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Round 8 SuperCoach Panic Room

Published by Jock on

This week is all about bubbles, Community. Bubbles! Everyone loves bubbles.

Having a glance through the JR Community group this week and I felt something in the cold, empty recesses of my dead heart. Pride possibly. The Community currently has six members inside the top 100. Marvellous effort that. And a further six inside the top 200. If you’re not part of the community group yet, league code is 505844 so jum…

gun clicks…

Oh, um, Patch is ranked 198th. What a champion!

…gun clicks again…

He is the possibly the best and most handsomest person to ever play this game?

…gun clicks again…

I suck because my ranking is five figures and Patch is just better than me at everything.   

Okay. We’re good.

Take advantage of what we have this weekend as upgrade season is just around the corner. All that and more was covered in the podcast this week so absolutely get around it. A few weeks back, Barron was all over the rookie choices that are on the bubble now. Get the lowdown on the names tearing it up at lower level. Join me in thanking Sloane for all his hard work these past few months, he’s had to hang up his captains hat but Patch and Lek have picked up the slack.

Last but certainly not least, Damo has given us some upgrade options to keep your eye on in his very own article! (tell Mum!)


Well teams are not stuffing around shuffling the magnets on the whiteboard this week! Let’s get into it.

Still no Buddy for tonight’s clash between the Hawks and Swans. James Worpel will have to wait another week to get off the bubble, he’s been omitted alongside James Cousins which is surprising considering the shutdown job he did on Zerrett last week. The Swans have made two changes as well. The ins for both clubs aren’t SuperCoach relevant.

There are 6 (SIX!!!) games scheduled for Saturday and we kick it off with three debutantes in the GWS v West Coast match. Isaac Cumming (DEF – $123.9k), Brendan Ah Chee (MID/FWD – $255.1k), and Brayden Ainsworth (MID – $117.3k) will all get their chance to impress at senior level. Rory Lobb will be back in action. Josh Kelly misses again. It has come at the expense of Jono Patton, who will be playing NEAFL this week and will get a chance to win the NEAFL goal kicking award from one game. Over at West Coast, they have lost / been robbed of Nic Nat. Luke Shuey and Jack Petruccelle are out injured. Carlton are handing Darcy Lang his club debut but unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your opinion of him) he’s not rookie priced. Carlton regain Charlie Curnow as well. Essendon have lost Joe Daniher for a month and Andrew McGrath will sit this one out. The Suns welcome back Aaron Hall for the match against the Dees that I’ve already forgotten about. More importantly, Brayden Crossley has survived the cut. Those hoping to see Lachie Murphy at the Crows will be disappointed, instead Myles Poholke (MID/FWD – $123.9k) returns to play his third game. Tex Walker returns in their other change. Port will have Chad Wingard, Rocky, and SPP all run out for the derby. Dom Barry is among the casualties.


The Saints will hand Ed Phillips (MID – $123.9k) a debut. Freo have lost Nathan Wilson to injury but regain Michael Johnson. No sign of Michael Walters. In the final game of the day, Bont is apparently good to go. English HAS. BEEN. DROPPED. R.I.P for those looking / hoping for Nic Nat cover. Oscar McInerney will play his third game.

Both North and Richmond have added 5 players to their squad. Paul Ahern (MID/FWD – $123.9k) and Ryan Garthwaite (DEF – $123.9k) have been named on extended benches. Ed Vickers-Willis and Dion Prestia are the confirmed outs so far. Harry Taylor, Gaz, and Zac Smith are the big name ins for Geelong in their match against the Pies. They have dipped into the top draw and recalled Daniel Well…. hahahahahahahaha. Sorry, I couldn’t do that with a straight face. Daniel Wells is in though. Lachie Fogarty will be “managed” at Geelong.


A supersized week in the House of Evil as we’ve got downgrade rookies galore. A fantastic opportunity to build your bank account up as the byes creep closer. Spargo and Ronke are the obvious standouts and I like the ball winning talent of Mutch, despite his lower b.e.

These guys come with a free frogurt (that’s good!)

-89 – Charlie Spargo*

-84 – Ben Ronke*

-45 – Oscar McInerney*

-44 – Kobe Mutch*

-42 – Flynn Appleby*

3 – Myles Poholke*

These premiums contain potassium benzoate (that’s bad!)

