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This preseason has taken everything from me.

It took Sam Docherty before it had even begun. Then Zac Williams. Then, when Champion Data released positions, it took our forwards.

It got worse.

It took our ruck options. Then our rookies. Then, finally, it took Jock BLOODY Reynolds from our clutching hands.

It robbed me of my sleep, my health, my sanity.

Now it’s trying to take Pearce Hanley. It’s trying to take Kreuzer. It’s trying to take Patrick Dangerfield.

All the teams have become convergent and convergent as all our options are taken away from us. You have to do this, you have to do that. This year, more than any, we’re being shoved into a cookie cutter. And I hate it.

So I took some time away. I took a few days away from the internet, away from people tweeting teams at me in the thought-bubble that is Twitter, and seriously looked at my side. I completely restructured.

And I still hated it.

I’m done. You win, preseason. You win, you cold-hearted prick. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? IS THIS WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY?


There you go. Look at it. Just look at it dead in the eyes and just say it. I’m insane. And you know what? Being insane is liberating. It’s beautiful, in its own twisted and dark way. Just like this backline, which is beautiful in its own twisted and dark way. You see a line berefit of points, a dusty plain of tumbleweeds and misery.

I see a field of opportunity.

These blokes will make cash. All of them… with the possible exception of Lachie Keeffe, who may actually lose cash if he plays, but that’s not the point. Keeffe is part of Something Greater. Trust me, we’ll get to him. Laird doesn’t need to be justified. Riley Bonner, however, does, because I’ve spent all preseason saying I don’t rate him as a selection. After enough backflips to turn me into a pretzel, Riley Bonner is going to play, he is going to average 75 to 80, he will make cash and I can flick him just before his bye.

He will grow and bloom into a beautiful money flower, as will Naughton, Doodee, Murray, Finlayson and Coffield. They can take part in the old adage that premiums always haemorrhage cash from their starting price. People will ask ‘but who will you downgrade your defensive rookies to if none arrive?’ To them I say I will upgrade them, not downgrade. Hanley is first on my radar, followed by whoever else loses cash like a expansionist club in a state that hates then.

Anyway, although a thousand cash blossoms may bloom in the backline I’m not going to spend any more time on it because every three months a forward line permium option gets torn to pieces by a crocodile in North Queensland.


“Not bad for a team of demented monkeys, from the caves to the city to a permanent party” – Father John Misty, Total Entertainment Forever.

If my backline is a cave – the pits, rock bottom, a barren field, whatever you’re going to abuse it as down in the comments – my midfield will be a permanent party. Look at it, JUST LOOK AT IT! It makes my eyes moist just thinking about it. Patrick Dangerfield you beautiful human, you’ll be right for round one. And if you’re not, I’ll pick you anyway you beautiful bastard.

Dangerfield scored 239 points more than the second-best option in 2017. Two hundred and thirty-nine. That’s a lot. That’s a big number. An exceptionally large number considering Dustin Martin averaged 119, which according to the calculator means even with two less games than Dusty he still scores the same. And if he misses more than two? Then… I…. shut up, he’s not missing more than two.

Titch speaks for himself, Clayton Oliver is a bull and is switching with Merrett on a daily basis. Fyfe is Lyfe, my reasoning behind Macrae can be found here and Lachie Whitfield has shone this preseason and I have every reason to believe he will continue to shine during the season.

I do not have Cripps. Part gut, part POD, part Kev’s writeup of him which has me doubting he’s the essential pick everyone says he is – which even I – the human pretzel – have been saying he is. Sorry Corn Boy, Lek’s gonna have to do enough loving for the both of us. I need my PODS.


“If Kreuzer backs up the number one position in 2018 I’ll eat a shoe” – me to Lek before recording a podcast.

Anyone know any shoes that don’t taste like shoe? Or alternatively, anyone know any good ruckmen who don’t taste like they’re terrible or injured or both?


The less said about this prick of a line the better. Where do we start? How about the lack of rookies you sociopathic AFL coaches? Would it kill you to play a Jack Higgins or a Riley Bonar through the midfield and give us some options down there? Oh and Adam Simpson, thanks but no thanks. I’ll pass on Ryan and will follow the sage old advice of ‘Do Not Touch – Willie’ on your version of Cyril Rioli.

Good advice

As for the “premiums” – McLean should be a lock in most sides alongside Devon Smith. Sicily is a flog of the likes we haven’t seen since Goddard in his pretzel-punching prime, which to be honest wasn’t a very long time ago now I think about it.

Cameron and Mundy are still changing hour by hour – I think they’re the combination I hate the least, but I’m constantly playing around to try and fit one of Heeney, Billings or Menegola in the side. Unfortunately that means the other one becomes Matt Taberner and I will not let this preseason drag me down to that level. For all the nightmares it has made me act out, that is one line I will not cross… until Thursday night.

Pray for me, community, and I will pray for you in turn. Tear it to shreds.

Oh god, what have I done…

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C Judd 3 Votes





Where are my virtual internet earplugs?


Um, Your forward line is unique , don't think I've seen one like that , do you have league I can join Mr.Patch ?


This is the nicest thing anyone's said about my forward line.


Actually mine is quite similar atm, Heeney & Bell instead of Mundy & Cameron


Correct Patch! You are insane. As I saw your defence I'm thinking to myself ok he has to be loaded in the mids, I get to the mids, few PODs but where's all his money going?

Rucks rock solid!

