FREMANTLE v WEST COAST: Supercoach Match Report

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Eleven sleeps until round 1 you guys! Get bloody excited. Before I jump into tonights game between West Coast and Freo, I want to give a quick Twitter shoutout to Patch, Lek, Barron, Damien, Dan, and Post_MaSloane for giving up their weekends, weekdays, and in Patch’s case, his eyesight to watch and analyse all these JLT games. It’s not easy keeping track of 20+ blokes and come away with SuperCoach significance for each one. These guys have been marvellous in doing so.

Right, lets get into it. These two sides have SuperCoach relevance and rookie options coming out the wazoo!

This game was just… bad, terrible, absolutely horrible. There were literally passages of play where the teams would just play kick to kick and turn it over each time. While there was plenty of options to look at pre game most of them shat the bed. Take tonight’s game with a large grain of salt, it was a blowout and no one really looked interested after 1/4 time.

NOTABLE ABSENTEES – Fremantle: Bennell, Stephen and Brad Hill, Hughes (kinda), Darcy (kinda)

NOTABLE ABSENTEES – West Coast: JJK, Nic Nat, Vardy, Ah Chee

Score: Fremantle 14. 17. 101 v West Coast – 5. 9. 39

Injuries: Sandi (cheek – fine), Rioli (knee – didn’t play second half), Hutchings (head clash – fine), Matera (calf – fine) Ed Langdon (deceased after Ryan buried with with a (fair) bump in the third)


  1. Nathan Wilson – DEF – $417,300 – 94SC

I rated Wilson at GWS and hoped that a move to Freo would free him up. Played his role well despite not having a lot of opportunity. 19 possessions and 6 inside 50’s.

  1. Luke Ryan – DEF – $422,300 108SC

Could be a real option here folks. Scored 82 in JLT1 and backed it up with 106SC tonight. Was super after quarter time. 21 touches (19 kicks) at 100% d.e. 12 marks as well.

  1. David Mundy – MID/FWD – $491,700 – 94SC

Played the veteran game tonight. Didn’t exactly stand out but knows his role at Freo. Has averaged under 90 twice in past 8 seasons (both times 89). Consider.

27, Lachie Neale – MID – $599,300 – 161SC

He’s a nugget, Lachie. Had 11 possessions in the first and finished with 36 (13 contested) along with 3 goals, 8 clearances and 6 marks. Should absolutely be in the conversation if you’re thinking Zerrett or Brad Crouch. R14 bye sucks though.

  1. Michael Walters – MID/FWD – $478,300 – 100SC

Again started in the middle. Kept my key close when I picked him early days but will be giving it the flick after tonight. Ross isolated in the forward 50 in the second and no one had the speed to go with him. Could be a tactic at Freo this year. Looked dangerous with the ball in hand and could kick a bag or two this year

  1. Sandipants – RUCK – $480,000 – 112SC

Assistant coach Simon Eastaugh said the other day that Freo “probably looking more at the (one) ruck and that pinch hitter”. So I reckon as long as Sandi stays fit he’s an option.

The magic cream came out in the first after he copped a whack in the face that drew blood. Smashed Lycett in the ruck and was given a rest in the 4th. 12 disposals, 9 contested, 24 hitouts from only 58% TOG

  1. Matthew Taberner – FWD – $325,100 – 148SC

Will be setting up a parental lock on after this write up before I do something stupid and put this guy at F4. West Coast just didn’t have a match up for him tonight. Had it 23 times, kicked 2, helped out in the ruck when needed, and 5 of his 12 marks were contested.

  1. #FyfeisLife – MID – $597,900 – 109SC

Owner of the only respectable man bun in AFL never slipped out of second gear tonight. Did nothing to suggest you should take him out your team. Disposal efficiency of 61 kept his score down. 14/26 disposals were contested.

  1. Bailey Banfield – MID – $123,400 – 76SC

Sharked a nice goal in the second and did his round 1 chances no harm. Backed up his 96 in JLT1 with 76 tonight. Started forward but did rotate through the middle a bit. If he’s named round 1 pick him with confidence.

  1. Andrew Brayshaw – MID – $198,300 – 97SC

Far and away the best high priced midfield rookie. Getting genuine midfield minutes and has slipped right into Fremantle’s rotation. 15 out his 19 touches were handballs but with 10 of those being contested and a further nine tackles laid lock him in.