Paddy Ryder – 204

Matthew Kreuzer – 170

Danger – 168

Dusty – 162

Buddy – 161

Sam Menegola – 160

Pendles – 158

Stephen Coniglio – 156

Alex Witherden – 153

Robbie Gray – 148

Isaac Heeney – 145

Can I go now?

Ave / b.e

Jeremy Finlayson 83 / 86

Tom Doedee 84 / 64

Sam Murray 76 / 63

Aaron Naughton 61 / 28

Nick Coffield 58 / 58


Lachie Fogarty 69 / 68

Bailey Banfield 60 / 61

Nick Holman 70 / 63

Andrew Brayshaw 54 / 30

Dom Barry 46 / 22


Tim English 60 / 75


Jarrod Garlett 50 / 61

Jaidyn Stephenson 70 / 69

ZGL 53 / 14

Bayley Fritsch 64 / 6

Jack Higgins 75 / 1

Jack Henry 63 / -15


I’m a big avocado for going the double downgrade this week, but there is one exception for those of you without Tom Mitchell. He is averaging 126 and is under 600k (587k) this week. That’s it, I don’t need to sell him to you. If you want him then grab him now because this is the week to it.


Well blow me down, Community! A watchable Friday night game without a Carlton jumper in sight. In typical Melbourne style, we’re having none of that and tonight will be what meteorologists call “pissing it down from a great height”.

A friendly reminder that the Draftstars scoring system does not care whether a possession goes forwards, backwards, or to the opposition. A stat is a stat and tonight will be a scrappy game with a lot of contests. A Titch and JPK stack will be a popular option, but I’ve found spending 32k on these guys means a lot of restrictions elsewhere.

Huge shoutout to Fantasy Insider for their ongoing support. We’d have a hard time keeping the JR train chugging along if it wasn’t for these guys. I’ve fired up their number cruncher to have a look at their take for tonight:

My take:


There will be a lot a ball ups tonight. Sinclair surprisingly shades Big Boy McEvoy for average hitouts (34 v 30), but I don’t feel the 1.8k difference will hurt.


There will be a lot of quick kicks out of packs and James Sicily reads the play so well, I just don’t have the 14k to pay up for him. Heath Grundy is sort of a poor man’s version. He has been magnificent these past two weeks, pulling down a total of 23 marks and scoring in the 90’s. He’s value at under 10k. Ryan Burton was a Draftstars darling last year but hasn’t hit those heights as yet, he’ll get it all together as soon as I don’t pick him and this may just be the week for it. I’ve gone for Blake Hardwick instead without much confidence, but he has shown some good form this past fortnight.


It’ll be bucketing down so forget the big guys. A combo of George Hewett, Tom Papley, Ben Ronke, Will Hayward, Ollie Florent will do, check their dual eligibility too. Picking small forwards is a boom or bust proposition, I’ve gone Hayward and Ronke, though now I’ve picked those guys you can probably rule not do that.


JPK has had two awesome weeks. The man that shut down Zerrett last week has been dropped, and conditions like these are made for guys like JPK. 14k is a an absolute gift for the man in form. Liam Shiels has tackle counts of 10, 13, and 14 this season. He posted 137 a few weeks ago v Melbourne so the ceiling is there. Continuing with the stoppages theme, JOM should see a lot of opportunities to handball, and Zak Jones has been consistent in logging around the 20 possession mark. Daniel Howe has a few tickets with me, his price is fair and he’s had 4x 80+ games this year.

That’s it for round 8, Community. Once again another big thank you to Sloane for all the work he’s put in. He’s assured us he’ll be back for 2019

Come say howdy on Twitter at SC_Kev7

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Hi community,
Need to trade Olango for either McInerley or Crowley! Who nod the better pick??




If McInrerney makes it through the banner he makes money. Crossley not guaranteed a 3rd game yet


McInerley more likely to get future games so better cover.


Ripper Kev. Seems there are 2 cases of harassment against Ross Lyon! Well I beg to differ. He's harassed me for years & had his fingers in my bum on countless occasions! Here's your chance to speak up & lodge your harassment claim


4 flat?


I am in two minds about going Petracca to Mclean.. am I blowing a trade!




