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I recommend you play this music whilst reading this post, I hope it inspires you like it did me.

It has been an odd preseason community.

Devoid of the three giants who paved the way before us, I’ve felt a weight of responsibilty press down on me.

Initially I thought it would cause me to halter…to crumble.

But today I stand here before you all, before the Supercoach gods themselves.

For I have taken that weight, I have lifted it, I have dropped it, then lifted it again and so on and so forth until I could finally squat the weight of the Supercoach community with ease.

I stood on the precipice of the Supercoach mountain and laughed into the sunrise, weight held high above my head, not a drop of sweat leaving my brow.

This is where it dawned on me, literally, I was not holding the weight alone. Patch, Barron, Kev, every contibutor from the preseason and most importantly all of you, stood there by my side.

I had not lifted the weight, I had barely touched it.

You were the ones who kept our community alive.

In the light of a new day, so close to the beginning of a new season, I offer you this…my side.

It isn’t much, but it is the only gift I have left to give.


This will be the first time I’ve ever spent money in defence and I kind of like it.

Michael Hurley is kind of a no-brainer for mine. At 12% ownership he’s enough of a PoD that I can enjoy selecting him but he’s still good enough that he’ll pump out tons for me every week.

He went 100+ on twelve occassions in 2017 plus a nice score of 122 in the Elimination Final. At $560K I do expect him to drop in price but I’m willing to take the hit there for his elevated points output potential. I probably wouldn’t have selected him but an injury in the preseason scared enough coaches off that I’m swooping in. Didn’t do anything amazing in his only JLT game which was great for ownership but the fact that he played was enough for me.

Rory Laird is just about as lockable as you can get. I reckon he’s overpriced (like Hurley) but I don’t think you can afford to miss him. We all know the story, he averaged over 100 in 2017 and had scores of 65, 129 and 106 in the Finals.

With scores of 102 and 90 in the preaseason (going at 1.1 ppm) he should have cemented himself into just about every single Supercoach side.

This third spot has been up for grabs all preaseason. I’ve had Michael Hibberd in there, James Sicily, Daniel Rich (stiff to miss out) but it’s Shane Savage who gets the nod.

He is a risk, there’s no doubt about it, but he is a calculated risk at a reasonably cheap price. Upon his return to the Saint Kilda side in 2017, Savage quickly became a key cog in the Saints ball movement. He averaged 96.7 points through to the end of the season. He also added scores of 145 and 113 to his tally in the JLT, bringing his average since Round 10, 2017, to 102.6 points per game. His ownership has jumped to 11% this week (up from around 7%) but he, like Hurley, is enough of a PoD for me.

As per most team reveals the rookies are fluid, though I’m particularly concerned by news that Nick Coffield will only make the Saints Round 1 side if some others don’t get up. At least he’s an easy enough upgrade to Bonner or downgrade pending rookie news.

The rest of the rookies speak for themselves with Naughton being the one I think isn’t in enough sides. He might not score heavily but I expect him to play enough games early in the season to warrant his selection.


Patrick Dangerfield is the best player in the competition, if he is named I select him. If he is a late out I switch him with the best Supercoach player of all time, Gary Ablett…Junior. If he isn’t named he’ll become Tom Mitchell.

Clayton Oliver, my oh my, what a man.

Sure, it’s hard to spend $600K on a player in their third year, a guy who hasn’t built the public trust we expect from uber-premiums but seeing is believing and what we saw in 2017 was remarkable.

Clayton Oliver has the capability to become one of the best Supercoach selections of all time. He has exceeded every record set before him and posted an average of 111.5 in just his second year…he’s only going to get better.

In 2017 Oliver ranked second for contested possessions and third for tackles. He had at least 24 disposals in every single game he played at an average of 30 per game, he can go BIG!

Supercoach wise, how do these numbers work for you?

  • Lowest score of the year, 80, only happened once
  • Four scores in the 90s
  • 17, yes 17, scores of 102+
  • Eleven scores of 110+
  • High scores of 139, 142 and 170

In my side despite news on a knee injury sustained in the JLT. Until I see that he’s not playing Round 1 for sure, he stays at M2. Bloody big PoD at 6.3% ownership.


Luke Parker is a very good selection in 2018. I said it on the podcast but I believe his average swings year by year and science* says that this is an upward trending season.

The man is in his prime and has played almost every game since the start of 2013, I expect Sydney to improve this year and with that comes a big one from Parker.

He can kick goals and rack up possessions, he’s also been to the mountain and averaged over 110 before so I’m sold.

