MaSloane’s Captain Report: Round 1

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The fun has arrived, community!

No more aimlessly staring at our teams, hoping that the magic formula will just miraculously appear in our heads, like a genie suddenly appearing from a lamp, or Higgo strangely appearing in one of Lekdog’s beer bottles on Monday night. No, now is the time when all of our pre-season research will be put to the test in our grand quest to claim the ultimate prize a Supercoacher could hope to achieve – bragging rights over our mates. (Though you wouldn’t say no to $50,000 either!)

Before the season begins, there is absolutely no way to know what structure you will need to have a successful 2018. Not one of us have a clue. We saw Damo go deep in the midfield with five $600k premos, myself selecting four premo defenders despite it being the best line for rookies, Kev’s mid-price madness, Barron’s absolute breaching of the no-flog policy with Sicily and Greene in the same line, Patch’s downright insane one-premo defence, and Lekdog’s more conservative team being the glue that holds us all together. But that’s what makes our game so great, community – with its unpredictability, the rush, the thrill – even the trades you wish you could erase. Like the time I traded Nat Fyfe for Cam Guthrie in 2015. I still have those demons whispering in my ear, by the way.

One thing that will absolutely define your season, though, is how well you select your captains each week. You could rely on gut feel, and if you read my team reveal you’ll know I’m a big believer of faith over facts. But that belief relates to trivial things, like the 30 players that make up your starting squad. When it comes to the big issues, (such as captain choices) it is wise to have a plan of action.

Welcome to MaSloane’s captains report.

There was never a Supercoach winner in history who didn’t make wise, thought out captain choices. A good captain choice can set you up for mammoth victories, and an unwise captain choice can leave you reaching for that third bottle of rum you swore you were going to give up. For example, picking a JPK and banking a captains score of 260 will put you a lot further ahead of your mate, who slapped the duties on Goldstein and watched him unenthusiastically churn out a captains score of 180.

In 2017, however, there wasn’t really any thought you had to apply in picking your captain. You just knew it was going to be Dangerfield. Danger would come out and score 300 as your captain every week and the only thing you had to decide was who would carry the title of Vice-Captain. But are we seeing the end of the perma-captain? Our two perma-captains of the last decade, Dangerfield and Ablett, are now in the same team, and we have yet to see how they will impact each other’s scoring. I’ve also seen a lot of coaches on the twittersphere going without Dangerfield, and all this means one thing – captain choices are going to make or break you this year.


Key Captain Choices:

Rory Sloane

Price – $605,800 – 2017 Average 110.2

Last 3 vs Essendon: 92,124,141

Avg vs Essendon: 105.8

Sloane came out of the blocks firing last season, and was the highest scoring player in the AFL after the first 10 rounds. Essendon also don’t have any noted taggers, making Sloane very dangerous. Beware though, Etihad stadium isn’t his strongest ground.


Matt Crouch

Price – $608,300 – 2017 Average 110.6

Last 3 vs Essendon: 139,78,89

Avg vs Essendon: 90.3

Backed up his impressive run home with a 107 and 98 in the JLT, as Adelaide’s highest PPM scorer. I wouldn’t pick him though, due to the likelihood of Sloane gathering most of Adelaide’s clearances in a tagger-less bombers outfit.


Dayne Zorko

Price – $608,900 – 2017 Average 110.8

Last 3 vs St Kilda: 109,108,93

Avg vs St Kilda: 97.5

Zorko the Magnificent can be quite unpredictable, but has generally been fairly consistent against St Kilda. Brisbane will be looking to improve on last season, and Zorko could improve his output by 5 points, but I don’t think he’s the best selection for captaincy this game.


Dayne Beams

Price – $557,600 – 2017 Average 101.4

Last 3 vs St Kilda: 109,144,126

Avg vs St Kilda: 107.4

Here is a player I like for VC on Saturday. Historically plays well against St Kilda, and will be hungry to lead the charge for the lions. Last time he played St Kilda he racked up 30 disposals, 5 marks and 8 tackles. If you have him as a POD, you will be well served to slap the VC on him.


Stefan Martin

Price – $540,000 – 2017 Average 98.2

Last 3 vs St Kilda: 125,98,132

Avg vs St Kilda: 103.2

Another one I like for VC. St Kilda is the team big Stef plays best against, which is understandable given Tom Hickey and Billy Longer are both trying their best to have a full career in the ressies. With the absence of Archie Smith, Stef will eat whoever is selected as St Kilda’s ruckman. Won’t let you down.


Matthew Kreuzer

Price – $603.7k – 2017 Average 109.8

Last 3 vs Richmond: 135,121,62

Avg vs Richmond: 98.3

The big Kreuz will be a safe VC/C option every week, but we don’t know how much improving Nankervis has done. If you wanted to get your VC out of the way on Thursday he’s a decent pick, but I’d rather pass.