I considered the same thing earlier this week, but hit 'reverse trade button'. Instead I did a double rookie down grade with now $500k+ for next week.


I am doing it. No IFS NO BUTS.


i just knowww Petracca is going to go bananas once i boot him.


I doubt it. He just looks underdone and slow. He might tonne up once in a while, perhaps this week, but I have had enough.


Is it a must to get rid of Billings?


Reasonable option but I don't think it's a must. I'm keeping him for now because he's not going to lose much more value, while there's a chance that he will get himself back into some form. If he doesn't get back into form you can dish him off before his round 14 bye.


I am keeping Billings or now. Petracca is turning into McLean this week.


I know it's just a game… but the bloody stress of the decision of what to do with the NicNat situation is consuming my life atm!


Relax man it's just a game.
Who is your R3? If English trade to McInnerly, problem solved.
If R3 is Olango, can you still win 50k?
If yes, trade NicNat to Grundy/Gawn
If no cop the donut.


Yep, Olango is R3. Currently 103rd overall.
NicNat to Grundy is an option. But would need to use 2 trades to gain no extra premo. I feel like the point generation between bringing in McInerney or Crossley for Olango and fielding Holman vs bringing in a Mclean or Crouch and copping the NicNat 0 is going to be pretty similar for this week.


Damn Johnno now I realised why it's making you anxious…kinda feel silly giving advice to someone ranked that high when I'm ~5000.

I'm not a fan of sideways trading Olango either. Think either the donut or Grundy.
Be interested to know others thoughts


What if he misses another game later on? Or the other ruck? How many donuts do you take before you trade? I reckon get some cover at R3 now. The big O will play more games than Cross imo.


I am not in your position.. but if I was I would be moving to nic nat to a martin or somebody. Keep english he is good cover and Nic Nat has been fine, but not amazing. I wouldn't go Grundy because he seems to be a little injured. Personally i have gawn and nank and while nank doesn't give me massive scores all the time he plays each week and will probably do that all season.


Nank is a very real chance of being rested this week according to the Richmond boards.


trying to find the source – I cannot cop a donut


I don't think so, not against Nth. Richmond would want to continue winning to gain a break and start resting players 2/3 the way thru the season


Sounds like you need some consumption in your life bro.

If you know what I'm saying…



Which one out of Petracca or Holman do I trade to Mclean?

Appreciate any advice


i would trade Petracca, I think Holman has cash to make and good bye cover


Who needs to go more Billings or Petracca?
Petracca has DPP and better bye
Billings more likely to turn it around because has scored premium numbers before


Which option is best:

1. Holman to Spargo, Murray to Yeo (leaves $76k)

2. Holman to Spargo, Brayshaw to Mutch (leaves $404k)

3. Holman to Spargo, Dow to M Crouch (leaves $6k)


If you can go Murray-Crouch by DPP do that, but if you can't do 1.


depends on your byes, for my team i would do 1, but I think 3 has the most to offer


Slapping the VC on Titch tonight. Hoping the wet weather allows him to thrive on the contested stuff and against the old team, hopefully puts in a big one.


or he could butcher it and going against probably the best wet weather opponent JPK I don't think it's a simple VC lock. 105 and 98 last 2 for Titch against Swans


VC Gawn, C Fyfe.

Bradley Donnachy

Hey mate potential trades this week are: T-English to 170K Prob Ed Phillips or perhaps cumming (but I have a few GWS players already) and Nic Nat to Stef
Or T-English to Spargo & Nic Nat to Sinclair ??
Dont have the coin for Stef and Spargo


My opinion is that you'd trade English to Spargo, cop a donut for Nic Nat, and upgrade a rookie.


Crew, I am prepared to cop the Nic Nat 0 and move around him (hoping cameron is a late in)
What I have done however so far is go LDU to Spargo, and the big one…… Holman up to Macrae, going to keep the faith on Petracca
Im still running around with 4 rookies in defence, should I be concentrating more on getting them out?


After this weeks trade I’m 5 premos away from full. If you still have 4 in defence hopefully you don’t have many in the other lines


i dont think as many people will be quite as close to full premo a you


agreed. I am 6 away but wasted money early on correctives/injury trades. If you traded well and aggressively 5 sounds right.