  1. Ballantyne – FWD – ??? – 141SC

Yeah, cool. I’m only putting him in here because I can guarantee there will be a comment like, wHaT aBoUt HaYdEn BaLlaNtYnE?? Do you really want this guy in your team? He’s never averaged over 75 in a season and is a guarantee to be at the tribunal at least 3 times this year

West Coast

  1. Tom Cole – DEF – $170,400 – 67SC

Wanted something out of him tonight but it wasn’t there at his elevated price. 60’s in both his JLT games. Pass

  1. Jeremy McGovern – DEF – $498,800 – 107SC

Did his intercepting thing thing tonight but didn’t look as pretty or use the ball as well as Rance does. Is he a bad pick? No. Could you do better? Yes. Had 7 rebound 50’s from 82% game time

  1. Jack Redden – MID – $437,900 – 58SC and Luke Shuey – MID – $529,100 – 26SC

Remember these two from JLT? Scored 311SC between them but tonight…

This is what we mean by players being a trap. They flash their wares in preseason games but don’t fall for it, Community. Always do your research and look at the history of a player. Shuey had 15 disposals for 26 (!!!) SC, Redden slightly better with 58SC to show for his 15 disposals. Both players had over 80% TOG

  1. Andrew Gaff – MID – $512,000

Could have included him in the above section with Redden and Shuey. 138SC last week, 61SC this week. 90% TOG. Pass

  1. Jake Waterman – FWD – $123,900 – 53SC

Keeping JJK’s seat warm I reckon. Lump of a lad that didn’t see a lot of the ball. Forward rookie that’ll probably play round 1 but you don’t want him.

  1. Liam Ryan – FWD – $117,300 – 50SC

Had a massive first quarter. Kicked the first goal of the game by setting up a chain of possessions in his defensive 50. West Coast quickly moved it through the centre corridor and he somehow ended up with it in the goal square 10 seconds later. Quietened down after that but looked to be playing further up the ground than Rioli. 13 touches and a goal

I wouldn’t trust him on field but a handy F8 if he’s named round 1

  1. Willie Rioli – FWD – $123,900 – 11SC

Like Ryan he looked good early. Tries to be a bit flashy sometimes, if he’d just lower the eyes and play a bit more team footy he’d be rewarded in SC.

  1. Scott Lycett – RUC – $227,100 – 54SC

Got absolutely towelled up by Sandi in the ruck and wasn’t a presence around the ground. Showed a sizeable chink in his armour tonight. Gave away 7 frees among 11 clangers. 18 hitouts but most of them came against Meek.

  1. Elliot Yeo – DEF – $561,300 – 60SC

Wasn’t alone in being poor tonight. There wasn’t a particular area that kept his score down he just plain sucked. 39% d.e. Huge amount for a D1. Look elsewhere

  1. Jarrod Brander – DEF/FWD – $148,800 – 0SC (saw 8 minutes of game time), Daniel Venables – FWD – $123,900 – 41SC and Brayden Ainsworth – MID – $117,300 – 8SC

Included because they are rookie priced. No to all of them.

In the sage words of Bugs Bunny, THAT’S ALL, FOLKS!

JLT is done and dusted – what did you take out of this game and the JLT as a whole?

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Brodie or Brayshaw? to fill M7 spot I have Kelly at M8


Brayshaw for me




I watched both games. Brayshaw was polished. A future star. Brodie just not in that class. He’ll get midfield minutes but he’s not clean yet either collecting the ball or in hitting a target. Brodie is a valid selection. But Bryshw is a must have IMO


Saw Brayshaw first hand yesterday……..He's a bona fide starter……he's bloody quick in close, good speed, bit of a terrier and smart use of quick disposal……I WAS REALLY IMPRESSED especially on the warm arvro


In regards to the Dangerfield situation, if Danger does not play round 1 and you choose not to select him you will likely need to adjust your structure. Even if you have money in the bank you need a player who has fattened up quickly and highly if you aim to bring him in soon. This makes mid priced selection such as JOM, Armitage hell maybe even Coniglio more relevant than they were before so you can quickly scoop up Danger when has has (hopefully) dropped in price before you have missed out on too many points. Just some food for thought community, regardless of whether you choose to select him or not this is definitely an interesting situation that could make or break seasons. Interested to hear other peoples thoughts and plans on the dilemma.


Based on JLT it will be Cogs for me, Defying. Danger two weeks up his sleeve though, injury looked VERY minor. Didn’t clutch his leg after the kick. Ran off the ground. I know the fox footy commentators are over qualified doctors but this is madness


Yeah best case scenario he plays round 1 and there are no problems however we should start thinking about backup plans just in case.


