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A bloody train wreck.

That’s how many coaches would describe Round 11 from a SuperCoach point of view.

Under performing premos and hit-and-miss rookies were common place, with only ruck juggernauts Gawn, Grundy and Naitanui standing tall when we needed them.

Anywhere around 2200 was an excellent score, with some coaches failing to pierce the 2000 barrier.

And now for the fun part – navigating our way through the dreaded bye period.


The Heroes

Versatile Melbourne DEF/FWD Tom McDonald (164 SC) was the shining light in a dark with a massive outing which included four goals, 24 disposals and 11 marks. His season average is now up to 110 and he looks a must-have player. Teammates Max Gawn (139 SC), Jesse Hogan (127 SC), Clayton Oliver (125 SC) and Neville Jetta (120 SC) also got in on the party.

Brodie Grundy (134 SC) was enormous for Collingwood in the ruck again, smashing 48 hit outs and laying eight tackles. Teammate Tom Phillips (131 SC) was taken his game to new levels with 36 possessions, 10 marks and three goals on Sunday. Phillips is now one of the best runners in the AFL.

Tom Mitchell (135 SC) had another solid game with 28 disposals, eight marks and eight tackles while Geelong pair Mitch Duncan (136 SC) and Joel Selwood (133 SC) also were significant.

West Coast ruckman Nic Naitanui (129 SC) continues to have an impact on matches with 14 of 17 possessions being contested. He also chimed in with two goals.

Other significant scores: Tom Bellchambers (150 SC), Shane Edwards (142 SC), Sam Kerridge (134 SC), Josh J Kennedy (132 SC), Luke McDonald (131 SC), Shaun Higgins (127 SC), Liam Shiels (129 SC), Jack Sinclair (126 SC), Brayden Maynard (121 SC).


The Villains

Plenty of popular premos in this section this week.

Patrick Cripps (54 SC) was tagged by George Hewett and kept to just 17 disposals on Friday night, while Nat Fyfe (78 SC) had a match he would rather forget and could present his coaches with a big headache if gets suspended for high contact made to a Collingwood player.

Bulldog Toby McLean (63 SC) still racked up 24 possessions but went at only 54% disposal efficiency while Eagles defender Elliot Yeo (70 SC) was quiet on Saturday night.

Those who traded in Tom Rockliff (41 SC) for Tim Kelly would have been kicking themselves. He was used in a tagging role and conceded four free kicks.  

Michael Hurley (76 SC) might be a little underdone in his return from a hamstring niggle and was actually played as a forward in the final term, while teammate Devon Smith (77 SC) had 25 disposals and nine marks but only went at 53% disposal efficiency.  

Kane Lambert (46 SC) had a stinker for the Tigers while the usually consistent Jimmy Webster (62 SC) found the going tough against the Eagles.


The Redeemers

Coming off scores of 71 and 45 in his past two matches, Callum Sinclair (132 SC) was back to his best on Friday night with 22 possessions and two goals. Teammate Luke Parker (125 SC) has had an indifferent 2018 so far but enjoyed a good night out against the Blues.

Bulldog midfielder Marcus Bontempelli (128 SC) has also been a little scratchy of late but bounced back nicely. Todd Goldstein (123 SC) is showing glimpse of his glory days, while Docker Lachie Neale (103 SC) hit three figures after a 71 the previous week.


The Prodigies

Tim Kelly (130 SC) responded in emphatic fashion to those who made the call the trade him out by producing one of his best games of the season. Demons forward Bayley Fritsch (111 SC) has been brilliant since returning to the Melbourne side.

Defensive options Brodie Mihocek (97 SC) and Logan Austin (92 SC) look to be the best downgrade choices coming into the first week of the byes, along with FWD/MID Paul Ahern (84 SC).

