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Any fellow Bombers supporters go to the game yesterday? That was so tragic. Lucky I was full to the brim with Carlton Draught, because otherwise I’m not sure how well I would have coped with it. And to think I was secretly hoping for a top 4 berth… But enough about the Bombers, let’s focus on Supercoach!

For me personally, there is a lot more success happening in Supercoach than there is being a Bombers supporter. Apart from Michael Hibberd confirming rumours that he is in fact 2018’s Heath Shaw, we have a lot of positives, especially if you started with Brodie Grundy, who is, to use Jock’s words, a monolithic beast.

Bailey Fritsch was a late out, which saw many coaches, myself included, cop a donut in their forward lines. Kreuzer didn’t play, and neither did Kelly, but the biggest worry for me (not really Supercoach relevant) was Josh Begley doing his knee. I love that kid, and I’ve sent him a box of cookies and racehorse-grade steroids with a note wishing him a quick recovery.

In leagues, Damo and I go head-to-head for the first time this week, and I’ve been waking up in feverish sweats just thinking about it. I’m hoping for a miracle, and if I get one, you can be sure Damo won’t ever hear the end of it, no matter how many thousand ranks he is ahead of me. At least I’ve got nothing to lose!

Top 10 Supercoach Scores

  1. Sebastian Ross – 160 (10 points)
  2. Brett Deledio – 153 (9 points)
  3. Nat Fyfe – 151 (8 points)
  4. Max Gawn – 151 (8 points)
  5. Patrick Cripps – 151 (8 points)
  6. Kade Simpson – 142 (5 points)
  7. Robbie Gray – 137 (4 points)
  8. Patrick Dangerfield – 135 (3 points)
  9. Ben Cunnington – 135 (3 points)
  10. Harris Andrews – 130 (1 point)


  1. Tom Mitchell – 20
  2. Nat Fyfe – 18
  3. Dustin Martin – 16
  4. Kade Simpson – 13
  5. Brodie Grundy – 12
  6. Robbie Gray – 11
  7. Max Gawn – 11
  8. Lance Franklin – 10
  9. Tom J Lynch – 10
  10. Jarrod Lyons – 10
  11. Sebastian Ross – 10
  12. Brandon Parfitt – 10

The immortal one, Patrick Dangerfield, has finally received ranking points! Not enough to get him even close to the leaderboard, but it’s a start. Nat Fyfe has become the first player to score in the top 3 in separate weeks, and Simpson and Gawn have both re-appeared on the leaderboard after strong round 1 performances. Buddy Franklin will most likely exit the leaderboard after this week, due to being injured and missing the clash against Geelong. All I can smell is a tasty upgrade in two weeks. Mmmm, fallen premos….

Captain Choices

Western Bulldogs vs Carlton

Friday 27 April 7:50PM – Etihad Stadium

Last time they met: Western Bulldogs 12.10.82 def. Carlton 9.8.62

Top 5 Scores: J Macrae 124, M Kreuzer 120, M Bontempelli 120, T McLean 115, M Wallis 110

This is sort of a tricky one. Do you VC Bontempelli or Macrae because of how terrible Carlton is, or do you VC Cripps or Simpson because of how terrible the Bulldogs are? Which team is more terrible? I think if I had to choose, I would VC Cripps, due to his excellent start to the year, and he doesn’t seem to be effected too much whether or not Carlton win or lose. Then again, their recent win history isn’t a very large sample size to go by.

Geelong vs Sydney

Saturday 28 April 1:45PM – GMHBA

Last time they met: Sydney 16.11.107 def. Geelong 8.13.61

Top 5 Scores: L Parker 134, M Duncan 132, Z Smith 119, S Menegola 113, J McVeigh 113

Mitch Duncan has been seriously underwhelming this year, with only the one ton and scoring at less than 1 PPM. But cast your mind back to September last year. Geelong vs Sydney in the Semi Final. Mitch Duncan was unreal. 36 disposals, 14 marks, and 2 goals for 144 Supercoach points. I’m putting the VC on him, I have a feeling he’s going to bounch back in a big way. If you have him, I encourage you to follow suit, because at least then if he’s a flop, we all go down together.

