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Oh dear. Oh deary, deary me.

The JLT series was supposed to provide answers. It was supposed to tell us who the standout guns were, who was going to break out and most importantly who our rooke selections would be.

The 2018 JLT Series did none of those things.

And we’ve got no idea what to do about it.

Well, we have some ideas. Will they work? Uhhhhh hey look, we’ve got a flashy new intro!

Dangerfield is missing, there are no rookies ANYWHERE, all the mid pricers have fallen over and the ones that aren’t are not to be trusted under any circumstances, so we interrogate them and tear them apart and backflip like you’ve never seen men backflip before.

So community, indulge us as we carry on our merry way through the burning dumpster fire that is season 2018 as we search, elusively, for some answers.

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7 rookies with 14 premos+ lycett
6 rookies with 13 premos+coniglio, lycett and tom Bell?

Thoughts please Community


Neither as they have Lycett. Can’t see him ave over 50 and not for many weeks as Nic Nat will be back by rd2


I think if Danger misses round 1 im going to start him anyway, can take one of Kelly, Barry or Holman's score who seem to be very reliable rookies.

Also can anyone talk me out of choosing Liam Jones?! My Carlton bias might be getting in the way but I believe he will average 90-95 and then I could swap him to a fallen premium around byes if I choose to. He suits my bye structure too and I love watching him play.


I’m a blue bagger too.. I actually picked him up last year and was serviceable. Don’t think he’s a bad idea, not all that many secure premos down there


So many Carlton back men that could break out though, want to take one but don't know who, Jones, Marchbank or Weitering?




Tom Williamson came on pretty well mid way through last season, but maybe 2019 could be his break out year after some more seasoning in 2018, but an affordable option to take a punt on


Weitering for me. Jones will have the odd big score, but when he plays on a proper big forward he'll be ultra defensive and will score 25.


Team as it stands.
DEF: Laird, Hibberd, Jones, Naughton, Doedee, Murray (Keefe, Finlayson)
MID: Danger, Dusty, Titch, Fyfe, Cripps, Coniglio, Brayshaw, Banfield (Kelly, Barry, Holman)
RUC: Kreuzer, Gawn (Cameron)
FWD: Billings, Walters, Petracca, Sicily, Fritsch, Garlett (Ryan, Brown-loophole)
Think this will be my team come round 1 barring any injuries or rookie selection dilemmas. Other than that only thing I'm considering changing is Jones to Ryan.

Big G

Great team if you ditched that Jones fellow


Hahaha fine ill go to Luke Ryan, pains me to do it though lol


Or Mills, ah its driving me nuts! Was forced to downgrade Hurley to get in big Kreuz so its not my preferred option but one of them will have to do.


So similar to my team. As the rookie options are limited, anyone going pure GnR will look very similar as we will have virtually all the same rookies and in most lines the uber premiums pick themselves.


That's why I have to equal it out with Liam "THE GOAT and ULTIMATE POD" Jones!


M1 to M6 same as mine. Danger to Oliver if no show. Nice team.


Hey guys. Enjoying podcasts but on this one (especially early on) Lekdog's volume loud and Patch's soft. Mixing issue or microphone placement? Just some feedback (pardon the pun). Cheers


Mixing issues – that's my bad. Will be all fixed on the next one.


Glad to hear … thought it may have been thumb sucking while in foetal position. I have fixed this one up if you want me to send it to you. Cheers


Ryder and Darcy Fogarty
Nankervis and Tom Bell




Based on my team above, Luke Ryan and Jarrod Garlett or Devon Smith and Mirra?


I swapped Jones for Ryan initially


Don’t think Mirra will play early days so have to be the other choice.


I was pretty confident in going Heeney, Billings and Walters, then realized they all had that Rnd 14 bye. Would you just back it in considering i think they will all be easily top 8 forwards and then worry about the bye situation throughout the season?


Round 14 bye I can live with. By then you should have traded in premiums coming off there 10, 12 & 13 round byes. Plus if you wait to get them in, it’s round 15 before you see them, year is over.


Same dilemma. With other Rd 14 – Martin, Fyfe, Laird , Danger, Savage etc. I’ve decided I can only pick 2 of the 3 you’ve named.

If you are going for overall rank, it’s the bye rounds that really sorts out the spread in the field. If you are just going for a league premiership then you don’t need to worry as much and can just take a loss in Rd 14.