Patrick Cripps

Price – $537,300 – 2017 Average 97.7

Last 3 vs Richmond: 134,50,106

Avg vs Richmond: 86.2

Should hopefully average 110 this year, but I think we should wait and see before we try our luck throwing the VC duty on him.


Scott Pendlebury

Price – $586,500 – 2017 Average 106.7

Last 3 vs Hawthorn: 78,142,118

Avg vs Hawthorn: 113.9

Would love to say Pendles is a reliable captain option every week, but last year was really down on his standards. I’d rather wait to see what Bucks does with him (I hear he could play off a flank – typical Bucks) before giving him captain duties.


Brodie Grundy

Price – $534,700 – 2017 Average 97.2

Last 3 vs Hawthorn: 105,92,116

Avg vs Hawthorn: 93.2

Can see Grundy and Big Boy being evenly matched, and he will be sharing the ruck load with Cox, so I’d pass this week.


Zach Merrett

Price – $600,600 – 2017 Average 109.2

Last 3 vs Adelaide: 120,92,30

Avg vs Adelaide: 80.7

You have to go back to his rookie year to find that 30 score, and Merrett looked great in the JLT. You could do worse than putting the VC on Merrett for Friday night.


Michael Hurley

Price – $563,500 – 2017 Average 102.5

Last 3 vs Adelaide: 120,81,87

Avg vs Adelaide: 79.0

There’s no Tex this week, so Hurley may be able to float around the backline rather than locking down on a key forward. This could see his score hit around 120-130 if we’re lucky, but I’d rather go Merrett or even Sloane for this game.


Nathaniel Fyfe

Price – $597,900 – 2017 Average 108.8

Last 3 vs Port Adelaide: 117,115,141

Avg vs Port Adelaide: 107.0

Fyfe is life, baby! Typically scores well against Port Adelaide, and averages 123.5 at the Adelaide oval. Should be in most teams, so whack the VC on him for Saturday arvo if you want a safe 120+.


Lachie Neale

Price – $599,300 – 2017 Average 109.0

Last 3 vs Port Adelaide: 129,149,87

Avg vs Port Adelaide: 107.6

Racked up 16 contested possessions from his 34 disposals last time he played Port Adelaide, despite Fremantle losing by 89 points. If I had Neale I’d be whacking the VC on him. But I don’t. So I won’t.


Patrick Dangerfield

Price – $749,800 – 2017 Average 136.4

Last 3 vs Melbourne: 138,155,74

Avg vs Melbourne: 90.6

Needs no introduction. Melbourne isn’t historically his favourite team to play against, but Dangerfield averaged 136.4 in 2017. He’s as safe a pick as there any, despite a hamstring niggle.


Gary Ablett

Price – $631,100 – 2017 Average 114.8

Last 3 vs Melbourne: 82,119,161

Avg vs Melbourne: 115.1

It will be interesting to see how Bald Headed Jesus fairs in his old team. Honestly, he could reach the heights of a 120 average, with a reborn love for the game, and make footy fans all over the country very, very excited. Plus he makes my trousers fit tighter around my crutchular area. Good captain pick, especially if you’re running without Dangerfield.


Tom J Lynch

Price – $467,600 – 2017 Average 85.1

Last 3 vs North Melbourne: 126,87,81

Avg vs North Melbourne: 75.9

Played well last time he played North Melbourne, and the kangaroos are looking pretty bloody hopeless this year. Tommy could kick a bag, and if he does, you’d want to hope you had the foresight to whack the VC on him.


Joshua Kelly

Price – $628,600 – 2017 Average 114.3

Last 3 vs Western Bulldogs: 132,90,70

Avg vs Western Bulldogs: 76.3

I personally would wait to see how he fairs without the big Mummy slapping the ball straight down his throat. Having said that, he should score well regardless and is currently my M2.


Jeremy Cameron

Price – $489,900 – 2017 Average 89.1

Last 3 vs Western Bulldogs: 56,102,58

Avg vs Western Bulldogs: 76.0

Cameron could break out this year and push his average up to 95, but he’d need to be kicking bags regularly. Very risky pick, but could pay off. Hasn’t had any notable scores against the bulldogs.


Tom Mitchell

Price – $653,500 – 2017 Average 118.9

Last 3 vs Collingwood: 128,158,127

Avg vs Collingwood: 119.5

Collected 85 disposals and 6 brownlow votes against the pies in 2017. Say no more. If you have him, he’s definitely the captain choice from the Hawthorn vs Collingwood game.


Jarryd Roughead

Price – $475,800 – 2017 Average 86.5

Last 3 vs Collingwood: 88,79,137

Avg vs Collingwood: 78.9

With Goldsack out, Roughead may be able to bully his opponent a bit more, who is likely to be a young player, and kick a bag. I wouldn’t bet on it though.


Clayton Oliver

Price – $612,800 – 2017 Average 111.5

Last 3 vs Geelong: 102,N/A,N/A

Avg vs Geelong: 102

Very small sample to go by, and Oliver has been battling an injury niggle since the JLT. Is also playing against Dangerfield, Ablett, Duncan and Selwood. Good pick, but not for captaincy this week.