H was in and outr of my side throughout the Summer but a 108 and 118 in the JLT just locked him away. At 7.1% ownership and a pricetag of just $546,000 I reckon he could be a buy of the year contender.

*science is me believing in patterns

Patrick Cripps. I don’t see any downside to selecting the great man even though he has a very high ownership percentage of %27.5.

Cripps has all the numbers behind him to suggest that he can average well over 110 in a full year.

I know that some Supercoaches are turned off by his inury history, but if you isolate all of his injuries you’ll find that the majority of them have been casued by someone else, they’re also all over his body as opposed to a degenerative and recurring injury in the vain of a Jaeger O’Meara.

I believe that in 2018 the best way to generate cash will be running three on-field rookies in defence and three on-field rookies in the midfield. I’m running to expensive rookies; Brayshaw who has the potential to make us over $200k and be a reliable on-field scorer and Brodie who has had a year in the AFL system to build his body and real life AFL games played, he should be a reliable source of points.

The other rookies are fairly straight forward although I’m not confident that Dom Barry will get named for Round 1…this is why we have some cash left over.


If anyone is going to break the Cox-curse it’s Matthew Kreuzer. He is Carlton’s third best midfielder but he also just so happens to hit the ball to other people sometimes.

He averaged 109.8 in 2017 and scored a 118 in Jlt 1, before an ankle injury saw him manage just 8 points in JLT 2. His ability to score is matched by very few ruckmen in this game of ours.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, he has played 55 of Carlton’s last 57 games. Don’t worry about the injury history people! Hell, even if he does get injured you can just trade him to LITERALLY ANY OTHER RUCKMAN.

Anyway, he bloody good pick at only 5.4% ownership.

Not much needs to be said about Max Gawn, he should be in every single team right now, 62.9% isn’t enough!

Good old Mitch King, at 0.4% ownership he is my biggest point of difference. I’ll just steal Barron’s reasoning for the selection

“Mitchell King is purely for ruck loophole purposes. He is more expensive than selecting a 102K rookie, but he’s an easy swap with Gawn and Melbourne have 8 Sunday/Monday games in the first 12 rounds of the year, which will maximize the amount I can use him as a loophole in the early part of the year”

Can always drop him to Olango the Orangutango if need be.


My forward line is reasonably straight forward in the way it is structured.

I’ve got Supercoach wunderkind Sam Menegola holding down the fort at F1.

This kid has the makings of a star and I’m very confident that the return of god won’t impact his scoring in a negative fashion. Good players get better with good players around, bad players slack off. Menegola is a good player.

He has all the marking of a Supercoach beast and will find his way into quite a few sides come seasons end. At $550K I’m locking in a loss but when he comes out and pumps those tons I’ll be a very happy young Lek.

He averaged 99.3 in his first season (six games) and 100.4 in his second year (19 games), I don’t expect a massive jump on this output but I do expect him to maintain it.

His ownership sits at just 5.7% which is far less than before his JLT series. Good for me because he scored 86 points at 1.09 ppm.

Kane Lambert is a reasonably new addition to the side but the reasoning is pretty simple.

Richmond look like they want to run lamert on the ball a bit more in 2018 and he is naturally progressing as a player and a Supercoach option. He jumped his average from 64.9 in 2016 up to 86 in 2017 and based on the end to his year, that scoring will rise again.

Lambert averaged 103.9 points per game from Round 20 in 2017, this average drops slightly to 100.5 if we include his JLT series. I honestly believe that this is closer to his average in 2018 than 86.

Side note, he averages 100.9 with Jack Graham in the side. 4.5% ownership, you beauty!

Toby McLean only averaged 85.5 last year but he was a really good point of difference for those who brought him in when he returned from a month-long injury in Round 12.

Prior to his foot sprain, McLean was averaging 80 Supercoach points per game, upon his return he broke out with an average of 93.

In 2017 his disposals per game, clearances and contested possessions all jumped from previous years. McLean also has the (now rare) flexibility to be selected as a midfielder or a forward, he’s this year’s Macrae!

I’m expecting an average in excess of 93 point per game and at his price point I like the selection. I thought he’d be in more sides but 4.9% selection arouses me

Dev Smith is another one of those ‘just pick him guys’ so pick him I did.

Now I’m currently fielding two rookie forwards, which isn’t ideal but I do have $172K in the bank.