Hi community, whays your thoughts on Marley Williams for NB


I’ve been considering him in fantasy, not sure about SuperCoach… should see plenty of it down there though!

Is Stefan Martin going to be solo rucking this year? I


Archie looks that annoying type who will just keep pestering the coach for a game. After a few losses the coach will look at Archie and think “Why not?”


Although Archie Smith does have a statistical affect on how Martin scores, I feel as though that affect is overstated. In the six games Smith played with Martin last year, Martin still averaged 88.
While 88 may not be great, it is still high enough to cop for just a few games in a full season, when Martin is gonna average very well anyway.
The judgement you need to make is how many games will Smith play this year?


It's so hard this year but currently

Def: Laird Savage Mills brayshaw naughton doedee (finlayson, Murray)
Mid: Mitchell Kelly Sloane merrett bont congilo brayshaw Barry (banfield, Kelly, Holman)
Ruck: Gawn Nank (olango)
Fwd: mundy McLean petracca crozier bell fritsch (ahern, Ryan)


If you could only take one who would you take 1 Heeney, Buddy or Billings? 2 Armitage or Omeara? 3 Sicily or Patracca?


buddy, armitage and petracca


Heeney – genuine midfielder with forward status. Get buddy later, Billings plays more forward.

JOM – hawks midfield is quite weak and has no depth. JOM will be in the thick of everything they do, if he is as good as they say he is, he’ll do good. Saints midfield depth is much better.

Petracca – will get some midfield time especially with Lewis going to Defense this year. Sicily relies on intercept marks and being the loose man in defence, teams will force him to man up and some days he will score 14.


Heeney only worries me because Syd have a 3rd string ruckman. Kennedy and Parker can win there own ball just not to sure about Henney can he get his hands dirty?


Heeney, Omeara and Petracca.


Petracca, Armitage, Buddy


Is there any merit in fielding Darcy Cameron at R2 despite his output? I can't believe im asking this




Thanks Dac, just needed someone to slap some sense into me! I really don't enjoy looking at my team at the moment


I slowly start enjoying looking at mine until suddenly I have huge second thoughts on a player or I look at my forward line rookies


it’s like a piece of string, pull on one end, the other end gets shorter.

Or a loose thread. Pull on it and it soon turns into a big hole.


He's not even guaranteed a game in round 1. He's an R3 only


If you can find a rookie ruckman who will play the first 6 or 7 games, then it is no different to having a rookie on field in another line …. as long as you are doing this to lock-in a premo elsewhere.

SW Roosters XXX

There are 11 mid spots? 8 on field 3 on bench…..

Not sure what you boys were talking about saying there are 10 spots???


I was thinking the same thing. They need an abacus


Maybe they were thinking two Chris Mayne's – that would account for the blank spots πŸ™‚


Did you know Chris Mayne scored 8 SC points in JLT 1. Which means he's been paid $62,500 per SC point this year for the Pies! Now that is good work if you can get it


Astute analysis Pieman 😁


Chris Mayne for All Australian πŸ‘….well its less strange than the 4yr deal @ $500k

It pains me immensely just as taking wells over Rocky who wanted to jump ship


Sicily or Luke Ryan?


Sicily buy I don't like either, I'd prefer Witherden


Ryan. More likely to go bigger..


at that price point do you already have Gus Brayshaw or Jake Lloyd?
of those 2 I'd go Sicily (IF you don't have Toby Greene down front, doubling up on the flogs could cost you matches in your comp)


Any love for Michael Barlow in the forwardline?


yes. Why didn’t he play JLT


Good question. Not too sure, hopefully nothing serious.


Has to be injured you’d think, he would have played 1 game. But can’t find anything to say he is…

Abel Grant

Named emergency?


Might not be in the strong suns best 22? haha!
Might have had a niggle


I don't regret suggesting an intro change at all 😐



Hanley out for 4-6 weeks.


Lloyd is close to being ruled out rnd 1 anyway Lek.
Leg injury. Possibly hammy or quad.


How about Balta at Richmond? Fwd/Ruckm – If Jack goes down is he going to play?


probably not. Callum Moore is ahead of him at Richmond for sure


Libba played for Macau Lightning.


Gday community

Selections are obviously gonna change if they dont play round one.

I have 29K in the bank.