Max Gawn

Price – $503,700 – 2017 Average 91.6

Last 3 vs Geelong: 27,63,146

Avg vs Geelong: 82.0

Last time Melbourne played Geelong, The People’s Beard caused Supercoach carnage by going down early in the game with a knee injury and missing the majority of the remainder of the season. He looks to be back to his best now though, and if you’re running without Dangerfield could be a handy captain option.


Michael Hibberd

Price – $545,200 – 2017 Average 99.2

Last 3 vs Geelong: 88,73,86

Avg vs Geelong: 81.8

Not captaincy relevant for this game in my opinion, with a career average of 81.8 against Geelong.


Todd Goldstein

Price – $521,400 – 2017 Average 94.8

Last 3 vs Gold Coast: 100,77,125

Avg vs Gold Coast: 109.5

Provided he plays as the solo ruck, Goldstein is a great pick for VC. Witts kept up with him last time they met, but if Goldy is back to his best Witts won’t stand a chance. Average of 109.5 against the suns makes him a big yes in my books.


Patrick Ryder

Price – $566,500 – 2017 Average 103.0

Last 3 vs Fremantle: 75,88,77

Avg vs Fremantle: 81.7

Sandilands is getting old in the tooth, and Ryder will jump all over the top of him and collect 50 hitouts. Good VC pick for Saturday evening, but I’d prefer Fyfe or Neale for that game.


Tom Rockliff

Price – $529,400 – 2017 Average 96.3

Last 3 vs Fremantle: 92,104,170

Avg vs Fremantle: 108.1

Once a prolific points pig, Rockliff crashed down to earth in 2017 with his worst season average since 2012. Injuries have plagued Rocky, but hopefully he can finish off a wonderful career in style at Port Adelaide. Has a great record against Fremantle, could score 120+.


Dustin Martin

Price – $656,000 – 2017 Average 119.3

Last 3 vs Carlton: 121, 159, 86

Avg vs Carlton: 83.3

This guys always going to be captaincy relevant, especially as he plays the first game of the season tonight against a fairly weak Carlton midfield. Absolutely killed it in the season opener last year, if he can replicate that and you have the VC on him you’ll be very happy.


Jack Steven

Price – $498,600 – 2017 Average 90.7

Last 3 vs Brisbane: 116,99,96

Avg vs Brisbane: 86.8

Wouldn’t captain him this week, but I think Steven will return to form this year and average 105+. When he goes big, he goes huge, so be sure to try and snag a 300 point captain game at some point during the year.


Luke Parker

Price – $546,000 – 2017 Average 99.3

Last 3 vs West Coast: 92,129,105

Avg vs West Coast: 111.4

Many are backing Parker to be a top midfielder again this year, after a disappointing 2017, and if you wanted to put the C on him, this is the game. Averages 111.4 against the eagles, and while Sydney are lacking decent ruck stocks, West Coast are lacking Priddus, Mitchell and a fully fit Nic Nat. Good captain choice if you ask me.


Isaac Heeney

Price – $536,300 – 2017 Average 97.6

Last 3 vs West Coast: 52,65,N/A

Avg vs West Coast: 58.5

Nope, don’t rate his chances of a 120+ score seeing as his highest score against the eagles is 65.


Josh P Kennedy

Price – $564,200 – 2017 Average 102.6

Last 3 vs West Coast: 113,101,107

Avg vs West Coast: 101.0

JPK will want to redeem himself in 2018, and who better to kick it off against than a dilapidated West Coast midfield? Averages 105.4 at Domain, so hopefully he can continue along that trajectory at the new Optus Stadium. I’d pick Parker over him though for this game.


Lance Franklin

Price – $540,500 – 2017 Average 98.3

Last 3 vs West Coast: 77,83,84

Avg vs West Coast: 83.9

Showed good form in the JLT, with scores of 134 and 90. If he can keep up that form heading into Sunday’s game, he could set you ahead of the pack early with a 300+ captains score. God, that would be arousing.


Josh J Kennedy

Price – $514,200 – 2017 Average 93.5

Last 3 vs Sydney: 110,63,55

Avg vs Sydney: 76.8

Won’t be back for a few weeks but is captaincy relevant when he does play, so I’m keeping him here for now.


Marcus Bontempelli

Price – $577,800 – 2017 Average 105.1

Last 3 vs GWS: 108,141,112

Avg vs GWS: 109.8

Good captains pick, community! I’m personally not running with Bont to start 2018, but he is a great pick to shoulder the captaincy load against the giants, with an average of 109.8 against them. Bont gets points just for tying up his shoelaces, so with a 25 disposal game he could easily knock out 270+ as a captain’s score.


Jack Macrae

Price – $587,800 – 2017 Average 106.9

Last 3 vs GWS: 61,102,78

Avg vs GWS: 84.0

Kicked the winning goal against the giants in the 2016 prelim, and missed the same shot to win the game last year. This means he’s becoming less relevant against the giants, right? Pass for mine.


