DAVID ARMITAGE: Supercoach Spotlight 2018

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David Armitage missed all but 2 games in 2017 with a groin injury (rumour has it he was injured filming a remake of the Simpsons classic “Man Getting Hit by Football”). The disappointments of 2017 could be the opposite in 2018… I can’t think of an exact opposite for word disappointment. CS Lewis used to have the same problem in between writing about talking lions named Aslan…Anyway, the appointments could be big in 2018 for David Armitage, but does he possess enough potential to be worth picking as a mid-price midfielder in 2018?

David Armitage: THE FACTS


2018 Facts $310,100 MID
2017 Games 2
2017 Average 70.5
2017 100+ Scores 0
2017 Sub-80 scores 2
2017 Highs & Lows High of 74, low of 67

We can just go ahead and write off 2017 completely. Just ignore it. Pretend it never happened. Done? OK, now, let’s get moving on.



The price! Armitage comes in as a solid mid-price option for 2018, which is much better than the $591,800 people paid for him at the start of the 2016 season. You’re looking at a potential cash saving of $250K-$300K by moving down from a premium selection to a midpricer like Armitage. Money that can either be spent on improving a player elsewhere or sprinkled about to bump up multiple players.

He looked excellent in his first JLT game, as well.


2015 was a long time ago (or not, depending on your ability to move back through the space time continuum), which has been the only time in his 11-year career he has ever been really Supercoach relevant. That 2015 season saw him average 28 disposals, four marks, six tackles and 6.3 clearances per game for an average of 109.7 SC points.

He then followed that up with 2016 averages of 22 disposals, 2.5 marks, 6 tackles and 4.8 clearances per game, so a Supercoach average of 87.3 Supercoach points. So outside of that one year, between 2012 and 2016 he had 1 great year and 4 others that he averaged between 86-93 SCPoints, but he couldn’t reach that in his second JLT game, racking up just 66 points.



Armitage seems ready to roll for 2018, noting:

“I had eight weeks off doing nothing for treatment and it seemed to mend me and [the injury] settled down, which is fantastic,” Armitage said as the Saints took their training camp to Ocean Grove on Victoria’s Surf Coast on Thursday.

“I’ve pretty much done a full pre-season, and so far so good. It’s holding up really good (and) I feel rejuvenated.

“As a midfield group we’ve spoken about having a lot more flexibility (and) to get a bit of movement through our midfield to go out to a wing or go to half-forward.

“I feel like we’ve got huge depth in there … Luke Dunstan, Seb Ross obviously won the best and fairest, Jack Steven, Koby Stevens, Jack Steele – the list goes on, even some of our half-forwards.”

That could be the problem though, since Armitage’s big year in 2015 we’ve seen Seb Ross improve his output from 18 disposals in 2015 to 29.9 last year, plus the additions of Koby Stevens and Jack Steele, as well as the potential for guys like Jack Billings to spend more time in the midfield too. It’s certainly a lot more crowded than what Armitage is used to, which is likely to prevent him getting back to his previous highs and at best may see him replicate an average in the 80’s again. For his price you’re better off looking elsewhere.

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  1. gator59 says:

    Not going anywhere near him ..a huge trap

  2. SCdonkey says:

    I pass, too many has taken his spot in the guts. Where does he fit in the side, most likely he'll be a floater getting cheap possies.

  3. gator59 says:

    My advice is to steer clear of any saints players

    • TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

      Cmon gator gotta back in some of your saints surely?

      • gator59 says:

        A big no from me trigga… been there done that and got burnt..never again

        • Russty_ says:

          Not even Coffield Gator?…I think he could be a good pick this year and with valuable DPP status.

          • gator59 says:

            Not starting him Russty

            • efgyv says:

              gator you are as dumb as they come yoy idiot i hope you dont pick any you butch saints will be top 2 you flog

              • gator59 says:

                My side you flog and I will pick who I choose so good luck to you when you get burnt FLOG

              • BloodyFranklin says:

                Shittest troll ever.

              • Russty_ says:

                Pretty funny you calling someone else dumb after dishing up that garbage sentence, is that even English?
                He's entitled to his opinion mate, take your abuse elsewhere.

      • gator59 says:

        I may fall on my sword down the track and get billings in as an upgrade if he's looking good

    • ILove PatrickCripps says:

      I like Billings and Steven would be an interesting pod but for the most part I agree with you. Think Savage and Armitage aren't going to suddenly improve after years in the system.

      • paul says:

        Savage averaged 97 from round 10 last year which was after he was dropped.That is good constant and up there with the best , plus his JlT games were exceptional 114 and a 145 and really the saints were smashed in both games.He had 35 kicks and 15
        contested positions he is back don't miss the boat boys.Armitage really is a Gun hard nut if fit and he looks like he is with 17 contested positions for both games and at that price I have both and laughing all the way to the bank.