My plan is to use this cash to move some rookies around (pending team selections) upgrade Coffield to Bonner, or (more than likely this one) upgrade a $117K guy to Tom Bell. He’s a preseason trap for sure, but one that I’ll probably fall into, what can I say? I loved the guy at Carlton.

Honestly community, I’m feeling really good about this team. It’s not so crazy that it makes me double take but there are enough PoD’s that it still feels like my team.

Let me know what you think, know that I probably won’t take any advice on-board given how long I’ve worked on the team, and we can chat in the comments.

It’s going to be a fun season community, let’s get stuck in!

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Fwd Rookies- Langdon or L.Ryan?


Langdon now since he's confirmed to debut, Ryan is fighting for 2 spots along with 3 other players


Langdon 100%


Niiiiice Lekdog.

You'll have to make sure Oliver plays


Here is my Team community, got 60 K left over!
Thanks for the help in advance and good luck for your season!

Def- Laird, J. Mcgovern, L. Ryan, Naughton, Doedee, Murray, ( Finlayson, L. Murphy)

Mid- Danger, Titch, Kelly, Fyfe, Parker, A.Brayshaw, Brodie, Holman, (Banfield, Kelly, Barry)

Ruck- NanK, Gawn ( Olango)

Fwd- Heeny, Walters, Mclean, D. SMith, J. Scicily, Fritsch (Garlett, L.Ryan)

David C

Good structure. Murphy not looking likely and Barry if selected probably goes out next week when Gray returns, but you should be able to find rookie replacements.


Not a bad side there Lek.
Defiantly have spent some money but players should be locks. 7 of your premos in the round 14 bye so will probably have to keep that in mind for upgrades. Only thing that swayed me off Parker.
I’m not buying into the savage hype. A bloke that’s played so many seasons and is prone to being dropped is a risk to me. Switching danger out also seems like another risky move, he’ll miss 1 at most not worth the trade for me.
Bell is a trap don’t do it
Rucks are solid, same as mine.
Best team I’ve seen from the JR crew, good luck


No montagna ma friend


Yeah it wasn’t montangna in the 2’s pushing sav out either. Just not worth the risk for me.


Missed 11 rounds last year I think from being dropped, from being crap and not believing in himself, then he went on a bit of a tear after he got professionally brainwashed by a shrink lol.
Maybe they hypnotised him?…'you are a good player…you are a good player' lol


Yeah smart. Think the round 14 will be tought for a lot of people who are not somewhat structured for it.
Yeah sav has been in the league so long and just never proved himself.
I have bonner in my team atm. (Not at d2) Have been listening to and reading information about him from people that have watched him play local footy. A good user of the footy and port are going to look for him from half back. Think he can score well and be an early premo upgrade (I’ve leaving money in bank for this).


Mate Savage safe as houses. Will play off Half back all year push through the mid, his outout if scoring has increased every year he has played. will average 90-100 this season. LOCK him in.


Are you his press agent?, he couldn't be any further from solid…you're dreaming if you think he's a solid pick.


like it a lot


any concern about olivers knee


No kneed for concern.


What type of music do you recommend we listen whilst we read this Mr.Lekdog ? Can I suggest a prayer rather than a song , maybes Hail Mary Mother Of God………Ha , good luck mate, appreciate what you have done this year and can I leave you with this as you are a Carlton Man – Bk to Bk n Ylw n Blk…


For my own team
R.Gray & Vlastuin or Lambert & Laird


Second option is a no brainer. Gray misses round 1.


I've gone with Lambert and Laird anyway… but Vlastuin is an interesting point as he's not been given much consideration.

At $430k, he's in the mid-priced madness bucket but his second half of 2017 (after coming back from injury) is worth looking at. 7 games at an average of 93, 3 times 100+ (112, 115 and 118) and the only stain coming from a 52 against the Hawks (where the ball didn't spend much time in defence).


Oh, and only 1% ownership.


I reckon if you’re looking at Richmond mid price DEF: C Ellis and J Short are very promising


Neither have been able to cement a regular place in the side.


Mclean still at 5% ownership.
But every team i see has him in it.
Must just have caught on in here.


Dogs have a lot of midfield / forwards.

Bit like models / waitresses. They are waitresses who want to be models.


Hurley OR Hibberd




Sorry Patch, but I prefer Lek's side mate!

Only really dislike the Shane Savage pick Lek. The prick has burnt so many players over the years, why not just get Hibbo!


It's an excellent side considering its lack of Daniel Rich.


I like it Lekdog. I only just decided against Hurley… thanks for that…


What are lekdogs thoughts on potential dawson simpson at R2?