Post MaSloane’s Top 8 (Non-Dangerfield) Captain Picks


8. Luke Parker

7. Stefan Martin

6. Todd Goldstein

5. Dayne Beams

4. Nathaniel Fyfe

3. Marcus Bontempelli

2. Tom Mitchell

1. Lachie Neale

Thanks community, let’s kick off season 2018 in style. Be warned, if my advice causes you to take a captain’s score of 100, I take no personal responsibility. But if my advice causes you to snag a captain’s score of 300, please jump around in next week’s comments and tell me how I saved your round 1 score – for that I’ll take complete responsibility. Who’s shouldering the load for your team this week? This is it community, where the rubber meets the road. Good luck, let’s chat in the comments.

Merry Lockout to all – and to all a good night!

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boys i have cripps at m6 should i drop a midfeilder so i can get hibbered down back as my current d3 is bonner


Cheers MaSloane, good luck.
Fyfe into Danger/Gawn for me.


Fyfe into Kelly at the moment for me. still think Danger wont play. Rain predicted Sunday so Gawn maybe.


Just to all the community GOOD LUCK for the year. Lets aim high, cant wait for all the challengers l come across in my leagues!!

neil demons delight

yeah good trading Shake


Hi community, looking for a few spots filled. Super competitive league.


Show Me The Bunny

Hey Guys!

Anyone Keen to join a league of extraordinary gentleman please do!

League Code: 867551
League Name: Collegians of John
League Level : Medium to Advanced

Thanks a Bunch!


Hey Guys. Question

Should I risk 2 rookies on field FWD by choosing Stephenson or Fogarty.

Or stick with Bell?



I have 2 starting rooks as it stands Glory.

The Ranger

I'll be starting two Gory. Can't bring myself to pick Bell.


G'Day Community.

1st time posting this year. Bloody brilliant job by Lek, Patch and all the regulars to keep this site up and going this year. Things looked pretty dire during the off season so kudos to all.

My league name is Superboot Bernie (yes, I am still lamenting the demise of Fitzroy) code 180223 and I invite any JR community members to join.

In regards to the excellent article above I think I am going to go Dusty into Mitchell and then chuck my TV out the window when Danger plays the entire game in the forward pocket and kicks 10 …

Good luck to all.


This could happen as he was so dangerous when moved up forward last year.


The Goodguys have specials on TVs lol

The Ranger

Good to see ya back onboard Juzzy, good luck mate.


Ta Ranger.

neil demons delight

JAYDEN THE WINNING CHOICE 335120 HOP IN neil Demons Delight You were stiff in the Cashy mate 20 pts and I had no trades only DPP,s let me know when ur in CHEERS GOOD LUCK


Gday Neil, just tried but says it's full, Let me know if I should try again later

neil demons delight

try now jayden


Thewinningchoice is in Neil, thanks bud

neil demons delight

great stuff mate see you in the finals cheers


I'm pumped, I'm thinking a zerret into t Mitchell for mine

The Ranger

Nice one MaSloane.
Titch into Danger/Gawn for me.


And on another note, I will be very tempted if lobb is named tonight, if only he wasn't niggled I'd be locking him in, dunno if anyone did a write up on him but those last three games he played without Mumford as no1 ruck (I think it was the sf,pf and round 19) all resulted in tons.


Yeah i did one.
Was cemented in team till the groin issues.
They can linger can be nasty


Nice I'll look it up trig! A little part of me will still be tempted if he's named

The Ranger

I put him in at F5 last night by dropping Kreuzer down to Grundy but I've reversed it today.
He doesn't have a great injury history and hasn't had a good preseason.
If he had the DPP I might do it.


If he's named without simpson im dropping billings to lobb and upgrading nank to kruezer, if not ill just keep my inital picks. His injury history is concerning but if he does well hes a pretty huge POD


hey boys, thoughts on chucking the skip on danger this week?


This is the one time you'll probably ever hear me say hold off, Gaz could be the star of the show and Dangers not 100%, also has an inconsistent career against Melbourne


Parker, Cripps or Whitfield?


Parker for mind. Always a threat to go off kicking 4 snags on top of the touches that the other two get

Better Luck Nxt Yr

TMitch into Danger for mine.

Feel free to jump in to Lekdog&Patchy Show 923400.

Just 4 spots left to duke it out with some community members.

Love this community, love this game, love the footy. So glad this site is still going (even though I miss Jock, Higgo, Crouching and Wayno a lot). Thank you to all those involved.


