ESSENDON v GEELONG: Supercoach Match Report

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No, not good. Not good at all. Could our immortal hero be a doubt for round 1? Dangerfield came straight off late in the first term and down the race, and didn’t play any part of the remainder of the match. Cue mass hysteria and ungodly screaming. If Paddy can’t get up for round 1, we may have to go back to the dark ages, when we actually had to think about our captain choice every week. The thought of that sends shivers down my spine.

Notable Absentees – GEELONG: Gary Ablett, Scott Selwood, Lachie Henderson, Nakia Cockatoo, Corey Gregson

Notable Absentees – ESSENDON: Orazio Fantasia, Matt Leuenberger, Travis Colyer, Aaron Francis

Injuries: Rhys Stanley (calf), Patrick Dangerfield (hamstring?), Patrick Gleeson (ankle)

Essendon 15.11.101 def Geelong 15.7.97

A lot of Supercoachers were hoping to get a look in at Ablett, Selwood, Dangerfield, Duncan and Menegola in the same midfield today, but instead we got to look at Duncan, Selwood and Horlin-Smith. Yay. Today there were more questions asked than answered, and my team is a mess that I’m not enjoying looking at. With two weeks left before the AFL season, we as Supercoachers must answer the question that plays with our mind this time every year – do we actually enjoy this game?

It was a fast paced game with both teams looking really good for most of the match. The cats kicked away mid way through the game, but the strong wind helped the bombers claw back the margin in the last quarter and win by 4 points. Duncan and Merrett led the way for their respective teams, and Hawkins and Menzel were busy up forward, kicking 9 goals between them. With both teams sporting some big fantasy-relevant names in 2018, let’s crack in and see who is deserving of a spot in your team to take you to $50,000 big dollarydoos!

Patrick Dangerfield –  $749,800 – 44 SC

The big news of the game, Dangerfield only played one quarter. Prior to his injury though, he scored 44 Supercoach points, and if he is fit for round 1 he is obviously a lock at M1. If he’s not, we panic. But let’s not think about that.

Joel Selwood – $562,000 – 107 SC

Captain courageous stood up and took charge in the absence of Dangerfield and Ablett today, with 35 disposals and 4 marks (and 8 free kicks, big surprise!). Selwood cops a lot of criticism for flog-like tendencies, but I personally believe Selwood is the hardest player in the competition and if he can get back to his best is at a bargain price.

Zach Tuohy – $484,600 – 73 SC

Looked good. Had 28 disposals, and 21 of them were kicks. Not in my team but he could definitely sneak into the top 10 defenders for the year. What deters me from him is that he doesn’t take enough marks for a rebounding defender, and his disposal efficiency was down today but I wouldn’t be too worried about that, there was a strong wind at Colac.

Tom Hawkins – $473,700 – 92  SC

Kicked a bag, but I wouldn’t be touching him with a barge pole. Too inconsistent and if you really wanted him, you could pick him up later for $400k. Not that you would though.

Jake Kolodjashnji – $311,500 – 87 SC

Wasn’t interested in this player but I thought he was a lot more expensive. Now I’m slightly more interested. Had 6 tackles, went at 93% efficiency and looked the goods in Geelong’s defence. If he can keep up this output for the season he’s a good pick, but his highest average was 67.2, so we probably can’t trust him.

Zac Smith – $501,800 – 98 SC

I’ve seen this guy in a few teams, and could never really understand the attraction. Now that Stanley’s down, however, he really could be a decent pick in a year where the ruck line is so damn hard. What turns me off though is his lack of presence around the ground, with only 8 disposals. Pass for mine, but good luck to you if you start him with the Bearded One.

Mitch Duncan – $603,700 – 145 SC

Was everywhere. There was no Dangerfield, Ablett or Menegola today so we have yet to see how much midfield time he will actually receive once the season rolls around. There’s no denying though that this kid is a jet, with 38 disposals, 13 of them contested. Contrary to popular belief, I reckon he will be a staple in the midfield, with Ablett and Dangerfield rotating into the forward line and Menegola playing on a flank. Is currently my M3. (What am I thinking?!)

Tim Kelly – $117,300 – 68 SC

The mature age rookie should be in 100% of teams if he is named round 1, and all reports indicate he should be. Looks very promising, kicked a nice goal from the 50 arc in the second term and should be a serviceable on field M8 option.

Mark O’Connor – $123,900 – 69 SC

Had a terrific second term, and loves to kick the footy. Not sure if he will feature in round 1, but this game certainly didn’t do his chances any harm. If he is named could be an option for our defensive bench.