Your F1 and F2 make me cringe but you said they change hour by hour. I'd say you keep fiddling hour by hour until you come to your senses…..if that's possible!

Summary to this side I still wonder where all your money went. Did you start with 8 million?


Mundy will average around 90. Perfectly fine for F1


I don't get it, each team released on here gets worse than the one before. Is it all a joke?

Surely having a player like Bonner at d2 would allow for a stacked team everywhere else? But no.

You're midfield is ok. Still not sold on having a bulldogs player in there, Crouch and Zorko, or even Zerrett would be a better selection.

You're ruck combo is great, however I'm not understanding the Cameron selection.

Smith and McLean have been locks in my side since day one, but again surely with Bonner at d2 you could have a far better F1,F2 combo than Cameron and Mundy. Don't see either of them being top 10 potential so wasted picks IMO.


I reckon you may be right. As I said I'm still tossing F1 and 2 up but having slept on it since the reveal they probably need to be a Heeney and someone else who'll be locked into top six instead of gambles.


Yeah I think so


Mundys gonna be top 8 I'm backing him


Buddy, Heeney, Greene, Gray, Billings, McLean, Dal, Mena
Think they all go better. Can see Mundy going 80’s this year


have to agree. this team has me asking serious questions but come the season opener we will see. gl Patch love the balls of doing something oddly different


I think there is a line with having balls goes to being silly.
I don’t understand stressing so much about the season then starting off with something like this


Anyone have any league spots? nothing too special, usually top 10k did one season two back low 1000s..


Worst team ive seen omg


Love it! Go against the grain and challenge the status quo. The only way to win…

The sheep can’t handle it!


This team won't even crack the top 20k, let alone win


Cookie Cutter


What’s the point of picking a teams that’s not competitive just to go against the grain? I’ve got 5/6 great pods in my team. And it’s far better than this side


Yeah it’s heaps better, just ask him!


Go on then, who are your pods? Do a team reveal… I'm sure most of us on here have researched whoever you have selected.

Probably another cookie cutter.

Mystic Mac

haha spot on.


Mate you’ve got Treloar in your team. Don’t think you’re in any position to pass judgement


I agree with you on everything except Treloar. If he gets his disposal eff up then he will be top 10 easy!


He won't post his team because it sucks and he is a coward. All he does is shit on other peoples teams when his team is no better.


There is a difference between shiting in teams and being critical. The comments I make are backed up. Just because I’m not offering fake positive reinforcement comments (which is cowardish) people get upset. I know my team is a whole lot better than this.


Prove it then


And have you lot replicate it? I’ll pass and wait for lockout mate

The only way I do one is with the JR admin hitting me up and doing it the proper way


Mate you're not that special – and you've been shitting on people for the last week


You’d have no idea my consistent top 1% finishes would suggest otherwise. I think how your viewing my comments is more a reflection on you

Mystic Mac

haha! You've looped it son


There are ways of critiquing people without essentially telling them they are wrong and no good for picking someone you might not…


Hahahaha. Only thing you can have on this site is the flog of the year champ.

Jock's spent a whole $%&@ing lifetime building a community that supports eachother, shares intel with eachother.

And you are all about having a crack at people and such a simpleton that you won't share your team. Congrats on your 1% finishes buddy, maybe you won't show us that either though.



He's prepared to claim his "consistent top 1% finishes" but too scared of showing his team cause its so good it might get copied..


Mods would hsve kicked him off the site by now in JR days. How the times hsve changes. And that's the last of me on this site sadly.


Not sure what you guys are bringing to the table?

Sean Murrihy

Know what I love about this team? Everything. You don't win supercoach by playing the same game as everyone else. And! Corrective trades are there if u need them..

neil demons delight

Gonna need plenty here Sean


Have you hacked into my account or something patch because this is very very similar to mine.
Same as you I want to go for something different to seperate myself from the pack.

If we play each other in Trigs league early we might only have 6 or 7 unique players.

Best of luck for the year.


Not something to get excited about Liam. Maybe you can explain how a team can look so poor on both defence and forward lines, and just have an ok midfield?


Coniglio at m7 is pretty sure midfield in my books. Sicily and f5 makes my forward quite strong as well.
Feel free to show your team so we can see your structure and how’s your team is shaping up.

neil demons delight

Dynamo does all his best work because of audience stooges (check it out) and that's the same here That team just creates fake banter Reckon he has a bank of over 1 mill. If wow trev or/and #66 are real then he/they whatever are spot on crap team


Wow. Very difference side to what I have seen. I like it Patch.

Community, any thoughts on my team please.

DEF: Laird, McGovern, Naughton, Finlayson, Murray, Doedee, Keeffe, Mihocek
MID: Mitchell, Kelly, Crouch, Fyfe, Treloar, Parker, Brayshaw, Banfield, Barry, Kelly, Holman
RUC: Gawn, Nank, Olango
FWD: Heeney, Billings, Walters, McLean, Sicily, Stephenson, Fritsch, Garlett

$28K in the Bank

Mystic Mac

like the McGovern pick. Solid team Davo


Thanks Mystic Mac.
I've tried to go a few a couple players in each line that are outsiders (or pods) that will hopefully be top 6-8 in their respective lines. The likes of McGovern, Treloar, Parker, Walters, Mclean, Sicily (see him as a DEF), Nank (top 4).

Do I have too many, not enough or an okay amount of these players?

I keep looking at my team on how to improve it but I've run out of options, so looks like I'll be running with this (barring any selection issues)


Treloar looks gross


Thanks mate.