Next weeks double upgrade will leave me with 3 to upgrade. Just have not had the clean run to put me in contention. Started Bonner he was crap, Frankilin on bench which I now got Hogan for him plus 70k and Shaw is doing good but it's 8-10pts off top 8 defenders so far, then there is poor Nic


Hi Wow, 5 premos away at this stage is good aggressive trading. May I ask do you have any of the following players, and are you considering them premo: Billings, Petracca, Cognlio.


Cogs is the only one I have out of them. And yes at this stage he looks like a good M8 at least until his bye. By that stage I can decide if he needs to be moved on or not.

The Ranger

I always try and ger the mids sorted first Liam but I think you have to take value when and where you find it.
Four is a lot tho eh? Simmo, and Hurley are cheaper next week, maybe try and grab one of them.


Done shocking last week scoring 2211 and slipped from 933 to 1290 overall

My team is:
Laird, Hurley, Simpson, Doedee, Finlayson, Naughton (Duman, Murphy)
Macrae, Fyfe, Cripps, Titch, Martin, Kelly, Armitage, Banfield (Holman, Garlett, Barry)
Gawn, Martin (Olango)
Gray, Heeney, McLean, Smith, Christensen, Fritsch (Henry, Langdon)

My dilemma this week is who to trade out for Spargo – I would love to have Spargo in my forward line as it gives me the opportunity to swing via Garlett. However their are two options, what option is better community?

Option 1
Christensen to Spargo

Option 2
Banfield to Spargo

At the moment im leading towards trading Banfield to Spargo despite preferring to have Spargo in my forward line.


Opt 1. Hopefully be a M/F rookie to downgrade to in coming weeks that you can bring into Fwd line to allow switch with Spargo


Does anyone here think it is worth trading Nic Nat? I see it as an opportunity to trade in Grundy or a pod like kreuzer who could come good.(maybe even Stef Martin)


If I was gunning for the main prize and didn't give a stuff about leagues I'd consider NicNat to Kreuzer even though he has a high breakeven. No prizes for 2nd


Probably not worth it no…for the sake of one game lost, but if you think it is, I'd go Grundy over Kreuzer, he's too injury prone.


Kreuzer on my never again list after starting him this year


should i trade finlayson or petracca out, neither are keepers and petracca might lose more cash?


Finlayson has been returned to the backline where he was scoring well.


Petracca for sure


Assistance please – upgrade Finlayson to K.Simpson or JPK?


JPK will be like a pig in mud tonight


Cheers guys, I reckon JPK will do well tonight but long term I think Simpson a smarter option


Petracca's BE is 128, so very likely to lose cash again this week.


However he loses nothing if you keep him in til the end 🙂


You'll lose by doing that…he's going average again, like the last 2 years.


Never got the hype around Petracca


Yeah mate, well allegedly this was his breakout year but not to be…if anyone wants a Melbourne player averaging 78, get Charlie Spargo in 🙂

Jscob mitchell

Hi Community IM IN DESPEREATE NEED OF HELP! I have buddy Franklin on the bench not getting a game I think he’s been dropped or something I’m panicking! I’m not great at supercoach I’m ranked top 53% but that’s because it’s only my 6th year. I am doing crap in our my leagues and really want to win a game to become competitive. I might do what I did 3 years ago and bring in Rockliff and trad whom out three times.. thoughts??
Greatly Appreciated


You're all derped up bro.


I went Franklin to Hogan both similar scoring by the looks of it. He is going down in value when he gets back Hogan bout as cheap as he will get. 70k not a bad bonus too


Ohh dear. You do seem a little stressed. Buddy for Sicily or Hogan and get Spargo as your new rookie.


Calm down Jscob..or is it Jacob? you must be stressed bud if you misspelled your own name, I'd listen to Tophawk, sounds like good trades.

Stupid Coach

Great work as always Kev. As a Pies supporter, even I couldn't keep a straight face when you mentioned that Daniel Wells will be playing this week.

Thoughts on which of the following trades I should make this week:
1) Coffield to Spargo and Garlett to Sicily ($57k left in the bank)
2) Finlayson to Spargo via Coffield DPP and Garlett to Sicily ($178k left in the bank)
3) Finlayson to Spargo via Coffield DPP and Garlett to McLean ($152k left in the bank)

Cheers. Good luck to all this week.


