GOLD COAST v BRISBANE: Supercoach Match Report

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I knew this would be an average game. I knew it. Even Gold Coast’s improved effort last year couldn’t deter myself from the fact that I was in for a rough one.

I tuned in to the first bounce to rain falling at Southport Oval, and after three minutes of average, damp football my phone promptly decided it didn’t have the heart to watch this game and died.

It took me some fifteen minutes to coax it back from being Not Dead, and after popping next door to have a quick phone call to Port Adelaide’s medical staff I was able to reanimate it. In that 15 minutes neither side had kicked a goal, and according to The Internet, no-one could see anything due to water all over the camera lens.


The rest of the game was just as painful as I expected, with awful turnovers repeating end on end until it looked like kick-to-kick between people of different jumpers. I’ve seen AusKick games with less boots off the turf. Simple marks were dropped and there were some absolute shanks, including one to [RICH WHO SHALL NOT BE NAM- wait, dangit I named him] who had a kickout grub off the side of his boot to a Gold Coast player ten metres out from goal.

Notable absentees: Brisbane – Dayne Beams, Rhys Mathieson… maybe Claye Beams? I’m not sure who else to be honest

Nobale absentees: Gold Coast – Michael Barlow, Peter Wright, Sean Lemmens, Jack Scrimshaw, Gary Abl… oh wait, oops.

Gold Coast 7.7.49 def Brisbane 4.18.42

Four goals EIGHTEEN. Yeah it really wasn’t pretty. For those concerned about Beams missing, sadly his father passed away just before the JLT, he’s apparently good to go physically.

Gold Coast

Pearce Hanley ($428,000 DEF/MID)

Very, very lively early for a player used to running around with the ball a little bit drier than it was today did really well. Had 40SC in the first quarter and was on 55 on the half time buzzer. Was quiet in the third as the Suns got on a roll but I saw enough to lock him in. Unfortunately in the final quarter he slid across the grass to stop a tumbling goal and popped his shoulder out.

Looked okay – he wasn’t in a huge amount of pain, and I wouldn’t expect him to miss round one. Nonetheless Pearce pull your head in mate. We don’t need that fright. Still in my side unless injury intervenes.

Aaron Hall ($507,200 MID) 131SC

If this bloke was forward eligible he’d be my first picked. In the middle, he’s got to work a hell of a lot harder to justify his position. He’ll be the main man for the Suns in the middle and I can see him having a really good year. I can honestly see him being a roughie to average 110 or more  – I mean someone’s got to score and Witts is good enough (or tall enough) to tap it to him semi-regularly.

I’m not starting him due to the uncertainty in the Suns’ side and that stupid bye, but will be watching him until that bye in round 10.

Jarrod Witts ($518,300 RUC) 91SC

Looked okay coming up against big Stefan Martin, and had a strong first half with 67 Supercoach points. Racked up the contested possessions and while he didn’t dominate the ruck despite being 209cm, it wasn’t a day for the big men. If you’re considering him, I’d continue to do so as it does look like he’ll  be the solo ruck on the Gold Coast.

Will Brodie ($187,700 MID) 66SC

He’s one midfield rookie we should lock away. Elevated price point but will play in the guts for the Suns and has the best job security of anyone under $200,000, and with his contested game (10 contested possessions and four tackles) he’ll make coin. His 66 points slightly less than I’d have liked but we’re in no position to be picky at this stage.

Nick Holman ($102,400 MID) 72SC

Had a return of 72SC points from his 13 touches, but 11 of those bad boys were contested. Looked very good in and under for the Suns and for the love of Ablett I hope he’s named in round one as he’ll make a bucketload of coin. Based on today’s performance he does.

Tom J Lynch ($467,600 FWD) 60SC

One of the best forwards in the game. If he had someone to kick it to him I’d be heavily considering him as a top six or eight forward. However, there’s the tiny, inconvenient factor that his side is a bit slightly maybe not all that good? Pick him up next year when he’s playing for a Victorian club that can actually get him the ball.

