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Round 10 SuperCoach Panic Room

Published by Jock on

They’re here!!!

We get a soft introduction to our impending doom in the coming weeks with only Port Adelaide and Gold Coast given a week off after their AFL-funded junket to China. Robert the Gray, The Hoff, Riley Bonner, Dom Barry, and Nick Holman are the popular guys (above 10% ownership) that we’ll need to find cover for this week. Some round 10 bye round rules:

  • *crickets chirp*

There are none. This week will be just like any other except there are two teams less. No best 18. No three trades. However, all Port / GC players will be locked in at 4:40 Sunday (the time of Freo v North) so you can use these guys as captain / emergency loophole players. Patch will be putting a dollar into the “Can you loop Gold Coast and Port players” jar every time the question is asked on Twitter to fund the end of season trip, which is a good way of tricking into getting him to pay for something he was going to anyway.

Can we talk about Jackson Macrae real quick? I’m a non-owner (and Patch is, he sends out group emails every hour reminding us). I haven’t seen this level of SuperCoach-ing since before Sir Gazzlington’s shoulders fell off. He had no right to score 177 in those conditions on Friday yet here we are. Oh, and, he’s 23 years old. TWENTY-THREE. We’re not worthy! We’re not worthy!

I do enjoy roasting Patch each week in the Panic Room, but I need to give him and Lek some credit with what they’ve done with the podcast in three or so months. After a rocky start they’re both really finding their feet at this level. Barron’s reserve report will take on extra significance in the coming weeks. Bulk outs may mean going early on a rookie or two so you need to know what you’re getting. Get around some good ol’ fashioned captaincy chinwagging this week right here and Damo continues to mine the depths of SuperCoach to uncover more diamonds in his cheat sheet.


The big news this week has been AFL’s decision to accept laundry bags full of cash in exchange for naming rights to Etihad stadium, now to be known as Marvel stadium from September 1st. Twitter has, of course, taken the news the only way it knows how.

But I digress, huge amount of team news to get through. For tonight, tagger and noted pest Levi Greenwood gets a recall from from whatever bush league footy team he was playing for to try and curb the influence of Jack Macrae. Ben Reid and Josh Daicos are also ins for Fasolo, Wells, and Sam Murray (ouch #1). The Dogs have also made three changes, dropping Mitch Wallis after 10 tackles last weekend, but handing a club debut to Josh Schache.

During the week the Saints took the unusual step of fingering their middle tier players. The players reported back saying that much like the senior players on the team, they couldn’t find the goal either. It hasn’t had the desired effect (whatever that may be) as they’ve made five changes, Nick Coffield and Rowan Marshall have been dropped, as has David Armitage. There’s a bunch of ins that have no relevance at all, except for a debut for Logan Austin (DEF – 159.7k). The Tigers have made three changes themselves, Jack Higgins straight back in is the most notable. Callum Moore (FWD – 133k) has been rewarded for strong VFL form. The Swans will debut Ryley Stoddart (DEF – 117.3k) but have lost Callum Mills for their clash against Brisbane after he “tripped and fell” and broke his foot. Sure you did, Callum. I can’t help but feel this is somehow Jordan de Goey’s dogs’ fault. Brisbane go in unchanged. The Cats will welcome back Esava and Brandan Parfitt for the clash against Carlton, as well as debuting Jemaine Jones (FWD – 123.9k). No Scott Selwood for this game. Marc Murphy is out again for the Blues, but they get back the Curnow brothers. Jarrod Garlett has been dropped. Josh Kelly has been found, alive and well, but hoooo boy, Jeremy Finlayson (ouch #2) has been dropped and if you went premature on Cumming see a doctor and he’s been dropped too. Lachie Keeffe is also on the cutting room floor. Jono Patton is back. The Bombers are swapping Dylan Clarke with Andrew McGrath.