Lance Franklin is out, so the Swans midfielders may struggle to have Effective Kicks Inside 50 due to the lack of forward options, so I wouldn’t put the VC on Kennedy or Parker. Patrick Dangerfield’s an option, but hey, Patrick Dangerfield’s always an option.

North Melbourne vs Port Adelaide

Saturday 28 April 2:10PM – Etihad Stadium

Last time they met: Port Adelaide 19.13.127 def. North Melbourne 8.9.57

Top 5 Scores: C Wingard 157, B Ebert 148, B Cunnington 137, S Gray 126, O Wines 118

North Melbourne? 3 wins? Surely I’m not reading the ladder correctly. It’s kind of embarrassing that they sit higher on the ladder than Essendon, especially considering how much I dish out about how terrible they are. If they can continue this form, possibly consider Ben Cunnington, who was heroic in North Melbourne’s 70-point loss to Port last time these two met. However, I still think Port Adelaide will be too good, so consider Robbie Gray for VC duties. This year he’s averaging 124, and coming off scores of 137 and 145. Despite the Ben Jacobs tag, Gray has the option many don’t, which includes isolating him one-on-one in the square and taking control. Port will get it in there enough that Robbie could end up with six.

Greater Western Sydney vs Brisbane

Saturday 28 April 4:35PM – Spotless Stadium

Last time they met: GWS 22.14.146 def. Brisbane 12.14.86

Top 5 Scores: J Patton 156, D Shiel 143, J Cameron 133, S Martin 128, T Greene 127

Stephen Coniglio is the real deal and by gosh I wish I picked him. Another stroke of genius from Damo. Coniglio is averaging 124 so far this year, and his last two scores against Brisbane have been 139 and 122. He tears them apart, and let’s be honest, Brisbane are hardly on the way up. Lock him in absolutely, he won’t disappoint.

Hawthorn vs St Kilda

Saturday 28 April 7:25PM – UTAS Stadium

Last time they met: St Kilda 19.16.130 def. Hawthorn 8.7.55

Top 5 Scores: D Roberton 149, B McEvoy 125, T Mitchell 117, J Steele 116, N Riewoldt 113

Last time these teams met, the Saints absolutely thumped the Hawks. I wouldn’t expect a repeat. What I would expect, however, is that Tom Mitchell single-handedly dismantles St Kilda with 40+ disposals and 130+ Supercoach points. He’s had two sub-par games in a row, but I think he will turn it around. If you don’t agree, possibly consider Ben McEvoy. Playing over in Tassie, he will dominate in the ruck, seeing as St Kilda are having to field twos players in the ruck based purely on height. I wouldn’t be surprised to see McEvoy with 50+ hitouts and 20+ HOA. Jump on him for VC.

Adelaide vs Gold Coast

Saturday 28 April 8:10PM – Adelaide Oval

Last time they met: Adelaide 23.15.153 def. Gold Coast 13.8.86

Top 5 Scores: R Sloane 139, M Crouch 124, R Laird 121, B Crouch 118, M Barlow 112

Matt Crouch is back this week, which is a huge relief for Crows fans. I wouldn’t be captaining him, though, give him a bit of time to work back into it. Michael Barlow is back as well, but unlike Crouch, I would consider giving him captaincy duties. He averages 118.9 against the Crows, who are his favourite team, and he’s been killing it in the NEAFL. Barlow may be rusty, but if he comes out in his usual fashion he’ll be a good Vice Captain, especially if he plays a bunch of midfield time.

Essendon vs Melbourne

Sunday 29 April 1:10PM – Etihad Stadium

Last time they met: Melbourne 17.10.112 def. Essendon 10.14.74

Top 5 Scores: B Goddard 116, C Pederson 114, M Hurley 109, C Oliver 108, J Watts 105

The battle of the extreme disappointments. Both teams have not come even close to what was expected of them in the preseason, with only 2 wins apiece thus far. One of these teams will be 2-4 this time next week, and it will be very hard to come back from that. But who to pick for captain? Clayton Oliver is averaging 115.2 this year, and has only dropped below 100 once, when he was tagged by Ben Jacobs, so should be a worthwhile captain pick.