Bubble boys: Logan Austin (92 SC), Jamaine Jones (66 SC), Jacob Heron (34 SC)

First-gamers: Brodie Mihocek (97 SC), Paul Ahern (84 SC), Sam Taylor (57 SC) Scott James (39 SC), Stefan Giro (29 SC), Ryley Stoddart (21 SC)

Other rookie scores: Zac Giles-Langdon (88 SC), Nick Holman (88 SC), Bailey Banfield (80 SC),Tom Doedee (78 SC), Patrick Kerr (77 SC), Matt Guilfi (76 SC), Zac Bailey (73 SC), Lachlan Fogarty (73 SC), Tom Cole (71 SC), Billy Gowers (71 SC), Jack Higgins (67 SC), Paddy Dow (65 SC), Andrew Brayshaw (65 SC), Ed Richards (63 SC), Ben Ronke (63 SC), Bailey Rice (62 SC), Ed Phillips (62 SC), Taylin Duman (54 SC), Hunter Clark (51 SC), Jack Henry (50 SC), Jake Waterman (47 SC), Willie Rioli (46 SC), Cam O’Shea (46 SC), Charlie Ballard (41 SC), Lochie O’Brien (39 SC), Flynn Appleby (36 SC), Jordan Ridley (36 SC), Jaidyn Stephenson (34 SC), Charlie Spargo (31 SC), Adam Cerra (31 SC), Tim Smith (26 SC), Lachlan Murphy (26 SC).


The Damned

What has happened to Dan Hannebery (46 SC)? Once one of the best scorers in the competition, form and fitness have seen his stock crash significantly. The same can be said for Bulldog Luke Dahlhaus (61 SC) who looks disinterested and seems to be on his way out of the kennel.

Jack Billings (58 SC) and Michael Hibberd (63 SC) have continued their dual to see who can be the worst premium selection this season, with Billings just having his nose in front at this point.

Those carrying Jake Lever (15 SC) or Allen Christiansen (-3) will need to offload as both are set for stints on the sidelines. Lever has done his ACL and faces 12 months out of action.


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2 players in the damned.
3 in the Villains.

Sums up my week.

Help me

6 villains 3 damned 😠😡🔪


Billings has Hibberd covered in the worst premium selection, by a country mile. Has he cracked 60 in the last month?

Captain Risky

A break even of just 63 this week, and only a 7% chance of making it probably sums it up.


But I still hold.

He did score 70 a week ago, but 5 of his last 6 are under 60.

I’ve just been looking at the draw and he has the Suns in round 13. I’m going to hold him for this game and hope he can crack that magic 70 mark again.


I'm calling it now, I reckon he goes 130 against the Sun's


He'd need to do that 3 weeks in a row for me to bring him back in lol


I seen that too Risky, his current average was 66, his breakeven was 63 and they gave him a 7% chance of hitting it. The boys at footywire have given up on him it would seem

Havin a crack

Dusty’s had a 5 round average of 88.8
Do you’s believe this will turn around?
He’s dropped nearly as much cash as billings has


Starting to think he won't actually
I mean sure he might average 100-105 solid for rest of year but that's not enough

Havin a crack

So if you didn’t have him in your team would you jump on?


I’m on board this week.

He’s ranked the 12th best mid, but 2 of those in front are dpp forwards, so 10th best. Of those in front Coniglio is 20k more and Selwood is 30k more. All the others are at least 70k more.

This is a steal.


I would get him after his bye if I didn't have him. The upside for the price is enormous


Those mid spots are precious. Yep, he is cheap, but I want to see a scoring lift before I get him.
At 30k more he is still cheap if/when his form lifts.


If you have him you have to keep him. If you don't have him, don't get him.


In the last 4 weeks, how many tackles do you think Dusty has made?


Just 2 tackles in 4 games.

Does he even want to be there?


Wow!…that's a damning stat Derek, I'd dump his lazy butt for that if I didn't pay 656K for him, gotta stick with him now I guess, surely he turns it around soon.


So what do we think changed over the 1st 3 rounds and the last 7.

He came out 1st 3 rounds and was an unstoppable, irrepresible force.
He just owned it.
Last 7 that is missing? Why??


All his good scores this season inflated by goals e.g. the 6 vs the crows for his 160. When he hasn’t kicked goals he goes sub 100. Not sure if a role change or his effort down as others suggesting.


I still feel he was injured against Dees. may just be a niggle but enough to take off 5% But still has an impact for the tiges, just not SC


Like Danger Trigg both have spent more than 40% fwd. 2 of those big scores he got in the 1st 3 rds he kicked bags. Hasn’t done that since then. And when he goes in the middle unfortunately hes been a one way player. Will be very interesting next year SC will have to make them both mid/fwds!!