On Sunday, the Hawks have added James Frawley and Jaegar among 6 changes. James Worpel and Kaiden Brand are confirmed outs so far. The Eagles have no confirmed outs yet, however they’ve named Jarrod Brander (DEF / FWD – 148.8k) and Matthew Allen (FWD – 123.9k) on an extended bench. Brayden Ainsworth is a chance to play his second game. Elliot Yeo has been… named but I’m not confident that he’ll play. Matt Crouch has been named to play Melbourne in one of four potential changes. Reilly O’Brien could shake things up a bit if he plays. TMac has been named for Melbourne. Watch for a late out here, I doubt any risks will be taken with his troublesome foot. The Dees have four potential changes too, but none that’ll force you into a donut. For the final game of the week, both Freo have North have named five new faces with only one confirmed out. For Freo, that’s Mitch Crowden. For North, it’s Majak Daw. Stefan Giro (MID – 102.4k) was exciting to watch in the AFLX, Damo says he’ll play so it’s Damo’s fault if he doesn’t. Not much SuperCoach significance elsewhere, unless you’re still hanging onto LDU, he’s been named on an extended bench.


It’s like opening the cupboard the day before pay day this week. A few packs of 2 minute noodles and a can of baked beans will have to do. Ed Phillips is your only hope for high cash gen this week thanks to his 87 in round 8.

Rookies playing their second game this week: Tim Smith (91 in his first game), Jordan Ridley (76), Brayden Ainsworth (66), Bailey Rice (55), Tim Mohr (68), and Mitch Lewis (39). So maybe wait a week to jump on the best option.

These guys come with a free frogurt (that’s good!)

-61 – Ed Phillips*

-5 – Myles Poholke

-1 – Tom McCartin*

3 – Matt Eagles

These premiums contain potassium benzoate (that’s bad!)

Gaz – 179

Adam Treloar – 167

Josh Kelly – 165

Michael Walters – 157

Pendles – 157

Nat Fyfe – 156

Jelwood – 153

Cal Sinclair – 145

James Sicily – 138

Rory Laird – 137

Can I go now?

Ave / b.e

Jeremy Finlayson 78.9 / 79

Sam Murray 72.7 / 81

Nick Coffield 57.3 / 40

Lachie Murphy 56.5 / 6


Tim Kelly 94.1 / 120

Bailey Banfield 58.3 / 56

Andrew Brayshaw 54 / 57

Dom Barry 46.4 / 23 (Bye)

Paddy Dow 53.9 / 63


Jack Henry 59.1 / 87

Jarrod Garlett 45.4 / 59

Jaidyn Stephenson 69.6 / 69

ZGL 53.8 / 24

Darcy Fogarty 47.2 / 23


If by some miracle you’re not completely stuffed for the round 14 bye, there’s a couple of Swans you need to add to your watchlist. The Swans have Brisbane (A), Carlton (H), and St. Kilda (A) in a dream run over the next three weeks, then West Coast at home before their bye. Isaac Heeney has dropped below 500k for the first time this year and has 6 tons from 9 games for an average of 103. His b.e heading into this round is 118. While on the high side Isaac has passed that mark twice this season with scores of 120 and 123.

Buddy Franklin is averaging 104.3 this year and is another under 500k. While his b.e of 136 suggests you could get him cheaper in the coming weeks. there’s this…

A word of caution regarding his heel, he played 75% last week against Freo, whereas his usual TOG% this year is mid to high 90’s. Is he 100% fit?


The Lions “clawed” (sorry) their way off the bottom of the ladder last week with a 56 point “mauling” (sorry, again) of Hawthorn. They’re back at home this week against the 5th placed Swans. Despite their opposing ends of the ladder, I’m hoping to see a competitive game. Our overlords at Fantasy Insider have fired up the Lineup Cruncher for this week, giving us this ideal lineup:


My take:


I’ve got other plans for my cash this week so Oscar McInerney gets a gig. The Swans typically struggle against big key forwards, giving up 100+ scores to Westhoff, Hawkins, and Tex so far this year. While McInerney doesn’t come close to fitting into that sort of company, standing 204cm and weighing in at 103kg makes him difficult to move out of the way.


