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It can f*&@ right off. Maybe it works in America. Maybe it works for the NRL, who have 12 people turn up to games each week and don’t care about crowds. But it does not work for AFL and definitely, absolutely not for Supercoachers.

We’ve got a bit over an hour between teams being dropped and the first bounce of the round. Of course, we can still trade anyone who isn’t from Port Adelaide and Richmond after that initial lockout, but you CANNOT reverse trades. Do not be caught in that trap.

I can’t quite put my hatred for Thursday footy into words, so this is what I’d do to the concept if it was personified in a small child.

Not pictured is me accidentally running over its dog with my car. Just replace the word “accidentally” with the word “repeatedly”, and “dog” with the word “son”.

RIGHT. On to captains.

Motherf^[email protected] THURSDAY, 7.50PM, Adelaide Oval

Remember when I said I reckon Robbie Gray only averages 90 or 95 for the rest of the season, with some 50s and 60s and then some 130s and 140s? This is one of those weeks where we could see the latter against a side that is a rabble some weeks and a very good outfit some others. Robbie hasn’t tonned up in a month, mind you, so my VC is currently on Jack Macrae. I don’t reckon we see the 160s and 170s again this season but he’s shown time and time again he can do 130 regardless of the oppostition.

You could also consider Ollie Wines or The Bont if you have either of them, Wines in good form after last week’s mammoth effort and Lekdog’s wily selection of Bontempelli has three scores of 120 or more in his past four. However, chances are Tom Rockliff tags one of Macrae or Bont, ruining two scores for the night! Huzzah!

Friday, 7.50PM, SCG

What a wonderful time slot. Man, this is MUCH better than Thursday, right? Ugh. Okay. Lance Franklin kicked a large number of goals against this mob in round one, he’s cheap, a lot of you are bringing him in, it’s got to be perfect, right? He’s coming off a 127, can the Eagles stop him? Let’s VC him and find out.

Otherwise, Isaac Heeney, or as I like to call him Is A Cheeney, in homage to the greatest full back of the era behind Liam Jones, Kyle Chene… damn it they’re spelt differently SCRAP THE JOKE. I repeat, THE JOKE HAS BEEN CALLED OFF. EVERYONE GET BACK TO WORK. Including you, Isaac, as long as you continue your run of four games in a row of tonning up.

Over in yellow, the Weagles have a few VC options as well, with Elliot Yeo at the top of that list. With a lot of people bringing him in this week, he’s only had two scores below 90, but that said only one score above 120. If you’re picking up Andrew Gaff this week he’s in a similar boat, but with more of a chance to go a bit bigger.

Are you brining in Josh J Kennedy? If so, why not continue that ABSOLUTE GODDAM ROLLERCOASTER you abolute MAD LAD and VC him? He kicked six against a paltry St Kilda missing lots of key defenders two weeks ago at home so I don’t see why he wouldn’t replicate the exact same thing over in Sydney. Go on, what have you got to lose, aside from rank, league matches, dignity, sanity, hair? Embrace the #YOLO*

*do not under any circumstances Embrace the #YOLO

Saturday, 1.45PM, Etihad Stadium

Patrick Cripps or Nathaniel Fyfe. These are your two options. I’m going Fyfe, simply because I reckon he’s more of a chance to kick some goals over Cripps. Also I could never admit under any circumstances that Cripps is a good option because then Lekdog would win, and I can’t have that.

There are probably going to be 42 other players in this match, but for the purposes of captaincy options they don’t really exists … unless you pick up Ed Curnow this week? Maybe? But now I’ve mentioned him and brought him I will have jinxed him. Also Luke Ryan has a five round average of 121. Also Kade Simpson is okay at football. OKAY, okay, so there are more than two options. Fine. You win.

Saturday, 4.35PM, Metricon Stadium


Saturday, 7.25, MCG

This match will be Shaun ‘Silk’ Burgoyne’s 350th game, and he’s not a captaincy option but gosh darn it if he isn’t one of my favourite players in the game. I hope he has 30 touches and kicks three, including one after the siren for the win. (Apologies, Barron.)

