MELBOURNE v ST KILDA – Supercoach Match Report

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I sat down tonight with a couple of beers excited to analyse what I thought was going to be a ripping contest between two teams unlucky to not make finals last year. However, after the first quarter, I thought the game was already done. Melbourne was all over St Kilda, who just didn’t seem to know how to use it properly, and I thought it was going to be a loooong night.

St Kilda kicked back in the third, however, and made me sit up straight and actually put my beer down as they hit the front. The game was becoming fast-paced and clean, and it looked like St Kilda might actually challenge in 2018. Melbourne held on though, and were too good, running out winners by 26 points.

Notable Absentees – MELBOURNE: Jack Viney, Jordan Lewis, Alex Neal-Bullen

Notable Absentees – ST KILDA: Billy Longer, Jack Lonie, Josh Battle, Hugh Goddard

Injuries: Jack Steven (ankle)

I was actually very impressed by the demons tonight. They seem to be running at fifth gear, and their engine room could compete with even the powerhouses in the competition, such as Geelong. The bearded giant once again showed his dominance, and Petracca, Oliver and Brayshaw all made strong cases for a spot in your side. So without further ado, let’s examine who the winners (Gawn) and losers were in Supercoach relevance.


Max Gawn – $503,700 – 126 SC

Lock this man into your team if you haven’t already. At a touch over $500k, The People’s Beard looks to be the best pick up of 2018. You’re absolutely nuts if you don’t pick him. 43 hit outs with 18 to advantage, and 18 disposals. Just do it.

Clayton Oliver – $612,800 – 98 SC

His owners would be very happy with his output, especially with a 66 point first half when he spent more time on the ground. The only thing stopping him from being an absolute lock is just the sheer number of rolled gold midfield premos we have. Will be among the top echelon of Supercoach scorers again this year.

Christian Petracca – $433,300 – 104 SC

Looked seriously good tonight, was everywhere and his teammates looked to get it to him whenever possible. Very, very tempting, you could do worse than backing this guy for a break out year.

Michael Hibberd – $545,200 – 66 SC

Not a bad game, but not his best either. Did nothing really to suggest he won’t be the general down back again this year, and this should hopefully be a one off.

Bailey Fritsch – $117,300 – 67 SC

Kicked a goal in the first quarter, and looked really comfortable at AFL level, scoring 49 points in the first half. Dropped off in the second half, partly due to his increased bench time, but for his price, is a lock on our forward bench if he is named round 1.

Angus Brayshaw – $316,700 – 99 SC

Kicked 2 goals, had 19 disposals and looked really good out there. Could be a breakout player in 2018, and be a good stepping stone, or even a keeper at D6, if he can keep up this output all season.

Nathan Jones – $554,900 – 42 SC

Love watching this guy play, looks like he has a paddock every time he gets the ball. Not a good enough scorer to be Supercoach relevant in the midfield though. PASS


Oscar McDonald – $383,500 – 13 SC

Don’t really know why this guy’s in here. Looked really lacklustre out there in the first half, and was benched for most of the second. Can’t seem to get near the ball enough, and at an awkward price. PASS


Jake Lever – $434,700 – 70 SC

Was really prominent early, but couldn’t maintain consistency throughout the game. Very affordable, but it will take a braver man than me to start him.



Jesse Hogan – $383,200 – 80 SC

Really hope he has a good year after a fairly troubled 2017, but at this price isn’t really Supercoach relevant. Would love for him to prove me wrong though.


Jayden Hunt – $389,600 – 75 SC

His shit headband is enough to keep him out of my team. Strong no.

Jake Melksham – $357,900 – 82 SC

Kicked 2 goals in the first quarter and looks a much better player in the blue and red than he did at my beloved bombers. Won’t score like this every week though. PASS


Shane Savage – $479,700 – 117 SC

Backed up a sensational JLT1 with another 108 points tonight. Looks to be in that rebounding defender role which is so valuable to Supercoach. Wasn’t on my watchlist, but seriously tempting me now. Jump on the bandwagon with me and we can all crash and burn together.

