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It’s the final countdown, the last chance, the end of days. Preseason is just about over, and we’re about to kick into the real deal, and your homeboys Lek Doggy Dog and Patchy McPatchface are here to guide you through the last week of Supercoach.

We have a proper scour of the rookies, we flip-flop AGAIN on Patrick Dangerfield and Lek drinks far too many beers than can be advisable, especially for any children who may be listening.

HOWEVER, we debut a new segment from FoxFooty and the AFL 180 boys, and hear from the one and only PETER HIGGINBOTHAM who returns to us to offer one final point of difference up forward.

Throw your questions, teams and leagues into the comments – this will be one of the last times we gather round as a community before the fecal matter hits the proverbial when teams drop!

Remember you can find every single thing we’ve done in the pre-season – whether that’s sorting selections by teams, by JLT games, by positions – anything – on the drop down menus on the site.

So strap yourselves in, crank up the volume and hold onto your butts, ROUND ONE IS HERE!

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Heres my team, its getting to close I'm panicking

DEFS- Laird, Tuohy, Naughton, Doedee, Murray, Finlayson (


Who The F are these guys? first time i have listened since last year….Wheres crouching, Jock and Peter?????


gotta agree, nowhere near as entertaining..


Give em a go…bugger off if you don't want to be here.


Come on now Andrew, surely you aren't one of those twerkers who hits up jockreynolds.com a few days before the season starts, listens to the most recent podcast and tries to build a team off that?

Things have changed bro, consider yourself lucky that there's any information on this years Supercoach season here. Because without "these guys", you'd have nothing.


I love this btw


Thanks man. 🍻


What cave have you been living in , in the last 4 months?


I actually live in a cave, but go to an Internet cafe to compensate

The Ranger

You have an internet cafe near your cave?!


What's an internet cafe? Is that from before mobile phones?


Fun fact: the day after iPhones were invented (3/5/1485) the first Internet cafe was opened so that people could read the Torah on their new devices. Unfortunately people just downloaded Angry Birds leading to a decrease in Jewish population due to people being too busy trying to complete level 8


It’s actually a Maccas but it counts


Does anyone have the JR community group code? cheers


Does anyone have the JR community group code? cheers




thanks man


Im having the same issue at my work where group joining isnt working via a code. What an i missing? Any tricks?



You have to make sure you are putting in a group code and not a league code. Open the group menu first


I don’t even get an option to join a group.. will only let me create a group


Is ur team completed? I had the same problem until i had selected all 30 positions


Just as a fun activity. I'm keen to see who people believe the Top 10 (Top 5 for rucks) players in each position will be, given that these lists likely decide the players people chose. Except for potentially the midfield (given the amount of players that could finish 108 plus), I personally believe all keepers that we start with should be finishing top 10.

Personally I see…

Laird, Hibberd, Hurley, Howe, Yeo, Houli, McGovern, Simpson, Tuohy and (maybe) Savage

Danger, Fyfe, Mitchell, Dusty, Kelly, Oliver, Crouch, Duncan, Neale, Merrett

Gawn, Kreuzer, Ryder, Goldstein, Martin

Heeney, Greene, Menegola, Franklin, Billings, Gray, Walters, Dixon, Wingard, Roughead


I agree with most of that mate, although i'd probably swap Duncan out with Bont, feel like he will really bounce back strong


Total points? Average? 2nd half of year?


Sorry I should've made that clear. I base it off average if I believe they can play over 20 games


I think its a fair call Re: The players you listed bar one.

I see Wallis being a top 6 not top 10 forward. I have my doubts on Wingard & Roughy however being top 10 in the forward line.

Why don't you see Wallis being a top 10 forward?


Wallis can't stay on the park for a full season, that's enough for me to exclude him.


Pretty solid.
Touhy to llyod.
Duncan to Pendles (I think there are plenty of others ahead of him as well, even his captain).
Greene won't play 20 games, flog. Wingard out D.Smith in. If fit R.Lobb, but assuming he is not.


Replace Touhy with Jones, Crouch with Zorko, Goldy with Nank, Roughy with Smith, Gray with Lobb and you have a team


He said it is based off average so Gray will make it easily


Hey guys this is my current team and wanted some feedback and advice! I have 13 players I’m hoping on keeping and 1 potential keep in Smith! I have 100k left over for last minute change or put towards early upgrade but all thoughts comments be greatly appreciated!! Thanks community

Laird, McGovern, Lloyd, Naughton, Murray, Finalayson
(Doedee, Mirra)

Martin, Mitchell, Merrett, Fyfe, Cripps, Brayshaw, Banfield, Kelly
(Brodie, Holman, Barry)

Gawn, Nankervis

Franklin, Heeney, Billings, Smith, Christensen, Rayner
(Fritsch, Ryan)


Hey David, your team looks solid man. I have to be honest and say I'm not sold on the Christensen/Rayner picks, there is a hefty amount of coin invested in those two and I feel as though that coin would be better distributed elsewhere. If you are super-keen to have them in your line up, I would recommend only picking one of them.

Good luck! ⛄️


Christensen's averages: 66, 80, 93, 91, 70 (injury interrupted)

That's worth the risk in a season with no guaranteed forward rookies.


Just quickly is Oliver a concern 🤔


If he lines up Sunday then it should be fine, I doubt they risk a half fit young player in the first game of the season


Been my lock all year, am I concerned? Slightly…fair to say we should have a backup plan for a late out situation


Good luck everyone this year!