Different was the aim Davo. Like that side. Do you have a plan to get Danger in or will you let him slide?

Mystic Mac

A lot of negative nelly's on here these days.. At least he's trying something different. No need to lay into him.


Think you just expect more from these guys that are supposed to give great advice

Mystic Mac

you don't have to take their advice champ


It's alright Mystic, my team will be too cookie cutter tomorrow 🙂


This team is worse than my future and ATAR calculator says I get a 22


Unlucky buddy


I’m just joking, but that backline is terribly in-premium


I don't think the backline is the real problem with his team it is that the rest of his team isn't that strong given the trade off.


Are ATARs ranked out of 25?


Oh. It is not.


1 spot left league 640357 if anybody interested!!


Certainly unique Patch!!
Looking forward to tackling your potatoes (!!!) in Brownlow Boys league, good luck for the season bud.
About to rip into the podcast, cheers.


Just made a league for the community to fill my last league spot.
Code is 860269.

Anyone is welcome just comment your name and team name below so I know who’s joined.

Cheers and bring on 2018

Mystic Mac

Mystic Mac – Dan


Hey mate "Such Is Fyfe" would be honoured to join. Best of luck – Cam

Mike C

Thanks Liam, 'Alphies Station' are happy to join a league of Jock's community! Go well all….


Luke – Sniffa Dogs. Cheers


You got me too Liam. Always in trouble. Look forward to a bit of banter.


Stocklander's in too! Cheers


"Vyrone Tickery" I'm in mate, good luck!


League is full. Bring on the year


The Fishermen – Danny


Damn too late.

Mac D

Nice team and nice set of balls on you to be different mate – I'm doing the same TO HELL WITH WHAT THEY SAY !


Thanks mate! We'll scream together when it goes badly


Weird arse question……
but the drawn final last year between west coast and port, do the supercoach scores from that game finish after the 4 quarter siren or extra time points are included??

Also here's my team – any comments greatly appreciated.

B: J. McGovern, J. Lloyd, S. Savage, J Sicily, O'Shea (if named), S. Murray (Doedee, Finlayson)

M: M. Crouch, N. Fyfe, M. Bontempelli, J. Kennedy, P. Cripps, L. Whitfield, J. O'Meara, T. Kelly (Constable, Barry, Holman)

R: M. Gawn, S. Lycett (Cameron)

F: M. Walters, T. McLean, D. Smith, C. Petracca, C. Rioli, B. Fritsch (Keeffe, Ryan)


Believe they'd be included Dice, but don't quote me on it.

Lycett concerns me, as does the lack of The Big Three. What are your plans to get them in? McGovern a nice POD.


Yeah that's me risk Patch. Last year started without Danger and picked him up i think $100K cheaper maybe? Think that might happen again as he'll spend a lot fwd with the Gaz in, and he will kick goals but it'll be the one game where he doesn't hit the scoreboard which he'll drop significantly….i'm hoping. Just can't spend $750K on a player. Concerned Dusty will start slow, and Mitchell hits consistent 110s so price for those 2 will stay or drop and i'l pick them up a few rounds in but……all depends if my midfield hits 110s which i'm tipping. I'm backing Whitfield and Kennedy to impact immediately. Kennedy especially as the start of last year hurt those boys, they'll start 5 zip.

Yeah Lycetts a concern, tossing up to swap rioli for a rookie and lycett for premium.


Would feel more comfortable doing so personally.

A lot of people have made the cash argument but missing all three is a lot of points begging. Not saying don't do it, just my thoughts.


Too many blokes in Mids that will struggle to be top 8 in their position, just my take though,


Thanks Leeds…any ideas?


Personally I couldn't start without at least one of Danger, Dusty & Mitchell, that's juts me though.


It wont matter about extra time in a final Dice because sc will be finished, no extra time in home and away season.


Yeah cheers hedski, just seeing what Bonner would have finished on in the elimination final last year after 4 quarters


Thoughts on my team? Cheers got 41.8 K left over
Gone for a strong forward line due to lack of rookies

Def- Laird, J. Mcgovern, L. Ryan, Naughton, Doedee, Murrat, ( Finlayson, L. Murphy)

Mid- Danger, Titch, Z, Merret, Fyfe, Parker, A.Brayshaw, Brodie, Holman, (Banfield, Kelly, Barry)

Ruck- Ryder, Gawn ( Olango)

Fwd- Heeny, Walters, Mclean, D. SMith, J. Scicily, L.Ryan ( Langdon , Fritsch


Youre note going to win, Teams like literally every other team you sheep


Yepp, because McGovern, Ryan, Zmerret, Parker, McLean arnt pods- haven't even seen many people with Ryder. Not a sheep at all


Well this team looks crap and very weak on paper. That being said who knows Patch could very well be $50k better off come September although I wont be holding my breath…


Deym! It's certainly different and very ballsy going in with that team. Good luck Patch hope it works out for ya mate, I'm sure you have a very good plan to get ya through the season.


Both dreading and craving this lockout cause the longer I look a this cursed team the worse it gets.

I'm also going super light in the backline so hopefully great minds think alike but bloody hell it's giving me anxiety.
Also love the audacity in the forward line, Mundy has been in and out of my team aswell.

Love Kreuzer, sure he may drop in price a bit but gets so many points that aren't hit outs and having him there notably helps with my anxiety.

Well done on the preseason boys, big shoes to fill and you've done an admirable job.