Advanced league code fellas. top 1% 2% finishes only, I want to win league overall – 888862


Looking at Titch into Buddy risk it for the biscuit lads


community can i have some final thoughts please xx
$236,700 in the bank
Laird, Hibberd, Naughton, Doedee, Murray, Finlayson (Mihocek & Mirra)
Danger, Titch, Kelly, Fyfe, Cripps, Libba, Brayshaw, Kelly (Banfield, Barry, Holman)
Goldstein, Gawn (Cameron)
Billings, Lambert, McLean, Petracca, Lloyd, Stephenson (Fritsch & Ryan)


reckon lloyd has the best job security but if he stuffs up, him & Stephenson can easily be turned into – Bell, Raynor, Fogarty, Garlett etc


Stef martin into Mitchell
Unless Brisbane name a second ruck then Martin will be removed from my team entirely and I’ll re think vc


Very good call T Mitch, Stef will dominate on Saturday

Mystic Mac

Good luck all! We are in the hands of the SuperCoach gods now.


Going Dusty into Titch (I still have Danger but I think Dusty has the potential ceiling whilst Titch has super consistency against Collingwood)


going cripps into danger. reckon cripps will go big tonight


F5 dilemma: should I run christenson or go Fogarty/Langdon & save the cash (F6 is fritsch)

My Skipper is zerrett into titch!

Mystic Mac

I've gone with Langdon F5, Fritsch/Venables F6


420985 if anyone still looking for a league


Dusty and Mills/Weitering or Kelly and Ryan?

Cheers community


I honestly think Kelly will average more than Dusty this year. And prefer Ryan to Mills or Weitering.


Hey guys, need some last minute thoughts on my team. It has been chopped and changed frequently and I'm starting to doubt my selections.

Hurley, laird, savage, naughton, Murray, finlayson (dodder, Keeffe)

Dangerfield, Oliver, Fyfe, Parker, Cripps, brayshaw, Brodie, holman (banfield, Barry, kelly)

Kruezer, Gawn (king)

Menegola, Mclean, Smith, Sicily, giles-langdon, Frisch (Garlett, Ryan)

Cheers guys


Bro, how many times have you changed your team Pre lockout and regretted it once the season gets underway? Trust your gut, you've done the research. Your team looks great mate, good luck!


Hey Community!
thoughts on dusty as a selection currently? one year wonder?


You will want him in your side eventually


I'm toying with the idea of Cameron at R2 until we see how NicNat looks on sunday and running an xtra FWD prem this week. It would give me Buddy,Heeney,Greene, Billings, Mclean, Petracca with Fritz and Garlett (for dpp) this week and if NicNat is good, next week I drop buddy for him and pocket 80k for other upgrades. Flynn would be R3
Crazy, brilliant or a waste of trades?


I've actually contemplated the same thing, it could be genius but I think it's just too risky. I'm going Lycett, Nicnat will only play 60% game time do should hopefully make a quick bit of cash


Lycett! I think my crazy idea is more sane than that


Quite possibly, I would honestly have Cameron at r2 if I thought he was guaranteed a game until round 5, but I think Lycett has more job security. Good luck if you start him!


I’m not a set and forget in the rucks.

Impossible to think you can get them 100% before the season starts. Just no room for wriggle.

Pick the two best ruck is the same as trying to pick the 6 best defenders.

As a result I have had some tragic R2’s. TBC, Lobbe and Sandi have been my last 3 starting R2.

I thought that NicNat would have been under $400k this year. He seems expensive for a bloke who missed a year.

Everyone having Gawn takes away the guess work there and unless he is injured there is nothing to worry about.

R2 can only be a keeper or a stepping stone.

Of the keepers I like Ryder a lot but I hate his r10 bye and I have no good plan around it.

My Smokey is ZSmith. One of the best midfields ever assembled at his feet and no Stanley to get in his way, he will do very well, finish last season very strong…… too strong because it pushed his price over $500k.

Of the cheapies, I was thinking Pittonet might have got some early games, but he not ready yet. Cameron might still surprise us and rise to the occasion, especially if he plays as second ruck he might do ok… might.

The Midpricers are Cox, Simpson, Lycett and Ceglar.

Ceglar won’t play round 1.

Simpson might play, but it will depend on Lobb’s fitness, so it might be short lived.

Lycett looks good, Vardy out for a few weeks, NicNat slowly building fitness, he might have a little window to make a few points and dollars. Kennedy out as well, they will need a big man up forward. Problem with Lycett is the window might be too small. He could be out of team next month. I need him there a bit longer.

Leaves the big Texan.

I’m starting to warm to him at R2 as a stepping stone. He has DPP meaning we can trade out anyone else and get a decent Ruck by sending Cox into forward line and creating a swing set.

Call me crazy, but I might be starting this year with Cox at R2.

I hope John Holmes is still listed as DPP….


I am with you Derek. My only concern is R3. If I go with a ruck forward swing now, I don’t have an early loophole. De Koning is great for the last 5 or 6 rounds, but hopeless early. It means I might have to waste a cash generator to have a loophole. Going to go Olongo as R3, but if Cox is a keeper come the time to get Ryder in, I might have to waste a trade on Olongo.