Laird, Savage, Lloyd (Finlayson)
Naughton, O’Shea, Murray (Doedee)

Mitchell, Martin, Zorko, Fyfe
Parker, Brayshaw, LDU, Banfield
(Kelly, Holman, Garlett)

Martin, Gawn

Franklin, Heeney, Greene (Fritsch)
Smith, Christensen, Stephenson (keefe)


Only slight change for me would be LDU to Brodie


Stephenson also might score the best for his price. Start fritz


I'm panicking so much it's to close to many questions

DEFS- Laird, Tuohy, Naughton, Doedee, Murray, Finlayson (Murphy, Keeffe)

MIDS- Danger, Mitchell Kelly Fyfe Parker Cripps Brayshaw (freo) banfield (Kelly, Holman barry)

RUCKS- Ryder Gawn (Cameron)

FWDS – Heeney, Mclean, Smith, Petracca Sicily Fritsch (Giles-Langdon, Ryan)

Three main concerns, Danger, Ryder and Sicily
I'm willing to cop the Danger Round 1 donut and the Ryder round 10 donut.
but I'm considering downgrading Ryder to Nank, I could really use that cash to clean up the team
Finally Sicily is he honestly worth the hype or is he to risky
Sides going to change once rookies are named, with some downgrades and upgrades to rooks and premiums

So should i downgrade Ryder for cash to clean up the team

Should i keep Sicily or is he not good enough/worth it should i downgrade him to dunkley or another mid pricer in either fwd or def and use the cash to clean up the team aswell

And some insight on danger and his return
Thanks for any feedback


Sicily will out perform his price but will have weeks where he goes missing, better than any of those other 400K (and under) forward fwds imo

I like the side


Personally I think you should strengthen your defence, so if downgrading Ryder or Sicily allows you to upgrade a rookie to a premo in defence then I'd do it.


I have $300 the downgrading of one of ryder or Sicily would give me enough for like Riley Bonner, Byrne, Corey Ellis, Brayshaw (Melbourne) a player for around 200-300k is it worth it?
Say Ryder to Nank and then like Keeffe up to Bonner or Ellis
Lek your a Carlton man, what are your thoughts on Byrne is he worth it 230k odd defender worth it?
Or do I downgrade Ryder to Lycett and have a ton of cash to play with??


Hi community

This is my second season of supercoach and I have been asked to join my husbands league which he plays with his mates – i’m sure they think they will get an easy win against me

So I have done some research and came across this site and couldn’t believe how helpful the articles and comments have been

Can I please get some feedback on my team so I can hopefully beat my husband!

Laird, Hibberd, Mills, Naughton, Doedee, Finlayson, Murray, Keeffe

Dangerfield, Martin, Zorko, M.Crouch, Fyfe, A.Brayshaw, Brodie, Kelly, Banfield, Barry, Holman

Kreuzer, Gawn, Cameron

Heeney, Billing’s, D.Smith, Petracca, Christensen, Frisch, Langdon, Ryan


Pretty good looking side, how much cash do you have left in the bank?


Good team. Should go good. You will have a few problems in round 14 having a lot of your guns not playing, but that is just one week you might just take a loss.

Good luck


Nice structure, l like it. But like Derek said definitely rd 14 is a problem.

Crime Stoppers

GONE MISSING = ROOKIE CHEAT SHEET, please call if found


Jump on SC and sort by ownership, that'll give you most of your rookies 🙂


Nerves are getting real community! Let me know your thoughts.

DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Savage, Naughton, Doedee, Murray (Finlayson, Mirra)

MID: Dangerfield, Martin, Mitchell, Crouch, Fyfe, Brayshaw, Brodie, Banfield (Kelly, Barry, Holman)

RUC: Martin, Gawn (Cameron)

FWD: Heeney, Greene, Billings, Bell, Christensen, Fritsch (Ryan, Giles-Langdon)



I think you gotta pick one of Bell or Christensen, rather than both


Bell higher potential but Christensen might have a bit more job security


Why do you say that? Both seem underpriced with good JS to me. I only have 20k in the bank so wouldn't be able to upgrade either and both would be better than downgrading to a rookie (wouldn't know what to do with the 150k then anyway)


If you're keen on both then by all means go ahead, but I can see them both playing a half-forward role once Zorko and Beams play together, so don't believe both can rotate as a relief midfielder. So while both may score slightly better than a rookie as pure half forwards, I don't see the 150k extra cash as being worth a few extra points.

Interested to see what other people think though.


DacZawson its a really toughy year in the forward line this season and whats more concerning is almost every year the "Premo" forwards under preform, it happens year after year and the same can be said in defence.

That being said the vast majority of mid priced players fail every season irespective of their positions.
However with the lack of rookie depth in our forward lines this season I dont see it being an issue having players such as Christensen & Bell if a person feels its right.

I personally have Sicily and Christensen in my side, if history is anything to go by, there is every chance that Sicily could end up averaging less then Bell. It really is a personal thing, however EVERYONE needs to be aware of mid-priced madness and I have seen a TON of people on here who have been playing the game for years classing mid priced players as premiums and OR keepers.
This should NEVER be done EVER because chances are you will get dissapointed. Prepare yourself for the worst and if things work out for the better then its a HUGE bonus.

I'm sh** scared about having Sicily in my forward line but its something I'm happy to try out.
The other option im considering is going with Cyril Rioli & Christenson which I may very well go back to, due to the $100k price discrepancy between Sicily and Cyril Rioli in all honesty.
Rioli has averaged 90+ since 2010 only last year his average dropped dramatically to 64 but then again he only played 7 games last season.


Hi guys,

this is my current team, please let me know what you think.