I personally wouldn’t pick Max Gawn, because while I think he will easily beat Bellchambers in the ruck, he won’t dominate him like he has his other opponents. Bellchambers has been rested, with Matthew Luenberger taking his place. Gawn is now an excellent option. Zach Merrett is starting to get into some form, but he doesn’t historically score too well against the Dees, so I think Oliver is the best choice for this game.

Collingwood vs Richmond

Sunday 29 April 3:20PM – MCG

Last time they met: Richmond 14.15.99 def. Collingwood 11.14.80

Top 5 Scores: B Grundy 135, T Cotchin 135, T Nankervis 124, W Hoskin-Elliott 120, S Pendlebury 120

Brodie Grundy is a seriously hot pie right now. He’s the top scoring Supercoach player this year, with an average of 128.4 and a 3-round average against the Tigers of 112.7. Ivan Soldo has also been named this week, which could signify Toby Nankervis being rested or the two sharing ruck duties. Either way, lock him in as captain. He will crush it. If you don’t have him, perhaps consider Dustin Martin. Dusty has averaged 125 in his last 3 encounters with Collingwood, and loves the MCG. My head thinks he will kill it, but my heart hopes he won’t. I need to get that little edge over Damo, so feel free to rotate onto the bench from Full Back, Dusty!

Fremantle vs West Coast

Sunday 29 April 4:40PM – Optus Stadium

Last time they met: West Coast 11.8.74 def. Fremantle 5.14.44

Top 5 Scores: S Hurn 165, L Duggan 129, N Fyfe 126, C Blakely 121, J Redden 114

Nat Fyfe is just another level. What an absolute spectacle to behold he is, and everyone who traded him out after round 1 will be kicking themselves now. He’s a perma-captain week in, week out, and he may be even more dangerous against the Eagles considering the loss of Priddus and Mitchell. Otherwise, another good pick could be Nic Naitanui. He is significantly shorter than Aaron Sandilands, but one is incredibly athletic and the other is a lanky goofball. Need I tell you who is who? Naitanui should score 120+.

Post MaSloane’s Top 8 (Non-Dangerfield) Captain Picks


  1. Brodie Grundy
  2. Ben McEvoy
  3. Tom Mitchell
  4. Mitch Duncan
  5. Dustin Martin
  6. Robbie Gray
  7. Stephen Coniglio
  8. Michael Barlow

The Cheat Sheet

What a week! Let’s not do that again for another 12 months. You’ll notice a few things, like I have only 2 squares in the ruck section, well let me tell you why; Most people know, or have a plan for their ruck department, so there is no point me really telling you anything unless someone snaps in half.
In place of the final two squares, I have brought in my Friday Night Jinx. As long as there have been a Friday night fixture, I have no tipped the winning team in a long, long time. If I jinx your team, I am sorry, if I make your team win, you’re welcome. You will also find my other tips for the round on the cheat sheet as well.

Without further ado, here is the cheat sheet! Happy SuperCoaching!

What are your moves this week, community? Who are you making captain?

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Billings -> Deledio – dumb idea?

Also if you could only get one of Mirra, Guelfi and J Higgins, who would you choose? Cheers boys, love the work.


Very dumb, chasing last weeks points.
Depends who you would downgrade, Guelfi best option if you need a fwd rookie, Higgins best option if you need a mid rookie, Mirra if you need a def rookie.


Very high risk, very high reward. Supercoach is a game of luck sometimes


Ive gone the Deledio route this week also. Very high gamble however he has a very low BE -26 and is currently averaging 91.6. Projected to make +$54.9k.


yep lids looks fit


Hope you did this. Billings 47 points this week. Deledio 111 points. Based on previous and current form, I'd give this 2 thumbs up.

I need to do something similar with Hibberd into Hurley, Yeo or Simpson.