The Ranger

Been thru all that same thinking Derek and then I decided it was getting me nowhere and have gone set and forget with Kreuzer and Gawn. If they play 22 games they will be in the top three ruckmen and I'll take that.
I urge you to forget the Texan mate, don't let him be this years Lobbe for you.


what is supercoach without a dodgy R2???


It truly is a crazy year for rucks. I've spent hours and hours just thinking about the R2 and R3 positions. I agree with just about everything you have said but, I have ended up at the conclusion of picking Lycett and Olango.

There was an article a few days ago saying that Vardy's injury hadn't been going well and that it had become a 6-8 week injury. Considering that this occured three weeks ago, I'm hoping to get 5 weeks out of Lycett. It also looks possible that Naitanui will be rested for a game here or there. If I can get those 5 weeks Lycett should make a decent amount of money, and be ready to upgrade to a premium ruckman who has lost a little bit of value. Cox screams pre-season trap to me.

I've already accepted that fact that I will be unhappy with any ruck selection I make. Hope you end up making a good decision.


Cox did have a rookie play on him in JLT. I have always liked him though, trys his guts out.


that is good news about Vardy. I'm worried if i start Lycett he gets squeezed out when vardy, NicNat and Kennedy are all back. leaves me without a ruck until Ryder comes in round 11

The Ranger

I think NicNat will take weeks to get going. He'll have limited TOG too.


Bont and Bell


Cogs and Sicily


I think bell is a BIG trap, but happy to be proven wrong. I’ve had him in one or ten versions of my team, then found this:

Bell has only averaged over 70 in a season once in 6 years… I hate that stat. Christensen has only gone under 70 twice, and 85+ in 3 out of 6 seasons. Thus I now have Christensen.

In answer to your actual question, Coniglio and Sicily.


If I made it Christensen and Bont, would your decision change?


I’m struggling to keep my team the same for longer than an hour, so take my advice with a grain of salt. But I really rate Coniglio and think he will produce similar numbers to Bontempelli, maybe a bit less but he is also $125k cheaper. I like that if you have the Keefe and Sicily swing set, you can keep Sicily in the forward line to limit the rookies on field there, then swing him back.


Dusty VS Mitchell




Mitchell to start the year




League 210054 for anyone keen. Trying for top 5 – 10% this year, but we all know it can go to hell in a hurry! Get on board to the Vampire Bunnies league guys.


977485 all player levels welcome. As long as you play out the full season.

Pranav Santhosh


Rick Grimes

Where will Doc's points end up? Simpson, Marchbank or Weitering? The latter looked good in JLT.


Simo looks to be playing the same role as last year where his scoring was affected. Not to mention he turns 34 this year. I reckon hes gonna start to drop off again this year.


I like marchbank


I am also looking into this. I don't have a single midpriced option this year as I have gone for a hardline of premo and rookies but Weitering is mighty tempting as I have 478,000 left. Any other suggestions folks? Is Weitering likely to get stuck on key position forwards?


i think Simpson will be the man. everyone jumped off him over the JLT. he will be good


Jones will probably share the big forwards with wietering. He played most of last year not fully fit and JLT2 was just a glimpse. It's a risky play but the sort that wins money


League code 563211

neil demons delight

SWANS 2012 opened now mate


Surely we keep danger if he’s only meant to be out a week? Can’t see any other viable options


Danger is firmly placed in my team still. The best player in the comp will be a monster POD with ownership dropping a ton. Even if he misses a game he can still be the years top scores without a doubt.


Danger definitely out. I put my hand up he wont be starting in my side.


For me its gotta be neale vc into titch c


Hey guys, trying to roll out the big Danger, Dusty and Titch combo. Which midfield looks better for starting off?

Danger, Dusty, Titch, Fyfe, Parker, Cogs, Brodie, Banfield (Ahern, Kelly, Holman)

Danger, Dusty, Titch, Kelly, Fyfe, Brayshaw, Brodie, Banfield (Ahern, Kelly, Holman)


Mid 1 obviously the stronger mids but just depends on how you spent that spare cash when you run with mids 2

I personally opted for a locked and loaded mids: danger titch zorko zerrett neale cripps brayshaw banfield




Personally I think you're paying too much to start all three though


Gday community. In the final hours before we get this ripper of a season underway i call on you for some last minute advice. I have had grundy at R1 all preseason but finally today i dropped the big man. Welcome Kreuzer to Tradies R Us! Am i crazy spending 600k on this lumbering hulk of a man? Worth the huge price tag? Rucks are a tricky line to get right this year…


League 210054 filling up, come get some lads.


Keep Oliver or trade to Kelly? Really nice POD but even though he will play, he is still under an injury cloud which worries me


Got Danger at the moment. Gone for Kelly instead of Oliver at M3. If Danger misses and Oliver plays it's a straight swap. Will then have Titch, Kelly, Oliver, Fyfe, Cripps and Coniglio. Plus almost $200k. Whichever player fails to fire (or is injured) will go out for Danger when he returns.
Anyone else employing this tactic?