Coniglio & Kreuzer
Nank & Neale


Option 1


Nank and Neale depending on bye structure


Assuming you have Fyfe, Banfield and Brayshaw like the rest of the community I would opt against getting Neale as your byes will be tough to cover


Coniglio has the same bye as those gentlemen


Me likey Lek, running the same structure, don't worry bout Savage he'll be fine (or fire??)


I'm so bullish on Savage, been in my team before JLT.


Hurley OR Hibberd


Flip a coin, both top 6.


I love the team Lek accept the forward line swap Menegola and Lambert for Heeney and Billings


Menegola's a good pick if he's fit for round 1, season keeper there. Lambert is still a bit of an unknown quantity.


Excuse me my dear community!!!! :

Luke Ryan, Will Brodie, Toby Greene,


Savage, Garlett, Billings

I can take Billings in first option too if everyone thinks better pick overall?

So billing’s or Greene?

Savage and Garlett or Luke Ryan and Brodie???

Last locks please ya knowledgeable bastards!!


Really much of muchness mate, I’ve gone Greene bc I think the giants have an easy run to start facing a lot of the bottom teams from last year. Luke Ryan and savage both pods, savage looked in real good Knick in the jlt tho but Ryan’s efficiency was ace. Also Brodie over Garlett for sure.


One of the better more balanced teams I've seen. Good work Lek. The Parker up n down years is one I looked at and it indeed says he's due for a big one…..went 110 and 111 on his up years. He was in my team for a week, somehow he's edged out.

Yeh savage not sold on. If you go by Parker's up and down years then this is another down year for Savage, stay clear, been in the system long enough to know he no good.


I forgot to say swap Coffield for Bonner


Why is nobody running NicNat?


He's probably only about 70% fit really, I bet he doesn't play the whole game if he's named.


Will most likely be rested throughout the season too


Too expensive


With only 1 on the bench and limited DPP options, Ruck is a position you can't take too many chances with. Nic Nat is not completely fit and coming back from a long term injury… too risky.


If you're not picking Ryder because of his round 10 bye, you'd better not pick Nic Nat. Probably miss a game or two or three by then.


Nice effort Lek…Savage is a bit risky but I'm taking risks in the backline this year too….so hard to know whether or not my team is just a big pile of dung or not this year.


IS Rayner good pick




Lek I get Rich but no CONNOR BLAKELY!!!!!!! :0


Will Lobb play this round?


Don't think he's quite ready yet Willy, interrupted pre-season, ongoing groin issues, wasn't too long ago when he started training with the main group. Fitness levels are probably less than ideal at the moment.


Trev said he will play


Oh ok, is there some new news about Lobb Derek?

Mystic Mac

best asking sc_wow, it's his best mate.


Was 66 who released the info. And seemed like solid info, not sure what’s with the sarcasm Mystic


If nAmed do we strongly consider? He was impressive late last season when rucking solo


Good team lek, I’ve also locked in the big Roooooozzza everyone will be crying when he continues last years form
My question is
Field Christensen and have 6k in the bank
OR field Langdon (gws) will debut and have 150k in the bank
Really not much a fan of the Christensen pick only had him for job security. Pretty set on my team will just have the money sitting in wait for upgrades/injuries


Langdon the save the cash


Thanks fellas!


Langdon, Fogarty, Ryan and Garlett – Pick 3


Whoever is named tomorrow


But if all four? I have omitted Garlett at this stage.


I would not pick Fog if they are all named


Struggling with this final touch in my team:

Hurley, Kreuzer & Christensen
Savage, Nank & Walters



Hurley, Kreuzer and Christensen mate.

Reduce the risk profile and if either of the Uber premos go down you can swap them for pretty much anyone.


No curnow lek.
Thought he would be one of your first picked.

McLean and Brodie or Cogs and Stevensen??


Mclean as he will be top 6 and cogs won't. Brodie is the better rookie as well.


Is Tom Bell worth the risk? Or should i just downgrade to Stephenson?


Definitely not Stephenson I’d go for Brodie and McLean
I’ve passed up on cogs and I hate myself for it but you can’t fit em all

Danger Zone

Thoughts on my final team before the first bounce tomorrow?

DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Bonner, Coffield, Naughton, Doedee (Finlayson, Murray)
MID: Dangerfield, Mitchell, Kelly, Crouch, Fyfe, Brayshaw, Brodie, Kelly (Banfield, Barry, Holman)
RUC: Kreuzer, Gawn (Olango)
FWD: Menegola, Buddy, Greene, Barlow, Fogarty, Fritsch (Giles-Langdon, Ryan)

$49,400 in the bank, am I too top heavy in the forward line or this generally acceptable due to the lack of rookies this year?