        • paul says:

          Possessions that is.lol

        • Russty_ says:

          Last year, Savage was dropped to the seconds after round 3 after starting the year with scores of 65, 52 and 59, and didn't appear regularly again until round 16.
          Apparently he had no belief in himself and the Saint's Sports Psychologist helped him sort his head out.
          Could do well this year Paul if he keeps his attitude right but too risky for mine. Pass.

          • Paul says:

            From round 16 tho he did average 100 and he has his attitude right now as he averaged 129 in the JlT.He will be in my team that’s for sure.

    • Marty says:

      Im a saints fan. Billings is a must have

  4. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Not in my SC team but picked him up in the draft.

  5. ILove PatrickCripps says:

    I'd have O'Meara ahead of Armitage, but not particularly sold on Jaegar just yet. Could easily get to a 95-100 avg. under Alastair Clarkson if he's injury free. Could also average 70.

    • Patch says:

      Agree, Crippa. That said mid-priced midfielders are a terrible idea regardless for mine.

    • Derek says:

      I have JOM ahead. Hawks depth in midfield is very weak.

    • Starkingdom says:

      I'm including JOM at this stage because of the potential 100+ avg. I'm happy he's had a full pre season and for his price it's a good risk.

  6. Post_MaSloane says:

    Thanks Baz. Can't say I agree though, Armitage looks the goods this year for me. Plus he busted out a monster score with a black eye, that's baddass and I love it. Welcome my team son

  7. BundyBear says:

    One spot left on my league if anyone is interested. No qualifications or previous high rankings required. Just enjoy and play hard. League number is 206330. Thankyou

  8. Northerner says:

    I was also in the “absolutely no” camp and probably still am based upon injury risk. However, I was looking through the JLT stats published by the HS yesterday and his PPM suggest the 66 was as much an impact of TOG as anything. I’m not going there, but would not be at all surprised if he averages 110 through to the byes.

    • Northerner says:

      And I picked up Oliver at the start last year because I saw something special in the JLT that identified him as a potential keeper, which paid off. I can’t see Armitage holding that form for a full season so best you could hope would be a stepping stone to Danger or Gaz later in the year.

  9. BadgerHoney7 says:

    Money in bank: $2,600

    DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Sicily, Coffield, Doedee, Murray – Finlayson, Mihocek

    Questioning – Coffield at the moment, waying up between him and Naughton, feeling if I go with Coffield it would be a slight POD seeming that everyone is going with Naughton.

    MID: Martin, Mitchell, Fyfe, Cripps, Coniglio, JOM, Brayshaw – Banfield, T.Kelly, Holman

    Questioning: Will Brodie is questionable to be put in team as I think he'll get big minutes in the midfield and could score big scores. JOM is my biggest risk and I'm not getting rid of him really trust him to go well this year and first quarter against Carlton shows his potentional and for someone at his price, you take a ave. 90-95 but I will be wanting more.

    RUCK: Gawn, Nic Nat – Olango

    Questioning: Nic Nat, if hes named Round 1 I'll go with him, if not, he'll be gone, Lycett is a liability and only scored 50 odd and got pounded by Sandy on the weekend so hes not the one in my opinion. Gawn lock obviously.

    FWD: Heeney, Billings, Smith, T.Bell, Fogarty, Keefe – Fritsch, Ryan

    Questioning: Heeney probably at the moment is my biggest worry, just need him to generate scores and will be in an out a lot of times in these next 9 days before Round 1, if the Fog plays Round 1, I'll probably go with but can easily swap him for a FWD rookies, don't really know if I want to start Ryan at the moment, just feel like he can dodgy with the 30s-40s regularly, just need more trustworthy FWD rookies.

    Feedback greatly appreciated.

    • TommyC99 says:

      I would be bringing in an extra forward. I would have Bell at F5 tbh. I’d be dropping on of COGS or JOM to free up the cash. Mid rookies are very good this year.

    • BadgerHoney7 says:

      *Danger at M1*

  10. Jordan says:

    For all those people saying midprice midfielders are a bad idea. Last year Oliver and josh Kelly both started as midpricers and similarly priced to coniglio and armitage/omeara this year.
    There is a lot of value here

    • Russty_ says:

      Yeah Kelly was 470 and Oliver 380, those two are exceptional though and just getting started really…there's also O'Meara last year…and Libba, epic fails.
      Cogs will probably do ok I think if he stays healthy.

      • Rufus says:

        Agree Russty, however Oliver was the 2017 ripper who I didn’t have but I read an article by Mark Robinson last year who suggested Kelly would fire up so I got him in from the start.
        The one risk I am going with is Cogs ( Instead of Wines, Bont etc) because he gives me a $120K+ kitty for an upgrade or two after the 2nd round.