Jarryd Harbrow ($NON,ONO NOPE) NopeSC

Jarryd Lyons ($493,300 MID) 78SC

Was everywhere today and will be one of the main linchpins in the Suns’ midfield. Had 26 kicks and seven handballs, but only 33 per cent of those 33 touches were effective and despite the weather impacting that I’m not interested in the slightest.

Darcy MacPherson ($257,000 FWD) 70SC

After last week’s 119 I thought he was a smokie at entering the Gold Coast midfield and making us coin if we lost rookies at the last minute. Looks like his JLT1 was a bit of a flash in the pan and I’ll pass on him.

Steven May ($462,100 DEF) 22SC

Good player, bad Supercoach option.

Sam Day ($259,000 FWD) 40SC

With the rookies dropping like flies up forward he was a chance at being a value selection if he could average 80. That thought lasted about 10 minutes of today’s game.


Zorko the Magnificent ($608,900 MID) 127SC

Absolute gun. Love watching this guy play and in the wet was no different. Hacked the ball out of mid-air to effect, had a gnarly soccer goal in the last and was everywhere in the absence of Dayne Beams. I really want to select him but won’t have the space. Very good POD.

Stefan Martin ($540,800 RUC) 85SC

Did his usual thing with 18 touches and  31 hitouts despite conceding well over 5cm to Witts. Wouldn’t be concerned by his failure to rack up a ton, was an average game in the wet. Still in my thoughts as structure comes together.

Alex Witherden ($478,900 DEF) 83SC

Much more promising game from the young rebounding defender. I like the cut of his jib, and 17 kicks to just two handballs is a very good omen. That 73 per cent efficiency will increase when it’s dry, but I probably won’t select him this year. If I was picking a 2019 team tonight he’d be one of my first defenders picked.

Tom Bell ($287,000 FWD) 104SC

Well, well, well. What have we got here? Looked to be playing in Dayne Beams’ role when he was in the midfield, and playing high half-forward when not. Painfully aware Beams is due to come back into the side and that will impact his scoring. The question is how much? If he averages 90 at just under 300k I’d be taking that.

Can he average 90? Yes. Will he? I think so? Had 20 touches with 13 contested – if he converts the 0.2 into 2.0 and doesn’t give away three frees he becomes very relevant indeed. Interested in the Community’s thoughts on this one.

Allen Christensen ($267,300 FWD) 46SC

Played very deep in the forward line and while he looked dangerous at times – especially early when he was the leading possession getter a few minutes in – I can’t see him being worth selecting. Cross him off your list and consider Tom Bell at just 20k more.

Mitch Robinson ($406,400 MID/FWD) 86SC

Had a few knocks about in the game and did some hard work but 86 isn’t quite enough. Really bad disposal effeciency and I know that will improve, but I’ll be looking elsewhere.

Luke Hodge ($461,800 DEF) 72SC

It’s got to the stage where the tooth is a bit long in the Luke Hodge.

Cam Rayner ($202,800 FWD) 71SC

Played mostly forward but did push up the ground at times. 10 tackles is a huge effort, too. If we lose a lot of rookies he may have to come into calculations? No at this stage.

Charlie Cameron ($372,500 FWD) 51SC


dAnIeL rIcH ($502,800 DEF) 75SC

wOw dAnIeL rIcH iS a GoOd SuPeRcOaCh SeLeCtIoN.


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SCORES: some of the ones I had may have been scaled since I grabbed them.