Whichever Crouch brother is playing and not injured is an option considering all of Adelaide’s midfielders are injured or on fire or injured or … man, there are a lot of them injured, aren’t there? If you’re bringing Jack Gunston in this week I’d probably give him a miss against his old side, and … look nah I’m not sold on any of the Hawks players.

If Rory Laird is back (please god let him be back) then he’s probably the number one option from this game.

EDIT: Tom Mitchell is a player that exists. He is also an excellent captaincy option because, you know, he’s good at football.

Sunday, 3.20PM, MCG

And yet it’s still a Geelong home gam… no, let’s not open that can of worms.

Will Dustin Martin be back from New Zealand? Probably not to be honest. I know Richmond said he would but I reckon he might still be enjoying ‘fush and chups weth his did’ over there. I know I would be. If he’s back … nah. He’s underdone, carrying a niggle, been out of the country. There’s a chance he’s mentally refreshed and right to go, but I’m not brave enough to trust that or foolish enough to suggest it’s a safe option.

Especially not when Patrick Dangerfield, Joel Selwood, Gary Ablett, Mitch Duncan and potentially even Tim Kelly are all better options on the other side. Poke a stick at that mob and one of them will deliver you a 115, although Dangerfield playing forward is irritating the hell out of me. I paid over $700k for… this?? A mobile full-forward with a moustache? I thought I shook Tex Walker last year.

Anyway, in order, Selwood, Duncan Gaz, Danger, Dusty, Kelly is my order of preference from this game.

1. Nat Fyfe
2. Definitely not Patrick Cripps… but maybe Cripps? (Please don’t tell Lek)
2.5. Tom Mitchell, that player that exists
3. Buddy Franklin
4. Jack Macrae
5. Joel Selwood.

STUPID SMOKIE: Jack Billings. I can see it now, Richo picks him and refuses to let him leave the forward 50. Saints dominate, and through sheer weight of numbers Billings kicks one goal and 21 behinds to score 103. He also might not get picked though.

Who are you going with this week, community?

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Whoever I select as captain always fails …. every single week. I might as well toss a coin

For better or worse, I'll go with Fyfe. There. I've officially done it. I've jinxed him.


its pretty easy. think about it bud
you get 2 cracks every week


You dont like Tom Mitchell?


Titch C surely


Fyfe into Titch for me


So predictable DAVIDSA I will be going MACRAE INTO FYFE


VC Macrae or Gaff into C Fyfe or Mitchell


Trading guelfi this week, who do I bring in?
Gray – 161k left over
Wingard – 281k
JJK – 260k


Gray for mine


Either go Fritsch to Hoff or Guelfi to JJK? What do yous recon is the better option?


Guelfi to JJK.
Fritsch will be a F6 for the rest of the year


Cripps into Titch for me


Curnow or Hurn or Gunston and Curnow?


* Ed curnow

The Ranger

Macrae into Titch for me this week.

I need to take a sub 400K player for now with a view to possibly luxury trading them later.
The Chad or JJK? Who's gonna average more on the run home?
I was sold on JJK but Chads DPP makes him tempting.


Chad hasnt shown anything other than on the weekend and goes missing way to much.

The Ranger

I think they might average around the same Crow but Port have a nice run of games coming up and Chad looked very good against Richmond so he's tempting me.
Just not sure I can trust that he'll play enough midfield minutes.
The other advantage is that Chad could just drop to the F7/M9 spot if he spuds up…


I have Chad ahead of JJK and he is in my team currently after trades. Could change my mind quickly though

Rick Grimes

Chad fits the bill as a nice swing man. Tempting at the price.


My problem with Chad is that I am low on trades and if I bring him in he is F6 for the rest of the year

The Ranger

Yeah he'd be sat at F6 for a few weeks for me at least DM. Prob got enough trades to do one more fence paint in a few weeks before finals.
It's that time of the year when those of us that started with the wrong team are now faced with the results of some early and hectic trading undertaken in a vain attempt to keep up with the pack.
Enter The Chad.