Its a tough choice. If Danger doesnt play round 1, call me mad but im considering putting the E on a rookie in one of the early matches. If he scores ok, ill leave Danger onfield and take the E score. If the E has a stinker, there are plenty of premos to replace him later in the round. Im just really hoping Danger plays so we dont have to worry about it.

Black Mamba

Anyone else getting good vibes from david mundy? Might slot him in F2 instead of heeney ….. any thoughts on the man????


His FWD status makes him relevant, that's for sure


Big Mundy fan as a footballer but won't spend as much time in the midfield given the depth that Freo now have. Will certainly belt out some solid scores but his best days (average wise) are behind him. Wouldn't be surprised to see him average 90-95 but don't see a 100+ average. Durable and solid but best 8 fwd's?


If he averaged in that range you suggested, surely that would be enough for top 8 forwards?

Black Mamba

Would you take mundy over smith and petracca???


Personally I would yes, but I'd say majority of people wouldn't


Osei …Likely so but I prefer Walters at this stage. Can't have two Freo players in my fwd line due to the bye etc. Mundy is quality though … Black Mamba – I will be taking one of Petracca and Smith so I guess the answer is No. If I didn't have Walters I would probably have Mundy.


I am having a selection conundrum community. Barlow and Boak OR Dalhouse and Petracca. Please help me out and justify your opinions, this is the only part of my team that’s giving me headaches. Petracca is a potential breakout candidate and dalhouse is just a reliable premium in the forward line. However I feel like Boak and Barlow have been overlooked this season. They have both averaged very highly not too long ago. Thoughts?


Steer clear of Boak. This is coming from a die-hard Port supporter lol


The second by some margin.


Petracca or Dev Smith community? Didn't get a good look at petracca, did the tank look good? Wasn't convinced by smith's performance today?????


I wasn’t Convinced with Smith either, i’m Edging towards bringing in Petracca


Don't be phased by Dev's game today. He had 7 clangers and 5fa's and still managed 80. There's no way that happens to him in the regular season, he's still a lock for me.


Brilliant analysis Kev. Clowns and fraudsters galore in that West Coast line up. Just JLT rubbish, but premos like Luke Shuey, Elliot Yeo, Jack Redden, Andrew Gaff were all absolutely putrid. I am holding off on Lachie Neale as a starter, but only just. Reason- Nat Fyfe, the byes, and locking in Brayshaw tonight.


Neale a huge POD and a proven points pig.


There are just too many players with this bloody rd 14 bye. How many is too many? I want 7 (Laird, Savage, Crouch, Fyfe, Billings, Heeney, Walters), but then you have Danger, Dusty and Buddy as all must have upgrade targets and then all of a sudden you have 10 of them with the same bye…

It just sucks – and I think 6 is the max you can have.

As such, I need to pick between Walters, Heeney and Billings (2/3). Heeney is a good pick, but I feel like Walters has the same if not more upside, is 60k cheaper and a POD. A lot less risk in Isaac and I am a swans man so want to pick him, but Walters and Billings both have a lot lower ownership and are cheaper. All 3 could be the no. 1 fwd this year.

I can't decide.

Thoughts community?


I think you have a high class problem. You can’t go wrong with any of them.


My gut tells me Billings is a trap. Plus I have a 1 St.Kilda player only rule for my team. Zero if I can but I can't pass on Savage down the back this year.

I rate St.Kilda the most floggiest team in the AFL. Even more than Collingflog.

So yeah. After that little rant lol.

Heeney and Walters.


Not sold on Billings. Reckon he'll be more prone to a turd score compared to the other two. Currently I've got Heeney and Walters at F1 & 2 followed by Smith and Sicily


Taberner also scored 99 against the Crows in JLT1…call me crazy but I am seriously considering him!


Taberner? More like Ta-BURN-er. He had a couple of these 100+ scores last year but then he'll drop ya a 15.


Don't do it mate, or you will forever be known as Crazy Taberner Troy 🙂


Lachie Neal or Fyfe. Honestly the hardest choice in my life


Neale the POD … only in 2 percent of teams I think. They will probably end up with similar averages so … it's a hard one isn't it 🙂


You can pick up Neale later on when his ownership is low, whereas if Fyfe goes huge everyone else in the comp has a leg up. The flipside of the POD argument.


Yes but when you're odd the odds are with you 🙂


My Current Team Looks like this:
DEF:Hurley, Laird, Hibberd, Naughton, Doedee, Murray{Finlayson,Mirra}
MID:Danger,Titch,Kelly,Fyfe,Cripps, Coniglio,Brayshaw, TKelly {Banfeild, Barry, Holman}
RUC:Gawn, Nank{Olango}
FWD:Heeney,Billings,Smith,Bell,Ahern,Fritsch {Ryan,Garlett}
Any Help much appreciated community.