Def: Laird, Hibberd, savage, Naughton, Dodee, Murray, (Finlayson, Mirra (Loophole))

Mid: Danger, Dustin, JKelly, Fyfe, Cripps, Armitage, Brayshaw (Freo) Banfield, ( Kelly, Barry, Holman)

Ruck: Stefan, Gawn (Cameron)

Fwd: Heeney, Billings, Walters, Dmith, Foagrty, Fristch ( Keefe, Ryan)

Please let me know what you think.



Hey DR, I really like your line-up. If you are happy with it, I'd run with it. I don't have any Saints players personally, they either burn me when I do pick them or I get burnt because I didn't pick them. So I tend to stay away from them because it scares me.

Good luck! 🍀


thanks man, yes I do agree there very flammable, but so tempting


Flammable, but tempting…

… Like lighting farts on fire?! 🤣



Thoughts on my team? Cheers got 41.8 K left over
Gone for a strong forward line due to lack of rookies

Def- Laird, J. Mcgovern, L. Ryan, Naughton, Doedee, Murrat, ( Finlayson, L. Murphy)
Mid- Danger, Titch, Z, Merret, Fyfe, Parker, A.Brayshaw, Brodie, Holman, (Banfield, Kelly, Barry)
Ruck- Ryder, Gawn ( Olango)
Fwd- Heeny, Walters, Mclean, D. SMith, J. Scicily, L.Ryan ( Langdon , Fritsch


One of the more pure guns and rookies team going around. I'm running 9 mid pricers, needless to say we only share 5 players over 250k. If all your rookies are named consider Scicily to Petracca. I've got both, but one is going to go to to tribunal at some point you'd think.


morning morning morning as always good to see everyone on the grind to finalising their teams, would love to hear what you blokes think.

DEF: Laird, hibberd, savage, murray, doedee, finlayson (stoddarrd, murphy)

MID: dangerfield, mitchell, oliver(or zorko or kelly), fyfe, cripps, brayshaw, banfield, hollman ( kelly, worpel, barry)

RUC: gawn, nank (cameron)

FWD: heeney, billings, mclean, smith, petracca, fritsch ( keeffe, ryan)

42,800k left

i have gone very deep in fwd which i worry about because these breakout players need to perform. what do u reckon? any ides maybe downgrade to a rookie? what rookie?
should i change my mid rookies and maybe put sicily down back instead of one of the mid pricers down forward.
any advice would be great cheers.


I like it mate. Also agree Re: Oliver, Zorko or Kelly its basically flip a coin for these players.


Oliver is my pick of the three as well. Gawn loves hitting it down his throat.


Tips on any changes I should make??

Defenders: laird, Hibberd, savage, coffield, naughton, murray. (Finlayson, doedee)

Midfielders: danger, Martin, Mitchell, Fyfe, coniglio, armitage, Brayshaw, kelly. (Banfield, Barry, holman)

Rucks: gawn, nankervis. (Cameron)

Forwards: heeney, Greene, smith, Rayner, Stephenson, fogarty. (Ryan, fritsch)


@Gingging – Decent side but you are making a huge mistake by having both Coffield & Finlayson in defence because both these players are MID/DEFENDERS.

Swap Coffield with L Murphy in defence and then swap Brayshaw to Coffield and this will then allow you to swing Coffield & Finlayson from Midfield to Defence and vice versa and while doing this change you will pocket yourself an extra $95k

I don't like the idea of having high priced rookies, any more then 2 high priced rookies is a waste and you have 4 in your side which is crazy as you have Coffield, Naughton, Brayshaw & Fogarty.

Keep in mind almost all cheaper rookies will generate you more cash then the more expensive rookies.
The only two high priced rookies I would consider keeping providing they are selected for round 1 are Naughton & Coffield mate.
If however you are still adament on keeping all your high priced rookies then thats fine, just get rid of Banfield and bring in Coffield in order to allow you to take full advantage of Coffield & Finlayson's DPP (Duel Position Players)

Good luck mate.


Keep A Brayshaw. 🙂 you can open up the dpp swing set later. Cheers.


Can’t decide between Sicily Mills or McGrath as D3

Currently have Sicily but the other 2 may get midfield time and get more points

Any thoughts appreciated


One will get suspended I'd bet. I don't like any of those 3 at D3. Sicily in forwards if you must have him…I do though. Flip a coin on the others. I've read that Hanners might play wing this year so there could be more mid minutes. McGrath should get better as well.


Can someone tell me how to pick a side? I have a reveal tomorrow but hate everything about my team


Just pick Cripps and Kruezer Lek. Everything else should just fall into place.


They're already in haha


Intelligent auto select does a pretty good job


This is the team it gave me…

DEF: Simpson, O'Shea, Bonner, Naughton, Mirra, Finlayson (Yeo, Seedsman)

MID: Dow, Garlett, Cripps, Higgins (Richmond), Petracca, D.Martin, Coniglio, Caddy (Wingard, Stephenson, Armitage)

RUC: Kreuzer, Simpson, (Cox)

FWD: Rioli, Walters, Daniher, Fogarty, Christensen, Smith (Franklin, Giles-Langdon)

$72K in bank


Krussse and Crippa in that team, so its looking pretty good.

Franklin and Yeo are solid bench cover.

The Ranger

Stick the C on Garlett and ya done Lek.


Which Rioli? There are 3 and they are all forwards. 🙂
(I've got all of them in my AFL Dream team just as a cheeky gimmick, reckon I should pop Long into my MID)

Nerd Balls

Would love everyone or anyones input on the line mup im currently running:

Feel free to tear it to shreads:

DEF: Laird, Hibbered, Savage, Doedee, Murry, Finlaysion (Keeffe, Grathwaite)

MID: Danger, Dusty, Twitch, J Kelly, M crouch, Fyfe, A.brayshaw, T Kelly (Banfield, Barry, Holman)

RUC: Gawn, Lycett

FWD: Heeney, Walters, D smith, Sicily, Fritch, L ryan (Waterman, Giles-Langdon)

Cheers fellas


Do you think lycett over Nic Nat?