Did Zorko to Macrae last week – thank goodness.


Go Blues!


Poor fella


Charlie to kick 10


What's the go with this Toby Greene character? Killing me this kid. Do I just chop him or what ?


He has an injured Foot, maybe trade him for someone without an injured Foot.


By-product of no pre-season. Useful upgrade post bye


Be interesting to see if McInerney's inclusion this week affects Martin's output in any way,


I’ll be watching that too. I hope not


Not critical to trade but maybe an opportunity to beef up the forward line and seeing Acres an interesting POD. 27 trades & $243k.

Murphy & Fritsch to Mirra & Acres?


Any thoughts on the above Community?


Mirra might struggle to hold his place.

I think Acres will be inconsistent and fade as the year goes on.


Maybe. It’s one of those sliding door trades, could be boom or bust. Mirra would be a bench option for now, Acres a punt for F6. Like his DPP also.


Hi Community,
With Nic Nat on the up and the Nank struggling with now sharing the ruck role this week is it time to go to Nic Nat?! Gives me one less player with the round 14 bye……


Whose Nank sharing the ruck with? DIdn't realise RIchmond play 2 designated rucks


soldo if he’s named


yeah Soldo was named this week


Soldo emergency


Nank produced 124 points last time they played the Pies.


Which option pls guys, already doing Ryan – Guelfi
1. Garlett – Mirra (findlayson into mids, but have to play 2 rookies onfield in fwds when tracca comes back)
2. Garlett – Higgins (DPP is very appealing)
3. Garlett – ZGL (Tracca to mids, pushes Banfield to the bench once tracca is back
4. Can hold this second trade if fristch plays, but will have no cover if late out


Mirra is by far the best prospect of those three. Second best JS next to Langdon but his scoring potential is that much higher. Higgins will struggle to make games and you will face a donut some weeks without cover


Cheers mate! Yeah is my preferred choice atm but will he keep his spot when Sicily is back is the question?

The Ranger

That's my worry Tom, it's not the time to be bringing in rooks that don't have good JS.
Any Hawks fans have an opinion on Mirra?


I’d be worried about Mirra holding place. Sicily has to come back next week, Shiel and Shoenmakers should be right next week and there are guys like Whitecross, Glass and Brand looking for a game.

I’m also a bit worried about his ribs after being pushed into the fence. They say he is ok but I don’t believe them.

But $102k playing rookies don’t come along too often.

The Ranger

I've been weighing it up all week and I think I'm going to let him go Derek.
He's really tempting at that price but I do worry that he'll be out next week when Sicily comes back.
And I don't need to trade, I'd be going early on Naughton who's only made me 80K so far.


Naughton predicted $276K next week and Duman and Cole will be on the bubble.

The Ranger

Def keeping an eye on Cole


if Murphy had played the last couple of weeks and was close to max price it would be easy trade. but holding murphy and also having Mirra is a worry for bench cover


Or if Mirra plays a top game and shuts down a top fwd he'll keep his spot in the side.


higgins might get rested but 5g in 2 games, 3g 8tackles vs dees, richmond on top of ladder be keen to get games into him should have solid JS


Is Parker to Cripps too sideways? Was tossing them before the season as my 'value' midfield keeper and went with Parker. Feels like Cripps will most likely be a top 8-12 mid while parker seems a way off this level … think I'm gonna. do it! Suits my bye structure too!


Waste of a trade! Cripps looks to be better pick then Parker but focus on upgrading rookies, not trading out healthy premiums.


I think if you look up the definition of a sideways trade, it might give Parker to Cripps as an example.

Upgrade a rookie to Cripps


Would only do it if having a stellar season in regards to injuries and not picking duds. Would also give Parker more time to prove himself.

El Diablo

Hi Community,

Thinning of skipping on Merret for now and trading Naughton to Mirra and Garlett to Gray? I have petracca also, Langdon and fritch on the bench. Do you think I should go for this or merret?


Be mindful of the round 9 bye and if you have cover for Gray. Also plays North / Jacobs this week which could see him tagged / play predominately fwd.