Havin a crack

Mid/fwd I’d be on in a heartbeat
Like jughead said our mids are precious and I have two spots saved for both dusty and danger.
Danger definitely comes in after his bye, i was gunna do the dusty trade this week and Pray for a turn in form.
I always cringe when I look at my game day opponents and they have dusty and danger, but it’s worked out ok till now.

pasta stRayner

I've done a double downgrade this week with some good rookies, built the bank to a monstrous $703k!
Who are the best THREE PREMO'S to trade in?
I'm thinking of trading out O'Meara, Spargo and Ronke to..
Heeney, Menegola (will be a top 6 fwd end of season) and I was originally going to get Danger but does he get the tag against Jacobs this weekend? I want both Danger/Selwood in my squad so thinking going Selwood this week and Danger in a few?
Any other trades you'd recommend? Premo's I haven't considered?

Laird, Sicily, Simpson, Savage, Tuohy, Austin (Mirra, Keefe)

Fyfe, Oliver, Mitchell, Cripps, Parker, Whitfield, O'Meara, Holman (Phillips, Barry, Spargo)

Gawn, Grundy (Cameron)

Mclean, Buddy, Mundy, Smith, Fritsch, Smith (Guelfi, Ronke)

16 trades remaining.

pasta stRayner

**double downgrade LAST week


Dusty obviously needs to be considered.

Imagine at the start of the season that you would be able to get Dusty, Danger and Heeney/Menegola all in the one round.

pasta stRayner

Hahah I know! and people thought you were crazy not for starting Danger/Dusty…. never start the most expensive imo.

His price is bloody tempting but I'd like to see a little turn in form for Dusty still before I trade him inTigers have a tough month coming up Port (A), Geelong, Sydney (A), Crows and then GWS (A)… some times it's the players you don't have rather than you do that are the biggest PODs!
I'm pretty set on Selwood/Danger/Treloar for now


After a lousy start to the season, this will be my trade policy for each of the bye rounds- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhB7_1uix0o&t


Bang bang. Been doin it since round 5 Jugs.


Tom McDonald or Walters or Mengola for my last forward spot lads?

Leaning towards McDonald this week and if one of the other two demand selection I can pick them up and swing Tom to the Defense lineup?



Hey Beard, I'd like to get T-Mac too but will wait to see what his role will be this week with Lever out for the year, if Pederson comes in T-Mac could be in defence again which means no goals.
Plus he has the bye next week too so even though he could go up a bit in price after this week, it might be worth waiting another week and then getting him after round 13.


I wouldnt worry about Tmac going back I reckon he will score just as well, he is an awesome athlete I can see him racking it up in the back half and scoring alot. I think he is about an 100 point average fwd or back (don't think he will keep up 110)
Menegola is also about 95-100 too so good option.
Walters is 95-100 best case scenario, however I just see him missing games.
So Tmac most expensive but handy DPP
Menegola won't let you down either
Walters cheapest but most risky


If you have Sicily up back .. then yes. TMac will be in my team for R14. (I already have Walters).


Got Tmac after his second game. Have Sicily so DPP is good. Now I'm looking at Hogan but after the bye. Looks like r 13 is the killer for me


6 players in the villains. Is all I can say. Oh supercoach gods why have you forsaken me. Oh and T. Smith on field. FFS. Approx 400 less than last week, and I had Hurley and R.Gray on the bench last week. What do I have to do.


Very similar. 6 villains 1 damned. 300 less, also Hurley and Gray on the bench.

To think how happy I was that Murphy was named so I could pick up Smith instead of Rice. Even worse when I look to see Round 13 and I might only have 17 if both Murphy and Barry miss. Might have to burn a trade just to get 18 on field


Similar story to Dusty this year has been Zerret. Had his concussion issues early, but hasn't really fired since.
Anyone got any thoughts on how he goes from here?
Thinking about flicking him just before his rd13 bye, and bringing in Bont who will have had his bye (this week)


Id go Zorko before Merrett. Also had his.issues early, where taggers were getting the better of him, but I think he is over that


I traded Zorko to Merret 4 weeks ago …. doh … thinking of moving on him on his bye-bye weekend.


If you are trading out Zerret would have to be to a top 10 midfielder


Flat result this week with 2086. Probably just above par, 5 villans, 1 damned.

Question: If I go for T-Mac, is 7 Demons (4 premo, 3 rooks) just too many?