Nerd Balls

Really just looking for a cash grab and upgrade arouns the byes. Surely he can average 80. any better options aroun dhis price?


NicNat is not as cheap as I thought he would be


Nic Nat is playing, and will be number 1 ruck in that side, so ultimately Nic Nat


I think Lycett was mainly mentioned as a option through the preseason as Nic Nat maybe missing early. Now some reports saying he might be ready r1, im not sure he is a great pick anymore. Ur backs and mids look solid. Forward line i believe u should rethink. Its a tough line to fill this year so dont make it tougher. Selecting 3 midpricers that u are hoping will all take the next step is wishful thinking. U will be needing to make a lot of corrective trades and potentially u will run out of trades come seasons end.

neil demons delight

Disagree Hotly The only other way would be prems and rookies. I would think of the prems Buddy is a lock but too dear Heeney is not much better than 3 midpricers and Billings un reliable then you have your expensive rookies/ etc BELL CHRISTIANSEN RAYNER STEPHENSON. All 4 have better J S than your rubbish rookies led by Fritsch but are a risk I would not take a chance with ANY FORWARD ROOKIES two of Heeney/billings/ buddy and 4 midpricers I would even go further and have the flog Sicily linked to Brander as a 7th forward trusting only Fritsch even that is a HUGE RISK NO ONFIELD FORWARD ROOKIES FOR ME


· 4 hours ago

Money in bank: 2,800

DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Luke Ryan, Naughton, Doedee, Murray — Finlayson Mihocek

Questions: Luke Ryan is someone I'm not sold on atm due to hes had one season in the game and not one that I quite trust at the moment. Was thinking Sav but not too sure anymore.

MID: Danger, Dusty, Titch, Fyfe, Cripps, JOM, Brayshaw, Brodie — Kelly, Banfield, Holman

Questions: I'm quite set at the moment on this midfield and think its probably not going to change from here on out. Brodie is probably my only question just seeing whether I will benefit more from downgrading him to Barry and still probably get the same scoring output.

RUCK: Gawn, NicNat — Olango

Questions: Bunga said Nic Nat will play Round 1, and hes scoring output in my opinion is too hard to avoid even if it takes him a couple of Rounds to warm up.

FWD: Heeney, Billings, Smith, Sicily, Bell, Fritsch — Garlett, Liam Ryan

Questions: Only the FWD rookies just because of the fact that they're so light this year, Bell downgraded to Christensen banks me 30k but ultimately it is who scores more and Bell plays much more up the ground then Christensen does.

How to get a premo def for Luke Ryan: Brodie – Barry, Bell – Christensen, banks me 100k and allows me to get someone like Simpson or something, don't know if its worth it tho.

Feedback greatly appreciated community!


Or going Sicily to defense then Tracca down forward


One more spot in this league. 833476


Struggling with R2 currently have Nank he looks good but i'm worried I've been sucked into JLT hype don't have much money to go up to someone but could try any help appreciated!


Its a trap


Fella's can I get some overall thoughts on the current squad bloody sick of playing with it 😉

Laird, Savage, Ryan, Doedee (if not named can upgrade to Naughton/O'Shea), Murray, Finlayson (Murphy, Mihocek)

Danger, Dusty, Titch, Fyfe, Coniglio, Brayshaw, Banfield, Holman (Garlett, Kelly, Barry)

Kreuz, Gawn (Cameron)

Buddy, Billings, Walters, Smith, Tracca, Fritsch (Giles-Langdon, Ryan)

My only real question is should I be cutting 2 rookies down to not playing cheapies e.g Cameron & Barry/Ryan to 102k players so I can upgrade Coniglio to Oliver?

My logic is at present let Coniglio go up in cash, let the rookies fatten up and let Oliver clear my head on his knee and pull the trigger then?

Otherwise I could break my heart and cut Dusty out with Congilio & jump on Oliver & Kelly?


Really like the team if you are going for league win. If going for rank there’s too many round 14 bye players IMO. F1 to F3 and D1 to D3 on that bye plus Danger, Dusty and Fyfe. Dusty to Kelly would help that and a few other changes might be necessary across lines.


Yep just gunning for league wins mate lol


I see nearly all side running only two rookies on field in the midfield. Am I stupid to be running 3? It means I am only running 1 in the forwards and have Sicily at F5.

Cheers in advance.


No personally I see three as the way to go


have faith the SuperCoach Gods will provide us forward rookies.

It is like a few years ago when we had no defence rookies and people were jumping out of windows, but Jock said to us, “don’t be afraid, they will come”.

And just as the season started, two tiny little specks of Hope came forth in the form of Oxley and McIntosh just as Jock had predicted.

Have faith community.

(I’m looking at you Mr Higgins, Ahern, Spargo, Wilson, WRioli, Venables, Guelfi & Naish)


Never forget


Settled on your team yet Derek?

Da Boysh

Hi All!! I have some unusual decisions but still enough of the good stuff was wanting some opinions – pending some rookies not being announced

Hurley, Shaw, Sicily, Brayshaw Naughton, Doedee (Murray, Murphy)

Martin, Merrett Mitchell, Fyfe, Macrae, Cripps, Finlayson, Banfield (Kerry, Barry, Holman)

Gawn, Nank (Cameron)

Heeney, Wingard, Smith, Petracca, Keefe, Fritsch (Garlett, Ryan)

Thanks community


Wingard said in an interview that he's likely to play majority forward, turned me off him

Love the Hurley pick

Solid side with some nice risks

Da Boysh

Thanks Lek! Didn't realise that about Chad I will bring someone else in… but who is the question.