Chad named at HF.

The Jones boy

Can’t see JJK doing much against Sydney up there. In WA it is a different ball game. Tempted but after seeing Chad Wingard’s game live I was very impressed with his endeavour, tackling and 90% time on ground. Risky but I’m going Chad rather than Josh. Anyway, better a m/f than a key position player – right! Good luck whatever way you go.


This Battle kid got any job security? Any saint fans got any idea?

I want to build the war chest to get my last two upgrades in?

I am gonna go Giro and tossing up if I go Battle?

Lastly Redman, Miochek, Joel Smith? Anyone know much about these lads and if they are worthy of jumping on? If so I have my warchest finally.


Riveting response lol.


Can’t help you with Battle, but Joel Smith looks good. Got injured round 1 last year during the 1st quarter, but it was an impressive 15 minutes. Didn’t see his return games, but he didn’t score well in them, then got injured again.

I was tempted with Austin, but his js worried me out of it. Mihocek’s score on Monday has now thrown that one out as well.

If Smith keeps his spot he will be straight into my team when on the bubble, I might even go early if needed.


Thanks mate.

I'm now thinking Joel Smith & Liam Ryan if his named again, least we know he is in with the coach and can score (just read he might be back this week)


Extra coin but safer?


I think Battle will keep his place. He looked at home. Redman was solid too.


Thanks Marty!

Anyone else got an opinion?


Smith is in for Lever so I think he has good JS


Is JJK really work all of the hype?
Or is it more important to grab ed curnow while we can


No, will be up and down but his price gets you in

The Ranger

It's bargain shopping time Jim. Grab 'em while you can!


JJK is worth it if he is your F6 or 7


JJK or Buddy?


I think you go Buddy if you have the money


I've wrestled with the same this week. JJK makes sense for byes but you have to think long term. Too many unknowns for JJK with Darling to return. Buddy all the way.


If Sandi plays Fyfe VC. If no Sandi then it's Cripps VC. Into Duncan C.


Sounds good
Duncan a left field choice but like it. Geelong should overwhelm the tigers contested and Duncan will benifit outside for sure


If Sandi doesn’t play, then Kreuzer into Titch for me.


Fyfe into Titch for me.


Fyfe into Tich for mine well depending if Sandi plays or not

Thoughts on Robbie Gray as a trade in option?
Playing majority fwd but still has a good average right


Yes for me. Gray is a jet and has to make top 6 forwards. Think it may be a bumpy ride but worth it. Could go big this round too.


Hi community. Anyone else having problems with Supercoach site. Loads up Ok but won't open any of the dropdown menus. Only happened since Bye rds started. Any possible solutions much appreciated.. thanks


Yep, same for me as well. Cannot access Team or Players, has been coming and going for the last three days at least. Very frustrated.


Thoughts on Kreuzer over Naitanui?? Think I have to steer away from Grundy for the sake of getting to full premium faster and leaving more trades…
Any thoughts appreciated

Havin a crack

I’m leading this way myself

Havin a crack

spose it comes down to who your trading out?
I started Nanskrevis, I don’t wanna go into finals with him.
Kruze has not set the world on fire like last year but If his body holds up, I feel he can match it with the best.
He faced Gawn the other week and has Grundy in a fortnight and then looks like he may kruze though the rest.
Just my opinion


I need 1 more forward and 1 more midfielder to get to full premo

Please help me pick one of each
Fwd:Tom McDonald, McLean

I’m leaning towards McLean and Kelly but am unsure



McLean and Oliver

The Ranger

McLean and Kelly


Kelly and Oliver are hard to split. I think Kelly will outscore from here on.

Personally I’d go McLean, knowing what I’m getting.

My worry with McDonald is that if I got him in it would be the week that Goodwin decides he’s more useful as a defender.


VC all depends on Sandilands.

No Sandi, Kreuzer gets the gig. If he does play then Fyfe.

