doedee ?


Haha should have read the last sentence first


Who do you reckon will average more from here on in dusty or crouch? Looking to upgrade one not sure who but?
Cheers community!


Dusty, expect him to explode after the bye


Lads. Need advise.

Kelly or Trealor or Bont (if cleared) curious if he will benefit more now Macrae is out? OR ROCKY?

Lloyd or Westhoff?




Kelly and The Hoff. Embrace the yolo buddy


Haha thanks buddy. Doing my damn head on it. Lloyd looks like he's going pretty well last 6 weeks hard too turn down 😐


Yeah that's understandable I just can't stand the seagull nature of his game. So easy to shut down which is why I'm staying away (averaging 5 contested possessions a game and 20 uncontested).


Fair enough. I haven't watched him enough to comment.

The Hoff?

Kelly over Trealor for sure?

Steve Crossley

I was thinking of holding one of Doedee, Holman or Fritsch for my bench and I was leaning towards holding Doedee as he is a more reliable scorer than Holman. I feel Fritsch might get a freshen up rest at some stage. Any thoughts?


hold fritsch cos he is still scoring well and has a BE of about 50


Whether you keep playing rookies on the bench depends on the size of your trade bucket.
I’d encourage you to aim to have an extra premo in each line with a non-player (@ $102k) to ensure you get to pick the best 6 out of 7 scores for each week of the finals. (8 out of 9 for Mids).


I have McGrath at D7 and Billings at F7.

Essendon and Suns both have lots of Friday games to finish year, great for looping.

Steve Crossley

Appreciate the feedback, I hadn't considered that


Tempted to hold Doedee but my other rookies either have more cash to make or aren’t worth enough for my upgrade targets this week. Too much cash to have on the bench this early I’m thinking.


Thanks for your efforts again Carlos, top notch.
Yeo is my Villain this week, surely he could have eased off a bit and got a 125?
He is now $7k out of reach as my last upgrade and thrown my plans out the window….bastard.


should i go Oliver or kelly, and should i go for yeo or tmac


I dont think anyone showed faith in billings


Held him. Thought I’d hold him until he played the Suns. Might be an ok F7, plats a lot of Friday games


I held him aswell hope to loop him aswell.


My opponent did. He outscored my "premos" Kennedy and Curnow put together. Sigh.


MacDonald, Crisp, Sicily or Andrews?


Already have crisp, rate him, but Sicily is a definite!


Simpson, Andrews or MacDonald ?




which one do we think will average more towards the end of the year – oliver or j kelly. need it as a pod against my mate as well so opinions would be helpful


I too think it's splitting hairs. Though I would go Oliver purely for playing off Gawn and not carrying any injury we are aware of (that said I'm going Kelly for my last mid I think)


I want Patrick Wilson. But only if he doesn't play. Too risky that he might be named in round 21, 22, 23 when the Crows are for sure out of finals contention and ruin my loopholing ability???


Then pick someone less likely to get a game.


There is only one other option who fits the criteria I and many others will need:
. Forward mid swing
. Low price
. Team plays late in the weekend
Wilson is cheaper, and his team has a better draw in terms of late games.


Wouldn't recommend bringing in a player for loopholing. If you have a full bench in R20 then kudos, but highly unlikely


Would really appreciate your thoughts on my trades this week community.

Ronke – Ahern
Higgins – Gunston
Brayshaw – Treloar

Leaves me with 49k, 7 trades and 1 more rookie to upgrade. Also 20 or 21 playing this week if t.smith comes back in.


I like these trades. Particularly like the Gunston selection, particularly if he keeps playing in defence along side Sicily, they share the role of linking the defence and attack well.


Hawks I assume your a hawk fan? Is Gunston likely to continue his current scoring output with his role?


He will score well whilst he is playing in defence as a link man. I think Clarko likes Gunston in defence, so I think he will play most of his games there, particularly as he has other options up forward at the moment.

And yes I follow the mighty Hawks.


Up The HAWKS!!!!!!!!!


Not too keen on Gunston's JS, referring to his role, but otherwise don't see too much issue with your trades


10 trades & $85k left and 2 premos short.
Do I go after Oliver, J.Kelly, Rocky in mids? Defence can wait another week.


Personally would go Oliver just because I'm not sure if Kelly's groin will hold up or not and wouldn't pick rocky over either of them.


Thanks KS. If it’s worth 3 trades to get him in, then which option?