The crowds will flock to Buddy and rightly so. He’s kicked 16 goals in his last 3 vs the Lions. Last time out he kicked 8 goals on his way to 133DS. Brisbane give up the most amount of points in the comp to small/medium forwards this year. I’d love to fire up Ronkey Kong! but his price is heading a bit too far north for mine. Tom Papley as a MID / FWD can go into my mids, and I’ll take Will Hayward.


Brisbane absolutely leak points to opposition midfielders. Luke Parker got back on the horse with Buddy returning last week. Isaac Heeney hasn’t hit the higher gears we all know he has, but 13k is a good price for his potential upside. We know Cam Rayner has the talent but it hasn’t all clicked for him as yet. If Brisbane are to win this one it’ll need to be a shootout, hopefully this is his week to get on the end of a few.


While I’m hoping for some competitive footy, I don’t think it will be. Sydney will overwhelm a young Brisbane outfit. Some Brisbane running backs will be popular targets. Harris Andrews is going to see a lot of the ball coming his way if he gets the job on Buddy. He’s scored 80’s these past two weeks so nabbing him at under 10k is a good get. Tom Cutler is averaging 24 touches and 10 marks these past two weeks. I suspect he’ll see a lot of action as well. Jake Lloyd is in crazy touch right now, the only way you can afford him is by fading Buddy (or by doing something stupid in your mids). I don’t mind this play if you think Buddy will falter as he’ll be highly owned.

My lineup:

Good luck this week, Community. Some backline carnage is giving us an early taste of what the upcoming byes rounds can do to your team. It’s not too late to prepare your team to get through it.

Twitter: SC_Kev7

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What are the communities thoughts on grabbing J. Lloyd at his low price with a B/E of 4 instead of Yeo who is potentially under an injury could – can then trade Lloyd or someone else down to Yeo after his RD 12 bye???
Thoughts very much appreciated


Worst case scenerio you bring in Yeo this week and he doesn't play he will still end up being a top 6 defender
In the short term Lloyd is the better option but Yeo is better in the long run
If you're desperate for a league win bring in Lloyd if not I'd go Yeo


If you bring Lloyd in do not trade him down to Yeo in 2 weeks


Depends how many defender spots you have left. If only 1 bring in Yeo and ignore breakevens.
If more, I can see merit in bringing in Lloyd now as he has his bye 2 rounds after Yeo. You could then get Yeo after his bye to complete your backline.


Wasting trades.


I hope that you got Lloyd and are going to keep him?


Matt crouch? Or go for Rockliff next week?

If I get Rockliff, that means I can afford yeo


Crouch is a gun, Rocky was a gun.


But Rocky’s gun was a lot bigger than Crouch’s will ever be.


Do not touch any of the Crouchs this year. M Crouch has already had 2 concerns with his Hammies. Not worth the risk in my opinion.


Crouch two hammies already, big fat no from me. Rocky not a shadow of previous self and not a keeper anyway. Look elsewhere


Need some thoughts on these options community. Bye structure is fine, basically unsure of how essential the rookies are. Any help would be much appreciated!
1. Yeo and Phillips (Buddy and Ridley/ T.Smith next week)
2. Buddy and Ridley (Yeo and T.Smith next week)




Definitely get Phillips but pass on Yeo!
3 rookie DEF to choose from next week.


Currently have a 0 in defense, do I trade to Finlayson to Yeo hoping he plays or just cop the donut and trade T Kelly to Dangerfield?


I’m not that confident in Yeo playing, if that’s your only option to avoid a 0 id just cop it


Yeo will play


How do yo know Mac? I'm thinking of bringing him in for Murray so if you have info please share.


Simpson said Yeo will 100% play


Said he’s fine and will play. Wouldn’t be the first time that player is a late out though


Hopefully Simpson's 160 this week covers any late out's in defence since no matter what I'm stuck with no bench cover.


As Brownlow said, Pod. Simmo is very confident.


Finlayson to Yeo do it


I can trade out Henry or Murray
If I keep Henry his breakeven is 87 so likely to lose $, however I could loophole Henry into Spargo & Rice into Murphy (if he plays)
If I keep Murray, I don't lose any money but can't loophole fwds or defs.
What's more important, the loop or the loot?