Got the dollars to trade olango to Grundy and have a ruckline of Gawn Grundy Nank. Is it worth doing to cover ruck donuts for the rest of the year. Leaves me with no dollars though


Go your hardest, what you got to lose…


Or maybe McEvoy. Alot cheaper but I like him

The Ranger

Nah mate, you can't have that much money on the bench


I’ll be sure to wave as I fly past you up the ranks and your falling hard n fast. Do that trade please.


who to field out of
spargo, fritsch, langdon
have higgins in midfield and if holman is scoring well can also put higgins into forward like and field him


feeling like all the Dees will trickle over 45 sc pts against GC and Fritsch and Spargo will be in the middle of the scoring pack so easy 65 – 75 scores me thinks




Everyone likes bubbles Kev unless you get "blow back"

Not everyone likes donuts but for a few of us esp those with Nic Nat and plain English as back up or the risky R2 it will be:
"Ahh thats a nicea donut".

Anyone with JPK whack the VC on him tonight.
1. He lifts when playing the hawks to give them the ol one finger salute every time. Just loves rubbing it in
2. He is a mud lark. Loves the slop. Eats the slop.


thats he does


hope you didn't trigga


Shame there was no mud for the mudpig.


Sorry made a typo there.

Fat fingers should have been RONKE not JPK. 🙃


McGovern isn't playing…. FML. Gee players are soft now!!


Been nursing a shoulder for a while now.. Hurt it again just before the final siren last week.


McGovern is out for anyone that has him.

neil demons delight

Hi Shake if there's one league I desperately want to play finals in after just falling short last year it's TRIGG'S HAPPY PLACE All the regulars are in it and you my friend, SHAKE, are in my way. Show no mercy DEMONS DELIGHT and blow SHAKE away. All in good fun though SHAKE I play TOPHAWKS in your league UP THERE CAZALY and want to thank you for letting me in by blowing him away . GOOD LUCK FELLAS CHEERS NDD


Got ya in the cash league this week Neil, I need a win go easy on me mate ha ha.

Neil demons delight

I seen that too and I play Jayden The WINNING Choice . I was lucky to win the cashy last year beating jayden in the final by 20 so he will want to get even I am sure How's the bub mate Keeping you on your toes I bet. Geez your cats are something else A good mate follows them and slapped 30k on them. I may put 3 dollars on me doing you HEDSKI that's it. 30 grand is big dough hope the cats win for him might get a slab cheers mate and only a little good luck cheers NDD


Interesting rd. Im sure it will be close Neil!! Good luck my old friend.

neil demons delight

thx mate

Need Help!!!!

Hey community 21 trades left and 323k in the bank need some help.

Laird, Simpson, Yeo, Doedee, Finlayson, murray (C'O' shea, Naughton)

Fyfe, holman, Cripps, mitchell , Martin, Coniglio, Kelly, Barry (Banfield, Cofield, Brodie)

Nic nat, Gawn (Cameron)

Heeney, Mclean, Smith, Petracca, Fritsch, crowden (Fogarty, Ahern)

Any suggestions?


How about.. Banfield to Spargo and Holman to Crouch. Need more premo mids. Cop the nic nat donut I think, you don't have the luxury of sideways trades.


On a complete other note. Are people aware there are 2 jock reynolds sc sites. One ending in sc2018 and the other ending in supercoach-2018 Could never understand why articles would suddenly appear yet had comments from a day before on them. This article appears on one but not the other This appears on supercoach-2018. Whereas captaincy chat is on the other site sc2018


Just refresh the home page on either Nev.


Don't tell me the trolls are impersonating websites now?


There can be only one!

neil demons delight

Great stuff Kev Really finding it hard to choose between Macrae and Crouch ( plus 100k ) I think I may keep WALTERS and bench him for next week Keep it coming Kev


Well done Kev, always one of my favourite reads! Best of luck for the round everyone


I second that my favourite article of the week. To be fair I enjoyed when Patch had it too but Kev has certainly continued it brillantness (not a word) Cheers Lads


Murray playing for who was worried he might come out.