DEF: Laird, Hibbered, Lloyd, Naughton, Doedee, Murray ( Keefe, L.Murphy)

MID: Danger, Titch, Zorko, Fyfe, Cripps, Dow, Brodie, Banfield ( Garlett, Kelly, Holman)

RUCK: Kruz, Gawn (cameron)

FWD: Heeney, Billings, Walters, Mclean, Stephenson, Ryan ( Ahern, Fritisch)

Would love to know your thoughts on the team community.


Get fritsch on your field mate, plus danger isn't playing round 1 and the dees are gonnnaaaaa smashhhhhhhhh them


Get patrick mccartin as well


Oh, did you forget about GAJ?? He's a certain starter round 1. I'm sure he'll take care of things while Danger chills. GO CATTERS


Get Brayshaw (freo) in for Dow Carl.

Russell Martin

Thoughts on jake Melksham from the dees? 350k and looking bloody beautiful in the pre season. BTW coming from a good ol saints fan, UP THE SAINTERS!!!


Team ATM:

def: laird, hibberd, simpson,coffield, doedee,finlayson (Keefe, mirra)

mid: danger (may change), dusty, titch, j kelly, fyfe, cripps, t kelly, banfield (ahearn, barry, holman)

ruck: Grundy and gawn and d cameron on bench

forwards: heeney, greene, devon smith, fogarty, fritsch, gartlett

sc tragic

I currently have Savage D3, but my sub-conscious self keeps saying get rid of him. 1&2 Laird Hibbard. What is general opinion, maybe Ryan. HELP !!!!


I would way rather Jake Lloyd. He is very consistent, and his average last year which is pretty good was affected by injury


I'm with you Patch and Lekdog, fwd line is a nightmare this season. I really don't see any of the premos up fwd worth paying over 500K this season and on top of that we have bugger all rookies. Atm i have 5 mid price playerd and 1 rookie on field and no, yes no, sicily is not one out of those 5, staying clear away from him.

One of those mid price will become Danger as you have Libba in mids. Not sold on picking any mid price in the guts, we have so many rookies to choose from that will generate cash. 5-0-6 is the way to go.

Cheers fellas keep up the good work<img draggable="false" class="emoji" alt="πŸ‘" src=""&gt;


Hey Donkey would you like to join my league with the likes of Derek Trigg Hedski Hawk Rusty ext?


I was waiting for you to fill that last spot.


It is filled but by someone l dont know that just jumped in id rather have a regular in that last spot so if a regular wants to jump in let me know top 100 last year.


Yeah I will join if you have a spare space


Ok Finnius the code is 212948 just let me that u have jumped in.


In. Team name Lloyd Pope XVIII


Sorry Shake just got online now. Sounds like an awesome bunch of fellas in that league. If it's filled, love to join ya guys next season.


All good Donkey l know im in one other league with ya.


Interested to see the amount of players people have between 200-500k?

I feel as though we may have a greater numbers of such players this year compared to previous years.
At the moment I've gone pretty strictly Guns and Rookies with 2 players in this bracket.

The Bandit

I've currently got 4 – 1 in defence and 3 in the forward line. I feel like it's needed up forward as we don't really have many 500+ guys (only 8 – two of which won't play round 1, one is a massive flog and another one's name is Chad) we can rely on and even fewer rookies on the scene.


I have 4 … 1 RUC, 3 FWD.


I have 4- Lloyd, Gus Brayshaw, Petracca & C. Curnow, the rest are Premiums or Rookies


One spot left in the Supercoach League MASTER TEAMS (for teams that finished top 10K.. a few top 1000 in league)

code 408572

belly button fluff

Hey Dovaas, I have always made always in top 5k and don't like quitting, cos there is always lots to learn. I would like to join if that is ok with you?


Dawson Simpson. Any merit in selecting him? $288k, frees up cash somewhere else.

The Ranger

Is he a best 22 player? I think he gets dropped as soon as Lobb is fit again.


Joy joy joy this isn't….. Danger stay's for me, the FWDS well im still messing around with that like every other ____ is but its really just a waste of time till Teams are named.
Nic Nat is the key for me, personally Iv been following him right through the preseason and he will probably play somewhere agin this coming weekend weather that's a scratch match or 3 qtrs in a wafl game im not sure yet but he went well on the weekend and I have a feeling they will name him in Round 1…..
Someone who hasn't been mentioned in the FWD mix up is a kid from the doggies Dunkley …. I like this kid knows where the goals are and gets around the ground pretty sure he has hit over 100 at least once had a good preseason and the coach likes him.
Any thought's on him? Lek Patch……..