      • Derek says:

        There were many more who failed. Most do.

  11. TommyC99 says:

    Thoughts on Mills as a D3? Between him and Sicily atm but flog factor turning me off Sicily.

    Also thinking of starting Kruezer, good selection? Like his bye and f he goes down, can trade to anyone

    • Derek says:

      I like Mills. I also liked him last year.

      His only problem is the number of other good players at the Swans will hold his scoring back.

      I don’t think there is much difference between Lloyd and Mills, so if you were thinking Lloyd like I was, I’d go Mills instead and save cash.

      He has potential to go into the midfield in a defensive role and could score the occasional 100+.

      He is in third year now so his 70’s should turn into 80’s and depending on his role he could push 90.

      • Keenbutclueless says:

        I picked Mills last year. I noticed that he got to 70+ by 3 quarter time a lot, and had small 4th quarters and would finish around 75-80. It also felt that the small last quarters influenced his scaling, and he would scale down a point or two whilst others were scaling up. If his tank has improved, maybe he finishes those games stronger. It is possible that he doesn’t need a midfield role to improve those points, maybe it can be natural growth that gets him there. Mills is not in my team at the moment- merely because there are so many rookies available in defence. It pains me to have a flog like Sicily at F5 because of his DPP, but not have Mills at the same price.

  12. StevoRivo says:

    No for me on Armo. Running with Cogs at M6.

    Going light in defence, 2,0,6
    Mids 5,1 (Cogs), 5
    Rucks 2,1
    Fwds 2,3,3.

    Biggest concern is Danger. Still a hold for me. Have DPP swings set up. Could be a bumpy ride!

  13. Moopy says:

    Is it worthwhile to have Keefe on my defence bench so I can have Sicily in my fwd 6 and therefore be able to use their DDP’s. From all accounts, Keefe will struggle to get a game in a strong GWS lineup.

    • StevoRivo says:

      I’m going with this at the moment as I will end up swinging Sicily to defence if he holds some form.

  14. Moosehead says:

    What are people’s advice on selecting both Coffield and Naughton in light of Lekdog/Patch’s excellent article about low priced rookies generating much more cash than the higher priced rookies. I also have Freo’s Brayshaw in the mids too.

    • Derek says:

      Look at the cheapies first. No guarantees an expensive rookie will score more than a cheapie.

      We have Murray, Doedee, Finlayson as cheapies who should play. O’conner Might play.

      Murphy, Mirra & Michech as super cheapies who might play.

  15. SexySuperCoacher says:

    867397- please feel free to join league only elite super coachers.

  16. General Soreness says:

    Every year I have a SC league dedicated to the members of this site only. If you are keen – hop on in 454607.

  17. Jack says:

    Looking for top 5% coaches to join this league 857772

  18. TRIGGA_HAPPY says:

    Hey lads.
    Triggs Happy Place league is back for 2018.
    I have recreated the league and invited the usuual suspects from last year.
    I assume it sent you an email or invite in your sc league?
    If u dont have the invite let me know and i will give you the league code.
    Looking forward to the clash of the titans once again in the happy place! 💪😉

    • gator59 says:

      I think I was a part of this league last year Trigga,, Don't see any code anywhere

  19. Pablo says:

    I had not considered Armitage as a possibility and there is no compelling case to suggest otherwise. I suspect he will bang out a few decent games, but not a keeper by any stretch. That's a strong no from me.

  20. EasyMoneySniper says:

    Hey community,
    Even if danger plays, are we at all concerned he may be parked in the forward line, or should we still expect the elite scoring from the great man?

    Good luck to all this season

    • Russty_ says:

      I'm not worried about it, he'll probably score 5 goals a game if he is parked there for awhile. Plenty of other midfielders at the Cats to deliver it to him.

    • Starkingdom says:

      Imagine playing on Danger one out in front of Cats goal..

    • nankthetank says:

      Hey KD, to put things into perspective, in round 17 last year I'm sure you'd remember that scare as he went off the ground with what many thought was a broken leg, only to come back, sit himself in the forward line where he proceeded to score 5 goals and get 141 supercoach points. If he can play on one leg in the forward line and score 141 then I don't think that there are many concerns that he won't score big if he sits in the forward line for a game or two.
      The only concern for me is if he will actually be able to play at all.

  21. Fabio says:

    Are mid prices a better proposition if focusing on the League rather than on Overall?
    I say YES . They may not generate cash but JOM Armitage Christensen Deledio etc will most likely get you a 70.
    Play too many rookies and looking at potentially a couple of sub 40s. This is a killer in League Play.

    • General Soreness says:

      Where does your cash come from to upgrade later? Need rookies, more of them playing and generating cash the better, ideally from a bench than the field. Scores are one thing but early Cash Remains King!