I really hope Sandi comes back well rested for round 15.


Isn’t fyfe still rubbed out?


I hope not, he’s listed above as Patch’s top pick for captains.


Thoughts on WIll Brodie's job security?
Would prefer Giro but don't think I can afford another round 14 bye player


He was alright last week but with two big defeats in a row anything can happen at team selection. They dropped Lyons last week and he is clearly best 22.


Looking at a triple upgrade this week. Most likely trade out Brayshaw, Smith and Henry, for Titch, Sicily and JJK. I also still need to upgrade Lycett at some point, so I am wondering if it would instead be better to upgrade Lycett to Kruezer this week, and then do Henry to Sicily next week instead?


Lycett to Kreuzer for about 70k seems like a great trade. Kreuzer won’t be this cheap again.

Sicily has a break even of 108, so he’ll cost about the same next week.

Triple upgrade of 3 players straight after their byes seems like you’ve had a great plan to negotiate the byes. How’d you fare last week?


Thank you, think I will go for Kruezer in the end, barring any unforeseen outs tomorrow. I scored 1787 last week, which I was really happy with, considering like a lot of people, I had Fyfe, Coniglio, Laird, and Robinson all out. I've had a fairly shocking season so far, with a lot of injuries and suspensions. I ended up holding a lot of people, eg Kelly, which hurt my overall rank, but means I am now in an okay situation for my league. I have 18 onfield this week and should have another 18 next week as well after I bring in Sicily. While I don't have the best team, I will be full premium with 10 trades left and decent bench coverage. My back line could do with some minor upgrades at some point, I have Savage, Witherdeen, and Tuohy who are all a bit inconsistent or not averaging particularly high.


$139k and 14 trades, any suggestions guys? Got no clue who to trade.

DEF: Laird Yeo Sicily Hurley Simpson
Doedee (Cole Austin)

MID: Fyfe Cripps Titch Danger Martin Cogs Zorko Holman (Spargo Brayshaw Phillips)

RUCK: Gawn Martin (Cameron)

FWD: McLean Heeney Menegola Fritsch Henry Guelfi (Smith Keefe)


You could just go Guelfi to jjk. But if you wanted a more expensive forward you could trade out Spargo or Smith as well and bring in Giro to make the dollars.

By doing 2 trades you could bring a gun mid in or by using Sicily bring a back in.


yeah but the only problem is that most of my rookies still have achievable break evens and I can’t decide whether or not I should downgrade them. Struggling to pick which ones to downgrade.


Guelfi is close to his maximum price and Spargo might start going down in value after his bye. Both these guys have their byes this week, this week seems ideal to offload these 2. I’ve offloaded Fritsch this week, as it’s not worth holding for 2 weeks when I can get a premium in for him this week.

You could also get rid of Brayshaw, who has been very consistent at around 60, but his be is 58.


Guelfi will make a lot more money with his breakeven only at 29. Spargo's BE is at 61 so much better to get rid of him


Bringing in a oremo forward this week, do I go Wingard, JJK or spend the extra cash and go Gray.
I’m left with 280k if I get Wingard
261k with JJK
161k with Gray
Leaning towards Chad due to his DPP, undervalued and ports run home is quite nice. Could hopefully end up as M9/F7

The Ranger

The Chad and JJK are tempting 'cos they're cheap but you'd think that Gray would outscore them on the run home surely Tommy?
In saying that, Gray does seem a bit expensive…is there anyone in between that still gives you value?


Nah the only other one is Buddy, but has the bye next week so I’ll oass and make him y last fwd upgrade. Gray would be my most preferred but since I’m low on trades, I’d like to keep cash in the bank for a double upgrade next week


Pay the money for Gray. Sub 500 is cheap for a player of his ilk


Gray is playing forward too much, not worth it.


I’ll take his 120+ tonight.


No love for Danger?


Think people are gun shy with Danger. He is sure to pump out a big score at some stage but someone says that every week and he hasn't been.


How many premos are people playing on field this week?