Loving the podcast guys


Greene could go well if he stays out of trouble, good early draw too


Solid league side, don't see it being competitive in overall

Da Boysh

Thanks, any easy fixes you think or the whole side is just not really suited?


I think it will be really hard to be competitive without danger, looking like he will miss one game at most.
It will be such a hard task to bring him in once his is playing and you're going to miss out on his early round points, and cost your self some trades in the process.
Only fwd rookie I'm banking on is Fritz, Keefe will be a borderline selection as will Garlett, and I don't like to scoring potential of Ryan enough to have him on field. I've had to go 5 deep in the fwd line, and rely on the more secure backline rookies.
Cameron won't play much, and won't make too much money, I personally like the loophole option for r3 and saving myself 20k


Who are your rucks Trev?


No sure if you're referring to me as you've called me Trev a few times.
Im going with Kruuuse and Gawn
-Not Trev

neil demons delight

I totally agree trev sorry WOW BUT even Fritz is risky at F 6 let alone Garlett Ryan Rioli the GWS kid or KEEFE unless you have him linked to SICILY (DEF) The Defensive rookies will make coin.
LOCKED GAWN and KREUZ /olango cheers N D D


Thanks Rusty?????

Da Boysh

thanks heaps for the feedback definitely agree with R3 I think I will do that, i am considering upgrading Garlett to a mid price FWD I have just enough cash for someone around the 300k mark


LEK what are your thoughts on SPS has DPP but awkward price of $371k.

Cheaper than Petracca and Devon.



Only played a half of JLT, banking on a big breakout…I think he'll be relevant just not this year


Not sure what happened to SC Addict and a couple of others, no one knows but this has created a couple of spots in the happy place league.
If you want to join and go head to head with the boyz the league code is:


Lets get ready to rumble.


I've restructured my team again for a more healthy bye plan. Ditching Bonner for a rook, to allow me to go Parker up to Titchell:

DEF: Laird, Savage, Ryan, Naughton, Doedee, Murray (Keefe, Finlayson)
MID: Danger, Dusty, Titch, Fyfe, Cripps, Cogs, Brayshaw, Banfield (Barry, Holman, Kelly)
R: Gawn, Grundy/Ryder/Nank [undecided] (Lavender)
F: Walters, McLean, Smith, Sicilty, Christensen, Fritsch (Giles-Langdon, Ryan)

As I said it gives me a solid by spread. Other options I'm looking at is Titch down to Whitfield or Parker, freeing up cash to move Sicilly to DEF (for Ryan), and get a Billings/Greene. Although TBH I think Titchell & Luke Ryan combo would outscore a Parker & Greene combo. Thoughts?


Should I go with danger and fritsch or dusty and Christensen??


If you want to be competitive in overall standings danger is a must

Mystic Mac

Call me crazy but I'm going with Neale over Fyfe to start this year. I'd love them both but there's something about 4 dockers in the guts that doesn't sit well with me. Anyone else running with Neale?

neil demons delight

ThiNk I will agree with you you're CRAZY . DANGER TICH DUSTY and fyfe are must haves as quick as possible KELLY OLIVER ZERRETT and M.CROUCH make up the rest BUT points scored between 8 and 12 i.e. crouch and bont/neale is minimal




I I think the Billings move will net you basically the same points but lock in a top 6 forward, I lean slightly towards that move


To help you with selecting that on-field "0" for your loophole, below is the number of times each team plays in the end of the round (last 3 games of a normal round, last 2 games of a Bye round). More late games the "0" plays = better loophole options
West Coast Eagles 12
Melbourne 11
Fremantle 10
North Melbourne 10
Collingwood 8
Hawthorn 8
Western Bulldogs 8
Essendon 7
Richmond 7
Brisbane 6
Carlton 6
Geelong 6
Adelaide 5
Greater Western Sydney 5
Port Adelaide 5
Sydney 4
Gold Coast 3
St Kilda 3


Great work.
Looks like should go for cheapest DPP from WC, Melb, Freo, or Norf.


Gday community. After some constructive or abusive feedback for my team below. Have at it xoxo

DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Savage, Doedee, Murray, Finlayson (Naughton, Mihocek)
MID: Dangerfield, Mitchell, Oliver, Fyfe, Cripps, Coniglio, Brayshaw, T. Kelly (Banfield, Barry, Holman)
RUC: Gawn, Nankervis (Olango)
FWD: Heeney, Walters, Smith, Sicily, Rayner, Fritsch (Keeffe, Ryan)

All rookies obviously dependent on who’s named.


Regardless of rookies named I don't think Rayner is anywhere near worth 200k. I'd downgrade Coniglio or another mid down to a rookie and then Rayner to a premo forward


Thanks Dac. I’m working on moving some things around to turn Rayner into Christensen.

Think I might throw Sicily back and turn Savage into Petracca. Then again, I’m sure I will have 100 different team structures switched around between now and lock out lol


Great team you piece of shiit.


What do you guys think
D – Laird, Simpson, Hurn, Stratton, C.Ellis, Finlayson (Murray,Doedee)
M – Mitchell, Kelly, M.Crouch, Fyfe, Libba, Robinson, Jager, Dow, (A.Brayshaw, T.Kelly, Holman)
R – Gwan, Lycett (Cameron)
F – Heeney, Sicily, Darling, Day, Lloyd, Rayner (Venables, Fritsch)
$121k in kitty


I wanna be constructive but get rid of Stratton, Ellis, Dow, Lycett, Darling, Day, Lloyd and Rayner, then move Mitch Robinson to the forwards. Also Andrew Brayshaw needs to be on field




Pies confirm Murray and Stephenson will debut.