      • Fabio says:

        Great point. But if we going exclusively Premos and rooks we gonna need rooks 5-6 on field for first 5-6 rounds. In League Play important to bank early wins as need a Top 4 finish to win a League. About finding a balance a maybe 2-3 lower priced mid prices. Thanks for the feedback.

        • Derek says:

          I had problems in past not having enough early wins. Might have a great team for the finals, but miss out

  22. judd0 says:

    What do people think of Andrew McGrath?
    Do I just want him because I'm an Essendon man?
    Do we think Saad will take some of his run off half back? Will he play any mid time? Second Year blues?

    • Ricardo says:

      Not a huge point scorer, at that price won't make you much $$ and second year players are always a no-no in SC

    • Starkingdom says:

      I think you answered all those questions, and that's a yes, yes, yes.

    • nankthetank says:

      McGrath will probably go on to average around 85-90 points, so if you're just selecting him as a mid pricer to hold on to for the season then yeah he'll score you points, and for his price he can't really disappoint you, however the other option is to get a rookie instead of him and upgrade another mid pricer to a premo, or a premo to an uber. It all depends on what you're game style is.

  23. Harry says:

    O’meara & T. Mitchell or Coniglio & Treleor

    • Starkingdom says:

      JOM & Titch will lift the Hawks this season. I haven't even considered Treloar with so many better options.

      • Rick Grimes says:

        Titch and Cogs. Sorry, not helpful. Avoid Treloar I say. He gets heaps of it but has such poor DE. Hurts so much to see him get 35 touches and score 95.

  24. Maverick says:

    Do we start danger and get him when we can hoping he drops in price (big IF!) and burn a trade or we hold him an have kelly or banfield cover his 0 for the 1 rnd his out… I currently have him but his price is huge with a hammy niggle

  25. Rick Grimes says:

    Anyone reckon Ryan Ryan could have a big year?

  26. Stevie says:

    Anyone considering Angus brayshaw as a break out this year? Haven’t seen any talk about him.

    • HarryH says:

      He's in my team, albeit a risk. I'm not expecting too much from him- good scoring with a lot of things to go right for him to be a keeper. But have to load up on the fwd line this year with no decent rookies and to do that, have to take risks elsewhere. I'm not going Armitage so Brayshaw's my mid pricer

  27. StevoRivo says:

    Ok gents, off topic but..

    Ryder & Ahern or
    Martin & Fogarty?

    • Rick Grimes says:

      The latter. Ahern probably won't get a run r1. Plus Paddies bye is a killer. Martin seems to be back to solo and if so he's good for 100 every week.

      • StevoRivo says:

        Thanks Rick. Ahern has worried me as has Ryder’s bye. Just hope Archie Smith spends a lot of time in the 2’s.

  28. Fraser says:

    Which is better A has more fire power but B has depth with Sicily at f5..

    Option A) Stef Martin (R1), billings, lambert, McLean, Smith, christenson, fritsch


    Option B) nankervis (R2), lambert, McLean, smith, petracca, Sicily & fritsch

    • Hank_SC says:

      So to simplify it's
      A) Martin Billings Christensen
      B) Nankervis Petracca Sicily

      B just

    • nankthetank says:

      I'd go with A, simply because I've never been set on the idea of Sicily, and I think Christensen could have a breakout season this year. However if you can squeeze Petracca in somewhere then that would be ideal.

  29. Graham says:

    Option A

  30. Fletcher says:

    How’s christenson going to fare looks to be in a lot of sides but I’m unsure? I have a deep fwd line Sicily at f5 but considering makin him christenson to free cash and upgrade libba (m6) to Parker. But libba looks like a man possessed! But have he n cogs m5&6.

    • Russty_ says:

      Could also be a man depressed Fletcher…lol, why does a guy averaging over 100 suddenly revert to averaging dog poop? (Libba)
      I don't trust Sicily to not be an over emotional flog, Christensen could be ok, he has struggled with his weight in the past and was given a wake up call by his Coaches at the time at Geelong.
      I think he's still a bit overs on weight but hopefully once he gets back into it fulltime, he'll start looking and playing more like an AFL athlete.

  31. seen_burns says:

    281213 – league code if anyone wants to join

  32. Gazorpazorpafield says:

    DEF: laird, Mcgovern, Mills, sicily, Angus Brayshaw, sam Murray (Doedee, mihocek)
    MID: dusty, titch, Fyfe, Walters, Libba, Petracca, Andrew Brayshaw, Banfield (kelly, Finlayson, Holman)
    RUCK: Goldstein, Gawn (cameron)
    FWD: Mundy, j Cameron, d Smith, Impey, t Bell, Fritsch (Keeffe, l Ryan)
    Feedback is welcome! 7.8k in bank.