Agree. Im waiting on Gray for that reason. He typically has a very high StdDev.

Yeo looks good. Garlett to Yeo ?


Good trade. Great time to pick Yeo up, won't get him any cheaper with that 27 out of his price calculation. Should be a top 6 defender.


Gray is very tempting, but also expensive and really is the ideal round 11 upgrade (as well as Ryder).

There will be another chance to get him. He might even get the Jacobs tag this week.


Post – surely big Maxy would have to be one of the top 3 capt choices this week with bellchambers out? Even with bellchambers in.

Goldy scored over 200 against the bombers could history repeat?

Depending on teams but likely going danger into gawn.


Agree! I'm going Gawn VC, either Fyfe or Dusty C if needed


Have to be on your game on Sunday 🙈


i'd go VC Gawn into Fyfe


Derek you have to get Danger, remembet Doch?


Hey Jock, great article mate my team is starting to get very solid!! It consists of

Defenders; Yeo,Hurley,Laird,Doedee,Murray and Finlayson (Naughton and Redman)

Danger,Fyfe,Mitchell,Dusty,T.KellyCoffield,Holman and Banfield (Garlett,Barry,England)

Gawn and Nic Nat (Cameron)

Walters,Robinson,Billings,Stephenson, Rayner and Crowden. (Buddy and Fritsch)!

I have made one trade this week so far and that is Yeo in Hibberd out!!

I scored 2,118!
Let me know ya thoughts who I should have as captain and vice captain for this week’s games!!
24 trades left and $534.5k in the bank!!



I would use your bank and upgrade Garlett or England (whoever that is) to either Oliver or Heeney. Depends what position you want to strengthen.


Yeah but then if I trade in any of them I have to put a good scoring rookie on the bench!!


Rayner, Crowden, Banfield, Coffield are all great scorers… wouldn't want to miss out and have their scores on the bench

don jon

hibbo to mirra, leaving me enough dosh so i can go naughton to yeo and kelly to danger next week?


Who to get rid of out of franklin, greene and petracca?
And who should i get in? McLean, gray, heeney or walters?

Leaning towards Heeney (mclean and walters have high BE, and look to get gray after his bye?)


I'd keep Petracca out of those 3. Looks the most likely to return next week. Buddy or Greene is a hard call to make.

Heeney is a must have! Gray perfect upgrade after his bye.


Especially not knowing how long bud and Greene could be out for. Is trading both an option? Feels a bit sideways to me at this point…


Maybe flick buddy. He is the most likely to give you a rollercoaster score and will drop in price soon enough.


Is Tom Mitchell really that much better than jack macrae when they hit the same price?




Having kept Josh Kelly for the last two weeks, do I now trade him this week after not playing again? Would like to know if he plays next round. Thinking making some cash and bringing in Merrett. Advice please


If you’ve kept him this long you have to keep him. He will play next week. He’s been fit enough to play just they have chosen to rest him with easy games so that he gets a better run later on


Garlett to guelfi? I lose my DPP but he must have far better JS than Higgins?
Also should my second trade be:
A) hibberd to yeo/Simpson
B) hibberd to mirra (bonner be D2 for this game week)
C) goldy to nicnat

Cheers community
VC danger into Gawn for me.


It’s what I am doing

Oh…. and Yeo is quite a nice pick


Thoughts on Hibberd to Dangerfield Via DPP leaving me with 250k? Pull the trigger community ?

The Ranger

No brainer Luke. Do it.




Thoughts on Mirra’s JS? Feel like it’s a bit shaky


I rate them as guelfi just over mirra and Higgins last. Mirra could easily cement himself there if he strings some good games together


Selected at CHB. Mature age. Better JS than the other bubble rooks this week.


Sicily back next week, who goes out him or Burton, not very safe tbh.


Anyone considering Blake Acres as a POD? Will he hold on & finish top 6 or just a flash in form?


I don't know about top 6 but this is a solid selection if your structure needs a DPP.


Deciding either Guelfi or Langdon in for Garlett? Opinions please.