Murray absolute lock. Not sure about Stephenson


Shuey and Titchell or Parker and Zorko


The one that doesn't have Shuey in it


Kreuzer, Bont, Armo
Nank, Oliver, Libba/Cogs

Also who is better pick Liberatore or Coniglio?


2nd option


And I'd say Coniglio because of libbas inconsistency


Laird, Simpson, Lloyd, Naughton, Murray, Doedee
( finalayson, Mirra)

Martin, Mitchell, Crouch, Fyfe, Parker, Brayshaw, Brodie, Banfield (Holman, Barry, Kelly)

Martin, Gawn

Heeney, Greene, Billings, Smith, Christensen, Stephenson
(Keefe, Fritsch)

Thought guys very appreciated quite new to SuperCoach


Martins scoring comes almost solely from ruck positioning so if Archie Smith is named, then back off


Stefan by the way


Getting nervous as hell. Team version 8265…

D: Laird, Hibberd, Naughton, Doedee, Murray, Finlayson (Keefe, Murphy);
M: Danger, Titch, Dusty, Fyfe, Cripps, Cogs, Brayshaw, Barry (Kelly, Holman, Garlett);
R: Martin, Gawn (Cameron/Olango);
F: Heeney, Lambert, Smith, Petracca, Sicily, Fogarty (Fritsch, Ryan).


Do I change Garlett to Banfield (lose Swing with Fwd)?
Do I change Cameron to Olango for the captain loop?


Yes on Garlett to Banfield. 👌

Your call on the rucks. 😶


Thoughts on my team please community. Any feedback is very much appreciated.

Laird, Hibberd, McGovern, Bonner, Doedee, Finlayson, Murray, Mihocek
Dangerfield, Mitchell, Kelly, Oliver, Fyfe, Brayshaw, Brodie, Banfield, Kelly, Ahern, Holman
Gawn, Kreuzer, Olango
Heeney, Billings, Smith, Sicily, Fritisch, Langdon, Garlett, Ryan

11k remaining.


Love your team, but have some small issues with some players.

Too expensive for a cash cow, too cheap for a keeper, doesn’t score enough to be a combination

Young, inexperienced, but could explode and get 120, too uncertain as a keeper for me

Bloody good, but expensive. You have to back him in to average 110 plus

Flogometer: 99.99%

Bad JS bad scoring potential


Thanks mate, much appreciated!


Disagree with Oliver you can lock him in. Also only question mark on Kreuzer is his health so if you trust him to stay on the park pick with confidence.


G'day, could I please have some thoughts on my team:

$17.9k in the bank

Def: Laird, Hibberd, Rance, Mills, Naughton, O'Shea (Keefe, Mihocek)
Mid: Danger, Dusty, Titch, Fyfe, Cripps, Andrew Brayshaw, Banfield, Kelly (Garlett, Barry, Holman)
Ruck: Gawn, Naitanui (Balta)
Fwd: Heeney, Billings, Smith, Sicily, English, Fritsch (Giles-Langdon, Ryan)

Any advice would be greatly appreciated, TIA


Any league spots?


What should I do!? Thoughts and advice greatly appreciated.

27k in the bank

Laird, Lloyd, Savage, Sicily, Murray, Doedee (Finlayson, Murphy)

Danger, Dusty, Kelly, Fyfe, Coniglio, Libba, Banfield, Holman (Kelly, Garlett, Barry)

Gawn, Nankervis (Olango)

Heeney, Billings, Smith, Petracca, Fridtsch, Langdon (Ryan, Ahern)



I'd say downgrade either Sicily or Savage to someone like Naughton or O'shea to free up some cash and upgrade libba to a Premo.


O'Shea wont be named


Def – Laird, L Ryan, Hibberd (Melb), Naughton, Keefe , Doedee (Murray, Finslayson)

Mid – Titch, Danger, Fyfe, THE Zorko,J Kelly, Brayshaw( FRE), Garlett, Banfield, (Barry, Holman, T Kelly)

Rucks – Gawn,Sandilands (Cameron)

Fwd – Heeney, Billings , Smith, Barlow, Sicliy , Fritch (Ryan, Brown)
No many in Bank should i down grade sicily to a Taberner or Christisen for money in bank who is team good
should i take a punt on sandi or get Nank



DEF: Tuohy, Savage, Sicily, Naughton, Murray, O'Conner (Deodee, Finlayson)
MID: Martin, Mitchell, Kelly, Fyfe, Cripps, A. Brayshaw, Banfield, Holman (Constable, Kelly, Barry)
RUC: Kreuzer, Gawn (Olango)
FWD: Billings, Walters, Mclean, D.Smith, L.Taylor, Bell (Fritsch, Miers)
55k spare

I think i have gone deep in FWD because rookies there are all shit. I would like to have more than 55k spare just incase any of my picks do badly in the first 2 weeks – so then i can upgrade them.
I dont have Laird because i believe he will drop 50k in the first 8 weeks.
I think all of the onfield rookies i have exposed should average 60+ pts, which i think is acceptable.


Thoughts on my team? Cheers got 41.8 K left over
Gone for a strong forward line due to lack of rookies

Def- Laird, J. Mcgovern, L. Ryan, Naughton, Doedee, Murrat, ( Finlayson, L. Murphy)

Mid- Danger, Titch, Z, Merret, Fyfe, Parker, A.Brayshaw, Brodie, Holman, (Banfield, Kelly, Barry)

Ruck- Ryder, Gawn ( Olango)

Fwd- Heeny, Walters, Mclean, D. SMith, J. Scicily, L.Ryan ( Langdon , Fritsch)


Hey guys, any thoughts on the below two options?