Black Mamba

Hey community,

When picking midfielders we worry about the ones who could receive the dreadful tag… Which teams should we look out for in the fixtures that will tag our gun midfielders more often than not???

Good luck to all!


Gday Community! Im looking to go into leagues that have any spots available as im currently only in one. I finished top 700 2 years ago and top 1000 last year. Cheers.


Feel free to join 269176, just made it then


Can I join too Nank?


Of course!

David E

Def – Laird, P.Hanley, Hibberd (Melb), Naughton, Keefe , Doedee (Murray, Cummins)

Mid – Titch, Danger, Fyfe, THE Zorko,J Kelly, Brayshaw( FRE), Dow, Banfield, (Barry, Holman, T Kelly)

Rucks – Gawn,Sandilands (Cameron)

Fwd – Heeney, J Kennedy, Smith, Barlow, Christensen , Rioli (Ryan, Brown)
I really want to fit Lachie Neale in but dont know how any one know how i can fit him in but keep currtent mids as well

Should i take out hanley to a rookie just have 2 good def or should i take J osh kennedy out for another premo or take him out for a rookie nd get lachie neale in mid with that money

The Bandit

Hanley will be out for 4-6 with that shoulder dislocation. Could move him to a rookie or mid pricer. JJK is also unlikely to play round 1.

To fit in Neale you would probably need to downgrade two players to reach his $600k price tag. Could be Hanley to a rookie (say Finlayson/Payne) and a Sandilands to Lycett (comes with risk) or Christensen to a Fritsch or another forward rookie or JJK to a mid pricer (like a T Bell or Sicily).

I don't know exactly how much money you have left over prior to these changes so the $$$$ equation may be slightly different


Agreed. HIGGO! Our fellow comrades need Quantum Team Mechanics to calm the faithful


Is having hibberd, gawn, petracca and fritch in the same team too many demon players? Cheers community


They are all very different players, the fact that they are all demons is completely irrelevant except for bye rounds, but demons have a good bye anyway


That's a question for Neil DD's Danielson…..

lock n load

Billings and Ryan or Devon Smith and Savage?

David E

hard one


Option 1


Currently have option 2


I'v been looking through all the chat and the name "Menagola" doesn't seen to pop up in anyone's teams.
Iv got him a F1, is there something I don't know


He might not play round 1 due to injury and the uncertainty of gary ablett changing his role. If he is selected round 1 and Danger isn't I might pick him due to lack of options in the forward line.


You're not missing anything mate. Menagola is good pick, personally he's just way over priced to start the season with, upgrade option later on. There are some good value up fwd this season that will probably score the same output as him. Plus the lack of rookies in fwd line many will go as deep as F5 and have 1 rookie on field.


Overpriced and due to Geelong's JLT teams we don't know what his scores will be like with Ablett in the side.


Best player for M3?

Already got Danger Titich Fyfe and Cripps.

Can afford anyone but Dusty


Clarry or Zerrett – both have good byes as well.


Kelly or Crouch or Neale or Zorko or who Fin said.


Zerret looked super fit, also looks to have cleaned up his disposals with a slightly better K:HB ratio, take it with a grain of salt obviously. He'd be my pick


Macrae or The Bont could be handy in that line up but Footscray has the same Bye as Hawthorn


My gut tells me to drop dusty for merret and pocket 50k.

The Bandit

Will Dusty be top 8 mid at the end of the year – 100% yes
Will Merret be top 8 mid at the end of the year – 75% yes – could struggle if he gets a hard tag in that Essendon midfield.

It depends on what that 50k is going towards – if it means locking in another keeper on a different line, then it's probably worth picking up Merret and waiting for Dusty to have an 80-90 somewhere in the middle of the year and snagging him then.

Just my 2 cents.

lock n load

Weitering or Marchbank?

belly button fluff

I'm choosing Weits. He looks like he has some brains about him.


Patch my question is why would you start with Libba and a huge kitty when you could start with say Cripps or even like JJK, Pendles, Macrae (those mids who are just below Uber status) and get maybe 5ppg higher average over the 4-5 weeks before getting Danger in. When he drops to 680k and your mid is 580k then the 150k you have in the kitty is used to upgrade, whilst you still have consistency and the ability to even keep them if your structure mandates it. Libba will make say 50-80k more, however, if this is sitting in the bank and not being translated into points then what is the goal of it anyways?