Cheers guys

The Ranger

Nice team Danger


Team at the moment

Def: Laird, Hurley, Simpson, Naughton, Doedee, Keefe (Coffield, Murray)
Mid: Danger, Kelly, Fyfe, Bont, O’Meara, Dow, Clark, Brayshaw (Barry, Davies-Uniacke, Kelly)
Ruc: Gawn, Nic Nat (Cameron)
Fwd: Heeney, Buddy, Lynch, Petracca, Rayner, Christenson (Garlett, Fritsch)

Panicking big time fellas
So many questions, so little time
Really want to boost my rankings and maintain a top 1000 rank throughout the year

Thoughts guys thanks

The Ranger

Too many expensive rookies. Read Barrons article and try and get some cheapies in mate.


Lobb or petracca


Lobb if he plays


dAnIeL rIcH iS a 🔒🔒LoCk🔒🔒 OmG wHy HaVeN't YoU pIcKeD hIm He'Ll ScOrE 💯💯💯💯 erry week brah.

(nah ily this is a very good side xoxo)


Patch…you could copy it..and change a few guys here and there lol.


Bont, Parker, Cripps or someone else? Have $705k to spend


If you have so much cash I would just lock in a top 10 midfielder from last year.


true but can use the cash for better players in other positions or during the season


Thoughts on Zach Merrett I’m worried he could get some attention this year which I have not seen and don’t know how he will handle it, anybody have some thoughts?
Pros and cons would be appreciated ! Yeah


You hyped the crap out of Rich Lek?!?!?

Better Luck Nxt Yr

Nice team Lekdog.

Anyone needing a last minute league feel free to jump into “Lekdog&Patchy Show” – 923004.

Good luck community.


Strong side Lekdog. Like the PODs and the Max King idea. Please to see Rich didn’t make the final cut too.
No mid/Fwd swing set? Is this because you want Banfield, Kelly & Barry there to max points/cash? Or is there a mysterious plan afoot?


Two quick questions hoping to get some input on please community!

a) Simpson and Petracca or Lloyd/Tuohy and McLean

b) TMitch and CEllis or JKelly and Bonner



What are people's thoughts on pendles? Yes or no plz give me some advice

The Ranger

Tooth length is possibly becoming an issue.
Wanna see him string some good scores together before picking him.


Bucks seems to be playing him off half back for some reason, it really effects his scoring output. I'd look elsewhere


Thanks guy! Up until last year he was a set and forget


Is Dayne Beams a good midfield option or there is better?

The Ranger

Great player but too injury prone.


Injury interrupted pre season, I'd stay away but he is a gun


I woke up this morning with Beams and Nick Vlaustin in my team. Need the season to start quick before any more bright ideas.


He is so hard to ignore especially because of his price and his ability to score big

Captain Risky

Yeah, That happens to me as well. Had one night there after a good bottle of red wine and I just had to hit the clear button the next morning!


locked in my side for close to 36hrs now that’s huge considering I change it constantly! He will be a beast well n truly underpriced was flying all preaseason till his father passed that’s why he missed JLT not due to injuries. If named round 1 Just select him.


Love it Lek mate. You truly are the P.O.D-father. Would love some feedback on Version 72.8a of my team!

DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Bonner, Doedee, Murray, Finlayson (Naughton, Mihocek)
MID: Dangerfield, Mitchell, Oliver, Fyfe, Cripps, Coniglio, Brayshaw, Kelly (Banfield, Barry, Holman)
RUC: Ryder, Gawn (Cameron)
FWD: Heeney, Walters, Smith, Sicily, Christensen, Fritsch (Giles-Langdon, Ryan)

$73k in the warchest to play around with rookie corrections.

Have at it community 🙂


Better than D2 though Lek!


Mate it is terrifying, but I feel we are little at the mercy of the rookies. Hopefully team selections tonight open it up a bit.


should be my final team lol: thoughts?
DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Weitering, Naughton, Doedee, Murray (Finlayson, Keefe)

MID: Danger, Dusty, Titch, Fyfe, Cripps, Coniglio, Brayshaw, Banfield (kelly, Barry, Holman)

RUC: Kreuzer, gawn (lavender)

FWD: Billings, Walters, Smith, Sicily, Giles-langdon, Fritsch (Garlett, Ryan)

Any advice welcome but one particular question, Should i go one deeper in forward line by downgrading cogs to Brodie and upgrading a forward rookie to Tracca/Mclean?


