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Last year wasn’t a great one for me in SuperCoach. I shot into top 3k by round 4 but by round 6 I had lost my way, dropping consecutive 1,800 clunkers and I never recovered. My rank ballooning out to 35,000 when the byes hit. I salvaged a small amount of pride by clawing my way back to finish to year around the 22k mark. Not great. Ultimately I lost a head-to-head league game against Patch and that still keeps me awake at night.

Reading back my team reveal from last year, I was too safe. I was fiercely opposed to those who predicted a Heath Shaw drop-off. I picked Jack Gunston at F2 for crying out loud and got sucked into the deep, dark void that was Josh Caddy. The great thing about SuperCoach though is that no two years are ever the same. This year I decided to free myself up a bit, put a bit more weight into the JLT when it came to making decisions on those mid tier players.

So without further ado this is where Clench and Pray FC sits this Sunday evening, 4 days out from the opening of round 1.



Cast your mind back to a time when paying over 500k for a defender was considered the absolute worst thing you could do in SuperCoach ever! I’m seeing a similar pattern this year so I’ve taken just one. Hibberd over Laird purely because Laird shares his bye with 40 million other premiums. Before you jump down my throat in the comments this doesn’t mean I won’t get Laird at some point, just I don’t think he can hurt me by not having him in the same way not having Docherty did.

Luke Ryan is my first JLT pick. He had 33 kicks and only 3 handballs in his two JLT games, even more promising is that came at a disposal efficiency of 90%. Sicily is a deadset flog but also priced way unders. With Birchall now out longer than expected and Hodgey gone to catch some rays up north, he’s become the general of that backline.

Nothing exciting about D4-6. Mihocek should get his chance with The Sack busting his knee. There were big wraps on Stoddart from Longmuir, I’ve got the cash to turn him into Naughton if he’s not in the team round 1.


I wrote about the big 3 last month. Despite Dusty being the object of my dreams I just couldn’t fit him in. Danger, Mitchell, and Fyfe have been locked in my side since day dot. Danger missing round 1 doesn’t concern me at all. He outscored the next best SuperCoach player last year (Dusty) by 240 points despite playing one less game. He has no history of hamstring injuries, so the “needing confidence in his body” argument doesn’t hold much weight either. He plays Hawthorn in round 2 and has four scores above 140 in his past 6 against them. Hello POD captain!

I thought the absence of Mumford would have seen Josh Kelly hit the wall. Oh boy was I wrong! The kid is a jet and will win the Brownlow when Dusty retires. Clayton Oliver is at the feet of the best ruck in the competition and I feel Melbourne are on the up this year. I liked what I saw from Libba over the preseason. Averaging 12 contested possessions, 6.5 clearances and 4.5 tackles a game the signs are there for him to return to his best. He also benefits from not being affected by Beveridge rotating half his squad between midfield and forward due to being 5 foot nothing in heels.

I’m pretty set on my 5 mid rookies, especially Brayshaw. The way he’s slotted into Fremantle’s midfield rotation reminds Richmond life member and premiership player, Jack Graham.


If you’re one of 40% of teams without Max Gawn please, please, please get him in. Nank impressed the pants off me last weekend against North. Granted a vast majority of Richmond games end with me having my pants off, but his around the ground work, willingness to provide a target and how he drifted forward gave me special tingles. A possible ruck tandem with Soldo doesn’t put me off for the above reasons as Nank doesn’t rely on hitouts to advantage for points. I’ve decided to go a playing ruck in Darcy Cameron at R3 (assuming that he plays). My forward line set up sheds a bit more light on this.


I’ll start with my F6-8. You don’t need me to tell you forward rookies are very thin this year. Fritsch was the only one that put up his hand in the JLT, however, he’s still a small forward. They are notorious in SuperCoach for being unreliable scorers. I’ll emergency loophole him with Ryan. After watching him in the preseason he’s a confidence player. A few early goals under his belt and he could end up with a decent score. With only one on-field rookie, Narrier becomes the emergency and captains loophole. North play a lot on Sunday so I’ll be able to get away with this most weeks. The only other forward rookies I see are Langdon, Rioli, Venables, and Garlett. Head-to-head with Cameron I see Cameron as the better rookie pick here, hence my decision not to go with the traditional R3 captain loophole.

Back to F1, Billings has a few credits with me as I picked him late last year and he was awesome. Walters only had to prove to me he’d keep his midfield role that he excelled in late last year and he’s done that. There were some concerns on Twitter about Devon’s JLT2, 5 frees against kept his score to 83. Find the “why”, Community. Don’t just look at the SC score.