Jack Billings – $509,500 – 93 SC

Many eyes were on this man tonight, after missing JLT1 with a slight hamstring issue. Looked strong and did nothing to suggest he can’t be in the top 8 forwards for 2018. Not in my team, but will watch closely as an upgrade target.

David Armitage – $310,100 – 66 SC

Armitage couldn’t back up his stellar game against the blues last week, and only scored 20 points in the first half. Looked better in the second half, but looked a bit uninterested all game, searching for the cheap pill. At his price though provides great value, and for me remains a LOCK.

Sebastian Ross – $555,300 – 95 SC

Good game from Ross, but too expensive and won’t be among the top 10 midfielders so steer clear.


Dylan Roberton – $509,000 – 75 SC

Savage seems to have taken Roberton’s SC-friendly role this year, and was out of my team after JLT1. For around the same price you can get a seasoned gun in Kade Simpson. Pass for mine.

Tom Hickey – $327,200 – 55 SC

Actually looked fairly good despite being eaten by Gawn in the ruck, with 13 hitouts and 12 disposals off just 59% TOG. No Longer tonight though, so I’d steer clear considering he may not crack into the team come the regular season.


Hunter Clark – $175,800 – 44 SC and Nick Coffield – $171,300 – 48 SC

Neither did enough to justify their elevated rookie price tags, lacking confidence and poise at AFL level. Both had fairly impressive JLT1’s though, so maybe I’m being harsh on the youngsters.

Jack Steele – $500,800 – 91 SC

Lost his DPP eligibility, and after a fairly disappointing 2017 for his owners, there are better options at his price. Will throw in too many turds and just leave you frustrated. PASS

Tim Membrey – $410,400 – 59 SC

Strong in the forward line, looks to be the leader down there. Will have big games, but this wasn’t one of them. Better options for his price. PASS

Jack Steven – $498,600 – 78 SC

Was looking exceptionally good until an ankle injury 20 minutes into the third quarter, with 19 disposals, 5 marks and 79 Supercoach points off 67% TOG. Bad luck for him, but if he can get fit before round 1 he could be a decent POD, with 125 points in JLT1 as well.

Jake Carlisle – $376,100 – 37 SC

Looks slow and useless out there. Only 9 disposals, 3 tackles and 0 marks. Also doesn’t pass the flog test. AVOID

Well there you have it.

As much as JLT is usually as boring as watching a training session on Arden Street, I actually enjoyed this game. Will be interesting to see how far into September this demons outfit can go, they were a class above tonight and should be a strong team going forward.

Phew, that was more mentally draining than I thought. God I had a good time, though. Don’t we just love Supercoach?

What did you think, community? Anything stand out to you?

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Gawn is a LOCK like he has been for ages.
Petracca is someone I am considering
Savage is currently my D3
Hibberd my D2
Cofield and Fritsch are rookies to add to the list before round 1


Hey GD90, I'm a Saints man and I believe Savage is a trap.."it's a trap"…lol, maybe go for someone more proven, I'd even pick Shaw over Savage.


Whys is a trap? If we see him play that role all year he's on the 100+ bound


Agreed. Killed it at the end of last year so proven in this position as well.

Roosy was frothing him last night as well.


Just the inconsistency Tyler, yes he gets some tons every year but he also gets 20's 30's and 40's, if you have a close look at his record, hence he's never averaged very highly.
I just reckon it's too much of a gamble, hoping he'll improve to premo status.


Hibberd to Savage. To free up coin? Knowing they will roughly score the same or am i reading into JLT to much?


Hibberd is priced that high for a reason. He will score 100 week after week. Savage is going to be a good pick, but will most likely be very up and down like Roberton was last year.

You could save extra coin in the FWD and MID this year.


Any concerns around Hibberd getting more attention this year? I doubt teams will let him roam across half back at will


I have no idea how savage turned his night around, scored 3 supercoach points in the first quarter and had about 3 or 4 uncontested marks slip straight through the mitts throughout the match. It does look like he's taken roberton's role though, gets the handball receive plenty. I don't think roberton likes it too much either as he was reluctant to give it off to savage


Roberton was absolutely humiliated in the first by Jeff Garlett as well. No thanks


Hibberd is way overpriced and should be targeted as an upgrade


Savage or L MacDonald for D3?