Banfield for Spargo and Billings for McLean do they sound like good trades. I know Billings has lost a pile of cash but I think its time to off load him my luck he'll come out and score 110.


Thoughts on Ronke's JS everyone?? Can get M. Crouch (paint the fence) instead but will leave me with significantly less cash and there are no downgrade options next week?
Guaranteed to make the wrong choice but still interested in peoples' thoughts on the matter..


I have decided to pass on Ronke … lower score last week and questionsble JS. Keep painting the fence and the rookies will come




How right I was, went with Crouch…


Pretty darn spectacular JS I’d suggest after last night.

Made the wRonke decision and didn’t bring him in. And forgot to loophole so Titch is this week’s captain.


So bringing in Spargo this week, but what should I do for my other trade?
1. Tracca/billings – McLean (cop a 0)
2. English – McInerney (leaves me with 450k to double upgrade next week)


Pick 2 to keep


stef martin VC/C against the doggies?


Like it Jimbob. Dogs literally have no ruckman, might whack the C on him myself


I'm going Stef into Selwood.


Help please,
I have Gawn, Nic Nat and Olango……
Was going Nic Nat to Sinclair but with a wet game tonight I'm thinking it might affect Sinclairs points that I'm trading him in for…….
Should I just go Olango to McInerney?


Mcinerny might get a 50. A trade is worth a lot more than 50 pts


Apparently the ground has drained well and there might not be much more rain tonight, but I agree with Derek, a trade isn't worth 50-60 points.


Thank you gentlemen.


My team is a mess and I'm looking for some advice. As of this week I have 23 trades and $271k and as of this week I will have 5 non-playing bench players. Here's my team:

Def: Laird, Savage, Doedee, Finlayson, Murray, Naughton (O'Connor, Murphy)

Mid (Fyfe, Danger, Titch, Dusty, Cripps, Merrett, T Kelly, Holman (Banfield, Brayshaw, Barry)

Ruck Gawn, Natinui (English)

Fwd: Heeney, McLean, Smith, Billings, Fritsch, Henry (Venables, Guelfi)

I'm mainly tossing up between two options: Either

Trade out English and Banfield to Crossley and Spargo.

This would leave me with 600k to play with next week, avoid a donut and avoid losing cash later on English (BE 75)


Trade out Finlayson and Banfield for Spargo and Sicily

This is the cheapest that Sicily will be and his dual position status is so helpful.

Does anyone have any suggestions?


Hi Jeff, for starters, I'd cop the Nicnat Donut, and I'd go Billings out to Spargo, and Murray out to Sicily, I reckon Finlayson is worth hanging onto a bit longer, and Billings is a pile of crud…scoring worse than most rookies

neil demons delight

Think after next week I will have17 genuine prems plus TARANTO – FISHER -COLE and KELLY I may keep all four and just pick up YEO CROUCH DUSTY and HEENEY with the dregs ONE BY ONE —- probably can't be done gartlett barry mirra and ZGL need you guys to increase by 300 at least good luck to all cheers NDD GO YOU BEAUTIFUL DEMONS GRRRRR


Who do I put the VC on?

Titch or Cripps


Cripps out those 2


Is anyone else licking their lips for dusty next week? Bringing him in sub 550k sounds perfect to me.

This week traded Finlayson and Stephenson to Ronke and McLean via swinging sicily down back. Leaves 200k in the kitty and a few juicy cows to cull next week


Hopefully the jacobs tag stings him into action (next week)


If you didn't see Crossley last week, have a look at the highlights here: Tempted, just because I think I will like watching him play.


Thoughts on bringing in McInerney or Crossley this week for English to avoid a 0? Or just stick to original plan of bringing in McLean?


If you trade English out to avoid the 0, just think of it as a rookie cash in, he's probably done making cash anyhoo.
Can't you get Crossley and Mclean?


Yeah but that means missing out on Spargo


Ahh ok, I'd take the donut then mate, unless you really want Mclean this week, you have to get Spargo this week.
Mclean is projected to score 124 to go up 30k, if he doesn't do that might only go up 20k or so.


Cheers mate! Yeah it’s a tough one. But realistically, I probably won’t lose too many points from taking the donut. McLean should Ton up while McInerney/Crossley probs won’t get more than 60-70


Any last minute tips community?