Petracca looks like a breakout, walks like out a breakout and quacks like a breakout. Could be a massive JLT burn man and I’ll guess we’ll find out if I rage trade him by round 5. He’s a risk and I own that. Was at the coalface more during the JLT and like with Oliver, the Dees look to be in a good spot this year.

Damo got fairly chewed out the other day by introducing Taberner at F5. He’s a devout Freo man and was pretty much on the money when he did a writeup on Hayden Crozier earlier in the preseason. Although I have those key position nerves, I’m inclined to agree he’s a bargain. He’s similar in a lot of ways to Tom Lynch at GC. He has a very good set of hands and is the focal point in attack. The difference being Freo midfielders are far more capable than the motley crew up north in finding the big man. 19 marks (8 contested) and 5 goals straight across his two JLT games. He’s running hot right now and hopefully he can take that form into the season.

So that’s it, Community. Reckon this team will be one I run with. What you think?

Twitter: SC_Kev7





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Great team like it alot. Love the Ryan pick, will be a jet. Also like the F8 loophole. I have the same idea as fwd rooks are dismal….at this stage.

old mate

how can you possibly give advice when you finished 22k last year??


Come on old mate. Anyone can give advice it’s up to you whether you take. I for one finished top 250 last year and picked a couple of things in the team revea that made sends to me. Not sure I’ll change anything yet but worth considering.


It's mainly a discussion starter. Take the 'advice' if you want it. I personally just like seeing the team reveals and then reading their justifications. It's all meant to be fun anyway. Good luck this year though Old Mate!

Logan Druit

Be quiet it is a fantastic team.


Nice team Kev love the Ryan pick and going against the norm not picking Laird or Dusty plus going Libba over Coniglio.

Best of luck Kev


I have couple of questions I’d love to be answered

Merret or zorko?
Stef Martin or kreuzer?
Howe or Hurley?
Josh Kelly or Sloane?
Also who to start on field if both O’shea and Doedee are named?






Hey mate,
I'm a big fan of consistency so I would opt for Merrett over Zorko, although I think that one's pretty much a coin flip – can't do a lot wrong with either.
Kreuzer may average a touch higher than Martin however is that worth paying the higher price for him at the start of the year? I'm actually leaning towards no.
Hurley over Howe for me. Again, just a consistency thing.
Kelly over Sloane, just. Kelly is special (and again, super consistent), although a packed midfield at GWS without a decent ruckman worries me a tad, come to think of it.
If both O'shea and Doedee are named start with Doedee. He plays a pretty SC-friendly role rebounding and intercepting back there and O'shea's highest SC average was 74 back in 2013 and 2014.
Good luck with the final week of preseason!


Ive slotted both in alongside mitchell kelly fyfe and rookies


I'd go same as DacZawson only O'Shea (if named) ahead of Doedee. Just read Cannys comments O'Shea has averaged 74 twice before which is awesome for a rookie back (not sure what he is expecting Doedee to average)



neil Demons Delight

Tossing up with Nank or Kruze myself 8 Prems and 8 mid pricers seems out of wack to get to full — a lot of trades needed At the byes you will have used a lot Sorry Kev just not my structure but I thought Warne was a little fat incapable spinner when bowling with Jackson and Mc intyre at the junction I was a bit wrong could be now


I see where you're coming from here, NDD. If you take last year as an example. Heath Shaw was priced as a keeper – he wasn't. Clayton Oliver was priced as a stepping stone mid – he wasn't. A solid starting squads gives you a good leg up, sure. But it's trading where the game in won and lost

I'm not a fan of the term "keepers", I prefer a "plan to trade" outlook. I assume you see the midpricers as Ryan, Sicily, Libba, Nank, Walters, Devon, Petracca, Taberner. Of those, I plan to move on Nank and Tab. Possibly Trac if he doesn't hit the heights that I hope he can

neil Demons Delight

Point taken KEV Of those 8 only Nank could be a keeper IMO. therefore the other 7 are effectively cash cows but you are right any of the 7 can break out only a matter of opinion I personally like a 10 -4 -8 setup look forward to playing you in MAGNIFICENT 7 Cheers

The Coach

Not one, not two, but six freo players on field. I don't like that, don't like that at all…


Banfield, Brayshaw, Tab will all be gone by the byes. I like Freo this year, but yes if they tank it’ll spell trouble!


What’s the reasoning behind the tab selection then?