Anyway here is my squad atm

Yeo, Laird, Naughton
Doedee, Murray, Finlayson (Mirra, Morgan)

Danger, Titch
Kelly, Fyfe, Cripps
Parker, Brodie, Banfield (Kelly, Barry, Holman)

Kreuz, Gawn (Cameron)

Buddy, Mclean, Smith,
Sicily, Fritsch, Garlett (Ahern, Ryan)

Still got 200k in the bank keen on your thoughts best of luck community


Why on earth do you have Coffield & Finlayson both in your backline when both are MID/DEF DPP

You have no DPP players in your midfield so I don’t understand what you’re thinking Patch.

You would be crazy if you don't get rid of Brodie or Brayshaw and put Coffield in or get rid of Banfield and put Finlayson in the guts.


Considering I'm running all the rookie defenders it would leave me short one if I put on in the mid. I also prefer selecting mid rookies in mids as they usually make more cash.

DPPs with rookies aren't as useful in my opinion.


I'm not as insane as you Patch, iv got Bonner at D3


How many premiums are the community rolling with in each line? I'm going 2-6-2-5 (if you count smith and siciliy as premiums, which i do as i'm aiming for them to be keepers).


Who’s your r2


The nank, should also mention that one of my defense premiums isnt strictly speaking a "premium", but a breakout contender upwards of 400k.


Nank is probably boarderline premo too, will be plenty that finish higher


Hmm, we'll see. He tends to start well, just runs out of steam halfway through the season, i'm hoping that with another preseason under his belt he'll have built his tank. Worst case scenario i'll trade him to Ryder in round 11.


If we are basing it on 400k plus I’m 2-5-2-6


The game is about luck and trading. From the look of Patches team I'd say that he has enough in the bank to start cashing out some vealers and pickup some price drop premos from about week 5 and if his good rookies perform to expectation he could be at full premo a week or two earlier than the pack. I hope that is his strategy otherwise he's toast.
It's no secret that Rookies make their biggest price gains in weeks 3,4,5 and premos who drop usually drop the most in weeks 3,4,5


Does anyone think Treloar will be better this year? Or should I just go Pendles?


Buckley is their coach and Collingwood are terrible so neither


He did average over 110 the year before. Just thought after a season of settling in he might go back to that form.


Somme inside info for you. Treloar carrying a niggle rd 1 from jlt. Won't stsrt him maybe get him later. Don't


Parta ston kolo, malaka!


Treloar out of those two but I wouldn't pick either with so many better mids.

Billy Brainless

Join the league – Jock Reynolds DIV1 League Code 370023


A bit of hysteria in the comments lately. Some people are passionately stating things like 'this year is different' to justify 3 on-field rookies on a single line or calling teams 'cookie cutter' because they feature the most logical options in certain positions BUT, the same people also state things like you have to have Dangerfield because of what he did last year and/or you must have a minimum number of players over 500k/premos in your starting team.

There isn't anything wrong with either argument but when you use both to criticise the comments of others your behaviour is childish. A negative plus a positive =0


Couldn't agree more


Great news everyone
I still don't think I will pick Fog however due to his questionable JS.
Lock in Doedee


FYI this team leaves him with just $13,800…


Time to try auto pick Patch.


When do teams drop?


We get the Carlton vs Richmond teams tomorrow and the rest drop at around 6 on Thursday off memory.


Patrick Keane on twitter gets them at about 5:45-5:50, AFL website takes for ages to update the teams.


Fella's can I get some overall thoughts on the current squad bloody sick of playing with it 😉

Laird, Savage, Ryan, Doedee (if not named can upgrade to Naughton/O'Shea), Murray, Finlayson (Murphy, Mihocek)

Danger, Dusty, Titch, Fyfe, Coniglio, Brayshaw, Banfield, Holman (Garlett, Kelly, Barry)

Kreuz, Gawn (Cameron)

Buddy, Billings, Walters, Smith, Tracca, Fritsch (Giles-Langdon, Ryan)

My only real question is should I be cutting 2 rookies down to not playing cheapies e.g Cameron & Barry/Ryan to 102k players so I can upgrade Coniglio to Oliver?

My logic is at present let Coniglio go up in cash, let the rookies fatten up and let Oliver clear my head on his knee and pull the trigger then?

Otherwise I could break my heart and cut Dusty out with Congilio & jump on Oliver & Kelly?

Thoughts lads?

Other question is McLean that much of a lock? If so who should I cut?


Don't think Mihocek will play. Collingwood have already said that Stephenson and Murray would play, but not Mihocek.

I wouldn't cut playing rookies to try to get Oliver, that would be a lot of lost cash generation. For me the swap from Dusty and Coniglio to Oliver and Kelly is a line ball decision.

Don't think that McLean is too much of a lock. You could however consider Buddy and Coniglio to Mclean and Kelly/Oliver. Buddy will be inconsistent and so you should be able to get him for a fair bit cheaper later in the season.

Overall like the team. Best of luck.


Ooo like it.

Similar players to me..very.

Laird savage & rookies

Dusty Danger Fyfe Mitchell & rookies


Billings Buddy Walters smith & rookies


Thanks guys.

Will keep in mind.

Anyone else got any useful insight?