Option 1:
Josh Kelly
Forward rookie
27k left

Option 2:
53k left

Option 1 means I have to field two forward rookies, while Option 2 means I only field one.



Kelly has to be your priority out of those 2 options. How many rookies will you have on field if you picked option 1?


4 down back, 2 mids, 2 forwards



Maybe you need to select option 2 so you have 7 on field. I think 8 is too many, you might fall behind really quick. i have 6 first year players on field and Bonner.




Jack Billings or Devon Smith


Billings for me. Smith will be ok early while full of steam then he'll fade whereas Jack is ready to go to another level.


big price difference though, not really a like for like compare




Def- Laird, Hibberd, Naughton, Doedee, Murray, Finlayson (L.Murphy, Mihocek)

Mid- Danger, Dusty, Titch, M.Crouch, Fyfe, Coniglio, Brayshaw, Banfield (Kelly, Barry, Holman)

Ruc- Kreuzer, Gawn (Cameron)

Fwd- Heeney, Billings, Walters, D.Smith, Keefe, Fritsch (Garlett, Ryan)

113.8k left over

4 on field rookies in defence or 3 in the mids ???
Originally had Hurley but traded him for a rookie in order to upgrade to Coniglio in the mids
If Danger needs to be traded he turns into Kelly and Coniglio is potentially upgraded to him in a few rounds


round 14 will be a challenge


Thank god Higgos back


Hey Community,
Would love some input into this team that i think i'm finally happy with;
Welcome as much feedback as possible

11k left in the bank

DEF: Laird, Hibbered, Naughton, Doedee, Murray, Finlayson (Keeffe, Murphy)

Gone pretty light in defense this year purely because I think it easily has the most available rookies for cash generation and on field scoring potential. Selected Keefe on the bench despite concerns over both job security and scoring potential but it allows be to have Sicily as my floating D3 and F4.

MID: Danger, Mitchell, J Kelly, M Crouch, Merret, Fyfe, A.brayshaw, Brodie (Banfield, Kelly, Holman)

Midfield is fairly straight forward, gone guns and rookies while paying a premium for a couple for increased job security.

RUC: Ryder, Gawn, (Cameron)

Ryder's bye is obviously not ideal but i believe he will comfortably outscore all other options throughout the year. In the ideal world Cameron comes in for a 50 odd but i'm ultimately happy to potentially cop a zero to lock away the 2 best rucks in the comp.

FWD: Heeney, Billings, Petracca, Sicily, Fritch, Giles-Langdon (L Ryan, Garlett)

Had to go deeper than I'd like in the forward line due to the severe lack of rookies available to us this year but I'm confident my F1-4 will all feature in the top 10 come the end of the year.

Thanks Community!


Fogarty Doedee in
Pike said on TripleM
Told them today
Gives them time to organise family and friends


Yeah so it looks like Murphy won't play


Hey community, just wondering what the go is for Buddy this year?
Hasn't been shown as much love this year as I thought he would.

The Ranger

Like all KPF's he tends to drop in value at some point and that's when you try and get him in.


Still deciding between Buddy and Heeney, can't have both until after the byes.

The Ranger

The ruck line is still doing my head in….any love for Zac Smith?
Had a good finish to the season and has a stupidly good midfield to knock it down to….


Not sure what happened to SC Addict and a couple of others, no one knows but this has created a couple of spots in the happy place league.
If you want to join and go head to head with the boyz the league code is:


Lets get ready to rumble.


This is the real Shark move of 2018 here. Don't listen to any imposters. I was the one who mentioned Travis Cloke to John Bruyn back in 2010, although he probably wouldn't admit it.
My SHARKMOVE last year was Clayton Oliver. I'm going to be revealing my 2018 SHARKMOVE soon, only to Jock Reynolds community members. I will do this by giving a clue each hour on the hour. I will answer the first guess each hour but that's it.
6pm clue: This player hasn't had the best pre-season which is why nobody's talking about him, however a certain spot at his club due to a injury or retirement has opened up, which is sure to improve his scoring. Anyone wanna guess, remember I only answer the 1st guess. Good luck!


Is it Menadue?


There was over 40 blokes who retired last year and god knows how many injuries per club and hundreds of players who did nothing in the pre season.

At least give out the position.




I must take the first answer which was Sam Docherty. And I must inform everyone that that was infact wrong. the position is actually the 2nd clue which will be revealed at 7pm (every hour on the hour remember) stayed tuned. #cantherealsharkmovepleasestanduppleasestandup


Sam Docherty


Alex Pearce, Zac "God" Dawson has retired?



Richard Branson

Zorko or Oliver as an M2? I have zerret at M3.


Zorko or Zerrett?


Zorko if you like getting scores of 200


then 56 the next week


Zorko's never scored 200. He's scored 150+ 7-times in 122 games his goals are the difference
Merrett has never scored a 150 in his 80-ish games


Hey guys I’m tinerking with two teams thoughts on both:

Def: laird,ryan,Bonner,doedee,Murray,Finlayson
Bench: o’shea, Naughton

Mid: danger,Mitchell,Kelly,Oliver,fyfe,Bradshaw,Brodie,Banfield
Bench: jelly,Barry,Holman

Ruck: gawn, nank bench: Cameron

Fwd: menengola,Heeney,Billings,Walters,D.Smith,ryan
Bench: Fritsch, narrier

I have gone big in the fwd line as there isn’t as much quality cash to be made yet IMO – second team :

Def: laird,hibberd, ryan, doedee,Murray,Finlayson
Bench: murphy,Naughton

Mid: danger,dusty, Mitchell,Kelly,fyfe,Bradshaw,Brodie,Banfield
Bench: jelly,Barry,Holman

Ruck: gawn, nank bench: Cameron

Fwd: menengola,Billings,Walters,D.Smith,ryan,fristch
Bench: Fogarty, narrier

It’s kinda either dusty and hibberd with rookies or Bonner, Oliver and heeney.