Nice team! Personally Id dump Kruezer from say Nank. Then move Sicily to backs and get Petracca. But thats only cos Im worried about Kruezers price tag.


First off, gday everyone, I checked into the website a few times early in the year and with no sign of life proceeded to just do my own preseason, now I look and lo and behold it has arisen from the ashes!!

Well done lek/patch and all involved! I've had email issues so if I've ignored any league invites it was not intentional!

Like the team lek, a little pod heavy for me, selecting pods for the sake of podness can be a fatal error….but they are all justifiable… I'm dodging the savage/McLean hype but I'm seriously considering falling into the caddy trap again…..


Swans good to hear from u ol mate.

Happy place open for business

League code: 123493

Time to get the old gang back together. 😉


Thanks trig, thewinningchoice is in, don't tell the others but it was my favourite league last year

neil demons delight

good to see you back jayden. Another epic year my fav league too great coaches Let me know if you want to go into AGRADERS again cheers mate


Thanks Neil! I'd bloody love to be in if you've got a spot, but all good if not….


Giday Swans…yeah it was a case of missing in action for a long time there…but some of us still hung around like bad smells lol.
Good luck for the season.


You too bud 👍

The Ranger

Welcome back Swans, good luck mate.


Ranger. Jump into the happy place mate.
Just let me know team name so dont boot u out.

The Ranger

Jeez, thanks Trigga but I've hit my limit already.
Next year mate.

The Ranger

I'm in the Titch To Scratch already tho!


If you don't mind could I grab his spot Trigga? If not all good.


Sure DM.
Just let me know team name so i dont kick u out.


Team name is Deafness. Cheers Trigg


G’day Swanny.

Good to see you going around again.


Hopefully we can relive the glory days of the top 100! Looking forward to it derek


Thanks mate. Yep me and my Hawks have had a rough couple of years. Hopefully we can both turn it around.


Thanks lek, good luck to ya


Good luck for the season Swans 👍


Thanks hedski! You too, gotta say I'm feeling lucky


Welcome back, Now the pre season is behind us let the season start!!


McLean, Bonner + 28k


Billings, Coffield + 74k


Unlikely that Coffield will be named. Saints already said Clarke is playing so they would have likely done both at the same time


I have pretty much locked in my DEF, MID and RK but am struggling with FWD. Should I pick Bell/Christensen or just go for Fogarty/Stephenson and hope they play plenty of games?


326845 if anyone is interested.


Why does nobody have Howe in their side? Is there something I am missing? Looks like a good pick to me.


Fine choice in my opinion, I'll get him as the season goes on


Whitfield and Luke Ryan
Kelly and Christensen

Playing around with swinging Sicily. Not 100% Whitfield will be a top 10-15 mid


You answer you're question on the last line. If you have doubts, don't take the risk


With 609K

Who is the best player to get at the M3 spot?

Already have Cripps, Fyfe and Whitfield under that price?


Zerret, Oliver or Bont


Oliver's 612 but close, maybe check down the back of the couch? 🙂


find $3k


Maybe show your whole midfield, so we don't suggest players you already have, you don't want to be broke heading into round 2.


Which option should score the most points for the first 10 rounds?

1. Coniglio (M6) + Lycett (R2) + Sicily (F5)
2. Kreuzer (R1) + O'Meara (M6) + 117K Rookie (F5)
3. Nankervis (R2) + Coniglio (M6) + 117K Rookie (F5)




Thats the golden question. Maybe 1 if Lycett delivers but I'd go 3 for the 2 possible keepers and a cash generating rookie.


What going to be the roll of Alex Pearce at Freo?


Should be centre half back James or taking whichever key forward is taller (along with Hamling). Leaves Johnson as distributor if he is even needed with Wilson and Ryan in the side. Shame Pearce wasn't a bit cheaper in the Naughton price bracket.

The Ranger

Nice Lek. Same structure as mine.
Jumped off Menegola and onto Heeney a while back but he's tempting with that low ownership.
Good luck mate.

Frank underwood

What’s with everyone’s obsession over fyfe? He had 2 amazing years and won a brownlow in one of them. Then he got injured. He had a preseason last year, played 21 games and averaged 108. Why is everyone under the impression that he’ll get back to his best? What prohibited him from getting back to his best last year? With a full pre season and 21 games. Whenever someone is asked to justify fyfe they simply say #fyfeislife, but is Fyfe life?