I think it’s a good team mate.
Savage is risky, but I’ve seen teams having him as D1. I think the d2 position is tough.
Your first 4 mids should finish top 10 and cog will score well for his price, and it seems like his selection has allowed you start with Kruse and Gawn who are both locks in my team.
McLean is in my team, has showed a continuous increase in scoring potential over the years.
Fwd line is strong, I’m personally waiting on buddy because of their tough run at start of season. Who knows though he can go big.
If you think Kelly and Oliver will be top 10 I’d say wait on dusty


Thanks mate, appreciate both you sc_wow time and second question

Which team is better then in your eyes, the above option or this :

Laird, Savage (or Ryan or someone sub 500k?) Bonner, Naughton, Doedee, Murray (Finalyson) Mihcek

Danger, Dusty, Titch, Oliver, Fyfe, Brayshaw, Banfield, Holman (Coffield/Brodie (who), Kelly, Barry

Kreuz, Gawn (Olango)

Buddy, Billings, Walters, Smith, Tracca, Fritsch (Giles, Ryan)

In the above I could also take Buddy out for Greene which would then allow me to upgrade Tracca to McLean? Thoughts overall?


Both teams are pretty solid. However you don’t have a huge pod factor.
I don’t see Tracca going too much better than last year and can see McLean going 95+. Greene has a good run of games to start the season, so could be hot from the get go. Let’s hope he keeps a level head this year.
Just make sure your rookies are set to play


Ooooooooweeeee is it hot in here!! I'm pretty sure there is a saying that's something like "You catch more vinegar with flies than you do bees." …or something… While I'm not into vinegar or files I am into bees! One bee in particular- Tobee Mclean. Is he a better option than Christian Petracca or are both much of a muchness?


Petracca worries me due to Melbourne having a few mids to come back in? Does he stay forward? Without answers it's hard for me to feel confident, although him coming out today and saying he'll start mid is a good side.

McLean locked away for me.


Lek please add another premium in your backline it's looking bare up there, I know you like your POD's but that is overkill, 2-4 would be nice, other than that it's an interesting but good team. Good luck to you if it works out.


Hello, this isn't my team.


Overall I like it much more than the previous teams that have been revealed, similar structure to my own.

I like the Bonner pick at D2, will be Port's go-to out of defense with Pittard and Broadbent out, only got upside…

I don't know whether your starting as you've posted but Coffield and Brayshaw are too much dollars to have sitting on the bench IMO. Premium rucks should be onfield if your paying for them.

All in all I like it and best of luck for the year.


Thanks mate! Rookies all still up in the air as to if I start them onfield or not – reckon Coffield's off field (geddit) but with my structure I need playing def rookies. If Murphy's named I my go to him instead.


If bonner is a good option at d2 $260 odd and you expect a 75-80 average then surely paddy mccartin gets a gig. $230k should average around 70


McCartin's not a bad selection, and I'm not one to argue with Higgo but Bonner doesn't have a history with concussion.

Would be considering him if I had a cheap D5 option like Bell or Christensen.


allow Oliver to dive out of your team please!


Ot's the Selwood moral dilemma because free kicks – even from dives – get him points. Dangit Clayton you magnificent cunning beast you.


McGovern or Howe? Practically the same player, think Gov has more upside this year as the ball will probably go back a lot for WC.


Yep I think so too, 94 probably tops for Howe, McGovern could be the main interception player down back with yeo in mids

Dans Donkeys

Holy Moly Patch, you've got a big pair of agates on you – I will give you that! Has been a rollercoaster preseason.

Community, after weeks of tweaking, twerking, and twitching, have put the following team together. Would love some feedback.
Not going for the $50k – just want to smash a few muppets in my league (who are in fact quite decent at SC unfortunately).

Laird, Howe, L.Ryan, Naughton, Murray, Finlayson (Murphy, Mihocek)

Danger, Mitchell, Oliver, Zorko, Fyfe, Whitfield, Banfield, Holman (O'Connor, Garlett, Kelly)

Big Maxxy & Nank the Tank. (Olango for loop)

Heeney, Billings, D.Smith, Petracca, Giles-Langdon, Fritsch (Keefe, Ryan)

Went Zorko in the mids over crouch/kelly as he is a beast, and could possibly double tonne it up.

Tossing up downgrading Whitfield to Cogs, but like the POD at the moment, and upgrading Ryan to Hurley in Defence.
Doede not getting a gig in defence (according to Texarse) is making me think of the above, and thinking of reasons to leave out Sicily, as he is a flog.

$57k left in bank. $700 if I upgrade Ryan, and downgrade Whitfield.

Was going to play Brayshaw, but having 2 freo rookies onfield was giving me nightmares.

Thoughts/feedback appreciated – have a thick skin, and I want to win – so have it it 🙂

(I recently posted this under Barrons thread – but am sure Patch's post is going to be a hotbed of debate for a while)



Rate it, Dan! Personally not sold on The Truck – will start well but will he keep mid time when Viney and co are back? God he's good though

Dans Donkeys

Thanks Patch – appreciate the feedback – wasn't sold either on The Truck, might have got caught up in the hype – forward line could be a wasteland for my SC hopes and dreams this year!


If just going for league wins, get RGray before everyone else.


I like your team Patch, especially given how there are next to no good rookies for the forward line. It's a bit risky maybe, but it could pay off well too. Best of luck mate!


Cheers mate!


no good being the norm, think motlop will be a big improver , finished off well last year and new home has him fit and hopefully near his very best this year


Alright guys

There’s seems to have been a lot of people taking my comments the wrong way and getting upset by them. If that’s you, you’re soft.
I am here to offer constructive comments so that people can improve their teams. And the people with their heads screwed on can see that. I’m not doing a rate my team but if JR wants to get in touch I’ll more than happily do a revel, since so many of you are demanding it.