Mark Blicavs – $448,600 – 98 SC

With Rhys Stanley going down with a calf injury, it could be just the opportunity Blicavs has been waiting for. Averaged 104.3 in 2015 when he shouldered a lot of the ruck duties, and if he is given the opportunity to ruck alongside Smith this year we could see his average rise back over 100. However, his ruck DPP was removed last year, and at his price point, I can’t see him averaging what we would need to lock him into our midfield.

Charlie Constable – $117,300 – 67 SC

Charlie ‘Chaplin the Constable’ showed signs of life at times but probably didn’t do enough to earn him a round 1 berth. Is MID-only, so there will likely be better options to generate us cash.

Esava Ratugolea – $123,900 – 5 SC

Yeah nah.

Zach Merrett – $600,600 – 140 SC

Did Zach Merrett things and did them well. You get what you pay for with these uber premos, and you won’t be disappointed if you back this man for the long run. Looks a class above in the bombers engine room, and should be top 10 midfielders again this year. 30 disposals, 16 contested and 9 tackles.

Michael Hurley – $563,500 – 71 SC

Had a sub-par first half, with a couple of dropped marks and only 7 disposals. Brought it back later in the game, and he will definitely be top 8 defenders, possibly top 2. Is very expensive though, so the question you need to ask yourself is whether you are willing to set and forget or pick him up at better value later in the season.

Dyson Heppell – $547,300 – 68 SC

Too expensive. Won’t be top 10 midfielders. Boy he’s nice to look at though. (Note from Patch: THAT BEARD <3 )

Devon Smith – $439,100 – 83 SC

Was no where near the level he was on against the tigers. He’s never had a history of consistent scoring, so if you pick him you’ll have to take the good with the bad. Will be a decent scorer in your forward line, but you’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting an 100 average in new colours. 22 disposals, 5 tackles and 2 goals is a nice game. In my team at F4.

Joe Daniher – $472,800 – 39 SC

Daniher was mentioned on the podcast as a potential POD this week, and you can see why. He looks so fit and agile in the forward line, and will kick bags regularly throughout the season. But we all know the #1 rule of Supercoach – don’t pick a key position player. You’d be brave to take him.

Jake Stringer – $356,000 – 43 SC

Only scored 43 points despite kicking 2 goals. Hopefully he can turn his career around at the bombers, but won’t be Supercoach relevant at this price. Scratch him off your watchlist.

Tom Bellchambers – $504,500 – 74 SC

I’m actually not convinced that this superb performance was just a flash in the pan. Admittedly, he wasn’t up against any super high quality ruckman, but the big man was on fire today. Crashing packs, racking up contested possessions and getting 39 hitouts in the ruck, Bellchambers looked, and I can’t believe I’m about to say this… Fantasy relevant. *Mic Drop* Could be an interesting POD in an improving bombers outfit.

Andrew McGrath – $388,400 – 79 SC

Could be an interesting pick. McGrath is such a silky player and uses it well, and at under $400k, could be a nice D4 if he can maintain a 85-95 average. His kick-to-handball ratio is a bit of a worry though, with 7 kicks and 17 handballs.

Josh Begley – $209,700 – 25 SC

I was really bullish on this kid when he first stepped on the scene last year. Strong bodied and a talented goalkicker, this kid’s going to be a great player in the coming years, and I can’t wait. Won’t justify his elevated price tag this year though. Pass.

Ben McNiece – $209,700 – 26 SC

Too expensive for a rookie and will score like this regularly. Pass.

That wraps up the first game of the last day of the JLT, folks! What stood out to you in this game? Is Devon Smith a lock in your team? Is Zach Merrett a good pick over Crouch, Oliver or Zorko? And what’s going to happen to Danger? So many questions to answer, and only 2 weeks before the start of the season. Perhaps it’s time to finally tell the boss to stuff himself, and sit at home and crack into intensive research with a few cans of rum. Revel in the last of the sunlight, Supercoachers, before the storm that is the home and away season arrives, and leaves us broken on the floor waiting for 2019. So on that note, good luck!

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I know it's jlt and feeling was down a couple of gun midfielders but merrett could really go another level with an improved midfield around him this year. Smith, stringer, Parish is only getting better and McGrath spent a fair bit of time in there




In my side.


Absolutely Plate, Zerrett will naturally improve in a better side. He's a lock for me.


Zerrett has made my team. Crippsy could not keep his spot. Not as bye friendly, but Zerrett just rammed his way in after that performance today.

David C

Merrett comes with risk. He was tagged a bit in the 2nd half of last season and his scores suffered.