I'm pondering the exact same thing, and am leaning towards Langdon


Really torn on what to do with Franklin. I'm thinking he'll miss at least two weeks, but maybe 3. While I'm not getting a donut I've got a pretty average rookie on the ground. What's everyone else doing with him?


Hi Community,
What are peoples thoughts that Bonner will be Ports go to rebounder know that Harlett did his ACL?


i was surprised Pittard didn't get named this week. he must be very close


Pittard played for the Port Magpies on Anzac day so he'll probably be back next week


DEF – Laird, Hibberd, Finlayson, Bonner, Doedee, Murray (Coffield, Murphy)

MID – Dangerfield, Mitchell, Fyfe, Martin, Macrae, Cripps, Kelly, Banfield (Holman, Dow, Barry)

RUC – Gawn, Naitanui (Olango)

FWD – Heeney, McLean, Petracca, Henry, Fritsch, Giles-Langdon (Sicily, Keeffe)

24 trades, $180,600 bank.

– How should I cover Petracca?
– Best options for Hibberd?


Banfield to Guelfi

this will also allow to you sort out your swing sets better.

trade out Banfield (or Holman) Swiing Coffield to mids, swing Keeffe to defence and trade in Guelfi.

This gives you a Def/Fwd swing with Sicily & keeffe and a Def/Mid swing via Coffeild & Finlayson


A very sound advice Derek👍


As a Hibbo owner myself I am keeping him. In your case though, your backline is a little weak with Hibbo(D2) in there. Might want to consider of boosting your defense or trade Hibbo out for Simmo or Hurley.


you have to like melbournes next 4 games.


Great move as outlined above, great advice. Upgrade Bonner to Yeo 💪 with 2nd trade


Here’s my time Community, I’m very unsure of what trades to do this week, if someone could help me out that would be great

DEF: laird, yeo, howe, bonner, doedee, murray(Richards, Murphy)
MID: titch, dusty, Fyfe, Parker, pendles, tim Kelly, Finlayson, Holman(banfield, Brayshaw, barry)
RUCK: Gawn, Nic nat (olango)
FWD: Heeney, Greene, Sicily, Devon Smith, Taranto, English (Garlett, Fritsch)

I have 120.0k in the bank
I’m thinking of using my first trade to avoid a zero in the forward line by going Garlett to guelfi.

I would love to get zerret in this week but don’t want to get rid of bonner yet.

Thanks in advance


Yeah Garlett to Guelfi sounds good.


do both. Merrett has a BE of 63, so he won’t go any cheaper


Personally I'll get rid of Bonner(which I did this week), swing Finlayson to def and swing Garlett(will give you that swing between mid-fwd) to mid then trade in Guelfi. Garlett is not playing so he won't be bleeding any cash, you can trade him next round.

Oh! With your 120K in the bank and the cash leftover from Bonner can almost double upgrade next week.
Bang! Bang! Happy days


Bonner to Merrett does seem a no-brainer to me



Going with Ryan to Guelfi and Veneables to Giles Langdon.

Good call or slot Higgins in?


double downgrade is the right thing this week, especially if you still have the two WCE boys.

i like Higgins DPP and he looks good at football. But the mature wookies seem to be the way to go this year


Like this passages Damo sorry for the copy&paste.
Also love reading this section each week, awesome write up again Damo.<img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="👍" src=""&gt;

"consider Gray for VC duties. This year he’s averaging 124, and coming off scores of 137 and 145" Certainly would put VC on him if I didn't have Danger.

"Gray has the option many don’t, which includes isolating him one-on-one in the square and taking control."
My thoughts exactly, Jacobs is not good at reading the ball up foward line, Gray will smash Jacobs in the air.
Would love to have Gray in my side, I'm waiting after his bye, he'll be real handy to have during the main bye rounds.


I read that Petracca was bitten on finger by his dog. The infection has spread to the bone and he is spending the weekend in hospital to 'clean out' the infection. i don't know about you, but that is nasty stuff.


petercaa to who i have 645k in the bank need help


Chris Maine if he's named 🙂


That cash, can you swing a mid and bring in almost anyone you want.


robbie gray?