Looks okay despite Ahern, Caleb. Didn’t play JLT at all which is usually a sign he won’t be there R1


Ahern to Fogarty or Stephenson


That's a really good side, mate.


Now it looks like Cameron will be in the ruck what are people doing about the floating donut? Are you picking playing rookies on all bench spots or using one bench spot as a floating donut?


If danger is out I think having the donut is essential. Personally I will be going with one, most likely up forward due to there being no solid options.


Am using J.Brown Swans for my floating donut.


I was thinking to start Higgins. You know he will get games later, but will be good donut with DPP until then


If Danger is out round 1 and you're going for rank do you start with him on your bench or do you not start him and make him your very first upgrade? Atm he's in my team but I could go Danger to Coniglio and Garlett/Ryan to Petracca leaving me with an on field Premo-Midprice-Rookie structure of –

DEF: 3-0-3
MID: 4-1-3
RUC: 1-1-0
FWD: 2-4-0

With 80k in the bank. Obviously Coniglio would be my pathway to Danger but if Cogs is going ham I'll have to look at one of the forward midpricers and a rookie to get the job done. Anyway that's all from me, please help!!!😂


Sloane, Kelly or Zorko can’t decide?
Any suggestions


Id just put a line through Sloane. Simply can not handle a tag and he will still be the oppositions target. Toss of a coin for the other 2


Agree with Holty…not Sloane for starters, then whichever one you believe in more.


Kelly throws in less lower scores than Zorko – other than that they are pretty similar


Coniglio and Heeney (With some extra cash) or Zorko and Smith


Zorko and Smith as they are two keepers


Zerrett or Oliver?




Just to balance the ledger … Oliver! Melbourne look the goods.


Luke Ryan Hmmmmm This man Av 106 in his only season in the VFL before being picked up by Freo. Intercepting Gun with elite disposal. Will be giving this some further thought. It's a question of when he becomes a top 6 defender & not if


Crouch or Cripps?




Matt Crouch then Cripps then Brad Crouch


Coniglio or Liberatore or Armitage as my M6 midpricer


In that order, Corey. Reckon if you really need the few extra dollars than Libba over Coniglio is not a bad move




Alright fellas. JLT is done and here's what I've got. I'm going for a minimum risk team of rolled gold guns and (hopefully reliable) rookies. Learning from previous years and avoiding all midpricers (looking at you JOM).

Laird Hibberd Savage Naughton Doedee Murray (Mirra Finlayson)

Dangerfield Martin Mitchell M Crouch Fyfe Brayshaw, LDU, Banfield (Kelly Barry Holman)

Martin Gawn (Cameron)

Heeney Greene Billings Christensen Fogarty Garlett (Fritsch Ryan)

150k in the bank

Let me know your thoughts!


Really like that team mate. Nice risk v reward with Greene and Savage too. Will Fogarty play round 1?


Not sure but time will tell I suppose. I suspect a number of rookies will change in the lead up to round 1. Hopefully doesn't affect too many structures.


I’d swap LDU to Brodie, looks like he’s going to score a lot more than him with an equal JS


How did Lycett go? I was reading somewhere that he's the gun ruck at west coast and a must have before the byes. I can't remember which clown it was who suggested him but when I do I'll find that fools other tips and make sure none are in my team.
You guys should change your site name to 'George Costanza' that way it wont seem so ridiculous when the opposite of what you advise is always true


I love your troll posts, DN, they are so easy to shutdown because you don't bother to research anything yourself, just take the easy road and pick on guys that give you free advice.

Have a gander at the write up I did last week on Lycett. If you can direct me to the part of the post where I say he's "gun ruck" and a "must have" please show me. He had 11 clangers last night which is well above norm, replace that with his 2016 average of 3 a game then suddenly you can add 32 (8 less clangers, each clanger is -4) to his 54SC tonight and voila! He scores 86 – which is about what you can expect from him.

Also not the first guy to get completely owned by Sandi in the ruck. Better luck with your next troll post xx


Gee u really are the life of the party aren't you? A real glass half empty type of person.
No one on here claims to be experts. No one on here gets paid. They simply give their advice and you either use it or not. Im for one appreciate all the advice on here and so do the majority of people on this site.
You must be one miserable individual who needs to get a life. Ask for some help because seriously, it cant be healthy being you.


This is a great sight but that is funny trolling, gave me a good laugh


Any Crows supporters believe Fogarty will get a start R1 ?


More a case of him keeping his spot long enough (8-10 weeks) I reckon


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