I've had LMac all pre season due to his inevitable move into the midfield but Savage has dominated and looks really good.

Pros and cons for both?


Sorry mate but I think neither, maybe take 3 genuine premos, one midpricer and 2 rooks in the defensive line.


If you want a midpricer at D3 go for Shaw or Sicily. Personally I'm going 3 premos and 3 rookies in defence and going heavier up forward just because there seems to be more reliable defensive rookies. Good luck though mate


If you did your home work you wouldn’t be clueless.. Savage’s average post the bye round last year was 100.3… his was the 3rd highest DEF after Hurley and Hibberd.

David C

I'm steering clear of NM players. The spooners are going to have a tough year.


Thanks guys




Savage’s average post the bye round last year was 100.3… his was the 3rd highest DEF after Hurley (109.3) and Hibberd (101.3).
Savage is priced 12 SC points lower than Hibberd, yet there was only 1 point difference in their last 10 games… if budget is a problem go Savage..


Excellent work mate, very informative.


Was gonna take a cheeky flyer on Savage but that first half sent the alarm bells into overdrive. Good on him for turning it around but the Demons took the foot off the gas after half time. Saints get blown away and Savage will drop a turd


Absolutely correct.


Very true Kev. As much as I don’t want to admit it as a saints fan, that might happen a couple of times this year. I still think he can ave 90-95 though


If he does Carl, it'll be the first time he has in 9 years, not saying he can't, but it's a big risk, his first seasons with the Hawks, and starting seasons with the Saints, were mediocre SC wise, aka not relevant.
I think I'd rather take the punt on Lloyd, Witherden, or Shaw.
A player with a history of mediocrity, rarely all of a sudden becomes a premo.


I've just been going over the stats and I thought the exact same thing, Rusty. The problem is I can't find anyone to replace him with.


When in doubt Canny, go for the younger guy, yet to establish himself, rather than an older guy, who has failed to establish himself…in 8 years.


Don’t get me wrong I’m not picking him 🙂 like him as an outside player but not in SC


Nice article Masolne.
Still not certain of Billing’s at F2.
Lambert looked sharper on Wednesday night. Thoughts community re F2?


How is Tom MacDonald not a noticeable absentee??


Probably just got missed in the write up mate, don't worry about it


You’re a hard man, Rowan. MaSloane covered 24 players in this and you focus on TMac missing. You get any intel to take away from the game last night?


Who tf is Tom MaDonald?


Mystic Mas

Who da fook is that guy

David C

Notable absentees for StK are not that notable.


No idea how armitage is a lock and billings isn't.


Armitage in his prime averaged 110, is basement price and should make an easy $150k. Billings on the other hand is overs for a forward, his best season was last year where he averaged 93 and will drop in price. Not saying he's a bad pick, but I don't think he's a must have by any means


Billings has been in my team all pre season. I didn’t see him in the guts enough to make him locked. How much mid time did he get?


Bits and pieces Derek but I wouldn’t say a lesser % than last year from watching. Would have been better if it wasn’t his first game back. He’s a 🔒

Big G

He did seem like he was pushing more up the ground than last year.


Armitage is a trap STAY CLEEEEAR


How so Richard?….do you think he'll break down physically or just won't score very well?
Cause even if either of those things happen, could still downgrade to the rookie who's doing the best at the time, who we don't have.


Im thinking Dusty down to Cripps save $130k and hope Curnow goes to Dusty 1st up. Anybody else starting without Dusty? Hoping to pick him up cheaper?

The Ranger

I won't be starting with him.
You can't pick them all and I'm starting with Danger, Titch, Kelly, Oliver and Fyfe.


Im not starting with dusty.
Danger, Mitchell, Oliver, Fyfe, Bont, Armitage and 2 rookies


Cheaper hopefully Shake, starting Danger Kelly Crouch Fyfe Cripps.