I have also set up a league so that you guys can see I’m the real deal. Feel free to join if you think you’re worthy.



Hey mate,

I appreciate any useful input thats why we are here after all.

Can you look up a few posts and throw your 2 bob my way!?


All the best with the season ahead fella!


You too razzmatazz


Leagues full fellas


Nothing soft about treating others with courtesy and respect.


I’d just drop either Whitfield or Macrae to Barry then upgrade Landon to Billings or Heeney. Other then that not bad…


Cheers mate! Has crossed my mind and as I said I'm not sold on Mundy especially. He could become Heeney


I'm getting real suspicious with
SC_Sixty6, SC_Wow and Wow_Trevor

They all appeared in this last week and a bit heading towards the opening round.

Feels like they are Jock, Higgo and Crouching having a bit of a laugh. Could be wrong, just the way they talk and the knowledge they have with players and how the sc system works, they sound like a veteran to this great game of ours.


Haha you’re right about having the knowledge mate.


Maybe we should start a podcast too 😉


I'd listen


Definitely would like to hear your podcast.

My Suspicion SC_Wow and SC_Sixty6 are Jock and Higgo, Wow_Trevor is not Crouching cause Crouching went missing somewhere in lalaland😁 so I'm assuming Wow_Trevor is Trev.


It might be in the works, watch this space
Want the people to get solid advice


Yeah it's me Donkey but WoW_Trevor was my name last year as well.
We're all just clones of the original Mr Jones WoW


Yeah figured that out trev, after i posted went to your profile and checked all your posts.<img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="👍" src=""&gt;


I thought you were all clones of the Shamwow Trev…3 easy payments of 29.95 on Danoz Direct 🙂




I could be wrong Hedski. Been reading all the posts and comments, SC_sixty6 and SC_WoW just seemed very passionate, specially SC_WoW just reminds of Jock on how he would react with peoples choices. He's choice of avatar kinda represents himself, SC_Sixty6 ironically his avatar wears glasses. Both account were created recently

Coincidence or am I just missing the old fellas.


You might be drunk. easy way to check is to look at your wife and/or teenage kids, if you like them you're smashed.


Haha wish i was, maybe the anti-depressant and valium are kicking in.


Thanks for making sure I limit my podcasts I download about supercoach. You and Lek actually have no idea. See you all when Jock is back.


Pretty sure these blokes don't get paid to do this, and if they do I couldn't imagine it'd be a lot. Be grateful that they donate their time to do this mate!


League Code for anyone who is keen and active 🙂 394289

Nobby Bobby

Don’t mind it Patch, I had something similar but ultimately I just thought it was too risky to go with, and thought I’d try win it this year with trades, because it looks like we’re definitely going to need time to pick the top players this year. I’ve gone with:

D – Laird, Hibberd, Savage, Naughton, Doedee, Murray (Murphy, Mihocek)
M – Danger, Titch, Kelly, Fyfe, Cripps, Coniglio, Brayshaw, Banfield (Finlayson, Kelly, Holman)
R – Gawn, Nank (Olango)
F – Heeney, Billings, McLean, Smith, Giles-Langdon, Frisch (Garlett, Ryan)

Still a few risks, I’m also backing Savage in. Nank to pull out a decent first half to the year. Cripps and Coniglio in for value, although I’m still not comfortable with the idea of both in my team.

My biggest concern right now is the 1.4k in my bank, absolutely no room to swap my picks around come team announcements, but it’s the most I’ve liked the look of my team all pre-season..

What do you guys thinks?


Dont' mind it at all, Nobby. Savage worries me slightly as my gut screams JLT pretender but he backed it up in the second half of last season.


Glad to see the community up and about again. I feel a buzz in the air with only days before season starter.

Remember fellas if you've been planning for this as most of us have for a while, do not panic and stick to your guns. No late left field moves that will put you off the track and ruin your season. Go with your gut and head. There's no room for biased decisions in SC!


Looking forward to a good season 66!


really like the whitfield pick and this team might make people split a few of the cookie cutter teams up


Whitfield could be a great pick.

Don’t think too many people are going to be rushing to put bonner at d2 though


If Lobb is named round 1 (and Simpson isn't) would you rather have Lobb at F6, Barry at M11 and $59k OR Christensen at F6, Coffield at M11 (would obviously put him on field but for this purpose I'll say M11) and $134k in the bank to hopefully get in early on that first upgrade. Would really appreciate some feedback on this because I reckon Lobb will go ham as the sole ruck at GWS. Cheers


Option A definitely


Personally see Lobb as too much of a risk to start with – could certainly be a corrective if a Walters or Sicily stink it up in the first two weeks and he goes gangbusters.


Patch stop try to sound like Jock and be yourself ! You don't need to be him or anyone else ! #justsayin


How long will Kennedy be out for WCE?

I’m still considering Lycett for R2 and WCE will need a tall person in their forward line.


Not another 3-4 week injury to JJK to start the season. I think that the ave missed period for a JJK 3-4 week season start injury is about 7-weeks. I can remember one of them turning in to twelve weeks


Have heard rumours it'll be half the season, but no-one really knows. Waterman is likely to play as that key forward than Lycett, who from my understanding is more of a pure ruck – that said I don't think they trust NicNat solo early so Lycett could be value? I'm not going there, Derek.


I hope that they use McGovern to give Nic a chopout and they play Waterman. McGovern hopes that too. But you don't have waterman?