Have a look few posts down to INPieman's comment. Hope he can be a stepping stone for me


Same as Christenson i assume – quick $$$


The forward rookie loophole looks the goods. 250k extra banked and 2 cracks at a rookie score vs a mid pricer in F8… although it might cost you an extra trade or 2 in the long run. It's a great "pod structure", I like it.

neil Demons Delight

So do I dom BUT with a swing Jake Brown m /f


Is Brodie, brayshaw and kelly on field in the midfield too much?


I don’t think it is, brodie & brayshaw could a rising star by the years end




Looking through Tabbeners historical number this seams like a Hail Mary to me. I suppose we are not flush with cheaper options up front. Like the logic on the minimum spend down back. And Luke Ryan is a man who could really step up his scoring & relevance. And he's not unreasonably priced for his potential. I'm not convinced 1 additional preseason can give Nank a 22 game tank. But I think he can get off to a flyer like last year. Good luck Kev


Yeah agree, Pie. No way he lasts 22 games. Was Kruze for a long time but his price just puts me off, especially when he tweaked his ankle. Will probably become Ryder in R11

Really reckon Taberner could have a mini break out. Not interested in two on field rookies. Bundy was a disappointment. Bell too pricy. He’s running hot and he either flops or makes 100-120k. I’d be happy to jump off at 450k


Don't mind the plan with Nanky to pump & dump for Ryder. I've looked at a few players to do that with. Sandi was the plan until Ross said he was going to play Sandi & Sean Darcy. Bundy had a disappointing JLT. But he does have a history of being able to score


Taberner is a solid, 'avoid' for me Pieman, Nank I'll start with cause I consider him a midpricer, possible keeper, also starting with Ryan cause he could be the Doch of this year I feel/ hope lol.

Captain Risky

First Norf player I've seen in a team. Suitably positioned as well.


Could be forward rookie of the season selection


Great Team Kev which is sure to make a mends for last year lots of POD action LOVE IT!!!. One question community Is it ok to pick Cam Rayner in the forword line because of his job security and will get games over rookies who wont play games and just sit on the bench like a dead weight. Thanks. Does anyone know how good his JS is to?


Fingers crossed, Jason!

It's his price that puts me off. Reckon his JS is fine, BL will play the kids, but I'm more worried about Brisbane getting spanked week-in, week-out. Those questions over his tank when he got drafted are still there for mine.

He'll make you cash but it'll be a slow burn, similar to McCluggage last year.


Ok thanks kev i think ill keep him in consideration


Good luck


Hey all, just found this great community. Sweet team Kev, love it! A couple of questions… MCrouch or Oliver? and Petracca or Smith? Wouldn't mind downgrading one of the latter so I can fall into the Taberner trap. Also, what is the red line underneath a player in the SC app? Danger and Giles Langdon have them, injury?


Welcome mate!

Yeah red line suggests an injury.


Yeah makes sense, do you know what's wrong with ZGL? Fwd rookies are a mare!


Hurt his shoulder I believe


Oliver and Smith for me


Cheers madness




Oliver just and Smith comfortably for me. Welcome Mate


My Team – $72K left in the bank

Back – Laird, Savage, L Ryan, Weitering, Doedee, Murray (Stoddart, Mihocek)

Mid – T Mitchell, J Kelly, Oliver, M Crouch, Fyfe, Libba, Banfield, Holman (Finlayson, T Kelly, Barry)

Ruck – Gawn, Nank (Cameron)

Forward – Walters, Petracca, Caddy, Sicily, Taberner, Fritsch (Keefe, Ryan)


Caddy And Tab in the same fwd line is a big risk


Risk it to get the biscuit haha!

Tab is my risk (although he does look big strong and is going to spend time in the middle as back up ruck so cant hurt his scoring potential), i feel Caddy now has a real place and understanding with how the Tigers roll, so to me his scoring will be quite improved over this season, in saying that easy swap to D.Smith if necesarry between now and Thursday

ILove PatrickCripps

Thoughts on starting Issac Heeney or Michael Walters


IMO I think you have to decide who will average more to the byes (cause you will probably be trading a premo in by then) – if Heeney then you have to weigh up whether he warrants paying $50-60k extra compared to Walters.
I'd go Walters but i've been set on him since RD 17 last year so…


Surely Heenys top 6 forward this year?


I'm concerned about Heeney's preseason. JLT showed he's rusty


Sure he will be right pie it was JLT.

he did have glandular last year but first 3 games back. Bang, smash, walloper.