Henry, Austin & Higgins to

1. Oliver, Liam Ryan & Mihocek or
2. Oliver, Ballard & J.Smith?


Hi community, am thinking about 3 trades,
Doodee to yeo,
Walters to r gray
Mcrae to Gunston

Should I get Ahern in instead? These 3trades would make me full premo except for 1 def and 1 fwd. would have 5 trades left. Am in pos. 4500 overall
What do you think?


My opinion if you would be down to 5 with 2 slots to upgrade I would hold Walters…


Hi FTB, if you suggest keeping Walters who out of Gray or Gunston would you prefer?


Gray for me.


I have redone my trades and can do
Doodee McRae out and
Gray yeo in

I keep Walters after all. I am still 1 premo short in def and fwd but would have 6 trades left. Is this the better way to go


Gray over Gunston every day of the week, and I am a Hawks supporter, but Gray is the better SC option


Thanks hawks


What’s with the aversion to TMac ? Is it price, injury concerns or we don’t believe he can maintain his current scoring ?


I'm bringing him in this week. If my forward line keeps sucking he can swing forward and I'll bring in a Lloyd type as well.


Very soft run coming up, but I think price is a deterrent.

If you’re someone who plays for league wins Melbourne also have a tough run for SC finals. Sydney, Eagles and GWS in the last 3 rounds…two of the best defences in consecutive weeks.


I am not sure that his role wont change.

I could easily see him play in defence this week against the tall Port Adelaide team, particularly if Dixon or the Hoff get off the chain.


Very good player, but is a key forward. Don't rely too much on him


all of the above mate


I want TMac, but won’t get him unless I can afford a luxury trade later on.

This week it’s between him and Hurley. By getting Hurley I get to full premo using 1 less trade.

So at the moment It’s definitely price.


I have not been on this website for a while!
Mind you, I'm reading all the articles, listening to the podcasts, but my last comment was weeks upon weeks ago. So, here I am!

I have a dilemma. For my defensive line, my D7 is my priority now that I have 22 premiums and Fritsch as F7. I am likely going to trade him out to Webster when the prices are similar enough. This should cover all my lines but ruck.
That is not the issue! The issue is if McLean is not going to play this week then I will have no loophole for my backline or cop a doughnut. The only alternative is if I bring in a different player this week. Going for Gray and Cripps but would like some alternatives under 20k of those price tags

Current trades:
Ryan. —> Gray
Austin —> J. Smith
Holman —> Cripps

Edit: Also can bring in Defenders in stead of Gray


Thinking of pulling 3 more trades this week! Getting greedy in the quest to go full premo! Will then have 8 trades for the run home. Touch wood, should be enough to see me through.

Trade 1- Ben Ronke to Mason Redman via (Keefe DPP) Proving to be very handy def/fwd swinger. This trade builds my warchest to do the next two trades.

Trade 2- Doedee to Hurley. (No brainer)

Trade 3- Nankervis to Grundy. ($35K in the bank)

That leaves my side looking like this-

DEF: Laird, Yeo, Sicily, L Ryan, Howe, Hurley (Redman, L Murphy)

MID: T Mitchell, Fyfe, Oliver, Dangerfield, Cripps, Z. Merrett, Parker, Rockliff ( Holman, Spargo, Ahern)

RUC: Gawn, Grundy (Olango)

FWD: Heeney, McLean, D. Smith, J Kennedy, Wingard, Brander (T, Smith, Keeffe)

Still have a few forward issues like most, and have to cull a couple more rooks to boost my midfield in the run home.


Not sure about 1 and 3 hawk. The onfield fwd rookie a high price to pay for upgrading nank to Grundy. Reckon might be worth lowering the sights to Martin, Kreuzer, Nic Nat or Ryder then upgrading Ronke instead. That would leave you pretty much full premo then you can look to move guys like rocky and jjk to bench cover in coming weeks. Just a thought.


try doedee to tom mcdonald


I like the trades. I would consider Kreuzer over Grundy, I know Grundy’s average is much higher, but Kreuzer should come home strong and he is still good value at the moment.

Having said that, the best you can hope for is that Kreuzer matches Grundy over the rest of the season.