Just my two cents. Planning on turning Cripps into Danger in rd 5 and starting with 240k in the kitty so I could even do it before then if I wanted to. If we know that all that Danger is going to cost is a trade, and that trade will gain us 20ppg (110 ave. to 130 ave.), then I rate this tactic hard as we are going all out from the start rather than messing around with risky mid pricers.

belly button fluff

I have had a similar idea for a long fair while now except I was going to use Coniglio with enough cash in the bank to upgrade to danger straight away if it didn't look like a good plan. Funnily enough now it gets closer to the start I just want Danger in straight away, save the trade and getting p*ssed off at losing his points. I don't think he is that injured that he will miss round one either. Crikey 750 is so much to pay. I hate paying too much for anything i may just go back to the devious plan.


I’m setting up like that.

Have team set with Danger. If he misses round one I’ll change him to Kelly and keep the cash in kitty. No price drop for Kelly until round 3. Danger plays, cost one trade


Finnius, I’m looking at doing exactly that with Mitch Duncan. Should actually benefit points wise with danger out, then a manageable trade straight to danger.


I am so tempted to bring in Pendles. Either for Danger if he misses, or even Oliver.

David E

Is Luke Ryan or Shane Savage better

David E

Luke Ryan or Savage or Lloyd




Savage for me


Ryan, uses it really well and could become premo in the next few years, Savage has a history of mediocrity.


You'd be taking a $480000 bet, on a 27 year old who's been playing for 9 years already and struggled to get into the Hawk's side…I'd rather bet on a younger guy who could do anything , ie: Ryan, Witherden, even McGrath this year. I'd even rather go Shaw than Savage this year, at least he's averaged way more that 87 in 9 years.


Keep it up lads, getting better every week.

Any thoughts on which one of the below options would be bettee to start with?

1) Devon Smith and Kreuzer
2) Billings and Stef Martin



Both good options – however, would lean towards one purely due to the bye. Can't go wrong though.


So for those playing at home, Geelong and WCE have the final two games of round one.
Even less fun deciding whether to choose
a) Danger or someone else
b) NicNat, Lycett, or someone else


Def: Mcgovern, Tuohy, Savage, Weitering, Brayshaw ,Murray (Doedee ,Keeffe)
Mid: Titchell, Zorko, ZMerrett, Fyfe, Parker, Cripps, Banfield, Kelly (Finlayson, Barry, Holman)
Ruck: Gawn, Lycett (Cameron)
Fwd: Walters, Mclean, Smith, Acres <Not Sure about this fella>, Bell, Fritsch (Ryan, Waterman)


I'd be ditching Acres

The Bandit

I like the POD defensive line and deep premo midfield.
There will always be concerns about mid priced ruck (but I'm sure you know that). Get ready for the roller coaster.
Could do worse than have only playing rookie up forward!

The Bandit

Hi there great community,

I've been stressing over my team for the last few weeks through all of the painful JLT games and injury clouds (cough cough Danger…).
Have a squizz at what I've been working on;

Defence – Laird – McGovern – Bonner – Naughton – Doedee – Murray (Finlayson – Payne)
Midfield – Martin – Mitchell – Kelly – Sloane – Fyfe – Cripps – Brayshaw – Barry (Banfield – Kelly – Holman)
Ruck – Martin – Gawn (Cameron)
Forwards – Heeney – McLean – Smith – Mathieson – Bell – Fritsch (Keefe – Ryan)

A few comments –
1. Have gone wth only 2 premium defenders only to avoid untried rookies up forward. Have had Hibberd in the team the whole time until tonight and replaced him with McGovern. Hibberd seems to be in a lot more teams than I anticipated and I always dislike picking a "cookie cutter" side. Bonner is also by no means is cemented in.
2. Sloane has replaced Dangerfield and allowed me to get Bell up forward with the extra cash. If Dangerfield plays round 1, I'll likely bring in Lycett for Martin or Bell to forward rookie (fingers crossed that a couple get named)
3. Mathieson – I know he's a flog but need a POD. Could lock in Sicily if I was making cookies.

Look forward to some critical analysis. Thanks community.
Ps. Shout out to Lek and Patch for keeping the community afloat.


Cogs or Cripps