Need to bring in a one gamer due to the backline carnage this week. Which one – Ridley or Rice?

Not worried about scoring ability. Its purely about job security as they'll sit at D7/8 as cover (full DEF after my other trade this week).

Rice a slight advantage re: bye structure but no good if he's not playing, hence JS the priority.


Rice has better job security. I'm picking him over Ridley even though scoring potential does matter to me as they will have to be D6 until Yeo has his bye and comes in


Community, thoughts on best option to upgrade from Murray out of
1. T Mac
2. Howe
3. Loyde
4. Webster



TMac injury concerns stear clear. Howe or Lloyd best.


In order 2,3,4,1


Thanks guys

I have decide to go with loyde based on his projected price rise this week.


Don't let that be the only influence Nick. Price rise or fall are irrelevant once you bring in a keeper.


Top5 defenders looked very obvious all year hut I feel there's been a bit of shakeup.
Lloyd, Howe, Ryan and McDonald are definitely throwing theirs names into the mix.
Whereas 2 of the guys I had in there you'd have to consider giving them a miss if you dont have them

Simpson: has been down a little. Taggers? Has Dale Thomas taken his role/points?

Hurley: He has had the intercepting defender role as his own the last 2 seasons and his scores has reflected this. However, another All-Australian defender has gone back there now (Hooker) and played that position beautifully last week. Does Hurley automatically get that spot back, or does he become more accountable?


Hurley will come in for Dea.


Yeah, but the point is will Hooker playing back have an effect on Hurley?


Hurley and Hooker have both been playing defence since the port adelaide game. Hasnt affected hurleys scoring one bit.


Carlton game? Injured maybe?
Nevertheless Worsfold hasn't seen Hooker play like he did on the weekend before. Medals going to non midfielders are pretty rare these days. He's definitely got another option there now


Yep. I'm an essendon supporter and have been to everygame. Theyve been playing in defence together every game from the Port game which we won (cause we finally moved hooks back) up untill Hurley injured himself the late carlton game.
Hooker and Ambrose play two talls and Hurley plays the 3rd


Like Ryan

Richie Porte

Right then, Kelly or Henry for Phillips
Trade Murray or Naughton first. Naughton 1-2 weeks away


Thoughts on rice ??


Wait a week if you can. Had something like 8 intercept possessions last week


Poor score considering.
Unless you mean he kicked it and the opposition intercepted it?


Have to go Ridley or rice this week. Just not sure who.


I like it with a hot curry.


Not sure about Rice's js


I prefer it fried


DEF – Laird, Dodee, Murray, Finlayson, Cole, Mirra (Hurley & Duman)

Murray and Finlayson out.
Got Lloyd & Ridley in. Hurley hopefully back in next week aswell to strengthen the defense up. Cole potentionally to yeo/scicily/webster/Simpson very soon. Got 330k in bank after this weeks trades.
Backline carnage this week.

Does Lloyd continue his form? He burnt me last year..


Is it more essential to trade Henry (87 BE) out this week (say for a Ridley) OR to get Phillips in? Can only do one or the other.


Can you bring a mid/fwd from kids down into Henry and bring in Phillips that way?


Who has the best chance of being recalled next week out of Coffield, Finlayson, Murray?


Fin and Murray a good chance to return. Coff been in and out a few times


Any suggestions? got 17 trades and $193k.

DEF: Laird Yeo slicly Simpson, Doedee, Murray ( naughton, Murphy)

MID: Fyfe Cripps Titch Martin Cogs Crouch T.Kelly Holman (brodie coffield Barry)

RUCK: Gawn Nic nat (Cameron)

FWD: McLean Smith Heeney keefe Fritsch Spargo (Ahern Crowden)


Think Murray up to your favourite premium.


brodie down to phillips and Murray up to a Ryan?
Takes care of both donuts


Am l the only one considering trading Kelly to Phillips???