Thoughts and feedback would be great


Hey Squad,
Between Coffield and Naughton, who would you take? I feel like naughton has way better job security, however i believe coff plays a more supercoach relevant game than naughton even though naughton out scored him the JLT.

What do you all think?
Not long now supercoaches!


Played against men (WAFL) tick
Better job security tick
Better JLT scores tick
I also argue that he may have the more SuperCoach relevant game, as intercept marks/possessions are worth gold.


My only concern on Naughton is that the coach said he has that spot because of the move of Easton Wood forward. So far Wood hasn’t fired up forward, and the coach only had to call time on that, or Naughton gets towelled up and he might move Wood back.
You can find a knock on most rookies, if you look hard enough, so maybe this a little churlish. But just made me wary of trusting him as a lock


If u were to not start one of danger, titch or dusty, who would it be? And why?


Dusty because a fend off that touches the throat is contact above the shoulder and in 2018 it will correctly be a FA. even if the other player bends their knees


BVC and patch
Jump back into the happy place league

Code: 123493

Lets get this party started. Bring on Thursday.


Room for one more?


Will see keen.
Gotta give bvc and patch first choice as they are orginial members.


I still have an extra league spot, so if some of the original members don't join hit me up.


Will do DM


Would love to give it a go too TRIG!


Hey boys loving the new articles and podcast this year. Just curious, is there any chance of Jock or Higgo coming on as a guest during the year?


Our door is always open to them. Truth be told, it's their door. And it's more of a tarp than a door anyway.


its 7pm folks, that means it's time for the second clue for the SHARKMOVE 2018 player.
Incase you missed the rules earlier I can only answer the 1st guess.
At 6pm the community's guess was Sam Docherty which was wrong. Boy oh boy, what a pod that would have been.

The 2nd clue is: As leaked earlier the 7pm clue was to reveal the position this player is classified.
I can confirm that this player has been classed as a FWD by our friends at champion data. Wow! That knocks out roughly 75% of players. Am I making this too easy for you guys? #cantherealsharkmovepleasestanduppleasestandup




Rory Lobb


As per rules I can only accept the first answer which was P.McCartin. This is wrong however. Standby for the 8pm clue.


Onya brownlowboy ya dingus


You're the clown who said Docherty


Hey i resemble that remark!


Lol, hey play nice!


Hurley and o’shea
Lloyd and bonner

I’m leaning towards option two as I want 6 rookies rather than 7 starting on the field


Lloyd n bonner imo


With Crows and Pies announcing debutants, might be unlikely for Murphy and Mihocek.


That is great news. I had almost scrubbed them off after Tex on radio this morning said Doedee and Fog wouldnt play.


Will Brad Crouch being out for 8 weeks impact Darcy Fogarty job security?


Cracking podcast boys!

Hoping some peeps can give me their thoughts on my team after I've gone through it time and time again changing things up before probably settling on this:
DEF: Hurley, Laird, Hibberd, Sicily, O'Shea, Doedee (Finlayson, Mihocek)
MID: Dangerfield, J.Kelly, Zorko, Fyfe, Shuey, Brayshaw, Dow, T.Kelly (Banfield, Barry, Holman)
RUCK: Gawn, Sandilands (Olango)
FWD: Billings, Walters, D.Smith, Petracca, Poholke, Fritsch (Garlett, Ryan)

Going to start Danger whether he plays or not, J.Kelly could still become T.Mitch if I decide I don't want another POD (32K in the bank still), and Walters keeps changing with Mundy. Rookies will also change depending on who's named.


With the lack of fwd rooks Sammy, I'd swing Sic fwd and grab an extra def rook.
Sandi and Shooey bit dodge but could be ok, nice work.


its 8pm folks and time for the 3rd clue for the SHARKMOVE player of 2018.
What do we know so far? He is classified as a FWD, a spot has opened up in his side due to injury or retirement of teammate and he hasn't had a good pre season which has made his podness go through the roof!

Clue 3 is: The club he plays for is NOT Melbourne based. As previously stated I can only accept the 1st guess. Good luck community!


Himmelberg – GWS


He said FWD…


Rory Lobb


As per rules I can only accept the 1st answer which is Himmelberg. I'm afraid this is not correct. Standby for the 9pm clue.


Yeah okay I give up someone else can have a go


The lobb guess still hasn't gone through so someone might want to guess it first next time


John Coleman


Nevermind, just found out he retired




Lewis taylor


Hmmm but he had a pretty good JLT I thought


Its Derek's mate Barlow.


Ok – take 2

Higgs, if you’re out there! Team version 8265…

D: Laird, Hibberd, Naughton, Doedee, Murray, Finlayson (Keefe, Murphy);
M: Danger, Titch, Dusty, Fyfe, Cripps, Cogs, Brayshaw, Barry (Kelly, Holman, Garlett);
R: Martin, Gawn (Cameron/Olango);
F: Heeney, Lambert, Smith, Petracca, Sicily, Fogarty (Fritsch, Ryan).


Do I change Garlett to Banfield (lose Swing with Fwd)?
Do I change Cameron to Olango for the captain loop?
Am I going mad?