Thoughts on Sandilands?


About to turn 36 and has only played 15 games the last two seasons. If you're not looping R3 and have Cameron… could be a goer.


Ross is going to play Sandi & Darcy. He likes Sandi as a forward. Go read his ask the coach thing. I was doing research on Luke Ryan's preseason & stumbled on that


Bugger, just looked at his last JLT game, big score with not a lot of TOG.


Sandilands, what do you expect of him?
I expect him to dominate and be All-Australian (laughs).
And Sean Darcy? Because you look like you are going for a one ruckman, one forward-ruckman structure.
That is only because we have been forced all summer. Darcy we didn’t see post-Christmas until two weeks ago because he blew a calf. We couldn’t get a two-ruckman structure through to see how it looked because Sean wasn’t there. But we will have a look at it (two ruckmen), we are going to do it. Aaron is a real threat forward and so is Sean. You have got to figure out what works for you. It is a long season. Aaron doesn’t want to hear that but we might alternate and keep Aaron fresh. Aaron is a worker. One of the greatest people I have met in footy and a very special person. He just wants to play and work and he is such a threat still.

Tread carefully BB


Yeah no chance I'm running a bloke who is sharing the ruck. It's Kreuzer, Ryder or Nank now to back up Gawn.

POD Fiction!

Hey Kev, nice team and niceidea ith the F8 loophole. Instead of the north player as loop you may want to go Jiath from hawks, they have a better run for you to have full effect of the loophole.


"Ultimately I lost a head-to-head league game against Patch and that still keeps me awake at night."

That truly was the darkest timeline. On the bright side your team is looking very, very good this year. Like that a lot mate.


A new dawn is upon us patch.
We can all reset and banish the demons from the past.

Welcome back to the happy place.

League code: 123493.


THOUGHTS PLEASE. Enjoy negative feedback if you see something wrong.

Def-Yeo .laird . Hibberd . Naughton. Doedee. Murray—finlayson. Murphy

Mid- dusty. Mitchell . Kelly. Crouch. Fyfe. Cripps. Drayshaw. Barry — . Holman.kelly. Banfield .

Ruc -Gawn , Ryder— Cameron

Fwd – heeney. Billing’s. Patracca. Fogarty. ahern. fritsch— Ryan. Rioli


I’m glad you enjoy negative feedback John, because there isn’t much that’s positive about this team. I wouldn’t pay 560k for a bloke that’s avg over 100 once, even if you paid me. Cameron will be lucky to score you 20 points when Ryder has his bye, so have fun with that.
Running 3 rookies (2 of which won’t play) in your forward line is asking for trouble. I’m guessing you like the taste of doughnuts.
Mitchell and Fyfe look like solid picks


On paper your def, mid, ruck lines are very strong, but not realistic as they create problems up forward

Fogarty’s JS isn’t great, and Ahern didn’t get a run in the preseason despite being fit.

neil Demons Delight

guns and rooks team with only PETRACCA as a midpricer and I bet you go well however check your byes Ryder to Nank is far better but still great


Looks good John,

Not sure about your fwd line or not starting Danger?

Smith moved to Ess to play more mid, his JLTs this was evident. JLT 1 he was the stand out when Zerrett went off and Heppell missed 2nd half. Still scored well JLT 83 with 5 frees. Walters ready to swagger in mid.

Yeah your fwd line rookies are risky could have a donut r2

Really its just shifting your $$ around the lines anyway so dont peel out too much.

Talk is Ryders China trip bye no good, many are starting another ruck then upgrading to them. Another option is Cox in ya fwd then swing through DPP to cover…should play every game will do more tap work, looks to be improving every year….has confidence behind him as seen in JLT will have some mares but should go up 15 to 20ppg


I’d ditch Yeo, pretty sure he won’t replicate last years scores and if he does, jump on board when you’re convinced.

Bringing in Sicily or Ryan will free up some cash to work on your forward line. You could put Ryan in the back and Sicily in as a forward. If you need extra cash to bring both in, Dusty or Mitchell to Oliver or Merrett.


Money in bank: 1,300

DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Sicily (FWD), O'Shea/Naughton, Doedee, Murray: Finlayson (MID), Mihocek
MID: Danger, Dusty, T.Mitchell, Fyfe, Cripps, Coniglio, JOM, Brayshaw: Banfield, Kelly, Holman
RUC: Gawn, NicNat: Olango
FWD: Heeney (MID), Billings, Smith, Bell, Fog (MID), Fritsch: Keefe (DEF), Ryan

Feedback Appreciated


thought bell was avg 90 last year at Blues? ill suss.. Big unit, reminded me of Kouta, awk price, but had 11 tackles JLT i think?