Bags of cash from that trade Shake but he’s a reliable on field rook. I’m holding him up till his bye


Was going to keep him till rd 14 but Phillips also has that as a bye. 4 games till then can also move on Phillips rd 14. Kelly is my M8 hoping to fill that after rd 14 with Dusty. Dusty still has a BE of 132 hoping for 1 more quite game from him. This week was going to go Kelly to Phillips, Murray to Simpson that also helps with rd 13 & 14.


Not unless you are using that cash to upgrade somewhere more pressing, otherwise he should be turning into Danger, Titch or Dusty

neil demons delight

Good luck Shake in CAZALY going to be a battle Let it begin NDD


Hoping for a bit of luck this week Neil!! 🙏


Thoughts on English > Phillips? Only other viable option to bring in Phillips is to downgrade Billings or Kelly.
English was supposed to be ruck cover for the byes but he won't be back for a while.

Other trade will be offloading Finlayson depending on how Richards goes tonight (loophole with Finlayson)


Hi Community
I need advice on who to downgrade Naughton to this week?


I’d hold, Corzo. If it’s to avoid a donut, the Community likes Rice’s js more than Ridley


Ridley would be stiff to get dropped next week though even if he has a shocker this week, he had 25 disposals and 7 tackles in his first game.
Depends on if he has to make way for Hurley though I guess.


Thoughts on trading Sam Murray up to Shannon Hurn.


Yeo confirmed as playing


Could still be a late out.

Captain Obvious

so could the whole team


Lloyd or Howe? Convince me of one Community.


Howe's game is built on intercept marking and a high kick to handball ratio. Fundamentally, he is a more SC scoring orientated player. If you're talking this week, there's also the risk of what Mills' injury does to Lloyd's role. Howe for mine.

Jack Macrae

Levi who?


Levi Deadwood!!!

neil demons delight

Hi Gat With Murphy and Keefe out are you changing your trades ,.you still can swing Sicily I guess Doesn't get any easier in THE MAGNIFICENT 7 Last week got creamed by you this week Trigg Wish I could play the saints I might win Cheers NDD


Ridley or Rice? Obviously not ideal but need to pick up one of them


I'm going early on Rice purley because I rate his job security slightly more than Ridley.


Does anyone have info on the debutante Stoddard? I know he's quick and only 18.


He played really well across half back in the JLT, and believe he was pretty close at getting a Rd 1 game.


Thanks sb. Could be another Swans dynamo (Ronke) might be worth an early inclusion with all the carnage this week.


I've gone early on Stoddart this week.
Would have been selected Round 1 if not for injury.
Very, Very big internal wraps on the kid.


Lachlan Murphy omitted!!


RIP my rank…


Damn.. the question is WILL YEO PLAY? My bench is Murphy and Duman, no cover


same boat


Is on the plane (source Adam Barich)


Mirra looking the goods for cash, got a game again


with the doggies now having boyd, schache and dickson in the forward line, do we think bontempelli will be left with even more midfield time now.. highly considering the vc on him this week with schache in..

or should i just leave it vs danger, c titch as its hard to go wrong there


Went Murray to Appleby a couple of weeks ago – very happy


If you're thinking of bringing in Yeo this week consider his avg. of 60.2 vs Hawks with a high score of 92, and his recent injury problem.


Some of those scores would have been before he was given midfield time and they just shut his run out of defence.


I’ll be bringing him in otherwise it’s a zero something is better than nothing!

Ahmad rubas

ended up going dusty vc and rice instead of yeo and phillips if yeo stays under the ton and drops in price a little before his bye that would be perfect


Going off his avg vs Hawks it's a good move. Good luck with Dusty today. I've gone Danger VC into Fyfe C (for now).

Ahmad rubas

im going dusty into danger this week should work out. if i were you i would avoid fyfe C could cop the jacobs tag


Jacobs could go to Neale. It's hard to ignore Fyfe's avg vs Roos of 120 and his last three scores 139, 126 in 2017 and a 141 in 2016. Of course I'm hoping Danger makes all this irrelevant.