Have a look at the back end of 2017


I've heard that about halfway thru last year was when he finally felt over his broken leg. Funnily enough this is when he started beasting it up. Look at his scores the back end of last season. It takes a while to overcome a broken leg, esp since he had a recurrence of the injury.


He was playing with an injury for the first half of the year


He's less than 600k and he can go 140 easily any week if fit.


He is just stirring us up


I don't think he is Derek, I think he raises some good points.
The way I see it this. There was 15 points between The best midfielder and second best. 15! That's 30 if you captain them. You have to work out which midfielders are capable of closing that gap between Danger and the rest. For me it's Dusty or Fyfe.
You are right about his injury history. So it's the age old question of risk vs reward. Pick Fyfe and you get a guy with massive upside to his starting price, but the injury risk. Pick, say a Merrett you get durability with little upside.


Laird, Hibberd, McGovern, Naughton, Murray, Finlayson (Doedee, Keefe)

Danger, Mitchell, Kelly, Fyfe, Cripps, Brayshaw, Brodie, Holman (Barry, Kelly, Banfield)

Martin, Gawn (Cameron)

Greene, Billings, McLean, Smith, Giles-Langdon, Fritsch (Ryan, Garlett)

Thoughts everyone?


Whats everyones thoughts on the BONT


His time fwd worries me.


CD loves him, he gets an extra 20 points just for running through the banner it seems. In all seriousness i think he can take his game to another level after coming off a full pre season, which he didn't have last season.


alright sounds good


Really disappointed me last year after his strong early run. Not enough possessions for my liking even though he gets rewarded for them. Would rather a possession pig like Oliver Mitchell or Neale.


Still only 22 though, he'll get better and better hopefully.


Good pick.


Could this be the year? Not taking the risk though, rather pay the $20k extra and have Neale


Thoughts on the team?
Def- Laird Hibberd Sicily Bonner Naughton Doedee Murray Finlayson
Mid- Dusty Mitchell Fyfe McLean Coniglio Omeara Brayshaw Banfield Kelly Barry Holman
Ruck- Gawn Nank Olango
Fwd- Heeney Greene Billings Smith Petracca Langdon Fritsch Ryan


Good except that you don't have the best player in the game..and McClean should be forward really.


The thought with Mclean in mid was an eventual move to fwds but might be restricting myself by having 6 keeper fwds from r1. Was playing around with no Danger. If he's named its bonner mclean greene out and danger rioli and a rookie in. Then prob nank to martin also.


Martin's 31 mate, he probably won't get better from here.
I'd get rid of Greene for now Dan and stick McClean forward will save you 50 grand., get Garlett into the mid bench for a swing, then you can pick up another premo midfielder. Venables might start before Ryan.


Got 4 spots left in a fairly competitive league if anyone is interested.



Good job Blaknight…get onboard fellas!


Thoughts and suggestions?

DEFS: Laird, Hibberd, Lloyd, Naughton, Doedee, Murray (Finlayson, Murphy)
MIDS: Martin, T.Mitch, J.Kelly, M.Crouch, Fyfe, Brayshaw, W.Brodie, Holman (Banfield, T.Kelly, Barry)
RUCKS: Jacobs, Gawn (Olango)
FWDS: Menegola, Heeney, Greene, Smith, Z.Giles-Langdon, Fritsch (Gartlett, Ryan)

135.6k ITB
If Danger is named straight swap for either Martin, Mitchell or Kelly.


Looks great. The best I have seen. Was considering a cut n paste into my lineup


The best you've seen doesn't have Danger in it? Could be a very risky move


I'd prefer to see Danger in there, and someone cheaper for Menegola, and not 2 rookies in the fwd line.
And Nank instead of Jacobs..and Garlett in the mids bench.


HELP me please! <3

DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Sicily, Naughton, O'shea(will trade if not late in), Murray (Doedee, Finlayson)

MID: Titch, Kelly, Dusty, Fyfe, Zerret, Cogs, Bradshaw, Kelly (Banfield, Garlett, Holeman)

RUC: Gawn, Nank (Cameron)

FWD: Heeney, Mclean, Smith, Petracca, Fogarty, Fritsch (G.Langdon, Keefe)

Currently have $42k in the bank.


I've got some help for ya!…Get Dangerfield in…doesn't matter if he doesn't play round 1, maybe you lose 40 to 50 points?…not worth a trade.