B – Laird, Savage, Howe, Doedee, Finlayson, Naughton (richards, murphy)
M – Dusty, Fyfe, Titch, Cogs, Pendles, Cripps, Holman, Kelly (Walters, Banfield, Garlett)
R – Gawn, Grundy (English)
F – McLean, Sicily, Smith, Billings, Fritsch, Higgins (ZGL, Hayes)

Option 1 – double down
Richards to Ronke (sicily DPP)
Banfield to Spargo

Option 2 – paint the fence
Finlayson to Macrae
Banfield to Spargo

Option 3 – no more Billings!!!
Richards to Spargo
Billings to Crouch/Oliver

Option 4 – no more Billings but I get Macrae
Banfield to Spargo
Billings to Macrae


I've got 25 trades and only $120K in the bank


Kinda like option 3 Bozza, Oliver's better for round 14 bye, Billings to Macrae is tempting but he's too expensive right now.
When do you think Walters will be back?…his past injuries have dragged on for ages.

smart as s

Do we think that kreuzer will get back to last year's form? Am planning to downgrade grundy to kreuz in a few weeks!


I don't, Kreuzer's injury prone, and Grundy's just coming into his peak, that trade sounds nuts to me.

smart as s

will watch kreuz next two games closely and then decide, the value seems too good for the best ruckman from last season


Huge risk with no reward. Its like asking the supercoach gods to kick you in the nuts.


First trade this week is finlayson to mutch, swinging spargo to my fwd line on field, for my second trade though, am i better off trading olango to mcinerney (can still loophole as i have mirra/murphy on defence bench) and playing fritsch on field or is it a better move to trade fritsch to mclean this week and cop the donut for just this week?


I think McLean may score more than Fritsch & McInerney combined, plus getting McLean gets you one player closer to full premium.


Agree with Hawks that getting Mclean in is a good thing, but Fritsch still has a very low BE and money to make, any other spuds you could trade out for Mclean this week?…Billings or Petracca?


Unfortunately I have both, I still think Billings could sort his stuff out, petracca i'm not so sure about so I could trade him out if he can't score well in the long run


spargo or higgins onfield?


Spargo, higher average 79.5, Higgins 75.7


Trade out Billings or Findlayson?



smart as s

don't trade billings, will bounce back like last season.


Team I am playing has Gawn, Hibberd, Oliver, Hogan, Petracca, Fritsch, Spargo.
Does anyone else have as many as 7 players from 1 club or more?


I have 5 Demons, thankfully not Petracca anymore , and not Hibberd this year.


Petracca has been dumped down the crapper tonight. I have 4 dees now instead of 5. And I now have Tobias McLean!


Yeah me too bud….feels good! Except I have 5, Oliver, Gawn, Hogan, Spargo, and Fritz the cat.


Very nice Russty. I have Oliver, Gawn, Hibberd, and Spargo the man from Key Largo!!

Hogan is at the top of my shopping list. If I had started with McLean, I would have bought Hogan in tonight. Carn the Hawks!!


Reckon they'll win tonight mate, they've got my tip.

neil demons delight

Hi rusty have you got 4 saints though


Zero Saints at the moment mate…can't say I'm missing em either!


No, but I have Gawn, Fritsch & Spargo. I had Hibberd & Petracca to start with, and I might get Oliver.

But I have no more than 4 from the same team so far this season.

neil demons delight

I have 6 no petracca


That’s madness ..


But, I’ve had 4 every week …


I've got 5 from WCE however 1 is Olongo.

Yeo, McGovern, Darling, Cole, Olongo)


Jeez Ronke won't lose his spot any time soon based on this start


Ronke anyone?
Another missed rookie.
(Took Guelfi over Higgins)


I had him in my team until Nic Nat got suspended


Went Spargo. Had no forwards to slaughter for Ronke. 4 kicks and 4 goals. Wow


Had to trade Fritsch before I wanted too but wanted Ronke.

Took spargo last week so I could paint the fence both weeks


Again! Ronke!


✋ if you didn’t take Ronke


Up and down. Took Spargo… difference between Premo and Ronke is $$, nothing more. Takes another trade to realise it..




Couldve wouldve shouldve. Crouch better bloody play well!


I'm with Russty…I'm a donkey with a capital D.