Ahmad rubas

Yeah I agree I think danger will go off and won't need to worry and yeah he could go to Neale plus it will be much harder to tag Fyfe compared to neale. Either way I hope Fyfe does well for you as C if danger doesn't go off somehow


Cheers Ahmad. Go Cats.


Murphy not playing for those who might cop a 0 – unhappy he has been dropped – need that $$$ generation


I'm going to have to clean out some dud rooks next week.
I'm looking at Barry and Murphy first for Rice and a Premo


I've got the best midfield in the country.
Macrae, Danger, Martin, Titch, Cripps, Oliver, Fyfe & Kelly.
Any ideas who to bring in for last spot Kelly? Maybe his namesake?


Neale, Bont, Treloar I reckon


Lol I have same midfield except cogs over Oliver. I'll be trading Kelly to Kelly once he fully drops in price. Good bye only around 7% ownership and should average 110+ from here on out imo


Do I trade duman/murphy to rice to avoid a donut? Playing my dad in leagues this week so my pride is on the line. Logically it’s a bad idea but I want to


Do it! If you lose to your Dad you'll never hear the end of it. Trust me I know 🤣


I’m doing it ksinny, I’ll definitely regret it but it’s happening


Cop zero or trade Murray to crisp?


I'm doing it if you are


I've just traded Murray for Ryan which gives me Laird, Yeo, Sicily, Ryan, Doedee and Appleby on field with Hurley and Murphy on the bench in defence. In the forward line I have three rookies in Higgins, Guelfi and ZGL on field (also Heeney, McLean, D Smith) with Gray and Keeffe on the bench. I am toying with the idea of trading Hurley to Lloyd/Webster/ Simpson which would mean swapping Sicily with Keeffe and only playing two rooks fwd. Is it worth the move? If I don't do this trade, I will proceed with Crowden to Phillips for cash generation. Hurley may be back next week.


Thanks John. Agree makes more sense and will reassess next week if he's out.

neil demons delight

Great job KEV a must for all coaches. Yes mate the podcasts started embarrassing to all but have got better each week.Now they are a must . too..A lot of coaches will suffer with little or no def. cover.It pays to keep an eye on future cover and valuable dpp.. Keep up the good work Kev Cheers NDD


Cheers for the kind words, NDD


Any last minute tips? 23 trades and 50k bank

B – Laird, Howe, Sicily, Savage, Doedee, Finlayson (Richards, Murphy)
M – Titch, Dusty, Danger, Fyfe, Cripps, Pendles, Cogs, Kelly (Higgins, Holman, Spargo)
R – Gawn, Grundy (Hayes)
F – Walters, McLean, Smith, Billings, Fritsch, Ronke (English, ZGL)

Option 1
English to Phillips
Finlayson to Yeo if Richards (loop) is poor

Option 2
Hold English, swing Hayes Fwd as a fwd loop.
Drop Kelly/Billings for Phillips
Same as above regarding Finlayson

Option 1 or 2?? Thoughts?


they're both pretty similar, probably 1 though.


Yeo, Luke Ryan or Lloyd?


anyone reckon i should go Murray to crisp as a POD


Yep I reckon part of the reason Murray is in the two’s is crisp is running defender taking runs and delivering upfield….and he is delivering much much better.


gday community, could really use some help with my side, as i am playing a mate in leagues it is important i get the W.
DEF – laird, yeo, ryan, hibberd, doedee, murray {mirra, oshea}
MID – fyfe, danger, cripps, mitchell, oliver, dusty, gibbs, kelly {phillips, barry, coffield}
RUC – Gawn, Nic Nat {olango}
FWD – Mclean, Heeney, smith, billings, fritsch, spargo {higgins, ryan}
thoughts are to somehow get howe in for murray, unsure how to do it though with no cash in bank
18 trades left, any ideas?


It's risky but you could trade Billings ( shit) to Tim Smith( 91 last week) and then get Howe for Murray, then loophole Higgins with Smith/ Ryan.
Why do you still have Ryan?


have been loopholing billings with one of the rooks with him and it hasnt been that much of a liabililty with him in. shit me he might even return back sokn and make me cash


Ryan's still 4 to 6 weeks away from returning, a lot of guys will be trading him back in if he resumes his good previous form though.