I’m going to enjoy the luxury of putting the VC on danger.
If needed, the C will either go on Gawn or Fyfe


Locked that VC on Danger couple of days ago such a POD atm having him as VC doubles the PODs cause of his low ownership.


Danger into Fyfe for me. Licking my chops.


So which two are the two to double down on lads?

Guelfi, Giles-Langdon, Mirra, Higgins?

I can move players around to make it work.

At the moment I'm leaning towards Mirra & Guelfi. Higgins has some real quality to compete with and have already seen him get dropped after kicking goals. Langdon came straight back which is a good sign though is the thumb right?

Mirra has Sicily returning but was still there with him and could preform well enough to hold his spot? Guelfi seems best job security and consistent scores?

Advise appreciated as I haven't had the chance to actually watch them all… Only Higgins as I'm a Tigers fan and his goals have helped his score.


Higgins still needs to get named in team.

Langdon seems to have best JS, especially with Greene likely to miss a number of weeks

Guelfi is a mature rookie. The wookies have done good this year


Agree ☝


Zorko has to go…

Do I trade him to a Parker/Merrett and bank the cash for future upgrades or go set and forget with Macrae/Oliver?

David C

Hard to pass up the value of Merrett. Has averaged around the 110 mark the last 2 years. Do you have Danger and Dusty? They are good value at the moment.


Oliver if you already have the fab four.


Hibberd to Mirra and Brayshaw to Coniglio


I don't mind that. Downgrading Hibberd opens up a lot of possibilities and our rookies up back are good enough that you can get away with it.


bring in yeo or simpson?


Simmo, Yeo rumoured to have a strained hamstring.


Petracca keep or go
Also who should I chuck the C and VC on
I was thinking VC on Macrae and C on danger
I could also chuck the VC on Danger and C on (Coniglio, Fyfe, Mitchell or Gawn


Can anyone mount an argument for keeping Hibberd?

I'd rather not make another corrective trade.

Then again, it'll be so hard to turn him into a premium after this week.

Thoughts on Hibberd then?


I sacked him last week and glad I did. Make the move. I do this every year where I get stuck with a Ryan Griffen or Heath Shaw at the end of the year that I just tolerated the whole time, and you end up heading into finals with a weak link.


Nope this is the last week to trade him. Get him out, too many players are doing his role from last year in that team.


What should I do I have one trade left

1. Bonner to merret
2. Richards to mirra
3. Bonner to Simpson
4. Holman to merret
5. Hold


Either Bonner to Mirra to raise cash or Bonner to Zerrett. Absolute bargain. Will never be that cheap again.


Will Merrett be taking Holman’s place onfield, or is Holman on your bench?


Just wanted to say that I'm a huge fan of the new SC_Sixty_6 much better than the grumpy old one (SC_Sixty6).
Keep up the good work mate!


Are you just trying to stir up trouble?


Admins should block the new impersonator…not cool.


So you're the impersonator geez life must be fun for you if this is how you get your kicks lol


bonner to mirra or coffield via higgns

Da Boysh

Hi All,

Ranked top 1% but I am in trouble this week. All sound advice appreciated!

25 trades with 25k in the bank – my forward line is in shambles

DEF: Laird, Hurley, Shaw, Doedee, Murray, Naughton (Richards, Murphy)

MID: Titch,Fyfe, Dusty, Coniglio, Cripps, Merrett, Kelly, Finlayson (Holman, Coffield, Banfield)

RUC: Gawn, Nank (Lavender)

FWD: Gray, Heeney, Smith, Garlett, Fritsch, ZGL (Sicaflog, Petracca)


Hopefully Fritsch plays. You don’t have much cash so a forward rookie looks best bet.

Using dpp you can cull any of you rookies. Any preferences? Garlet, Naughton?

Seems like Guelfi is the popular pick

Naughton to Guelfi sorts out your swing sets by putting Coffield in defence to swing with Finlayson and puts Garlett in mids to swing with Heeney and Petracca

Da Boysh

Well I really need to bring in two rookies in that case otherwise I am going to get a 0 unless Fritsch plays..