Saucey Jacobs <3

Good idea, but you're essentially just wasting a trade by doing this and this will decision will haunt you in the later rounds if you don't plan trades well.


Oliver is playing Coach said today is is ok


Zorko, Crouch or Oliver?


Zorko the magnificent for mine


Oliver has the most upside and the highest average of the 3 from last year


Join the league: 770170!


Dangers gone….. ok……



Keep calm and leave him in. He will be back next game for certain.


How do you know????


SEN have said he will be out.


i'm a tea-pot, i'm a tea-pot


Cyril is back Derek. That should cover Danger


You could chuck Gazza in there until Danger gets back, he's playing for sure.


I'm gonna do that. Just know that Danger will cost you one trade.


I'm just gonna swing Heeney into the mids and play 2 forward rookies.


What do we think of Marchbank as D3? He's my smokie to break out this season in Docherty's absence and looked confident in both JLT matches.


Excellent selection and POD. I have him too. Will avg 95+


Massive call!


Never wanted to start Danger but all my research said I just had to.
Well, goodbye brain hello guts. Danger out round one (not guaranteed to play round 2 either btw). Bye bye!


Steeeve jump into happy place
One spot left.


Mind if i jump in if still the place trig?


Can confirm. Spot still open


Thanks for booting me out from Happy Place👍 maybe next year.


Dusty or Titch?
Twitch more bye friendly


titch, pick up dusty later


Naughton and stefen martin or a 123 k defender and nank


I think you’ve got the scenario wrong.

neil demons delight

Good Luck to all the regular posters on this site and Trev.s old site. who gave us a comprehensive format .Thanks Trev and applause to JAMBAK who started a site so we could all communicate .Both of you a big thanks. My team is done and dusted Yes Trigg big DEE cull Head over heart. Like wow I have a vague very vague hope of winning it therefore I don't post my team sorry guys. However I WILL SAY my devoid dees team is not exactly what I want . Purely guns/n rookies with only McLean and FLOG Sicily my only midpricers. 6 600 MIDS and the BEST two defenders Dangers out gives me Zerrett plus coin Get him Round 6 Zerrett wont lose too many points on him HOPEFULLY. One of either Tmac (Doggie version) or flog will become Danger hate it but must be… Cheers and good luck Gator Russty and TRIGG thanks for your banter and advice almost since we stopped 2017 when Jambak saved us AND of course Triggs HAPPY ENDING and the Fantast BBL LET IT BEGIN CHEERS FELLAS


Onya Neil, cheers mate and good luck for the season too bud, bummer about T-Mac out for 2 months, Yeah agree big kudos to Jambak and Trev for all their efforts, happy days mate it's on again woohoo!


Cheers mate

Should we hold a minute silence for tmac? 🙈

Best of luck to all.


Happy hunting Neil, meet you in the leagues<img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="👍" src=""&gt;

neil demons delight

Thanks fellas Tmc Became Tmc doggy style


danger out hmmmmmm decisions


garlett or Langdon on field?


Would love some help on my team thanks. Any and all advice and thoughts would be much appreciated.

Laird, Hibberd, Savage, Naughton, Murray, Finalyson (Doedee, Mihocek)

Dangerfield, Mitchell, Kelly, Oliver, Fyfe, Brayshaw, Holman, Banfield (O’connor, Kelly, Brodie)

Kreuzer, Gawn (Jeffries)

Heeney, Billings, Walters, Sicily, Giles-Langdon, Fritsch (Garlett, Ryan)



Is there a jock community group this year? Havnt seen anything about one as yet


505844 JR Community group


Cheers rusty


How do you join. Only gives the option to create group not join one :/

Rick Grimes

I'm pulling the plug on Danger. Will bring him in when I know he's fit and see the evidence. Not like he'll get anymore expensive.


I have no Danger and 30k in the bank.


Big call. Whether you start or dont start danger has the potential to make or break a lot of seasons. Could be extremely hard to bring in later on. Could also drop some turds early and drop a lot of cash. All the best!

Mystic Mac

Holding Danger, saving the future trade. We have some potentially decent scoring mids round 1. Let's pray Danger is back next week!


DANGER out for 2 week minimum




Sicily up back or forward ? also is Dow a must have ? thanks


league code here for all to join… 351425






They are out go to the homepage.


what time to teams come out


Any mid under 595k.who should I get!!?!?

Rick Grimes

Late mail is Parker. The Bont is the other i think.

here is some details on the teams


Couple of cheapies named! 👍

Holman and murphy


No will Brodie


will brodie emergency


Thumbs up if you're freaking the hell out


Wasn't as bad as I thought it would be


Will Brodie??


Two of Lobb, Mclean and Lambert?


Will Brodie out has to be some type of sick joke


That’s ruined me! Now down to Barry I guess I want o’connor Or constable but even they’re on an extended Bench n no guarantee!


Do we start garlett?