Any chance of Nank being a late out?


Apparently every week and probably for every week from here on


Possibly, but it could just be a crock or crap like it was last week, I got sick of the speculation and made appropriate changes this week, the rumours about Nank , prevented me from doing what I wanted to do last week, and I didn't want that happening again.
Plus, he faded in the second half of last season…2 tons out of 10 games.


Nah, he’s the Cliff Young of the AFL.


Nank is a Tank.


Who would you rather have on field out of these two combos:

1) Michael Walters, Tim Kelly and Fritsch

2) Michael Walters, Fritsch and Ronke


Kelly over Ronke.


Much more simply put hedski lol
And I agree

Joe T

Bring Dusty in this week and pass on Ed Phillips? Or bring in Phillips now and get Dusty next week? Latter option means if someone gets injured this week I may have to skip Dusty all together or just ignore the injured player.


Gaff or Martin this Week and next week Westhoff or R Gray


if its your m7 i'd pick up gaff and wait til dusty hits some form to bring him in for m8, if its m8 grab dusty. Not too sold on robbie with rockliff in the side


Who would of thought such a question would be put to the community? I would grab Dusty before the game today.


Yeo or Luke Ryan?


yeo safer. ryan pod


Yeo also much friendlier bye.


Yeo shouldnt lose or gain much money this week if that matters to you Tommy.


Ryan this week if you're getting them both in anyway. Ryan BE 27 he will jump significantly in price if he snags another good score.


Yeo, but wait until after his bye.


Love the Friday Panic Room Kev!

Early carnage in the backline just a taste of what’s to come through the byes. Praying that Yeo plays as I’ve had to make 2 trades just to get 6 defenders on the park.

Keeping Murray over Finlayson & Naughton. Just think he has a touch more currency over the other 2 & might even be good bench cover.


Simpson said on AFL Tonight Yeo will definitely play, and he had scans and was given the all clear.


Cheers Rusty, just saw Simmo on Fox too. 👍🏽


simpson or ryan please


Should i downgrade Kelly this week to Phillips ED that is or should i upgraghed him to Dusty or Gaff


Not sure but I would definately trade him has the ability to bleed a bit negating all thst nice profit.


Going Billings to Tim Smith early, then Murray straight up to Howe. Howe has that round 13 bye which is strategically important. Lloyd and Ryan who I was looking at for better value have the dreaded round 14 bye. My policy for the next 3 weeks is no round 14 bye players shall be traded into my team. Period. Next week Crowden straight up to Rocky. Holman and Rocky to hopefully pump out the important points during the byes. That leaves me with 16 trades approaching the byes and 4 away from full premo. VC Danger into Gawn this week. Good luck all!


Good one Hawk, yep good call, no rd 14 players in…there are plenty of good choices available from the other bye rounds. good luck mate.


Thanks Russty. Billings just had to go this week. One less round 14 bye flog player to worry about. Hibbo get's a stay of execution purely because he has the round 13 bye. I am a believer your season is defined during the byes. Screw up and it's all over. Go well mate!


Understandable mate, Billings has turned into a trainwreck and is only damaging teams keeping him, hopefully Timmy Smith kicks ass again this week and ends up making you some points and moola, he's named as CHF so they must have some confidence in him!


Did quick research on him and like his story, his stats although small sample size show good pressure and of course a few hitouts that can be sc gold if to advantage.


URGENT: Ridley or Rice?


If you are like most coaches and have a lot of players with the round 14 byes, then you better choose Ridley. Has the round 13 bye. Rice has the round 14 bye. Why bring him in and potentially compound your problems during round 14? Just my take. Good luck mate.






Gaff has the round 12 bye and Phillips is out during round 14………


I reckon get Gaff MEK, he's reliable and no Saints are…Phillips could end up a flop too.


I got Tim Smith early, first rookie I've gone early on this year, looking at Ridley next week going to skip Phillips.