Scored 2043 on the weekend

Thinking of trading Doedee, Ronke and Clark this week but will only have 1.185mil which will be 2 cheap premos and a rookie and 2 rookies and an expensive premo

Thinking Yeo as my final premo defender and then I just need two premo forwards. I already have Heeney Buddy Gray McLean



do you have tom mcdonald


No I might get him but he is pretty expensive


Dropped a fair bit this week, from 37 down to 179:( Though I had everything planned out pretty well but got some bad scores from Webster, McLean, and Phillips being omitted. Hoping for better this week:)


Anyone considering Witherden at 374k? Could be a handy D7


yeah he's in


JJK a chance to miss this week according to the AFL website. From Adam Simpson himself


11 trades left and 23k
Option A. Henry, Lycett and Tuohy out for J Smith, Ryder and Yeo
Option B. Henry and Lycett out for Murphy/Wilson and Grundy
Option C. Henry out for J Smith, and then hope Grundy drops around 20k in the next few weeks and bring him in later


I will be holding off on the trades for quite a while i think, only 7 trades left and 2 spots left to upgrade to full premo, whilst having no rookies priced above $250k. Am thinking Crisp and Buddy or Crisp and Harris Andrews/Hurley (with swinging Sicily into F) as my final two upgrades, shes gonna be a tight finish, wish me luck haha


Wingard might be a good option for you if you are looking for cheapies


Thoughts on trades this week
Trade 1 Doedee to Crisp
Trade 2 Spargo to Sicily
Trade 3 Macrae to Higgins
This leaves me with 8 trades, 150k and 21 premos, planning to go guelfi to gunston and swing fritsch to f7 then use remaining trades to bring in Macrae and Luke Ryan so i can swing Rocky and Savage to the bench
Is Higgins worth it as a Pod considering the weak fixture and his prominence in Norths midfield


Yeh I think Higgins is a good option with the fixture, I even considered Cunnington but not ballsy enough


oliver or kelly, the biggest decision of the week, which one should I pick?


Too hard to split. Toss a coin.


Rocky is tempting me at that price of 400k…
I know I should stop being a tight ass and get j.kellybut it might mean I can get yeo down back sooner.
My team is:

Def: laird Hurley Webster hibberd Sicily rice (naughton murphy)

Mid: danger Fyfe dusty Mitchell curnow oliver westhoff (holman brayshaw Phillips)

Ruck: Gawn nicnat (olango)

Fwd: McLean heeney gray smith ronke fritsch (Henry T.smith)

14 trades & 9k


You’ve got a lot of trades so if you go Rocky you probably have a trade later on if he gets injured and hopefully he’s gone up at least another 100k.

On the other hand, you’ve got a lot of trades so you could just get Kelly.

In your situation I’d go Rocky and try to hold a trade specifically for him.


With the news lobb gws ruckman is out does it swing the appeal from jelly back to trealor??!


Is Austin to Mihocek a good trade?


I haven’t checked, but I’m pretty sure Austin has a lot of money to make still, if he keeps getting games.

Mihocek’s 2nd game was unimpressive, but I’m brining him in this week (assuming he’s named) where he can sit on the bench.

I’d look for someone else to trade out.


Hi guys,

The trades I'm thinking of doing this week includes;
Phillips and Crowden out
Rocky and Ahern in

I'm also unsure if I trade Touk Miller or hold him!! I'm leaning towards holding him and then trade out rd17 or rd18!!

Leaves me with $33,700k in the bank with 9 trades left!!

My team is;
Defenders; Laird,Yeo,Hurley,Tuohy, Witherden and Sicily. (Heron and Redman)

Mids: Dangerfield,Dusty,Mitchell,Fyfe,Higgins,T.Miller,Phillips(Rocky) and Rayner. (Spargo, Barry,England)

Rucks: Gawn and Nic Nat (Cameron)

Forwards; M.Robinson,Buddy,Gunston,D.Smith,R.Gray and McLean. (Crowden/Ahern and Garlett)


Hi Guys,

After advice if anyones offering! Walters and Richo F**ked me leaving me with 17 players. I've dropped in the rankings from 500 to 671 :(. I have $80k and 9 trades.

DEF: Laird, Yeo, Lloyd, Simpson, Sicily, Witherden (O'connor, Coffield)
MID : Fyfe, Titch, Danger, Cogs, Cripps, Gibbs, Rocky Banfield (Spargo, Brodie, Phillips)
RUCK: Gawn, Grundy (BigO)
FWD: Mclean, Heeney, McDonald, Gray, Walters, Guelfi (Waterman, Ryan)


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