So I guess Higgins and Guelfi but i do not like Higgins JS. I would be getting rid of Garlet and Fritsch (assuming he isnt going to play)


Higgins still needs to get named in team. Fritsch more likely


Take Zerrett or Cripps this week, both have low be's and I think are cheap

To take Zerrett I need to trade out Petracca and Garlett
To take Cripps I need to trade out Petracca and Bonner

Which option?


Zerrett is bargain price never to be seen again, get him!

David C

Probably Bonner. Garletts dpp is useful and maybe he'll pump out a big score and go up in value for 2 weeks, then trade.


Hi Dave, I am thinking bonner also because Garlett gives dpp, but do you think Zerrett or cripps?


Probably a little off topic, but still supercoach relevant with the incident involving Mirra, but does anyone else think Zurhaar should have got at least a week for his coward act of shoving him into the fence?


I think he made contact on field so all good


Move on! If that was the only incident you saw in that game that you think was a dog act. Higgins incident has devided the football world Sicily stomping and Titch elbowing. Take your pick.

Sick and tired of close minded individuals.
So move on as I have, part of the game MRPs makes the call.


Yes he should have..


i thought there might have been more done about it. especially as it was to a hawthorn player, and as everyone knows they are golden haired and never hurt a fly.

the hawks say he is fine, but i don't believe them, no-one can hit the fence that hard and hot have some cracked ribs


venables to guelfi
Garlett to Billings


Had to re read your post.. Billings is cheap and has to improve going off last season.


1.Richards to mirra… then get danger next week
2. Bonner to merret and struggle to get danger in ?


Ask yourself, do you want Danger?


Thoughts community.

Ive gone Hibberd to Yeo and Greene to Deledio.

Current team.

BACK: Laird, Yeo, McGovern, Finlaysonm Doedee, Murray (Naughton, Keeffe)
MID: Danger, Titch, Fyfe, Martin, Zorko, T.Kelly, Holman, Banfield (A.BBrayshaw, Fogarty, Barry)
RUCK: Gawn, Martin (Olongo)
DEF: McLean, Walters, Sicily, Deledio, Christensen, Henry (Garlett, Fritsch)

26 Trades $140,800 Remaining.


I want to get Guelfi and Higgins but dont know who to trade
I got rid of Garlett for Guelfi should i trade Henry or just not get Higgins


Go Blues

Tom boyd

Go dogs!


Guelfi and Higgins as a double down trade >>>waterman richards out (albeit a little early for their break evens). Would prefer to get Merrett for my overall but I want to bring in Danger next week for JOM. Danger can handle a tag Merrett can't.
Captains Fyfe vc into Dusty c


Is Olivers 6 points per game worth 100k more then Merret?

Tom boyd

Oliver must be struggling if hes only getting 6 points a game. Trade him out!

Tom boyd

But to answer your question, merrett has good value, jump on!

Stupid Coach

Greetings Community.Awesome job again Damo. I have 25 trades and $275k in the bank. Coming off two weeks where I have scored below 1900 and been thrashed in every single league. Can field a team without trading but it is likely to be just as embarrassing as the previous two weeks. Trade options I am considering:
1) McGrath to Mirra and Garlett to Gray via Petracca DPP.
2) McGrath to Hurley or Yeo and Garlett to Guelfi/Higgins.
3) Garlett to Guelfi/Higgins via Petracca DPP and Zorko to Merrett, Pendles or Fyfe (already have Danger, titch and Dusty). McGrath remains on the pine.
4) McGrath – Mirra and Zorko to Merrett, Pendles or Dude.

Any thoughts/advice much appreciated.

Stupid Coach

I completely stuffed up and forgot to swap Petracca and Garlett last night so I could bring in Robbie Gray or Guelfi. Now I have to play ZGL on the field instead of Petracca. Should I still trade McGrath to Mirra or Hurley/Yeo or leave McGrath on the pine and go Zorko to Merrett, Pendles or Dude.