Yeah one year mate, most likely goes into a his no where half fwd role once beams is back and pumps out a solid 55 before getting dropped because he’s boarderline in the best 22


Gotta agree with you there on Bell..just can't pick a guy based on JLT form, he's never been worth having before so why now?


Exactly, I get fwds are thin this year but restructure your team so you’re not having to back unproven guys like Bell and Tab

David C

Bell has earned a spot as an inside mid to start the season. If he holds his spot he is a good pick. But a couple of bad games and he'll be gone with Brissy bringing in the kids.


There is no way Bell holds an inside midfeild spot. How many games has he played there for lions?


Too deep in the mids & not deep enough in the Fwd line IMO badger. And don't listen to people saying your team is cookie cutter. It's how you trade that matters


Am I in over my head picking Roughhead? Am I overreacted to a weak field in the FWDs this season?

Laird Howe Simpson
Naughton Doedee Murray
Finlayson Mirra

Danger (Will probably keep, worst case scenario he'll go down to Mitchell or Duncan) Zerrett Fyfe
Parker Whitfield
Brayshaw Brodie Kelly
Banfield Barry Holman

Kreuzer Gawn Olango

Heeney Walters Roughy
Petracca Sicily Fritsch
Keefe Ryan


Reckon you're wrong to take a non-scoring rookie in the forward line. Yes the forward rookies look like they'll score the worst but there's actually plenty that look likely to play. What's more at least some of the ones that will play seem on the cheap side.

Stephenson, Fritsch, Ryan, Waterman, Venables, Garlett, Giles-Langdon all fairly likely.
Fogarty, Tiziani, Keeffe, Miers, Rioli and Rose all a slim chance.

Garlett, Waterman, Ryan, Fritsch and Giles-Langdon makes for a pretty decent set of rookies that are all under 125k and so don't need to score well to make cash. .


Steph not worth 180k based on JLT. Fritsch I have, Ryan I have. Waterman’s JS looks shaky once JJK is back.

I really wanted Venables to show something preseason, I was tracking his WAFL form last year and he would be among the BOG more often that not. Just doesn’t get enough of the ball.

Garlett is a seagull and ZGL is my alternative if Darcy Cameron is not in Sydney’s R1 team.

F8 loophole is basically Cameron vs ZGL. No Cameron? I’ll get Olango or Jeffries as R3 loophole. Cameron plays I’ll leave it as it is


Laird,savage,sicily,naughton,oshea,dodee (finlayson, murray)

Martin, t.mitchell, kelly, bont,fyfe, cognilio,brayshaw, banfield (barry, kelly, hollan)

Martin, gawn (cameron)

Franklin, greene, mclean, d.smith, keefe, fritsh (rioli, ryan)


O'shea hasn;t done enough for me to warrant that high rookie price.
I'd trade him for possibly Mihocek and use that money to upgrade bont to possibly Crouch or Zorko


U dont think bont will perform better than crouch or zorko?


I think dogs players are hard to pick. Bont may have a few quiet quarters in the forward line. Don’t see him scoring much more than last year. Crouch and Zorko have way more upside


I believe Crouch and Zorko will average more than Bont, but it just all depends on whether or not the supercoach gods keep gifting bont points.


Thanks fellas


I need 1 defender and 3 forwards out of
Heeney, Greene, billings, Lloyd, shaw



You’ve named 3 forwards so I guess those 3??
Neither of those defenders warrant a selection, id recommend you auto pick your team


2 of Dahlhaus, billings and Greene


Billings and Greene


Billings and Greene, if toby can keep his fists by his side then he's gonna be a very nice POD this year. I don't have him personally however I am not looking forward to playing someone who does.


Given Giants early draw Toby is a near must. Could ave 100-105 if he keeps his hands to himself


Anyone Keen to join a draft league hopefully drafting tonight?


Like the team Kev, some brave calls there – Libba, Taberner & Ryan. They are all PODs to me and could really work.

What’s your plan with Danger Round 1?


Hey community,
Is it worth trying to pick the rise of midfielder that is a little bit cheaper (between 500k-580k) or should i just fork out the cash for an uber premo in that position?

Not long now guys!


I'd say pick 2-3 sure things, and then have at least one speculative pick. Bont, Beams, Parker, and Cripps all are likely to finish around 600k


Thanks TB, Parker and Bontempelli are the ones standing out or me in that area, so i'll certainly pick one of them!