I do not, no. KPF rookies don't tend to pique my fancy – although with the capacity to play as a midfielder/up the ground I'd consider if named.

McGovern in the ruck would be a wonderful sight from a SC perspective.


He doesn't have garletts dpp but you don't have anyone to switch garlett with anyway atmo. Garlett and Waterman are both iffy for a round 1 start but at least Waterman would give you a great loop option until the byes if he doesn't play


Very funny article Patch! I really enjoyed it! I found myself laughing a lot!… and not just at your team 😉
Truth be told, I think you have done some excellent research, chosen a number of quality under priced players and included a few break out candidates, most others have glossed over. Thanks, well done and good luck!


Luke Parker and Libba

Or Cripps and Jack Steven


Can someone post The Phantom's midfield article from today? I know its' stingy but some of use can't afford to subscribe to every channel


Hey community

This is likely to be my final team and would like to know your thoughts on this team.

I have 10k in the bank to work with aswell

DEF: Laird, Hibbered, Cofielld (or oshea if he is selected), Naughton, Doedee, Murray (L.Murphy, Finlayson)

MID: Danger, Titich, Oliver, Fyfe, Cripps, Brayshaw, Brodie, Banfield ( Kelly, Barry, Holman)

Ruck: KRUZ, Gawn (Olango)

FWD: Heeney, Greene, Billings, Walters, Mclean, Fritish (Garlett, Ryan)

Cheers community and good luck


Not enough experience or reliability in defense Paul. Murphy wont play so you'll probably get Mihocek if he plays but Coffield or O'shea aren't good enough or reliable enough for D3. Naughton Doedee and Murray all seem to have good JS at the moment but if 2 of your 6 defensive rookies get dropped and/or injured in the first 4-weeks how do you replace them? The traded out rook plus 10k in the bank wont buy you a player.


Community please give me a hand…

Sicily (D3) & Heeney (F1)
McGovern (D3) & Petracca (F4)


Heeney and Sicily, Sicily will have a better supercoach season the gov imo


Lloyd, Mclean, Stephenson (2 fwd rookies onfield)


Mills, Petracca, Bell (1 fwd rookie onfield)


Option two Tommy. Less rookies the better, and as much as I love McLean option two has more upside for mine


I prefer option one…


What about, Mills, Petracca, Stephenson


Boy of boy Patchy you have a serious set of cohonas…or a serious issue with self loathing. Either way I like it. This is what SuperCoach is all about!


lol what is this anti-cookie cutter tirade coming from everyone? Pick a solid team with the right blend of reliability and the necessary risks it takes to come 1st. If you take far too many risks you are simply lowering your chances of coming in the top 1-5% or winning and it will likely cause you to come much lower. The bloke who won it in 2016 didn't win it by deliberately setting out and picking pods. He had go Mitch Robinson to Buddy and Brad Crouch to Libba early on, flicking two guys for others much more popular. A pod is good but it needs to make sense. I.e. believing in Whitfield over Cripps is just not a rational decision based off of two JLT games in a new role when we know that Cripps has averaged 107 before, has averaged an injury affected 97 last year without his famous late season run and just had his first full preseason and is also in the notorious "second breakout" 5th year. Whitfield looks naturally suited to Williams's role but how confident can we be off of 2 JLT games? Pick the players you think will average well and pick pods that make sense and use your footy know how to do so. I wanted to get Hurley over Hibberd and Mclean over Petracca because I believed in them more and also because they were comparative pods but now that I can't afford either due to it looking necessary that I pick Coffield for my defensive bench I'm forced to pick them both.

By the way I think the choices in the team are all reasonable in their own right with the exception of Cameron, I just feel that there are better options.


I've picked Whitfield over Cripps because Cripps has only averaged over 100 once in 3 years and could be construed as injury prone, hasn't exactly proven himself as a solid lock premo..just like Whitfield hasn't…maybe he has Barlow like chalky legs that break?, Whitfield had his best year last year , where he only played 15 but averaged 97, in the midfield but now he's gonna be a rebounding defender, Whitfield is in a much better team, Cripps is in a bottom 8 team.
Believing in Whitfield over Cripps is a very rational decision and it's not based at all on JLT.


Except Cripps did average over 100 (102) last year if you take out the injury affected game and his best season is 10 points better than Whitfields best year (107). He did this after basically missing preseason with a back problem and before he was able to make the most of his late season form. He is a guy who has gone 96+ for 3 seasons in a row and is therefore much more worthy of his price tag given given Whitfield has only gone 90+ once. We don't properly know how Whitfield will score in defence based off two games where he scored 91 and 141. I feel that it's a massive risk. If you see the guy moved back to the wing/HFF he's simply playing too much of an uncontested role in a packed midfield to go 105-110. Yes Cripps is in a worse team but he is their best midfielder and a guy who came 1st in the AFL for clearances in 2016, Whitfield is a skilled player who has played an uncontested role in a packed midfield that limits his scoring ability and who is unknown quantity in defence.

I think the guy is naturally suited to a half-back role but two games isn't enough evidence for me.


Money in bank: 7,300

DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Sicily, Naughton, Doedee, Murray — Finlayson Mihocek

Questions: Quite set, none of these blokes will leave my team.

MID: Danger, Dusty, Titch, Fyfe, Cripps, JOM, Brayshaw, Brodie — Kelly, Banfield, Holman

Questions: I'm quite set at the moment on this midfield and think its probably not going to change from here on out. Brodie is probably my only question just seeing whether I will benefit more from downgrading him to Barry and still probably get the same scoring output.