If too many, is Robbie Gray a must have this week?


If your bye balance is right then 7 should be fine.
Although I'd hope that the 4 premium's would be Oliver, Gawn, TMac and Hogan.


Thanks DAC! Sadly the 4 premos arent those 4, it’s Gawn, Hibberd, Petraca and TMac (after trade). Hence the concern.


robbie gray will probably get cheaper as his BE is 151 this week so, I will look to move Fritsch on to him soon when Bayley runs out of cash


Mitch Robinson has a broken toe and will miss a couple of weeks.


What are everyones thoughts on the Hoff?
Unsure if I want him because i think he will be a top 8 forward, or because of that tempting bye cover


I will need to bring in Gray or Hoff. A bit unsure at this stage


im going T-mac instead, DPP will be very valuable and suits my bye, allows me to flick Murphy to JJK after his bye if i still intend to make that trade


Hi Community I Need Help This Week
I don’t know what to do
18 Trades Left (425K In The Bank)
Current Team
Laird, Simpson, Sicily, Savage, Doedee, Murray, (Mirra, Ridley)

Fyfe, Danger, Mitchell, Martin, Cripps, Coniglio Holman, Brayshaw,
(Spargo, Phillips, Barry)

Gawn Nankervis (Olango)

McLean, Heeney, Walters, D.Smith, Billings, Fritsch, (Langdon, T.Smith)

What should I do this week?


Hi Corey, you could go Murray out if he's not named again for Austin to make some nice cash, and then maybe Billings to Gray, Boak or Westoff to help cover your byes…whoever you think will average more, or Billings out for JJK next week.
Bear in mind Gray still has a b/e of 151 though and will lose 25k or so


Cheers Rusty


Dropped to 2900 Rank (Dropped)
18 Trades Left (just used 3)
$533K Banked
22 Starters for Rnd 12

Positioned well for byes, looking to Sneaky-sneak over the next few weeks during bye rounds.

Gaff, Simpson and Westhoff in next week.


A few in each box lots of room for improvement:

Want a laugh?
I just had a look at Jack Macrae's next ten games projected scores- I kid u not Jack apparently is going to score (from rd 13 onwards) :

At $700k he is a bargain!
If he pulls that off we have a new GOAT. <img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="🐐" src="https://s.w.org/images/core/emoji/2.4/svg/1f410.svg"&gt;


I remember a few years back (maybe not even that long ago) Hanners and Dahl were two of my first picked and both pumped out tons almost every week. In fact Hanners was a lock for 115 most games. Both of them peaked young and have fallen off significantly. Even at a super cheap price next year I wouldn't start them for love nor money.


Stuffed in SC for this year but was leading AFL Fantasy during R9. Like how there are no bubble boys in AFLF, which rewards good judgement and prevents everybody being spoon fed towards pretty much the same rookies/same team. Plus I seem to be crap at SC. Anyhow, thinking I was really clever I brought in Aaron Hall and Jack Darling (due to my Saints having no recognised key backs) last week as strategy to get through the bye rounds. Just wondering if anybody has ever brought in two players who both went off injured after one quarter of football (36 pts and 5 pts respectively)? Plus Coniglio sat out the last quarter with concussion. Plus my alleged bye-proof recruit Rocky ended up tagging my captain TMitch for the last half, effectively ruining another four quarters of scoring. Not to mention Ridley's 27 and DFogarty's 47 (pretty good for him though). And not to mention Seedsman's last minute withdrawal last week with no bench cover. And not to mention I was going to trade in Logan Austin had Seedsman not come up, thus freeing up about $450,000. Austin gets 112, Seedsman 63. Plus, had I replaced Seedsman with Austin I wouldn't have traded in Mr-5-Points-Darling. So it all gets back to Seedsman doesn't it? Why didn't you just rest the adductor for one more week? Still managed 2167 and 2102 last two weeks but now back in 264th place. Hate this game. Why can't I stop?


If only I picked the highest scoring players for each week. Spewing.

Help me

Genuine flog


You need help!


That’s not very nice. Could you please explain to me the meaning of “flog” so I can avoid that label next time I submit a post. I assume it is derogatory? I also assume you don’t have many friends.


surely Gibbs cops a mention in the redeemers, its his first 100+ game in like 6 weeks