Wack the E on him, loop him in if he does well


WHO knows when the Sunday teams are completed? Got Rozza Lobb playing and I don’t know if I should change him


tomorrow night I'm pretty sure.


at around 6


Simpson and Lobb on extended bench = 💩


No danger…


Who out of Keefe, Constable, O'Connor, Watson, Venables, Bonar, Shipley will play?


Venables I'd say. Don't have to be locked in tonight. Rolling lockout.


I’m gonna start the GOAT instead of danger. If the goats on fire after 2 I’ll hold him as a pod if he fizzles I’ll trade him to danger before his price drop and no harm done. Just 1 trade. We can’t hold danger with no a guarantee it’s only 1 week!


Nank or not!? Goldy and steff are both rucking solo…I’m panicking i can hardly breathe! Only 15 min to decide before nans crevice is locked


Dowe or LDU????


LDU he will find his feet


No Preuss or Daw. Goldy is firmly in my team.


Nic Nat is playing. The Nank or Nic Nat……No pressure!!!!!!!


I’ll pass. Goldy for me no preuss or daw. Lock n throw that key away

neil demons delight

Goldy or Nank for mine till R10


Pulled Nank out on the last minute and Gone with Ryder. I'll worry about Rd 10 when it gets closer.


Curnow looking good, and of course I didn't start him lol


Il tell you what as long as kreuzer keeps going up against grigg that 600k price tag doesnt sound so bad


What happened to Lambert? Don't tell me I've got an injury already!!!


I have him too!! Please dear god not an injury 🙁


Well he hasn't even had a touch so i think he is.. FML season is already a prick

Rick Grimes

No, think he's just sh1t.


Can confirm he is runnin round out there and looks absolutely lost, f*ck it!


They just said, he hasn't touched the Footy…jeez.


Think I may burn a trade already and ditch him if this is what he will dish up! Pathetic


Loving it when nank goes off the ground.
Kruez just tapping it down bkues throats.
Grigg? Please…

Shoulda liatened to the little man and started Curnow.
Decent game first up so far …


Wonder how many will jump on Simmo after tonight.


Im not sold by him still. Only 1 quarter into the year yet


90+ points before HT worth considering it since Danger is not playing and may not be playing Rd 2 too. An opportunity to boost your backline if someone is running 6 Rookies down back.

Simmo seems to be back to his old role, No Doc means he's gonna benifit most of the points.

Rick Grimes

I think he'll break down at some stage.


My worry is if/when carlton start rotating him through the center again. He will be a good pick as long as he keepsthe old role but if he goes through the middle like last year his scoring will suffer. He is also 34 this year. Age has to catch him sooner or later.


I’ve got a big stinkin turd of a score by my F2 after the first game. Thanks kane.

Rick Grimes

Still a half to go. Could still pull 85, which is take.

Rick Grimes

Pulled it back a bit 2nd half. I still think he's worth keeping. On another day the pill will go his way and he'll ton up.


Agree rick. He looked hungry and was working hard just couldn’t find the pill unfortunately. But I’ll take 71 in a half of footy cause that’s exactly what it was


Cripps you bloody beautiful contested beast


Doesn't look like Carlton are gonna be easybeats this year…good on em 🙂


Weitering and Dow are looking a bit Duddy.


Have to think Jack Higgins would get a run sooner than later if Bolton can only score 10 points in a half.


Managed to squeeze in Crippsy into my midfield today. Lookin pretty good. Nervous about the Nank, but he is hanging in there against Kruz and selected Garlett 5 minutes out before the bounce and whacked him on the bench with the E. If he keeps going should be able to loophome his score. Cant complain, but nervous as hell. Hate the first round of Supercoach. I normally know whether it is going to be a good or bad year…..Just glad I dodged Paddy Dow after Will Brodie was named as an emergency. Grabbed Rayner instead. Lets see how that works out….LOL


Ive had cripps since day dot but yeah snuck in garlett just to create the dpp no E though. 🙈


Put Cripps in as M6 just incase Danger is not playing, might have to get Danger as an upgrade option maybe in Rd 4 or 5. Have Garlett in Mid bench I'll keep Danger in the team this week as my loophole for Garletts score. Dodged the Nank and Kreuzer hype. Hopefully Ryder/Gawn will work fine for me this year.


Kreuzer in trouble!! Game on Nankervis!

Rick Grimes

Kane, you could have at least bought me dinner before you f$#&ed me.

Rick Grimes

Lot of people will jump on Simpson, but surely Marchbank is the value.


Sicily or McLean as F5
Or rookie


Boys Who'll make me more cash O'meara or Rayner ?


or Armitage ?




cheers badge

Rick Grimes

Funny how months of painstaking research and review turns into a panicked last minute player rearrange and utter disappointment (Weitering, I'm talking about you). Oh well, at least I got the vc on Dusty. Onwards and upwards.


Im gonna trade him to marchbank, what are your thoughts?


With Will Brodie not getting named, im thinking LDU or Hunter Clark? I think LDU has better job security but clark may be a better scorer, what do you guys think?


Zorko or zerret