RUCK: Gawn, NicNat — Olango

Questions: Bunga said Nic Nat will play Round 1, and hes scoring output in my opinion is too hard to avoid even if it takes him a couple of Rounds to warm up.

FWD: Heeney, Billings, Smith, Petracca, Christensen, Fritsch — Garlett, Liam Ryan

Questions: Christensen or Bel -l then maybe Petracca, thats my only questions.
Feedback greatly appreciated community!


Hey community. Looking for feedback on my team as it stands this hour

DEF : Hurley, Laird, Hibberd, Coffield, Naughton, Doedee, (Murray, Murphy)

Mid: Dangerfield, Martin, Mitchell, Fyfe, Coniglio, Brayshaw, Brodie, Clark (Finlayson, Kelly, Holman)

RUC : Jacobs, Gawn (Cameron)

FWD : Heeney, McLean, Smith, Sicily, McCartin, Fogarty (Ryan, Fritsch)

Only $12k in the bank which I feel may be asking for trouble.

Should I downgrade Hurley/Hibberd to Ryan and save that cash for a rainy day?

Any feedback would be great


Downgrade Martin to free up some money. He will likely drop in price at some stage this year due to bad form for a few games.


If I downgrade Martin where do I go in the interim?


Pick up anyone around 600k or under. Plenty of underpeiced players!




I know I'm NUTS. But I'm actually thinking of picking Sloane. Think he will handle the tag this year. Anyone else thinking the same?


I'm thinking there are so many other premo options out there who have proven they can handle a tag. Not worth the risk.


Not that crazy mate, still finished 7th overall. He can go huge and especially at home, which they play a lot of before the bye. I’ve got Crouch so can’t fit him in but could be a great pod


Ill be picking him up eventually, but will almost certainly get a game where he can;'t handle the tag and drop significantly in price. So i'd wait until then


Love the selection mate


he is very good at football

The Ranger

Not at all nuts, been switching between him and Oliver all preseason.


No crouch?

The Ranger

If I was going to pick one Crows mid it would be Sloane over Crouch.
Not much in it except ownership percentage.


Not nuts at all, I like him also as he is a lot better now at shaking a tag. It wont suprise me if Sloane ends up being a top 6 midfielder. He was 7th last year and is only getting better regarding the tag…,



Sean's Mob

I notice a lot of people are including Mihocek and Murphy (primarily when only going for a 2 Premo backline) but given both Collinwood and Adelaide have indicated who their debutants will be this week and neither of these guys were included in those announcements unless u r using them as your loophole then suggest you might want to have a Plan B ready to go.


Any leagues for me to join? Finished inside the top 4k last year after being 34k in round 9


Hi Community,
Would love some feedback on my team please.

DEF: R.Laird, M.Hibberd, J.Howe, A.Naughton, T.Doedee, S.Murray, J.Finlayson, N.Coffield
MID: T.Mitchell, J.Kelly, M.Crouch, Fyfe, P.Cripps, A.Brayshaw, W.Brodie, B.Banfield, D.Barry, T.Kelly, N.Holman
RUC: Gawn, Nank, Olango
FWD: I.Heeney, L.Dahlhaus, M.Walters, C.Petracca, J.Sicily, B.Fritsch, J.Garlett, L.Ryan

Have 9,100k in bank. Any feedback would be great.


Someone posted about Lobb yesterday. Sparked my interest to find out about his progress as he was in my early early team before he had a calf complaint.

So I got the contacts out and had a chat to Jeremy Cameron's brother. Lobb completed a full match in the 2's a few weeks back and played all ruck, Lobb will carry the ruck duties for the giants this year I can confirm! Dawson will not be named unless Lobb has injury concerns or is isn't 100% right which I can't see happening with Lobb having a full pre season. Dawson doesn't do what Lobb can around the ground! Giants have a great midfield at Lobbs feet!


Great intel here sixty6. I have to say Lobb was one of my first picks until the injury’s. Dawson hasn’t showed much and if Lobb is fit I can see him going straight in.

Will be a handy f5 in a poor year of fwd options


this is good intel if its actually true, how do you know Jeremy Cameron's brother?


Cripps or Coniglio and Walters or McLean

Cannot decide


I had the same problem but ended up choosing Cogs and Mclean


coniglio and walters for me


Any advice on my team?

DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Sicily, Naughton, O'shea, Murray (Doedee, Finlayson)

MID: Titch, Kelly, Zerret, Fyfe, Bont, Cogs, Bradshaw, Kelly (Banfield, Barry, Holeman)

RUC: Gawn, Nank (Cameron)

FWD: Heeney, Mclean, Smith, Petracca, Fogarty, Fritsch (Ryan, Garlett)

Currently have $127k in the bank so could either save it or use it. Would live to hear your thoughts community


You could use the $ to try and get Dangerfield.
Upgrading petracca to a walters, or even greene would be good. Nankervis isnt much cheaper than some more proven premos, but he could improve on last year. Consider upgrading. Sicily to savage for me, but also a lot of breakout contender defs


I am going with O'Shea if named what puzzles me is he only had 24 mins JLT game time.


Love it Patch, rookies are where the cash will be this season! Why listen to the comments echo chamber who will all finish nowhere near rhe pointy end every season.


Savage and Coniglio
Dustin Martin and Bell

Made possible due to sicily dpp

Which would you pick?


Lads, whose the better combo ?

Franklin & Heater.
Hibberd & Mundy.