Don't stress about Dangerfield. Just saw an interview with Enright saying that at this stage it is just Hamstring tightness. Will have scans and more will be revealed after that. Will be very surprised if he does not play round 1.


Didn't take Enright long to become a doctor


To be fair, Enright probably has just as much idea as anyone at the moment.


Everyone calm down, he left at quarter time to wet a line. His mates asked him to stage a hammy for SC tactics knowing this would cause mayhem to SC coaches all over the world.


you're really set on him aren't ya


Yeah because he will not drop in price much haha


If Danger doesn’t come up. Danger for Kelly or Dusty?? 🤔


I'd go Kelly, maybe even Merrett or Zorko magnifico.

neil demons delight

Gone to Kelly already shake gives me Robbo instead of Bundy


Same Neil l already have aswell!


People constantly overlook Duncan, but he was a decent scorer last year too (10th best mid). I feel there is no doubt he will play the bulk of his time in the midfield and honestly can't see Menegola impacting Duncan's midfield minutes much at all. I truly hope Danger's injury isn't a bad one and that he starts round 1, but it will make the Supercoach competition interesting if we have to reassess our mid structure.


Duncan is also a good user of the footy, Menegola not so much. Good thing about Duncan is he can hit the scoreboard as well.


Exactly! And a POD too. Perfect!


I had him in my side in the latter part of last year, was pretty solid, dropped all tons from round 16. Missed one game though.


Not concerned by Devon. 7 clangers doesn’t help (whistle happy umps gave him 5fa). Had half a dozen inside 50s, 5 tackles, 4 clearances. Tick, tick, tick. Still a lock


It depends on what your goal is for supercoach. If you play for rank and he misses round 1, you will be behind the 8 ball but if you play for leagues, you may as well start him and save a trade.


100% agree BB. My concern is that he could be mighty tough to get in later!


My war chest will just have to be greater. But if hes not there rd 1 l definitely will not be starting him. I play for rank. Welcome Kelly.


Yep me too. I'f he's gone round 1 I'll drop him.


Goodluck getting him later. He won't drop that much. Especially since he scored nearly 50 in 1 QTR today.


As a Geelong supporter, I have to admit it: Danger is a precious.

That's a quality which will have absolutely no influence on how he plays when the game is on the line.

He is what he is.


Like a rare diamond, Danger is precious to Geelong.


Just heard the guys in Triple M say, Danger will definitely miss Round 1. Anyone else heard that or know if Danger will miss Round 1.


Media are just making a huge story out of it. It is all crap, he had hamstring tightness and will get scans in coming days.


Herald Sun Medical Expert / Flog John Ralph has already ruled Danger out till at least round 3


Herald Sun Supercoach- Should be the named Copy & Paste , they get all their info from forums like this


Oh man ain't that the truth. At least they've started publishing stuff by the Doc SC team & recognising them for their efforts. And Dunny from the SC Coach team. And even Lek is getting a run. It appears & not before time they have given up on their own journalists. They write what they see on face value & don't understand the meaning of strategy. Dan Begala should be running the Herald Sun. Only bloke they have on the books that understands strategy & the real meaning is risk vs value


And he can put "arbatrage" and "some other word" I can't remember into a sentence .


He's a banker. Rhymes with another word I know. But he knows his stuff. Runs rings around the other so called experts


Sure does Pie, just can't remember his other favorite word. Pops up every two sentences, Its not "dearth", ahh crap what is it?
Ha ha. Bereft? That's it.

neil demons delight

As a Melbourne supporter great but no good for S c


I was at the game today, had to padlock the car in Ice-lac.
Danger took a long time to get off the ground, dare I say it could be like his knee in the ribs last year? Maybe a slow start? He is still my M1but Jeez could have a big price drop if he's not fit.
Mitchy D was in everything, Dev Smith made his way out of my side.
Zachy M is a gun.


More intel on Dev Smith?


Was in a lot of the play Pie but if the Bont got 22 touches and a coupla snags he'd get 140 not 86?
Probly not a great comparison tho.


Perhaps. I listened to a podcast last year by champion data explaining why they love Bont. Basically nearly everything he does is effective & results in a score. I watched him for 2 weeks after that & had to agree with them. If he was playing in a team with a gun forward line he'd be the biggest lock of all time. He is literally a bigger version of pendles


Debate of the century. If Danger is ruled out round 1 & likely to play round 2 do you whack him on the pine for a week? Keep in mind he outscored Dusty by 200 & played one less game last year. Overall or league. He looked menacing before he trotted off


If it isn't serious, I reckon he'll be there round 1. He's one of those fast healer types.