If you pick last seasons uber prem you've got to expect price fluctuations. If they perform to standard you will be saving trades. If you pick 500-580k players you're hoping for an uber which might pay off.


Mids bat very very deep this year, EMS. Plenty of options in that price range


Thanks Kev, If you don't mind, do you have a preference out of Bont and Parker and why?

Good luck this season


Parker has proven himself to be a jet, as his brownlow runners up proves, and there is no reason why he cant return to his best again this year.
Bont finds a way to be gifted points by looking at the ball, so if the supercoach gods still gift him points then he'll also be a solid pick, but if they stop giving them to him then he may disappoint you.


Back yourself sniper. Not sure why you a valuing a player who finished outside the top 20k last year? I know I’m aiming to finish a lot higher than that again, and you don’t get there by following the always positive advice of those lower than myself.


You make some valid points there Mr Wow, they are the two players i have cut my decision down to, so i was just asking as i cannot separate them, do you have an opinion on the two players????


Look at their scoring history, what may have caused it and decide for yourself. I defiantly have one of those guys in my team and won’t be going near the other

neil Demons Delight

I am tipping Parker trev


You can make a solid case for both, Sniper. Bont spent a bit of time forward in the preseason which is a good or bad thing depending on how you look it at. If he adds a few goals to 25 touches a game he’ll be a very good selection


^See what I mean Sniper, do you’re own research mate and back yourself. I don’t really see how that ‘good/bad depending how you look at it’ comment is really going to be of much use

Draft king

If you've got the coin do a premo simple. Saves a trade


Hi community, team is still subject to change.

Let me know you're thoughts, cheers

Laird, Hibberd, Ryan, Finlayson, Murry, dodee (mirra and mihocek

Selwood, martin, tick, fyfe, parker, cognilio, brayshaw, dom ( kelly, holman and Banfield)

Gawn, Navs and Cam

Dahlhaus, walters, Smith, Petrecca, Rayner and Fritsch (Ryan and Fogarty

Have Selwood for Danger keeping the extra until Danger is fit.

Thanks everyone


Don't know about Dahlhaus as F1, I think that needs to be Billings or Heeney. I like the rest though, Parker is so underrated, as is Ryan.


Would appreciate some feedback fellas

D: Laird, Hibberd, Bowes, Naughton, Murray, Doedee (Payne, Murphy)

M: Zorko, Crouch, Duncan, Fyfe, Bont, Rockliff, Kelly, Barry (Finlayson, Banfield, Holman)

R: Gawn, Martin (Hayes)

F: Heeney, Cameron, Walters, Smith, Sicily, Fritsch (Langdon, Venables)

**Justification Time**

I think Laird and Hib are the locks down back. Hurley isn't far behind, but I think you can bank on a key defender having a week where he gives away 4-5 free kicks and throws out a stinker – will be my second upgrade.

My midfield is a strange one, but hear me out. I'm not having 750k sitting on my bench with a hammy. It probably will be one week, but soft tissues in pre season are nothing to mess with, so I want to see him play three games healthy before he comes back in to my side. This will happen by dropping Jeremy Cameron down to Mason Cox (!), creating the ruc/fwd swing with Hayes, and protecting me from Gawn's inevitable one weeker that will leave most coaches lost. I also think everyone I've picked has top 10 upside and are in good situations this season – ideally I will finish the season with them.

Forward line is where the risks should be this year, and while I like a lot of mid price PODS (Josh Thomas, Lewis Taylor, Darcy Parish) I went reasonably cookie cutter bar cameron.

Let me know what you think


What’s your thinking on Bowes, TB? He was on my pre-JLT watchlist but didn’t do much to earn a spot


I think he's completed his apprenticeship as a defender, which I think all rookie midfielders should do to polish that side of their game in the big leagues, and now looks poised to be predominantly a midfielder. He had double digit contested touches in JLT, and while he's not banging the door down, his job security seems very high and we don't have cheap defenders this year who are genuine mids except for maybe Angus Brayshaw.