Aaron Hall 124

Brayden Fiorini 96

David Swallow 91

Jarrod Witts 91

Touk Miller 90

Aaron Young 83

Jarryd Lyons 78

Lachie Weller 76

Jarrod Harbrow 73

Jack Bowes 72

Pearce Hanley 72

Nick Holman 72

Darcy Macpherson 70

Will Brodie 66

Tom J. Lynch 60

Kade Kolodjashnij 60

Ben Ainsworth 59

Alex Sexton 52

Rory Thompson 52

Jesse Joyce 40

Sam Day 40

Michael Rischitelli 39

Jack Martin 30

Steven May 22

SuperCoach banner AFL 650×90.png


Dayne Zorko 127

Lewis Taylor 117

Tom Bell 104

Ryan Lester 102

Darcy Gardiner 86

Mitch Robinson 86

Stefan Martin 85

Alex Witherden 83

Nick Robertson 79

Daniel Rich 75

Jarrod Berry 74

Luke Hodge 72

Cameron Rayner 71

Josh Walker 70

Hugh McCluggage 66

Harris Andrews 65

Jacob Allison 59

Ben Keays 58

Charlie Cameron 51

Allen Christensen 46

Daniel McStay 39

Sam Mayes 36

Eric Hipwood 32

Jack Payne 10


Just slotted Tom Bell into my FWD line. Looks the goods.


If he could get back to his 2015 average…good pick!


Is he best 22 is my only concern


I've been like probably all you chaps been acutely aware of this fella………I reckon there is value here!, has to be a better pick than out of the game Christo eh?


Bell's been in my team for a while now. Averaged 90 back in 2015. Plays better against crap teams, and he's got a few early. Should make lots of cash.

I still don't trust Pearce Hanley to play more than 15 games, plus the early bye turns me away. Zorko is tempting as a POD to replace Dangerfield if Danger doesn't play round 1. Brodie is a lock.


Thoughts on my team?

DEF – Laird, Hibber, Lloyd, Murray, Doedee, Coffield (O'Shea, Finlayson)
MID – Martin, Mitchell, Merrett, Fyfe, Parker, Cripps, Andrew Brayshaw, T. Kelly (Fogarty, Holman, Barry)
RUCK – Gawn, Lycett
FWD – Heeney, Billings, McLean, D. Smith, Fritsch, Ryan (Keefe, Garlett)

I know I'm taking a risk with Lycett at the minute, but interested in what others think to this point. All feedback welcome. Cheers.


Looks okay, Adam. Have you got the coin to turn a Parker/Cripps into a uber premo? (Oliver, MCrouch, Zorks)


Cripps is an uber premium this year. Just you wait.


J McGovern anyone?

Captain Risky

Will be seeing plenty of the ball down that end this year…


I like that it's his contract year too, bit of extra incentive for him to play well


Anyone know what Barlow's deal is? Injured? Underdone? Constipated? No JLT games and I thought he had a good pre season.


Probably broke his leg getting out of bed, on the way to the toilet, because he was constipated 🙂


How many Freo blokes is too many?
Fyfe, Brayshaw, Banfield, Walters all looking good. Throw in Neale too.

Captain Risky

Reckon Luke Ryan might go OK too. Brayshaw looking like the best mid rookie, worth the extra $ i reckon.


yep an absolute lock if he plays round 1


Depending on your structure, Fyfe, Walters and Neale that's 3 keepers will be out in Round 14


Lycett looking good mate. Had one of his best ever first quarters finishing on -3 SC. I don't know who's the bigger hack Lycett as a SC ruck or you lot as supposedly knowledgable SC advisers.

Rick Grimes

You are a bigger flog than Greene. Lycett was a genuine option heading into JLT. The lads were right to discuss him. Didn't show much and will be off the radar for many now, but much easier to say that in hindsight.


What to do with Christensen?


Why he injured?


Hasn't been setting the world on fire with his two JLT scores.


Can't really judge him by his score today though, the weather was atrocious and it was a mudpit.
I'll stick with him for now.


Put him in if you feel confident he will make coin


Personally would move him to Bell at this stage, but expect a few stinkers. Can't in any good faith condone starting Christensen.