If it's only one week yeah, on the pine but if it turns out to be 2, that'd hurt.


Hanley dislocated his shoulder for those interested in him


At least he did it during JLT. You had to know he was likely to injury himself at some time during the season.


Yeah I never considered him anyway


Guess that makes it easier then cause I had the git in my side..cheers

neil demons delight

who replaced him Russty in your side


Not sure yet Neil, maybe McGrath, gonna have to do some reshuffling again!


Libba and Greene
Coniglio and Dahlhaus


Will Brodie OR Luke Davies uniekekekeieikooiieiok


LOL…I'd go Libba and Flog factor 7, apparently he's matured and cleaned up his act.. and Brodie over uniekekekeieikooiieiok 🙂

Got one for you…Cripps or Whitfield?


Coniglio and Dahlhaus anyday of the week, Coniglio averaged 105 in 2016. Would also go Brodie as he is in his second season


Danger has had a back niggle throughout the pre season and now a hamstring injury.
Surely we can’t pay 750k for someone with an interrupted pre season.

He’s out for me.


I surely can, he doesn't like missing games much..if he only misses 1 I'll hang onto him.


Agreed Russty. Before he went off he was dominating! And he will not drop in price a lot this year.


Laird, Hibbered, Lloyd, Naughton, Doedee, Finlayson (Murray, Mirra)
Dangerfield, Mitchell, Kelly, Oliver, Fyfe, Hall, Brayshaw, Dow (Kelly, Barry, Holman)
Gawn, Simpson (Olango)
Billings, Gray, Walters, Petracca, Rioli, Fritsch (Ahern, Garlett)



I like it…got a couple pod's and mid pricers. My only concern is your r2. Lycett could be another option in that Simpson ballpark. Personally I went Stef Martin to pair with Gawn, but only cos Nic Nat not fit.


Not a bad side. Your back line (Mirra unlikely to play rd1) and midfield are solid with your forward line Poddish but OK. Rookie wise, you have a few issues. I would avoid Paddy Dow and Dawson Simpson. Both have been pretty ordinary in the JLT series and I reckon there are better rook options. Ahern has not even played JLT. Wont line up round one. Hint, you are missing a key rook in your forward line. Cheers Buddy


Hall is a pre season bolter, could do well with no Gaz but burnman, Gray will miss round 1 and 10, Dawson is a spud.


Def- Laird Hibberd Sicily Brayshaw Doedee Murray (Finlayson Mirra)
Mid- Dusty (can be Danger if fit) Tmitch Fyfe Pendles Cripps Rocky Omeara (griffin if need Danger back in) Kelly (Worpel Barry Holman)
Ruck- Martin Gawn (cheap prick)
Fwd- Heeney Devon Smith Petracca Rioli Higgins Ryan (Ahern Garlett)


Never had Danger in my team this preseason, was hoping that this wouldn't happen to be unique, but good to see Zerrett showing some form, M3 currently. D.Smith looks pretty good this year for premo hood, currently F4


Lycett on fire at quarter time. -5 SC. LOL Sandi tearing him a new one. Lycett is now officially a R2 after thought. Brayshaw looks very good as is Liam Ryan. Both on 29 SC and locks IMO.


The R2 solution is no closer to being solved. Agree on Brayshaw & Ryan. And Banfield keeps putting his hand up & the dude can impact


If Lycett can get to around 70-80 points I will still consider him I think.


He's on 4 touches with 5 clangers. How does that work?


Not quite sure how he manged that, but picking R2 is looking to be very tough. Ryder has the bye and Kreuzer might be hurt. Maybe Nic Nat is an option if he plays round 1.




Yeah he is an option but either way I have to downgrade an uber premo to a rookie or a midpricer. So getting Kreuzer if he plays seems like the better option for me.

Rick Grimes

I'm looking at running 4 rookies on field in defence. Reckon there's plenty to choose from and will be the easiest line to trade up to full prem as most will drop to $400 at some stage or another.


Just some bad news Goldsack out for year..knee


What does everyone think of Sam Menagola starting as F1


Has a calf injury atm


Too much uncertainty on his role. Will be cheaper


Best ruck choice apart from Gawn. I have no clue who go pick. I’m thinking either lycett or stefan Martin. Thought?


Freo pumps Eagles – Some ordinary SC scores from the Eagles tonight – Yeo, Shuey, Lycett ,Gaff ect

Rick Grimes

Had considered Yeo but put a line through him. Not touching Lycett despite the temptation. Only Weagles I'll take are their rookies.