That midfeild looks very weak. Different, but weak. There’s no way there will be a top 10 without at least a few players such as Martin, Tich, Kelly, Oliver. Wasting a trade to bring in cox, who you’re just going to trade out seems like a strange plan. Maybe rethink this.
Hope this constructive criticism doesn’t offend you


I love a bit of constructive criticism mate
I think Crouch and Fyfe are absolute locks for top 10, and I believe Bont will finish top 5 on Brownlow night in a dogs side that will rebound this year.
Zorko's averaging 122 points without Rockliff in the past two years, and with Rocky gone I think Zorko's average possessions goes up from 25 to 28ish, which is a big jump considering he averaged 110 the past two years.
Duncan finished last year with a 10 game average of 122, including finals, and looks cemented as one of the elite ball winners and users in the whole league, and who doesn't love a POD.
Rockliff is a gamble, but the man averaged 132 in a season not long ago. Too much upside for 529k.

I could be very wrong, but I've put a lot of thought into it so fingers crossed


I am a Collingwood supporter and I want a Collingwood player. Pendles or howe?


Howe for me – guaranteed top 6 defender whereas Pendlebury is more of a risk.


Sam Murray. Looks like he will win the B&F


Pick Mason Cox


J Thomas fwd pod

Way Too Good

Go with your gut and get your pods or die wondering in the pack. I'd wait on rocky and get a real pod for that price. Injury prone and hasn't had a full pre season.


DEF: laird, Mcgovern, Mills, sicily, Angus Brayshaw, sam Murray (Doedee, mihocek)
MID: dusty, titch, Fyfe, Walters, Libba, Petracca, Andrew Brayshaw, Banfield (kelly, Finlayson, Holman)
RUCK: Goldstein, Gawn (cameron)
FWD: Mundy, j Cameron, d Smith, Impey, t Bell, Fritsch (Keeffe, l Ryan)
Feedback is welcome! 7.8k in bank.


That's a lot of mid pricers Jerry, particularly in the backline. I'm nowhere near brave enough to start that many, and you may benefit from trading one mid pricer for a premo such as hibberd and one for a rookie

I'd move Petracca to the forward line so that you're not wasting a crucial midfield spot, and would then replace Cameron with the likes of Coniglio.


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Team looks good Kev


Thanks Kev. I was previously playing Christensen at F6 because I don’t trust the forward rookies. By playing the loophole as you suggested, I have turned Lloyd into Zerrett. Even with Danger, have Fyfe at M6. Adds a whole different look to my side. Many thanks for the great suggestions


What about Micheal Barlow


I like. Will play in guts at the Suns. Plenty of points to go around with no Gaz and now no Hall for a few weeks.

Pure midfielder with forward status at an undervalued price.

Just the round 10 bye to deal with


DEF: Laird, Lloyd, Dodee, Naughton, OShea, Murray (Finlayson, Coffield)

MID: Danger, Dusty, Titch, Ablett, Fyfe, JOM, Armitage, Brayshaw (Holman, Banfield, Barry)

RUCK: Gawn, Goldy or Martin? unsure yet? (Cameron)

FWD: Greene, Billings, Walters, Smith, Petracca, Fritsch (Keefe, Ryan)

*just gonna check my team might have 1 x $400k fwd too many? hmm…


Yup same team but without Danger? Thats right i took him out, Cats released grade 1 tear update this morning. Thats a 21 day inj, so fair chance will miss Rnd 1 unleash Gaz, and by their next game will be 18days.

Still ive not allowed any Danger room $$ so ill be changing this around


I think if you're going two premo defenders then they both need to be top line, maybe try replace Lloyd with Hurl or Hib.
Midfield is rock solid, but have a plan for when Ablett tears something – maybe accelerate the upgrade from JOM to a gun.
I prefer Martin, partially because I'm a Brisbane supporter, but also because he's come back from the offseason in the best shape of his life and is a genuine clearance king. Also, Brisbane look too tall now to fit in Archie smith, and there are plenty of key position players who can pinch hit in the ruck to give stef a spell, so fingers crossed he's safe.
As for the forward line, don't change a thing (except maybe Greene to Heeney). There are almost no guarantees down there as well, so don't be afraid to use a sideways trade if someone emerges as a breakout top 6 contender.
Good luck


Kev did you put any thought into this team?

Ans: of course you did though i think u were peaking through the key hole as we have quite a few similarities.

Still looking at starting Kruez but not Danger.
Shh on Ryan needs to stay podish

Dont get all the who har on Taberner. But guess we need someone at F5.

Hoping fogarty gets a gig for an F6

First team i have seen without Laird. Big play.

Good one mate c u in the happy place.


I am in the same thinking about starting Kreuzer over Danger. I think both will drop in price at some point in time so it is a matter of when you think they will drop and by how much.