I’m concerned about Keefe and Fogarty job security. Personally I think Venables over Keefe for that reason. Even Liam Ryan who has good JS, but will drop a mix of OK and terrible scores. Or if you think Barry has JS at Port, which I’m a little concerned with, then switch Garlett forward.


tossing up between Bont and Zerret


Probably similar outputs Sinny


Cheers Lek👍


Nice team Lek.
Thinking if Lobb isn't named.
Trying to get Kreuze in should I go
Nank, Walters and Brayshaw to Kreuze, Petracca and Brodie?
Cheers fellas.


Ryan. Weitering more likely to get lockdown roles. Ryan is their distributor and has elite disposal efficiency and loves kicking by foot. I think he’s a mini Docherty. He’s that style of scoring player. I think Dockers will improve this year as well, but ball will still spend plenty of time in defence.


Corey Ellis a decent option if Coffield gets kicked to the kerb?..Not sure what his Job Security is like..or how he's rated in the Club. Was thinking the same about O'Connor too.


Yeah not a bad option John, Bont will score better that Coniglio, and Buddy can start slowly, you can aim for trading McClean up to Buddy at some point.


Weitering or Ryan?


Yeah very much


Community & the WOW twins and the half brother sixty6 can I please have some feedback on below.. always enjoy reading your blokes 2 bobs worth.

Def: laird, savage, bonnner, naughton, doedee, Murray (Murphy finlayson)

Mid: danger, Mitchell, zerrett, Fyfe, coniglio, libba, brayshaw, Brodie (kelly holman & banfied)

Ruck: Gawn & nank (olango)

Fwd: Walters, lambert, McLean, smith, Sicily, fritsch (ryan ZGL)

Am I better off giving coniglio & libba the flick and go one up n one down.. but I just think they might both go 95+ and make some coin especially libba he looks hungry again.


That forward line has the ability to burn you horribly and ruin your season, it could also pay off. Too many players in the 400-500K price bracket accross your team for my liking, as there not all going to jump up to the next level. With that in mind I'd give cognilio and libba the flick for a genuine premium and a rookie, whilst using what's left to upgrade one of your foward mid pricers. Just my opinion.


Thanks josh taken onboard and have flicked libba & coniglio.


Currently :

Def: laird, hibberd, bonnner, naughton, doedee, Murray (Murphy finlayson)

Mid: danger, Mitchell, Oliver, zerrett, Fyfe, beams brayshaw, Brodie (kelly holman & banfied)

Ruck: Gawn & nank (olango)

Fwd: lambert, McLean, smith, Sicily, christenson fritsch (ryan ZGL)


Lambert looks a good pod but not for f1, there in no way the likes of Greene buddy Heeney mena billings all miss out on top 10, you’ve gotta have one of those in.
You’re defence is similar to mine, I’ve left cash over to upgrade bonner after a few weeks, may have gone a
Little deep in mid and I don’t believe nank is that big of a lock.
Beams will most likely get injured through the season too, I see this side needing a lot of trades through the season


Parker and Mclean (25k left) or Bontempelli and Sicily (61k left)?



Parker and McLean


Can’t beat the consistency or Parker & McLean. Can’t trust Sicily I had him all preseason till an hour ago and won’t be going back to him.


Def – Laird, L Ryan, Hibberd (Melb), Naughton, Keefe , Doedee (Murray, Finslayson)

Mid – Titch, Danger, Fyfe, THE Zorko,J Kelly, Brayshaw( FRE), Garlett, Banfield, (Barry, Holman, T Kelly)

Rucks – Gawn,NANK (Cameron)

Fwd – Heeney, Billings , Smith, Barlow, Rayner , Fritch (Ryan, Brown)

Now i have 200K IN bank should i get krezer for NANK and should replace Rayner but replace him for who??


Do I start Garlett at M11 swing with Fogarty F6 or stick with Barry? Worried about JS for all 3 and want to keep the DPP swing if plausible.


Thoughts on b Ellis Richmond?? Thunk8ng I may need 3 premo in def and i don't trust anyone outside of hibberd and laird
Current team
Laird hibberd Ellis naughton Finlayson Murray doedee Keefe
Mitchell kelly fyfe gibbs Parker cripps Brodie Holman barry kelly banfield
Godly gawn Cameron
Billings Dahl mundy smith Langdon Fritsch Ryan garlett


Lambert and Bonner
Stephenson and Hibberd

My estimates are
90-95 and 70-75
65-70 and 95-100

Would love to hear some opinions, cheers