I'm settled with this line up for now,

Laird, Hibbo, Touhy
Naughton, Murray, O'connor
E: Keeffe, Murphy
Possible: Coffield, Doedee

Titch, Oliver, Kelly, Zerret
Fyfe, Brodie, Finlayson, Banfield
E: Barry, Kelly, Holman
Possible: Stephenson, Brayshaw

Gawn, Nank
E: Cameron

Lambert, McLean, Taylor
Petracca, Fogerty, Ryan
E: Waterman, Fritsch

A massive $471K in the kitty to play with before Round 1
Depending if Danger and Kreuzer are fit to play.


Doedee is a must have.


Will depend on which Rooks start in Round 1. There are few Rooks a must have, but are they guaranteed a round 1 starter.


4 speculative selections in the forward line is a bit too much for me. I'm not saying there's a possibility that Lambert, McLean and Petracca all fire but I'd say you'd want at least one sure thing in the forward line (eg. Buddy, Heeney, Greene)


Gone with mid price up forward this season, i just don't see any of them that's worth spending over 500K to start the season with.


Rookies will probably change just before Round 1 start John, we'll see who gets named. Ruck may also change depends if Kreuzer is fit to play.


More sad news pies fans like me the Sack out for the yr. knee. 🙁


Bad luck did it happen?


Def: Laird Howe Savage Doedee Murray Finlayson { Naughton, Keffe )
Mid: Danger Mitchell Oliver Merrett Fyfe Coniglio Banfield Kelly ( Holman, Barry, Coffield )
Ruc: Gawn Nic Nat ( Cameron )
For: Heeney Smith Petracca Sicily Fogarty Fritsch ( Venables McCartin )
$74,000 left. Could upgrade Nic Nat


Best ruck option apart from Gawn? Thinking lycett or Martin… thoughts?


Nank or Martin


Martin will be a good option providing Archie Smith stays out of the side. I'm tempted by Sandi, but the injury history worries me. Lek and I will have a long discussion about this in the podcast.


Ryder is ok


Martin if you're not too worried about having Gawn and Martin of having the same bye in Round 13.


I am having a selection conundrum community. Barlow and Boak OR Dalhouse and Petracca. Please help me out and justify your opinions, this is the only part of my team that’s giving me headaches

Donald Drumpf

N Wilson or Sicily…? 🤔


Could both have good seasons..Luke Ryan also.


Version 57435 of my team, but the first tme I've posted it here. 97k left in the bank.
I'd be interested in opinions………

B: Yeo, Laird, Hibberd, Doedee, Murray, Finlayson (Naughton, O'Shea.)
M: Danger, Titch, J. Kelly, Zerrett, Fyfe, Brodie, T. Kelly, Holman (Fogarty, Higgins, Garlett)
R: Gawn, Nank (Olango)
F: Heeney, Mundy, McLean, Petracca, Keefe, Giles-langdon (Fritsch, Ryan)


Hey Jughead, very decent side mate, you might find Andrew Brayshaw could be a better pick than Brodie, and not sure if Higgins will play early..maybe Barry instead?
Like the Nank Choice, I'm doing the same except with Cameron R3.
Will Keefe and Giles-Langdon play?..not sure so you need a backup plan for that.


Thanks Russty. Good food for thought.


Can't decide btw Bell, Walters or Sicily at F4, currently got Heeney, McLean and smith plz help!!!


Hey Ben, if money's no object go for Walters.


Hi John, will you bring Bell back if Fogarty doesn't start round 1?


Can you go too mid price players in fwd line. currently have Walters, Mclean, Smith, Petracca and Taberner. If anything considering downgrading Taberner but then not sure which one to upgrade. They all look like they have upside. Which ever one I choose will likely be the wrong one.


Personally I'd go down on Taberner and then upgrade Petracca or Smith


What you do in your private time should stay private haha


LOL, could've worded it better


why didn't Zac Bailey play?


Petracca or Cogniglio?


Trust me, mate, if you can choose, EASIlY pick Cogniglio.