Also not starting Dusty…. Going with Danger, Titch, Oliver, Fyfe and Cripps…. The 2 best rucks in the league ramming it down Oliver and Cripps throat =points


I have the same Gator. I could go a mid price at M6 or spend the coin on another line.


Have the same gator plus Crouch. Originally had Oliver instead of Cripps but needed the coin to balance the fwd line. Still unsure about leaving Oliver out but you can't have them all.


PS. to clarify have Danger Titch Kelly Crouch Fyfe and Cripps (for Oliver).


Same here Gator. Will look to Dusty for an upgrade target later. I am starting with Danger, Titch, Oliver, Fyfe and Cripps as well. Oliver looked like a beast last night. I will probably start Petracca in my forward line. He looked really strong as well. Has break out year written all over him. I am seriously considering Gawn and Nankervis. Cooling on Lycett. Cheers Gator.


I can understand you wanting to go with the Nank, Topppa… Will save you coin and may go towards another premo

Personally i'm going with Kruze and Gawn and hope they kill it from the outset


He looked so good the other night Gator, he doesn't mind doing all the other things other ruckmen don't do, to rack up those points, whether or not he can keep that up remains to be seen.


Im starting Patracca aswell Hawk. Ive seen enough to think he’ll improve on last year.


Not going with him either. Danger, Titch, Crouch, Oliver, Fyfe –> all top 8 mids this year no mucking around. Even scrapped Armo from my mids. Pure Guns and Rookies apart from Christenson due to the lack of forward rooks.


Also not starting Dusty. Going with Danger, Kelly, Oliver, Crouch, Fyfe & Cripps. No stuffing around with my MIDS.


Adel freo cats & tigers all rd 14 bye is other reason l removed Dusty. I think Crouch will go great this yr but l just dont want Danger Fyfe and Crouch all missing come rd 14. Thats just me.


thoughts on my team $151k remaining

DEF: McGovern, Lloyd, Savage, Naughton, Doedee, Finlayson (Keefe, Mihocek)
MID: T.Mitchell, Fyfe, Macrae, J.Kennedy, Beams, Shuey, Dow, Brodie (Kelly, Barry, Holman)
RCK: Gawn, Grundy (Lavender)
FWD: Billings, Walters, Mclean, Sicily, Stephenson, Fritsch (Garlett, Tiziani)


It’s different I’ll give you that! Your forward and ruck lines look great, but I’d think again about having Gov at D1. I’d take two out of JPK, Macrae, Beams, Shuey and try to get in Danger and best available with remaining cash


Ok guys i'm opening up another league called…. Fish'n'Cripps …. This a private league… Just let me know your name, team name and where you finished last year and i'll review and consider who stays and who goes… Code is……486097…. this is my last and final league


J, Super Spurs, last year 2100, previous 2 years between 1000-1500.


Good to see you Jay.. Good luck mate


I think he's too good Gator, better kick him out haha just kidding, think I've been in Leagues with Jay in the past, he's always been right up there.


It's good to have coaches you haven't played against before Russty


It's also good to have Coaches who care about their season Gator and don't crap out and abandon it.
Lock him in 🙂


get a grip who cares about your sh×tty league


Not you I'm guessing?


Here's another dipstick here Russty


are you saying you wana dip your stick in Russty ?? take it elsewhere this is about footy


Or yours either that your in


you are


Well talk footy then you idiot instead of sarcastic remarks


I was low 100's at one stage last year and 32 in a previous year but can't remember my final ranking last year. Is there a way of checking?


Go to menu and look at history


Thanks Derek. Tried that but didn't show previous year(s). I'll have another look.


Found it – looking at the wrong history.


Jump in Beezneez those figures are good enough for me.. Whats your team name?


Team name is Morphy Maulers. Wasn't really sure of my ranking from last year. Just checked and it was 6180 and final ranking in 2016 was 424.


no probs mate


Any spots still open gator? Team name is TradiesRUs finished top 2-3k in 2015 and 16 and was on track for that till injuries derailed last year mate


Hi Gator,my name is Angelo-team NAME-SICILIAN,and i finished last season ranked 21,743

Wally Brando

Anyone know where I can find out Oliver’s TOG for both JLT games? Also does anyone know if he rested forward much last year or did he only rest on the bench?