Ryan is really peaking my interest for my D2 spot. Currently have Mills in that spot but am seriously considering Ryan as an alternative, the only problem is I am extremely low on cash which might change once lineups come out in a few days. Ryan is made for supercoach scoring and I think he will be a great player for us over the next few years.


Any love for Hutchings from WCE as opposed to Bell/Christensen? Scores of 79 and 71 from JLT and eyeing off more midfield minutes with Priddis and Mitchell gone.


In my eyes he’s WC go to player for tagging roles. Not a good scorer when he does that


Best defender under 505K


Shane Savage at $473k looks to be a good pick


As long as you don't mind the odd 40 and 50 scores, or him getting dropped for 11 weeks during a season, sorry Nank, but he's a big ole no from me.


This is a tough one, especially if you don’t like Savage. You have Sicily at just over 400k, Ryan at 420 or so and it seems both are popular.

I haven’t heard anyone talk about McGovern (wc). His numbers improve slightly year on year. He was just over 90 ave last year and played all 22. I think he will end the year close to a top 6 defender in total points and average, but would i start the year with him? No way.

I’d say grab an extra rookie and save the cash or upgrade on another line.


Will the big Kreuzer back up last season? Big points to be made as set and forget with Max in my opinion.
Thoughts appreciated




Ablett and pendles
Sloane and josh Kelly?


What are your thoughts? Have any pros and cons?


Option 2


Out of those 4, sorry but I'd say Josh Kelly and someone else.


Ryan or Mills for D3?




merrett or oliver?


Either or Mark I think, both good picks, I'm going with Oliver cause I think he can get better this year.


I'm going Zerrett for the same reason that you're picking Oliver Rust! I'm interested to see how both players go this year.


Either and both can do well this year Nank :), I just like Gawny knocking it into The wranger's hands, Bomber"s Rucks are a bit dicey.


might just flip a coin lol

David C

Merrett might get tagged. Got some attention late last season.


Oliver is proven to be consistent and will now have Gawn. Should have more game time this year too, see him going well this year


I have both in my team currently. Hoping both of them back up their strong years and take it to another level.


I could trade cripps up to have both but I feel like cripps bye is super helpful


Cripps has only had one season averaging over 100, consider that.


Also check Cripps previous tog history. Already pretty high, so he’s going to have to purely play better to score much higher than he’s shown


Thoughts and advice would be greatly appreciated

Laird, Hibberd, Savage, Sicily, Murray, Finlayson (Doedee, Murphy)

Danger, Dusty, Kelly, Fyfe, Coniglio, Libba, Banfield, Holman (Kelly, Barry, Constable)

Gawn, Nankervis (Olango)

Heeney, Billings, Smith, Lobb, Fridtsch, Langdon (Garlett, Ryan)



Hey Damo, I really like the look of that team, a nice balance of safe options and PODs, all of which I think will be valuable ones too.
The only one I have my doubts about is Sicily however I know many back him in so I wish you the best of luck for him this season.


I’d rethink the Lobb selection, Damo. Maybe swinging Sicily forward and grabbing another def rook? Coffield or Naughton


Hey Damo..agree with Kev here, Lobb's not ready, probably way behind the pace with his fitness levels at the moment.


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If you ever get over to W.A Southwest, you should check it out.

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Gator's in Tassie but he could call in on his way back not sure of his handicap but he will give you a run Russty cheers mate must get over to ROCKY one day


Hey Neilo, scores don't matter mate when you're in a pristine place and a unique perfect golf course, just gotta soak it all in and enjoy your day 🙂


You and Gator always welcome over here Neil.

neil demons delight

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I doubt there's anyone monitoring it mate, they have a pre-set 'edit/ delete swearwords' thing setup i'm sure.
try typing the word pish with a double s 🙂


Hey community, I've been tossing up between Zorko and Parker for a while now, but just can't make a decision.
If anyone has any insights to help me decide that would be much appreciated!


History says Parker is due a good year. Started slowly with the 0-6 start for swans. Zorko is a gun, don’t know if he cops heavier tags this year. Both with probably average the same. One is a fair bit cheaper


Depends what u will do with the extra money you save on Parker? If u can use that extra money to improve ur side greatly, go Parker. Otherwise stick with Zorko.


I have a league with 8 spots. Show myself and Wow what you guys got. Join and comment your team name here. If I feel your good enough you stay in. Would like a strong league! We are top 100 ranks so no nuffies


TheSCMessiah, good luck lads.


Team name is ScorpionsFC, good luck fellas


team name Lloyd Pope XVIII


dinomite my team always finish top 5k