Fanfooty game stats. The last column is TOG. 1st JLT 98 from 77 TOG and JLT2 108 from 78 TOG. Just happened to have them written down.


i thought last column was efficiently. That is why it is a picture of a target


On my phone it shows the last column as the target icon which is disposal efficiency. When I go on my computer it adds another column which is the clock icon showing TOG. Can't seem to expand on my phone to show that last column.

Wally Brando

Thanks fellas, much obliged!


NDD are u bursting your pants?
Dees looked sharp despite having a sleep in the 3rd.
Viney and Tmac to come back.
Gawn is going to destroy alot of ruckman this year.
Red nut doesnt look like getting second year blues and i think i saw him kick the pill a couple of times at least for the night for a couple of snaggas.
Viney return – how will impact oliver?
Tossing up between him and who want to be a millionaire kelly. Will see how he goes tonight. Jet.
Billings got a fair bit of it. Not sure how he scored more than hogan who was an option until i saw his score from impact?
Now out of billings and mclean.
Team nearly done. Draft xxx.


Also debating Billings vs McLean as well Trig. Can make a case for both. But probably won't start both

SW Roosters XXX

Oliver is a 3rd year player so it is no wonder he is not getting 2nd year blues Trigga 🙂


Really musta had a quiet first year didnt know he existed till last year
My bad.

neil demons delight

TRIGG I now have 18 possibly 19 in my team Strongly thinking about Kent What's your view on Dean Kent TRIGG Two great days at Cranbourne


Tracca is a must


Interesting how will it affect Petracca, when Viney and Tmac comes back. Will he have less midfield time, like to see how Sicily go on the next JLT it's either him or Petracca as F4


I currently have both in my side. Sicily at D4 and Petracca at F4. Both break out contenders in 2018.


Any vacancies in leagues I finished in 10800’s last year which was my third I live in Sydney and as a pie I’m on my pat up public league but would like to be in a more competitive league with likeminded enthusiastic SCers


I have a public league that I would prefer to be filled with competitive teams no 457721 for anyone willing


And I mean 10000 is competitive


Thanks just joined team name cunning stunts




Bloody Coniglio…17 disposals at half time, making me re-think whether I should chuck him in now.


That GWS midfield is packed with talent. Coniglio is a teaser at his price, which makes it such a farking dillemma!!!


Bloody oath mate…Tossing up now between, Cogs, Armitage, O'Meara or a rookie, hard to get it right so we're not behind the 8 ball from round 1.


Well, one thing is now clear tonight. Dawson Simpson nor Darcy Cameron will be doing a "Jarrod Witts" in 2018. Simpson can not buy a "tap to advantage". Both absolutely putrid.


Yeah I'm leaning more towards The Gawn-kervis combo


Same Russty. Nank has huge upside and I think his tank will be better this year.


Agreed. Nankervis at 200K more has overtaken Lycett. The Nank is turning into a "hybrid" ruck / midfielder. He wins ruck contests and as a roamer, he is able to gather quality disposals and execute all over the ground.


His contested possession count was very impressive yesterday.


Is anyone considering Whitfield? I think he may have a cracker of a year this year.


Ok so if you run with Coniglio, what spot are running with? M6?


5 or 6 depending on rookie structure.


Would have to be M6 if you picked him.

For what it’s worth I think tonight makes the Coniglio decision easier. Had 27 touches at 93%. 7 Marks, 10 score involvements. Decent kick to HB ratio. Short of kicking a goal that’s probably a 8-8.5/10 game for him. Only 1 tackle

He scored 95. We need him to be scoring 110 to be a top 10 mid. So he might make a bit of money and will probably score pretty well, but if he’s not top 10 you’re trading him out at some point.


Is starting with six rookies too risky? I want to go a rookie to a 250-300k player as there are quite a few options.


Billings or franklin?


Is it bad to have dusty,Fyfe,danger and Sloane all from the same bye round. I only have 2 others in the rest of the team


Savage or Simmo to start D3?